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    Second that. YW's death has been her biggest regret so probably meeting him again, like I said in my previous post, would be a closure to her unending grudge. Looks like it belongs to the people she killed. She told MaGo that they're the people who died because of her, so perhaps instead of their corpse, she took something that belongs to them. If that is true, could that be what's in CS character description? That he apparently killed a friend of his? Now that we're already halfway, I too hope that we finally see some CS backstory as well. So with David Lee's appearance, I hope we'll be able to see at least a glimpse of it. Btw, @kaxx, since I was reminded of TCC..how was it? ..still watching?^^..
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    SW turned down the invitation right away. JH will be hearing about this on Monday and he is not gonna be happy about it lol. Seems like GH sister and JH brother will be found out soon lol. It was good until she started to talk and her mother happened to hear her. The camping looks fun and lovely. I can't wait on Monday. @angelangie I know. They are not leaving stuff until the last episode and this makes the drama different from the others. Everyone is paying the price especially SM and I love it.
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    Ooooh that's kinda hilarious. Sometimes the English subtitles aren't accurate and we miss these things.
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    well, he was from the same town as MW.. thats when he called her noonie (sister) in the scene before the quicksand.. lets hope its the case haha then dear firefly guard would have become good again its harrypotter community day, your dear chingu here (thats me!) is going to be out casting spells like a pro! i’ll check back here for updates later.. if there is going to be a sugar dance party, TAG me and i’ll magically pop right in!!
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    https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/85685933.html?weibo_id=4403485804301370 But someone can translate ? i really want to know what their talk. Especially romantic moment.
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    I used to have short hair cos I've got some natural but unruly curls. With long hair I looked like an unruly psychiatric patient. Until I finally found a hair stylist who really knew how to cut my hair properly. Now I have long hair with slight natural waves. A good hair stylist is a woman's best friend. 830
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    New still's Source Edit: as far as I understand from the article it said that SY visted CYH house I think to talk about his CIPA, she has emotional scene with tearful eyes and I think CYH trying to hide his feeling about it Anyway she visited him he can show his really feeling or act indifferent as much as he can or choice but even if he want to push her away after she know we know she will be in danger soon with the virus let see him hold on there
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    What he needed was someone who allowed him to breathe and just be himself... What she needed was someone to see her instead of only himself... I hope you won't mind my stopping by and sharing about this drama. This wasn't a usual drama that I would have picked mainly because I am not a fan of cheating of any kind. Just consider me old fashioned, how I was raised and what I believe. Still I was curious where this writer would lead us and I was so surprised in what I found. I loved how this writer continues to bring light to some real truths about relationships and also in what is meaningful to both men and women. That romance isn't about the big things but more about the little things we do for each other daily. That gentleness, tenderness and kindness given in a relationship is priceless and although there is great passion it doesn't take away from the fact that it's softness like a touch of her hair. Or the thoughtfulness of his protecting her from the rain. It's her seeing the hurt in his eyes knowing where to find him and being there when she knew he just needed someone to care. There is always something in every drama good or bad that makes you reflect and reminds you while moving your heart. That the writer has something to say if you're willing to listen. Not just with your ears but with your heart. Even if for you it was an unusual choice...
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    Also something he did that was him being way too comfortable/impolite was in the BTS of bed scene. PMY was lying down on bed, and PSJ was on top of her (around leg area) and stretching his back/body using right arm on right hip to stretch with his body (crotch??) going towards PMY. What was that about I wonder? I dont think I would stretch myself and being that close to my colleagues "private area" if I wasnt super comfortable with them. Actually I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that unless it was with my significant other.
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    It will take some time to translate the dialogue but our God of War has become cheesy and sticky too. I had a good laugh of him carry the huge baggage of Shi San. Jiu Chen said that all his life he never felt lonely even those years frozen but Ling Xi had awaken him and therefore she need to be responsible for him now. So cute. True to my prediction Jiu Chen accused Jing Xiu of killing Ling Xi's birth mother. At the end, Ling Xi told Jiu Chen that she had to find out the truth of her mother's death, give up the throne to someone worthy of it and with that she will return to his side. Ling Xi asked whether he was willing to wait for her. Jiu Chen said, No he is not.
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    @cenching he such good actor **loved every minute of episode 4 -2
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    Yeah -especially when @cenching is feeling super competitive right now. 830
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    Just wanna reshare what Mi Nyeong said in an interview last year (I personally like their quarrel scene 9 yrs ago a lot, aesthetically & meaningfully ) Q: Now looking back, when it's come to rom-com, (WWWSK) is the first for PMY but as for PSJ, he already has such rich experiences with this genre. It seemed that you've got a lot to learn from PSJ as your senior in rom-com MY: In particular, the chemistry & harmony between the actors may account for more than 50% of a rom-com, which is all up to the actors' own shares in it. When acting along side a good actor, chemistry accrues even in a fighting/ bickering scene. There's a scene in the drama back in many years ago when Miso first worked as YJ's sectary & the two had some quarrel, it was just the very early stage of filming then, but I already thought that I get along very well/ can work in perfect harmony with SJ-ssi. I was so immersed even without realizing it. And I believe it's the power of a great-costar https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1004873565&fbclid=IwAR18A2Gf2hoIBrQvegTBPCXAcQHSXQmWnzQXIQ2XdJCUg7P1PvrbiK3ASLY
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    I AGREE we still don't know the full story as we saw we start seeing new part of it in ep 6 so we can be ready to the fact that there so much still not known to us the story will start talking about CYH just now , who he is ? his past ? what he really think and feel ? and what happen before and in the time of the accident , i think the second half of the drama well be about this three CYH , nurse and prosecutor past and story and sure about CYH and SY romance for sure prosecutor has hidden agenda and personal feeling here the prove his face when CYH said he not the one who can judge him or when he said he don't think he act like this just as prosecutor we will know more and for all the friends here about this issues about CYH yeh he should have saw many other in pain before this one but as other here said something about this case was the triggered to him it was clear after ep 5 and 6 that CYH wasn't person who think from the start about if euthanasia was right or not ( and as he said to SY at ep2 most doctors don''t even think about it deeply, it not something they want to go into so he was like this too since he thought that if SY has a clear thought about euthanasia that mean she for sure had being in something like that since even he didn't have clear answer till that happen to him ) three things for sure 1. even when CYH don't regret what he did he still don't see it as easy things and he has the right to decide it again he said how much the wight of life was on him and how he was scared and has heavy heart even when the person was some evil guy and CYH believe he did the right things as doctor no matter who was the person is , still it was hard , scary and not something that he could do it again easy and still have pain from it in his heart - 2. CYH refuse to take that road again so easily he still respect life and respect his work as doctor it not crazy belief that he should get ride of any pain , he still understand the value of life no matter what 3. all this sides are right , this drama make that clear it not white and black story , right and wrong and the drama not only just shown other sides but it shown it in equal logically and emotionally ways to CYH side of view , they don't show that CYH is a hero and he right and everyone who couldn't understand his doing is evil or wrong and should accept his view , no this drama great cause it give the same right to all views to be respectable and understood by us , so like how the drama show it logic that others doctors can't accept CYH doing cause they become doctors to save life, cause it not acceptable that a merely human and doctor no mater how great and logic he is to have the right to decide life and death , cause it scary to have someone who belief and could in the past to do that , it scary to them to be sure if he even have the right to doctor when they can't be sure what he will be able to do next so yeh the drama give this right to everyone and the life too give the right to everyone to fear or not, to accept it or not , to understand or not so all the views should be respectable since it understood why the fear and refuse can be stronger or weaker from each person view so my friends i think this drama will keep shown that to the end , how it not easy or 100% right or wrong thing and how it not easy to do it and when it done people have to carry heavy heart and fear all their life since taken a life was made clear as not easy or okay thing to do even when you belief it was the right thing like how CYH start to show us
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    The man on wheelchair is the former health minister, and he the one who helped CYH to go back to work Even more important point he know the lawyer that helped CYH three years ago and still help him till now Call it crazy idea , but I think he was watching over CYH from three years ago at least or maybe for longer and he the one who send the lawyer to help him out in his court , do you remember how it was said the lawyer volunteer to help CYH and from his talk with CYH the grow close from that case so he wasn't his friend before so what sudden he volunteer to help him Till now I dont know if the former minister is doing good and helping CYH for his sake or he hidden agenda to use him from the start Chief MIN I dont think from the start she wanted to use CYH for her husband case since she didn't think about let him go before but she not ab eady person she can think of using him now for that or to use him in many other way ( she didn't get in that position without being at that level of thinking) even the her husband brother seem to fear her she not weak enemy And the former minister is her teacher and she respect him a lot so whatever he is plotting she must be part of it . @Heidi Seow Dont worry I think it in the start of this episode She still wearing the same clothes from last episode So mostly she couldn't even sleep in that night and go to his house in the same night or the next morning
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    Lol. You buy and don't let your child use. It's just apple gives discounts to students. 836
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    @sadthe1st he need to show her his A game She already hot , jealous & bother but he standing still not doing thing , I will be disappointed if he didn’t take step this week toward a real kiss
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    Took me quite a while to finally get back as real life made incessant demands. Nonetheless, in between the slight breather that I have, some thoughts that I've been meaning to put down before we start the episodes for this week. I begin to wonder if I have almost reached the end of my tether as far as sympathy goes for the two couples, with Ep10 rubbing me the wrong way in more ways than one. I really ached to see CSA being punished and humiliated by her husband for her infidelities, but much as I dislike her sanctimonious, callous husband, I do feel that this outcome was something she brought upon herself as well. Nonetheless, what was hardest to watch is the grief of her children - the bewildered sadness of her younger child, and the betrayed fury of her older one. I understand CSA's desolation when even her daughter lashed out at her, but what hurt most was when Ah Jin rushed out the door frantically upon realising her mother walked out of the house after her father's cruel words, only to see her at the phone booth, phoning her lover, if only in her mind. In that moment, I understand completely the sense of betrayal she must have felt - that when their entire family is just about fallen apart, the one person that her mother thought of was still not her children who are treated as collateral damage, but the man who was partially instrumental for the chaos in their home, which basically shows that he takes precedence in her mother's heart over them. The last nail in the coffin was her decision to walk out the door, leaving her children behind, to be with the man she loves. Does she feel that it is for the best for all concerned since her husband despises her and her children are upset with her, but is it really for them or for herself? I do not pretend to be able to understand her in this matter - perhaps she feels she has to leave them because she has no means of supporting them in her situation, but what kind of message is she sending her children with her walking out the door, out of their lives into the arms of her lover? Can she really stay away as a mother? Put in the same shoes, I won't be able to bear being separated from my children. I guess I am in the extreme minority here but when SJE and YJW separated and resumed a semblance of normalcy in their respective marriages (or almost-marriage), I actually hope for them to cherish what they have and work towards saving their marriages. In particular, JCK's change in attitude towards his wife is an opening that should have been grasped, and hopefully together, they will be able to rise from the disastrous 5 years, and finally build a foundation for a happy marriage. Likewise, YJW too - since the man still could not even bring himself to stand up and fight for his own freedom, allowing NMY to cut his words short, I don't begin to believe that he will be able to do the same for SJE. Hence, the handholding during the photo-taking session leaves a bitter taste in my mouth - that they would actually do that in the presence of the very people they had and are betraying, which in turn crumbles any well wishes I initially had for them. If they really believed that they do love each other after all, the very least they could do is be upfront with their respective spouses and come together at last, free from their marriages. The very persistence in resuming a covert affair while continuing to lie and break their marriage vows, is frustrating to watch. In any case, we shall see how the reignited affairs play out this week. From the looks of the preview, there will be more hell to pay, and I am really beginning to doubt if there will be any happy ending for anyone after all.
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    @angelangie How is Mr. Fighting??? +2
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    @ck1Oz I just find it strange that you would have that trend of thought. But to each his own. It had never occurred to me to wonder why the writer would pen the scenario. I just took it as is. That it was their prerogative as a writer and go from there. It never struck me as odd. But this is a space for anyone to speak their mind within reason so you have a right to wonder. I will leave it at that and move on.
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    Its only my guess because of the preview but i know it will not happen that KI will change his mind...yes for the first time i'm disappointed of jung hee and pity SW so much, she dont have anybody to rely on in that house except jimin all are cold to her, how come she still not figure out that CTJ already know about jimin... Ep49 preview.. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/mobile/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,48,795987
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    2019.05.24 Park Shin Hye at Mamonde event in Shanghai, Chinacr. 瑞丽网 Weibo
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    836 Just Cha Eunwoo getting more handsome in every episode
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    Hi guys! Just dropping by to give my take re Morphine. Morphine can be given through infusion pump aka PCA (Patient Controlled Anelgesia), it's either there is continous drip at a very low dose or just pure bolus (This is can be use either post surgical or cancer patients). I'm not really sure what did they use at the drama but yes, you can actually give more dose when needed (that is what we call the Clinician Activated Bolus). About HAM drugs, they can be accessed by any person who are authorized (Anesthesiologist, Pain Doctors, Pain Nurses).
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    @0ly40 sigh I watched it 3 times. And my heart was so happy. Lol. Stuff LZH he neglected her for so many months. Did he think he can change even if he wins her back? He just wants a quiet obedient woman.
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    Just watched last two episodes for this week...urgh...such a cliffhanger. Should have waited to watch ep 50 and 51 together. I so feel for Jiuchen the agony he goes through to see Lingxi dies again despite knowing he will see her again. Anyone with better Chinese care to explain to me ehy Lingxi wasnt running off to Jiuchen immediately after she came back? She seems to be dilly dally in seeing him? Sidenote...i am liking the new Lingxi. It's like a combi of Lingxi version 1 and Ling Mo. She is more mature now and it makes sense that she has after all the trials she took. I think I also feel for her that she might feel a bit burdened to know how much Jiuchen had sacrifice for her. Looking forward to coming new episodes. It seems all is not over yet. There is another separation hinted at the end?
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    A good question Are these women already in their 40s? Many stars keep their faces intact 10 years ago, whether they have avoided years or managed hard. What are they supposed to do to keep their young appearance ? The most representative stars that come to mind are Lim Soo-jeong, Ha Ji-won and Kim Sa-rang. What's even more surprising is that they are already in their 40s, who look like their 20s. Only their time seems to be going backwards. Ha Ji-won is a goddess. She debuted as a KBS drama 'New Generation Report Adults Don't Know' in 1997 and gained popularity through various characters such as SBS drama 'What happened in Bali' and 'Secret Garden'. Recently, she decided to appear in JTBC drama 'Chocolate' and she's working hard to shoot. Actor Ha Ji-won, a 78-year, turned 40 years old this year. Boasts a flawless appearance that does not measure age. Atmospheric appearance and relaxed smile can not hide her unique charm. In addition, she has a firm skin with no blemish so we can not feel the flow of time at all. She keeps honey skin even after all working night, she usually washes her face a lot. She said that she washes his face even at a rest stop. Also, "When you can sleep late, sleep a lot and laugh a lot." http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=03&c1=03&c2=03&c3=00&nkey=201908061716553&mode=sub_view
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    Too cute! Sharing this fuuny BTS: https://youtu.be/y2rxwt8J6_Q
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    I don't need an account ledger-my oppas account for themselves. I dream about them every night in my sleep and yes, they are shirtless and showering in my dreams. Yabba Yabba. 852
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    Nogom's video is so heartwarming. She really loves Bogummy. Her art is daebak. I screenshots the pics of Bogum's characters. So cute. If ever Nogom you come across here at Bogummy's sanctuary, thank you for creating this. Credit to Nogom's YT video.
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    Oh my goodness I was thinking the same thing during His scenes with his ex. That poor actress can never catch a break with her leading men being possessed by someone else! Kekeke but does anyone else get some jdorama vibes from this show?
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    Hm...if you have a Child attending school then I reckon you can order online from Apple student store. It has a student discount. 844
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    Shin Hye Sun will be a special docent (museum guide) for art event of the artist David Hockney.
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    Funny enough homeroom teacher, this tittle is so foreign to me 854
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    You know what I think SW also wants to punish herself for lying to everyone she feels she deserves it Atleasts she can admit she did wrong things,but wrong things for the right reasons unlike KI dad or grandpa.
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    Well, SM's mom is stupid, arrogant, class-conscious like 90% percent of moms in kdrama. But she isn't like SM. At least she didn't steal a man from his wife. Her main problem is that she agrees to SM's evil plans, she interferes in her son's life, she treated the aunt as a servant, but still she will change near the end, I am sure. She is a bad mom, but not like SM. SM is an evil person to the core, she will not change easily, but I think she will lose JH, won't get pregnant and she will even beg GH for forgiveness near the end. I don't know how things will happen, but for sure SM's ending won't be happy.
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    I really liked SM's dad in the first episode when he told his wife to treat people with more respect. He is a good man, but he doesn't want to get into trouble with his wife and SM. In general he is not as bad as his wife and daughter. It is natural he gets angry at SM's lies. GJ and SK are so funny
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    Ayyeee!! When it rains it pours. I just got over being ecstatic after finding English subs for Arsenal Military Academy, and then this! This is such a good day! Thank you!!!
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