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    Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense I mean the girl hints and hints and HINTS and hints some more I mean EVERYONE around him hint when it still doesn't work she even tells it straight AAAAAND? He doesn't get it I never thought I would say this but CS take some lessons from Mira!
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    After watching the sub for episode 10, I must applause Hong Sisters for their new perspective of writing the plot. I don't know is it just me or..... I just realize that the way Hong Sisters write the storyline and connect each story is to teach MW, for MW to learn the lesson from a viewers point of view. All this while, it was us, the viewers who keep "deciphering" the lesson and meaning behind each event that should have been noted by MW to learn to let go, more importantly to assess what did she failed to figure out all these years. MW should be watching this series out of the screen as viewers to take note of the lesson properly (well, she can teleport into the room in the phone, why not getting out from the screen and join us as spectator) Okay, on a serious note, MW by now should realize that the people from her past may have been reincarnated with the same face, but internally they are not the same person anymore (as stated by one of our chingu here in previous page). The only person who stays the same and didn't want to budge is herself. For more than 1000 years of punishment, she stays vicious, selfish, hot-tempered and keeps her grudge and resentment alive, causing her once kind, blossoming, full of life heart drying and dying just as the state of the Moon tree before it turned leafy, while the others have gone through multiple reincarnations. Episode 9 and 10 show the twists and turns of fate played out in this lifetime with a bit interference from the Pink Mago. In episode 9 they showed how would it looks like when MW vanish if she keeps being stubborn, not letting anyone open the door to her heart. But, fate may be different and found other way once she let herself go and renew her inner self, just like YW and Mira who going through a turn of fate weave into their lives this lifetime. With the Moon Tree fully blooms with the flowers, there are already a lot of changes happening inside MW, and CS already took a lot more space than just one leaf inside her. I hope the space that CS taking place in her would be enough to prevent her from going berserk and doing things that she shouldn't be done if CM's human reincarnation ever show up in later episodes. Would she be able to ignore CS's life in danger for the sake of making sure she can exact her revenge? The fact that the "erase medicine" is still in her hands bother me. Maybe around episode 15 she would make CS eat that medicine. It's almost 4am here. Ugh, I can't comprehend what did I ramble about. LOL! Just a comment passing by chingu-deul. See you guys next week! p/s: let's pray hard for the whole week for passionate, fiery, deep KISSSSSS next weekend! (or sleeping-together scene where they stare at each other deeply... gah! Just please give it to us already! )
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    Damn. I cried in a few scenes. 1. CS meeting his mom and finding out that she still wanted to hide him even as a ghost. 2. MW and YW reunion: how heartbreaking to see these two reunite! 3. CS needing comfort and MW wanting to provide it 4. Ending where CS wipes her tears and hugs her tight My tears just came down on a lighter note, Bartender playing matchmaker for late President he was so proud of himself despite MW’s expressions!
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    Yes . It’s Park Hoon . That last scene of the whole drug bit confused me . I know he set up the spy cam . And came to get the drugs later . Is DCK part of Jang Society??? I was under the impression all along he was . No idea why
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    Seems to me that it's the cop who acts as JHR's right hand: the one who keeps coming to talk work with him when he's with his daughter but i'm not sure KYG's reaction when he realized that the guy was the thumb killer
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    I'm just coming in to say I love this scene from Secretary Cha. The puppy is so touched (and overwhelmed with emotions) when Park Mu Jin announced he will run for presidential selection. LOLLLL. So much love. Bromance rocks. Now let's hope he's happy enough to ask her Jung Soo Jung (crap, I forgot her name) out the 3rd time...
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    Okay I had rewatched ep 7 and 8 again I said before how sad it was to see one daily routine of CYH life and how much it break your heart to see how much someone do just to make sure he going to live another day but do you know what more heartbreaking was?? It how this person was lonely !!! Sy isn't the only first woman coming into his house ; she properly the first person coming to his house Having only one house shoes, having only one spoon and Chopsticks , SY realized it too looking at this he had never had visitor and never ever even think he will had one , it was part of his daily routine to not expect anyone to be there in his personal life ( I know it was for good reason to hide his secret) But SY realized it how much this person lonely can be!!! How long he had being living like this !!! How he could survive that lonely life more than surviving itself it break my heart watching it again and again and realizing from the little details how much sad and deep meaning its had
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    Agreed. I’m surprised that some people are discouraged by SJH saying she doesn’t have a BF. They must be new to K-Entertainment or our fandom. No way would an entertainer and especially an actress of SJH’s standing casually burst out the truth. What matters is what some of you already noted, that she seemed to have momentarily slipped up, plus that she sounded very much like KJK when she addressed her yet-to-be born partner. Either she saw him say that and followed his lead, or discussed the situation with him and they came up with the same script. Whatever the truth, the similar response suggests a matter so personal they had to somehow share its messaging. IMO, it will be especially telling if in the near future SA’s interactions and skinship increase. If SJH’s BF is not KJK, no way would he stay publicly close to her. Totally not his thing. Same with her if he has someone else. But, if the interactions and skinship stay the same or increase, we can cautiously anticipate some good news. No matter the identity of SJH’s BF, let’s stay supportive. She deserves the very best. If not KJK, someone else equally wonderful. I’m also glad that one of her most memorable, albeit painful moments involved KG leaving. She expressed exactly what us longtime RM fans always hoped, that the original 7 stayed until the very end. How completely kind and wonderful she was to encourage everyone to support him. There’s a special bond between the originals that can never be broken, something I’m sure they all cherish. This puts another light on that moment several eps back when she was asked about her past and current, aka KJK, LL partner. She casually said “KG, who?” and p.issed off a lot of fans. It may not have looked like it to some people, but I thought she was kind to publicly let KG go. Kind both to him and the man sitting right next to her, who couldn’t manage to hide his smile.
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    Oh woww... he against the wall is my type of action...but they better not just stop at that ..waa-aahaha
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    Though that was so easy for CS, i am just glad he is back at hotel del luna. He certainly got MW attention with that money he will get thru the painting That 3-second mark that CS pointed out when MW paused over their phone conversation, is kinda sweet, he knows her too well MW so funny asking the hotel owner if he also have a sunflower field somewhere Water deity shown CS his greatest fear, so shall you prevent that from happening CS? indeed you must. Ma Go 4 is getting on my nerves. Yeon Woo is back as detective. For sure he doesnt remember the past, but i hope MW get to talk to him soon, and hopefully he will feel a certain affinity and bond to her. This creepy, serial killer scumbag, and argghh he had to be acquainted with CS and their batchmates. He better not hurt CS or YW...or MW might just yield her sword again.
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    @Dezzys I can totally see some noble idiocy from WW too which I can actually understand in her situation but I really hope that doesn't happen because she needs to see that she deserves happiness just like everyone else and not worry about what everyone else thinks. I wish we got more angst and moments of them together like in the first few episodes, this show is at its best when PG and JL are burning the screen with their explosive chemistry (and Jasper's sexy smile and dimples of course!). Yes I agree about KH and KF! I've commented quiet a few times on how much I love KF but when you put her and KH together as WW's life support, they are both just pure gold! KF has always been on team KH because she can see how much he genuinely cares about WW and she saw that WW had already developed feelings for KH a long time ago. KF has certainly played a big part in WW finding herself as well. KH also treats KF with admiration and respect too, you can see that he admires her confidence. Big contrast to HY who just roughly pushed KF out of the way when she was trying to defend WW. @aggiesbaby thanks for clarifying that scene! I didn't understand what they were saying but could catch the gist of it. Everything HY has been doing is pure selfishness and for his own benefit whereas KH has done nothing but grow and prove himself. Yes KH was definitely the trigger for WW in opening her eyes to the fact that she deserves more and giving her the confidence and encouragement she needed. I had just hoped the break up could have happened earlier in the drama though like episode 7 or 8 so all of this drama could have occurred earlier and then we could have lots of happy WW and KH moments and maybe even some WW chasing KH moments too. It is a short drama though so completely understand that the drama needed more time to develop the relationships and characters. Another long week to go before the next episode! I can't wait for WW and KH to finally get together!
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    Just wanna say... i cant wait for Sec Cha and Jeong reconcilation!... haha Im glad to see this thread is having a lot of viewers, even though silent, and moving along until its final run later on..... happy to see that everyone is updating their social media to make us fans engage in their dramas and ships ... just like HDL... Everyone, Fighting to the End, hahahaa
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    Had a thought! Maybe firefly remained as a spirit as penance? He hasn't reincarnated for the last 1000 years as well. Until MW forgives him.
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    Me too is there anything as fan can to for TVN to make season 2 of WSWWSK. i want to see them agen.
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    Did Koo Chanseong meet his mother as a ghost!!! The ghost in the library. ----------------- Wow Koo Chanseong has come face to face with Yeonwoo!! I don't know his modern name yet. Why does Mira get all Manweol's men!!!
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    Hehe! I love this quote @lanieqp - thanks to Rachel Hamilton too! Good one! cr David from gettyimages
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    I voted fried chicken (and beer) because it always makes me hungry... Vac.cleaner, no feels already But to be honest, the one that intrigues me the most is the traditional medicine/tonic. So convenient! And the packaged herbal chicken, I want to try that so badly...
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    I speak for myself because I’m likely the minority
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    I wonder will CM reincarnation appear, isn't the firefly CS see is him? I also believe he is not evil, hopefully there is another plot twist that even MW didn't know. Why they stop telling the past story in the halfway such a cliffhanger
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    I know CM's being presented as a dirty, dirty traitor (I have faith he isn't ) but I neeeeeed resolution to MW's revenge. Did the ep show anything???
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    @sushilicious @Sejabin Please dong ah!! Only female mosquito bite, the male one is hen pecked type. They feed on nectar and fruit juice.... 862
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    850 @triplem Love affair is heart wrenching But its beautiful! P.s bird husband seems more sad with bird death? No?
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    @ash011 chinggu happy happy birthday. Praying all the best for you
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    Is there chicken jerky? Have anyone of you ate jerky? How does it taste? 840
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    cr:ssinz7IG instagram.com/p/B0-88PznlcV/?igshid=1ohndnq4s5pdv … [TRANS] #ParkShinHye’s IG update 2019.08.10 Sun allergy, my face becomes a mess, my lips are all chapped, Nevertheless, I am grateful for the feelings of Nature. # I'm thankful and Happy # Allergy with heat # Humanimal cr: @yysy_
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    876 all movies with angelina jolie in it will be a seducer movie. *rolling eyes.. she could seducing danzel washington in the bone collector too. Dasar laksmini *rolling eyes mode on .. I will not watch any movie with her again
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    The drama would pretty much end if prosecutor did not smash the wire tape
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    Final shooting pics. I'm kinda sad but so happy and thanks all of them for this amazing show
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    I don't think its a reach. By sending cryptic msgs on SNS seems to be their way of going public for me. Actually the msgs seems to be more obvious now to me. In my delulu mind, I think I'll wait for the wedding announcement instead. P.S: Happy past a thousand pages to all!!! Even though I joined late enjoyed reading all your posts since page 1. Thank you for all your contributions to "enlighten" new ppc shippers like me!
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    I vote for them to find their own place to stay but until then, it could be good for Mi Ri to be with Sun Ja. What? They vote for that? It is a joke! OMG! Even if Jae Bum is popular in her family, how could they think it is OK to decide whom Mi Hye will chose as a boyfriend? And how could Mi Hye will agree with his stupidity? If she will break up with Woo jin because of this vote she is more imature than I thought. I have missed the comment earlier. I went back to read it. I agree with all you said. Too bad the writer lost her muse so early in the drama. Thanks for the translations! Big hug!
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    This is the best comment that he pushed his bangs back you have the best sense of humour my friend
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    +2 just read usafarmgirl romantic quotes on the songs threat and realized that actually song song couple must to looked for her to consult their marriage problems before the divorced. Usafarmgirl can teach them how to be romantic
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    They are made to prostitute themselves to those higher-ups meeting in the restaurant. There are rooms there which SYA didn't find, and there has been implicit reference to it when Song bids the men he was meeting there a good time, and then the three of them each go to different direction from inside the restaurant.
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    cant wait for japanese broadcast. he so loved by japanese fans.
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    I think Man Wol running away from Chansung was more of her wanting to protect him from herself. By episode 6 she had admitted her feelings to herself, but it took the carnival debacle for her to decide to run from him, because she ended up seriously hurting him. She has feelings for him, but she also still has her massive anger and guilt and she knew he'd end up getting hurt again and again if he stayed with her. In other dramas dealing with other circumstances and other characters it would be noble idiocy, but I think it's not in this case; I think it's justified. She really is a cruel and dangerous person, and even Chansung understands that. @lollyminx I'm glad YJG seems to have won her over too and that she seems more comfortable with him now. She mentioned in an interview for this show, I think, that she doesn't warm up to people easily, and that there have been times when she wasn't able to warm up to some of her co-stars even until the end of filming.
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    Oh please don’t distracted our bodyguard from learning English, his fan love pineapple drink She always was my pick for finger cutting , I can’t trust her
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    OKAY i have to admit for just 2 minutes i almost change my though about the prosecutor when he was talking about law and not doing it for personal feeling and talk about not changing the world with punishing but with law i thought for 2 minutes he maybe not crazy that much but i wake up so fast when he said "they have to wait for CYH to meet a patient that don't have anything left but pain and death " since he sure he will do that again but i didn't wake up because he sure CYH will do that again that not wrong it his though i wake up cause i had fast three ideas flying in my head at the same time he going to dying people meeting and lying about being sick he look like searching for someone ánd he find someone who has nothing left but pain , death and wishing for death and he call the 911 himself so call me crazy or over hating him but he going to send that women to be CYH patient with the agenda to make him face that again and catch him , waiting ?!!!!!!! you not going to wait you playing god and want to test him with the most horrible situation i hope i am wrong i hope i am over thinking but god help me i just though all of that when i heard him say this words i didn't even thought about it when he was in that meeting i am really hoping i am wrong and have to admit later i wasn't fair with him more than hoping to be right and see him do that i dont have to even say it but that nurse is nuts pieces oh she behind that , you can even fear that someday she will hold a weapon and harm someone for really she also hide things and using the prosecutor in her own way , if the logic and law plan he doing didn't work she will be ready to do that in more crazy way there one line between being a victim or family victim and have all the right to be sad , angry , hateful and unforgiving person and between someone who lose that right , it the line when you decide to be left your victim right and start to take bad take acting against the person you hate , it not that i don't understand them both but they have no right there so many other victim and family victim, who suffering and live in pain behind any understanding but most of them live there life fighting that the incurable pain like that the incurable sickness and trying to move on if they ever could do that they dont go crazy on mission to personally make the person who cause them that harm suffer and even switch there target to other as it the same right to hate the with the same amount , i don't know about the prosecutor yet , i will give him a chance for now but i know that the nurse ;lost that right already with what she did with CYH patient and with what her mind is on now
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    I am late. not as late as previous episodes (I fell asleep as usual and I am also bit not feeling well). I only get to watch few scenes. But I found this twitter pic of YW in present time. (credits to the owner)
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    Poor guy got stepping on. It looks cool for her though. Great directing by the PD.
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    The subbed episode turned up at about 4:30 US Central on the not legal sites. So maybe earlier than Viki! That is why I love spoilers! Good old anxiety. If you don't wanna be spoiled, don't read this:
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    Shin Hye Sun will be a special docent (museum guide) for art event of the artist David Hockney.
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