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    Daily dose of Nokdu and Dong Ju Food truck for KSH and GGH (the vice-curator who pines for Nokdu) from Kim Yoo Jung:
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    I kinda ship Dan Oh with everyone, girl has good chemistry with everyone, it's amazing! So, Haru is definitely from a different manwha 'Flower' then? Or at least has some connection? I'm still very in love with the theory that our 'shadow' main leads DO, HR and BK were together in a different (sageuk) manwha and HR used to protect them both...bc on today's episode he protected BK again (and how much do i love that he's protecting Dan Oh AND Baek Kyung xD) And I really enjoy how the show is generally more on the light-hearted, fun side, but has really good character moments and scenes with depth...for example showing Do Hwa struggling this ep. Also Haru's face when they were on the stage for the tennis scene and DO didn't/couldn't notice him :-( Also, the instrumental OSTs and motifs are so good for this drama! (Well, except that one EDM-ish(?) type that i detest lol).
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    Me after watching the episodes: Man.... I have a lot to talk about when I get up tomorrow/today.
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    Thank you! I haven't watched the episode yet... I can't wait to see what you all have seen already. But I'm glad Ha Ru didn't get those cheesy lines because that's just not him. I think Kyung started to become aware but he still deep in his character so far. But when they were on their school trip there was a moment he wondering where he has been before that scene (when he is seeing Dan Oh after he couldn't find her in the woods). So he - like Dan Oh and any other character got placed there and he didn't really know HOW he got there. Yes, CLAMP!
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    This episode was such a sad episode for Lee Soo. He lost the one person in the palace who was genuinely siding with him and he could trust. I just hope that his eunuch will be on his side from now on despite his first betrayal. And then... he found out that Gae Ttong is in love with Hoon. Seo Ji Hoon really embodies the sad King and sad heartbroken man. I just hope he won't go to the dark side. I think that would too easy. I would understand his anger but I also think the drama painted him well as the genuinely good man he is inside. So we have no entered the angst part of each drama and I'm ready for it but also I'm not. On another note: I adored Gae Ttongs confession. The whole bridge scene, the wish making and then the confession was lovely.
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    @ryuxuri dear you got wrong infos. She was crying at her FM because she was so overwhelmed by the tremendous love she received from her fans. She was so touched. Thats all. PPC are doing just fine now. Tell your friend they might be true couple HAHAHAHA.
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    Another hilarious yet sweet episode! I feel Nok Du gets more and more lovable each episode. I like how he didn't beat around the bush in telling Dong Ju that he likes her. I appreciate a guy who's open and honest with his feelings. I also liked that he didn't allow Dong Ju to run and hide from her feelings neither. But then, how was she supposed to resist him in the first place when he came to her that way. Haha. I'm glad she didn't hesitate when he went in for the almost second kiss. I'm not a big fan of push and pull so hopefully, these two cuties will romantically progress Based on the preview, it looks like Lady Nok Du will have another fight scene saving the widows in the next episode. Should be awesome!
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    It’s called character development...in real life . SiWan is a serious actor. His range is extensive so he’s going to do well. Also he speaks and understands English well (in fact he said he’s brushing up on it to try to improve even more) so that will mean the possibility for him to go worldwide is open. 168
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    I knew it, I knew it, it is not incest. So gross, just too gross. My prediction is that Ha caused AJR's death. WS knew she did it when Han asked him if he killed AJR. We will be dangled with suspicions that WS did it, only to find out it was his mother in the last episode. We must not forget she was a nurse, so probably used that to her advantage. The actress is really not attractive. How could the son of the manor mess around with a nurse, looks like her, not just having one kid but two? I want to see the latest judge corrupted by Han to be caught too. Wonder how they are going to arrest the TOP employees. Maybe they will escape too with Han?
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    @Mapleoaks5 @Nymeria289 I guess he will be as hurt as he is on stage. Hopefully less of a jerk though. But he still lives in an abusive family aka with an abusive father. And I think it's important to see that this doesn't disappear just like that.
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    198 ‘cause weeeee are never never never getting back togetherrrrrrrr weeeee are never never everrrr you go talk to my friends, talk to your friends, talk to meeeee but weeeeeee, are never never everrrrrrrrr la la la laaaaa
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    I don't have access to a lifestream link so I will have to wait until it becomes available on Kocowa and Viki later this afternoon. I love the fact that DO complains about being the support character and laughed hard when she kept moving JD over in art class so she could get the special sunlight to shine on her only to have the light move to wherever JD was. DO is so absorbed in her situation that she fails to see that every time she looks at HR, he is sitting in sunlight and then the rays of light shine on her through HR. This has happened on almost every occasion where HR saves DO. Even during the night hike, HR's flashlight is shining on her. It is neat the way the story is developing in that through HR, DO is being made the 1st lead without her even realizing the subtle hints that are being presented. I am actually hoping that our 2nd lead Do Hwa breaks free of the limits of the stage and find a way to have Joo Da fall in love with him instead of the 1st lead, Nam Joo. If he works with DO, I think together they might be able to pull this off. It is not that I have anything in particular against Nam Joo, I just love rooting for the underdog, in this case, Do Hwa. I agree with others that BK is becoming self aware. I find his behavior reprehensible and could never accept him actually getting together with Dan O in the end. I hope that he finds a way to break free of his father and realizes the pain that he has caused DO. Maybe he could make it up to her by helping her break the stage and help her get her happy ending with Ha Roo.
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    Finally one scene full of colour and life. HJ made SW smile so much when they were at the restaurant. SW looks so handsome in that light blue suit.
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    Headstrong girl Gae Ttong is more amazing every day how could anyone dislike her? I love her and Hoon together, they're too cute! I hope we could get a lot more romance between them now that the cat is out of the bag, even when I'm feeling rather sad that Soo had to witness that beautiful love confession :/ About him, I never thought kind, naive Soo could go dark this easily but after thinking about it, it was not sudden; he's been lied to, manipulated, betrayed but he was still fighting fueled by his love for Gae Ttong. Discovering her only friend in the palace was killed, the same day he learns his beloved is in love with someone else --someone he trusted-- and possibly learning this someone is the son of his main antagonist. This surely can make kind Soo snap. Still I'd wish for Soo and Hoon to clear things up ;_; for Gae Ttong-ie The only one I can't like is Kang Ji-hwa, she supposedly is not evil like Hoon's father but I hate her for how awful she is to Gae Ttong... and to everyone else! she's awful, to me she's not forgiven for how she's falling in love with Do Joon because she treats him like trash every chance she gets. She's awful. I'm loving this drama, Kim Min-jae is gloriously adorable. I fell in love with you Matchmaker Ma <3
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    About sat or so will come With subs 228
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    Anyone in Indonasia heard of this crazy story? +2
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    Preview https://mobile.twitter.com/mbcdrama_pre/status/1184462747146129408
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    My question - why is YBW not with them when he is supposed to escort them. And what about the other man with YBW (whose hair is still neat). Even if YBW stepped out for awhile to lure the attackers away (I am assuming there are many attackers), YBW would surely know better than to leave the women/children to fend for themselves. So the question is, where is the other man? I like very much YBW scene - the one he asked the lady how about sharing a moonlight night together this man is very sexy when he said that, his eyes is so tempting. I would immediately say YES you know.
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    228 variety show did u watch? Called Siberian Pathfinders. @ebullient i think you mentioned want to watch this... do join us in thread if you do.
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    Right? His abs is distracting I mean, just look at 'em... And my expectations are high now that the upcoming romance moments would have better skinships between the OTP^^. This scene is soo funny... Yulmu rather fall in the water than be saved by Nokdu
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    I see lady kim manly side is coming out during foot race. Well, he cant be lady Omo-omo all the time.
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    Well he’s looking for a romcom so it shouldn’t be a hard ask. He’s hardworking and because he’s not active as an idol anymore, I think he will come back soon with a drama. He doesn’t look like he has other hobbies which absorb a lot of his time. I just hope the female lead can act well too. 134
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    @Jillia, thanks for pointing out that this is a fusion sageuk because I didn’t know what it was with the clearly modern elements yet historical setting. Now I feel that I don’t have to think of some things as impossible because I can’t imagine GD carelessly faking nobility when that was most likely a serious crime for a “slave” girl to do. And Hoon allowing it is even weirder had it been a pure sageuk. Nevertheless, in pure or fusion, I just can’t imagine GD with her status marrying a king.
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    I’d actually really like to see the proof of them not dating or dating someone else. If you do have proof wouldn’t it be better to share it...I mean I for one will sadly leave this ship if there’s actual proof they’re not together. In that case wouldn’t it be something you would prefer since you think we are delusional? By telling us you can reduce the number of taeun supporters (given what you say is true). Who is this other person that taemin is with and what are these clues that we are overlooking. Ill respect your decision if you decide not to tell us, but just know that if you don’t tell us we will continue with what we’re doing here peacefully. Somehow I just find your words lacking some credibility...hopefully you’re not bluffing. While you claim we overlook some clues...perhaps you’re also overlooking some clues too. I really can’t justify those quick glances they have at each other, the awkwardness, and most importantly when she pointed at the wreath. I really don’t know how else these could be justified other than them dating. Please enlighten me.
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    So... She deserves to die. After all that, I have a strong feeling that shady mom will die.
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    @Lmangla.. no kidding. Did you catch the part where DJ had her background and her sad, weepy story about her background? That she didn't even register her existence until she was twenty and probably was an orphan wandering the streets? Oh, please.. she murdered people and even orchestrated events to wipe out other people that were a threat. And now the "bonding" with Jenny after teaching her criminal acts and beating her up. Nauseating.
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    Heartbreaking episode! Feel so sad for Soo.. It‘s like a curse for him, becoming a King. Suddenly he is totally alone. And don‘t even mention the bridge moment, ouch, so so sad!! But in the other hand, what a lovely episode for fans of Hoon. Melting completely when he said: „From now, you’ll come first over everything“. That’s like a confession but indirectly from him. And just love it when he stares GD in the bridge. His eyes looked completely in love with her Wow, this drama is really something. It‘s bit slow for this week‘s episode. And now just have to wait for next week again...
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    dear @ryuxuri im sorry she gave u false information.. but if u hv anything to ask about PPC, u can ask our fellow shipmates here.. .. any question, news, delulus.. feel free to write here..
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    I mean still for him... the abuse by his father is very much there. So he definitely is angry and frustrated. And as some said he is taking it out on Dan Oh which is not okay. But I also want Kyung to get a chance to become happier and redeem himself as in have a confrontation with Dan Oh and maybe apologize - even if it won't erase what he has done. I also agree that Dan Oh should stand up for herself and really end the engagement. I hope the preview isn't fooling us. Ha Ru better give Dan Oh and us answers to those questions. We want to know everything he knows.
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    @cosmogirl77 I'm gonna agree with you on the dead body maybe being HM but not HM having anything to do with the Joker. Remember that scene from the bar at night, if HM is the killer or an aide to the killer, how come during that night, the killer was there when HM was using her phone and she wasn't aware of it? I'm starting to think that HM is just a blackmailer who is gonna end up becoming a victim thanks to her deeds. As for #2, I thought the same. It was highly suspicious when mom left, that message was found. Not to mention, the police chief was even suspicious when he heard that DB mom was working in the kitchen perfectly fine. That's not something a dementia patient would do even if they are in their early stage. DB mom really doesn't have dementia and is probably there to protect DB. But I'm wondering if DB mom is also the one who set the school warehouse on fire? I mean with that message in Camellia and PG school fire, the only one who gets affected by this, is DB. And it's working.... But that scene in the beginning with the dead body is bothering me.. If the body is HM, there is no reason for YS to react like that unless the face was completely destroyed and no identification is found. Why do I have a feeling that DB mom is the victim here? I mean with HM blackmailing and DB mom saving DB everytime when it comes to Joker, DB mom is likely to be killed due to her interference... This drama is making our brains overwork lol. We still don't know who the killer or the victim is
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    Nokdo's little bride is so strong that she can crush an apple with her small fist! No wonder Nokdo seems to be scared of her in the 1st ep
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