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    @Meli I respect your use of astrology but as with any unscientific compatibility measure don’t put too much weight behind it. There are so many ways to try to guess how well two people will work together romantically from zodiac to numerology to fortune tellers and my personal favorite exact birthday matching. But they should all be taken with a grain of salt. They are only for fun and can’t really predict if a couple will be a good love match. Especially when they give us conflicting results lol. I’m partial to exact birthday matching myself (probably because Hyun Bin and I have the same birthday). Earlier in this thread I shared their compatibility on that and it basically says they are a perfect match lol. You can see it below if your curious Given my birthday match with HB I also think I understand him pretty well and I would definitely not say he is delicate. He is just more reserved and selective. For example HB broke off from his agency to start one of his own and to take his career into his own hands. That is not the actions of a man who needs direction. Those are the actions of a man who knows what he wants and is willing to bet his whole career to be in the driver seat to get it. Some people in life take what is given to them. HB has proven that he steps up to take what he deserves and it’s why he is one of the top paid actors in SK. Similarly what might be viewed as shyness I view as being selective to who gets to see your full personality. A man who grabs is costars hand and says “let’s go here” signaling the bed in front of the entire crew is not someone I would describe as shy lol. But we see him operate more fully as himself in these moments because he is in front of someone he actually enjoys. Do you all have the phrase “the strong silent type” in your country’s? That describes HB perfectly. Hopefully this is another way to look at it to keep a balanced perspective on the ship. And when in doubt remember this is shippers paradise don’t try and sink your own ship. EDIT: Now that I reread their birth week compatibility (in the spoiler box above). I really hope it’s true that they are able to “maintain the integrity of their relationship despite outside pressures” especially with all eyes on them lately Still rooting for our BinJin couple *fighting*
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    Yes I agree. Once they go public with their relationship, especially with their marriage, it’s gonna be insane. Knetz are always ready to be up in arms if their favs announce to be in relationship/get married to someone who they consider beneath him/her or basically them being not on the same league. When judging if a couple is compatible enough, they’d look for the equivalence in terms of look, morality, fame, wealth and talent between the couple, not only one standard but all of those combined. it’s true to most cases although very few couples can fit that ‘compatible’ category. I remember the first gf that hb went public with got tons of hate as she was considered unpretty and a nobody in the industry. She even said in an interview it was hard to deal with the melicious comments cuz hb was very famous at the time after the huge success of kim sam soon. I was actually surprised that they could last that long due to the unwanted hatred she received from that relationship. And even someone like Rain was considered ‘not good enough’ for KTH before they got married. But with Binjin, I’m convinced that would not be the case cuz they’re at ‘match made in heaven’ level based on those knetz’ artificial standards. - look: do I have to start on how great they look individually or together? But more than anything, you can feel the glow from the positive energy, the joy and fun when they’re at each other’s company. - morality: they have a clean past without any major scandal. The only sins hb’s ever committed are ‘dating around’ (lol 3 public gf in 17 years, why is it even a thing) and being friend with jdg. -wealth: they’ve been famous for a long time with some major hallyu hits so of course they’re rich. -fame and talent: hb is more famous internationally and does better drama wise, but in korea, yj is at goddess level. She’s a top box office grossing actress and gained herself a long list of prestigeous awards. Therefore I believe even if they were to announce last year when the photos of them in the us surfaced, most of the knetz would’ve still supported them becuz they love that compatibility. But now after this succesful drama, they would gain even greater support from the drama lovers, like one of the comments in korean said that the whole nation would congratulate them. Their brand power would skyrocket and they would become a powerhouse couple. I doubt if they ever get married, they’d keep it a secret. Anything secretive doesn’t sit well with the public in long run as sooner or later, the truth will be unveiled. They’re too famous to conceal such secret.
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    This reporter is talking about his observations on Hyun Bin and Son Yejin based on CLOY press con and the one-on-one interview he did with them. And just on a on-off interaction with both of them, he could tell that there is something unusual between both of them. He said that their interaction is very natural, and just like Junghyuk and Seri, Yejin is always teasing Hyun Bin, making him look clueless and adorable at times, thinking if he made a mistake. He also said the atmosphere was full of pink bubbles, like love is in the air. We are just audiences who watch Hyun Bin and Son Yejin through the screen, and we can already feel their off-the-charts chemistry. This reporter has met them in person and is telling us about his experience with the both of them. I believe his words must have quite a bit of credibility since he experienced it first-hand. My heart fluttered so much listening to what he said about BinJin, and I really hope what he said is true and that they are more than friends!
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    This fan met Hyun Bin and Son Yejin at the airport lounge when she was flying to Rome. She chose to have her meal at the first class lounge and even chose a table next to the both of them, so she ended up having a chat with them. It's her 2nd time seeing Hyun Bin in person but her 1st time seeing Son Yejin and she said she is the prettiest female celebrity she has met and she has such a beautiful voice (I can attest to this. So damn gorgeous and she has a really sweet voice ) that she momentarily forgot about Hyun Bin's existence. Son Yejin was the one who started the conversation with her!!! The fan didn't mention it previously because there were rumors of them dating. She learnt that they were going to Switzerland for filming, and she found out later that it was for CLOY.
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    I see that there's this heated arguments over the pros and cons revolved around the under the table matter. If i may say, i do agree that this forum was created to discuss specific theme, which in our case is none other the CLOY main leads. And i personally enjoy the convo going on here bcause it's impossible not to adore BJ (BinJin) right and express our love for them. That being said, we should also keep in mind that Soompi Forum isnt just your typical forum. Every discussion regarding BJ (or any couples of K-ent Industry) at almost every other existing online platforms have always treated this very forum as some sort of go-to information source. A place where k-drama fans mostly refer their opinions to. Be it on Insta or YT, people have always mentioned they read A or B from Soompi forum about Z matter. Others would state how they learned that A apparently had done B with C in the past from this forum. Since this is the era where people can easily gain, share & exchange information, some unwanted side effects are bound to come along as well. This simply means that what we write or post here is more impactful than we thought. Not only it may prompt another matter to talk about, it may also affect the subject matters' personal lives and relationships directly. Take this whole hand holding debate thing for instance. People think differently right. Like earlier i saw some chingus going for the idea that it was HB's hands, whereas some others are against it, saying that it'd be unprofessional for him to do so. Here's the thing, just like how some chingus here have misinterpreted each other's sincere intentions that was expresed through your respective written statement, even if them were posted out of concern towards BJ, it's totally normally, if not inevitable, for us here to have different opinions on this. However, our discussion here would be spread on every other platforms in seconds. It doesnt stop here, people will continue talking about it on their FB, IG, Twitter & YT account. Why? Because what we discuss here apparently plays part in forming public opinion. Since we clearly have no idea what's real and reel, if we dont choose our response and words carefully, the worst case scenario, it may trigger another rumours that could potentially: 1. Spook our BJ pairing and their closest people, including their management team, who are probably indeed have been monitoring this forum without we knowing it. 2. Drive some unwanted backlash from other shipping team directed to SYJ (mostly, since she has IG acc) & HB from their previous projects. 3. Should any more rumours arise in the future, prompted by even seemingly insignificant debate here, and it reach SK fans & media outlets there, our BJ couple may even go to the extent of shutting down the rumours themselves by personally releasing their official press statement and probably saying things we don't wanna hear the most. My point is since what we post, assume, discuss, support & fight over right here apparently matter in shaping public opinion, we're partially responsible in delivering opinions that aren't potentially misleading, whether we like it or not. Simply put, if we care about someone, we wont do any harm to them right!? Which means we would want to be considerate with the way we treat them. Just so you know, i post this lengthy analysis with much love for you guys here, because i enjoy our journey together. And i want this team to last for a long time. #Hugs
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    I have nothing against those who take astrology seriously but I don’t believe in zodiac compatibility, like at all. I mean there are 7.7 billion people in the world compared to a small number of 12 zodiac signs. No one in this world is alike so imo zodiac signs generalize huge groups of people into categories that may not fit their real personality traits. Being Asian, we tend to go to fortune tellers to hear about the compatibility when we date or get married to someone. We have to tell the precise time, coming down to minute of our birth, which may sound less generalizing, yet I actually don’t rely on those things for my life choices. No couple in this world is 100% compatible and they need to experience both the compatibility and incompatibility to find out ways to balance out or compliment each other. Every relationship will experience ups and downs and once it’s down, no matter how great, deep or passionate it was at the beginning, it takes more than just zodiac compatibility for the two people to make things work between them. And Hb may appear shy and gentle but it doesn’t mean he’s not a reliable and strong man. And where do you get the idea that yj has to guide him cuz I don’t get it. He may let her have her way with him sometimes like when she beats his arms or chest becuz he doesn’t mind and he adores her, but that doesn’t translate to her being the dominant one. Why can’t we just think they’re equally committed to this relationship and both have accepted each other for who they are and tried the best to nurture this connection, because at the end of the day, we don’t know them, everything we write here is just talks and speculation. How they’re doing with their relationship is their own business, not something we need to be worried about. The best thing we can do is just hope for them to have a good and healthy relationship that may lead to a happy life together in the future.
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    I love how in some scenes, Hyun Bin and Ye Jin's teeny tiny wrinkles (the signs of aging kind) show on their forehead and on the side of the eyes. This reminds me that both of them are truly ripe for marriage, parenthood and family life. I giggle at the fact that a lot of fans look at them like a mother/father figure, especially during their scenes with the ducklings. They have done their best and have dedicated their whole lives to their profession for sooo many years. IT'S TIME...
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    in an interview kakao talk HYUN BIN commented with his nick on a black bean in the mountain..... Pic 1: Comment cute icon Pic 2: Compliment her beautiful Pic 3: Comment i love you source: Facebook Xiao Jiang
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    Imagine Hyun Bin could enjoy Son Ye Jin's dance moves while drinking a glass of beer at their future house Or Pilates
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    Exactly! I think he has strong personality with leadership traits. We only judge him based on the interactions with his costars but establishing his own agency with many artist in it and managing that said agency is not for someone who prefers to be led. He may be reserved in his in personal relationship due to being uncomfortable with people he is not familiar with but i think it does not make him a passive character. With all due respect to different opinions, i believe he has a dominant and leading type of personality who is not afraid to take risks. In a relationship, if there is gap in power the other person unknowingly fills that gap with being more dominant. It applies to all sort of relationship not only romantic ones. See SYJ has a leading type of personality as many of the people in the industry noted and it is quite obvious with her interaction with her costars. With HB, if there was a power gap or any inclination of passivisation between them, SYJ unknowingly would have fill the gap with her dominant character. In contrast she lets him take charge in many cases.
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    @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @hibiscus23 @sadthe1st @Sejabin @im0202 @mouse007 @cenching @Sarang21 @kriswu @INeedAFan @cybertron @joonminfan @Harry97 ... and other Chinggus not tagged (there's so many of us ...) HAPPY VALENTINEs DAY!!! From this Powerful Team, lol!
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    Ohhh, I'm too late in the party but better late than never. This made me cry a river. Don't you also crashlanders?
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    One more day, shoppers. One more day until the finale weekend. The gag order is in full effect. They are putting my patience to a test. Ughhhhh I can't even stay away from my social media accounts and soompi as I wait for updates. I'm gonna miss being active here. I hope once in a while, we get some good news about BinJin. And then, we'll all come back here to discuss and be giddy at the same time. I love my co-shoppers. In grocery we trust! P.S. @cybertron as the founder of this thread, we will count on you to give us the breaking news in the future. Hihihi
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    Excuse me Yoon Se Ri, may I help button up your boyfriend's shirt? It's distracting LOL
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    (I only translate what i thought interesting... They used some colloquial words took me some time to search for the English word... please feel free to correct me if my translations are wrong) The reporter named Ethan mentioned that all their questions were screened/filtered by actors/actresses agencies 1 month (or weeks) before the press junket, so only allowed questions were asked during the press con. He said that when the SK reporter asked HB and SYJ about their dating rumor and how it will affect their working relationship, all other reports could sense what the SK reported really wanted to ask (my imagination -> insert SR mom's question : How long have you been dating? ) so they were all laughing behind the camera Even though HB and SYJ gave them the "safe answer" (We laugh it off..... does not affect their decision etc....) the reports felt a little bit suspicious because they could see that during the press con or the backstage interviews, SYJ and HB interaction with each other are very comfortable (nothing like Senior/junior relationship). SYJ is just like SR, would roast HB sometimes, and HB will reacted like adorable-dorky JH. Their interactions were so comfortable, so very cute, like lots of pink bubbles floating in the air .... My thoughts : Even the reporters saw "it" , felt it during press con.... @kdramalover0216 Let's agree to disagree. Thank you! @lavanta ha, I'm from Taiwan... Cloy is very popular here in TW... it's all over the news @sharluvsenergy haha, thanks.... this ajuma doesn't know what is the meaning of pink bubbles.... took me a while to search that thing....
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    The Matchmakers In drama Yes cho cheol gang is the matchmaker. Because of him YSR becomes RJH's fiancee. He called RJH to S.K to spend some time with YSR even though he could have kidnapped seri without RJH's knowledge. He is the real match maker. In Real Life You all know who this guy is. Negotiation director Lee Jong Seok.
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    I also want to mention this. His father didn't like him getting into acting. But he went against his father and now proved him to be a successful actor and son. I think we all know how confused and stressful we feel if we go against our parent's wishes even though we know what we want. The struggle and pain we go through while making our decision right is like being in a battlefield. HB withheld all the pressures from his family, expanded his acting ability and now we are enjoying his work. I don't think without hard work and mental toughness these are all possible.
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    Hi friends, I've been a silent reader since watching CLOY some weeks ago, and already read all pages just because I'm really interested in our Binjin couple. Need to say that all of your analysis and information provided were so great for many silent readers like me. Usually I'd continue to be silent reader, but decided to come up here to share some of my thoughts after I watched some past interviews of Binjin (can't stop myself searching for their old interviews every nights hahah). 1. Compare the Negotiation press conference vs many interviews for CLOY, obviously, their bonding seems grow very well. At press con of Negotiation, YJ even said many audiences thought they were good-match even though they were enemies in the movie, then she said she'd think about it (so frankly joking just like asking JHI where he had crush on her at SiTR press con, so personally I thought they were just good friends at the beginning of CLOY promotion), but did you see her reaction when being asked about dating rumor with HB at CLOY press con? And how did she react on this rumor vs the rumor with Kim Nam Gil? Sounds she was really quiet to react this time vs rumor with KNG. 2. About LA trip, what made me surprised most are how YJ and HB's LA trip had same timeline, at same place (USA is huge) and especially during YJ's birthday even though their agency said their trip purpose were different! I doubt YJ had already plan to visit her closefriend in LA (same as previous year), so if they were really dating, maybe HB decided to follow her to enjoy her special day which HB was definite great man (HB always tried to spend time with his gf even if he was busy in his previous relationships). 3. Their relationship seems to be very balance. YJ is very competitive (seen in Master in the house & Running man) while HB doesn't care much about it, he cares more about trying hard. Thus, I was quite surprised watching video Mission Pong where YJ seems a bit less competitive and sometimes wanted HB to win, while HB seems not mind about YJ's win. Besides, if you watched all BTS ep 1-10, it seemed mostly YJ was more playful and joked more than HB, she seemed energistic and HB reacted well with her teasing, but in BTS ep 12-14, YJ seemed more tired (she even needed check-up at hospital), HB became more playful and teased YJ more. HB also seemed to be more comfortable with her than most of his costars. With seeing many changes (good sides) for both YJ and HB, and how their bonding develops so well for last 2 weeks, I hope they can become a real couple and get married finally!
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    I was thinking the same thing. If this was the US we would’ve had so many anonymous tips from people “close to the source” with cast a crew leaking information daily to gossip magazines. Lol. If it is so obvious that the cast & crew know, huge applause to them for keeping the truth about BinJin one of South Korea’s best kept secrets. Or maybe VAST already told the whole CLOY team to check their DMs before filming even started. Rumors move fast but VAST entertainment moves faster.
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    This clip too. From the day she posted it,until now I wonder what did HB said that makes SYJ mute this clip. Since we have so many intelligent shipper in this thread now,why don't we start to analysis. Just for fun comrade...
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    Reminds me of this twitter post. I'm amazed at write-nim, so sneaky even at the start of CLOY... the parallelism..... i think writer-nim really have HB and SYJ in mind when she planned this drama... Credits to the original post.
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    New stills. It's already Friday in SK but Tvn doesn't want to give us a spoiler pic of RiRi couple . http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=202002140811903410&ext=na
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    @windblowshehe yes this interview. I really think even they started working both has admiration for each other. Because during this promotion period it just shows during their interviews. They eventually became friends. If I remember it correctly there was this interview of SYJ during the be with you promotion that she said she likes men who are persuasive, or who waits for a long time because she feels it is more sincere and trustworthy rather than a guy who directly tells her I like you. So probably hyunbin is still waiting for that yes ( his description of happiness. something I want, so close yet so far etc) but of course the level of their relationship has gone the next level as years passed by. From crushing each other, becoming friends, and now there's that level of mutual understanding, maturity, respect and love for each other. So they're probably exclusively dating. My hopes are high and I'm for this until they will confirm
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    @Sarang21 , @cenching @Lawyerh , @im0202 , @hibiscus23 & @sadthe1st
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    Yes, he even accompanied them on their first dates ... Even encouraging them to drink beer . The Real MVP.
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    This is the kind of fan I'd aspire to be if I met and spoke to BinJin...but reality will have me running to this forum and every place to tell y'all every single detail
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    Directornim: the very first "victim" of these two adorable lovebirds - BinJin
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    I just love it here so much so try to keep this thread afloat please, although I know it won’t be as active as it is now while the drama is still on air. The wait for the good news shall take a while and we may not see the duo together as frequently after this week, but hopefully we can be patient enough for that happy day to come. However why I feel like that day will come soon. Am I being over optimistic How considerate of the fan to not have narrated the story earlier to protect them and how lucky she is to meet hb twice like how???? Maybe out of the consideration for them she didn’t give away more details of the encounter. However it didn’t seem like she had a hard time thinking they were an item seeing them interacting with each other, considering that she’d heard about the rumor before. She must’ve figured they had another trip together until she found out about CLOY abroad filming later. Well can’t blame her. We also have hard time believing they’re just friends from those 5 second behind the scene cuts so
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    I found this on IG, it's in Mandarin, the reporter was at the CLOY promo junket, he said that even though SYJ is HB's senior in the industry, their interaction is very much like SR and JH in the show i need to change to laptop... brb for more translation.. Credits to the original IG post.
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    Imagine Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin will celebrate Valentine's Day together at Son Ye Jin's lovely house Son Ye Jin's House Interior and Furniture
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    This thread is like my happy pill after a long day at work. It makes me happy reading everyone's thoughts and comments about our OTP. I never thought i could be this invested in a couple But, i dont know... i guess BinJin is just different. You can tell from their actions that what they have is something more... I'm sooo excited for the last two episodes! As they say, all good things must come to an end. Even though CLOY will end, the happy memories i spent watching it and shipping here will always be remembered... I really hope the ratings will reach 22%!!! So HB can shoot some money to the staff.
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    Gah. Can you imagine cast and crew being stuck in a pink love bubble for the past six months? lmao Maybe it is just me as an outsider looking in, but perhaps the media has been protecting these two in a sense the past year. No way in the U.S. would dating news stay hidden for so long. Love. I only want to hear good news about this pairing.
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    Aw sorry Foresters, I'm late, mani @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @0ly40 @thanie @Ameera Ali @rocher22 @lu09 @africandramalover @sadthe1st @RobinM @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @Sarang21 @bebebisous33 @alekaonu @Kasmic @evie7 @roziecaparas @katakwasabi @imgreatgal @lu09 @KDrM @ScarlettRose @rocat @000231846597 @Fabbo @lynseyanzia @junejungki @Samuel Yohanes @mizv @cenching @an-naum @Cathy Tran Last scene I saw, KSH and YJ outside of a shop, i think they just got out of dinner (?) YJ rushed off and SH followed suit. JY is dancing on a a dance machine, she's very enthusiastic. After she's done, she danced again and SH watch in awe. -end of part 1
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    I have been a HB and SYJ fan for more than a decade and like many of you, I have never linked them together until their Negotiation promotion days. Through this shipping journey (they are my first couple), I have come to realize the heart of shipping fans are that fragile.... and being a shipper can be hard sometimes. Many pages back someone posted a BTS of Hyun Bin kissing Han Jin-Min. So I am curious, did anyone cringe ? I did and I think I will probably start to cringe every time when I see Hyun Bin kissing ladies other than Son Ye-Jin !!!! LOL!!!!! Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin are committed story tellers, and being a committed actor, one needs to trust, bond and love your acting partner to make a great story. Undoubtedly our couple have pull off one of the most beautiful, memorable, heart-fluttering performances in CLoY through their superb acting skills...they pull it off so fascinatingly that it makes us believe that even in acting there is a real life love story - and I am so thrilled that the real life love story route has become more and more convincing to us each day because their off-screen chemistry is even more explosive and palpable in their interviews and BTS snippets. I find it very difficult (my heart screaming “it’s impossible”) to attribute what we see on screen to acting alone! I am sure when the shooting ends, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin will have withdrawal symptoms just like us fans and probably even more severe because both of them are the type of actors that use emotions to drive their characters and that they spent days and night working very closely together for months. With this in mind, I hope our couple can take their time assessing their feelings toward each other after the drama and that the press/fans can give the the much needed freedom and privacy to date. Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin are veteran, they have been in the industry for so long that I am sure they know quality partner suitable for life when they see one. I hope they will not let go of each other because we all know how rare it is to find someone who can make us feel relaxed, happy and safe in real life!
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    Yes very damn popular. I lurk in weibo besides soompi. It’s a good source for me since i can’t read/understand Korean language, weibo fans does have lots of translations and they are fast! The drama is always in their top search whenever it airs. The Chinese are also very supportive of HB and SYJ! Lots of discussion about the hand holding under table picture. For me i’m not a believer of the hand holding, that’s just my point of view. For others, if you believe they are holding their hand, yes pls go ahead to agree. In any case, all of us here have the rights to air our views, so don’t get too heated when there are disagreement yah! And guys, could you all stop penning your “goodbye” posts? This forum is so fun and funny. I’m definitely going to get huge withdrawal symptoms after CLoY ends so please continue posting and sharing your comments to ease my withdrawal symptoms!
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    Thanks for sharing your views. You used your passion to see their compatibility. I respect your prediction and effort. Who knows whether they will end up together or not? We are just a bunch of delusional people roaming here then and now just to feed our delusional mind. Rain and kim tae hee, lee bo young and ji sung. In these relationships, guys are dominated by their girls even though they are not less than their girls. Girls domination is not going to be in atrocious level. Guys can feel the caring, affection and kindness behind this domination, so they let themselves get dominated and are happily married with kids. Having a person by your side while going through hell will be good. I bet HB and SYJ can go through hell than any other couple. They will be each other's support system. Both are responsible, hardworking. They are not someone who leave their responsibility and behave in a careless way. If both are gentle and kind, life will be boring and they can't fight worldly battles. If both are dominating then ego problem arises. So I believe, relationships( in which one person is dominating and one person is gentle), works as long as there is love and caring. In this relationship, it is apparent to anyone that SYJ will be dominating. By the way, I don't believe in astrological predictions because it changes from astrologer to astrologer for a single person. In the end, it's all in their hands. They know what is good for them and their well wishers, parents know. They are spending time together to see their compatibility. If they feel they can be happy after their marriage, I root for them to get married. I can accept whatever decision they take. After all, it's their life, not ours. Only they can live their life. We can't live their life for them.
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    Twin is too mainstream. Why don't TVN give a triplets to our RiRi couple.. 2 girls 1 boy...
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    Hello allow me to join this forum. I have been a silent reader, and only decided to create the account as per today, which is really late considering this drama is about to end. I will definitely feel empty after this Sunday. The past 5 years I have been so picky in watching KDrama, especially romcom. When I feel like there is no chemistry between the lead couple, I would immediately skip it. The last time I ship Kdrama couple was when I watch Goblin. I ship Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook so bad back then. When I read that both HB and SYJ confirm for CLOY, I instantly know I am gonna be shipping this couple hard.... not only because of their visuals, but also due to the fact that they are both prominent actress and actor who have been leading the industry since long time ago. I didn't follow their projects a lot back then, I watched Secret Garden, Personal Taste, The Last Princess, The Truth Beneath, Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers, Be With You and lastly The Negotiation. I followed SYJ since long time ago in Instagram, and saw a lot of her posts include HB in it during the promo for The Negotiation and I was sure that they are match made in heaven. Before that she posted some with So Ji Sub also, but I didn't catch the same feeling for them as I did when I saw her posts with HB. When the news broke out that they both are dating and a fan snapped a picture of them grocery shopping together I was hoping it was true but they kept on denying it. I invested so much time analyzing the videos of their interview, BTS, and etc, to find whether they are more than just co-actor and co-actress. I canceled all my plans on Sat-Sun night just to make sure I don't miss out the newest episode. I thought I was crazy, I mean, I am on my late 20s and I giggle like crazy whenever I see their videos. I checked on ig and twitter everyday just to get newest updatse of them or whether some fans catch a glimpse of them doing stuffs we expected them to do and so on.... I thought I was the only one lol, because this is the first time I am so invested in shipping a KDrama couple and I wonder how it will hurt me if it's not actually sailing. I try to regain my sanity back (lol) but both HB and SYJ interactions are just too cute to be ignored. I really hope, whether privately or publicly, if they date, they will last forever and find love in each other. Fingerscrossed. I pray to God for his to happen
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    He said that in one of his interviews for the movie Negotiation
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    Totally agree with "lets enjoy #almostbedscenemoment" and also #stillcutbackhug moment, unfortunatly we didn't see this on screen (let sue the director), anyway its okay to hands of your close friend (please don't refer that to picture again) its just for mention that he did it maybe more times then we had saw, HB is so heart fluttering himself. IMHO despite SYJ is more confident and outspoken they're opposite when it comes to dating rumors they almost completely the opposite: she never admitted one, and said "if you don't dating celebrity you don't have scandals". Meanwhile, his glances, hands, protection, nervous around her, just screams "I admire her and want to say she's mine", just as he said on that bts "he likes her but in different way". And also his expression on that PC "negotiation" when mc called her chemistry master or something, and mentioned many of her partners (btw he forgot Lee Min Ho): "yeah, I know she had a lot of partners, I'm getting jealous". I personally see him jealous for real such as Ri Jyeng hyeok. His wish to work with her might come bc of his jealousy too, like he want she and us to know that he is the partner and she can do better with himtotally see this thought his acting.
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    They really followed the novel closely, I'm so happy right now Preview for eps 31-32 https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/123032394.html?weibo_id=4471618930078619
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    People will have a different interpretation of this, but I believe Seri is his actual TRUE first love; hence, him giving that almost shy expression. The way I see it, the implication of a first love is someone you have a connection/relationship with. When he first met Seri at the Bridge in Swiss, it was brief and he hardly remembers her face anymore. She had made an impression on him and as a result he thinks about her from time to time (especially given the situation that the women was about to jump off the bridge) and it's only later when he hears the recorder that he realize that woman was Seri all along. So to me, it's a "NO" and he did not fall in love at that stage yet but it was clear there's physical attraction there.
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