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    I can't help but imagine the scenario when HB will be leaving for Jordan.. THIS TWEET IS SO FUNNY
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    Actually if you look closely at the straps on her dress, the one posted today has separate straps from the body of the dress, whereas the Manyo one is one piece ie. strap is part of the dress. Her hair seems a bit different too, looks like she has cut her hair a little cuz it looks shorter in today's video. For whatever reason that Yejin is at that make-up/ styling session, I am just really happy to see how radiant, happy and chirpy she looks. HB is also not filming now, cuz we saw him at a wrap-up party for Bargaining (for the Korea shoot), and probably now waiting for the Jordan overseas filming. Which means both of them are free and together for at least a few more weeks (I am assuming that HB will fly to Jordan around end-July after the crew has done all the preps). Btw, today BINJIN again has candies posted on the same day - Jordan news from Binnie and Insta video from YJ. Also, we revisited some old candies - Binnie food truck to YJ during SITR filming, back in April 2018. Grocery-gate most likely at Pavillion rather than Ralph's, and the possibility that Binjin could have stayed at the Pelican Golf Resort in Jan 2019. Just love how HB and YJ's friendship and closeness started even way back in April 2018. I believe that this is also the first time that HB has sent a food truck to a female co-star (if I am wrong about this, do let me know). Their relationship is based on a strong foundation of friendship and admiration/ respect towards each other as actors, and they could not have started at a better place. Excuse me while I go and continue speculating, dreaming and be delulu about Binjin. This is after all the Shipper's Paradise, the place for shippers to dream.
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    Yejin SLAYED all of us with not one but TWO insta videos!!! Let me tag team with all of you on the DELULU shipping. P.S. We can go back to reality later....maybe after 3 months? LOL!!! Until Binnie is back from Jordan. JennyHouse specialises on Customised Wedding for the bride hairstyle and make-up http://jennyhouse.co.kr/en/wedding/index.jsp Jennyhouse offers the best bridal hair styling & makeup for the most beautiful and mesmerizing wedding day of a lifetime. “Your make-up look and hairstyle will be custom designed to enhance your natural beauty, making it unique and perfect for you.” Our wedding managers conduct 1:1 customized wedding consultation, and provide thoughtful and discreet service to the brides.
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    Binnie: babe, what did you do? Jinnie: what do you mean Binnie: why did you post that kiss video on your IG? I thought it’s for me only? Jinnie: well, I think our fans deserve it too Binnie: but I thought you are mine and this kiss is for me only. Jinnie: of course I’m yours honey, don’t be so jealous. I’ll give you hundreds and thousands kisses. BTW, have you seen the photos I sent you? Binnie: oh, yes. I love those photos babe. I have to find a place to look at them on my own You always look great in white. I can’t wait.
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    Just when I thought that the food truck will get us ready for the LDR, here is the Queen feeding us again . I don't know how hungry feels like
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    ROAR!! What FUN with the food truck, red lips and blouse straps!! Shippers’ eagle eyes and wicked sense of humour crack me up everytime…big hugs to all! What also popped up were the issues of speculations, clubs & soompi ranks and these are begging for comment. Speculations: I am a beneficiary of shippers’ speculations, analyses and theories from page 1 of this 950 page thread. They have provided me joy & the rich information I now possess on precious BinJin. And I’m grateful for it. Speculation is not evil. Speculation is only dangerous if presented as fact. Obviously, most of this thread is speculation; obviously, we don’t know many things as fact. If these were proven information, this would be a science journal or a Washington Post report, not a shipping thread. Other than anti-shipping comments and anti HB/SYJ posts (that would draw rapid fire from me), I feel we should have more tolerance for speculation/personal theories because as long as they are qualified by statements indicating that they are personal opinions, surely we are adult enough to read them with a pinch of salt and a smile on our hearts. Or some are so clearly written as jokes, why oh why get our knickers in a knot over speculations and start branding posters as irresponsible, judgmental and a whole bunch of unsavoury labels? Or worse, be a whopping wet blanket to the fun-making on this thread! Why paint a rainbow grey? Enough with the doom & gloom. This is the BinJin Shipper Paradise thread – shippers are entitled to daydream and speculate about BinJin WITH qualifications that it’s a personal view if it’s so & provided it does not harm HB/SYJ’s standing as decent human beings and professionals. The sleuthing we love so much came from speculative observations in the first place and it is what this entire thread is built on, Hello! We here enjoy a sunny shipping forum exchanging news & clues and I for one, didn’t sign up to do time in a morgue reading sanitized info-sheets and colorless timelines and be policed ad nauseum. If a speculative post is qualified as such or so painfully obvious is a joke, chill man! How sad to ship a couple with so little hope and so little joy. That’s not what Shippers Paradise is for. Clubs: @binjinhappypill I feel you when you say with people going into clubs, there is the feeling of the main thread becoming “quieter”. Chins up. Quality over quantity? The purpose of a club is to facilitate private chats on sensitive issues, sharing between like-minded people, airing of over-the-top theories that could generate a runaway rumour if freely dispensed in this thread. The sting in the tail about clubs is that it could, just like the main thread, accidentally feed disguised trolls or if implemented with too many gag orders, will feel like a police state. It’s a tricky balance. The benefit of clubs aside, if the belief is that clubs are safe havens and exempt from the danger of being a source of rumour, that I think, is fiction and a false sense of security. Trolls and rumour-mongers don’t declare themselves. Even a well-meaning club member might find something discussed so irresistibly juicy that it must be shared outside the club. But hey, I’m not putting down clubs – I see their worth and for those who are in well-run clubs, count yourself lucky! I’m just making the point that whether in the thread or in clubs, the risk of being quoted and misquoted exists. All that we shippers can do to reduce the risk is to care about BinJin/HB/SYJ and keep in the back of our minds, the consequences of what we post. That’s all I'd say on that; we're adults. And can we PLEASE ease up on the realism sermons and posts that castrate all exchanges of delight, even if over crumbs. A recent comment on soompi points struck me that the clickbait problem might exist here too. Clicks in the thread and clubs translate into ranks. Sexy Soompi ranks like “Legend” and “Immortal” might appeal to shippers who chase after such titles. To me, it doesn’t matter if you are a Rookie or an Immortal. Your value to this ship/thread is not determined by your soompi rank or whether you are a new/old shipper but by how much you contribute to the (positive) atmosphere of this thread. It’s gggreat to see many new shippers emerging and please DO share your thoughts with us! It doesn’t matter if you share old info – as long as you think you haven’t seen it posted here recently, WELCOME and post it for us to analyse together, yes speculate together with whatever qualifiers are needed and have fun! Besides, if you wander too far onto thin ice, someone will let you know soon enough! We’ve all been on very thin ice from time to time! No shame in that. HB is off to exotic Jordan to complete “Bargaining” soon. Some feel disheartened cuz it means HB will be away from SYJ. For me, I’m elated because HB is finally winding up his filming/long projects for the year and we all know that thereon, BinJin’s calendar for the second half of 2020 looks clear! YAY!! There will be room for….a couple’s vacation? Plan a wedding? HAVE a wedding? Besides, in this digital age, there are no ldr (long distance relationships) anymore. Zoom and whatsapp vid calls have erased distances between people. I actually pictured HB bringing along his “romantic camera” and meeting up with SYJ in Europe after filming. Who knows? But even if not, there’s the old adage of absence makes the heart grow fonder and the reunion that much sweeter….mmm…..and whichever way that goes, there’ll be plenty of coming Binjin's way… purely my speculations of course but don’t you just love those thoughts?
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    Jinnie: Binshi, do you have time to talk? Binnie: yes babe, I always have time for you. Jinnie: honey, some devoted fans found out about your food truck back in SITR days... Binnie: oh wow, I thought it was my subtle work. No one will find out. Jinnie: no honey, they found your famous line about me during TN promotion. I have to say these diehard fans are so clever Binnie: well, it has been a while. As long as we didn’t admit anything... Jinnie: yes, I know honey. I didn’t even mention your name and I thought I have been very careful Binnie: did they find anything else? Jinnie: not as far as I know of but may be tomorrow they may have something... I told you, these fans are like detectives. Binnie: ahhh, I miss those wonderful days where we can date each other without any attention Jinnie: I miss those days too. BTW, have you prepared yourself for the Jordan trip? Do you want to take anything with you? I can help you pack. Binnie: babe, you know very well what I want to take... Jinnie: oh, actually I don’t. What is it? Binnie: you, my love! Disclaimer: another delulu stage of my brain, take it at your own risk:)
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    SECOND VIDEO CAPTION: "I'm feeling good so I'm uploading another one... the point is eyerolling." She does roll her eyes back in both videos so that's funny. LOL. @RiRiGaGa Definitely bride vibes!!! She said she's feeling good... why YJ sshi???
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    This is SO SUPER FUNNY!!! Binjin Shippers are all losing their mind hahaha!!! Binjin grocery shopping in Jordan. COMING NEXT!!
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    Disclaimer: please do not judge me for my questionable use of time and definitely don’t tell my husband that Binjin has led me THIS far into the dark abyss lol I don’t live TOO far from the Pavilion we were discussing yesterday so I decided to venture out there today to examine the evidence (Or should I say crumbs?). These are the pictures I took and I am about as sure as I can be that this is the Pavilions they went to. It also happens to be literally five minutes away from that swanky Pelican Hill Golf Resort https://postimg.cc/bsH2wNB3][/url] @HappyForLove one of the things I learned about HB from the BTS videos is that unlike Captain Ri, his sense of direction is....easily confused So the way I interpreted that BTS ring scene is that on top of already being confused by directions, he was adorably nervous acting out this very possible real life scenario with the lady he would propose to
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    HAHAHAHA. Well, Jennyhouse can be one of their sponsors too. Because Jennyhouse is..... *just ignore me and my delulu mind*
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    I think mom is in a very good mood today. Not one, but two video uploads on her IG. We love you, Mom! Where's dad? Haha
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    Somehow..the white of her top/outfit seriously makes me think of a beautiful bride who's getting her makeup done and dolled up for her wedding day! And that adorable kiss at the end! Aww she's dropping those candies again!
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    BinJin will make it through the next 2 months just fine as long as Jinnie thoroughly teaches our adorable, technologically-challenged, pokes his phone with his index finger, no SNS, I'll handwrite old-school letters to my fans Ahjusshi Binnie how to actually use his webcam chat apps! . Binshi..watch that finger! Don't hang up on your BAE now! Knowing Binnie, he's probably gonna end up handwriting love letters to her and she's gonna have to wait for it in the mail. Poor Jinnie! Don't feel too bad for her though because I'm sure Binshi is gonna add some of that BodyLuv shampoo hair smell to the letter. Gotta love him though! Bless his precious, pure Ahjusshi heart! Cr: IG: SYJ acct
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    Apparently, they both can break the internet just by breathing. She could post a picture of a plain white wall and this fandom will pull out a scroll of analysis for what it means. Lol BinJin nation is so extra ISTG
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    Here you go : yejinssi- binssii -lalafanfan credit : IG hiquntt
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    Will you just let us have some fun? I like to be reasonable too, but what's the point of shipping if you can't engage in some delulu. @binjinfirst If you look at @eLizza's post above yours... I can confirm that her makeup artist's repost of YJ's pic says, "Today with Yejin." It seems it's for Jennyhouse, but it looks like it's today!
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    Ok children settle down! Unbelievable, hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments in 30 minutes. And the white dress and red lips! Omo, i think the internet will be broken once an announcement comes out!
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    yeah, it's a difficult time for her with a mixed situation of eveything.. OIM fans of Goblin, bitter CITT fans, controversies among CITT drama and movie, personal relationship.. it was really a tough time for her.. Apologies for long ranting.. i was feeling rather upset to remember again the tough times she had after goblin.. but my shipper heart tells me it;s not the case of TKEM because she has her sunbae to cheer her up.. HAHAHAHHAHAHA
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    OMG, our mom is so pretty! and super funny too! Friends who asking where is daddy. I am sure he is busy borrowing someone else's Instagram account to see Mom's new video (again and again)
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    I think the main reason why they took down the video is because the photo came from the personnel of the tour company who owned the paragliding business and LMH didn’t want promotions of that said business and wanted to keep the moment private. Fans should also be careful in drawing the line on privacy and protect the stars privacy. People tend to forget they also need privacy separate from their work and get tired of people following them on a daily basis. It’s also unhealthy for them mentally. Maybe take photos in the streets is ok (bec they don’t own the streets) but coming from a personnel and boat they hired for a private occasion is not okay, it’s like an unspoken Non Disclosure Agreement from Hotel Personnel, or people you hire in general if it’s not entertainment work/endorsement related. But news of them dating is okay news also, we welcome this news too. But fans should know when to draw the line. It’s also unhealthy for the oppas/idols, if they choose to be private let them. Same with ggone who probably was tired filming and need to regroup and recharge,who also need to be away from fans etc, so maybe that’s the reason why she hasn’t posted plus negative backlash from Kentucky. Because they tend to be very draining, non stop filming sometimes you also need time out. And sometimes you get very immersed in the role that it’s hard to step back. Let them be private as personal life is different from entertainment life. People should also recognize that we do not own them, they don’t have to tell everyone about their personal details if they choose not to and we don’t expect them to let us know of their whereabouts at all times. so we can just delulu for the time being till such time they are ready to come out
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    That fake eye roll is SO me when I see the camera zoom THAT close to this Queen's face and her skin is THAT flawless! Like freakin' glass! No pores or anything and the woman is nearly 40! HOW?! Seriously, Jinnie, I'd roll my eyes too if I was THAT flawlessly, agelessly beautiful all day, every day. Must truly be exhausting!
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    Maybe because of this ?? Haha Omo2! Weeee... She's soo pretty & super kawaii I'm literally dancing right now
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    I wasn't going to comment on the grocery shopping location because I didn't think it was an important fact (the most worth noted thing here was that they went grocery shopping together). However, since there is so much interested from our shippers, I decided to comment. @cloyfan I agreed with you that they were at Pavillon (instead of Ralphs) based on the shopping cart HB used in the pictures. As far as what city they were in, I can't be so certain but your guess, that they were staying at the Pelican Hill, makes sense to me since I am from the area. It is about 2 hours drive from LA/Korean town and probably the best area to stay at in Southern California if you are looking for a nice relaxing vacation. Pelican Hill is one of the top 3 luxury resorts in the area with golf course and ocean view. It is very gorgeous and prefect for a romantic getaway. They probably thought they wouldn't get caught together because there are not that many Koreans in this area (mostly Caucasians). However, there is a city, about 15-20 minutes drive from the resort, that has very high concentrated Chinese & Taiwanese population, which fits the story as the pictures were taken by a Taiwanese fan. I was listening to a talk show (I believe it was by Korean media) where they wonder why HB and SYJ didn't wear a mask then. Well it was before COVID19, people would probably look at them strange if they wore a mask. It was not normal here in the states to wear a mask in public before COVID19. There are a few more things i want to say but they are just purely my assumptions and speculations so I am going to keep it to myself. After all, we have enough proofs to believe they are an item! They are so special and inspiring in so many ways!! As much as i respect their privacy, i hope they continue sharing with us just a glimpse of their journey, simply because it is too beautiful not to share.
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    ''One day in june'' and today this bridal vibe from her IG clips. Hmmm... I dont want to get carried away only to be let down later on but isn't jennyhouse a beauty house that would also be used on a wedding day? What if there is really wedding coming and they are getting ready to announce something? and then they take off to Jordan together and use it as honeymoon? Ok let me stop.
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    I really now believe that she is on top of everything. She knows our sentiments, she knows what we post, what we hope to happen because she's lurking in instagram often in the #binjin (i am pretty sure now!) because she knows how to lift our mood when we are all sad and becoming hopeless. This happen twice already. 1st - bad reaction circulating around socmed about HB's cold behavior towards here in BAA and people favoring JHI (sorry to mention him here) because of their BAA pics. **then suddenly, she did the liking spree and feed us with all those BAA BTS letting us see that they are a couple still. 2nd - Today. We are all worried about them being incognito for few days already then HB's upcoming overseas filming. Then, bam! She posted 2 videos, showing us how happy she is right now to let us know that nothing to worry. This couple truly values their supporters. They don't let them be disappointed and sad. Another reason that justifies me being a shipper (biniin). I admire how they value their supporters. Rest assured that we will pay you by being a responsible shipper. Thank you!
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    Ahhhh such a fun post! Hahaha. The key word is "discreet." "Actress Son Ye Jin, who starred with Hyun Bin in cable channel tVN’s drama, “Crash Landing On You,” received a lot of love (passionate love)." Just wanted to clarify... it's saying she received love from the viewers/audience for her role. Although, we do like to believe she is engaging in a hot/passionate/burning love affair with HB as well. OMG... Hahahaha! This is probably my favorite scene in CLOY. My heart always breaks so good when watching this scene, but now because of this tweet, I can't help but laugh at it. I never thought I would be laughing at this scene... mixed emotions right now Thanks for sharing your sincere doubts. It's understandable to be impatient... I think we all are in a sense! We are all so eager. Hahaha. But when in doubt, in grocery we trust, so I am glad you went that route to ease your doubts. I love to get delulu too cause it's fun, but I also remember to hold onto expectations pretty loosely, especially when it comes to dates/timelines, and etc. I think people got super excited about "one day in June," and started thinking something would happen this month, but a more accurate translation imho was "a day in June," meaning he just wrote that letter on a day in June. My delulu thought was that he wrote it on the same day that SYJ may have liked the Insta posts, but of course, that's just purely my speculation. Realistically, they'd probably want to get married after "Bargaining," is done filming, so let's hold onto the latter half of the year. And if that doesn't come either, we will still keep sailing and trust them because they are technically the captains of our ship, not us.
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    Did Ye Jin-ssi just throw us a kiss to reassure us that we are going to get through July - September together or is she showing off that she will be giving Hyun Bin-ssi babe time and cope just fine while we suffer out here wondering how they really are doing and we are going to manage the drought...? She really is a prankster......
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    she updated!!! there's a video on her IG. it's a video of herself getting prepped for A pictorial. Not sure if it’s the one from Ma:nyo. I think she felt the sadness of shippers for the impending LDR status come July haha. Thus, the video
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    OMG!! This is super funny! Imagine sunbae Hwang Jung Min dragging Binnie away from Yejin at the airport!! About the 2 months in Jordan, I thot the article said that the crew will go first and the cast/ actors will follow after. So maybe it will be shorter than 2 months..... I hope YJ teach HB ahjussi how to use all the Zoom video and LINE CHAT apps before he leaves. Joking, joking!
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    My poor Binnie, too much kissing from YJ will kill you. How can you survive and work in Jordan if she sends you those kisses everyday You'd better take her with you. She desperately wants to travel and enjoys summertime
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    She has been so strict with her insta and any public attendance that is like a fresh breath that she looks happy and content . She uses to upload selfies with being a total dork. How much I missed that side of her . She is really funny and carefree person , if you have watched her variety guests , she is the most funny person. Without going delulu here / something has shifted since the BAA . She has been strict with posting thing online since CLOY started filming . Small portion and then she went MIA for awhile . She messed up a bit the Great Wall of HB but that’s ok . I know we all eager for updates . But we see how happy she is ; the ship is on calm water . If the captain of the ship is carefree and calm then we all be fine .
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    Haha.. Jinnie's up-rolling eyeball gesture is supeeer epic.. I'm in love with it It's like she's saying, I'm the QUEEN & I'm too classy to be bother about other insignificant thing
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    Since, everyone are still on a happy mood. I’m gonna chime in my randomness and talk about snowflakes. I know, summer solstice just happened 3 days ago, but because I like snowflakes, they are beautiful and unique, and so noteworthy that no two are alike. BIN and JIN are like snowflakes. Each takes the perfect form of beauty, uniqueness and effectiveness. While the gravitational force gave them destination, the expansive space in the air give each snowflake the opportunity to take there own path. They are on the same journey, but each takes on a different path. Along that journey there are so many unpredictable transitions and changes that take place, but no matter what that transitions the snowflakes always find itself perfectly shaped for it’s journey, just like BIN AND JIN and their journey, beautiful and unique. I find the parallel story to be beautiful and a reflection of a grand scheme for BIN and JIN and their beautiful relationship. Both are headed to the same place, but are taking on a different route, crossing paths along the way, but never threaded ones way for timing isn’t perfect just yet, and no matter what they appear to be, or what road they take, they have taken exactly the perfectly imperfect form for their journey, driven by that same universal force to the same destination, exactly the perfect way for HB and SYJ to perfectly reunite. You see, BINJIN are like snowflakes fragile, but see what they can do when they stick together? They are a reflection of each other, both beautiful and perfect! It would be a shame if BIN and JIN are not seen and appreciated for who they are. So, let us celebrate BINJIN!
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    Pelican Hill Resort and Golf Club is a local gem. I used to live in Newport Beach and if you’re looking for a getaway or visiting from out of town, and if you have the money of course, Pelican Hill would be the obvious choice. It’s a predominantly white area with little K ent knowledge, although I’m Asian, and the local dress code normally includes a cap and sunglasses, so HB & SYJ could probably go around unnoticed. Funnily enough, my grocery store was the Ralph’s in Eastbluff, and I’ve never been to said Pavilion’s.. will have to check it out the next time I’m back :’D I’ve been a daily lurker here since Feb, and like many others, I don’t know what BINJIN is doing to me. Why am I so invested in a couple whom I don’t personally know, so much that I’m looking forward to be back in Newport to check out a grocery store? :’D PLS SEND HELP.
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    OMO.. thanks @TotoroSY and @Choisamsook for the food truck info! Thanks to @lovelyz for originally pointing out this gem of a photo, awesome find! And thanks to @celest1al for that gem of a translation!!! I can't believe he actually named the banners "The pretty noona that buys me food often and negotiates well!" That is SO stinkin' adorable and actually quite bold for HB considering they were having those dating rumors around that same period!!! Those ARE the EXACT words from their TN interviews too..OMG..I can't with these two! Be still my !! Who else is LIVING for the fact that he used the word "OFTEN"? Close friend buys him food OFTEN.. What a good close friend! I also love that he also gets to tease her by using that "Pretty Noona Buys Me Food" title because she doesn't want him to call her "Noona" and we all know why... That's probably why they were cutely discussing about how they used to go to that one restaurant but it is now closed down, like their own little side conversation in the middle of an interview . These two and their little inside hangouts! And now it totally makes sense why Binnie jokingly asked for a food truck during the Kakao chat! Also makes sense why he gave that adorable little smirk during the Swoonies Couch Talk interview because close friend buys him food so often so he knows exactly what the two of them eat together and it's probably not always healthy or that they eat A LOT together. Wonder if these two go workout together after they eat a lot of delicious food together. Can you just imagine his petite pretty noona sitting on his back while he does his push-ups?! (this is the closest emoji I could find to fit that delulu thought! Look, Binshi is too full to do the push-ups! LOL ) OR if they did the famous Secret Garden sit-ups together except that Jinnie is holding his feet?! I better stop before I write a delulu poem about their workouts together. Oh man, as if I needed MORE reason to love food trucks and BinJin! Thanks for these new, old candies, guys! With BinJin, the detective work never ends and the receipts just keep on printing out! Love it!
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    Wow.. still catch up for your guys discussion.. But sadly i had a lot work to do.. just wanna share my recent work for BINJIN forum achieved discussion. Since its a little bit long, I put it on Spoiler. Just feel free if anyone wanna put it on club. Still a lot of page though.. but i feel like need share it gradually because it will so many page. I've share this before This is the current page I've collect the important info Hope this could help everyone who wanna doing backwards reading for getting some info. Have a great day All Happy Shopping!!
  40. 27 points
    안녕하세요. Finally! I’m done reading post. Where to start? Too much information that was stored in my brain that every time I wanted to reply and say “ok I’ll be able to post a comment on this”, another page will appear then another then another and then another. You had me all in “One day in June” to “food truck” to “LA” to “Bargain: Jordan trip” and lastly “SYJ 2x2 post in IG”. Now at page 949, I’ve totally forgot to whom I need to reply.
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    maybe this is for jennyhouse which per it's website also specializes in wedding make up? but our girl does have a knack for being annoying (too beautiful to be human) and adorable (the eyeroll!) at the same time. In conclusion, Binshii cannot resist!
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    Ditto! Even SYJ is in delulu. She is trolling herself and her fans. The possibilities: 1.Her confidence seems to grow more 2. Letting her mind wander and just so happy to have all that positive thoughts 3. Thinking of someone and cheering for him 4. Her inner troll is bored and want to have fun 5. She want us to know that she has good social interactions, she is happy and in a good happy relationship
  43. 26 points
    She’s wearing white?? Okay, my mind is going delulu. Goodbye
  44. 25 points
    I just wanted to share this. LMH's OIM do not hate mineun ship. they are just wary of shipping in general. i talked with one and she said it's because LMH's haters are mostly from previous sunken ships. she said BOF shippers turned ugly when he confirmed his first relationship (even went on to say nasty things about him like he's cheating). she said they support his confirmed relationship second time but when they broke up, the female's fans all turned against him (mainly because he didn't even mention her during 3 years relationship, which i personally think was a wise decision). she said they all said he's the best guy as long as ship was sailing but he turned into a bad guy for them. They think Goeun is great girl and thankful that he got to work with her. they will be happy if they are together. it's just that shippers have made them tired. so no ill feelings towards mineun shippers, just the shipping in general.
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    so they are really married in the drama. Happy ending for everyone. Even though i want them to show the wedding
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    New to the party, been lurking for a while I try to keep overreaching assumptions at bay, but man these two are FIRE. All their mini interactions, that body language, those looks, the BTS (how freakin' adorably comfortable they are with each other... I mean she kinda hits him - laughingly of course - when he's not looking at her during that shootout scene when RJH gets shot... I mean seriously guys, how obvious are these two?)... not to mention the grocery shopping. I mean who does that with their "friend" halfway across the world? I travel A LOT. I have never ever gone grocery shopping with a "friend" while on vacation. Gotta appreciate the commitment to keeping things under wraps though. I guess it could get a little crazy. I mean it already is... Now the sensible side of me says a lot of their CF releases this month, while interestingly on the same day, are very likely to be coincidences and not planned. Because there's no real benefit to planning these in coordination. But the IG likes though, SYJ is SUCH a tease (also today's video, the bridal vibes...). Of course she knows that this is going to drive the fandom crazy. Also Baeksang... le sigh. I can't with these two. Just. Have. Babies. Already. Also can we discuss how recently released BTS pics show SYJ wrapped up in this checkered white and blue blanket from the bottom? Girl must have been freezing for the better part of filming. No wonder she got sick :( Ok my random rambles are over.
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    Omg ..did Naver just write a detailed article analysing her two uploaded videos... They were dissecting her expressions step by step.... Seems like k-media were also suffering from a drought...YJ is such a troll.. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003312175
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    Wow..woke up to find a new reciept.. There is definitely no doubt that the food truck was sent by Binnie. Allow me to put forth my thoughts.. That truck was sent in April and The Negotiation was not released back then ,so it would make sense that it was sent by either her close friends who knew in detail about the project or someone from the The Nego staff itself.. There is no way fans would do that since they had not watched that movie to use that phrase. For the first option that is if it was sent by her friends then she will definitely thank them specifically as in the case of Kim Hye Soo. Next option is left for someone from the Nego team..It could be either HB or the director. But it is quite unlikely for directors to send food trucks for support and that too Nego was Lee Jeong Suk's first directorial venture.. So yesss the only option left after excluding all other parties is definitely Binnie.. I don't even know why did I go round and round to prove this cause Binnie himself said that exact sentence months later in The Nego promos. I second this.. He definitely thought that it would go unnoticed and neither did he imagine himself blurting those same lines again in an August event. I guess he has been consistently using that phrase to address her otherwise why would it be present at the tip of his tongue I m having one more doubt that why didn't SYJ acknowledge who sent that food truck in her insta when their movie was about to be released in a few months and there were no dating rumours back then. She did post a thank you message in case of JHI and KHS. I guess the reason could be that HB doesn't have an Insta account . Anyways I think that she must have felt glad that she didn't mention HB's name at that time cause it would have led to further fuelling of their rumours after the grocery sightings.
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    I swear when I watched the ring BTS, i swooned more over HB. The guy was clearly giddy during the shoot, and perhaps he's one of those who gets mixed up over right and left, I mean I do that often myself! But he was all charm and smiles despite his obvious blunder. The BTS is really a goldmine of BinJin's sweet moments. I think this is the only kdrama or movie where I enjoyed the BTS as much as the actual thing.
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    Omo she's on a roll.. Give us more videos Wonder who the kisses are for though Also, did you girls notice different lipstick in those videos or am I imagining things? Almost like she's trying out different make up looks with her "white" dress... oh my delulu heart.. @RiRiGaGa I think we are on the right track with this delulu
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