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    Regardless of whether he simply is uncomfortable with being paired with other women because of Somin or not I simply think it's annoying to be pigeon holes into lovelines on shows. Remember how long it took Gary to be comfortable as well as JiHyo initially? Lovelines are the quick fix to always have something to bring up. That said when you get really good at variety and wit like Gary did lovelines pigeon holes you into a certain character and limit natural interaction with other people. Kim Jo g Look had so many lovelines and a main one during Xman cause he was an awkward little muscle man in the day who barely talked and just smiled. The lovelines was a quick fix to get him to talk since it was an easy way to tease. They did it in Family Outing with both of the girls for Kim Jong Kook as he was extremely unadjusted post-army as well as coming into the show later than the others. During Running Man it's been clear Kim Jong Kook has improved to a point where he doesn't need that crutch. His banter is great and ESPECIALLY after the news of him being kicked off the show was repealed he's branched off to do more and more to flex his MC/showmanship skill. The last thing he would want regardless of being in a relationship or not is to be forced into a lovelines which will end up dictating his dialogue instead of him dictating his own. Same with Somin. She's an absolute natural who doesn't need it she is funny when paired with anyone and goes for a jokey flirt with every preety guy gag going. I don't see why she needs it. Song JiHyo needs a lovelines or at least needed it because of the same reason KJK needed it in the past. She simply doesn't talk enough and when you don't talk enough or interact and put something into the dialogue there is nothing for the others to bounce off of you. That being said I have noticed her being a bit better about it and the spartace moments of this episode were clearly jokey and emphasized friendship and the idea of that ship over them actually being a couple which was the part that was hard to sit through due to pure artificial nature of it.
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    i cant seem to let go hotel de luna yet... and while rewatching it came to me JMW had wait for CS for 1300 years were sometimes he felt lonely of course she not loving cs so it make her life were so lonely...while CS will wait less than that and rather lonely missing her pieces of her memory make sometime make his put a smile without him realize... . it did occur to me why dont both of them drink the water but i gues it doest work as if CS drink it will became normal drink since the drink had tight MW soul in the tree . I glad both busier with their life it seem both of them move on except me..T.T YJG with campus and LJE with concert hoping this project make them open up new friendships that long lasting
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    Im proud with your legal defense strategy. Join my lawfirm @cenching She post new IG again btw lol. +2
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    Unfortunately a lot of people (mostly women) are still stupporting her and don´t want to see reason under the disguise of feminismus. And some are even twisting informations to villainize him more. When he came out to defend himself, they said that he is lying but now that he is staying quite they are saying that it´s proof that everything that she said is true. He has not comitted any crime (at least none that we know of) but they are making him to be the worst human being on this earth. +2
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    In this drama I have a great dislike for the 3 mothers. Each intervine in the children's life making/forcing decisions on their children without taking into account the people around them. As for GH and SW relationship I see that they will come a couple sooner rather than later as it is the best way to protect YR. Even if the families do not approve I feel their instincts as a father and mother will make them strong enough to go down the path of being a family. This in turn will allow SH and GJ to be together. In this drama the reason why I would, will like to see that GH and SW come together soon, is so that they go through the obstacles together. In these drama there is always reconciliation. So with that being the case I want to see a good part remaining episodes focus on how GH and SW choosing to separate from their families and making them realise this is the right path for GH,SW and YR.
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    Since I am still at work let me keep this real brief. Everyone is hoping that Sang Won notices the picture that Youreum has somehow of Bora and recognize her or that Geum Hui sees it and realizes who Bora is and Youreum's relationship with Sang Won. But I am wondering if that is the only picture that can tie the two up. What I mean by this is that does anyone remember one of the sketches that Youreum made in his sketch book. From what it looked like to me was a picture of an island? or land facing the see and a tree on that land. What does that picture remind people of. The answer would be the place where Bora was buried. If Sang Won were to ever see that picture wouldn't he be reminded of the same thing since he was actually there. Perhaps that might get him to investigate further and then somehow discover that Bora and Youreum are related. He might be the one to show him the picture of Bora that he has and thus learn that he is his son.. Then again perhaps I am reading to much into nothing and it is also possible that I didn't get a good glimpse of his drawing. Anyway take care all of you. Cant wait to go home and watch the latest episode. Been delayed at work unfortunately.
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    @dramaninja thanks for the videos, you are so enthusiastic about the drama Personally I prefer it than the other dailies (a place in the sun, and shady mom) I hope SW sees the photo YR is carrying
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    There must be a possibilities that they will not tell jimin yet the truth about his birth in order not to hurt him, we know that jimin loves KI so much and it will really hurt him if he will know the truth, that's also the reason why SW dont want TY to know about their son, but we dont know what are the people around him will do, we know that DS and her mother wanted jimin to hurt SW and also minjae family are eager to get rid of jimin in yangji group successor..
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    Don't worry about him his cat will tell him When life gives you ( boobs) oops mean lemon , make lemonade friend @Sejabin I am back to this woman boobs problem -2
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    If this is real, I'd feel more emotional if I re-watch the scene again knowing they added their own ad libs. Also, @circulate9oo on Twitter is starting to translate the BTS
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    Agree with @lanieqp that they should watch HOD. Jong Suk may have his flaws but when you watch him in each of his drama, there is something deep inside himself that is struggling to come out, that you can't help feeling for each character portrayed was not of Jong Suk but the roles he was carrying out. I read that audiences could tell the difference in each character, the feel of his soul , namely Han Tae Sun, Park Soo Ha, Dr Park Hoon, Kang Chul, Jung Jae Chan, Cha Eun Ho and so many more. As @ibru shared above , from the fans and even writers / scriptwriters - they were so grateful and wanting to cast him in their dramas. Have read positive comments from some PD-nims ; the most recent one from RIABB who said Jong Suk could understand the scripts even better that he himself. Here allow me to share Jshine's post tonight where you can just see his longing gaze. His eyes, yes, speak volumes!
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    Two Peas In A Pod... They have so much in common believe that love is for their taking no matter who it is or how the other person feels. That their own wants, needs and actions can outweigh even the truth and reality. Both willing to do what ever it takes no matter how cruel or low they are willing and able... SM succeeded to take GH's husband because of his weakness in falling in lust with her a woman he didn't even know. Who later he realized was full of lies and deceit proving once again that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. That once you experience REAL LOVE even lust and matching pajamas can't erase that sense of happiness and love you once had but took for granted and betrayed... The other SG is running around like a crazy desperate woman trying to pretend that surely it has to be someone else's fault that SW doesn't love her. Even when GH hit the nail on the head in telling her to wake up and smell the roses. If it hasn't happened in all this time it's not about others, it's about you... Just like SM though now it's not about love at all. It's about ego and more of a challenge in not being beat no matter how far she must go. It's that they both have no idea what love really is or how to give it to others... That even in winning like SM, it's really losing because you can't hold onto a heart you achieved through lies or be something your not no matter how you hide. Or like SG You can't force yourself no matter how hard you try unless the other person opens up the door to their heart from the inside...
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    She know the name but the face didnot know plus they nevee meet when TY married DS
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    I don't know whether the director is doing this on purpose. Im Siwan feels really short. Usually male leads are taller than some minor characters. Maybe my eyes are getting used to seeing those so him shoter than minor characters sometims irritated me. 814
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    I agree Even JH's mom wasn't narrow-minded when she accepted GJ (at the beginning) I feel so sorry for GJ and SK, their story was simple GH's story is more complicated, so I am not surprised
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    "Welcome 2 Life" PD Kim Geun-hong, "Producing a Ground-Wave Drama Is Like Dancing on Blades" "Welcome 2 Life" PD Kim Geun-hong spoke about the ground-wave drama crisis theory. The press premiere of the MBC drama "Welcome 2 Life" was held at the MBC M Lounge in Seoul, Mapo on the 2nd. PD Kim Geun-hong as well as actors Rain, Lim Ji-yeon, Kwak Si-yang and Shin Jae-ha were there. PD Kim started talking about the crisis of ground-wave dramas by saying, "The dramas don't live up to viewers' expectations, and second is the danger of the environment. Ground-wave dramas must abide by the broadcasting regulations, so it feels like dancing on blades. The drama is bound to become dull and calm due to prior deliberation and video review". "Viewers watch a lot of reality-filled videos on YouTube and other means of entertainment. We're trying to differentiate ourselves from this", he said. "I think the crisis will change due to changes in the system and the production environment". "We don't have the same conditions as general service channels or cable. We think of it as a transition period and will find a way to overcome it". Source : stoo.asiae.co.kr/arti... Translation : Hancinema
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    I could hardly wait to find out Song’s true intention. With only 2 eps left I have to guess Song is planning to bring down the corrupt officials and do something about Tak. But what Dae Jin said to Song about his difficult time and Tae Joo made me think about their past relationship. It’s clear they care about each other deeply. Song said what he did was for his son, Dae Jin. But it seems Song was so absorbed in revenge that he didn’t notice what was happening to Dae Jin. Maybe Song did it for himself because he didn’t want to go back to his powerless life. In EP7(ep4) Song tells TK: “You hid behind your brother and pretended to be tormented. But you went on and enjoyed the life that you chose to live. You didn’t want to go back… to your powerless and penniless life… You hypocrite.” Also Song says “Humans choose between good and evil… based on need, not conscience,” ((which TK later showed that he couldn’t accept Song’s assertion.)) http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201909030815130310
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    Upcoming romantic scenes with our couple! A bit of spoiler for the appearances of these 3 actors (Yoon Jong Hoon, Lee Seung Ho, and Kim Hyeon Soo) in the next episode.. Sources: http://m.kjdaily.com/article.php?aid=1567465376482091208 http://www.m-i.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=634763
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    https://www.soompi.com/article/1350088wpp/dispatch-reveals-texts-between-ku-hye-sun-and-ahn-jae-hyun-from-the-past-year Coockooo.....coockoooo...... +2 Add. She is accusing "actress" or "actresses" having affairs with the man....Last year his co star was Lee DaHee and now is Ah YeonSeo....I hope LDH will sue her too.....She is digging her own grave with her keypads....
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    Not sure who else is still around on this thread. It’s been a busy few days so I’ve only just managed to watch the last episode. By and large, I think it was wrapped up quite nicely with each of the staff’s stories all neatly concluded and them passing on to the afterlife. I’m not quite so sure I know how to interpret the very final scene with CS and MW though. I have a few questions too if there’s anyone around to answer them (sorry if they’ve already been answered — I’m very slowly back reading the posts): 1. What exactly were the favours that Yuna asked from Mago? Had it to do with the number of lilies she came back with for YJ? 2. Were all those people in the last scene reincarnations of the crew? But if they had only just passed into the afterlife a few months prior, would they have already been reincarnated at that age of young adult/adulthood? 3. Same goes for MW and CS in the last scene — was she back already? Or do we take it as a philosophical proposition that life moves on and CS, like all the others, will somehow find love again with someone, whoever it may be? CS was going to move to New York. Presumably for work, now that whatever he was meant to do in Korea is done. We don’t really know if he might’ve gone back to Mago for another dose of the meds so he would not be able to see spirits anymore, though the reality is that not unless he wants to work at Blue Moon, there’s no more real need to see spirits anymore. After all, MW has passed on to the afterlife already. Cant decide if I like the ending or not... edit: OK. I just read @nastyacolors00‘s post on the interview with the Hong sisters. I think it all makes sense now. Seems a sad ending to me though...
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    Hahaha Tangmo Paaaan! Lurking on IG and Twitter and Soompi for photos and videos of their reward vacation starts this afternoon/evening KST. Even in the BTS, there's none showing the sleeping on the bed scene. I feel so cheated as a viewer. But they showed their good chemistry in the clips. So sad about IU crying really hard, even covering her face, but also laughed out loud when YJG wasn't able to carry her.
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    ohhhh VP and Miso house looks really beautiful with their wedding photo
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    If this how Korean society thinks, then they are prejudiced. I am very disappointed
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    Episode 3: "The Price of a Family" When it's more family drama with political implications. I like this drama. I enjoyed the episode. I like the writing. sc cr: kdramaunnie_ Dae Han decides to be the legal guardian for the children. He's really n biologicial father of Da Jung. It's going to be ugly with latter episodes, I can already see the predicament he's going to face. He better redeem himself to the children. I said previously, Dae Han had that light bulb moment again. He's going to use the children to clean up his image be rosy again to voters. It's not out of concern for the the children as it is more for himself. Once the voters warms up to him and he got desired numbers in the polls, and if the real father shows up, without batting an eyelash he said it's even better, he will hand them the kids. In politics you either have to lie to get by or be true to yourself and take the risk. In Dae Han's case, he has to lie and take the risk. The reason for Dae Han to take tin 4 children will be his downfall or his rise up. It all depends on how the he is portrayed by the media or how voters view him. Dae Han told his friend. he's "going to milk the media" in other words to exploit the situation for his own benefit using the children. But Bong Joo ( his friend and aide) warned him already it will be weird rathern than heartwarming but Dae Han is adamant to lose the reprobate son image. Bong Joo questioned him why he must go this far. It's his pride. His pride was shot. Kang Joon Ho told Dae Han he can do better in politics and beat him. So with that, he decided he'll do anything to gain voters trust and win the next election and beat Joon Ho (they've been rivals since high school). DaeHan not wanting to appear like a- down on his designated driver after losing election- wanted to prove to Joon Ho that it will not happen. He doesn't want Joon Ho to get a seat in the assembley. But little did Dae Han know. Joon Ho doesn't want to run for office, enter politics. He quuestioned his father if it's true Da Han mom's store was kicked out. The father said people lie to get what they want and that many in politics are like that ( Hello Dae Han!?) they spread likes and make them up as truth. He told his father the reason why he doesn't want to run is because "politics ruins people". Joon Ho character feels like there's resent for poltics and to the father. During that flashck in Ep 1 when Dae Han beat him to be top one in their class, he looks sad. He even questions his father why he's never around and alway put politics first. I'm going to assume he did not have good emotional support from the father when he was growing up. I also think he knows that his father has done some wrong things for the sake of career and politcs. The father doesn't even seem care about his mother too. But you know when you're in the political lime light one must present (or pretend) an ideal family. But Da Jung is smart. I knew she'd find outwhy he changed his mind and why they were taken in. I'm confused however. Paternity showed Dae Han is not the biological father but she was talking to this guy (Hyuk) on the phone ( not sure what's the relationship though) she told him she wanted to see her biological father but found out he's not well off even took her siblings and realize it was shock to him (Dae Han). So, she's sure Dae Han is the father? because that's what the mom told her or.. it could be someone else, she doesn't really know and the mom could have lied. So Dae Han already knows that she knows by he took them him, Da Jung wanted a contract. A written contratc that has father and daughter relationship and that he and siblings will be with him until she graduates becomes independent. That Da Jung will not do anything as to disgrace Wi Dae Han and will also appear on tv with him when necessary. They also agreed not to leak information to third party but Da Jung wanted an exception if duties are not fulfiilled. She will blabber to everyone that it's all just for one big show. And you know how media are, once they're fed lies. Hah. And so begins the journey of reparing reprobate image. Articles appeared Wie Dae Han has become father of four, interviews, being seen at stores with the children. Some are scoffing it off as just a show ( they caught on too fast) but others are seeing him in different light. There are interviews for him and he's ranked hight in the searh engine. And the last scene, Tae Poong the little cute boy, playing with rc , crossing the street but there's a truck of doom and Dae Han saw him, and run to save the boy. And yes,we can probably guess, he'll be hero. Preview to the episode he's being called "National Dad" I'm just confused who is the real father of Da Jung. Looking forward to episode 4 sub.
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    Oh my, when I open IG MBC now and saw these pictures.. and turns out it’s already posted here as well. Thanks @shunniefor the pictures! Really can’t wait for Wednesday to come! This couple is so sweet. And Yi Rim is really sweet also to HR in these pictures...
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    Hello all, I am finding this drama is very interesting as the female lead is portrayed to have strong will, gutsy, brave and all of that characters of a warrior princess. Love her! The romance with prince Dowon is sweet, she seems to be the one who is wearing the pants in the relationship but that could change in coming episodes where the prince is taking more initiatives as the King uses marriage to put Prince Dowon on his place. When it counts, Dowon will step up,.... which is nice. Another couple that I am rooting is Sa-Hee and the Crown Prince. I know that he already has a Crown Princess however this marriage seems like a political one and looks like one sided love. I feel sexual tension between Sa-Hee and Crown Prince whenever they are together, and both somehow have an understanding. I can't wait to see if this relationship is going anywhere....
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    Lee Seung-gi is on the chase for Vagabond in new stills by tccolb New stills have been released featuring Lee Seung-gi (Hwayugi) in SBS’s upcoming action-thriller Vagabond. Also starring in the drama, although not featured in this set of stills, are Suzy (While You Were Sleeping) and Shin Sung-rok (Perfume). The story is centered around Lee Seung-gi’s character, who starts off in the drama as a stuntman working towards the dream of becoming an action star like Jackie Chan some day. But his life is thrown upside down when his young nephew dies in a tragic plane crash and he is devastated to have lost his only family left in the world. Although the government reports the crash as just an accident, Lee comes across evidence that points to a terrorist attack and he sets out on a dangerous mission to uncover what really happened. In the newly released stills, we see Lee Seung-gi involved in some kind of a chase and they show him sporting facial injuries, fighting, and riding a top a car. The shots were taken from this past year, when the cast and production team were filming overseas in Morocco and Portugal. And, in fitting with the role, Lee Seung-gi completed almost all of the stunts himself without using a double. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/09/lee-seung-gi-is-on-the-chase-for-vagabond-in-new-stills/
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    It's sad that Oh Je got outed like that... I'm scared what will happen next. As issues like this are not well received in conservative South Korea...and they're known for school bullies too.. Ro-Mi's done a complete 180, it's so sudden LoL. Whatever, I'd take it. She's nicer to Pil-Sung now eheh. The whole Romeo-Juliet thing is so overdone. I don't know what's wrong with Jun-Woo's dad? He looked like he wanted nothing to do with him, which is a shame. Honestly I'd never understand good kids with bad parents..
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    Well with the message exchange it has confirmed my suspicions that she’s the unstable one and he’s getting out coz he just can’t deal with her anymore. I think all the stuff she’s accused him of happened in her mind. Reading the texts objectively I cannot find anything that can justify her accusations? She’s seeing things she wants to see. Guess we’ll find out when she dishes out the “evidence” of his cheating ways (which she claims to have). She’s desperately clinging onto him. The texts convey her obsession with knowing where he is all the time. Why didn’t you text me? Why didn’t you reply straight away? Sounds like the twin of @Dhakra‘s last female friend. 824
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    I used to think she is mentally unstable. I doubt about it now after seeing she sucessfully hold exhibition, her book now become news to show and deciding to go hiatus from entertainment industries. Girl is going all out in bring him down plan… -2
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    What to expect when the character is written as an ordinary man. One don’t expect an ordinary man to jump around like a ninja do you? We are interfering with the life of the character, the character even started off with a VO to introduce the story & even himself. It’s pretty clear that the camera shots are guiding people to allow them to know that: ‘’There is this ordinary guy, living a ordinary Seoul life, who has no money to pay for those expensive apartments, he has to ride public transports to get to places, his luggage’s wheel even broke. To indicate that his life is poor. Then they tell you that this ordinary man used to be in army, and he had some terrible things happened to him. He came to Seoul having not enough money thus he has to stay in the studio.” This is a clear indication that he is standing out way more then the rest to indicate that he is the leading man.story Writer can’t just throw all their puzzle pieces at the start, because there will be nothing left to show. One should understand that this is an adaption of the webtoon. Webtoon is like this, they don’t go all so fancy straight on the first few episodes. So don’t expect things to happen immediately like all other dramas. Btw this is me after reading on a website ^ 820
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    OMG the best parallel story! He’s now pursuing her but I am dying for Dong Tae as I also like him for Si On! Jae Sang finally awake that type of work, fame, money will never bring happiness!
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    Park Hae Jin deserves this. After all the drama, hardship endured with the controversy of Four Men, he was able to finish a complete one without problems. And he's going to be rescue worker. We're going to watch this. ❤️️ The story plot from page 1 “Secret” is about an male air rescue worker from the 119 special rescue team who dreams of accumulating assets over 5 trillion won (approximately $4,470 million) and a female doctor who finds true happiness and love after joining Miryung Forest, where people with painful pasts gather. “Secret” is a new drama about people with realistic desires, each of whom harbor emotional scars from their own unhappy memories, gathering in a special space called the “forest.” Their scars slowly begin to heal as they discover the true meaning of happiness and learn to love themselves and others.
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    Koala's Playground's article about The Tale of Nokdu's teaser. http://koalasplayground.com/2019/09/03/first-teaser-for-the-tale-of-nokdu-plays-up-male-lead-jang-dong-yoons-pretty-disguise-and-manly-stares/#more-98342
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    Holding hands in IU's personal account https://mobile.twitter.com/bukantetanggamu/status/1168742701040189440
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    Ok, uspjela sam. Budući da me na forumu nije bilo duže vrijeme, zaboravila sam neke tehničke stvari Inače, pogledala sam film Parasite. Možda ste čuli da je to prvi korejski film koji je osvojio nagradu na festivalu u Canessu. Gledateljima se sviđa, ima čak 9 na MDL. Osobno ne mogu reći da ga preporučujem, jer me tako duboki filmovi više ne privlače, no možda se vama svidi. To je jedan od onih filmova koje ne možete lako zaboraviti. Glumačka ekipa je odlična. Pretpostavljam da bi Mitzi odgovarao.
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    Finally ohje tells daeen he likes guys Deen really proved to be the best girl he could have ever come across
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    YR had his mother's photo all the time, GH sees it, and asks YR: who is this?
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    GIF’s from today’s episode Choi Kwang-II look Hot Oh Tae -Yang Smirking very sexy
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    The title should be "Apartment From Hell".... A week in there I would probably died from complications of bladder infections and constipation due to toilet phobia, skin allergy causes by mold dust mites combo, Rhinitis Asthmatic Bronchitis Tuberculosis due to horrible air, and heart attack from the weirdo resident.... I would say that the scariest part of this drama so far is the filthy condition of the apartment.... RIP me.....
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    D-Day! Dentist Seo Moon Jo, finally we'll meet you today. Wookie is sending greetings to viewers and asking for support for his new challenge. Please, watch the first Ep today at 10.30 KST! It's a 10-episode series on OCN channel. “ Strangers from Hell ” / " Hell is other people " will air every Saturday and Sunday night at 10:30
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    Yunno, TY has been buying up cheap Yangji stock - it dropped in price because of the merger - so, he will get a larger foothold in the company behind CTJ and KI’s backs. He is going to use that to rip the company up somehow and kick those two out.
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    There is a story about SookHee or her mother. Grandpa definitely does not respect her at all. I think he must have loved JH mother a lot and SH mother must have been like DK - I want this man and gotten pregnant. HE did not want to leave his child in the lurch or may be SH mom came and made a scene and JH mom must have taken her in. Don't know what it is, but I am sure will be brought to light soon. But not until their family is more secure and able to disclose the switch and have JM safe. HE will be in turmoil knowing that TY is the real heir and that CTJ knew about it even the first time. I hope they start researching outside and find out that CTJ is real scum . Because, he will like, apologize and twist the words and get away with it. Now that KI is the head of Yangi, how will they get it back from him? How about JH shoes in the park? Loved those.
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