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    Uwuuuuu... I think his granddaughter is Sulli then. It would be fun to see jealous MW keeping watch and peeking them meeting up at the cafe. Hahahahahahahah
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    I am late. not as late as previous episodes (I fell asleep as usual and I am also bit not feeling well). I only get to watch few scenes. But I found this twitter pic of YW in present time. (credits to the owner)
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    He's had several chances to walk away and he keeps choosing her. He even saw the vision of Man Wol's tragic fate and he still chose her. And he wasn't ashamed to sing Baby Shark in front of her. If that's not love, then what is. In episode 8, it seems like the princess' reappearance was a sort of test. If Man Wol could let her go, then it means she has also let go of her anger/guilt/etc. and she can actually move on to the afterlife. Or at least that's what Man Wol interpreted it as, and Mago didn't say anything back. So I still think the final boss/test is Captain Smirkalot, not Hot Officer Yeon Woo. Edit: Madame Choi's posing game is STRONG. Ilu Man Wol, but she has you beat here. I'm still waiting/hoping for ManChan couple's customary Barbie and Ken pics.
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    Ahh...2 secrets. SY and YH. Dr Lee and MR. I think there’s something wrong with the translation. YH says in a voice over that there are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who are sick, those who will get sick and people like him (ticking time bombs). Sounds a bit weird that translation. But I guess it sort of makes sense. He shouldn’t be running . That will elevate his temperature and he has no way of cooling down coz he can’t sweat. Just goes to show that when it comes to her, he’s past caring about himself. . The doctor treating his condition asked him about picking a guardian. He has no family members. So in essence, the doctor wants him to nominate someone to make decisions for him when he is not able to eg important ones regarding his health I guess. The most obvious choice would be SY since she’s the only one who knows about his condition (actually she’s not the first, she’s the second. The boy with CIPA was the first I think?) but he wouldn’t want to put her through additional burden/pain. He takes extreme care to keep “clean” and look after himself. He has outside clothes and inside clothes. He monitors himself constantly. This is a man who cherishes the life he has been given. He takes great pains to stay alive. So he is not someone who will be flippant about end of life decisions. So the Prosecutor is mistaken to accuse him of not understanding the sanctity of life. He knows what is at stake. The Prosecutor had a child too? He’s a parent. The nurse accuses him in the preview of not “caring”. So it looks like she forced the signature from the patient and she wanted to extend his suffering (like we thought). Then there’s that weird scene with the patient and Prosecutor. She says she can see that he is sick too. I don’t know if she means sick physically (maybe he is also a ticking time bomb like YH) or he has something mentally which remains unresolved (the memento ring)? I guess we will find out.
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    Apparently the bartender Kim Su Bin has become more modern. He has an IG accounts. Ji Hyun Joong and Kim Yuna made an IG. Scene between YN and HJ. YN told HJ that she likes her YN asked HJ about the grandma they saw in the hospital YN: You must knew her HJ: Yeah. She is my younger sister YN: She is your sister? That grandma? HJ: Even if she has grown old, she is my cute little sister YN: Orabeoni (Older brother). What is her name? HJ: Hyeon Mi. Ji Hyun Joong's younger sister Ji Hyeon Mi YN: I see. I guess I have to meet her someday. I want to ask 'Do you remember Hyung Jung Orabeoni?' HJ: No. You can't do that. Don't you ever meet Hyeon Mi. YN: Hey! Do you think I will say something bad to your sister? Even when I like you? YN: Aish... I'm screwed
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    Awww so glad CS is not a reincarnation of YW. So glad that YW is smiling in this lifetime and not dying again!
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    Well...there are many dramas that have the ideas goin from wall kiss to bed scene. (such as hotel king and a thousand's days promise etc). It is just a scripted scene. And director gathered ideas from staffs. Because he said it was his first time filming a bed scene. He wants to make it sweet and viewers can feel the love. But...on the other hand, PSJ and PMY are kiss experts so turns out the bed scene became even HOTTER. I think director dont know how to stop them HAHAHA. So anyhow it may consider too much for kviewers eventho the broadcasted one still consider rated 19+ LOL. Cos it was...three letters...HOT. PSJ and PMY are hotties , they are single, they are hot stars...so they got more attention. Plus, PSJ is a romcom king and famous kissing king. PMY was just worried because it was her first tvn drama and she never kiss as deep as that,it's a new challenge. Plus, viewers were expecting deep love scene becos the novel and webtoon are even more steamy(?)... But I would say these two are actually attracted to each other and being that close ( touch thigh,punch abs,constant teasing,deep kiss,calling oppa,body to body and many more) shown that they are a lot more than just colleague. Acting is just an excuse to make their relationship even more closer than any costars. Their solid fans gotta admit to this too. Cos it is very obvious. haha I've never seen costars being this comfort...way too comfortable with each other haha
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    I don't think he lost the ledger
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    The subbed episode turned up at about 4:30 US Central on the not legal sites. So maybe earlier than Viki! That is why I love spoilers! Good old anxiety. If you don't wanna be spoiled, don't read this:
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    Bwahahaha . Poor dude, he instantly regretted applying for the job Imao. It's funny how she doesn't remember already what happened to candidate 1 & 2 lol.
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    @Ameera Ali I was ROFL when I saw her in the preview sitting at his office pretending to work lol. He doesn't even need to do a thing to get back his job lol
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    The actor name is David Lee. His character name is Seol Ji Won. That's what I head Sanchez mumbled when he saw him at their gathering. From the way Sanchez acted, he looks wary and afraid (?) of JW. JW also looking for CS and from the way he talked, he had a grudge against CS. With him as a serial murderer and YW as a detective, where will the story go?
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    ...ahahaha..we are all dry of kisses right now since it's ep 9 already .. Yes, YJG is starting to become attractive right now. I really find him attractive when he's smiling. Have you seen their Marie Claire interview? He looks gorge there with all that hair and the white shirt..and with all his laughing . Oh yeah, I just saw the post in IG..the housekeeper really is rocking that pose..LOL.. Oh, is that the consequence of not taking the medicine? Gahhh...can't wait to watch!!! YW might not remember his past too, but I hope too that we can see them talk to each other. I wonder how their closure is gonna be like.
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    GCS... So far just The Firefly Captain who's really reincarnated as Firefly?? Omo...
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    Darum is water fairy...?, he goes trough CS body, and CS got drenched. Wait CS ..when he found the hotel.?.Seems i skipped that's scene...
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    Oh please don’t distracted our bodyguard from learning English, his fan love pineapple drink She always was my pick for finger cutting , I can’t trust her
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    Final shooting pics. I'm kinda sad but so happy and thanks all of them for this amazing show
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    Why ? Will you change college if I say yes ? not sure how to download gif from insta though . 816
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    @sadthe1st he need to show her his A game She already hot , jealous & bother but he standing still not doing thing , I will be disappointed if he didn’t take step this week toward a real kiss
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    @sushilicious , @Lawyerh Who wouldn’t watch that face for hours , I am so addicted -2
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    Firstly, thank you, gigivillaceran, for consistently keeping this thread moving. Secondly, my tablet was recently infected with a virus which caused blocking of any access to soompi forums so i may now mostly in safety browsing which allows me to read your posts but prevents me from making any comments. Made an exception in this case just to let eveyone know that i continue to stand by shk!
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    I’m going on a drama memory road trip again back to doctor prisoner lol 810 Going down the list Edit: Fiery priest (lol, congresswoman’s hair is like a beehive) Touch you Heart (Still don’t really like the ending...they should have kissed in front of everyone then end!) Guest (....I still love it.) Voice 3 (... I still hate the ending) Children of lesser god (..) Black (Omo, the part he opens wide on his bottoms they blur it out is the funniest thing ever..black was such a good drama..heartache I love black sooo much! @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @triplem @Ameera Ali @cenching Y’all must have watched black right?!) Voice 1 (Swee Jang Hyuk just shoot moo tae gu like nothing much..Tae Gu looks so cool too)
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    omg the scene where MW sees new YW from afar.. sadness and relief all swarm in.. and the book with the photos and ghost woman talking.. hmm, any idea what are they saying??
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    832 Super duper good @bairama. The man soo charismatic!
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    Oh..God... Dear friends there is our Firefly Captain guide CS Tree of them eventually will reunite likely
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    My friends, I am watching this episode. KI was still good, he disapproved of his dad's evil deeds. I don't know what changed him later. But I am sorry that his evil dad harmed him by his greed. He wanted him to be emperor by force. For people on US, this is episode 19. (I know KBS world is not available in the US). KI loved his mom, he was devastated when he learned his dad deceived her by exchanging babies. He wanted to leave everything and go away with SW and JM I think Gwanjil was good at the beginning but his weakness and desire for revenge later on corrupted him SW wanted JM to inherit everything. She hated CTJ. To achieve her revenge, she used an innocent man (Gwanjil). She threatens divorce if he tells the family he is not their grandson. In order to protect jimin, she is hurting the innocent Gwanjil. His only fault is being CTJ's son. That's why I don't like this Machiavellian plan, the end justifies the means. It is so evil. Later on I think SW redeemed herself when she wanted to go away. Strange that the main characters are not totally good for me I would never ever use an innocent man to achieve my revenge. Still she is not totally bad, she wished that KI confess the truth and she goes away. The lie felt like a burden to her. As I said most of the characters are a mix of good and bad. I liked SW later on. But in the first part I rejected her Machiavellian plans DS wasn't totally bad, she wanted to leave TY in the motel but he held her hand and thought she was SW. DS told herself to act like a lady and not take advantage of a drunken man. I think it her mom that's very evil when she encouraged her to get pregnant and force TY to marry her. DS herself wasn't very bad at the beginning. Another thing I disliked. Why did the father treat his illegitimate daughter bad? (Minjae's mom) The legitimate sister is also cruel to her. Korean society is hypocritical. Just being illegitimate doesn't mean she is a sinner. I feel so sorry for her. The drama is deep. It is not a simple love story. So many strifes and confrontations. It is a very good script. I like it very much now.
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    Latin dramas are usually very passionate I think, lol can understand her frustration lol Didn't know Chang Chen is his protege lol but it makes sense Please please please have a lot of happy OTP moments in the next 10 episodes
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    The way he look at her If there eyes that can love and eat someone it his eyes I really want them to have a happy ending but after watching with sub yeh it seem CYH have another bad and danger health problem coming on New still's Source P.s. from his talk with his doctor it seem that Cyh health not that good but we found out that Cyh really dont want someone to suffer being beside him
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    Omooo! The OST are all beautiful. Did I just hear Ben from the recent preview?
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    thank you very much @triplem for the live recaps. Even though bird husband looks remorse now but I still want Ji Eun and Jung Woo to be together. I think they deserve happiness rather than stay silent in unhappy marrieages.
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    General reminder: Please do not share illegal streaming sites in this forum. If you wish to watch Hotel del Luna then do so by choosing legal options such as Viki. So please refrain from sharing illegal streaming site links. -Jillia
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    Ahhh.. sorry... I am confusing David with Daniel. Pardon my ignorance. Hahahahahahahah
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    This was such an interesting read. Thanks very much for explaining and laying everything out and the comparisons to other dramas. Hello! ~waves~ It is me! Can you believe it was two years ago? 7DQ is still one of the best sageuks I've ever watched by the way! So nice to see you here. Seems like so many of us are migrating over to C-dramas now lol!
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    Also something he did that was him being way too comfortable/impolite was in the BTS of bed scene. PMY was lying down on bed, and PSJ was on top of her (around leg area) and stretching his back/body using right arm on right hip to stretch with his body (crotch??) going towards PMY. What was that about I wonder? I dont think I would stretch myself and being that close to my colleagues "private area" if I wasnt super comfortable with them. Actually I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that unless it was with my significant other.
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    Oh my goodness I was thinking the same thing during His scenes with his ex. That poor actress can never catch a break with her leading men being possessed by someone else! Kekeke but does anyone else get some jdorama vibes from this show?
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    @Erafera1i beg to defer. I love Xiao zhou very much. She cares, adores and loves Asule. Whereas, YR just receives the tender love from Asule but carefreely announcing they are best pals. Making Asule so pitiful. I guess I share similar sentiment with a large majority of Chinese viewers in China. The character YR was acted well but I dislike the character development. It would be good if YR develops slowly to become a more mature lady. Thoughtful and insightful. Thus, I find her immature and irritating.
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    OKAY i have to admit for just 2 minutes i almost change my though about the prosecutor when he was talking about law and not doing it for personal feeling and talk about not changing the world with punishing but with law i thought for 2 minutes he maybe not crazy that much but i wake up so fast when he said "they have to wait for CYH to meet a patient that don't have anything left but pain and death " since he sure he will do that again but i didn't wake up because he sure CYH will do that again that not wrong it his though i wake up cause i had fast three ideas flying in my head at the same time he going to dying people meeting and lying about being sick he look like searching for someone ánd he find someone who has nothing left but pain , death and wishing for death and he call the 911 himself so call me crazy or over hating him but he going to send that women to be CYH patient with the agenda to make him face that again and catch him , waiting ?!!!!!!! you not going to wait you playing god and want to test him with the most horrible situation i hope i am wrong i hope i am over thinking but god help me i just though all of that when i heard him say this words i didn't even thought about it when he was in that meeting i am really hoping i am wrong and have to admit later i wasn't fair with him more than hoping to be right and see him do that i dont have to even say it but that nurse is nuts pieces oh she behind that , you can even fear that someday she will hold a weapon and harm someone for really she also hide things and using the prosecutor in her own way , if the logic and law plan he doing didn't work she will be ready to do that in more crazy way there one line between being a victim or family victim and have all the right to be sad , angry , hateful and unforgiving person and between someone who lose that right , it the line when you decide to be left your victim right and start to take bad take acting against the person you hate , it not that i don't understand them both but they have no right there so many other victim and family victim, who suffering and live in pain behind any understanding but most of them live there life fighting that the incurable pain like that the incurable sickness and trying to move on if they ever could do that they dont go crazy on mission to personally make the person who cause them that harm suffer and even switch there target to other as it the same right to hate the with the same amount , i don't know about the prosecutor yet , i will give him a chance for now but i know that the nurse ;lost that right already with what she did with CYH patient and with what her mind is on now
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    For non-paying users, It's been two episodes a day, with three on Friday but I don't think any on the weekend. I checked and no new ones were available today.
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    I love how our "silly bird" has grown from the time when she was so lax in learning to use that bracelet (the scene in peach forest when she makes hearts using it saying what is the need for this when God of War can protect me) to now when she wants to be able to protect herself and others :'D
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    PSJ sure got skills. He got PMY to go from dongsaeng to oppa real quick LOLOL Edit: HAPPY 1000!!! I LOVE THIS SHIP!
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