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    I got that trauma too. DJ didnt do much in recent episodes. And it's kind of illogical that a revenging girl like her didn't suspect any mysterious thing around the gisaeng house and widow village. She's too navie or she trusts haengsu-nim completely? But let's hope. Now other character is on stage, she just step back for awhile *I'm praying* However, CYM from a bright-shining guy turn to bloody creepy Neungyanggun so suddenly, I'm still shocked. I have no idea where this story will go. Holly crap, how can a island-coming-to-land boy with a gisaeng-trainee-used-to-be fight back that huge palace thing? Anyway, think of it, Nokdu ah, you kissed a future king, you know????!!!!!
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    Same!! Or maybe it's just my biased self talking. The moment YM smiled at the first episode, I was lured in, hook, line, and slinker Despite me not really wanting YM to go down that path, I feel that these revelations added more layers to his character and yeah, he became more interesting, less of a 2D 2nd lead so there's that. I just hope the writers wouldn't botch up his character haha I still want those bromance scenes lol And I just loveeee how Kang Tae Oh went from gentle to straight-up-yandere-ish-scary. He's good, I'll give him that. He went from "looking like a cinnamon roll and is an actual cinnamon roll" to "looking like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you" like damn haha
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    Based On The Wikipedia InJo (Yulmu) Is The Successor Of King GwangHae.
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    Based on dramamilk, YM is related to the king. He is his nephew!
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    I wonder when will they do this fishing scene okay, am I the only one who finds him hot here? bahahaha like I love the nice YM, but this YM hits my heart differently LMAO
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    These two... let them be BFFs forever! Also they way they both cringe at Do Hwa's older brother's fashion taste. Credit: okashiratsuki
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    Tell me about it I was shipping him with guy but woman is winning
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    Re: the chairman, I believe he's a shady businessman, but I'm on the fence on whether he's involved with his son's disappearance. At least not directly or intentionally. I remember in an earlier episode, he told IDG that if Sang Hun doesn't come back, there is no place for him. Then there's the scene where the chairman finds Seo Hui walking in the rain and consoles her. He seemed to show concern for his son, but assures Seo Hui that Sang Hun will come back. Unless that encounter was also a part of Seo Hui's dream scenario?
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    @nohamahamoud2002 I find it funny that you find the similarities between this and Hamlet. Yes, I know that I still have to respond to your comment that you made regarding my last post and I will try to do that as well over here if possible. Regardless that is all that I have to say on that topic since it is a bit touchy and all. If someone doesn’t agree with my assessment that is also okay with me. So I will end my post here for the time being. Also good luck to all those people that are still watching this show. On a side note I saw the dad of the Goof Troop in Vagabond. He unfortunately won’t be missed there as he is over here. Take care and good luck.
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    Gaekju has a special place in my watching list coz the moral of the story. i like Bong Sam morality to the boot. In the beginning. But, after his character aging he's more laid back and charismatic. But, I cringe at younger bong sam too. lol
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    1st episode recorded 4.1% ... I can see it being a big hit!
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    I'm only catching up with this series now. After Episode 4, I have to say, I want to know what's happening here minus the screaming. I know it's probably the director's fault but I find the female lead annoying whenever she screams or asks questions about her husband in that breathy voice. The investigation is good though and I like the chemistry among the four detectives.
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    That mall is known as a mall where members of the upper middle class and upper class stroll and shop. It's a stone's throw away from the hotel where he stayed in but of course they had to take him via car. I wonder what day and time they went. On another note, anybody thought of PSJ/LYJ when she did this pose as well?
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    I don't know why everyone here is assuming JTS is transferring to Sonju . His character description says he asked for a transfer to a small village with not many residents. I find it strange that if his mother is in Sonju why is he not visiting her while doing an investigation there. So the part about the land having some dangerous chemicals causing cancer does not hold ground. @bebebisous33 i agree that IDG could be after revenge hence that revenge wall. Remember when YM asked why the chairman kept IDG close when he doesn;t trust him he said ' keep your friends close but your enemy closer. So IDG is the chairman;s enemy. I believe IDG is working with Hong to get the new business bill passed. IDG will gain from the sale of the land, we saw that smirk on his face when he was looking at the land and Hong has a good chance at the presidency. They are holding JSH to pressure her into passing the bill. KSH screaming and whining bothers me more that than the female detective lol. And i'm pissed at her mom for calling her to clean the house and all. Doesn;t she know that her daughter is in such a big mess?
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    I think the uneven tone of the episodes is going to persist. However, I'm still enjoying the two lead characters, plus the other characters are slowly becoming more fleshed out. Anyway, a translation of the episode 9 preview. MR: PD-nim, you’re a player, aren’t you? DC: No, I’m not! MR: You are a total professional, at playing with women. DC: You are someone who can make all the other people in the world happier. This is the start of the 99 Go project that you dreamed up. HK: It’s because you haven’t worked with him. He’s such a troublesome person! DC: Because I wasn’t able to be together with you for the past 20 years, I’m sorry. HR: Be careful not to be caught out. Ma Dong Chan being bothered, I really don’t like that. DC: Mi Ran, I’ll protect you. So don’t worry. Some notes: The 99 Go Project is MR's idea of having people experience what they were like 20 years earlier again. And, "9" can be pronounced "gu" in Korean, so MR liked the alliteration of "gu-gu-go" as the show title, the "go" being the English word "go". And, "99" since 20 years prior would have been 1999. In the final line of the preview, DC who normally speaks informally to MR and everyone else, actually addresses MR even more informally by calling her just by her given name with an ending syllable attached (so "Mi Ran -ah") rather than Go Mi Ran as he had been. So, there is an implied intimacy there.
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    I am curious how the family will take the news but maybe its just me, but there doesnt seem to be enough karmic payback for their interference. I mean they interfered with Bora and now with GH, okay she got kicked out briefly but they aint exactly welcoming either. Usually the villans get alot more payback for their trouble.
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    @jayakris Ziploc bags are crucial! By the way, wouldn’t it be funny if KI was that man’s son instead of CTJ’s? Although that would kill JH’s big love.
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    Nah but his first 2 daughters survived yet his next 3 sons all died one after the other? Too much of a coincidence here. Maybe I watched too much palace dramas, but that's what I think haha. ---------------------------------------------- Moral of the story - don't fool with YBW the future king hahaha
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    I like Hwi and the bromance among his companions. They're funny too, and look out for each other. With all the bad things that happened to Hwi, I am glad they are there. Same with Hui Jae. She really loves Hwi. It's good that she thought of acting as strangers in front of Bangwon and continue working behind the scenes. This series (and some others) reminds me of this quote from Lord of the Rings: “I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Btw who is Park Chi Do? In a previous ep, Hwi saw his tattoo and seemed to recall something. Was Park someone that Hwi's father knows?
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    I’m with you . Best OTP for me . That IG account you posted has a lot of their moments 708
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    I reallyyyyy love her style today. she is sooooo beautiful, elegant and gorgeous.
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    Holy Mother Of Pearl. That confident teasing smirk will be the death of me. Just purely for research purposes... he worked hard for those abs, his body was less defined last year. And now I’m just going to crawl back to the shame cave... ——— Look how concentrated he is here
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    Webtoon author is on a roll today! Update: apparently this is drawn by the webtoon author's husband! Mentioned in her caption to the IG posts. No wonder the drawing style seems different. But he's really good too!
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    @yamiyugi I think in one episode, KI was good at managing the arboretum. So perhaps he will end up on the mountain. .
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    Delayed response but - This really made me LOL. On another note it’s very rare to see actors who don’t mind showing their less than “attractive” side, what more on TV. JH on the other hand continues to challenge himself with difficult roles (even if he’s not the lead), being fully himself on variety shows (eg. Dragon bros and urban cops). Very diff from some celebrities who feel the need to only showcase a presentable side of themselves and maintain a very specific image through roles selected or types of appearances, especially in an entertainment industry and society that can be so judgmental. I think it really takes a strong core, principles and anchor to not be wavered and deeply affected by all that is happening around him. Still remember how Kim Sun Ah said that he’s one of her friends who has never changed at all. Truly one of a kind!
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    It all depends on production & direction of the writing. Rugal webtoon is pretty massive in terms of setting and characters. It's a political & scifi-based action story. There are some lighthearted moments in the webtoon that keeps it from being serious all the time, which is nice. Superhero films may not be for everyone but if you ever want to watch a super hero film w/ enhanced humans plus fancy gadgets, much like Rugal webtoon, you should definitely try Captain America trilogy from 2011-2016. Winter Soldier is my fav CA film and overall in MCU film series. It's well directed & has great choreagraphed action sequence. There's a fair amount of hi-tech gear/superhuman aspect with a touch of political-espionage in it too. I'm curious what's their production cost/budget? I'm not to familiar with the director's filmography other than Cheoyong 2 & My Secret Romance, both being OCN dramas. Personally, My Secret Romance was just not good, even from a romcom/directorial standpoint. I didnt watch CY2, only S1. I wonder if he can handle a story like Rugal. Hopefully the screenwriter is well adapted to the webtoon's overall story. I read Rugal just this past month and found out it was getting a live action adaptation. I had a hunch the drama might condensed the story and characters. I love the side characters in Rugal, even the ones w/ minimal dialogue who dont fight but still keep the webtoon interesting & diverse. I can't say much of CJH's overall acting. I know he was in Tunnel and The Last Empress. I've only seen him in his small role in Family GB. Yes, it's great to see actors mature throughout the years in their craft.
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    It is possible. At times when the President is replying to the PM, he sounds sarcastic. After all the PM did mention that the President is a good Actor
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    Thanks for the clips! I think the main reason I didn't watch this show is because of the horrible head gear- what on earth are those hats?! Why add two balls on the hats?! I guess it's traditional wear, but it just looks too strange! The show sounds strange, but I will try watching it. All shows become draggy after 15 episodes, so that's OK I tried Tazza recently and I hated it so much I didn't even finish it! Goni was a complete idiot, and the plot was so predictable... Also, I hated his looks in it, with his hair sticking up and the fake beard... ugh! But what I did like about that show was the great cast- so many actors that JH is friends with to this day! I mean, just two weeks ago he attended the wedding of his costar, right? In that sense, as bad as it was, it's clear that Tazza was a very important show in JH's life.
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    Good news! This drama is currently being subbed in English at Tencent Video YouTube Channel. Here is link to Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMX26aiIvX5rsWXKgnXGPRMsu9ZY3Dyq_ Here is link to Tencent Video YouTube Channel homepage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQatgKoA7lylp_UzvsLCgcw The drama premiered on Tencent YT today (Oct.21). The drama is also available with English subs at WeTV App.
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    She is so gorgeous in that gown This gown looks like it was made especially for her haha. Her figure stands out perfectly and she's glowing so beautifully I cannot imagine what will be her next gowns for other awards. Kyahhh You are so gorgeous today, Rachel! And this date also was her 1st ever fan meeting in her acting career. I'm so happy as your fan. Always love you!
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    Oh u were referring to press conferences? Well since he is only a supporting actor in this drama, perhaps he did not want to outshine the 3 leads hence he did not attend the press conf. Note that in all the 15 dramas you mentioned above, he was the main lead except for WOL. Then again, at least his face was in the main poster of WOL, but not in MC this time.
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    so I am not sure if I am right and I don't have the heart to re-watch ep 16 to be sure but I think the reason the top members got light sentences is because they were only sued on one case -- the ex-wife of wan joo and her being manipulated by the chef. that is the only one they had evidence for as they had the recording. thats why the top members got such light sentences and it was related to violation of privacy act and something to do with hacking. as for ms han, they had no direct evidence that she hid evidence in the murder and so the charges that she could be prosecuted on were fairly less. yea, it is unfair that their other crimes didn't get exposed but I guess we have to satisfied that they were prosecuted on something....
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    @bedifferent I like the seriousness and the mystery part of the story, but I also welcome emotions too. So same as you, that was my favorite part too. My hopes to see Sang Hun return back to Seo Hui is mainly for her sake, but in part, for Tae Sik as well. He seems to still be in deep grief over his sister. Understandably so and likely why he become a police officer. So at the least, I hope that he's able to fulfill his sense of responsibility/duty in finding Sang Hun for Seo Hui.
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    22.10 VIP special 25.10 VIP press release 2pm 26.10 VIP last shooting 28.10 VIP 1st episode
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    YiRen had been filming nonstop she really need a break @n3bula thanks for the below pictures of schedule
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    'Vagabond' Lee Seung Gi - Bae Suzy - Jang Hyuk Jin, stole the eyes of many Source: https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=408&aid=0000079635 Comments: [+275, -9] Today is airing !!!! [+153, -3] Cha Dalgun and Go Haeri, I support you. I'm waiting for the airing. [+109, -4] I want to see Dalgun soon. Vagabond exciting. [+85, -1] Good luck [+30, -3] I am curious about what else is happening this time. Very impatient to see Dalgun and Haeri today. I miss you so much in the drama Suzy. [+26, -1] Looking forward to the next twist plot [+25, -3] I'm sad because I have to wait another week after today's episode of Vagabond. Suzy looks very good as Go Haeri, and also beautiful. [+18, -1] So it's more fun and interesting [+17, 0] Lately it's been fun to watch Vagabond. I will also watch today at 10. Every time I see Suzy, she's always beautiful [+16, -1] Suzy is so beautiful ㅎㅎ [+20, -5] Suzy is very good at acting. [+16, -1] It feels really good to be able to see Suzy. Vagabond is very exciting, I like it. I was curious, what else would happen this time. [+15, -1] Vagabond is very exciting. I'll watch when I get home. Every time I see Suzy's acting, it's fine.
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    The struggle, chingu, the STRUGGLE! Me seeing Nokdu in female hanbok for the first time: But then unwrapping those abs... like:
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    Haha, yeah, I think Yibo does have a reputation for being a playful hitter on set. It came up in several interviews with his Untamed cast mates. Ohhhh my, LOL. Yeah, definitely won't be writing that one. I'm not good at writing any sort of steamy scene, frankly, but my ideas also just run in the opposite direction. I mean, next story involves a baby! I also just started putting up my GYH fics on Asianfanfics so that they can be easily found in one place.
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    no matter what, this drama is more logical than A place in the sun the other drama is too crazy now, I no longer watch it, just the previews and a few seconds from the clips on youtube I don't see SM with JH. He doesn't love her at all. The other guy is more suitable
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    [News] 2019.10.12 Lee Ha Na And Kim Sung Kyu Confirmed To Join Jung Hae In And Chae Soo Bin In New tvN Drama The cast of tvN’s upcoming drama has been confirmed! On October 11, a source from tvN told Top Star News, “Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Ha Na, and Kim Sung Kyu have confirmed their appearance in ‘Half of Half’ (literal title).” “Half of Half” tells the love story of an AI programmer and a classical music engineer. Jung Hae In will portray Moon Ha Won, a genius planner who founded portal company M&H. He doesn’t have any anger inside of him, is firm but kind about all things, and is a rational human being. Chae Soo Bin will play Han Seo Woo, who graduated as a computer science major but works as a classical music engineer. She seems to live an unsteady life without family, a house, or a job, but she doesn’t think this way. Her positive energy nourishes her, and she comforts herself by solving math problems. Kim Sung Kyu will appear as a pianist who’s acknowledged by other musicians but is not widely recognized by the public. Despite appearing sociable and gentle, he suffers from anxiety that he could lose everything in a second and overthinks minor situations into worst-case scenarios. Lee Ha Na will transform into a gardener named Moon Soon Ho, who has devoted her entire life to maintaining Moon Ha Won’s garden. Although she’s always doing physical labor taking care of the flowers and trees, she obsesses over her weight. Besides concerns about her weight gain, she’s apathetic about everything else. “Half of Half” is a collaboration between writer Lee Sook Yeon of films “One Fine Spring Day,” “Tune In for Love,” and drama “On the Way to the Airport,” and producing director Lee Sang Yeop of “Familiar Wife.” The drama will premiere in March 2020 on tvN. Source (1) (2)
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    I think during Ruler time, KSH is still on border line of being consider as an adult women. Even thought YSH is a known 'good kisser actor' I think he held back a little. Back to this drama, now KSH is old enough to know the Technic / or the know how angle to make the kissing scene believable as a passionate kiss. I m a fan of KSH but I m still waiting for her to really 'grow up'. She is very mature and calm for a girl that young. Really hoping the rating for this drama will increase soon. Its such a shame that Korean didnt really love this drama
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