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    To those new member who just board this ship. I somehow can understand your doubts as probably this is the first time you are shipping an OTP hard. You try to balance between a rational fan and a delulu shipper. I was not a shipper before too even is the OTP are my faves. I prefer to support them individually. Let me tell you why I think that there is something going on between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. I rarely stan an actress simply because I am a woman and my attractions are more towards men (actor). But, I am always Son YeJin's fan. I like her since Summer Scent (2003). As a fan, of course I follow her Instagram account. I knew HyunBIn but honestly I haven't watch his drama before as I don't think he is that handsome Pre Military days. My first drama of him is MoTA. YeJin's post on Sept 22, 2018 shocked me. I know she is promoting her Negotiation movie at that time but I am surprised she post a selca video of her with 'heart' filters and her head is so close to Bin's. That selca makes me wonder if there is something between them. But I am not jump into the ship yet. I take it as promotional post as YeJin often post with her ML if she is promoting her works but the vibe of the posts are different. Then more cute posts coming. She was active in IG during that time. Form her posts, I start to think something might be going on between her and HB. I tried to find HB IG to compare, but I learned he had none. I know she had a rumor too during SITR but her post during that time is normal same goes during Be With You promotional period. Still I try to be a rational fan and not jump into the ship yet. Then those TN promo videos...Wow, they are so playful and flirtatious, something must be going on between them. Still, I try not to be a shipper yet. Then the rumours of him had a meal with her and her parents in LA days after Alhambra ends. I knew he went home early during the wrap up party, that makes me think maybe it is true that he had a flight to catch on that night or early morning the next day hence he go home early despite he is the main cast. I was happy to read bout the rumor but they denied it fast. THEN, the grocery photos surfaced less than 2 weeks after. The photos to me is a real deal.... like how can he accidentally be in LA for holiday and happened to be at the same area as YJ who had went there much much earlier. Few days after the grocery photos, media captured him in Incheon just came back form LA. SO he is indeed in LA and the grocery photos are genuine. From here, I started to ship them silently. Months later they are confirmed to do a drama together. When the news came out, I just watch TN and I am so happy to the moon with the news as I get to see them working together again. And CLOY happened, the same interactions from TN promo era is there and Hyun Bin still look at her the same way. I studied their past interviews for other projects and I noticed that big difference so I kinda confirm these two is an item or at least super close and super special friends. Their interviews, answers, BTS just confirmed it. What more both of them went MIA after the drama ends. Non of them even do a post drama interviews. They are avoiding interviews on purpose despite they had denied the rumors 3 times. If there is really nothing going on, they won't care if it been asked 100 times, they can denied it the same amount. There's a reason they stay low. They are being careful. What I like about shipping Bin Jin is we don't need to be extra creative to create evidences about them. Their evidence is as clear as the day like the NIS officer said. Hope my reasoning of they could be an item can help you out with your doubts.... i know it is hard to be shipper when you try to be rational. Just have faith in your ship. #InGroceryShoppingWeTrust
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    This is my first time to comment here because as what was mentioned by KimSooHanMoo, Hyun Bin is a no nonsense kind of guy. Being a fan of him for almost 16 years (I first saw him in Ireland) he has always been on guard when it comes to his relationship with his fellow actors especially to his leading ladies. He is a very warm and kind person but he always has his walls up partly because he is such an introvert. So when I saw SYJ posts on her IG account with HB being all cute and silly, I thought something must be going on. The upfront denial from HB I think is partly because SYJ doesn't really want to publicize her relationships. Also I think since their relationship is pretty new, they wanted to protect it. I doubt these are all for publicity. Both of them doesn't need it. HB is not the type of person who would do that. He is an honest man and what you see is what you get. When SYJ was rumored to be in a relationship with KNG before, she denied it herself. However, she did not say anything when asked about her dating rumors with HB. I support wholeheartedly whoever could make HB happy. And with how he is with SYJ, I think the pretty noona already made her way to his heart.
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    Glad to see I'm not the only craving for that little extra taste of Binjin content!! So I'm back again with my madness. Since our couple has been very low-key nowadays - I, like your average day-to-day working professional, have been rewatching their BTS vids pretty much all the time at quite possibly working hours I have been especially ~creepy~ since I have more time work at home with the current crisis. ANYWAYS, when looking at the final BTS videos, the two moments that actually stood out to me and never failed to make me smile and blush were surprisingly these two (all from swoon)! These moments were sooooooo brief that I replayed them too many times to count. 1) Rehearsing for the reunion kiss in Switzerland: HB's cute little "Ba-bam" made SYJ giggle so sweetly! And I am the director who is actively shipping laughing along with them. 2) The last kiss: Besides the fact that I am over the moon that they added the last, most natural kiss themselves , what I love the most (before it got instantly cut off) is how SYJ so naturally suggests to kiss and without a second thought, heads over to him in his space to cuddle start rehearsing. Even more, I love how HB instinctively and naturally begins to wrap his arm around her....... until yea this whole scene cuts to the cast interviews I just wonder how much editing and content their agencies and tvn had to go through to produce these ~safe~ friendship clips.
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    I get what you’re saying. Different people, different interpretations. Keep in mind we’re all just observers here and we are not privy to HB and YSJ’s real score, thoughts and feelings. As a married person, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Sometimes I wanted to strangle my husband for petty things. Socks on the floor, dishes etc. You can’t be acting lovey dovey 24/7. I’m sure they have their fair share of arguments like normal couples. They’re great actors but at the end of the day, they’re human beings too. YSJ is opinionated and upfront and not afraid of calling him out in public. A little slip like what we’ve seen in the video should not be blown out of proportion. They are waaaayyy past the flirtation stage. During the movie promo, they were so giddy and flirty. The start of any romantic relationship is always like that. You have blinders on where you’re oblivious to everything, your partner’s faults and whatnots. Now they’re more secured and not afraid to show their irritation. Shoot they even bicker like an old married couple. Shipping is not for the faint of heart. There are times when you feel over the moon happy and times when you feel discouraged.
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    I have to say this out loud! how can both of you stop people from shipping you both when you guys keep throwing candies at shippers? Now that I am on a roll I realised HB threw out TOO MANY candies to fans only to deny? Then restraint yourself bro! Face turning red, rubbing ears, your kakaotalk emojis, the look on your face, your endless “en” to her and the list goes on. Before all your denials, did you even look at those candies you throw out first? How can you offer candies to people and not let them eat it?? HB, the rule of thumb is if even you cannot even restraint yourself, how to restraint others?? 你不可以這樣啦!你要發糖又不讓人家吃! and YJ is not helping much by her attempt to catch the bridal bouquet, girl you need to stand higher up to catch that you know?
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    In the end, seriously as with all my ships. I am happy if they are happy. I don't need them to 'prove' to me they are in a relationship. I have said it before, when I see them together, I automatically smile. I was talking with another colleague who watched CLOY and she was surprised when I mentioned their chemistry because she didn't see any. Rather than unfriending her (LOL) , I accept that people have different perceptions and that's okay. You don't have to force your point of view and get into an argument. PS If you are truly happy for them, you will not need any proof. EDITED: I get upset when I see people who are really not seeing the point of a shipper's thread. If you start reading from page 1, you will see all the 'proof' and discussions we have had about their moments during Negotiation and up to all the Swoon videos, BTS and commentary during the drama itself.
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    I so so envy SYJ at this point. Yes, I would bet she knows how he smells like. DIVINE.
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    The ELOD translation team have finally completed the English translation of Tang Qi's latest Pillow Book Epilogue. We hope you will enjoy the read! Shameless DH in action yet again! Source / Translation : @Yori Ten @Ninky Translation contributors : @nitepolaris @Ninky @SGahjumma 上朝 Attending Court 司命来找连宋打探事情。 Si Ming went to Lian song to inquire about some matters. 司命:帝君设置星光结界净化三毒浊息后,借口静养,两百年都没上过天君的朝会。然今日,竟破天荒地出现在了大朝会上。众仙惶恐,深觉帝君突然上朝,是不是八荒又将迎来什么大劫难了,三殿下知道这是怎么回事吗? Si Ming: After Dijun used the Starlight Barrier to purify the 3 poisons, he has not attended Tian Jun's court for 200 years using the need to rest/recuperate as an excuse. But today after a long time, he showed up at court. Every immortal there panicked as Dijun's sudden appearance in court could mean there is calamity brewing in the eight realms. Liang Song, do you know what is going on? 三殿下沉默了片刻:你可注意到帝君那身袍子了? Lian Song after a moment of silence: Have you noticed Di Jun's robe/attire? 司命:注意到了,甚为华贵,衬得帝君神姿越发清肃高华了。 Si Ming: I did notice, it looks rich and luxurious, and suits his immortal poise with increasing distinction. 三殿下:那就是了。 Lian Song: Then that's exactly it. 司命不解。 Si Ming did not comprehend. 三殿下:那袍子是凤九亲自纺的料子,一针一线亲手缝给他的。 Lian Song: That robe is personally woven and painstakingly sewn together stitch by stitch by Feng Jiu specially for him. 司命还是不解。 Si Ming still did not comprehend. 三殿下:他很满意。 Lian Song: He is extremely satisfied with it. 司命还还是不解。 Si Ming still still did not comprehend. 三殿下:就穿到朝会上去显摆显摆。 Lian Song: He wore it to court just to SHOW OFF. 司命:…… Si Ming: .... 重霖友情提醒:司命星君请你好好想想怎么和众仙解释这事,解释得不好,我可是会对你很凶残的。 Zhong Lin gave a friendly reminder to Si Ming: Star Lord Si Ming, please think about how to explain this to the other immortals, if your explanation is not good, I will have to be cruel to you.
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    Kakao live was done right after their presscon on dec 14/19...so just watch the video during their presscon and enjoy ur heart and appreciate how lovely they are... And take a look also on their Christmas greetings a picture of the two them. Choose happiness over small things that makes ur heart feels bad. Still the choice is yours as whether to continue or to put a stop if you found something amiss. As long as one of them don't have any other partner we can keep the ship going. Relationship isn't always like a sweet potatoe and be sometimes a sour grapes...enjoy ur moment a little on their bts.
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    Hello BinJin Shippers, I have just finished reading all 324 pages of this thread and would first like to thank you all for many hours of pure delight, laughter and heart throb. Your observations and deductive powers are truly impressive! I see stress and distress amongst many shippers over the dating denials and thought to offer you some comfort on that: 1. We are assuming that our definition of “dating” and HB/SY/Vast/MStream’s definition of dating are the same. They may not be. To us, dating means a couple spending time together to further a relationship. To them, it may mean arranging to meetup at restaurants and go to movies, i.e. conventional dating. This is something that they simply cannot do because the media are constantly hounding them. So when they say they are not dating, it doesn’t mean they are not spending private time together. In fact, I believe that they DO meet in each other’s home, safe from prying eyes. How lovely. 2. Dating is carving out pockets of time to enable the man and woman to meet and know each other better. HB/SYJ don’t need to date because their work schedules have kept them in each other’s circle at least since mid-2017 till now - TN, re-shoot of TN, Vogue, TN promo, LA, CLOY. They possibly spent more time together in the past 2 years than apart! 3. The authorship of the various denials appear different and may not be from HB and SYJ personally. The texts don’t have the same tone. Maybe they did the first ones and after that, company execs wrote them and you know, employees sometimes go overboard just to show the Boss that they can be tough. 4. The reason for issuing denials may have nothing to do with HB/SYJ’s private relationship but instead relates to their careers and future work in an unforgiving, Korean showbiz environment. There may be legal obligations to investors not to formalize reports on personal relationships when work is pending. My personal belief is that HB/Vast’s denials are primarily to protect SYJ. We know the sad truth that a woman’s status and position in the workplace can be a fragile thing. Years of hard work can be quickly undone by loose talk. And from this thread, it seems Korean fans are particularly possessive of their actors, which compounds an already stacked deck against SYJ. 5. In conclusion, MStream’s dating denial is a career necessity for SYJ for the time being. Vast’s denials are not an act of rejection but rather, HB’s act of loyalty & care for SYJ. On the subject of BTS indicators of a more-than-close-friendship, the ones I feel compelling are: (i) Holding each other after the scene where RJH gets shot on the airport road: They naturally slipped into holding each other like a lock and key. (ii) The interlocking fingers: SYJ being an independent, outspoken woman could easily have avoided this. Instead, she responded by locking her fingers with his and even did a little dance with HB. (iii) The reunion-paragliding scene: Despite the Director’s “Cut”, HB smilingly held her and dragged her away and she was happy to go along, as you would notice that she straightened her two legs, making the drag-and-carry easier to do. Shared intimacy and laughter and to hell with the Director’s orders. (iv) The hospital bed scene: When he discovers his mistake in interrupting her lines, he puts his hand onto her forearm and leans his entire left body on hers! And she holds HB’s head for a good 5-6 seconds and plays with his hair! Think about the above. Mere close friends wouldn’t do them as it could easily give rise to confused messaging and awkwardness. Couples on the other hand, cant help themselves. Remember how many have said that HB is more demonstrative of his feelings toward SYJ, whereas she is harder to read and more restrained? Well, think again about i-iv above. She was a relaxed and fully participating partner in the lovey-doveyness and though unspoken, they were BIG statements from SYJ that said, “This is beyond a buddy relationship. This is a couple’s relationship”. So, fellow shippers, there are TONS of rational reasons to be hopeful and optimistic about BinJin! On this, I’d like to add something on anti-shippers and heavy doubters. This thread is not a soapbox in the park where anyone can stand up there and assert their freedom of speech to say whatever they like. This shipping thread is a specialized forum for like-minded people who adore BinJin and have hopes for this couple. If you don’t think BinJin can make it or doubt it so much that it becomes tantamount a non-ship, express your thoughts in a different forum. Why come into this thread and rain on everyone’s parade? It’s like peeing in someone else’s pool. It’s gross, wholly inappropriate and has a mean streak to it, i.e. wanting to dampen the joy of others. Not a nice thing to do, so please respect the purpose of this shipper’s thread and its shippers. Of course, genuine shippers can go beserk too (e.g. the hand under table disaster taught us all a good lesson to be more discerning) but I can sympathise with them more than I can anti-shippers speaking here. Finally, despite my CLOY withdrawal symptoms, in a way I am glad there is this hiatus of news from BinJin. It is a downtime for them to regroup, steady the mind and perhaps assess their feelings in order to take the next step. How ghastly if during this delicate process, they are pressured to decide quickly. At their age, both are keenly aware of their own “marry at 40 preference”, so that is pressure enough to flatten an entire city. Let’s be patient, bite the bullet for our BinJin meanwhile and just continue to send them love and wish them the very best. They share a common group of close friends whom I’m certain would be on standby to support them too. I know shipping has risks, like something may be announced tomorrow that will torpedo everything said here but heck, until that happens, I remain upbeat about BinJin being in a love relationship. I am hugely glad there are fellow shippers who feel the same and are rooting for our Couple Extraordinaire. Ships are safest in the harbor (being overly-cautious) but that’s not what they are built for. Let’s give each other courage to sail the high seas with BinJin!!
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    Hmm you quoted me so I am replying you. I dunno if I can give you any peaceful answer but I want to tell you that the kakaotalk is interesting to watch if you know what you should be watching out for. His response to YJ comment is funny and exclusive! And when he is anxious or excited he always touches his ears even at the airport, and that’s something that he does a lot with YJ. And if kakaotalk interview is not something you find good enough, then find something else. peace is something you attain by yourself. I doubt anyone can give you peace if inner peace is not within you. ~Peace out~
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    About not having on screen chemistry and without passionate kisses.
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    It wasn’t PSH and HB as claimed in the YouTube video; she was filming with another actor at Incheon airport. Check out this post (and later posts) on page 14 of Memories of Alhambra thread for clarification. For K-ent, it’s definitely not the norm for 2 stars (especially a male and a female) to be seen together (unless they go in a group). ^ This isn’t related to HB-SYJ (really shouldn’t discuss other pairing here), but I wanted to clear up wrong info that pops up from time to time here. Agree. For newer shippers, please read earlier postings - there are lots of infos. posting some pics to stay on topic (src/cr: on images)
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    Technically they both arrive around the same time at the airport without knowing there are at least 3 media outlets around. So HB got down first and observe and cue the white van whom YJ was on to move off first by eye power with her manager. I believe their original intent was to arrive at the airport together if there were no media Anyway HB only proceeded to walk in to the airport after the white van moved off and the rest of his crew(pink shirt guy etc, not from Vast and I haven’t got a exact identity whom he belongs to) got out of the car. HB obviously didn’t like the surprises by the media. But what puzzles me more is how can both of them not expect any airport media when they just had a rumor and denied it flat...this is the best time for media to go and stalk them to see look out for body languages and tell tale signs and even better yet if they can get to ask random qns and get answers. Haha and they cannot stop media from taking their videos. oh and before I forget to ask HB: why did you suddenly changed to streetwear for your airport fashion? What happened to your usual tight fitting tops??
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    Oh yes the cologne and he did smelled really nice the last time I went really close to him at his taiwan fan meet. Just pity i cannot get to smell his hair cos I am not tall enough la oh back to the kakaotalk again! So HB you said you only used emojis with your gf ya, and you sure know how to use them well with mrs Kim, I really like your choice of emojis there! like old husband and wife please mr Jung, I know you are watching me but I am not encouraging any shipping really, I just say what I see only. I am very controlled already, I only hint hint when all I actually really want to do is to spam a whole page full of findings. Really...제발
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    Amid pandemic COVID-19 scare, here is another pandemic virus that affected everyone of us, BinJin virus. I don't think I will ever recover from this hahaha. #InGroceryWeTrust
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    It was different for me. It may be weird but I always liked watching that kakaolive because I feel like they are more relaxed there. Like a couple/"close friends" who are sure and comfortable with each other. Sure there are less lovey-dovey moments in that video but it made me see them as how usual couples/friends would behave. There were actually a lot of giveaways in that live too. The channel 20, that part where SYJ teased HB abt eating a lot when asked how he prepared for his role as RJH, I also find it cute how HB fixed all the toy money like he doesn't have too but he did, oh and the part when the mc asked him to eat the snacks and HB hesitated and asked YJ "We won't eat it now right?". Not to mention the mc who is obviously a shipper as well and kept saying "Oh you guys must be really close" too many times. That part when HB didn't quite agree nor laughed abt YJ's joke I think it's normal that sometimes you don't find someone's joke funny right? Anyway, I get you and it's probably cause you just miss seeing them together. For me, I am always amazed of how the good signs (for BinJin) outweighs the bad signs. Whenever I'm in doubt (which is hardly the case since I firmly believe that they are more than just friends) I'm always slapped by a new discovery/insights in this forum.
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    I have been an experienced shipper of several shipping lines, but this is my first time grocery shopping. And I tell you, with this one, my delulu mind is on 24/7. I seriously envy all those long time grocery shoppers who started as either HB or SYJ fans first but then got pulled into the magnetic chemistry of these two crazy beautiful people. I would have loved to feel the giddiness of seeing their love journey from the very beginning. From the TN promotional appearances, SYJ's selca posts, from speculations on who took the SYJ's pic showing the LA night skyline, to the iconic grocery shopping pics, to the announcement of being casted in CLOY, to the airport vid, Busan resto pic, BTS vids and of course to the magnificence that is CLOY. I still feel bummed that I came into shopping quite late. But I think it was also a blessing coz I would have been a major mess if I know them before CLOY and started shopping with you all earlier. Seriously, all those instances that I listed are more than enough to sail this ship around the world. You cannot believe the sparsity of content some ships have to deal with and still shippers are still shipping them. And you ask why? It's because us shippers don't need logic to ship, we just need to feel. We ship couples coz by just looking at them we see beautiful things about them. That for us, them being together gives us this sense of exhilaration and happiness that we don't see if we pair them with other people. It would be amazing if we hear confirmation from them, but then again, with all the attention from the success of CLOY and from the coronavirus pandemic that's happening right now, I doubt if we will be hearing from them anytime soon. But they have left us with lots of beautiful, beautiful pics and vids to help us through this drought. For me, personally, HB's adoring gazes, YJ's flirtiness and laughter, and their indescribable and almost palpable chemistry are more than enough for now. But of course, am still crossing my fingers that we'll be hearing some major announcement by the end of the year. Let's keep pushing that grocery cart and happy shopping!
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    I've been thinking, SYJ always denied all rumours about her and other actors/male friend (one of them is KNG), it got me thinking. And it will be a long post. So, bare with me shoppers. Well, she's an alpha female. You can see that guys a little bit feel that she's dominating, because she has this huge charisma. I watch all the butlers, and the first minutes show that the guys couldn't even look straight to her. Even though they are famous by themselves. Even Lee Sang Yoon got shy and quite around her. Anyway, with that kind of charisma, she needs someone to balancing her. Charisma-wise, career-wise, money-wise. And I think she realised that all of that was in Hyun Bin. Remember her and HB interview with KBS when they played her own interview back in the early 2000s, one foreign guy asked if she had a boyfriend, she said no-one, because she said that she was picky about guys. It shows that she has a certain type of guys she would like to date, and now would like to marry. I know that SYJ is rich and wealthy. Well, she has a lot of CF contract, successful box office movies, awards, and etc you can't list it because it is a lot. But, HB is way more rich than her. SYJ admitted it several time in their interviews. At TN live chat (the one where the electricity went off), and CLOY KakaoTalk live. SYJ knew that if he wants to find a guy for her (I'm sure she doesn't need guys to make her feel like a woman), she has to find someone better and suit for her: Charisma-wise, career-wise, money-wise. With HB, well we already know that he is a super charismatic actor. He's quite a gentlemen, and polite to everyone. Even other actors, fans, and everyone in South Korea know that. Career-wise, he debuted like 20 years a go. And his popularity expand to other continent. She knows that career-wise HB is sooo popular. And money wise, well, he's not just actor with CF contract etc, more to that, he is a CEO of his own entertainment agency, and the most important, HE OWNS A LOT OF PROPERTY and a lot of Investments. He's a smart businessman. I'm sure as a clever woman, SYJ who also has property, and wealth, do not need to worry about her wealth (and getting some gold digger guys to approach her,) when she has someone on the other level by her side. She knows that all of that are in HB. You can tell that even though she still tease him, bickering with him (BTS, interviews), she puts a lot of respect on HB. She shows that she's not that dominating when she is with HB. She lets HB take control. One of her gesture was when she answer the rumour at CLOY press conference. SYJ long time fans were knew, "she agree with all HB says? And just be all girly answering the question?" Well it shows that SYJ respect and follow HB on his lead to answer the rumor. So if they indeed marry, we will see a new powerful couple. Like on the other level than any other South Korean celebrity couples. Charisma-wise, career-wise, money-wise. And beyond that, they looked happy and content together. It's the most important thing. So, let's hope for the best for their future.
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    I'm so proud of you guys, fellow shippers. I don't know what to write today because everyone says exactly what's in my mind it's like meeting soulmates. If there is a BinJin History exam, I'm sure all will pass with high marks I'm growing a habit to check this thread every night before going to bed, it really helps to release stress and smile more. I love that when there is someone questions if BinJin is real thing, everyone politely bring up facts and analysis to prove and reassure them. That's what confident shippers do. Our ship is too strong to be upset by a few concerns. Let's keep posting high quality content and maintain healthy discussions like now.
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    Now I got a interesting DM from someone I don’t see in this thread and I thought I should address it here for all in case of any misunderstanding 1) you asked: since you are also media, your recent posts seem to suggest and encourage shipping Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin?? My answer: All my posts presented here are pretty much factual from what I know and observed, I don’t see any suggesting or encouraging of shipping. In fact both of them are the ones thats encouraging with all these constant candies! 2) you asked: did you disregard the Official denial statements issued by their respective agencies? My answer: Of course not! Otherwise you would have seen flashing headlights of every news outlet in Taiwan that they are dating or possibly dating for days maybe weeks and we are resilient and would dig much further. Because we respect the official statements, no more news was updated regarding them. Didn’t you notice how quiet things are? 3) you asked: did you confront TVN about the fans speculation of the hands holding under the table and French kissing? My answer: No, cos Osen reporter did us all a favor by doing so and TVN reps did respond to that. 4) your final question: so in your option as a media, do you ship them? My answer: how do you want me to say this at the expense of my job?? Would you feed me? Lol Hope this answers your question Mr Jung(korean surname?) wherever it’s coming from, however putting me on your radar means you want me to dig further? You got me interested for a second really. This gija now very free....lol
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    Yes, Binnie is a natural gentleman so he always smiles at his female co-stars (even to male actors, actually.) That's why Tang Wei said it's his disadvantages. He's too kind to everyone on the set that even when the director is mad he still remains calm and all smiley. He never get's angry. (Even Yejin said that.) Now, If you noticed the BTS in CLOY where he had a scene with Ji Hye in Switzerland, (like what was mentioned in your quoted post) Yejin was there, too. That's why he seems bright and happy when talking to Ji Hye. But in another scene with "Dan's" parents in their house (when he drove Dan back home), he was all serious even that scene was quite comedic. And the other scene where Dan and RJH last talked with each other at his house after Seng Joon died, Ji Hye tried to do handshake w/ Binnie he just gave her a short smile and a flat high five. I guess he doesn't want skinship(?) (I believed that was their last scene together that's why she wanted a handshake.) Those two scenes Yejin wasn't there. (I hope you get my point.)
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    No worries. Many things are taken out of context (might or might not be on purpose) by the media or fans even; when some details are left out, the pics take on a completely different meaning. K-ent is very different from Hollywood, most stars (especially when it includes just a male & a female) are not seen together to avoid dating rumors. 2 points mentioned in the translation of Channel A program (page 8): 1. It’s common among celebrities to go through this process. Dating Rumors – Denial – After it becomes known, the truth. 2. Son Yejin has never admitted to dating rumors in these 20 years. So up till now, she’s not had any dating scandals. This Program was in September 2019. Up until now, this is the 1st time there is evidence (pics) of a true dating rumor. Not all stories are on the same level. ————— 夫妻相 (Husband & Wife Looks) “夫妻” means “husband and wife,” and “相” means “looks.” People believe that when a couple live together for long enough, the husband and wife tend to look alike. In China, many believe that the marriage will last longer between a man and a woman who share similarities in appearance. And Chinese people like to flatter couples by saying that they’ve got “husband-wife looks.” http://www.szdaily.com/content/2016-07/21/content_13628828.htm
  27. 22 points
    Can we talk about the backhug in CLOY. HB literally had his arms on YJ's breasts. I have never seen a backhug like this before. Just how intimate their relationship is. Love that scene !!!
  28. 21 points
    New tidbits from the ELOD translation team to brighten up your day! Source : @SGahjumma Translation contributors / editors : @SGahjumma @SC2019 @bertrande @Yori Ten 嫁个富二代和嫁个富一代有什么区别? What is the difference between marrying a second-generation affluent (referring to Ye Hua) and a first-generation affluent (referring to Di Jun)? 一天,白浅来找凤九听书,凤九:“今天要陪帝君钓鱼,你去找姑父呗。” One day, Bai Qian came looking for Feng Jiu to (accompany her to) a story telling session. Feng Jiu : Today, I will accompany Di Jun to fish, you go look for Uncle (YeHua). “…他在开会。” BaiQian: ...he is in a meeting. 又三天,白浅来找凤九看戏,凤九:“今天要陪帝君种香树,去找姑父呗。” 3 days later, Bai Qian came to look for Feng Jiu again to go watch a play. Feng Jiu: Today, I will accompany Di Jun to plant a tree, you go ask Uncle (YeHua). “…在开会。” BaiQian:.... in a meeting. 再三天,白浅来找凤九喝茶,凤九:“今天要陪帝君放风筝,姑父呢?” Another 3 days later, Bai Qian came to look for Feng Jiu for tea. Feng Jiu: Today, I will accompany Di Jun to fly a kite. Where’s Uncle? “…还在开会。” Bai Qian: ... still in meeting. 这就是嫁个已经退休的富一代和嫁个正在创业的富二代之间的区别。 So this is the difference between marrying a rich man who has retired vs a rich man who is still pursuing his career.
  29. 21 points
    I noticed there are many new accounts who posted here and trying to go against the sailing direction of this ship. Hmmm. Whether there are really that many are against our ship or it’s the same person with multiple accounts. Idk. but i can see the trend of this new accounts post. If you don’t like the content here better don’t read. This is not your Grocery Store. i know there are really More new shipper accounts who is so on board our ship. To those who genuinely love BinJin, we welcome you happily and let’s sail this ship together. #InGroceryShoppingWeTrust.
  30. 21 points
    Hint: 22 means way even more. That’s why he immediately picked up on the idea when the liked minded fan said 22 for the ratings and he insisted ratings 22 since then! And YJ was like she was so afraid he would say something wrong Bin, you cannot fool me with the RiRi la. I quote you my fav part from sigriswil ok: I was there for you, you were there for me, we know i never say more than I should, mr Jung hi hi hope you still alive cos you caught me on a very free day
  31. 21 points
    I see it as YJ knowing HB financial status to propose that! Meaning she knows he has enough moolah to shoot out of that gun! This guy acts out of interest and cos he enjoys acting while he is actually pretty much a property mogul I wish I can tell my husband to shoot real money out of that gun man seriously lol
  32. 21 points
    Pictures again recently posted in SYJ's facebook page
  33. 20 points
    When in doubt, always go to the grocery picture
  34. 20 points
    How beautiful our pairing BinJin is... the wife to be of Mr Kim is a good swimmer though. God willing if they become a couple these days they will be both sporty, talented and wealthy.. Remember in 2014 during the movie "The Pirates", Yejin displayed her swimming skills by diving into the sea to retrieve a valuable item? And also Hyunbin's "Confidential Assignment", his stunt looked unbelievable Fighting BinJin lovers!!!
  35. 20 points
    Re. Kakaotalk chat. I was really really late at watching this one - because it’s one hour long and gurlllll, I ain’t got time for that. I finally watched it few days ago and omg the funniest part was the comments done by those two on the actual chat! HB’s emojis / gif / whatever were literally hearts in eyes heart heart heart more heart when it comes to YJ. Don’t be fooled by dat faaaaaaace because his fingers pressed other buttons instead. Lolzzzzzzz. Dat boiiiiii is so damn obvious. Aaaaaand of course I only discovered it after the chat ended and they revealed their names. Andddd have to rewatch again to see which ones were they. Anyhoo... give it a shot!
  36. 19 points
    Tang Qi is on fire! Epilogue Six is out. Will share the translation with all when the ELOD translation team is ready. We are so spoilt and lucky to be fans of Pillow Book!
  37. 19 points
    Due to broadcasting regulations in China (there are new guidelines), they had to cut the episodes down to 60. The best place to have done so was reduce the mortal arc episodes down by 4 episodes and put more popular scenes into the rest of the story. The mortal arc is only briefly mentioned in the book but they wrote a whole story out for it in the series. A lot of book readers don’t like the drag on that arc as Di Jun did not go to the mortal world at all but they changed it such that it is one of his journey to finding true love. Another mistake is showing scenes in promotional content and then not show it in the actual show. That’s the fault of the marketing promo team. Don’t dangle carrots and take it away. It will make it feel like the show isn’t delivering and really that is what is driving the complaints. I have worked in advertising in the past (was an art director) and choosing to show scenes in bts and other promo content and then finding out those scenes not making the cut is a bad idea. However, there is a caveat, they probably cut from 60 to 56 after all bts cuts were done. The show delivered for me for the most part, however. The humour from the book was well portrayed (poisonous tongue, poisonous cooking, etc). Excellent casting and acting for the most part. People need to look on the bright side. And the show also did motivate Tanq Qi into writing snippets of day to day life of the characters after they recovered. A lot of book readers have been bugging her for years to write outtakes and more about this couple. She has now delivered on this. She also wrote almost a chapter long from BGG point of view after meeting his Father Lord.
  38. 19 points
    There was a rumour of them before the grocery pic that both were travelling TOGETHER in LA.However both the agencies refuted and noone believed it.Infact people didn't even know that both of them were in LA but the witness came up with the correct place and time in his post.However it was not taken seriously as there was no proof.This was around 9-10 Jan.Then came the grocery pics on 21st Jan.So tell me ,suppose you are a big celebrity and had a full blown rumour going on back in your country,you get to know that your close friend(with whom you were linked romantically) was coincidentally in the same place (in LA), would you still contact and decide to meet that too at a grocery store..Also there was only one shopping cart for both of them.And besides them no other photos having those alleged aquaintances or friends ever appeared.Even their agencies dodged that question when asked who exactly were with them. If this is not suspicious enough then I need to check my brain cells..
  39. 19 points
    Aww this MV makes my heart flutter. I feel so sweet all over without any candies needed. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4481792057737232/4481792751423598 I love the ending of this MV, the silhouette of them in the background, the speeches made by them into the mix. Their coincidence, destiny and their future waiting to unfold
  40. 19 points
    Hiii, IMHO, BinJin relationship might have started around the time after TN promotions and before grocery shopping. They were super comfortable and flirty at the time, but still a bit shy. It’s like “I have feelings for you” kinda vibe. Because the relationship was super new and then later, they got casted for CLOY (these two always wanted to star in a Melo drama together), they couldn’t ruin both by admitting it. And of course, when they knew they were gonna start a project together soon and later on while they were doing the show, again, they would never admit they were dating! Professionals never do that! At the time of CLOY, they might have already been in a relationship for a while (1 year), that’s why they were even more comfortable with each other (still flirty tho.) Right after CLOY, when its heat was still strong plus corona virus and nobody caught them together again, they had no reason to go public. I think if they can get to the marriage stage, they will let us know! Those are my assumptions lol but I hope they are still together now, and their relationship is going strong. If they haven’t been with each other, I hope they will be soon. Tbh, I have quite strong intuitions about stuff recently (I think I am able to manifest whatever I set my mind to), so I’m quite positive about this couple. Just so many signs already!!! To those who don’t have faith in this couple, it’s okay if you don’t. If they are meant to be with each other, they will be. And I believe all of us here will give them blessings no matter who they are gonna end up with, as long as they’re happy!
  41. 18 points
    OMG , guys. Seems like some shoppers here were right You’re ninjas :
  42. 18 points
    As far as I remember,photos were taken on 20th Jan :5 pm ,local time at LA and posted it on 21st. So if the newbies are free,have lots of spare time and would like to know how it all started...go to page number 601 of SYJ thread... All the discussion about Binjin being a couple started from then on after that Jan 10 sighting rumour.As there is not much Binjin content nowadays, it is really refreshing to go back to square one and fit every piece of information in mind .This thread was created some time later in July after moderator advised people to go for a shippers thread to discuss appropriate topics. While reading the posts,it was quite funny to see that they mentioned how people were paring So Ji Sub or JHI with SYJ in real life but what happened was totally unexpected..... Nobody.. literally nobody thought it will be HB with all the men out there ,even though their movie had a total different genre... On a side note:My college suspended all the classes and exams till 31st March until further notice due to COVID-19...And I m quite relieved cause our exams were scheduled to start from this Sunday ..I was not at all prepared for the test papers..So as soon as we got the mail all the students from each floor in the hostel shouted together unanimously with relief .....That was quite a historic moment . Our timetable here is usually very strict. Seems like I will be having lots of free time now and will be able to rewatch CLOY a few times more .But at the same time we need to be protected from this virus.Wish everyone stays safe..and pray that this pandemic gets wiped out very soon.
  43. 18 points
    I see many people doing reruns of CLOY.. Anyone here who hasn't? Me! When CLOY finale concluded, the only thing that would come to mind, as I was overwhelmed by some emotion, was that everything was beautiful. Doori were beautiful, the setting was so beautiful, the chalet was beautiful, the song Sigriswil played on cue when Binnie appeared over the hill as Yejin looked for him from their love nest was so beautiful, my heart still skips a beat just watching that scene, and the ending with the drone shot and their kiss was so beautiful. Firstly, a diehard romantic that I am, I want to keep that beautiful memory precious. Secondly, it's still painful even to listen to CLOY OSTs. So, no I haven't gotten around to doing a CLOY rerun yet. But the BTSs are a different ballgame altogether. I would watch them on repeat and still have a silly smile on my face everytime ...
  44. 18 points
    And Ye Jin can tell how his cologne smells like. @chocolate fondue you need to have faith as a shipper. How can you be a shipper when you have doubt with the ship. Same irl, You can't board a ship if you do not have trust to the captain isn't it. In addition, you also need to take risk as a shipper. The ship might sail or sink. Anyways you need to decide to stay or to jump off. It's your call. You said you want answers to your doubts and we had talked 323 pages about it since July 2019 (the day this thread is created). If you have doubts, i guess you better just be their fan respectively. Regarding his reactions, they recorded A LOT of PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS FOR NETFLIX the same day as their Press Conference. You can see from their outfits. I bet they do it for the whole day since morning, so it is logical that at some points they are tired and they might not smiling as much. To me he looked shocked because he did not prepare what ratings he should expect. But he gave a smooth answer like no one else. Using their ship name that he suggested. 2 Ri (Dooley) and it means 2 2.
  45. 18 points
    And if anyone can answer well if Yejin hair smelled nice, it would be Hyun Bin! He probably can tell us if her scalp smelled nice too!
  46. 17 points
    Wow, even though we don't have new updates on Binjin, this thread still runs very fast! I woke up and it is already page 326! Very proud with Binjin shipper! OMG! I hope I can get perfect score! LOL! I have funny story regarding as a Binjin Shipper. Through CLOY, finally I succeeded to make my boss watching (or maybe addicting) with korean drama (one of my biggest achievement in life. LOL). She is also a binjin shipper now. But because she is still a newbie so she is relied on me regarding Binjin updates/news. So, everyday i will update her on Binjin progress, besides work related progres! MANY MANY THANKS TO CLOY & BINJIN. They are really a gift in my life (give me happiness and better relationship with my boss!) Binjin shipper to Binjin:
  47. 17 points
    I have seen fans asking about the release of the Ancient War cut scenes. This is news to me so I digged around. It appears they did film our young Dong Hua fighting in a war besides his generals especially with Bai Yi, FJ's father. Wow, the scene must have been epic! If shown, it should have been at the first episode when viewers were first introduced to DH. Starting from the Ancient War to reunite the world and then the battle with Miao Luo. Woah, why did they cut it though. DH in his top knot and war gear is super bad axx.
  48. 17 points
    I don’t think I have seen her all shy that she covered her face giggling when she did kiss scenes before. I was actually surprised too. The hospital making gave us so many hints lolz
  49. 16 points
    IKR! I think the same . It’s so sweet how HB naturally moved his arm and was ready to wrap her in his arm. To me, it kinda looked like an instinctive movement because he was not looking at her and he was still joking with Director-nim (stretching his neck and, it seems to me, also like simulating a little kiss, LOL). Actually, I even got the impression that he was teasing SYJ doing that stretching joke hehehe... like he was teasing about that because of their (cute) height difference. After all, she needs to stretch her neck hahaha and that’s also why I think the idea of the kiss ad libbed came from his tease, she asked in response “are we kissing? Hey, let’s do it”. These two are SO CUTE!
  50. 16 points
    @chocolate fondue if you noticed..i think they have several scheduled interviews that day..kakao..cosmo..korseries..etc...and from different media companies all over the world..judging by their attire..you cannot see the same mood from both of them in all the interviews..in one i will see HB disagreeing with SYJ..in another he will look at her so sweetly...in most interviews though i though SYJ seems sick and not feeling too well..maybe there are some comments that he is not comfortable hearing but these are all part of the process of knowing each other..each may not say the right things but this is where understanding the other will come into play..real relationships is not always wine and roses..for me...as i see the courting..cutie stage is over ..theyre on to the next level..
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