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    The episode hasn't even aired but I think it's safe to say these two are total fails at the "secret" part of ~secret romance~. I mean...
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    Let's celebrate differences of opinions here chingu-deul. Everyone is welcome to extend their opinion, the more the merrier, and we might also realize things we didn't realize by our own. So far I had fun sharing with everyone my thoughts, opinions and theories as everyone here are very open to all kind of possibilities. HDL is a fantasy and magical drama allowing us to share the beauty of diverse opinions and perspectives about the drama, the plot and the characters, let's respect each opinion and have fun of discussing about anything until they answer the remaining questions for us. Let's have fun till the end guys! Hahaha Most importantly, let's pray for the actors and staffs to finish the filming in good health and safely.
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    It is the similar to IU personal IG nickname (dlwlrma). IU like to do lateral translation from korean to English
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    The previews doesn't look good we have a patient will try to kill herself, cyh sickness is worset I dont think it incurable but the fact that if he has to admit his CIPA if he going to get treatment that why I think he said how much I can keep being a doctor ( I hope soo at least) But like so much scene from this episode 1. When CYH made the lawyer give ride to sy as he was worry about her 2.when still follow them and made sure that sy in her house safe 3. When that night he didn't do check up on himself neither he connected the mechanics to his body it kind of sad he just didn't want to do his daily routine in day like this he wanted to enjoy the feeling of being normal to enjoy the voice over of Sy saying she like him 4. I like how sy was there to help him, she over come her fear on him and think too about his wish to hide his CIPA and take him to another hospital 5. I like how sweet his voice and eyes keep going on more when he talk to her like in his house 6.and finally I like how he didn't dare to reject her feeling directly yet( I doubt he can do that ever) he just indirect said that his not answering is answer and thank her for her feeling The nurse and the prosecutor if there when reason I think I want that patient to die is for them to feel he wrong there doing playing with her feeling and sending her there but no I prefer saving life thah wishing for one to die no matter how useful that can be , to make sure I am not like them at least But I am really afraid that cyh will had to help that patient to die if she go to the limit of trying to kill herself specially that he know he dont have so much time as doctor
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    YH goes through that dizzy slipping down the stairs thingy when he meets the reporter. But because the reporter senses something is not right, he tries to follow YH. YH gets out at one of the floors and SY gets off the lift at the same floor and sees him struggling on the ground. He collapses into her lap pretty much and tells her that the reporter is coming. But when the reporter reaches that floor he can't see YH anywhere. SY already dragged YH to the lift and they are going upstairs. Then later cut to Dr Lee driving SY and YH to some hospital outside. YH is warded. Results, nothing wrong including his CT (?) scan. Dr Lee drops YH off at his house. Then they go off. Later SY going to YH's house on her own and rings the bell. YH answers and let's her enter. -> insert a lot of nagging from SY to YH to get a proper check up with his personal doctor. YH keep insisting he is okay. He called her "Si Yeong-ah" for the first time >< >< >< wow. SY ask if he's refusing her help coz of her feelings for him. Whether they are a burden for her. That she will handle her own feelings (so he need not be bothered and should let her help). Then he said she's already helping by keeping his CIPA a secret, he's thankful for that and she's already doing enough for him.
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    Was wondering why its 98 pages already, hehe.... Let's just wait whats gonna happen in the next episodes before offering more theories... the facts as shown to audience, A. MW's best friend was killed B. MW killed the Princess C. CM seemed to like MW and had no choice but to marry the Princess D. MW was captured, and CM seemed to encourage her to live, so as to avenge her friends E. MW was in the bride room to kill CM and CM seemed to be ready for it, as he had his sword with him F. MW survived the carnage, And wanted to find the hotel/inn so that his dead friends souls were 'delivered' and she will then killed herself... however, G. Mago had different idea and made MW the owner of the hotel H. MW has been wondering aimlessly? Waiting for something.... for the next 1300 years until CS came... (in episode 1, she told CS that she is not dead)... Let hope the next 2 episodes will give us a bit of closure on MW and CM actual events...
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    Just for fun: "Description : Queen of diamonds The Queen of diamonds represents a powerful figure. She evokes a negative woman trying to force herself on everyone and in every domain. From a wealthy background, the Queen of diamonds is a bad omen and warns the consultant about the dangers brought by toxic relationships. Depending on the other cards from the reading, she can announce positive things. In the material world, the Queen of diamonds represents quick enrichment thanks to controversial means. Sometimes associated with sex, she can evoke libertinism." http://latin.cards/cartomancy/queen-diamonds.html --------------------------------------- "Description : Ace of clubs In cartomancy, the ace of clubs represents the strongest club card and symbolizes the occult power of this color. The ace of clubs relates to a state of well-being and peace of mind. The ace of clubs announces great spiritual satisfaction and a period of prosperity. It is a very good omen in every sphere of the consultant’s life, and brings down the negative power of the spades." http://latin.cards/cartomancy/ace-clubs.html
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    YH has a conference presentation on CIPA. Things seem to be going well until the microphone makes high-pitched sounds. Then he hears(?) ringing in his ears. And when it worsens, his vision gets blurry. Basically IDK what the problem is but the high-pitched echo from the mikes affect him. In front of the entire crowd (made up of Hanse Medical Centre people and not sure if there are outsiders?), he can't quite concentrate anymore and everyone realises something is not right with him. SY is the most worried. I'd like to think that the moment he realises something is wrong he looks at SY. Anyway, Prosecutor Son came to the venue (but didn't enter yet). -end-
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    Chan Sung needs a sexual awakening. His character is upright, earne st, ethical kind and chaste. He's based on a mythical character who is all these things. But the mold needs breaking in a romance, and we need some passion from him. This is shown in k dramas in the form of jealousy most often. I'll tell you though, one of the hottest scenes was right in episode one on the subway when MW leans over him and blows in eyes and ears. He's shaken by her at that moment, wondering if she'll make him her boy toy, and I got the sense he hated and loved it at the same time. My point is these actors do have chemistry, just watch that scene, but they're being written and directed differently, where trust not passion is primary.
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    Her posts are all Chansung this, Chansung that now.
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    You and me both! Idk but right from the start, I have and is and will lean to CS...even when some people are doubting IU and YJG's chemistry. Like I said before, I think for now CS is the best ML out there, at least for me. I'm totally in love with his personality. Hot YJG in wet hair ~ ...that's my concern as well, looks like he's too careful because he usually doesn't post photos with his female costars, unless it's a drama poster or anything related to his drama. He even posted a pic of him and Sanchez. Wish we could see him post a pic of him and IU behind the camera. And congratulations for learning how to paste IG links ... Awww...YJG's reply ^~^...totally loving all these convos between them. Creating a MW IG is the best idea they ever came up with. I feel like MW and CS romance is no different from IU and YJG's relationship. It's slow burn. Watching all those BTS vids, you can certainly see how they slowly warm up to each other. So I guess that also transpires on cam. Let's go, chingu-deuls~!!!...let's make it to 100 pages before ep 11 ...
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    @Ondine i love how CS responds! Is this the secret office romance we are going to get? They are giving us the icing already. Are we going to get the cake very soon?
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    Who would've thought that flowers blooming will elicit such naughty, naughty thoughts right? Laughed so hard the song is about a psycho. I think it's because there has been no real development in the romance department. I mean audiences can clearly see they have deep feelings for one another, and they've said it verbally although indirectly, but for me, I understand where they are coming from because of the lack of plot lines that would strengthen their bond or should I say show their sweetness or their love for one another. It's episode 10, for instance, and we only saw a hug. On the other hand, I'm okay with it because their love is meant to be that way. I mean, what's more meaningful than having a man see into your past and watch you willing to curse a woman, and still love you, and that last scene in episode 10 did warrant a hug and nothing more because it is a deep and innocent scene. So all in all, I get why they don't think there's no chemistry between the two, but on the other hand, I also see the chemistry and appreciate how their love unfolded over time. Slow burn. I just really wish they'd speed up with the romance part because man, it's taking too long. GUYS, TODAY IS THE DAY. Happy streaming/live recapping later!
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    I am sooooo excited it's finally the weekend (Friday night here) and Saturday is just around the corner. Hmmm...that Soompi article about the twist getting worried...nothing better happen to CS and WY/YS Well, we know MW will take care of things Fell into a rabbit hole on Youtube and came across this nicely edited video of Man Wol our tough, confident, sweet and spicy Hotel Del Luna owner. The editing is so good and I love the filters the creator used. Credits to XXZANABAEXX for making this totally awesome video. Oh yay! We made it to page 100
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    Human or Spirit? MW life from the past is full of hardships, the times of unrest.. life is hard ..and eventhough it's a kill-or-get-killed kind of existence, MW & YW are not really bad people, they're not hired killers or assassins, they're rebels trying to survive. MW only retaliated with the intent to kill was when she's avenging YW's death. I mean compared to that rotten Princess, who had more blood on her hands, she who ordered the execution of many just because she's in power...MW own rampage had valid reason. If the deities had to punish MW, well they have a lot of others to punish too during those times. I think MW was given this immortality, to exist for as long as she needs redemption for that sin branded on her. And that is by helping the spirits of the dead to pass on to their destinations. And I think she's still human, though along with the immortality there are powers given to her since she has to deal with these supernatural entities. There seem to be one ultimate mission though...and it has taken a thousand years to finally come full circle. Once that is done... what would be her final fate?
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    Drama Trivial : Did you know...? That things aren't always what they appear to be? At least, not just one dimensional, nor just one meaning. There are nuances, symbolism and cultural/religious representations, too. In the context of "Love & Destiny" (and in many other dramas too, esp. the ones in 3L3W universe/romance genre), did you know...? 1. 月亮 Moon Q: Have you ever wondered why Jiu Chen is constantly reaching out to the moon, and trying to grasp/support it? A: In Chinese literature, the moon represents many things. One of which, and commonly known, is a beautiful woman, such as LX/LM. 2. 蓮花 Lotus Flower Q: Have you ever wondered why LX/LM is shown as a beautiful maiden emerging or birthing from a lotus flower? A: In Chinese literature, the lotus flower represents purity and elegance. Also, of enlightenment, regeneration and rebirth (albeit in a more religious sense). All of these are personified in LX/LM. If you've watched "The Legend of Fuyao" (and many other C's), you would have seen a similar implied reference. 3. 桃花 Peach Blossom Q: Have you ever wondered why the peach blossoms are floating all around them, and they are chasing and trying to grasp them? A: In Chinese literature, the peach blossom represents emotions of love, a love affair. It's the central theme of "Love & Destiny", the manifestation of ChenXi CP's journey together as a destined couple. Just to name a few, inexhaustibly.
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    When Jang Man Wol has a better lovelife than you.... Hahhha the girl is flexing it.... okey, okey we got it, you are sooo happy...uh wait that's Lee JiEun... hahhha
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    seems like tonite’s ep is going to be fun i hope the serial killer case will just end off this weekend.. its going to be ep 11&12 and not many more left.. there are still many other cameos coming up.. if the serial killer plot continues, then it could really have been MG4 giving the final trial to MW.. she might hurt that guy if she tries to save CS and YS.. she was already worried she might explode from her anger and do great harm if she sees the reborn firefly guard in the previous ep.
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    Wait, I just realized that IU is teasing us in her latest IG post. She said she didn't water the tree but CS made the flowers bloom. OMG did CS did something to her for the flowers to blossom more? AND WHAT EPISODE DID THEY SHOOT TODAY?
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    hate the serial killer friend!!! he link CS and Park Young Soo!! but I know MW will be there to help the two...
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    Yeah, he apologised on his IG...but I doubt it will affect this drama. ----------------------- I am just glad that PMJ has his family. They mean everything to him and I am glad the so called scandal was not unnecessarily prolonged. I love the relationship between husband and wife - they both do not need words to perfectly understand each other.
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    Did anyone hear what the lawyer said to YH in his phone call?? I missed it because the damned on-air player went off and i had to refresh. And to think YH went all the way to the place where SY stays but he didn't go into her house omg >< --- Funny part: when SY arrived at the lift and saw the Fellow. Then the fellow called out a greeting to YH. But SY thought he is teasing her again and started getting mad. But YH is right behind her. Then I missed what happened >< And after YH got out of the lift (and only SY was left in the lift), he told her "thank you" to her confession. That "I'm thankful for those words". Then he walked for a bit, stopped, looked at SY's back in the lift. Suddenly his vision got topsy-turvy and he gripped onto the banister. He saw the lift carrying SY upstairs.
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    Because Jang Man Weol literally translates to Long Full Moon in korean..Jang=Long
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    The thing that actually bugged (not a word pun) me, though, is that someone said it's karma that CM was kept as a firefly forever/not allowed to be incarnated/going to hell for things he had done. But, it's rather poetic that someone (Mago, death god, whoever they are) decided to turn this evil son of a b-word into a firefly as a punishment. I mean, what a cute punishment. That's why I'm more onto the "he chose to be like that himself" theory.
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    I hope we get a kiss this week! I think it is time we get it Secret office romance..are you going to bring us one?? @Libby If that firefly shadow is indeed CM, my question is the same as your statement: was it his karma or did he choose to remain that way? Because it wouldn’t make sense for him to be a firefly unless it was his choice or he had no choice. At this point, it can go either way. I believe he is not CS’s reincarnation. My theory is that CM stayed behind, also for unfinished business. Or he is reincarnated and we will see him soon
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    ppc didn't follow the direction. ppc laughed out and said to the staff "when did you watch the movie?"(means the direction is old-fashioned.) there is no this bts in Korean ver. usually bts in Japanese ver is different from Korean ver. this is why i'm looking forward to Japanese ver dvd too.
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    I wonder what Jang Manweol has planned for that firefly!!!
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    Hello my chingus! Please remember that we are all open to discussion, and we all have to respect each other’s opinions. We can agree to disagree or we can extend our thoughts on other theories, even our own. But let us all continue to have fun together For me, I think MW is a ghost that can have a chance to be human again. For her to live 1000 years, she cannot possibly be human without aging. Thus, she has to be a ghost. But not an ordinary ghost like the ones who stays at the hotel. However we never saw her die so that is why I think she can be human again. If Mago can make anything happen to the way they see fit, perhaps they will make MW human in this time and existence.
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    Here's CS. I kinda want him to post photos with MW. I have been waiting for that but there's still none. Hahahaha true! Saying she wants to show the rainbow to CS is actually a confession. As for everyone's theories, actually at this point, anything is possible. There are so many scenes that haven't been revealed yet, particularly what happened after MW charged at CM with her sword. Between that and MW reaching the Moon Inn, there could be so many things that happened that we don't know. So I'm open to a lot, and anything is a possibility. MW could have died and is a ghost, MW could be human, MW could be in between and may turn into a vengeful spirit. CM could be a total baddie, or CM's actions could have been explained later when MW charged at him, etc. There's still so many to reveal so we can freely explore them until all the secrets are revealed. I JUST HOPE THE REMAINING STORIES MAKE SENSE AND WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE TO EVERYONE. I'M SCARED THE HONG SISTERS WILL RUIN THE ENDING. I HOPE THEY WON'T.
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    "Don't come near" - you're sure VPnim a lil sneak peek from the Japanese ver., look how she's holding onto him at 1:13
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    "Cries in Chansung"...that's brilliant! Here's the chatty recap of eps 9 and 10 at Dramas With a Side of Kimchi: https://dramaswithasideofkimchi.com/2019/08/16/chatty-recap-hotel-del-luna-ep-910/ Interestingly, four out of the five recappers don't feel that there is any romantic chemistry between the leads, just a strong friendship or sibling vibe. This seems to be the majority opinion in the comment sections in Dramabeans as well. It'll be interesting to see how they'll feel after this weekend's ~secret romance~ episodes.
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    All I heard was Koo Chanseong this, Koo Chanseong that!!!
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    Thanks for all the spoilers. I need to go to Dr. Cha's pain central. Dr. Cha, you have to stop my pain. Please go confess to Si Young and get married or something. My pain only increases every episode seeing your longing and yearning eyes for each other. I'm not sure I can handle this torture anymore.
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    Well, our heroine is also naive. She tried to be confident, but for a moment she just stared at the handsome captain. And, so her horse escaped.
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    I am not over analyzing, but it is way too obvious. The inconsistency between the takes. I know that those two takes are shoot on different time. It may on different days too. i know that they wanted to end his character and he is kinda died as 'hero' according to his driver but just that idk why they seems like making he was shot in the head. He can still be dead if he was shot at the heart.
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    Aw~ this is too cute for word They are taking their character very seriously even on social media. And YJG even uses his own ig instead of creating a different one for his character.
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    I know definitely @cenching prefer growna@@ men without makeup but I love the K pop group EXO-their musicality is out of this world and they have their own individual different looks. All handsome. My fave is Do Kyungsoo bcos he's a really shy caring person and loves cooking. Men who loves cooking definitely gets sexy merit points from me-a working mum. My husband no sexy here-he no love cooking. Just loves eating. . Do Kyungsoo is close friends with JIS my cyber husband after they filmed "It's Ok That's Love" together. He also starred in 100 days my prince. I enjoyed that drama. Not many episodes. Short and sweet. Wish it'd rain every Friday. I'm relaxing at home now for once. @nrllee Thanks for the info My cyber husband JIS told me that last month You are a v v v kind person-do you know that? If you don't, you do now-Seriously -you are a really GOOD person ! 844
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    You guys closely monitor page number. I don't even.... see.... haha.... Math fails. 846.
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    Sorry for cut your post. An interesting theory. Then, when CS and MW kissed, half of that kiss belongs to CM. Woohoo...I like it.
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    Started watching C drama Love and Destiny starring Chang Cheh and NiNi more out of curiosity cos it's Chang Cheh first TV drama ever. V slow moving and too many Gods to remember.Just watched 7 episodes. A bit disappointed in Chang Cheh cos he had v few facial expressions-mainly poker faces. TYOPB was better. This one has 60 episodes so I'm going to slowly wade thru it. I'm feeling an oppa drought right now. Haven't had time to watch any dramas much. So I'm going to switch to The King starring my fave oppa JIS. The other main star also v handsome but I've only got eyes for my JIS. Read JIS wants to get married. Wish I could send him my credentials-. But seriously if I was his wife, I wouldn't be able to handle seeing him kiss another woman on the screen. And if our children watches TV and ask why Papa is kissing another woman besides mummy, I'm gonna ask my husband JIS to explain it to our children. I don't think I can be an actor's wife. My Friday Clinic is purposely short bcos I want to look forward to the weekend. It's raining somewhere in KL and my patients have called in to say they'll be late. My nurse sweetly told them no stress, we'll reschedule. So I'm off early. Yay! 846 @angelangie You go, Girl ! Great Leader of SUB Team !
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    New stills Cyh wake up in shock to find himself wearing patient cloth in hospital and sy was beside him he was nervous but she was trying to be calm I think she take him to another hospital not their own Source P.s. is her hair look shorter in this picture or I am mistaken did the hair cut happen after the confession!! Okay it maybe my mistake from the angel of the photos
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    I enjoy hearing everyone’s opinion. I have my own thoughts but hearing others’ opinions makes me go “ah ha!” Or “I never thought or noticed that!” And I even thought Sanchez might be Yeon Woo. How wrong was I! I think the Hong Sisters are enjoying stumping us. Never have I watched a drama in which I can’t figure out how it’s going to play out. Usually most dramas we can pretty much figure out how it’s going to end. Not this drama! How fun is this! Thank you everyone for your input! Let’s have a second round of champagne, caviar, and double layer cake! Cheers!
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