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    I have just read the text messages AJH shared via Dispatch...boy oh boy is he an idiot or what....cant he read all GHS's demands in between the line? She is telling him she doesnt want a divorce, she wants them to try work out on the marriage, marriage is not dating which are all just for fun. Marriage is to work hard together to make it work. Any wife wud complaint if husband goes around drinking often especially with female drinking buddies. If a mother can ask where her children are, or what time they are getting home after work, marriage licence give every right to each spouse to question the whereabout of the other half. The text messages he shared only show us how stupid & immature this husband is. How cud he just come home drunk after celebrating his birthday with his female stylist & some other women, then came back in drunken state & ask a divorce from GHS becos she is not sexy? Wjo give him the idea? Most of her messages was being sarcastic towards him but this husband take it as it is, so to me its either he's an idiot who didnt understand what she meant or he is so desperate to divorce her...a man who less than 3 years ago declare his love to her during tvn award when ask to say something to her, made no effort to mend their marriage. If they have tried for over 5 years is one thing but their marriage is less than 3 years old with him in other countries in some months of the years..how much effort has he done? And he never see her point of being a divorcee...hello friend, you married her, than you want to discard her with some title most women everywhere fears...a divorcee....like she said its her honour but he still didnt get it. He said he's a divorcee too, yeah but a man status is different than a woman...his future new in laws wont question when he lost his virginity, but for a woman, her future in law wont be so kind especially if their son is still a bachelor, at least not in this part of Asian region...but of cos he just gave her whatever she asked without thinking & made her a gold digger when he has been a free loader (financially & popularity)tru out their marriage. Well...I'm on GHS's ship all the way...gold digger or not she has to be compensated for her honour, dignity & time spend as his wife. He was the one who proposed, he was the one who make promises, now he wants out becos he cant commit to one woman. Its about time for him to be a man...settle his family affair & own up to his mistakes before shaking his butt for other women
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    @Lmangla , @Sarang21 I was aiming for absalogist but it let me share my other sister boobalogist hard study & knowledge -2
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    Many thanks @stroppyse for your translations.
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    Here for KJW harem clan, KJW in comic style... 948
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    I dont think its a new character just someone he knows but they wont say of course.
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    No this is how the word started: It´s a combination of Oppa + apologist = meaning fangirls that never sees their oppa doing something wrong and are always defending them even tho there are evidence that he is not innocent. That world got really popular during the Seungri scandal. Because some Fans refused to believe that he was involved in all of that. Now some people use it to insult anyone who doesn´t automatically stand on a woman´s side in a fight between a man and a woman irregardless if there is actual proof of the accusation or not. +2
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    @Sarang21 ~ am actually kind of fascinated by the logic that her fans are coming up with. ...who knows whether or not he was dirty but even if he was, him not cleaning up is hardly some crime. if it was, many people would be divorced! ... and cleaning product makers would make ads about how they save relationships. kekeke.... 948
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    From what I am guessing it was hard to bring Song down , and I think the last card that TK had was to expose what happened in the mountain cabin 7 years ago. But this of course meant that TK had to come clean with SYA about hiding that incident. Even if he never killed any of those boys, he was an accomplice. This scene really broke my heart and hers when he finally told her about it. She officially takes his statement down Anyway long story short - I think it has been eating Dae Jin up as well ...he came to ask TK for forgiveness and his understanding. But I think something TK said to him changed his mind about covering up for his father Later in Song's court case...it was shown that Dae Jin had trapped his father and recorded what he said- this became evidence to incriminate Song.. wahh i think Song knew because he was crying as he spoke to his son Anyhow , I think before the verdict was reached, TK went to see Song at his house. The old man said a bunch of stuff but somewhat apologised ...then I think he excused himself to use the washroom. TK after a while realising something was not right went and look for him . Song had killed himself. Closure for SYA with regards to her dad... Ending scene felt rather melancholy with TK grieving & thinking of Song
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    Not gonna lie @staygold & @angelangie im job is just to cut. Those roses are in the drama itself pwahaha 946
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    Sigh you can tell how much they love each other Preview looking like things are rolling I think JH did not tell GH the whole truth,but SW and his aunt seem to be on the right path? I have no idea whats going on. @lu09 what do you think? http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/homeforsummer/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0043-01-436004,read,,95,796847
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    @triplem I don’t understand that JCW drama. Why 33C (the temp they can’t exceed) when the normal human body temperature is 36.5-37.5? Unless the cryofreeze altered their biology somehow? That’s not quite kosher with cryogenics? Anything below 35C is hypothermia. 952
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    @dramaninja I cant wait until someone tell DS what her mother did thats going to be so glorious. Who could it be? Who will spill the beans to Chae Duk Shil? When that happens she will definitely go crazy and go berzerk. The only people who knows what Duk Shils' mother did (the actual switching of the babies) are the ff: - Choi Tae Joon - Oh Tae Yang/Kim Yoo Wol (he had a DNA test done between him and Jang Jung Hee with the help of Jung Do In. He then was able to conclude what his mother-in-law did because she was the one who brought him to the orphanage and visited him there until he was adopted. - Jang Jung Hee (she overheard CTJ and IMR say it themselves) - the culprit herself, Im Mi Ran Others who know of the switch but do not know that it was Im Mi Ran who did it: - Yoon Shi Wol - Choi Kang Il (He will be so surprised and angry to learn who his biological mother is) - the best friends of Yoo Wol and Shi Wol - Yang Nam Kyung (Chairman Jang's personal secretary and house manager) ???? not sure if she really knows, but there were hints to it - her teaching Ji Wook of the story about baby bear finding its real dad.... - Jung Do In (the Shaman/Fortune Teller) People still in the dark - - Chae Duk Shil - she'll regret what she did telling the grandfather that Ji Min is OTY's son. It will cost her dearly. She was already warned by OTY to not to do anything that concerns Ji Min. - Jang Wul Chun - I hope it is not serious his fainting and that he recovers from the shock. After all he is supposed to be smart, so I would think that he would be able to add 1 + 1 as regards to Ji Min being the son of OTY. After the shcok he should be able to realize that the DNA specimens were done in his presence and no way the test was falsified. It will make him wonder why SW wanted the test done between him and JM and not between KI and JM. And if the test proved that JM is his great grandchild and OTY is his father then what about Kang Il? I hope he does a DNA test secretly on KI and himself. - the Goof Troop - Hwang Bum Shik
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    Thank you @ibru for sharing the info on JS's reading quest. @kiyimae Yes, I have noticed that he has somewhat tone down his aegyo elements. During the last couple of FMs, could see that he was more composed and calm, in terms of speech and emotions (during interviews), except for the teary sessions which he could not hold back. I believe he STILL has this big, playful kid in him. And what I like to say is that amazingly, he has this wonderful ability to emote within seconds, in charming us with his sex appeal, matured and all, and be kiddy the next. Of course, now going into his 30s, he is now more confident , manlier and hopefully bolder.
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    #2 and #4, strong contenders, no?
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    Haven't had a chance to watch yet as my other drama had its finale. But this is going to break my heart - not quite sure what is happening but moments before the truck of doom comes along, HR tries to distance himself from Lucca...but from how emotional HR was he was likely trying to protect Lucca. But urghhh ... preview
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    Now where is that cruise video? Come to Mama! I haven't got the time to scour social media today to get ahold of their photos or videos.
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    @triplem Yea, i was hoping the devil's plan backfire. In turning HR back, maybe then he will realize it's not so bad living as SDC. Although, I know many 66 years old, and they don't look like SDC either so I feel like they overdid it with aging especially if we look at LCR. Maybe the story will turn into saving the Devil as well since he also has a lesson to learn. Since the story of Devil also kind of different, it would be interesting if HR also was his reason for his fall from grace and he is a newly turned Devil. This would also explain his lack of knowledge and relationship with HR. I just fine his argument that all humans are evil weird since his thing is about punishment to evil and sparing good to begin with.
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    -2 finally im watching 'King Avatar' lols
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    Such a great idea! Kudos to you for thinking about it and organising it. 942
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    Apparently yes. The owner have some complaint Anyway I hope Garlic 2.0 receive same amount of love compare to its predecessor . https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/09/05/china-introduces-first-cloned-kitten/amp/ 956
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    958 @sushilicious egg roll dogs? Omg!
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    i like romance and felt this drama rooting for prosecutor since she seemed to have some history with the sub.... I haven't seen the last episode yet but i suspect he will turn to full time teacher at same school... or become principle.
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    @Lmangla I think ES as a character is going flat, frankly. MS, on the other hand, has gone from flat to interesting pretty early on, and has kept developing. He is determined, and Shady Mom is being so slow! Why is the comment thread so quiet when so much interesting stuff is happening? Jenny is waking up, the aunt and EJ may have been angry, but they weren’t unreasonable since an apology was in order, and the grandpa is old and attached to ES. In fact, I was surprised at the aunt. I thought she would want ES out of the house for good. And Ae Young is making sure the baby survives and that the aunt will know. Ae Young’s facial expressions were so funny, though, and the way she defected YM was masterful. And everyone in his family except his mother is suspicious of Young Man. And I’ve already commented on Ji’s subsconcious recognition of Kyung Ah.
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    Heh, no. "Go Go Squid," "Gank Your Heart," and "The King's Avatar," are all e-sports related dramas that aired around the same time as each other but they actually each center around different types of computer games/competitions. Which is probably a really good thing!
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    This role is made for Soohyang, I love her fashion in every scene! The "Mo-Seok Hee" style outfit will sell out at departmental stores!
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    Just checked out some raw cuts on eps 16 So it seems Tak had some dirt on the driver/ assistant - he brought up Yang Ki Chul and I think he pretty much convinced the guy that Song would put the blame on the driver causing the driver to betray Song. Song is not going to go down without a fight of course. He met up with his cronies ( the ones whom he sponsored ) while they were in detention.I am not sure what deal he struck with them but I think he escaped from being implicated. He definitely has many connections and strings he can pull - even with the police chief Song had some evidence to get the driver arrested. Love this scene - JYM finding the courage to face Tak and tell him off. Her courage ticked him off and I think is the catalyst for his downfall. So after the trigger from JYM...Tak got agitated and started to look for her...he went to SYA's house asking for JYM's whereabouts. He kidnapped SYA but long story short...TK and the rest managed to save SYA As I had guessed this lunatic man will be responsible for his own downfall...but not that he'd suffer much , he was hospitalised in a very luxurious suite Will continue recaps in next post...
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    I just completed eps 15 and will be checking the IG cuts for eps 16 shortly . Ironic that the episode started with Song thinking he had an upper hand over Tak but at the end it was Tak who checked mate him . I knew the second that Song started beating his assistant for disobeying his order , the latter would betray him. No surprise there that Tak seems to be winning - buying out the witness for the methanol case, discrediting JYM's testimony, getting the assistant to throw Song under the bus. I used to think that Song was the more conniving of the two but Tak is not to be underestimated. Coming to think of it the only thing that can bring Tak down is himself - the urge for him to torture the ladies will probably be his downfall. I remember Song once said that TK's weakness was that he had a soul which I Guess is referring to TK's conscience. I think that too is Song's weakness. His driver had a point- why keep TK around? The answer lies in what Dae Jin told TK - Song would not have killed Tae Ju if he had known that TJ was the one who had protected Dae Jin . So I am guessing that he feels indebted to TJ , and finding out later that TJ was Dae Jin's best friend cause him to feel that he wronged his son. Keeping TK alive was him paying penance. Also over time, I do think that Song came to like TK and genuinely had a soft spot for him. -------------------------------\ From the wrap up party
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    -2 not bad....quite like the graphic so far...
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    Yeah I think SW will find out on EP 95 now Also of course JH did what I expected he is a selfish piece of garbage him doing this is the final nail in what little is left of that relationship when she finds out. @lu09Yep I knew GH would want to meet the dad lol is plan backfire,I am guessing SW and GH will find out together maybe?
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    952 FP gank nostalgia ah now? Me no plastic bag no... ameera... suffocated
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    We need a side by side of that wannabe first grade soul pop star and IG for an imitation vs reality meme
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    +2 just by the way she posted her private matters and conversations on IG, it is an indication of someone who has mental problems. 1. She needs attention 2. she needs support from people to think that she is right. she wants to be judged that she is right. normal mature people will not be like this. if you are celebrity, I mean a celebrity with class, look at SHK. people don't know what happened and you keep shine.
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    Around 40's, matured and still IN in the industry https://www.soompi.com/article/1343335wpp/ahjussi-crushes-15-handsome-actors-we-cant-believe-are-around-40?fbclid=IwAR1t1ZhIJC5J2cGtkpd6V7OtmL0cxBboZ6eK5FfKfeCkKhDRsFgRjWMqdhI Lee Dong Wook will turn 38 on November 6th. Here he is daring you to zoom out.
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    Translation of the video of my life facebook.com/174811379241426 trans by @sharon_khj
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    I still can't see NJW as bad somehow. But I also can't see YJ as completely good. This is one confusing plot for sure.
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    Thank you for the warm welcome @gumtaek.. When pronounce in other way, my nickname represent my real name, since ç in ancient javanese alphabet read like the alphabet 's' I still get so amazed how I continue agree with most of things written here... From 16xx pages available, i still read page 16, it is like reading a long novel that has great story in it and make me feel excited in every page. On earlier post a fan said that PBG voice in singing ballad would feel like a warm blanket, and it even said before our Bo gum record any song.. I started my days going to work with 45 minutes motorbike-riding while listening his songs. My favourite is everytime every moment.. It is truly felt like a warm blanket. I can enjoy traffic jam because of that.. ♡♡
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    It's not the fact that she doesn't love him anymore because he is not her real son. The real reason why JH is pissed off and doesn't consider KI as her son anymore is because KI knew everything and is working along with his dad. If he truly considered her as a mother, then he would have told her the truth in the first place or made sure not to harm her bio son and grandchild in anyway. In her eyes, he is no better than his father now because these idiots were holding her grandson as a hostage so that SW stays put. Second of all, TJ, KI bio father is still trying to harm TY and JM. Not only that, we have KI bio mom living as TY mother in law shamelessly in their neighborhood, next door... I'm sorry to say this but if I were in her position, realistically or not, I won't be able to look at him the same way as before, let alone forgive him for his part in this mess. As for TY, I don't think he is close to JH yet. Both are getting to know each other and JH wants to make sure that he feels comfortable with her. I like their baby step relationship even though they are trying to hide the fact that they are a mother and son.
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    Today's episode, oh my goodness! I was prepared for fluff and angst alike, thanks to last week's cliffhanger + all the cute photos we got beforehand. But I wasn't prepared for the way Haeryung's reaction hit me! Of course, we know she's independent and prefers her freedom, but to hear her actually say she didn't wanna be tied down. Awwww... I LOVED the final scene, though, with Yi Rim taking a stand and declaring his love. Purposely having it recorded in the sachaek! Babyyyyy. Anyway, this cements my thought that he won't want to be King even if it turns out to be his birthright. He would rather not get married at all and travel freely with Haeryung as she wishes than tie himself OR her down to a marriage under palace rules. Also, I thought y'all were just joking about Sahui being one of the wifely candidates, but OMG. Here we are! Triple crown of angst for Haeryung/Yi Rim, Haeryung/Sahui, and Sahui/Yi Jin. I'm so here for it! But at the same time, I'm wondering that Queen Dowager and Second State Councilor are trying to get out of Dowon's marriage with their respective candidates.
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