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    pmy- It's not easy to put sauce because it's oily. psj- there is nothing Youngjoon(psj) can't do.
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    Yes, of course, I am! You should watch it now...and join us waiting for it every weekend . So you've watched The Crowned Clown too? ____________________________________________________ How YJG's LEE HEON flee from his QUEEN... How YJG's CHAN SUNG run away from ghost...
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    How she handle her personal issue, public issues, knets negativities against her, I really salute our queen. She's really a role model for us to learn. Calm, steady, tactfully....
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    A lot of good and fun theories to read: this thread is bubbling under the collective effort of every brilliant mind who post here. It's a joy to read though i don't feel like joining it yet: i'm still not over the feelings brought by the last episodes I've been lurking on social media and found those quotes that i really hope that the writer didn't throw just as bait: i still have hope that our team will unite again tightly to defeat the killer Credit: kdramastuff Credit: kdramastuff And most importantly: BTS for episodes 5 and 6 BTS for episode 7 and 8
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    I don’t think we’re the only ones speculating. The episode preview on Naver https://m.tv.naver.com/v/9335711 has over 74000 views. The usual view count for any of the videos for that drama is usually 10000-20000
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    It is interesting how much kjk is in the loop about whatever is happening with jsm in her life. i mean he had just come in after his 2 week vacation abroad that morning and already knew jsm had met young bae in private. just like he knew where she had shifted to and how many rooms were there in her new house much before everyone else. makes me suspect all the more that they have private chats outside the show. it also amuses me how jsm never says outright that she likes kjk. it is always my mom likes kjk a lot. kjk acts like the news of her mom liking him the best is no surprise but when she mentions wookmin likes lks the best, it bothers him enough to keep thinking about it even when the others are making a joke at lks's expense. his answer also proves that he is trying to find an excuse for why wookmin may prefer lks. if you look at it realistically, kjk shouldn't be surprised at it. after all, wookmin and lks hang out quite a bit. they have had dinners together with jsm and even as early as he guested on rm, it was clear that he and wookmin hung out together. kjk, on the other hand, met him once on set and after that, along with the other members, gave him his autograph when he opened his new gym. other than that, wookmin and kjk are practical strangers. still, kjk's reply makes it seem as if wookmin's preference for lks bothers him which is really strange. what makes it stranger is how kjk had tried to set up jsm a month back with kjm, even calling her out for a date. in the bus, the members were trying to set up jsm with ysc and he didn't have much to say. he was more than happy to know that jsm's mom likes him more than ysc and was also trying to find excuses for wookmin not preferring him in the same way.
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    yes I agree, JH mom said once that it was JH's dad who used her when she was poor, and seduced her, when she was just an innocent young girl, that why she left her child to JH's wife,so somehow she was trying to survive, through getting money from men using one way or the other (even if through wrong means). I am not surprised that she left JH's old dad, if he wasn't very good to her (according to what she says). Still it was rather bad of her. But I have a feeling that JH's dad wasn't a good man, and JH took after him. She really liked GH to some extent and even felt sorry for her, but again her constant means of survival (using wrong means) are topmost. She is a strange woman.
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    Believe it or not, I bought a cordless vacuum cleaner after saw the PPL in Terius, TYH and HPL..... 810
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    I miss that bok Joo gif @kokodus . Best way to scold @Dhakra @Lawyerh Ottoke ...i can’t understand Korean either , wish someone would sub the Affairs BTS . Quite pumped that LSY has been offered a lead role so quickly! But i was rather confused with the synopsis. Can’t process! Seems he has never dated much - darn extreme from having affairs to zero experience ! So 5 oppas I love for 5 ongoing dramas. How do I juggle ? 804
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    @bebebisous33 I always loved your insightful views. Also with this drama. But I would like to say the previous late president's name was Yang Jin-Man not Jang. or very well ( Y and J sound same with some languages it seems. lol) Have to go for now.
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    haha i'm wondering that too Someone mentioned that probably the shooter was aiming at OYS but watching the preview of ep11 for the umpteen time its definitely looks like he was aiming at PMJ. At the end of ep10 we heard only one shot and the shooter must have missed his target when agent Han shot at him. There is a guy who is sitting motionless behind OYS he must have been hit. And i don't think OYS pulled PMJ down. I think the president's security guards pulled PMJ down from behind him. I know some of us here do not want OYS to be the bad guy, that probably he's a double agent probably snooping around to see if anyone around him is an accomplice in the bombing. I hope he is not but i can't seem to see him that way. A double agent would definitely hide his true self but 1. OYS reveals his deeper feelings especially to Assemblywoman Yun. He tells her something like 'In the nation i hope to live in there is no place for you' (sorry if i got that wrong) that's so frightening. 2, When he was cornered by PMJ about agent Han. He says Han probably resent him because her boyfriend died in the bombing. How did he know this when even the president didn't. 3. When they failed to kill off agent Han by the gas explosion his tailor reported it to him in riddles. 4. When the tailor inform him that they failed to reveal PMJ's scandal he says "that's alright I think we have everything covered" Thank you @bebebisous33 for you insight on political advisor Han's involvement in the bombing it has somehow 'open my eyes' to his behavior. You could be right in suspecting him. Just some thoughts. 1,I didn't like how JunO died. I mean they are NIS agents. They a highly trained in tough situation but there they were standing in the middle of the road. They were easy targets. I was expecting the truck of doom to come hahaha. 2. Why was security so lax at the investiture ceremony. The two security guards just let a guy into a building facing the place where the ceremony is taking place. The nation just went through a bomb attack and security is so lax omg!
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    Hi y'all! It's summer vacation and I'm back for a bit. Long time no see. Hugs! How's everyone doing? How's our spartace doing? Did I miss anything big that wasn't in the RM episodes?
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    +2 I’m not afraid when the rain won’t stop ’cause you light the way.. you light the way.. I got all I need when I got you and I I look around me and I see a sweet life I am stuck in the dark but you are my flashlight.. you are getting me through the night.. ’cause you are my flashlight
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    Ibru those comments are based on the original article. They were there yesterday before the agency's first response. This reminds me of the articles when JS first set up A Man and there were some news articles putting a negative spin on it. Trying to accuse of this and that in a way to cause damage. It feels similar here. I think also that it's probably impossible to work in the entertainment industry without occasionally running into unsubstantiated media claims like this. This is why agencies have legal departments. As for whoever JS ends up with, probably many people have a favorite, but in the end, what I like about this forum is that we are all JS fans. What we all REALLY want is for him to be happy, even if it turns out different than we expected. It's his life, he would know best, right? Someday he probably will make a positive statement about that, and I will congratulate him, whoever it happens to be with. For now, I just hope he has a peaceful rest of military and then gets back to us with a good drama afterwards.
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    i think that things will be harder from now on .poor sw ans GH
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    All rumor are so funny in today. Kang Ta date not only Jung Jo Mi but also racing model in same day. For JS, "they meet in his cafe many time, she move to live in apartment near his, she's out of JS 's car, he personally wish & recruit her...." that's his work. He had CEO of a recruitment & development art company. He still interested on it because it's his dream company. A normal story: a young CEO with an beautiful employee, every their behavior will be viewed to link a secret romance relationship. People will love to read
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    The 2nd OST is out!! Chung Kyung Ho - Going to Busan (translated by Google lol) https://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=10313313 In case you haven't listen to the 1st OST, here it is:
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    Their brains are smaller and more useless than the stuff I pick from my nose ! 816
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    More and more people finding out about him yet he still doe snot know he is the heir or that he has a son. KI is the exact same as his family no doubt about that now.
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    Wow our Queen is on top 6 and she is the only one who is not a kpop idol. Congrats to our Queen...credit @SHKPhilippines
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    So basically, KH was obsessed with Soo Ah, HS had strong protective feelings towards her and now it's confirmed that BJ was also close to her. Part of me wants to ask her for tips. Taera should wake up. She was the only one who had feelings in that relationship. Even if they do get married, it will be one of those high society marriages where she has her kids , career and house to distract her from the fact her husband is colder than ice in Antartica.
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    add scenes which i've found are ep.13~14 bed scene and ep.15 ice cream scene. i heard there are more add scenes in dvd. but i can't watch all contents yet, so idk how many add scenes are in dvd.
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    I think that they "did" it in the epilogue. Since it's hinted that it's birthday gift for Gun from Tong Nian And I agree, the book is definitely more R rated haha. But most of the novel is more R rated than the drama adaptation. I guess with the strict policy of the television programming in China, they have to make it "chaste" lol On the side note: IT ENDED Now I officially have nothing to look forward too T____T I will say goodbye to Gun and Tong Nian for making it so enjoyable for me this past month. I never think that a month could pass by this quickly. I'm having fun watching how Gun changes from a super cold person to a super devoted boyfriend to Tong Nian lol Props to Li Xian for making Gun's character so alive. Also to all the supporting characters who help in making the drama become so enjoyable to watch, especially to all the K&K boys (my personal fave: Grunt and 97 :D) I will miss talking with you guys here too. I hope we could see each other again in other dramas
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    [Movie] 2019.08.01 Official Trailer for Bad Guys - The Movie is OUT!!! Official release date: September 11. Edit: Eng sub version → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MGikl4KOJY
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    Ladies, I am sitting in a restaurant now. Just finished my meal, and ... Wang Sulong's song came in the background How random! I'll rewatch My Best Summer when I get home
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    I'm gonna wait until it's available on tvn asia to watch this with subs. I read the episodes will be released a day after the original broadcast. Yay. Hopefully it will look great on a tv screen. I really want to like this as everyone else seems to be. I watched ep 1 raw however I'm not a fan of the colours. It's too muted and kinda washed out to me. It will take time for me to get used to. My recent dramas watches are more vibrant and bright. Imo, PSW stood out most in ep 1. He looked scary when he changed and his character is quite extra. I've come to a point that I like characters who are extra and villains are just more appealing. Hahaha
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    40 July 26, 2019 Search Query: WWW: Episode 12 by LollyPip I always thought that a good solid bromance was the best thing a drama could offer, until this show came along. The relationships between the women are so fascinating – one friendship has finally died, another is beginning, and a third is in the process of redefining itself based on the friends as they are and not as they used to be. I’m happy that our heroine has at least one good girlfriend to rely on, especially since other parts of her life are proving difficult to figure out. more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/07/search-query-www-episode-12/ **** Search Query: WWW: Episode 13 by LollyPip Change is always hard, and the most difficult changes are the ones we must make in ourselves as we grow and mature. Some will accept that change as necessary to get what they want, some will grieve over the loss the changes represent, and some will embrace that change as the freedom they’ve always longed for. more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/07/search-query-www-episode-13/
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    There is actually no doubt now that the political advisor Han is part of the conspiracy. Since he had written the file number in his agenda, he knew the content about the file. In my opinion, Han must have been the one who asked CYJ to call the ministry of national defense in order to revoke LGM's clearance. Remember that they shared the same office. If we look back at Han's actions from the start, we can see that Han's decisions played a huge part in the conspiracy. We heard that Han was the one who selected PMJ as minister for Environment. He is also the one who sent PMJ to the FTE negociations as he knew PMJ wouldn't be able to handle the meeting. From the start, Han knew that PMJ was no politician... he saw in him the perfect puppet. Somehow, he predicted that PMJ would be fired or would resign due to the negotiations with US delegation. We also heard from OYS that PMJ is part of the bombing. These words are quite important because it reveals that the mastermind had already planned to have two survivors: OYS and PMJ. PMJ would be used as a puppet during the 60 days. Remember Han's words: PMJ is no politician. Notice how PMJ was treated by Han in the beginning (episode 2). PMJ should just be a puppet and close his mouth. But the problem started, when PMJ acted differently from what Han had expected. Yet, the more time passed on, the more popular PMJ got so that the lower are the chances that OYS can succeed. Han never imagined that PMJ would be able to figure out about the real situation with the North Korean submarine. We heard from Han twice that he doesn't support PMJ as presidential candidate. And all these leaks are no coincidence: they were all targeting PMJ in order to undermine his presidency. If he encountered terrible situations and wasn't able to face these troubles, he would become unpopular. All this was to ensure that PMJ has no desire to become the next president. The more pressure he got, they expected that PMJ would crumble. And this is important: PMJ as presidential candidate represents a thread to their conspiracy. Since CYJ has put all his efforts in PMJ, to me there is no doubt that he doesn't belong to the conspiracy. Han was clever because by making CYJ suspicious, he can gain some time and it makes it more possible that OYS could get elected. That's why the mastermind decided to change the plan: kill or injure PMJ so that he wouldn't be able to act as Acting president. Furthermore, there are only 10 days left before the deadline (announcing his candidacy). Han accepted to come back because PMJ was able to succeed in each challenge he encountered. I am also wondering if there is not another mole in the Blue House close to PMJ. As for the mastermind, the VIP, this person could be someone close to weapons industry, like the CEO of a famous arms industry company. He would have benefited the most after the bombing... Imagine if PMJ had followed Han's instructions and acted like a puppet... Let us not forget that Hitler was supported by rich industrialists (especially Foreign weapons companies and banks). They were looking for a profit. They knew that Hitler had planned a war. In my opinion, this could be the same here. @40somethingahjumma imagined that OYS could be a double agent, yet I have my doubts about it due to his speech at the funeral. All his thoughts were focusing on the nation ("incompetent nation"; " a coward government" and "an unfortunate nation") and not on the people. He wants a strong country which reminds me definitely of Hitler's speeches. Besides, what caught my attention were the words from one of the generals: "A fearless soldier is the most dangerous". Even this general said that no one should get used to the loss of soldiers and people.... but OYS showed no empathy and sadness in that room. To me, OYS has no problem to have people killed so that his dream can be achieved. For him, people have to be sacrificed in order to change the nation. His comrades acted like brainwashed followers. Sorry, if I keep mentioning Hitler but the latter had decided to change the regime legally and in my opinion, this is the real motive behind the bombing. The mastermind wanted to turn OYS into a hero and become so popular so that he would win the presidential election. Without the bombing, OYS would have never had the chance... OYS would win legally the election and after that, he would change the regime. Don't forget that OYS has a military background... this is the reason why he hates politicians (Just like Hitler by the way). @triplem I was able to catch up... great drama.
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    I love several types, family drama, social, comedy, mystery, fantasy, horror, thriller, and musicals. I am new to kdrama this is my second year. I don't like typical romance, it is boring. This drama reminds me of Agatha Christie, it is so good, full of mystery, psychology, the detective type of story. It is super good. The lawyer and the hacker are gathering clues. The school atmosphere is not the usual type, it is grim and full of corruption.
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    Haha! Is this a good thing? LOL! Ha ha...nice to see you over in this forum. Let's hope this is better written
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    He is 23 ha ha , so never watch WWW search our favourite Scarlett taking advantage of 21 years old You wouldn’t handle it -2
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    thanx so much for your translate...i will post it in my LMH fanpage on fb and IG...i will credit your name... i also have indonesia fanpage about kdrama / kpop with many likers from many fandom so i will post this article on that fanpage too with indonesia translate...i will credit your name...
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    Our Mr Lee is so likeable by many that he is often rumoured to be with A or B - and he was hoping that we will not forget him during the 2-year absence... how to forget you, Mr Lee - you are so loved
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    ah they are lover since college days... erm i wish the scene in Switzerland will be their current situation,not filming for their college days..
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    TRUE!!! but the aircon is so damn COLD ><" Next Person: Is fighting with the management team
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    Despite dating denials, insiders claim Nara is planning to move to a new suite 5 mins away from Lee Jong Suk's house Shortly after dating rumors between actor Lee Jong Suk and actress/former Hello Venus member Naraspread on the web, their label A-Man Project firmly denied the relationship as false. However, new media outlet reports claim that Nara is currently planning to move to a new apartment complex, 5 minutes away from Lee Jong Suk's house. Insiders stated that Nara recently signed a lease with an apartment complex in Seoul's Oksu-dong - a complex located approximately 5 minutes away from the luxurious Hannam-dong L-villa complex, where Lee Jong Suk lives. Furthermore, Nara very recently decided to move out on her home after living with her younger sisters for a long time, according to insiders. Previously, dating rumors claimed that Lee Jong Suk and Nara gradually progressed from close sunbae-hoobaes to lovers earlier this year. Depite A-Man Project's earlier denial, sources continue to claim that Lee Jong Suk was very personally and actively involved in recruiting Nara to A-Man Project. Nara was allegedly spotted numerous times at a cafe owned by Lee Jong Suk in Shinsa-dong, called '89 Mansion'. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk debuted as a fashion model in 2005 before switching gears into acting in 2010. Nara, on the other hand, debuted as a member of Hello Venus in 2012. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/despite-dating-denials-insiders-claim-nara-is-planning-to-move-to-a-new-suite-5-mins-away-from-lee-jong-suks-house
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    Song Kang :I like you Sohyun :I want to ring your Love Alarm. Garam : I'll wait until you ring mine ( translated by ondubukey -twitter )
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    Agree ..it's not YJG. Actually YJG have many projects, what i could recall OM just watching till eps 4 He act as boy who's comeback from after life(met his young girlfriend become 30years old lady) just 5 eps. Saeguk with Jang gun suk..because the plot interesting watching diligencely but till now forget to watching the ending part. And sure i finished CC because the story and yes he good there. Not interested in his recent as robot so skip this one. Counting from he still child actor till now i realize i watching him often then what i think Honestly just young Lee Won made me remember him as actor . Seems HDL could bring out his best perhaps.
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    Happy Virus Let this be the new song of our Kookmin Clan❤
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    cr:jennyhousehanna IG It has been a long time since we met your beautiful Shinhye. All of us in the world. # Shake shake # Mommy too tension up # Mush up work # GOOGLE TRANSLATE
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    What kind of country is "daehaminguk" to you? Is this like Yin and Yang? Han says a politician should not have shame! Park Myungjae says should I loose my morality too!! PS: sorry for the low quality capture.
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    Argh! I'm so frustrated at TK! Wake up from your emotional bond from SWY and think smartly. You can do that, right! I just finished ep 3-4 clearly SWY using emotional blackmail, emotional abuse, emotional guilt trip, emotional persuation. Making sure that if he goes down, it's not only him but TK as well. Heck he hinted this clearly when he was having drink at a whiskey bar owned owned by mistress of Jang Entertainment which got the money laundering from Bumjung construction owned by SWY. So SYA found about the bar went there saw SWY and TK... she mentioned that SWY does business with the owner ( you can see the expression of TK. he's processing everything.. boy for lawyer and who's been with SWY he certainly doesn't know anything that goes on. SWY made it like that. Tsk!). I want SYA to do something that will turn around TKA thinking about his "boss" who clearly has the upperhand due to the fact that SWY killed the (one who took the video his younger brother inside the car). During the flashback TK wanted to kill the guy but instead SWY was the one who did it. TK said (from sub) why are you going this far? For someone else's revenge.. must you kill?" TK was shock actually but .. what can he do it's done already. SWY said he doens't need to give him a reason he (TK) made choice and and he also made his. So this emotional blackmail SWY is doing to TK.. well, they are both going to be expose if ever. It's his ace up his sleeves. But what I'm confused about.. was that DUI planned? Planned by SWY because an actress was killed by Jang entertainment which TK younger could be witnnes plus he saw the USB. Also what does the son have to do in all of these. wasn't the son limping? Then there's SH the younger chairman of JungJin. Again confused about if he's good or bad...and what's he's involvement. He's not in good terms with SWY and his company, and even taunt himhow the construction company grew. I like this drama. It's my current favorite. I like this type of dramas.. again similart to Money Flowe. So yeah. TK better investigate and find out exactly everything he need to make sure SWY doesn't drag him further down.
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