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    I tend to get these things wrong but I'm thinking that it's one of the sons. I want to say to say it is First Son. If I recall properly, Second Son entered the house after First. The last person to enter the house was Han, so she must have gone there to sort things out. Maybe Second found the body and called her. First son is a lot sneakier than we suspected earlier on, and I think he is up to something. I suspect that he has been plotting for a very long time.
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    Jung-Hyeok come back just in time. Sun woo was there to help Jenny but the gates open for Jung Hyeok. I like the scene with Jenny and Sun woo at the island. It was nice to see her relaxed and smiling for a while. So Miss Wang helped Jenny in the past and she is helping her now too. She has a heart. Who is the other man who wants the city project? Another foe for Jenny? What about the woman who shot the husband? Ye-Eun is getting jelous of Hyun-Ji ? She better not step in her sister`s shoes. I want to watch with subtitles as soon as possible.
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    First, thank you for answering my question. We know that DB arrived in Ongsam in 2013 and since the last crime took place on 29th June 2014, this means that he started killing on 9th July 2013. So 6 persons were killed in one year. I am curious to know if all the victims somehow met DB. I have the impression that the killing could be somehow related to her. Like I had mentioned before, I suspect that there are two persons involved in the serial killing.
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    @MandelBrot You are awesome. @kookminclan RunningMan Thanks for suggesting more gifs on their past interactions. The gradual development in their relationship is just so sweet. How nice to reminisce over it again.
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    You should watch Nokdu. He is handsome. I for one don’t go for flower boys but...he is handsome in so many ways Wah the can see chest one I wahhhh then his hair wet also.
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    @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh GF scratch the surface of cross dressing. Nokdu bite the word crossdressing & applied it to the whole drama. And the fact that they all don’t even know that he is a man.... *sips tea* surprising only the FL is clever enough to figure that out lol +2
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    https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/117/0003280351 The news article says that KakaoM, a Kakao affiliate and general content producer, made a public announcement (on Thursday 30 September) that it has decided to add a total of 68.8 billion to the paid-in capital for third party agencies to raise the operating funds of these agencies. Accordingly, 560,871 new shares will be issued. In addition, a total of two companies and 17 individuals will participate in the capital increase, KakaoM explained. Among them, Nonghyup Bank will be allocated the largest number of 275,347 shares. Also, movie director Yoon Jong-bin will be assigned 65,202 shares, stylist Han Hye-yeon 40,751 shares and Awesome CEO Yang Geun-hwan 32,601 shares, respectively. Actors Hyun Bin (Kim Tae-pyeong), Lee Min-ho and Park Seo-joon (Park Yong-kyu) will also each receive 24,451 shares, 16,301 shares and 12,225 shares, respectively, in return.
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    True! she scream when she finds her jewels lol...almost want to cut it with scissors. I’m 656
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    I used to understand her cause I thought she's just scared of losing her son and bestfriend, but her reason is different from what I expected so now, I don't understand her either. I mean, out of all the people in Ongsan, I thought she'd be the most understanding. First of all, she's a single mother so she knows how it feels like to be looked down upon as one. Second, she knows Dong Baek well. Third, she knows Yong Sik well too. So I was a little surprised when her issue was that Dong Baek has a son, and I was like, "well, that's a little out of character" because she's more open minded than the rest of ahjummas in town. @Dumdoc you may be right about who Yong Sik caught. It may be his mom because in one scene, where she was lying on a tissue paper lol there was an energy drink beside her. So maybe it is her, spying on Dong Baek and Yong Sik. Or it could be Kyung Tae's lawyer wife. That's what I thought at first, but if she was there on the night Kyung Tae and Hyang Mi went wakeboarding, she would have known her husband wasn't with Dong Baek cause Dong Baek was with Yong Sik and Pil Gu soo... I don't know. Also, I'm so thankful for Netflix subbers of this drama. You don't need to worry about waiting. I sleep and when I wake up in the morning, there's the subbed episode. EDIT: I thought there's supposed to be 16 episodes of this? Why are there 20 episodes listed on Netflix?
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    No. Here it is different. GH is more like Miri (in age). Sonja was so old and tired. She never had a day of rest. I am just saying if GH is ill, still there is hope. There will be some tears as usual, but I don't expect death. I am just worried about her suffering, that's all. Lung cancer is curable. Poor Sonja never thought about herself, that's why she never went to a doctor, her selfish daughters (except Miri) never noticed her, so her health deteriorated. Whereas GH has people around her who love and care for her. All of them noticed she is ill early. Don't worry
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    The dad continues to annoy me. Allowing press and bystanders so close to a murder side is all very weird to me. But considering all the cctv footages that always get to the public, police commenting on all kinds of ongoing investigations, random policemen revealing sensitive information. Nothing really surprises me. I basically think their institutions are a joke^^ That said. It's in some village in the country. It's sometime in the late evening. Just from a logistics standpoint i have trouble believing that there are going to be dozens of reporters waiting.
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    LOL about the clothes. Seems a lot of people are disturbed by that. I wondered too but well... I just think this is one of those shows that I need to use my right brain and shut down my left brain. Anyway, I hope that if this show is going to be bad, then please be so bad, it's so good kinda way.
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    OMO OMO Did Yong Shik finally managed to catch the Joker!? It can't be that easy right LoL? But geez who is it though..?! The suspense is killing me Landlord Noh's wife is no joke! Right now she seem to be a likely suspect for the Joker... I don't understand Yong Shik's mom. I too thought she was fond of Dong Baek but guess not Jong Ryeol's mom is some piece of work I get you disapprove but that was a terrible thing to say! No wonder she left, though it was sort of unfair for Pil Goo. Her lying to her son isn't helping the situation either. Hyang Mi comes across as tactless & an opportunist. While I admire her gumption, her moral compass is seriously missing Ha-ha Dong Baek/Yong Shik are the Brangelina of Ongsan Honestly what's South Korea's obsession with Brangelina LoL?? And her friend running a tanning salon baffles me as South Koreans frown upon anyone with tanned skin. Then again they are nit picky on a whole lot of things Just look at the nosy ahjummas! I was hoping for a dramatic makeover but all the stylist did was curl the ends of Mr. Noh's wife's hair LoL?! She should get her facts straight before lashing out like that. That's another thing I'm bothered about. Why do the women automatically think it's Dong Baek's fault or any woman when it comes to cheating?! Do they think their husbands are saints!? And even if the men do cheat, it's fine because they (the wives) want to keep the marriage. Dear Lord.
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    I don`t think you are in a minority. There are a lot of people who won`t like their romance either. But maybe it won`t be a romance at all. I understand how you feel. It happened to watch some dramas and didn`t want a romance between protagonists but this time I like every single actor in this drama and I don`t mind any combination. If the drama will touch some "romance" fine, if not fine again. Win Win situation for me. I did not watch the whole episode because there aren`t subtitles available yet but I watched some scenes. I really like the scene between Jenny and Jung-Hyeok. She was consoling him and I think she spoke with him from her heart. We find out that Jenny knew about Jung Hyeok being gay from a long time. I like their relationship too. Also Butler Hwang and Miss Wang were sent to get rid of Jenny and her baby brother. Interesting. I can`t wait to see what happened. They did not do what Kim Yeo-Ok asked them. I assume. Young Jenny with her baby brother in those garbage dump.... Jenny had a hard life. It is possible but she is treating him like a servant. I think they had a sexual relationship. She could have use him as a boy toy from time to time.
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    Although I like the actor, but I am not blind to the character's faults. Now it is clear that he is not straightforward I belong to the villains fan club as many of you know about me lol Jenny learns that her mom is the black rose in ep 97. When will she know she is not her mother? At this rate it will be in episode 120
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    I thought only me with twisted mind like this Same lmangla...same... 646.
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    This reminds me of WOL .... he was left to interpret DCS the way he wants..
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    Omg. I am loving this show. Each episode zipped by too fast. My heart fluttered like mad. Love the zany heroine and the troupes.
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    You will be reaching your soompi anniversary soon Happy anniversary in advance keep it up dear and hopefully soon you reach 30,000 points lol. I think you and @Sushimi joined soompi almost at the same time I am more in dailies and things are quiet, but I am satisfied. Dailies are easy to follow even if I skip.
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    Sadly, editing and scene set ups are limited by what can be done in a traditional 16 hours of air time. If they had some play in that area, I assume they could do much better. I can't pin point exactly why I struggled a little in the first episode other than the fact that it was the "set up" episode which in my mind always tends to be the weakest in a series. However, episode 2 was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for the chemistry development for our leads. I am a little sad about the situation between MDC and NHY. The potential for a happy relationship held such promise and now it is destroyed because of the 20 year physical age difference. I hope they resolve that in a very humane, kind way
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    A lot of masterpieces are done after great personal struggles. I can see her art is more detailed, very unique and has more depth.
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    Haha, we shall not be deprived of red carpet pics after all! Thanks all for all the posts and news! If fellow threadsters aren't already there , i'm watching red carpet replays here: https://m.vlive.tv/video/153255 Their walk in starts just a hair before the 1h 14min mark! But no doubt some helpful fan will clip the highlight very soon... This is a very w00ty week...
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    Happy Birthday Yoon Eun Hye !! I miss her so much !!!
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    kekeke... trying a short answer. hahahaha. so when I was younger, I loved the opposite attracts. there will be fireworks, word battles, glares -- so much fun! but then as you get older, you also see how some similar personality couples are also sweet and can be so moving even though they are the quieter romances. you get appreciation for both. so now am like @angelangie, the visual attracts you, then dynamic makes it interesting, you are ready to enjoy the couple in the drama. @staygold ~ am not a loyal shipper either. many times, right after they get together in the drama, I absolutely lose interest in them even while drama is airing. ofcourse, this problem is most relevant for those who watch daily and weekend dramas. but it has happened even with shorter dramas where I am like "ahem, can these two breakup? they are so boring!" -2
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    Kwang Il, though he may redeem himself in the end, I am afraid that it may be too late. Either Yoon Shi Wol ends up dead or badly injured. And please I want to reiterate no more kids gettting hurt or dying. The innocent should be spared from the ugly war of the adults. I hope Yoo Jin realizes that it was also her fault why Kwang Il did not go through with the divorce. She should not have told Jieun about her and Kwang Il in the first place. They were supposed to be friends and she of all people should know the personality of Jieun. Jieun does not want losing, she always wants to win. She lost Kwang Il and she won't let any woman most especially her 'supposed' friend to be with him. Jieun is another Duk Shil only saner and more objective but subconsciously in love still with Kwang Il. I feel so bad for Park Min Jae. So I am guessing the reason she married Min Jae is to still be able to be close to Kwang Il, be a part of Kwang Il's family even as a cousin-in-law. With the way she just disrupted the filing of the divorce in court, she is one meddlesome person with nothing to do with her life.
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    Hi JW girls cr to DC Wow JW’s birthday Hope he had a wonderful birthday. Hope he will make a decision about his new drama soon. Found another JW 33rd Birthday Mural IG First one from JW DC From it I found the bride’s IG (wedding 9/29) and JW’s clip (#5)
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    Lets just wait and see they seem so much closer this preview for some reason I wonder what happen.
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    JCW! So good to see him on screen! I love JCW!!! But this plot is going to be a problem for me. I am going to watch it and see how it progresses. I really want to watch handsome JCW
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    @larus it’s true . Most definitely addicted . I must see how Long this will last Nice stills Food truck support for KSA
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    WhhhaaaaTttttt Rebellious? 658
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    Sushi ship quite controversial lol... But its interesting 656
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    Hi guys. Finally I watch the first 2 episodes. Really because of JCW that I watch this drama. He‘s always so enjoyable to watch. But the plot hole and storyline are bit messy for these episodes. Especially when MDC and GMR just woke up. How can they already in full dressed? Especially GMR even has her own bag! Curious also with the mystery in the story. Such as why prof hwang suddenly has to go, then got bombed, but end up in the bed unconscious.
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    @Dhakra You can't sleep well at night if you don't take a dig at me and my oppas at least once during the day, right?? -2
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    Yeah! This series' BTS are going to be *epic*. Kim So-hyun is well known for burst out laughing and I bet she has done it a lot of times. By the way, I can't help but laugh every time the "strong widow trio" do the same. That kind of laugh that we often hear from men is really hilarious on women.
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    @Changsky and @babyval22 Well, she loved episode 1...so fingers crossed.
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    based on rm's and variety show history, if there is a loveline on the show, it is most probably an indication that the feelings aren't serious enough. lovelines require exaggeration and acting for the sake of it. if you have serious feelings that need careful handling, neither you nor the members would make it as part of a loveline. so just take lovelines on shows for what they are meant to be. jsm's policy after her public breakup has been that she will make her relationship public only when she is sure of marriage. she also said that when she is in love, only her close friends know. so i really don't think jsm would enter into a loveline with ysc where she is naming the man she is interested in, if her feelings are deep enough as the song confesses. all we know from the song is that there is a guy out there she likes, we don't know who he is because she hasn't told us. that is what you do when you want to protect the developing relationship. in ysc's case too, i don't think he is foolish enough to let a real life relationship be risked for the show. He also had gfs while doing RM. he had one when he went to NZ with haha where he video-called someone, then there is the air hostess lks mentioned who raised his temperature more than the questions about jsm and though he says he doesn't have one right now, all those pointed questions about his nickname for his gf in one of the quizzes were just too coincidental. whenever questions about his gf come up, he goes tongue-tied which all show that he wants his private life to be protected. i also go by the vibes i get. there are chances that jsm and ysc could develop serious feelings in the future where a close friendship could turn into love but then the song would be different and their personal vibe will be different. the man in the song seems more kjk than ysc. i read this yesterday from a chinese kookmin shipper - even kjk's 'one man' has the line "There’s a man. Who can’t even say I love you" which goes along with jsm's song. ysc and jsm have a close and comfortable friendship but the kind of tension you expect when there is physical attraction is missing for me. jsm can joke she wants the yang brothers to fight over her because she knows it is all for fun. the mock-flirting she does with ysc, she does with the male guests and even with se chan's brother. though kwangmin was not a loveline, even there jsm could ask lks, 'do you like me?' with kjk though, she can never ask that question and even when haha asks her 'do you like him', the otherwise eloquent jsm doesn't have the words to confirm or deny them. then there is all that weird tension where jsm acts completely unlike her playgirl self. i also don't think kjk, of all people, would be needed to intervene in this case because ysc-jsm have the closeness to handle it themselves. they knew each other even before joining the show, even before knowing the other members, so they must have common friends and also hang out together. i also don't see much help from kjk with their loveline. all the ysc-jsm moments happen when kjk is absent from the scene which is a weird coincidence. when he is present in a scene where he is with just the two of them, he in fact does the opposite. when ysc interrupted kjk-jsm when they were having steak, both of their expressions were like 'why are you here? can't you read the scene?' jsm should have looked shy and happy to see ysc when she least expected it but her expression was like 'why did you have to be here?' kjk, if he knew jsm was writing a song asking ysc to confess, should have left them to themselves or even made them sit together. instead, he threatened to punch ysc so that he would end up unconscious outside and even in the picture they took with the restaurant manager has put himself between ysc-jsm and has his arm around her. kjk, if he was so perceptive, would also not have gone ahead with the couple dance with jsm. it was an intimate dance and jsm was even ready to dance with ysc so as not to burden kjk. if so, he should have read the scene and scolded ysc for not acting like a man. but kjk maintained the dance wouldn't work out with others - either lks or ysc. i think the reason jsm and ysc kind of seek out each other at the end of fanmeets is because they are the new members of the show. they aren't used to doing fanmeets. every fanmeet is for them the precious moment of being accepted as RM members by the fans. here though, the surprise was that kookmin, instead of celebrating with members with same memories, chose to celebrate with each other. i also don't think yjs meant it literally when he said jsm must be the happiest person there. she didn't look happy when she realised there were going to be no male guests and the members would act as if they didn't want to be partnered with the female members. she also didn't show any particular inclination towards ysc in the selection round. as long as members had to fight for her, she was happy. even the loveline moment with ysc where she confessed he is her dream man was an imitation of sunny's words to kjk. for jsm who must be happiest to just stand with ysc, didn't it seem like she was still too caught up in kjk-sunny conversation? so when yjs says jsm must be the happiest today, perhaps he was trolling her? yjs is the one who set the loveline up before the fanmeet, but this episode, he didn't mention ysc at all when talking about jsm's ideal type. yjs said she will set her up on a blind date like he usually does and when kjk said, "her charm is the kind which grows on you", his question was addressed to kjk - "did you not realize her charm in the beginning"? jsm's word was 'fools' perhaps meaning that that yjs (and kjk) set her up with fools, not that her man is a fool. as to the song being in banmal, isn't that what suits a straight-talking song where jsm goes all out 'ya kim jong kook .. confess or disappear'. she does address him as kim jong kook when she is mad and he is not around, so for a song like this, i wouldn't be surprised if she uses that tone. in ysc-jsm's first anniversary episode, jsm wanted the members to use banmal for one hour. she must have meant talking to the older members in banmal so i get the feeling her secret wish is to speak informally to some of them which includes kjk. finally, a song is a song even if it is written for someone. it is meant to entertain an audience and make them identify with the situation described. the lyrics have been credited to both jsm and young bae, so he must have also given inputs on how to present the song.
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    - Every scene with Eun-Jeong And is it Solbi in OST 8? There was reference about her in an episode. But i thought it is Nam Young Joo singing the OST. She the female musician who also appeared 2 times in beginning and the end of the drama.
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    I remember finding out on that Japanese show he did before Cantabile. And I had a hard time associating that the cute boy from 2D1N smoked.
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    According to audience rating research firm TNMS, #NokDuJeon, first aired on 30th recorded 6.2 % EP 1 , 8.0% EP 2. It was the first time in three years after <Men living in my house> (8.2%) on October 24, 2016 that KBS Mon Tue drama first broadcast rating breakthrough 8% Cr:Shirleylaw -twitter
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    EXTRA-ORDINARY YOU LICENSED @VIKI Available here: https://www.viki.com/tv/36728c-extra-ordinary-you Thank you everyone for helping us request its license!
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    @thistle I thought I was only one around here who paired western songs with Korean dramas!
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    omg... The moment they wake up! The hospital scene, is hectic. Crazy. Insane! I donno what happened in between they wake up til they collapse since I skip epi1 entirely. The hospital staff also donno what is wrong with Ma Dong Chan.
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    Park Shin Hye: Actress’ new project is a movie with Yoo Ah In; Duo will star in a thriller movie #ALONE Photo by: Park Shin Hye/Instagram Monday, August 5, 2019 6:54 AM UTC 1 comments Park Shin Hye has been chosen to star with actor Yoo Ah In for a film titled “#ALONE.” the actors are one of the best in the South Korean movie industry today, so the anticipation and expectation from the upcoming movie are quite high. Being one of the most awarded actors, Shin Hye and Ah In’s new film is also expected to be a big hit. The latter’s most recent hit movies include “Veteran” and “The Throne” while the actress did “Cyrano Agency” and “Heart Blackened.” Now, they will try out a movie featuring the thriller About “#ALONE” Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In’s film will tell the story of an almost abandoned city. The people have been getting sick due to a mysterious infection that has been affecting everyone. Eventually, the whole city was in a chaotic state due to panic and struggled to survive. According to Soompi, “#ALONE” is based on the original work of Matt Naylor, a Hollywood screenwriter. He is known for the TV documentary “Small Businesses Revolution: Main Street” that aired from 2016-17 and the short film “What It’s Like.” Besides Shin Hye’s upcoming film, the American screenwriter is also working on another film called “Devour.” It was learned that the actress would be working with PD Jo Il Hyung, who has been tasked to direct the film. This will be his first feature film after actively working in the U.S. film institute. Film’s storyline Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In will be one of the town’s people who will survive in “#ALONE.” The city will be isolated after the unknown infection had quickly spread and infected the residents. The actor will play Joon Woo, a gamer and survivor, but he will be disconnected from the world and would not be in contact with another person. The “Heirs” actress will play Yoo Bin, also a survivor and living alone. To be able to cope with the dangerous surroundings and situation, she developed her own survival strategies. Filming for the movie will start soon, but the exact date was not specified. Shin Hye's projects Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye completed her “Memories of the Alhambra” with Hyun Bin early this year. The drama was a big hit, and her new film “Call” will be arriving in a few months, probably before she starts filming her movie with Yoo Ah In. cr: EconoTimes https://www.econotimes.com/Park-Shin-Hye-Actress-new-project-is-a-movie-with-Yoo-Ah-In-Duo-will-star-in-a-thriller-movie-ALONE-1559929 …
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