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    i think with kookmin, we need to take things calmly. it's too early for anything to be said, but based on whatever i have seen, some things seem clearer than the rest. jsm's song, while it might reflect real life experiences, was written to be performed for an event and would have been generic and general enough for the audience to identify with. i don't think she or even yjs would allow her to write things in there that can give indications of her real life status. yet, i think there is something deeply personal and true in that song which we also find in the poems she posts, which are very different from the flippant way in which they treat her love life on RM. i think yjs was worried about that song since it can, like he kept saying, make the guy uncomfortable. it is definitely pressurizing if the guy is not ready. i feel the rm guys all know jsm's guy - in the waffle episode when jsm was asked about the nickname she would like for her boyfriend and she said "gas station of love" . kjk said "a song might be written with that title" and looked pleased, jsj immediately made up a song about it and haha too joined in. i also feel that whatever ambiguous relationship kookmin have, it has gone past the "do we have feelings for each other" phase. i feel they both have feelings and the confession jsm is talking about could be more about him making the big confession. kjk had previously said that he doesn't believe in saying "i love you" casually to his girlfriends since if they break up later, those words would be meaningless. from whatever kjk has said on his shows, i think the idea of getting married pressurizes him and he likes to take things slowly and steadily. so a confession for him would be a big deal. that could be one of the reasons yjs looked worried about the song since he knows it could potentially freak kjk out. coincidentally, i could see some of that when kjk was listening to the song. that is what makes me feel he could be the guy. kjk looked really nervous and tensed in a way he needn't have been. kjk is too experienced to be that nervous about his song and jsm's song was getting really positive feedback from the audience. yet, i think the song also worked some magic by the way kjk reacted to jsm afterwards. after observing kookmin interactions on the show and earlier fanmeets, i had thought this fanmeet would be very emotional for kjk and had prepared myself to see him celebrate with the old members first. love is love, but since this was about rm and he has the most memories with the others, i thought it would be the most natural outcome. the best i had hoped for was a little side hug to jsm which jsm would reciprocate briefly. that was all i had hoped for, but what i saw left me speechless.it must have been emotional for all the members. it is their first korean fanmeeting in 9 years and that dance routine demanded months of hard work and effortless team work. jsj said in his radio show that he felt really emotional after the dance. it must have been doubly so for kjk since he was fired from the show. the original members go so far back, so it makes sense for him to celebrate with them first. yet, the first person he looked to celebrate with was jsm and that too in a really intimate hug that we have never seen on the show. their dance move was difficult and i am sure jsm must have gone out of her way to lessen the strain on his back during practice, but almost everybody worked hard on that dance. going by what yjs and kjk said, the members had promised beforehand not to do emotional stuff and kjk is someone who holds back the most. this may be me projecting, but i think there were emotions there he didn't want to hide and those were reserved for a person he has known only for the last 2-3 years. as far as we saw, he didn't hug anybody else and joined the group huddle after jsm joined it. lks had to pull him inside the huddle next to jsm and there too, after yjs touched her head, she put her face close to kjk's shoulder in a really intimate move. during the song and talk later, kjk was content to stand next to jsm and talk to her though there were many things going around him. it was also not like jsm was really emotional and needed support. that was a really unguarded moment when i felt i saw something of the real them. there were no pds to tell them what to do and i don't think they cared during that moment about what the older members would say. so that is a big plus for me. yes, he must have freaked out, but he enjoyed that feeling as well. kjk had limited his interactions on sns till the last fanmeet episode was over. there were days when he wouldn't even like posts by his friends. it was the day after the fanmeet that i saw him liking some posts after a while. two days later, he posted his first photo after 2-3 weeks and that too in which he was mainly talking about jsm and tagged her. she was also bold enough to comment on his post and since then looks bolder about it. kjk has also invited her for his year-end concert in public. i don't go by what i see on rm to judge kookmin interactions since all the best things have always happened off the show. after the fanmeet, kjk and jsm hung out with yjs, lks and jsj judging by what yjs said. kookmin also went to the lks movie together a few days before the episode was shot. jsm's brother tagged jsm on his calobye post. so plenty of things are happening off the show. i think the rm members like yjs who knows them personally and haha who is finding similarities between his daughter and jsm know how to give good advice. if things have to work out in a relationship, they have to go through a process. let things proceed naturally and steadily for now. PS: i am really happy about the support jsm is getting from haha, kjk and her friends on instagram. i believe haha realized after what happened that he needs to be careful with his words on insta in a situation when jsm is getting so much hate. haha has been really positive. byul posted a really beautiful post about jsm and kjk has also been actively talking to jsm on his insta though he likes to troll her. jsm's agency has also stepped up, verified her account and we are getting a lot of positive response to her on korean news sites. i have to say though that jsm being the beautiful soul she is, has really great friends (in and outside RM) who call her beautiful and show the world their support.
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    It's a waste Ma Hoon is a match-maker. He's Joseon's Sherlock Holmes. Piecing all the clues together that Kim Soo is the king. Aigoo, dugun dugun... even my heart flutters haha
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    Way too much DS in this preview http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,81,797539
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    Overdose from last night I can't still believe I see him. From what I heard and what I see last night it seems like he was prepared answering the questions. Also it seemed like he is very careful how to answer every question and he is so cute on how to make the fans giggled. And I am sure he or the awesome check everything even the photos and questions before the fan meet. But indeed its still memorable for us.
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    @dramaninja Finally lol. At least she is doing that. Stupid JH never listens. What the hell does he think he is doing stalking around his ex-wife? I hope GH puts her foot down and tells him that she will report him the next time he comes to her. He made his bed so him and SM should lay on it. What's with blackmailer taking SM to a hotel? Don't tell me he slept with her....
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    The first encounter between CA and JH was unusual and fun. She was completely honest, and it was touching to give him that doll. Still, he is somehow her first love. But, I liked it when JH, when left alone, looked for a moment at the empty seat across from him. Even, if he forgets that encounter, that book and the doll will remind him of that.
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    Happy Family Cr.lovely_sukyungc I love how theyre now totally look like one family. They started of as a bit awkward, but seems have grown to be so much comfortable to each others. And we only left with 3 episodes...
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    someone shared some clip from PSJ 2017 fanmeeting.. i dont understand what was the question but he pretended like he was petting imaginary simba then picked him up and threw him away lols.. he also did the same to MY right? during bts company trip scene when they were stranded due to rain.. he also pretended like he wanna pick her up and throw her lols..like he did to imaginary simba in his FM.. poor MY and Simba coz he really like to tease them lols..
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    @larus it’s true . Most definitely addicted . I must see how Long this will last Nice stills Food truck support for KSA
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    well I did like her too at the beginning she was a friend to YW. she worked with him too. At the beginning she was "acceptable" to me but when she set up YW to marry her because of her pregnancy, I didn't like her at all, especially when she left SW on the street, when she had a road accident. it was so inhuman. @joan0528 my dear, where are you today?? I hope you are OK
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    My formal education in Chinese stopped at 6th grade. My knowledge in literary Chinese is from reading Jin Yong’s wuxia novels and watching Chinese dramas. So basically next to nothing. JC’s vow includes commonly used lines in love and marriage declarations. Even with my limited knowledge, I’ve seen these lines. In that sense, it’s not that special. I like LX’s better. Good catch about the “we” and “I.” JC’s more about two people coming together, while LX’s about her promise to him.
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    well the negotiator was in cahoots way before that? thought he was shown his colors the first/2nd episode? Yeah totally loved the ending of episode 4 - it wouldve been better if he had said something though. and it is weird why CDG has to be killed "naturally" when they are killing other people left and right. They could easily off him and clean up the mess.
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    I have only seen the first episode but I enjoy how they made him and his girlfriend equally genuinely and deeply in love, even giving them a love song of their own. That’s not something you see on dramas when you know Hero and Heroine are the OTP. Interested in how the love lines play out.
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    There’s actually not that much. I think all the questions asked were actually filtered. Lol. And its really funny how they forbid him to hug his fans but some fans really wanted to hug him hence some fans were hugged by him. But here some of “low-key” moments of WWSK/PMY: - I don’t remember if it is in the “slam book type” or “what’s on his mind”.. just like what I said I am being delulu here but when the host asked him about his friends the camera focused the “PMY” led and I think he saw that in the screen cause when it disappeared he seems to look for it in the crowd. - Pinoy henyo or the yes or no game wherein the fans will say yes or no and Seo Jun will answer what was written behind him. First word was a show of him and first thing that pops up inside his beautiful mind is WWSK when in fact it is Hwarang - IG pictures: It was actually selected by producers BUT just like what I said everything was filtered so I think SJ and awesome gave them a go signal for this. He did not answer immediately and looked at the screen, smiled. And just what like @twoparkcouple posted here, he said that he wanted to show the world how he got along well with the director and colleague. So he wanted a picture and it was taken in the set of WWSK. - Q: Do you believe in destiny? Yes, he believes in destiny. Look for @twoparkcouple translation too, thank you for that!! - Q: What would be your perfect weekend? PSJ: To be honest my perfect weekend is to spend it at home. (Coughs: HI NEIGHBOR!) Because I normally have a busy schedule. But to be honest, nothing can top a weekend like this (with fans). - He said that he allow himself to have a blast with his character in WWSK and he had a good time filming WWSK -When asked about his fave movie he said there’s a lot but he recently watched The Notebook and About Time (he must really love the name “Rachel” ) and he’s into romantic film these days. I don’t know if I forget something but I’ll post if I remember. Still into yesterday event hype. He was really shocked when he came out. SJ did not expect more than 10k fans will show up in his fun meet.
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    Wow. Such a great first episode. I was immediately captivated by the first few minutes. Loved the fight scene and martial arts. Hope we’ll get to see more of it throughout. I really admire Nok Du’s heart. How he believes that running won’t resolve the problem. Him and his family will always be chased. So instead, he sets off to get to the bottom of it and confront the bad guys. And based on the way that he treats the people he meets on his journey thus far, you can tell he has a good heart. Love that his character is both athletic and kind. Re: Dong Ju. When I first saw the poster for this drama, I didn’t understand why her hair would be short like that. So she cut it off to save the little girl at the gisaeng house. I love her guts and how she did it without any hesitation. (My impression is that Nok Du seemed to share the same sentiments as well ) Overall, I feel the writer did an excellent job with character development in just one episode. I can’t wait to learn about both Nok Du and Dong Ju’s backstories and how they became who they are today.
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    But it would be good if your theory comes true hahaha i think because they hid themselves real good to avoid detection, but from what we see their facade is getting tear off bit by bit already they are just minions of the Dentist, he use them to clean up & to portray a fake scenario of brining new tenants to allow them to stay then later on, to kill them off I love how Si Wan true form is getting released haha, finally teach his fellow annoying co worker about bullying him. Haha 562
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    Hello everyone! PLEASE help us request the license for Catch The Ghost @Viki You can request it here: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034633713 Thank you
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    IKR!! It’s still acceptable for me if it were just CDG who went to him, but the two NIS agents went too?? When Park offered them his place, I am actually beginning to suspect him as being in cahoots with the whole plane crash thing ~ the sayings “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” And I just want to say I love how ep.4 ended
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    Happy birthday to Joo Won! Wow...all the stuff that people have posted on Instagram is so nice - thanks for sharing! I don't nearly possess the Photoshop skills to be able to pull off any of that stuff. If I want to jump in with a Birthday Special, I can only do it with what I already know: writing. Generally speaking, I don't write fics starring real people - ethically, that's just weird in my opinion. Fortunately, though, in my massive stockpile of Seolleim in Salzburg updates, I do get around to both Seol Nae Il and Cha Yoo Jin's birthdays (which, after pausing the footage and reading the documents that show up on screen I've figured out to be Jan. 3, 1995, and Feb. 17, 1992, respectively). So, although the fics these scenes are drawn from will actually be uploaded early next year, I'm releasing these excerpts now, so that even if it's not quite JW himself in these moments, at least it's still something fluffy and heartwarming with his face and voice So here's Nae Il's: And now to Yoo Jin's: Joo Won-oppa: I hope that, like these characters, you spend all your birthdays like this: doing what you love most, with the people who love you most.
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    I know some words @nohamahamoud2002 And I use google translate 헤어지다 heeojida
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    @larus I'm waiting for this. I like the lead stars I like the plot. I want drama that's dark and gritty and myterious. (I drop Vagabond as it just doesn't cut it for me) I'm hoping this political thriller will be good one. A dramatic suspense thriller. I feel this has more drama and more chilling. It's OCN it should be. ctto koreandrama_tr
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    -2 so there this story.....the mother force the son to marry the girl cause the grandparent give this adopted girl (XiaXia) all their shares in the company and after that the mother still continue to hate the girl cause she is a nobody and didnt think that XiaXia could very well match up to her bloody high up son..... force them to divorce and slowly one by one they uncover the truth to XiaXia extraordinary background lols....not only is her dad a bloody rich typhoon, the grandfather is a mayor......and on top of that....the mother that disappear 26 years ago....married one of the richest guy in US hahahaha....
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    This post says that when PSJ was asked by a fan if he believes in D E S T I N Y, he looked towards their direction (I think he actually smiled) -- and they were holding the P M Y marquee lights during this time. *The sentence in Filipino translates to: Please bear with us and with our excitement! Good thing the ones who were seated beside us did not get annoyed with us. Neighbors in love
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    Okay, I have finished ep 2 and what's the verdict? I love it. I will definitely be continuing with this show. I like the 1999 retro feels and that's why I was good with all the flashbacks. In fact, I enjoyed watching them and was surprisingly touched by the back stories. The treatment was well done, at least for me. I felt the sense of loss and bewilderment from the families. I remember the writer is the same for SWDBS. I enjoyed the show cos of the OTP but other than that, the slapstick was excessive. So hopefully, this one takes on a different vein. I see a bit of that slapstick in the choatic hospital scene at the end but it's not too bad right now. So I'm still good with the humor, it's not overly OTT. If they keep to this balance, this drama could do well.
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    September 29 2019 Main trailer for OCN drama series “The Lies Within” Main trailer added for OCN drama series “The Lies Within” starring Lee Min-Ki and Lee Yoo-Young. The main trailer begins with Lee Min-Ki’s voice stating “On the same day, one person died and the other person disappeared.” Captions in the main trailer teases (0:07) “Husband who disappeared with the truth,” (0:13) “Somebody is telling a lie,” (0:17) “Who?” and (0:24) “Why, were they killed?” “The Lies Within” first airs October 12, 2019 in South Korea. http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/main-trailer-for-ocn-drama-series-the-lies-within
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    According to audience rating research firm TNMS, #NokDuJeon, first aired on 30th recorded 6.2 % EP 1 , 8.0% EP 2. It was the first time in three years after <Men living in my house> (8.2%) on October 24, 2016 that KBS Mon Tue drama first broadcast rating breakthrough 8% Cr:Shirleylaw -twitter
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    Mr Jung is the one who lives like a monk in the mountains. He predicts the future. Mr Hwang is Miran's friend. He lives with YW Juik is the cute little child, the aunt's grandson
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    Shady Mom met with gangster bro's asst., and MS's name came up, then she was told something that was pretty shocking. What do they know about MS? Yes, MS took KI to the safe and showed her the security spot. She's worried now for his safety, as we are. More tomorrow, Jenny has another session with the hypnotist and records her reactions.
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    So I decided to check this as I see the director is the ame one who did two of my favs.. Man from Equator and White Christmas. Got free time I've fnished episode 1. The style feels like that of dorama from Wowow. Even the graphic subs..oh an even bgm.
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    Hola, estoy de acuerdo! Ella es una persona fuerte, que hace lo que piensa. No tuve un buen tiempo y estoy tratando de hacer lo mejor posible. Desde lejos la podemos acompañar con nuestro amor y rezar porque estoy en buena compañía
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    Puppies a lot of them.... So Min make a home for them too... Source naver They all look so small & soft...
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    Who's that sexy thing i see over there?? Cr. Love_machine1216 story
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    I also watched the original film and I think we can trust ji min that she will not go down that path lol. She has limitations and watching one of the director's works(the table), i think that he is more on content and our ji min is safe with him. As always, I trust ji min's choices I think we can see her on the 28th
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    "na do saranghae" I might have fainted if he said that to me lol Oh my poor heart.....
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    RM Eps 470 - Opening : 1. Only SA who is wearing hand socks as usual & as usual also KJK white color & SJH black color. 2. YJS said : After fan meeting, we all have eating together in the restaurant but SJH, YSC, & HH couldn't come because of work. JSJ said : It was classy restaurant. IMO --> I think YJS talking about the another dinner, because we all know right after they all finished fan meeting in SK, they together go to the restaurant & we all know HH is attend. 3. 00:04:25 : KJK & YSC whispering toward each other talking about JSJ who is said Ji Hyo took everything (refer to SJH is crying at that time) when FM in SK. IMO --> This is just jokes, I mean, SJH truly crying at that time, not scripted ofc. - Games 1 : 1. 00:20:03 : Walking side by side for a while. It's nothing, just want to share this to you guys. 2. I like it when JSJ choose JSM to be became his partner for make a peanut jam, so we can look SA moment, because after JSJ & JSM leaving the fields (throw the peanut from soil), KJK always standing near SJH. 3. I lobe SJH & YSC interaction, it always reminded me to SJH & LKS interaction. The real sibling, the true sibling. - Games 2 : 1. SA standing side by side. 2. 00:45:33 SA mirroring each others. 3. Going to the zoo. Choose partner --> JSJ & SJH. KJK & LKS. 4. When KJK asked : What's is that ? (What animals is that?) SJH : It's an Amazonian fish. Arowana. KJK : Arowana. IMO --> Indeed ! SJH really love zoo & animals. I love SA interaction like that. 5. 00:47:01 : SA come late together 6. 00:47:12 : SJH enjoying herself looking the animal. (so cute) 7. 00:47:19 - 00:47:22 : SJH excited to looking animal with KJK, bith of them have their own world. YJS & JSJ looking at them with smile in the end. 8. 00:48:19 : Only SA who is brave to touch snake. 9. When LKS turns the games with snake, SA side by side & help LKS. 10. 00:53:19 : SJH just finished whispering to KJK. - Games 3 : 1. 00:55:35 SA mirroring each pther (SA point crocodile). 2. Again, SJH really enjoying for looking the crocodile. 3. 00:55:51 : SJH talking with LKS, HH, & KJK. 4. SJH using her phone for taking a picture (not for mission because YJS & JSM got a mission in this game). 5. 00:58:30 : SA side by side looking the crocodile. - Games 4 : 1. 01:02:43 - 01:02:45 : SA have interaction. IMO --> KJK seems "nagging" to SJH because her sling bag make her breast look tighter & then SJH fixing it. 2. 01:39:59 : SA standing side by side for looking kangaroo & seems have a distant than others.01: 3. 01:07:46 : LOL. I caught KJK drink Calobye. 4. 01:08:27 - 01:08:29 : KJK hold SJh's hand while SJh talking with SJH. 5. 01:10:24 : SA side by side for fishing time. Add info : - JSJ had been finished his work in Radio Show a few days ago. - KJK have a solo concert (again) in the end of this year & in January next year 2020. - 01:21:31 : for next week, SA have a mirroring each other plus sitting side by side.
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    Ah I just watched the finale and it was so unexpected but so good! Episode 15 was also really good (that whispering scene was just so awesome!!! Loved it!) @Fabbo - I also really wish we could have a season 2... oh well... I guess all good things must come to an end. I still need to prepare my class for tomorrow so I will write more tomorrow.
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    Definitely love the interaction that they give to each other...how I wish I can get a delivery with notes and crackers in the box. How sweet. He even laughed when he received the text omo. Haha ”it’s not pity, it’s sincerity.” L-O-V-E-A-B-L-E love how suk hee hee gave him a suit as a gift and in return he gives her snacks. those sweet snacks must be way more sweeter then usual when suk hee is eating it. It must be They look sooooo good with each other! things works opposite in this series. Girl give guy something expensive. Father fanboy-ing while Son is trying to keep his Father in check. THEY TOOK A PICTURE TOGETHER! OMO SUNSET!
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    A flower bouquet from Hyun Bin DC for his birthday, containing this message. It's Jinwoo's birthday message to Heeju cr.dcgall A birthday cake made by some fans
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    @Latte_Anyday hm..I thought he got whack with a knife by Dong Wook? No? then in the trailer Dong Wook takes out his rectangular equipment bag..so I thought he might not be a mole
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    Enjoying the free time in Vietnam . They were ready for a picture but it was a video.
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    Me too. This has been a problem for me all along. I just wish he confided in JH. She really loves him, she could have saved him from CTJ. He trusted his evil father and his jealousy harmed him (it is logical to be jealous, but he turned into an Othello). I think SW pitied him in the past but when he refused to divorce her and sent JM away, she hated him. I am not concerned with SW anymore. but I feel good about JH. She still loves KI. She is a kind person, she is the only one who ever cared for him. I think JM loves KI too.
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    @Ameera Ali @nohamahamoud2002 @larus @ktcjdramaMain OTP looks good together . I think part of the highlight reel their streaming this over on VLive .. link in the post
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