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    Sure, the VIP could be someone else, like f. ex. Yun's assistant. I have my doubt that the writer will introduce a new person as the VIP. In my opinion, we have already seen the VIP, but we don't know his true identity. Like I said, until the episode 10, I thought that Han was just part of the conspiracy, yet the episode 11 gave me a different vibe. Especially, when you watch his scenes, imagine that he is the VIP. His words and reaction have double meaning.
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    I don't know that it's possible to pin it down to one scene. I think the writers really meant to show you a subtle and gradual development when it comes to JC's feelings for LX and that's why I think it has been so hard for many to pick up. But that's pretty realistic, right? In life, there's never going to be one moment when you start to like someone, it's always going to happen little by little until finally there comes a time when you are unable to deny it. You really have to watch JC's facial expressions and the way his eyes soften to her over time. If there's one scene I can think of for when he becomes aware, it's that scene in episode 12 where LX is sitting across from him and she starts bobbing around because she's falling asleep. JC can't help but laugh, and then a moment later his smile goes away and it's replaced by this serious look of awareness, his eyes cast down and I think that's when the light goes off in his head that he's attracted to her.
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    @liltash85 @nrllee Strangely after this episode, I have the impression that Han is the VIP. Why? In the episode 10 we were shown that Han belongs to the conspiracy due to his agenda. He had noted the name of the file and the time therefore he discovered what PMJ was after. But he remained quiet. So he knew that the Acting president had heard about OYS and the existence of the mole. However, we never saw Han at the tailor shop, while little by little we saw the different clients of the tailor: OYS, the agent TaeIk, the NSI chief etc. Furthermore, the tailor mentioned on the phone to OYS that the VIP had discovered that PMJ was onto them. So the only person shown knowing that PMJ was aware of the existence of the mole and the infiltration was just Han. What caught my attention in this episode is the scene between Han and the protocol administrator Park SK. Han was totally gentle and kind towards PSK. Han showed concern and care for him. PSK should be perceived as a representative of youth. And here, I see some parallels between the tailor and Han. The tailor is also a young man so maybe Han acted the same way with him. The tailor is an absolute supporter of the VIP. Han has charisma and knowledge. He can judge people quite pretty well... like for example the NSI chief or the the general LMG. He knew that the general would never agree with a change of regime. However, I sense that his huge flaw is his arrogance thinking that he is always right with his judgement. He never thought that he could be mistaken about PMJ. His firm conviction that PMJ is not a good president candidate. He denied it twice and we saw in the preview that Han talks to CYJ about OYS. It clearly reveals that Han is convinced that OYS is a good candidate and he wants to persuade CYJ to abandon PMJ and choose OYS. The real purpose of the bombing was to turn OYS into a good presidential candidate and to ensure his election. In the episode 1, Yang and Han talked about history and change. Yang wanted to mark a huge change, in other words change history. And this conversation is really telling. Since Han and Yang were close, we can assume that Han had a similar idea but he wanted to change it differently. Finally, we shouldn't judge Han's reaction, when he heard that the other minister had been shot. The moles are all acting as if they were supporting PMJ. Notice the reaction of the NSI chief, when he heard that OYS gave the order to kill the sniper. He acted surprised and disapproving... yet I am sure that he was agreeing with the decision as he knew that they needed to cover up their tracks. @imgreatgal I have to disagree with you. OYS must have known about the bombing because he needed to know where the shelter was. Furthermore, he needed an alibi hence he had to ask for his comrades' help. He knew what was coming and saw it as a necessary evil. OYS was upset in the last episode because OYS had not been informed. By not being informed, OYS felt that he was treated like a tool. He wasn't shocked and upset because PMJ had been hurt. In my opinion, this episode illustrates the future struggle between the VIP and OYS. OYS considers himself superior, as the captain, but he was warned by the tailor that he was just a pawn and tool. He is ordered "not to cross the line", to remember that he is under the leadership of the VIP.
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    Sweet BTS Ep.10 , LOVE IT
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    That is exactly why OYS was as @triplem mentioned visibly angry when he went to confront the tailor about the assassination attempt on PMJ. OYS wasn't informed of what was to take place at the investiture and it could be the same with the bombing, he was only told at the last minute before the bomb went off. Its safe to assume now that everyone within the group do not each other and have not met the VIP. I think only the tailor knows his identity. The reason for this would be if their plan didn't work out they can easily disband and regroup later and that makes it harder to track them down. I'm beginning to think that the VIP is head of the 'group' which the tailor mentioned. They could be members made up of conglomerates who definitely benefited when the market crash and rebound. I don't think Han is the VIP but i'm not denying his involvement in it. Han said the next line to take over PMJ is Minister of Finance but he was also shot in the incident. Do you think that was a coincidence? I heard they say there was two shots. Meaning they didn't take into account the shot by Agent Han. It was not surprise that OYS ordered the sniper to be killed, that should cover his track but i'm wondering if they would just stop there. Would OYS be ordering an investigation into the dead sniper, his family, his recent contacts et al? @nrllee about Han being pensive and all that, i'm thinking as the case with OYS, Han too did not know about the assassination attempt and what the VIP is planning. I remember a couple of episodes back in one scene after a drinking session with PMJ, Han broke down. When i think about it now it could probably mean that Han is part of the group but did not know what was being planned (the NA bombing). Yes, it seems the issue of HM;s son was not dealt with in ep11, i hope we get to know something about it in ep12. Looks like agent Han is out.
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    want to make a quick note while in the middle of ep 12. not a spoiler and i think it's really wonderful writing/visual cue. when cha goes into the....whatever it's called blue house oval office lol and he expects to see OYS at the table because of PMJ's (HOT PROFESSOR) nature and gets OYS behind the desk being cold. crazy good part
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    @sushilicious I was going to share the plushie from Goblin but it's been shared already and all the other ones I can think of have been shared too so.. LOL @cenching this made me laugh bec this is the reason I don't get the kids plushies. I think to myself, "this thing is just going to collect dust..." I've had dolls like this and I also found them creepy. But that being said, I loved playing with dolls as a child. I even had a baby bottle for my doll that emptied when tipped and somehow the liquid would come back when I put right-side-up. It was amazing! @packmule3 oohhh! So that's what the german girl's glance meant. I was a bit confused as to why she gave her such a condescending glance. After all, it's not like she rushed outside in her bare feet. I loved Put Your Head on My Shoulders. Poor Gu We Yi, trying to think of ways to confess. It was just such a sweet school drama. so wait, do all german women (or at least most) always have well-manicured and pedicured nails? Would you be looked down on if you didn't keep it up? @angelangie that new Deng Lun drama looks interesting bec it's such a different role than what I am used to seeing DL in. And that scene in the trailer with him wearing long hair..hahahaha! 780
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    Also I 'm starting to notice that Reporternim Woo Sin-Young is showing a lot of empathy towards Kim Namwook. Wish she is bold enough to ask him out? I loved the convo between Chief of Civil affairs Ahn and Seoul Mayor who is honking horns and balking at the idea of a rookie talking all the reins out of their hands! OYS is taking the Commander-in-Chief thing literally and establish a chain of command where he is at the top. Madam Yun could not even say anything to stop him even though she made a promise to PMJ. Madam Yun complimenting Park dae was the highlight of the episode for me. She wants him for durability not for his idealistic views. Secretary Min pointing out to Sujeong that this is a rerun of Park Dae's first day as Acting President should have raised a red flag in their minds. Maybe Ch.Sec Cha thinks that OYS is too smooth for a political rookie and suspect that he has some backing . It's time for them to trust Agent Han Nagyeong. Maybe she will be given an office to operate inside the Blue House! After Park Dae recovers. But will Park Dae recover in 9 to 10 days time? By that time it will be a month for the Presidential Election! Will OYS be left at the Office for the duration of a month. Will Park Dae run his campaign. Will OYS popularity dip when he starts to deviate from the VIP mastermind's plans.
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    Every thing points to Secretary Han, that he is the mole in BH. His words have deep meaning. But still I fumble at one point and that is if he is truly the mole, then why did he let PMJ fire him in earlier episode. I mean he has to report everything to the tailor group. Even CYJ said that he couldn't have had access to that file. How was he so sure that PMJ will bring him back in BH? Or is there someone else too apart from him. A mole would be a person who would have access to everything and people wont doubt him/her. What about the girl in data processing office? May be no. I am just thinking too much. Need to pass another week now. Sigh..
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    It is nice you mentioned about those scenes. I loved these little moments. Both Do Chi-Gwang and Han Tae Joo are good people but they made mistakes/have regreats in their life. They have experience and I like how they don`t judge when someone is not 100% clean. Do Chi Gwang saw that Jae Sik is loyal to Tae Joo, he protects her. I like how he said that people can chance anytime. It is about their decision. It was also comforting that Tae Joo did not make a scene, that she understood his situation and proposed a solution. Jae Sik knew that he did wrong and felt guilty, but he believed to not have other choice to protect his son. Because Tae Joo showed emphaty for his situation, he will be even more on her side.
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    She say her apologise Send her flying to his chest
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    +2 so do I !! Wkwkwkw @Ameera Ali and me are same btw how’s your holidays in Moroco?
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    Sudden thought: I felt that as a drama watcher, we are protruding into those characters’ life affairs lol. Like take love affair for one, we are protruding into their sweet times omg. we should just look away, pretend it never happen. 800
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    I personally prefer that the big bag is someone else besides that 7 people or at least not just one person but a group of people. So far, we are presented with cases involving the police, the prosecution and big conglomerates. There are so many names in the ledger and it's said that lots of people could kill for it. I feel that none of these 7 people are powerful enough or ambitious or desperate enough to do all the bad deeds. But I think maybe some of them are manipulated into doing bad things. I also still put my trust in Jo Soo yeon being a good person but she's in a situation where she has no choice to do otherwise. Question is, is the boyfriend a higher-up or the big bad. Can it be Han Tae Joo? I sometimes feel that the show is taking itself too seriously but it's not really a problem for me. I constantly remind myself that this is not a procedural investigation drama but more of a psychological thriller. There are lots of mysteries and it sure does mess with your head. That 's what a thriller is supposed to do, after all. In a normal investigation drama, things unfold gradually as the story progresses with evidence found and straightforward explanations. This one is different since it focuses more on the characters and psychological aspects of the investigation. ( It is all about mind games and lots of scenes happen in interrogation room where the interrogators psych out the suspects. I'm always baffled at the way in other series, MLs suddenly bump into pieces of evidence). The characters are dealing with lots of things in their own head and they all suffer stuff like traumas, trust issue, etc. And I feel like by the end, it's not just the story getting resolved but the characters also grow and heal. That's what you rarely see in procedural investigation dramas because those are more event focused. I guess how you think or evaluate a drama depends so much on the expectations that you set. So, that's to say i'm really into this drama. One of the best that I've seen in a long while. Of course it also has some weaknesses but I'm willing to overlook those. My worry is, since the development is really complicated, it would be difficult to tie it all with a satisfactory ending. I truly hope that the writer and director can pull it off.
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    How i wish i could watch this too. Just a lurker and a reader of this forum. A solid PMY and has a PPC heart. Hello. 안녕
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    And for the love story to move forward.
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    Looks like evil dad is going to find out about SW and YW son soon http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/ All the wrong people are finding out with YW still in the dark.
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    It is exactly what I think it is wrong with her writing. I am not an expert, I say it how I feel/ observe. The writer is doing some things right too but I don`t think she prepared enough content for a 50 episodes drama. She had just one major conflict who wasn`t that big to begin with. What I think about bringing Na Hye Mi and her brother? It was a lame attempt to buy time. The writer dragged the secret to be revealed later and those antagonist characters should have brought more tension to the story but ... they did not. We were already saturated by In Sook`s secret and it is not a big deal anyway. More than that, everyone knew about the daughter (except TJ) and that she was abandoned. With or without these characters, Tae Joo would have been upset that he was the only one who was kept in the dark. He and his wife would have resolved this problem by themselves. Na Hye Mi and her brother`s rearch for the daughter and revelation to the Chairman about the secret is laughable. Imagine if the daughter was not Mi Ri. I know that the writer intents to make it a big issue and lots of characters believe it is, but for me this secret doesn`t bring such a big conflict. I have to pretend to buy what the writer is trying to sell, and it is hard. Since Na Hye Mi, her son, her brother don`t have anything else to do, I think the storyline with Tae Ho`s paternity would be much better. I usually don`t like this soap opera plot but this time I will welcome it. Why bring Woo Jin`s wife in Korea for one, two days? She realised that she did not have any chance with her ex and she told Mi Hye that Woo Jin likes her in two, three scenes. What I was thinking? How many hours has the flight from US to Korea? It was worth her effort to travel? I stop here about Woo Jin, Jae Bum and Hye Mi`s storyline. I don`t ever start about Mi Sun`s storyline. Her father in law had a better development than anybody else. We vent a little but we don`t hate the drama. At least, I don`t dislike it. Just that we feel disappointed that it had potential to be something more. I still watch the drama and I don`t have to struggle to watch it but I have started the countdown already. What? Peter too? He needs him to say a few lines or to organize Mi Hye`s book launch. We won`t see only new couple bliss for 20 episodes. You are too optimistic. Yes, he insisted to know and now he knows. I think majority of people would have insisted to know. It is just the human nature. Tell them they should not seek something they will do the opposite. I don`t think he did a bad thing. I am glad Tae Joo knows the truth. He just has to deal with this truth like a grow up man.
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    Dinner Time Jiu Chen wanted to reach for the bun when Ling Xi/MoMo took it away. LX/MM: Speak! Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Who do you have in your family? What do your parents or relatives do? When was it you know of me? Why is it when I am in danger? How did you find your way here? JC: Again ... you asked these same questions? LX/MM: What do you mean I asked these (questions) again? You have never answered my questions. Don't think because of your small tricks, you can get away with it. Status and standing is part of one's personality. I do not know of you, how can I be with you? What if you are a bandit or a conman? JC: I am a High Immortal from the Heavens ... Ling Xi/Momo slammed the table. LX/MM: Don't try to be funny, please be serious. Jiu Chen looked a little sheepishly LX/MM: Where are you from? From the North ... the Grassland ... from the South ... With that Jiu Chen "sedated" Ling Xi/MoMo. Xiao Bai voiced his concern to Jiu Chen Jiu Chen: Why must she be so troublesome? She kept asking the same questions so many times. Xiao Bai growled angrily Jiu Chen: What do you know? Jiu Chen carried Ling Xi/MoMo to her bed. He then asked the Local Deity to create an identity for him. One with some wealth. The Deity was very apt right down to creating a document of an indented concubine. So funny he mentioned he is single with no marriage agreement when he spotted the "concubine" contract. He told Ling Xi/MoMo that it belonged to his uncle and even knocked down a chair in his haste. The mortal Ling Xi/MoMo stands equally with Jiu Chen hence she is able demand answers for her questions. The interpretation is best based on my limited understanding of the language
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    I feel she wont be the one to tell him or he find out on his own at this point. She had way too many chances but still wont as things get worse for her and TY.
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    Well said @joan0528 . From my point of view SW revenge was to make her son heir to the company. She has no other plans. As you can see this family never fully trusted her. Didn’t give her much power because Jang Wol/Chun still runs the company from home. He ultimately has the last say in company.
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    EP 56 https://www.ondemandkorea.com/suspicious-mother-in-law-e56.html ES barely even in these episodes right now. The 2 leads are still 99% clueless about evil mom this late in the drama. I not going to romanticize MS creepiness. I wish they get too the meat of the drama already.
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    Is DS60 as good as the US Designated Survivor ? 798
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    I like how this drama constantly surprises me. I expect a situation to follow a tried and tested path and it fails to deliver. I know that sounds like a criticism but it’s not. Especially in this genre of high school romance type dramas. This drama has all the elements of high school but honestly NONE of the histrionics. Which is actually novel. Case in point. When JW confronts KT in the street and KT begs him to just take the blame, I mean he had a point, JW was already a “loser” in life, KT was “clean”, he tried to drive home his point with a guilt trip, “I am my parents’ only hope. I am supposed to make it to University and make something of myself for their sake.” I was expecting JW to cave and be Super altruistic and go down the path of being downtrodden and deadbeat...with the usual KDrama reversal in the end of the drama of course... but no... he has the strength of character and the very adult mindset to think, “No... that’s not how it works. You made a choice and you live with the consequences of your choice. I should not be forced to clean up the mess you got yourself into.” Hence his very very astute reply that they are but 18, there is time enough for them to get over wrongs/mis steps. It’s not that he didn’t understand KT’s plight. He did. But it wasn’t the right way to go. You make mistakes, but you own up to it and grow from it. No-one is a loser for life unless they choose to be. Remember his words to his deceased Friend? Just because you’re born into a life less fortunate does not set you up for failure. What you do with it determines your future. You are the Captain of your own destiny. He refuses to let life (and in this case HwiYoung) dictate whether he is a failure or not. His focus is on character, being decent, being truthful, living up to a moral code. I love this boy. Such an old soul. And on the flip side, SooBin is the same. She refuses to bow to conventions. She knows herself. She knows her limits. She knows that once you get on that treadmill of bending the rules and doing anything it takes to get on top of the heap, you lose what little sense of self that you have. She would rather keep her dignity. Just like JW, she realises that your dignity and self respect is really what matters in the end. It defines you. If you allow others and outside entities define who you are (like HwiYoung), you end up being shackled to the very thing you think will liberate you. Because once you build it, there’s constant maintenance required to keep up with the facade. Kudos to the writer for these little nuggets of wisdom weaved into a “Coming of Age” drama. EDIT - as for the articles about JW “going dark”? Err... he didn’t? Certainly not in this episode anyway. See...a surprise. A very pleasant one indeed.
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    Revisiting the media interview before Spring Night screened: Jung Hae In, Han Ji Min open up about new drama All attention has been paid to see what achievement the drama "One Spring Night" will get with the change in broadcast situations. On the afternoon of May 20, the press conference launching the new Wed-Thu drama ''One Spring Night'' (Scriptwriter: Kim Eun, Director: Ahn Pan Suk) was held at the Ramada Hotel, Shindorim Ward, Guro District, Seoul. Director Ahn Pan Suk and lead actors Han Jimin and Jung Haein attended the event and talked about the work. "One Spring Night" is a romantic drama that depicts a couple's journey of finding love in the spring days. This is the work mark the reunion of director Ahn Pan Suk and the scriptwriter Kim Eun of the prevalent drama "Something in the Rain" (JTBC) which ended in 2018. In addition, actor Jung Hae In who starred in the drama will also work with Han Ji Min - the actress who plays the same character with veteran actor Kim Hye Ja in "The Light In Your Eyes" (JTBC) - to portray the male and female lead Yoo Ji Ho and Lee Jung In in this drama. In particular, this is the drama that director Ahn Pan Suk delivers through MBC channel after 12 years since "Behind The White Tower" in 2007. Starting with the saying, "I am deeply moved", he said, " Although I have been working at MBC for nearly 16 years since I officially joined the company in 1987, I still feel choked as I have the chance to come back again." Then, he talked about the difference between the new work and the previous drama, ''I never think about having to make a 'difference'. Because it's not easy to make up a story and create a drama. That's why I cannot just think of making a work that looks different from what I have done. I only focus on conveying the story that I have.'' In addition, he talked about the reason for continuing to make a romantic drama, "Actually, author Kim Eun was the first to come up with this idea, not me. Every time I start to conduct the next work, I don't have any thoughts like 'This time I have to do thriller genre'. It's not easy to make a reasonable story, so if I see the story that is fine, I will do it anyway." In addition, director Ahn Pan Suk shared the reason for inviting Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In to participate in the drama, "Do I have a reason? I just looked for the best actors. I wrote their names on a sheet of paper. From number 1 to number 4. I wrote 'Male No. 1', 'Female No. 1', like that. Then I contacted them. If they accepted it, I would be really grateful. Besides, I never thought about the reason why I asked them. Now there are many actors, but from a different perspective, they are very rare. Actually, there are not many actors and actresses who are in their mid-30s and really have a story to convey. Actor Jung Hae In - who continues to collaborate with director Ahn Pan Suk - shared, "I usually take a long hard look on the characters and storyline when reading the script but for 'One Spring Night', I just have infinite trust in the director. Because of that trust, I was consistent with my choice. In addition, after meeting and talking with the director, my trust was further strengthened. Since I left a strong impression as a younger boyfriend in the previous work, I didn't make any special effort to remove that image in this work. The most important thing seems to be the script and I think I just need to focus on the lines, sentences, and situations in the drama." Han Ji Min shared, "What makes me quickly accept joining the drama right in the first time receiving the script is that 'One Spring Night' genuinely depicts without much addition the thoughts in marriages that everyone will at least once ponder in their life. Playing Lee Jung In, I see that this character has more straightforward and emotional dialogue lines than the roles I have played so far. If the male lead also has good and affectionate lines, our script will be full of lines that friends or couples usually say in real life. The character Lee Jung In is sometimes pretty selfish and immature, but I believe every person has multiple facets. Though Lee Jung In on the outside, always tries to show that she is fine even a little, when standing in front of love, she can't help but be honest. And that is the anchor for me to play this role well." Next, Jung Hae In added, "In my opinion, the situation that Lee Jung In and Yoo Ji Ho were put into is similar to the 'gap between coldness and enthusiasm'. It is a difficult situation to take the courage to get closer, and this is the attraction of the drama. When I read the script, I felt that the drama attractively drew a story that was both not too familiar and true about how ordinary boy and girl would fall in love and how their relationship would develop. So as soon as I got the script, I read it from cover to cover without a break. The director also once again made an offer to invite me to participate in so I would like to thank him." Although ''One Spring Night'' received great expectation thanks to wonderful previous work, it still faces an uneasy situation. First of all, ''One Spring Night'' is the first drama to broadcast at 9 pm after MBC announced to move the broadcast schedule of dramas from 10 pm to 9 pm. Also, the drama will be simultaneously broadcast on online platform Netflix. Besides, it is hard to the drama to steal the spotlight as the previous broadcast drama ''The Banker'' ended with one-digit viewership ratings despite the participation of top-notch lineup including Kim Sang Joong, Yoo Dong Geun, Chae Shi Ra. ''One Spring Night'' also encounters difficulty attracting audiences with the new time slot. However, regarding this, director Ahn Pan Suk said calmly, "I did the work with gratitude for receiving the contact from MBC. Previously, I had my work aired 10 pm, and on JTBC, I also try the 11 pm airing, but I had absolutely no thoughts about the time frame. If I work hard, it will be no problem no matter it's 10 or 11. This time, I heard that the broadcast time is likely to be 9 o'clock, so I just follow. There's no problem at all." He also chatted, "I never thought about what impact it would have, so I could hardly answer more." Jung Hae In also shared, "Actually, I have the same thought with the director. It's a lie if I say that I don't feel pressured, but I think the advantage of this is that the viewers can watch the dramas of other broadcasting station and our drama. These days, there are so many platforms that can be viewed in many ways, so the time slot seems to be of little significance. Recently, other than TV, the audience also can watch via the internet or many other ways, so I don't care about it that much." Han Ji Min also showed her credibility to director Ahn Pan Suk, "Each director has their own colors and styles, so when I first received scripts, I think that the story and the emotions that the script conveys should be different depending on who directs it. To be honest, I really like the works of director Ahn Pan Suk. In particular, I really want to challenge on an orthodox romantic drama, so the fact that director Ahn will direct this drama is a great merit to me." She continued, "The director's support also helped a lot while I was acting at the filming location. For me, director Ahn's perspective and footage in his mind are quite new and different from previous dramas that I used to take part in. These new points make me quite excited, but because of this, in the first stage, there were more things need to be done. And when the director said "Okay", I still felt a little bit worried. But now I have infinite faith in the director. With the stance of an actress, I can see that my role is to portray in maximum the script at the filming location. If you put all of your devotion into a work like this, like Jung Hae In's saying, we will see the importance of how to make many people feel sympathetic to the story that we want to convey whenever they watch the work." Therefore, from director Ahn Pan Suk to Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min, they all seem quite calm about issues related to viewership ratios, indicators, and other achievements of the work. On top of that, the fact that terrestrial TV drama is judged to suffer such a crisis that it has to be mentioned about changing the broadcast schedule, director Ahn Pan Suk confirmed, "The terrestrial TV drama is going through a crisis." However, he emphasized the drama's main role, "I believe that drama is a part of literature. In the middle and high school, we often study literature in literature classes, including poetries, novels, plays or literary reviews. We had been doing so until the 19th century. By the 20th century, there emerged films, and it has also been put into teaching. I think that drama is also in literature. Not only our country but also the US is the same; the advancement of using video cameras to record something has led people to say that the literary era has passed and the video era has come. This statement is considered a proclamation of the era and also sounds very cool, so people also start thinking and acting in that direction. Children who dream to be good directors, good actors go to the cinema instead of reading. But considering the origin of the industry, doing so will not make one an excellent director, actor or scriptwriter." In this regard, director Ahn Pan Suk made everyone burst into laughter when he said, "I really don't know how the viewership rating of 'One Spring Night' viewers' will be." Then, he expressed, "Of course, it's good if the ratings is high. However, after the filming started, you will only think about the work of that day and forget about the ratings. I only think, 'Hopefully today will pass peacefully.' You will know if you try to do that." Finally, he shared, "At the moment, the filming is already halfway done. We will try to end it well to be able to hear that we have created a 'true-to-life drama' or 'a thought-provoking drama'. I will strive to make that happen.'' After that, Han Ji Min said, ''I'm acting with various concerns in order to portray Lee Jung In as the director's imagination. Although there are no stimulating factors, I still hope people will sympathize with the love stories that everyone can relate to or the lines that can be uttered from situations faced by the main character. I will work hard and try my best to the end.” Jung Hae In went on, “I will do my best to stay side by side and help create a great drama called 'One Spring Night'. Hopefully, when the drama premieres, audiences will enjoy it comfortably.'' [OSEN = Reporter Yeon Hwi Sun]
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    However, JHI said that KGE's eyes are very charming (if I did not misunderstand)
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    I just finished the latest episode subbed in PCCD group in FB. That's episode 23 and that was heart-wrenching. I wonder if JC will realize LC's hearing sacrifice for the fire and likewise, if LC will realize JC's plan. The mortal world arch is 20 episodes long, right?
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    Thanks for clarifying that. I got weirded out when that scene came. What I want to clarify is when JC started liking back LX. Was it during his decision not to let LX die when they left her to freeze out in his chamber?
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    When the writers take reincarnation circle 100 % i give my vote for your theory. Now We just could assuming or predict where's the story might end. I think when the writers has strong intention not to devide the audience focus story, they will fast to clear up the past matter, and focused in the present hence since the past is actually the spirit of the storyline i guess they decided to come up with a puzzle scene bit by bit to prevail the whole scope of story and the correlation the past and present, so be patient . Some audience maybe felt uncomfortable since the past story get a little overview when in fact the past scenes appear not much than 2 minutes blurred dream or 3 minutes opening/endings introduction . So don't worry the leads is still JMW and GCS. I have no worries wherever the story will goes now, what i want to watch is the writers provide a masterful plot turn an twists and wrappings in a class. Hotel Del luna hwaiting I flowers U is geek and cozy adorable IU signatures flowers
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    #Throwback Source: Asia Society Korea Center Throwback to Asia Society’s Global board meeting 2014 hosted in Seoul, where we presented world star actor Lee Byung-hun with the Cultural Diplomacy Award. Lee has received critical acclaim worldwide for his works, most notably in the G.I. Joe series, The Magnificent Seven(2016), The Masquerade(2012), The Good, The Bad, The Weird(2008), Joint Security Area(2000) and many more! Photo credit: @jessicamarieberggrun
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    Thank u sis Yeah...i hope soon she will get new project n with good story n LM
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    Hi all! Been lurking around and finally decided to post mynown thought about the drama. Been hooked up since the 1st ep. Love love love IU! I just finished watching the english sub and had this lingering feeling that the General isn't actually a bad person; he looks like he truly love MW. Flashbacks to all his facial expressions that being showed, and his saying 'you have to be alive to kill me' is just a saying for her to keep on living! Idk why but i think its his way to keep her safe. Maybe he knew the gov will captured her gang, and its the only way to safe her. By pretending. and looking at him when he entered the bride's room, he already bought his own sword! Looks like he knew MW will come at him. Maybe he'll kill himself? And the the coffin that MW bring all the way in the 1st ep is his coffin?! Aaaa cant wait for sat and sun to come!
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    May I ask what ep was that where the one who visited the chamber was wearing a red one because seems like I didn't see that and I can only remember the flashback of the wedding chamber part in ep 5 but the man who entered was wearing white..
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    The Princess paid for her sins, I think. She was reborn many times so she most probably has had chances to redeem herself. I would like Sanchez to be Yeon Woo. He seems like a guy living a good life due to his good karma. As for Chan Seung and Man Wol....love how they say simple things to each other....nothing fancy....I will be by your side even if this is your hell or cage....I won't leave you so protect me....This is torture....I won't let you be tortured with me....they love each other, put each other before their own self...I find the simplicity of their emotions refreshing.
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    I'm going with the second one. After he fell in love with JMW, he wanted to choose his heart (JMW) over his duty (Princess), but I'm sure the princess threaten him that she'll kill JMW and her people and label CM as a traitor to his country. This got CM to choose his duty and married the princess. After the wedding, she still killed JMW and her people, that he was planning on killing her, but JMW got to her first.
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    I like that theory that Man Wol is waiting for the captain, presumably to kill him. In Chansung's dream, when she started to draw her sword, the next sound was a clash of metal, so I guess he drew his sword too. But then if she didn't get to kill him then, wouldn't she have gone on a mission to track him down and kill him to get the final revenge for her squad instead of wandering off to look for the inn of the dead? Or maybe she got her chance but couldn't bring herself to finish him off because she's ~in love (which, meh), so she's waiting to meet him again so she could kill him this time. I don't want Chansung to be his reincarnation though. Chansung is a cinnamon roll; let him continue being too good and too pure for this world. I disagree with the Princess and the captain not being really bad though. Murdering and oppressing people just because it's lawful and expected at the time doesn't make it good or right. Other stuff I like/noted upon rewatch:
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    The instrumental music, Heart was probably inspired by the original artist. Apologize by Luis DH.
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    I am sad to see this Drama being pushed back, but on the other hand - I am pleased, if it means also better working conditions while filming it. I am sure they have to be mindful of that, especially with Moon Geun-Young.... Looking forward to it, whenever it airs....
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