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    the scene where psj singing was skipped on the commentary. so psj was just relieved. psj- "the scene should be skipped. I was really hard(to film the scene i sang)"(아 지나가야죠. 정말 힘들었습니다.)
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    I tried searching with hot oppa keywords.. What is this bunch I get -2
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    BTS 1&2 for all !! i particularly love the 5th photo in BTS2 where CS smiled so widely with jinjoo.. its a funny scene!!
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    @Ameera Ali Your mobile phone battery is almost drain.... 852
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    Well, now that The Ghost Detective is scheduled to air in Japan, I've edited another music video for our beautiful couple, Choi Daniel & Park Eun Bin!!!! My dear @Heidi Seow @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710 & @Thienthu317 friends, I eagerly invite you to feel the love with my MV!!!! And is it OK if I tag my other lovely @triplem @Ameera Ali & @Lawyerh friends here as well.??! I hope you'd love my edit! And OH MY GOSH.... This guy is so freaking sexy here!!!!! His side profile is the sexiest of all!!! How can you be this appealing, boy..??! I really wanna know your secret! You are making ladies go woo with your sexy look!!! And please come back with another Daebak drama soon... You don't know, you have no idea that your fans desperately miss you now..!!! We are waiting for you... You know, it's already been a year...!!!!
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    I really liked SM's dad in the first episode when he told his wife to treat people with more respect. He is a good man, but he doesn't want to get into trouble with his wife and SM. In general he is not as bad as his wife and daughter. It is natural he gets angry at SM's lies. GJ and SK are so funny
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    I found the shower scene weird instead of funny. His reaction is so uncommon. It would be easier for him to just close the curtains instead of putting his leg on her head. He's gonna attract her attention rather than diverting it. Hua3 Anyways...my theory is Yi Kyung is Ha Rip's unknown daughter/granddaughter. And they will help each other out until Ha Rip dies of old age and Yi Kyung find success in life.
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    Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing! That's probably where the conscience come into play. He wanted to pick a bad/evil soul really. I believe that's why he said perfect, but no way person be a first grade. Again the tears come into play and talk of guilt. Also, in ep said depending on person, if you apologize sincerely then it'll take away guilt. Sometime I wonder if it's just because real MTG have feelings for CEO Ji or if there's more to that story with the devil. I had hope of happy ending after devil mention really releasing Mr. Seo with the survival ordeal. Also, that song HR sang was great!
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    Kosuke got angry at ocn as well so planned to move house to tvn haha @Lawyerh 756
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    @triplem teach me accounting! So I can account for how many oppas too! 866
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    Ohhh crap! I spilt my oppa photos on the ground. Too early too early! Aiya my bag is too full! @Lawyerh my teacher taught me how to wiretap people yesterday then he got caught by his Friend. Today he is back in dark blue 774
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    758 I found Little Forest have more soompi official update (SBS), but so less update on Siberia Expedition (TVN). Any idea why @triplem? This train trip a bit secretive
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    -2 ah i remember this SJR and the girl well..... however i couldnt seems to stick to it after awhile....SJR try to be cheesy and the girl....i dunno....i just felt that she was a lil too assertive of her own choice.... TG is still the best for me.....as much as they try to take a stand for their own opinions....they care for the other party thoughts and also choices...and try their best to accommodate each other despite all the barrier that stood tall
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    @Lmangla @Lawyerh he actually helped her out when her career was down . The original lead actress for the weekend drama left just before airing , so he recommended to the PD & asked her to come on board. So they are still friends IRL but nothing romantic. The weekend drama was stressful to watch , i couldn’t pass maybe 20 eps . I liked them in WGM - enjoyed their segments. So I guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison eh. 754
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    Which is stupid they do know she can tell TY like anytime right? Also I was right about SW she was worry about breaking up his family,they both really worry about each other.
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    Teacher no abs? 860
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    Oh man you can feel they are getting closer and closer he walk her home . Something is starting
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    Just enjoy the view..... 836
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    @Lawyerh you have your own duckie I have mine then. Since @ktcjdrama say no stealing of duckies. 832
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    One more page to 5000 pages !! Get ready the fireworks or even better loads of pics of shirtless oppas ! 772
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    I don't need an account ledger-my oppas account for themselves. I dream about them every night in my sleep and yes, they are shirtless and showering in my dreams. Yabba Yabba. 852
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    What he needed was someone who allowed him to breathe and just be himself... What she needed was someone to see her instead of only himself... I hope you won't mind my stopping by and sharing about this drama. This wasn't a usual drama that I would have picked mainly because I am not a fan of cheating of any kind. Just consider me old fashioned, how I was raised and what I believe. Still I was curious where this writer would lead us and I was so surprised in what I found. I loved how this writer continues to bring light to some real truths about relationships and also in what is meaningful to both men and women. That romance isn't about the big things but more about the little things we do for each other daily. That gentleness, tenderness and kindness given in a relationship is priceless and although there is great passion it doesn't take away from the fact that it's softness like a touch of her hair. Or the thoughtfulness of his protecting her from the rain. It's her seeing the hurt in his eyes knowing where to find him and being there when she knew he just needed someone to care. There is always something in every drama good or bad that makes you reflect and reminds you while moving your heart. That the writer has something to say if you're willing to listen. Not just with your ears but with your heart. Even if for you it was an unusual choice...
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    Well, SM's mom is stupid, arrogant, class-conscious like 90% percent of moms in kdrama. But she isn't like SM. At least she didn't steal a man from his wife. Her main problem is that she agrees to SM's evil plans, she interferes in her son's life, she treated the aunt as a servant, but still she will change near the end, I am sure. She is a bad mom, but not like SM. SM is an evil person to the core, she will not change easily, but I think she will lose JH, won't get pregnant and she will even beg GH for forgiveness near the end. I don't know how things will happen, but for sure SM's ending won't be happy.
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    858 I think I could not sleep with music sounds from speaker. But instead I am enjoying it. It helps me feel sleepy wkwkwk.. I am listening to “all of my life” from kci and jojo now this song is so romantic. I could listen to this song the whole day and would not be bored sya la la la la and all of my lifeeeee I pray for someone like youuuuuu and I hope that you feel the same way tooooo yes I pray that youuuuu do love me toooooo la la la la la baby...
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    God help me. That jawline should be some kind of illegal weapon. ♥ I hate myself when I'm hopelessly tearing up over his good looks ㅜㅜ. I hope he chooses a project soon so that we can seen his acting again and swoon over that instead.
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    bwaahahaha... love how you used law of diminishing returns to explain this lack of interest. marks - 100! ... 858
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    @ktcjdrama enjoy the buffet. If you want add-ons just Dial 1800- @cenching -ineedmore 836
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    I think he's Donghae. He's hot too. 830
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    @cenching Sharing the healthy & delicious Lion today , more eye candy of him please , my coffee need more sugar -2
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    New still's Source Edit: as far as I understand from the article it said that SY visted CYH house I think to talk about his CIPA, she has emotional scene with tearful eyes and I think CYH trying to hide his feeling about it Anyway she visited him he can show his really feeling or act indifferent as much as he can or choice but even if he want to push her away after she know we know she will be in danger soon with the virus let see him hold on there
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    Hm...if you have a Child attending school then I reckon you can order online from Apple student store. It has a student discount. 844
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    Hi guys! Just dropping by to give my take re Morphine. Morphine can be given through infusion pump aka PCA (Patient Controlled Anelgesia), it's either there is continous drip at a very low dose or just pure bolus (This is can be use either post surgical or cancer patients). I'm not really sure what did they use at the drama but yes, you can actually give more dose when needed (that is what we call the Clinician Activated Bolus). About HAM drugs, they can be accessed by any person who are authorized (Anesthesiologist, Pain Doctors, Pain Nurses).
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    @0ly40 sigh I watched it 3 times. And my heart was so happy. Lol. Stuff LZH he neglected her for so many months. Did he think he can change even if he wins her back? He just wants a quiet obedient woman.
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    Wow- thank you so much- it’s never occurred to me to look at Dailymotion for LMH videos. I am up to no. 4!
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    He won't die because shady mom needs to know he is her son There are so many mysteries surrounding his past that are not solved yet. He is the lead character (in my opinion) alongside shady mom. We need a confrontation between him and shady mom So I think he will fake death to protect himself Also the warning from his father is significant. @tulip06 and @Lmangla MS is the reason I am watching now At ther beginning I disliked him because he seemed too obedient to shady mom, and I didn't like him imposing himself on Jenny. But when he turned out to be seeking revenge and he was helping Jenny, I started liking him. I think he wanted Jenny to like him, by being good to her. I don't think he intended to marry her by force. He almost begs her to give him a chance I like Dong Joo and Song Ah couple. I hope Eun ji won't separate them. Another thing I like is Mrs Choi and Jenny together. Iike Kyung In too I find Young man funny when his girlfriend deceived him
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    Without one , also dreamy . Look at my profile pic . That’s him in DS60. Oppa is a bad guy again. But you’re right , he won’t change . DJ only cared about saving his own skin. But every drama needs some slimy character & playing shady ones are indeed LJH’s forte. I would like to see Shi Mok at the noraebang! especially because JSW is a great singer . Ok now pray hard he’ll confirm. . He’s the heart of the show for me I wanted to find an excuse to post this .......
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    I agree with you. I was thinking that Ho-Dam was the Western Doctor who came to practice at Joseon and taught several smart people including MoHwa. Perhaps.... Prince LR had blister all over his body (chicken pox or other kind of skin disease) but got cured by this Ho-Dam practice.
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    How come he is tone deaf while he plays the piano so well? I have a feeling he is faking it. He knows something about HYY's past incident. I don't like the maestro at all, he seems fishy too
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    Captain told MW he would pay for the bottle. Yep, and for the bottle and everything else, he paid the highest price. I like how MW went to kill him without a word, only the sword was heard. These two, whenever they are on screen, it looks like sparks are flying all over the moon.
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    I watched the first episode again where she is introduced to the resting place of the dead and a persons shadow comes from behind her but when she turns around it's a tree and she punches the tree with the sword, inscribed with Full Moon . She has a recollection of the past and the two faces she sees are ChungMyung and Yeonwoo!! ChungMyung when they first laid eyes on each other when they fell. Yeonwoo running to her with drinking beer bottle in hand! Mago sends the coffin with its contents to an easy resting place and fireflies appear! So now Koo Changseong needs to dream from the point of view of Captain ChungMyung and Yeonwoo to get the full picture , I believe.
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    No matter how far... To me... You will always be just a memory away...
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    I love the image soooo much its sooo different to otger couples @gm4queen Yes i love the video sooo much u did sooo good it make me soooo happy seeing them both thanks for ur hard work the music suited the best u did soooo great keep it up darling @Pyar i love this image soooo much thank you
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    Funny enough homeroom teacher, this tittle is so foreign to me 854
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    You know what I think SW also wants to punish herself for lying to everyone she feels she deserves it Atleasts she can admit she did wrong things,but wrong things for the right reasons unlike KI dad or grandpa.
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    확인 hwagin. I hear it frequently. So I was curious https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the-meaning-of/korean-word-468266d639b553e86683db4f22efe57f9a2c936c.html
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