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    Hii Unlurker here!! You said what I’ve been thinking all along. Lmh, Kge, special agent ,spy, anyone close to them reading this forum. You hear that?! You have a whole army of Min-euns ready to support you should you want to proceed with this relationship. And I promise you for every 10,000 haters that rise against you. You have hundreds of thousands of people Dare I say 1 million even! ready to fight back and shut them up. The sunset& beach photographs Lmh posted both have 100,000 comments and like 98% of the people there are saying the same thing, “get married”, be together, we support you, we’re here for you. Before he posted more photos on his ig, Those two were his most liked. And now one even has 4M likes. Seeee!! Isn’t that proof enough. You have millions of supporters guys. And for Kge too. Her picture with lmh was her most liked at that time. It has over a million likes and had the highest comments until she posted a recent one.Same energy in the comment section for our Queen. You two “get married” “you have our blessings”“we’ve seen something beautiful” “we like both of you together”. Millions of people are in love with you guys. Our Queen dropped a comment on dohwan’s page days ago, and look how much likes that got. Almost 30,000 that’s just to show how much she was missed and the love people have for her. She updated her ig yesterday and everyone was thankful. We all know it’s a throwback picture but nobody cares we’re just happy she posted something. Any communication is communication. Most of the comments there are people expressing their love and how much they’ve missed her. The love is overwhelming indeed.I promise you it’s not gonna be like 2016 when those ugly richard simmons trolls chewed her up. It’s different this time.They have more supporters, More people have come to recognize and love her not just because she’s lmh’s leading lady or because they ship her with lmh. NO but they now realize what an actual gem she has been. She left a statement yet again with her acting in tkem, she showed us her versatility, her range. Who would have thought acting could be so deep and the smallest gestures can express the biggest words. We got to see her personality too and God she’s beautiful. I fell in love with her personality and I’m sure many of us did too.her lovely and authentic self. She proved all her doubters wrong, shut all the haters up. In a world that wasn’t so kind to this beautiful soul, she remained kind, she might have seen those rude comments but she always smiled for us. I remember in the beginning of tkem when the only reviews that kept coming out were bad ones, I was feeling bad for the cast but one day kge posted a picture of herself smiling. And that’s how I knew our Queen was strong, and a no-quitter .Hell Idk if she had any caption but that picture alone moved me, spoke a thousand words to me. Like if she can smile in the midst of all the bad stuff, I can too. That picture gave me the strength I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t really know much about her before tkem but cause of tkem I got to know a lot about her, from her interviews, her videos, And I fell in love with her Mind, her soul. Kge’s beauty shines not just from the outside but also the inside. Our King isn’t left out.A lot of people got to know him better through tkem and love him.finally realized that there’s more to him than what they see on tv. Those who loved him before love him 1000000000% more now. Sigh.... All I’m saying is.. I can accept any other reason for them not pursuing this relationship. But the hardest one I can’t accept is Fear. They couldn’t proceed because of the media, the general public, backlash from haters or whatever that whole circus is about. I know it’s their lives and they make the final decisions but It would be unfair and really sad and it would literally break my heart if they both liked each other and acc wanted a relationship but couldn’t because of that whole issue. Why?Because they’re humans. Before being a Hallyu King and a rising chungmuro Queen. Before being The Lmh and The Kge ,They’re humans. And as humans we should all experience love. You see, Love in its authentic self, is the most beautiful feeling ever and if we’ve been right with all our analysis and observations Then these two have the potential to have The best kind of love. I feel like if they end up with each other, they’ll get nothing less than what they deserve from love. I might be speaking ideally or naively, say I’m fantasizing but it’s the truth. I know they have responsibilities and they can’t just abandon that because they want to love. But I love Lmh and I love Kge and I only want the best for them. If their each other’s best. I say go for it. You only live once, this kind of love doesn’t come all the time. Their compatibility is out of this world. They make each other so happy, influence each other positively.isn’t that what matters the most when it comes to Love? They look like they can be each other’s true love, best friend, biggest supporter, team Mate, biggest teaser at the same time all wrapped in one person. That’s the best kind of love if you ask me, the kind they tell you not to let go of ..for —ever. Now not only this, But they have matchy personalities, same ideals, they do the same things sometimes and it’s like !!! Can they get any more perfect!! Like I said , any other reason is fine. Even if the reason is simply because they chose not to. I know sometimes it takes more than liking someone to be with that person so it’s fine. I don’t have the final say and things can’t go my way in someone else’s life no matter how bad I want it lol( we should all have this at the back of our minds too) it’s gonna hurt so so bad but I’ll accept it, I’ll have to lol. They remind me of leeeul sometimes. How all they wanted was to just love and be loved but couldn’t because of their many obstacles. How we all prayed for a happy ending for them no matter what because they deserved it. So I wouldn’t want that story to be theirs too. “The one that got away.” That’s if they do like each other and want to be together yeahhhhhhhh. Okayyyy!! I think I’ve said a lot. but anyways Lmh! Kge?! We’re here for you, get married already ( wishful thinking but i really pray somehow somehow news from this forum or any sensible shipper’s page reaches you and gives you the boost you need( dear KDrama gods please hear me!!!) let these people know we love them and they’re not alone. In life, there’s always good and evil. We shouldn’t neglect the good because of all the evil around. They’ll have haters definitely. But they have way more supporters than haters from all over the world. International couple, how you like dahhh. That’s why i said they shouldn’t ignore their feelings because of any hate from outsiders. Now I’m gonna keep my thoughts positive.That’s all I can do so I’ll do it well. No matter what.They say thoughts become things, ‘That which you think in any moment, attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it. Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions so I’mma be the energy I want to see... yeah call me crazy, cheesy or corny but I believe in the law of attraction. If this is all i can do, I’ll do it well. Just a crazy old clown dropping her two cents. Nightt!!
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    BinJin nation, remember, don't feed or engage the trolls. Their sad, pathetic ship sank years ago and some of them mutated and somehow survived the drowning. Just let them heal their broken little s. Take pity on their sad, empty, dead thread. They have nothing better to do. Feed on the BinJin popcorn and candies while we wait for our Binjinsion vaccine to be released! Let's seriously stop answering so that we don't waste any precious thread space since we have SO many receipts and candies to fill it with. Maybe they could let us borrow some of their thread space? They have SO many left over!
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    Hfkwhsodhowhsodheiwhdj They’re giving me life and making me more delusional. Let me decode, he’s saying: “I want to make you my wife and the mother of our children.” My heart. I find it extremely suspicious that whenever he posts a photo of MinEun on his Instagram, he proceeds to post two more back to back. He wants it to come off as “no big deal” but because he usually doesn’t do that, it makes it a big deal lol.
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    Just found this new old gem of Binjin’s destiny story! Way back in 2005/ 2006 after HB rose to stardom via MNIKSS, he appeared in Guerilla Date with HB (he was actually the first guest of this show). MC asked what type of girlfriend he looks for and he said a girl who laughs a lot cuz he is very dull himself! OMG! HB is a shaman himself cuz he really found a gal who laughs and with the most wonderful smiley eyes too! Seriously, Binjin is destined for each their! @ElectricHearts. Actually the tweet never stated HB was at Kakao M on 28 Sept, it was just posted on 28 Sept. Like I explained, the video could have been filmed on 24 Sept and only posted by the tweet account on 28 Sept.
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    It would have been a convenient excuse if there was any truth to it. But based on what we know, the first CLOY related article came on March 8th 2019 stating that HB "is in talks to meet with screenwriter Park Ji Eun" about the role. Then a source representing the writer said "they have contacted HB to check his schedule". Then Vast followed up to say "it's true both sides have talked but have not met to discuss anything yet." So to me both sides clearly stated they had not yet met in Korea to discuss the drama, much less in LA. There is nothing to suggest any meeting in January took place. The LA trip was purely a vacation. SYJ indicated back in Nov 2018 she was going to LA soon. It was a planned trip that had nothing to do with CLOY which was months and months away from being on anyone's radar. What is less known is when HB decided to go to LA. It probably has to do with the timeline of their relationship. They got super close during Fall 2018 due to TN promo. He was also finishing up MOTA. He knew SYJ had a trip planned there in the new year, his schedule finally opened up, and he decided to join her. Simple as that
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    I don't think i can get over the bouquet thing Not a florist myself but i had some experiences in handling bouquet selection for business settings, and as rule of thumb, red roses (esp. dozen of them) is a big no no esp. from opposite gender. There's a good reason why red roses were particularly seen during valentine's or in romantic setting. We usually opted for elegant, neutral kind of flowers suited for business relationship. I tried to find articles to support my argument, lol Source: http://careercoachjen.com/giving-flowers-can-ruin-working-relationship/ When giving flowers to a business associate, follow these general rules: Never give red roses because that means “I love you”. Probably not appropriate for business. Unless you’re trying to get a message across to a co-worker. But, get ready for the backlash and possible sexual harassment case if you send red. No more than one dozen roses. More than twelve is a really overt display of affection – regardless the color. Have you seen more than a dozen roses in one vase? Holy moley! It’s quite the show! I’d recommend saving that for your sweetheart. Even if the florist offers you a screaming deal to add another dozen, don’t be tempted. It could turn a nice gesture into an awkward moment. Florists have a great eye for putting together an arrangement. Make sure to communicate the nature of your relationship, so that the florist will create the right arrangement. I’d recommend asking the florist to email you pictures of bouquets they are considering creating. Seeing an actual picture will help you to redirect them where needed. Also, ask the florist how often they create bouquets that are for a business situation. So i only came up with two possibilities: 1. SK people in general didn't read too much into the meaning of flowers and its colors. They chose red roses perhaps simply because it fitted KGE's image as a woman. Nothing beyond that (i highly doubt this ) 2. MYM had been long aware that KGE is not merely a movie leading lady for their actor, hence a specific request to the florist, e.g. 'flower arrangement suited for a special woman' or 'a special flower arrangement for actress KGE, please make sure it's red and include dozen of roses' Oh, and if what the article suggested was true (florist would send the photos of their creation to get approval from the buyer), then it meant MYM gave it approval knowing exactly the meaning of the flowers, lol Anw of course you know which possibility i lean toward Sorry for this long post, written by a restless shipping soul
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    Hello fellow RCLs! It’s been a while since I last posted, I was giving myself a bit of a breather since the end of TKEM. Unlurked because of KGE’s silence on LMH’s birthday and her post on IG today of the Eiffel Tower. It got me thinking, if I were in KGE’s shoes and possibly dating one of the biggest, if not THE biggest K Drama star right now, I would wanna keep everything on the down low and be a total NINJA about it but at the same time would low key want to give everyone and everyone’s mother subtle clues that scream “hello, I know you love oppa minho, I love him too but oppa is literally mine (OILM)” which is why she has been brave enough to post up pictures of her and him on her IG and to be so comfortable with him during the TKEM BTS. LMH and KGE are millennials like me who know how to work the IG game, not for promotional purposes, but rather to mark their territory and subtly tell the world not to be surprised when they announce their dating news Also, in both their cases, given their fame in South Korea I would imagine it would be extremely difficult for them to meet people and date normally. I guess that’s why I feel that they’re kind of perfect for one another? It’s hard enough to date and meet people as a normal person - they’ve just been lucky enough to find one another through TKEM/KES. I’d also agree that if they were to settle down and get married they’d wait til WDH finishes his military service. Their ultimate wing man has to be involved in their big day too! So I’m thinking 2nd July 2022? *delulu* hahaha
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    that 1 bouquet came w alot of meaning waee?? Omona nae simjang Waiting for this day impatiently..
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    LMH, you can just post anything! You can post even just a macaron and we'll know the french connection. Just do it!
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    is this the one? Upload date (hb intl fans fb) was 25 Jan 2019 below are snaps from incheon airport to mongolia coverage from outside of airport: HB and team The girl with 1st pushcart went her own way (with the other guy), HB and guy with yellow luggage stuck together Then YJ and assistant 1 came in assistant 2 (previously low-key greeted HB outside) rushing to catch up (seriously dude where have you been, you went inside earlier than HB?!) YJ and Assistant 2 at the check in (look at the luggages on queue), HB on the right counter YJ looking for something inside her wallet, suddenly looked to her left side (asst 2 also looked -- maybe someone called their attention?), as HB seen walking past them at the back. no reaction from YJ. YJ proceeded to return her wallet in her bag, when she looked up she noticed the camera. She waved and smiled to the camera guy (but not to HB earlier? Hmmm.) ok so now what am i supposed to see here again? IN CONCLUSION... im definitely definitely shipping these two now... (cue music: Flower)
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    I'm holding on to the fact that they posted those unforgettable beach pics in BOTH their IG (plus Minho's sunset pic) and that was definitely not promotional! @acc2roxie, I love that you said: if I were in KGE’s shoes and possibly dating one of the biggest, if not THE biggest K Drama star right now, I would wanna keep everything on the down low and be a total NINJA about it but at the same time would low key want to give everyone and everyone’s mother subtle clues that scream “hello, I know you love oppa minho, I love him too but oppa is literally mine (OILM)” I mean if it were promotional, it should've had a #TKEM which most actors who promote their movies/films put. There was NOTHING. So it was a subtle sign of what was brewing between them. Because of the territorial OIM fans club, I can really imagine KGE keeping everything low key now. I saw this on IG and she would be the kind of girl to say this: Whatever relationship she has now, she'll be fiercely protective of it. If someone will break the news, I'm certain it won't be her. She will acknowledge it but she won't be the 1st one to share it. This was also very telling of how she's very careful of the fans. I honestly think she was burned bad from GY's fans in Goblin so this is how she reacts: So ladies, I think this is the time to just really support both of them quietly. When they're ready we won't just get crumbs, I'm claiming we'll be getting loaves!
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    Something more about the viruses TN-17 and CLOY-19. Studies show that the initial TN virus has mutated into the current CLOY virus and has become a hundred fold stronger. Its reproduction ratio is also given at around 1:2, meaning one person infected can potentially pass it on to 2 persons. It is also suspected that females in the population are the most hard hit by the virus. However, as it progresses, a growing number of the male population is also being infected. Whereas the age group most infected is the 21 to 40 year olds, it is also shown that it is prevalent in the 41 to 60 year old group, and possibly even beyond that. The virus is not confined to one region, though its origin is Asian. Rather, its spread has been global, affecting many other countries in the world. The known symptoms are: Hitting the pause, replay and rewatch buttons of Netflix; Reviewing all available social media platforms for any news on the virus, to include having sleepless nights, or setting forth an inability to concentrate during the day, therefore being distruptive to work; Experiencing hysterics akin to hyperglycemia over candies thrown off intermittently by the virus; Hypertensive crisis, palpitations, labyrinthitis like episodes, hot flushes, swooning or shieking uncontrollably are some of the side effects shown by the studies. The cure?? Is hopefully in the works! Scientific and scholarly studies shows that the 2 vital components BIN and JIN, will just have to merge as ONE. Patience is being requested worldwide, especially among those infected. The process may be slow, but it is sure. SOURCE: The BinJin Journal of Scientific and Romantic DIscource, vol.IV
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    SPREAD THE WORD, EVERYONE! IT COULD SAVE LIVES! Are you suffering from bouts of insomnia? Have you experienced palpitations and a rapid increase in heart rate? Are you suffering from constant dry mouth and are thirsty all the time? Are you suffering from delusional thoughts or hallucinations? Do daily activities that you used to enjoy no longer have meaning? Have you experienced frequent, throbbing headaches or migraines? Have you experienced repeated dizziness or vertigo? Are you suffering from blurry vision or worsening eyesight? Have you experienced nausea or vomiting from a diet unusually high in sugar intake? Have you had been suffering from certain obsessions and compulsions? Have you been experiencing restlessness? Have your anxiety levels recently increased? Do you experience impulsive and erratic mood swings? Are you suffering from poor concentration or a shorter attention span? Has your blood pressure rapidly increased? Have you been experiencing frequent weight gain or loss? Have you been frequently bursting into tears very easily and suddenly? Has your body temperature risen and dropped unexpectedly? Has your work productivity declined in recent months? Have you been withdrawing from personal relationships to isolate yourself in your room? Do you find yourself being suddenly paranoid and suspicious of everything? Are you hyperaware about certain things yet have difficulty focusing on daily tasks? Have you been excessively smiling or expressing extreme positive emotions throughout the day? Do you stare into space much more frequently? Have you taken on new identities that you are not aware of? Are you secretly wandering away from your home to take pictures at local grocery stores? Are you experiencing low energy for certain activities such as work, school, family and pet obligations? Have you been experiencing impulsive behaviors such as forming close relationships with online strangers? Have you been suffering from obsessive compulsions such as repeatedly hitting the replay button on multiple media platforms? Has rational thought taken on a new meaning? Are you suffering from extreme highs and crushing lows at the same time? Have your loved ones been noticing the changes in you and has expressed concern? If you or a loved one has been or are currently experiencing these signs and symptoms, you may be suffering from a serious, potentially life-threatening, chronic condition called BINJINSION. The good news is that you are not alone. Binjinsion has affected millions of people of all ages, races, cultures, ethnicities, and genders across the world within the last year. The condition has been associated with a recent circulating virus called CLOY-19. The root of the condition has also been linked with a previous older virus called TN-17. Research has shown that Binjinsion has a rather quick onset after you have caught TN-17 and CLOY-19 without treatment. While there is currently no known cure for BinJinsion, there may be hope. INTRODUCING: SOOMPIDA SOOMPIDA is an FDA-approved medication that can help alleviate symptoms of those suffering from Binjinsion. Those who are taking Soompida might also be taking other similar medications such as Twitterex, Instagramon, Weibonox, Facebookia, Dispatcha AND run the risk of experiencing the same or worsening symptoms when taking these medications together at the same time. Patients who have previously suffered from other related serious chronic conditions such as Binnie-Fanaticism or Jinnie-Fanaticism might experience even worse symptoms from Binjinsion. Do note that anyone can catch Binjinsion without warning and it is EXTREMELY contagious and spreads very quickly. Soompida may not be approved for everyone and should be taken with EXTREME CAUTION. Check with your medical provider before taking Soompida as symptoms may worsen and could lead to potentially life-threatening side effects. Patients taking Soompida have reported experiencing the following side effects: Tachycardia (high heart rate), hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels), headaches, migraines, insomnia, vertigo, dry mouth, improved or worsening mood, weight loss and gain, delusions, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, dizziness, unstable emotions, impulsive behavior, obsession, compulsions Living life with Binjinsion is difficult but Soompida can help. The above is a mapping image of the inside of Patient Zero's brain. Hyun Bin aka Patient Zero was part of the original viral bug that brought about Binjinsion. There is no hope for a cure for Patient Zero as we currently stand. We are told that the only antidote cure for Patient Zero, Hyun Bin, is if the other Patient Zero, Son Ye Jin, accepts his marriage proposal or agrees to expose their relationship. This proposal or exposure will bring relief to all other sufferers of Binjinsion. We are closely monitoring and investigating a cure for Binjinsion by closely monitoring Patient Zero, Hyun Bin and the manifestations of his symptoms for the other Patient X, Son Ye Jin. MEDICAL NEWS UPDATE: This just in that the brightest scientific and analytic minds of the BinJin Shipper's Paradise Research Institution is currently working on a curative vaccine for Binjinsion called BJ-WDG-9-22-20. All current patients of Binjinsion, please have faith and hang tight as we ALL await the long awaited release of this vaccine that these bright scientific minds have been working hard to develop since the popup of TN-17 back in 2017. Latest breaking news from this research facility indicates that hopefully the vaccine's release is closer than we think. Hang tight, Binjinsion sufferers, the cure is near! [Special shout-out and credit to @Edelweiss88 for her hilarious vaccine proposal in response to this post ] DISCLAIMER: Please note that this comedic parody piece is derived from none other than my delulu writer’s brain after being fed too much candy in the last few days. Symptoms of high blood sugar levels are serious guys! I am in no way making fun or light of mental illness or our current pandemic in any way. As I’ve previously divulged, I’m currently studying to be a nurse and am actually planning on going into psychiatric nursing in just a few months so I do take mental illness very seriously. This piece was written because my own heart rate is trying to come back down to normal since the Dispatch article yesterday, and the other two coincidental (yeah right ) candy updates from YJ’s IG and HB’s Bargaining updates. This was purely written as a humorous, light-hearted parody mirroring those ridiculous medication informercials that we see on TV all the time. I mean as a future medical professional, I felt like it was my DUTY to inform you guys about this deadly condition. Also, I haven’t slept in like a month so take it with a grain of salt and a smile in your heart. Hope all of your heart rates are also recovering well and you’re getting some much needed rest from all of this excitement! Be well and stay healthy, BinJin nation!
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    Time for throwback Thursday. Have an important research question: what in the world can be so funny about sharing popcorn with your close friend? What a bunch of flirts I just remembered they bought popcorn during their grocery date, k.
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    I also feel like this is the most supported ship, at least in comparison with all lmh ships. I have never shipped before and never paid much attention to any other ships though, so maybe take my feelings with a grain of salt lol. I must say though, this ship has the support of the most long time lmh fans. Like I‘ve said before, we don’t normally participate in shipping business. It’s telling when this many long time fans are jumping on and saying we can see he has a thing for kge. It means he most likely does because we can all see his change of behavior towards her. *side note* Instagram totally changes up the game. This is the first time they’re experiencing so much love and support directly. One simple photo gathered over 100,000 comments, most in support of their relationship. I’m certain they feel the love more than ever before.
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    This insta account is subbing the episodes: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB2p3hLJL5A/?igshid=114uw82f000yw Edited photos like this?? Hahahahaha
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    Somewhere in the BinJin kitchen... Binnie: Babe, I think we need to be careful Jinnie: Yes honey, did you hear something new today? Binnie: Nope, but I think we are having a different problem now. Jinnie: Why? Binnie: Well, both of us loving food so much & our cooking skills are not bad either... Jinnie: and? Binnie: Don't you love to touch my six packs? It is about to be one pack wonder soon the way we consumed food like this. Jinnie: Well, I blame your Bulgogi & Samgyeopsal. You love it so much and you cook so often. I can't resist you know Binnie: You are guilty too. I can't help but finished most of your Seolleongtang the other day. Don't let me mention the Samgyetang... Jinnie: Sorry honey, but you made such a good Ddukbokki that I stuffed myself up as well. People may think I'm pregnant. Binnie: Hmm, we need to change our eating habit Jinnie: may be I'll buy less when doing next time. But you have a huge appetite, I'm always worry you will be hungry by mid night. Binnie: Well, you know very well the only thing I'm hungry for at night is... Jinnie: What is it? Binnie: You, my love. Credit: my emoji story inspired by the new emojis created recently - thanks to the authors Bulgogi - marinated beef barbecue Samgyeopsal - pork strips Seolleongtang - ox bone soup Samgyetang - ginseng chicken soup Ddukbokki - spicy rice cake Disclaimer: another story created during my delulu moment. Take it at your own risk Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to write
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    So in love with the third picture..❤️❤️I cannot see clearly when captain ri touch seri’s hand during this scene but seeing this picture just warm my heart .. it really do❤️
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    @TotoroSY You've really outdone yourself today with the VAST-Kakao M-Mongolia info, and some of these old HB clips! Thanks for all the goodies!! I esp loved this video!! Just want to give a little more depth to the word he uses in Korean that is translated as "dull," in the video. He actually says two different things... the first part, he mentions he doesn't really laugh a lot so that's why he's looking for someone who does. And then when he elaborates... The word HB uses to describe himself is "무뚝뚝 (Moo dook dook)," and on Google it translates to "blunt," which actually isn't a bad translation. Good job Google! Haha. I'd further define this word as dry/stiff/curt/blunt/wooden and it can even be seen as seemingly brusque/cold/unfriendly. It's usually used to describe someone who doesn't show much expression in manner or speech, which may result in them coming off stiff/cold even when they're not that way. I think HB has an accurate view of himself, and even though he can be humorous and expressive at times, he tends to be more reserved, resulting in some people interpreting his actions as "cold," like what happened at BAA. He knew/knows this about himself and wanted someone who laughs a lot and is not like him in this aspect (or else he said it'd be boring)... so it's no surprise that YJ completely stole his heart! She laughs so easily and doesn't seem self-conscious about it because she always goes all out when she laughs. This is why we see him as such a fun version of himself when he's with her... @ElectricHearts Yes that's correct! She will be on the Lotte Home Shopping channel. It's not clear what it is (i.e., interview, commercial, etc.) exactly though? Also, where did you confirm that they both weren't spotted on set on his birthday?? @BinJin99 Hmm it would be interesting if you could confirm this information! Do you have any idea where you read this? Haha
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    I agree with this! We have seen dramas of Lee min Ho since way back. We were Min Ho fans from before and followed his career. I like go eun for him too she seems fun to be with and treats lee min ho not as a star but as equal and as a person and likes him for who he is. If she ends up with him you will know she is not in for his fame or money but his personality and bec they laugh a lot Plus when she met him she was just wearing a cap and very plain: she is “what you see is what you get love me for who I am” kinda girl, very stripped down. She is as real as anyone can get. Her reach and influence is global, yet so down to earth. also I’ve been watching their bts but I’ve noticed when her hair is styled straight, Min Ho can’t keep his eyes off her. The SBS Catch Interview is one point plus the scene where she was practicing the line of Taera. Not that I’m delulu but I’ve seen the bts!
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    Although I am not a long term fan of LMH, it’s not difficult to see the true happiness in his eyes, and that’s what a true fan wants to see I think. How can you deny a boy with such joy and satisfaction? Apart from those OIM girls, I think most of the fans would agree that he deserves happiness. He has made no secrets that he is a family guy who wants to spend his life with a girl he loves and establish a family. He has been in the business for so long and that in fact makes finding a true partner even more difficult. You may doubt the sincerity and motives of people. He did find love in the least expected circumstances. Suddenly I remember a line from a movie called “Love and other drugs” - you meet a thousand people, and then you meet that one person and your life is changed. I guess that’s why they are most probably the most supported ship in Kdrama - their happiness is just so infectious that it can actually make you smile. Nowadays so many people are pretentious, and too often there are far too many motives behind just one single action. It’s a rarity to see something that’s so genuine, simple and beautiful. Like the MYM comment on the infamous hand holding photos, thanks for letting us see something beautiful. Mr obvious is no fool; he surely knows what he was doing in all those BTSs and Ig posts. The people in Twitter really are at another level I have to say! The coincidence between the photos of his mom and Go Eun is just astonishing. My delulu mind can’t help thinking that it’s not merely a coincidence but a way to show Go Eun his feelings - he did not really care whether people knew or not and how they thought, and - he wanted his girl to know. Back then when he posted that picture, there were not as many shippers as there are now. He truly was venturing to a place he didn’t know, but there he was, brave enough to spark speculations. At first I was quite skeptic of those “lovestagram” too. But after the Effiel tower photo and the crumbs about the photos on Korean Mother day, I am finally convinced. When there are too many coincidences, they are not coincidences anymore. This is the first real ship I am on, and I am so happy that I am on it, sound and safe. Disclaimer: All of the above are all personal thoughts only.
  23. 23 points
    I think that’s a NG shot too, just that maybe they looked so cute that the director thought it should be in the actual scene, and this worked very well as expected. This particular kissing scene is all over the social media like Weibo, ig and Twitter. In the BTS, there was no preparation before the actual shooting too. In other drama, usually the actors would test all positions and angles first, but here we got nothing. They just went for it! Lol Side note: the director didn’t call cut when KGE clearly couldn’t help smiling. Lol. The director was in LMH favour too.
  24. 23 points
    There are literally 5 people commenting on the bin*** thread. Their ~crumbs~ are not even worth mentioning. Nothing to worry about I actually feel sorry about them because i know that they’d be so heartbroken once we get binjin’s wedding announcement. So, don’t mind the negativity and let’s focus on binjin i’m still confident that the wedding will be around october-december..latest is jan or feb of 2021 hehe yup, that’s my delulu quota for the day
  25. 23 points
  26. 22 points
    Since there's been a lot of discussion about HB returning to Seoul after Mongolia trip for a meeting with Kakao M, here's an article talking about that 24 Sept 2019 board meeting. https://www.btimesonline.com/articles/119483/20190930/celebrities-such-hyun-bin-lee-min-ho-han-hye-yeon.htm I also agree with what most of you said here, that we do not know when SYJ returned to Seoul from Mongolia, as there were no pictures or reports. It seems to be Binjin's modus operandi that HB will be the one who faces the media glare. Starting from his return "alone" from LA, and later when they were asked about their love rumors for the first time in CLOY press con. He was the one who answered and YJ mainly agreed with him.
  27. 22 points
    @wap not sure why people think SYJ stayed longer in Mongolia. My understanding is that it was a quicker shoot than Switzerland (mainly the campfire and train scenes were shot in Mongolia). But if she did stay maybe she had additional filming to do. HB was spotted at the airport but that doesnt mean SYJ did not fly back same day unless her flight info has been confirmed. It could be they tried to avoid the earlier photographed airport scene when they left for Mongolia the week before. They purposely avoided being seen walking together in the airport or acknowledge the others presence even though they were taking the same flight for work commitments Also remember when HB was returning from LA he took a flight out a day earlier just to avoid both of them being photographed together at the airport due to all the rumours. Im sure it would have been more convenient for them to fly back together but they decided not to. And we never saw airport pics of SYJ. The photographers gave up once they saw HB came back alone. The photographers are mainly interested in the money shot (both together). They are both very careful with airports.
  28. 22 points
    Even if the meet-up is for CLoY and perhaps is still confidential during then, the agencies can already have their statements ready. Why the need to “confirm” with both HB and YJ? My only conclusion is both agencies are unaware of the impromptu meet-up
  29. 22 points
    Hellooo ladies finally i returned from work and needed to catch up like 5 pages already Here's something cute i found on my way here
  30. 22 points
    Scrambled myself from my bed reading queen has posted finally!! Lets see..hmm its Eiffel tower with her group..hmm 1) Hinting to get a proposal from the bottom of the tower at night when the tower is fully lit. 2) Victory sign?! nahhh its a famous number 2 indicating which date to propose…on her bday ..hehehe Rest our FBIs, CBIs , detectives will fill in ..now to sleep happily..lalalalalalalalla
  31. 22 points
    It's not important but I want to answer. His pinky is supporting the bottom of the popcorn box.
  32. 22 points
    This is not important but how is that bucket of popcorn not falling out of his hand?!
  33. 21 points
    SYJ manager as we speak : we need to get new suitcases now ... SYJ probably : yeah but why ? I Have them for years! Manager : girl your fans are detectives !!! Seriously get new backpack , luggage , caps and careful with your watches , clothes etc SYJ: but that backpack is my favorite !!!!! You guys are killing me ..... “ Special Shipping Investigation Unit “
  34. 21 points
    These old HB videos keep cropping up! This one is super funny cuz he was literally protecting himself from the sexy dancing girls! Yup, he has zero potential to be a player.
  35. 21 points
    Thank you for the reference! It seems that the white rose you gave to your guy friend happened to have a great meaning (i got this from an article about flowers meaning in k-drama) White Rose = Respect A white rose means ‘respect’, as Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) correctly answers Chairman Kang’s (Kim Yong-geon’s) questions in episode 7 of Cinderella and Four Knights (2016). She knows the meaning well because it’s her mother that taught her so. According to her mother, these are flowers that should be given to people you respect. MYM did give the PD-nim white roses, if i'm not mistaken? So i took it that they were actually aware of the meaning of flowers, lol Edit: i already checked the meaning of red roses in SK, and no surprise there, it holds that same, universal meaning 'i love you'. So MYM (LMH), i guess thank you for showing us
  36. 21 points
    Yes, he was inactive. Come, come, cry to me, I feel you! The animated part worked really well for me too. Especially Choi Young’s dreams at the lake. It was beautifully metaphoric. Now that you’ve finished, I just need to know: do you or do you not love the imja couple? Not lmh and khs but daejang and eun soo. I can’t either! Like twitterians said, she was smiling until the third dive. I’m not confused at all. When she was smiling the first and second dive, it was an NG on her part. Yet she proceeds to kiss him back on the third dive. Did he or did he not know it was an NG? He teased her and saw her smiling before going in. Ummmm... this is all an NG and they were just kissing to kiss. Case closed!
  37. 21 points
    A Good News ... Today , using Google search engine, I detect something New ... Local media "Le Croix, " Reports Eiffel Tower light is Brighter since last June 2019, it was cousing by two South Korean Artist . Minhossi and Ggonessi , the Effect of their Bright love Ray . Gotcha ....
  38. 21 points
    That third picture is my absolute favourite. I clicked my current profile picture (here on Soompi) inspired by that. My picture is a self portrait with my husband. I found SYJ exceptionally beautiful in that scene. Only she can look this stunning while crying. I look like a blubbering fool when I am crying
  39. 21 points
    Ok break's over. Let me leave you with this thought from twitter: A guy ordering for someone he loves. That's it. I rest my case.
  40. 20 points
    Luggage + shipping business is hard! I recall one comment from before what if YJ was inside one of HB's luggages ahaha
  41. 20 points
    what can I say? They look alike kge and lmh mom! hi mom (in law)! Ottoke!
  42. 20 points
    What were they doing with their hands stuck in the air? They just get each other! It makes me ship them harder!
  43. 20 points
    shy... shy... BUT seriously tho.. we have been discussing how Ggone is the only woman in LMH's IG after his mom, but how could I miss that the both pictures have the same vibessss... i meaaannn LOOK!! just LOOK!! is this just a coincidence?? ugghhhh...
  44. 20 points
    Yes, you are right. In this day and age, it is NOT OFFICIAL until it becomes IG OFFICIAL.
  45. 20 points
    I think i have a thing with kge and heels. Man. Is it normal that i think her ankles look so sexy in heels? Do i need a checkup? Somebody help me.
  46. 20 points
    it seems our girl has been shipped to everyone..:::: looks like LMH has to put up with Henry also....:
  47. 20 points
    Kge posted. Finally. Huh. It's a throwback. Aaaaww.. the city of love. Are you telling us where your heart is right now ggone? In... love?
  48. 20 points
    Agreed... Even the picture attached is from SITR. Like seriously ?! Lazy journalist How dare the troll come & make chaos in our elegant ship? So, rude & low class Well, guys.. Just ignore & keep sailing.
  49. 20 points
    From this Jinnie to this Binnie @RiRiGaGa image inspired by your post
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