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    The BTM-PM pairing continues to be my favorite among the 3. I find their relationship to be the most realistic and most relatable. Some people don’t like the constant push-pull conflict that is being introduced in the story but isn't that what a relationship is all about? In the process of getting to know another person, you will agree on some issues but you will also differ in a lot more. I find their dialogue/conversations to be very interesting. I also believe that between the two, PM is presented as somebody who is already committed to BTM while BTM is still trying to reach that place of commitment. I also don’t necessarily think that BTM should be perceived as a loser if in the end, she marries PM. I found in life, that I may have certain beliefs that I held in the past but now have changed and those beliefs no longer holds true in the present. I also found that if I chose to hold on to old beliefs without giving the other side the benefit of the doubt, I can limit my own growth because I am unwilling to be changed. That is why I like BTM’s character because whether in work or love, she is open to change and be changed.
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    I agree with you @turtlegirl, there are some great ALML MVs out there:
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    Jung Tae Jun went down on his knees as a soldier and a challenger whom Song could not refuse. He was on his knees but his body language was saying differently. His body erect, his hands in fists and his head held high. Song can't deny him because Song knows he was the best soldier on his team. In a way, Song also acknowledged and respected TJ's determination, certitude and single mindedness. He sees himself in TJ. Song after all came from a butcher family and was even mocked by his detractors for his humble beginnings and yet fought his way to the highest office of the Justice Department with the help of TJ. He can appreciate the breadth of intelligence, information and influence TJ has that could have stopped Song from being appointed as the Minister of Justice and destroy CEO Lee and his boss Chairman Sung. That is the two-fisted machismo and audaciousness that Song understands. That is why even when everyone of the members of the Samil Club were against the nomination of TJ, Song still supported him. He knew that TJ will come up with a stunt like the goons sacking of the marketplace to impress the members of the Samil Club to admit and support his candidacy. Song hates men like Lee Sung Min, dislikes bootlickers like OSW only useful for no-brainer tasks but understands and appreciate men like TJ. There is a big difference though, Song knows how intelligent TJ is, more than himself. The last scene though where Ko Seok Man, Aide to KSY was in an "accident?" because he had the information from Hong Kong that could destroy the members of the Samil Group was distressing especially for SY. JTJ's speech said it all. He is a shoo in for the nomination but will he win the election? My heart is breaking for KSY. I cried when she said she felt like she fell right before the marathon finish line. Not only did she lose the fight against Song but she lost a friend and a colleague to suicide and witnessing her Chief of Staff in an "accident" being carried by emergency staff to an ambulance and listening to TJ's acceptance speech of his nomination to be Assembly candidate to represent Seonjin City. It is so sad. I think though that TJ as the one who gave Seok Man about the speech of Ah. I cheered for and with her when she won the round of debate with Ah and Jo who were trying to oust her from the party by making her look like the Assembly Woman who supported abortion which was against the law. It was under review to be repealed not as a crime but a choice but that was still not passed. So when she brought out the campaign speech of Ah where he supported abortion to save the life of the mother and got Ah to recant his attack against her, I cheered. Jo said, that they were supposed to use that TV program to oust SY from the party and the Assembly but instead they managed to raise her approval ratings and made her a more formidable opponent. Her face of distress though when she saw her Chief Aide in a stretcher was so sad. I am guessing she knows that TJ had something to do with it? OSW is more like a goon servant than Chief of Staff and his big disadvantage because he is unaware that is how he is perceived as. Hye Won seems to be the main go to guy for TJ and as everyone predicted will be the Chief Aide for TJ when he gets elected to the Assembly. Whom will DK work for? Probably SY? It will be a long wait for Season 2. I love this show!!!
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    I saw the video of the MUD section, but I'm not worried. Because it's obviously a script. They had already told the little boy the name, but he couldn't even remember the name correctly when his line came. KJK corrected him, "You mean Jihyo?" Saying. Don't worry about MUD episodes because I think it's all fiction.
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    They both started from scratch and grown together, they worked well together and own a lot to each other. Like a good marriage.
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    I know. I don't believe in all this, but it's fun to read. Haha. @Table122000 No I havent seen @packmule3 in a while here. But she doesn't visit here as often as she used to. I believe she is veryyyy busy at work that she couldn't log in and update her blog. Let's hope that she comes back sooner. This page wouldn't have become this popular without her, she was the one who made this into this cool chatty place where everyone drops by when they want to have fun. Haha. -2
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    thanks @Ameera Ali for the clips hahaha Kim Hyun Joo really expressed her disbelief face v well lol
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    Just watched the last two eps. Oh my. Just when I thought I could look past the writing, the writer’s decisions in ep 15 had me in complete * head-banging mode *. I disliked Dan’s sudden slip in character and making him feel like murder was the only answer to Ru Na. Sunbae Hu disappearing in the midst of that mess was upsetting. Also, I disliked YS’ suicide attempt. The idea of suicide fulfilling sacrifice and her fate to die at the altar took it a bit far. The emphasis on both could’ve been delivered solely in what took place in the Giselle performance. If the writer would’ve omitted some of the events in ep 15 and just bridged the Giselle part with ep 16, Dan turning back to an angel then human wouldn’t have felt a bit out of place. Most importantly, more screen time of the couple would’ve been possible to give viewers a more satisfying farewell. Ep 16 somewhat redeemed the mishaps in 15 though. What I do love about the writer is her ability to stir my emotions. I’m one to believe that seeing a loved one in dreams are miracles so YS’ dream of Dan while in a coma was touching. Though Dan was supposed have returned back to heaven after successfully completing his mission, I was glad that the deity showed some mercy and allowed Dan to have his goodbye with YS. I felt relieved that Dan came to realize that their time together was a gift and he wanted YS to understand that too. His kiss that brought YS back to life coupled with YS’ agony the moment that she realized Dan was gone was so beautiful yet heart-wrenching at the same. I’d like to question why the deity briefly separated the two when He ultimately allowed Dan to become human, but I can’t forget that the reality of two reuniting in the same world wouldn’t be possible without His will. So, I’m satisfied to see it come true and that I’m able to wish them a happily ever after.
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    I will watch both episodes back to back today . But from reading the posts , it seems like TJ had to sell his soul ? @zenya22 @luvabe Thanks for the recaps . My heart is breaking for KSY , but one of the things I like about her is that she often appears gentle & the men mistake her as just a pretty face , but she’s smart and won’t allow to be bulldozed. Really won’t mind DK to be in her team. The wait to November is too Long . I’ll have to rewatch before S2 as I’m bound to forget details . If you guys know of anywhere doing recaps , pls put the link here . But at least we can come back to this thread to refresh our memories . @larus I am not so fond of this new format as it kills momentum. The only upside is that we get more episodes ( another10 for S2) . Netflix wants to sell to an international audience , so they are testing out the ideas of having seasons like the American shows Ratings ended on a high 5.5%
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    I have been waiting for a YJG drama to watch till the end...found it! The last drama I watched with him in it was Moon embraces The Sun...hahaha
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    I just watched episode 1 with sub I am sold , this scene make my day , she is so beautiful * my next task ~( just need to learn their name )
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    Hi everyone.....loving the show....Hong Sisters finally found their mojo back, it seems. Great start and wonderful plot progression. I think that Jin Goo is somehow connected to IU's past life. As cliche as it is, within the setting, reincarnated past lover makes sense to me. I also have a theory. IU is frozen in time. She neither ages nor dies while time flows by as her punishment. What if her clock starts ticking thanks to Jin Goo. But what if it means Jin Goo's clock will run out for hers to start again. So she will live but for that his clock will have to stop ticking. In the preview, the tree is coming to life again. I love IU here to bits by the way. I love flawed heroines....coming fresh from having admired Yeon Seo in ALML thread. So, lets hope she keeps being badass till the very end. Also it seems to me that Hotel Luna is a post that gets handed over. IU inherited that from the old lady so who will inherit it next.
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    Chingus, i can't read at all: i'm avoiding spoilers like hell! I haven't caught yet on the episode and won't probably before tomorrow. It's so tempting to read what happened! But i must stay strong and brave, please don't torture me more (actually i mean the contrary: do it with sexy gifs of my man! )
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    I watched it live tonight. And I have a very strange feeling about Do now . I may change my mind after subs . But some things don’t add up . Also my recaps here are not too detailed as there were tonnes of conversations. So after the betrayal, Prosecutor Lee calls organ trafficker Kim, and alert the latter that TJ is in cahoots with the police . At the same time , several black vans arrive at Kim’s operations ( where YG is ) with what look like investigators/ cops from other divisions. It does not seem like Jang/ Do had called these back up as they too looked surprised ( they were dressed in suits - so may be from the prosecution office ) These men go after the gang members. Do & Jang in the van still observing what happens ..Meanwhile, YG is in danger & gets into a fight with Kim’s man . He gets stabbed but fortunately earlier on , Do had given him a vest to wear . That protected him. Kim escapes , YG managed to overpower the one who attacked him & he passed the guy over to the men in suits . in the scuffle , YG had fired a gun & and Do ordered Jang’s men to join the scene . Do goes into the office & gives chase to Kim. YG comes out & Jang signalled to him that Do had run after Kim. YG went after them Do caught up with Kim & pointed the gun at him . YG calls TJ and asked what happened & finds out that they have been betrayed by the girl. So while trying to catch up with Do , he calls the latter & tells him what TJ said. So I suppose there is no evidence now , so Do told the guy to go (this is the part that i found weird, cuz shouldn’t they catch him first ? ) but YG tails the guy anyway . Meanwhile Jang arrives to where Do is and & the two men have a very tense conversation ( need subs ) . It was as if both men wanted to murder the other . Anyhow YG catches up with Kim who had gone to hide in the toilet & desperately calls prosecutor Lee . YG gets a call from girl cop , told her where he is. But suddenly kim gets strangled with a wire & dies .YG went into the toilet but too late . He went & checked the guy’s pulse but suddenly he gets hit on the back , he saw the assailant point a gun at him , think YG passed out a bit . Girl cop arrives & dash to the toilet but the assailant had left with Kim’s phone Anyhow Long story short , at the autopsy room , girl cop was with the medical examiner looking at Kim’s body . YG came in & after putting on gloves tried to go through the guys stuff to find the phone. TJ comes in. YG tells her about the assailant. Something struck her mind & omo, she checked Kim’s corpse & Kim’s thumb had been cut off. ( to be continued)
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    That was cool info about blood types. According to the article, the book about blood types and personality was first published in the 1970's. Why am I not surprised? During that same time period, everyone here in US was going crazy for astrology and 'sun signs'. So, "Hey Baby, what's your blood type?" is the equivalent of "Hey Baby, what's your sign?" Now I get it. By the way, has anyone here at the Soompi forums been in contact with @packmule3 recently? She hasn't posted at her blog for over 2 weeks now without any note or anything, so we are all worried about her. I hope that she is OK. We are all missing her. +2 512
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    COS is done for the season and while waiting for season 2 am so glad I found this drama. I watched until ep 3 and catch up on reading all the re caps.
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    Just finish episode 1. Very good start & rating opens at 7% - awesome. IU is simply gorgeous and the scene where she gets close to Yeo Jin Goo... RAWR. The Hong sisters really like ghost-related stories, haha. A bit of Master Sun's vibe there. Good ol' times that one...
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    LJ has studied in school where he's the only boy in the classroom, and overall there were only two boys in the whole school iirc (Seoul Art High School has more girls than boys). I think that's why he can be close to girls easily, he grew up with more female in his environment, sometimes his few gestures can be seen as feminine too (those who has watched his variety shows will agree) must be because he's used to interacting with girls and naturally copying some of their gestures. He still close with his girl friends from college and high school mate when he entered showbiz, (he also get misunderstood for dating one of them but it has been denied by him ) okay my point is, he must be type of guys who can understand what girls really want, he must have heard his classmates stories and understood really well what girl likes or dislikes especially in relationship. Some boys are still clueless about this but LJ must be knowledgeable so that's one of his plus point when dating JSM and when he marries her. ps: their video uploaded by tvn d classic views is getting closer to 1 million in just 4 days, this shows people are still curious about them expecially korean netz. hopefully we'll get some good news
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    512 love to listen to this now @Lmangla get well soon chingu *hugsssssss
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    I don't find it cute or funny to see the way Da Bin imitates her Mom & talks down to her father. Whatever the problem, it is between the 2 supposedly adults. MH should never talk that way i/front of daughter & should correct her when she's so disrespectful to Dad.
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    @triplem So I guess you have Blood type O like me. That is quite scary You like shady politicians and prosecutors and hot cops. I just like eye candy and hot fiery priests and shirtless hot men. Actually our destinies do intersect. 516
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    I watched the episode with a heavy heart. It was so hard to see Tae Joon taking to the dark side and losing his friends along the way. As much as I hated that he tricked the people from the market I believed that he indeed prevented a much bloody confrontation. It was hard to watch Tae Joon "selling his soul to the devil" for that seat. I really don`t know if it is worth the prise he has to pay to get there. Things will never get easy. He still has to fight all those powerful people and their interests. If you compromise so much you never be free to act the way you want. I am glad Hye Won has remained at Tae Joon`s side. He needs a person who can trust. The coruption is very big. The powerful people who are hand in hand with the politicians are capable of anything, included murder. I believe Lee Chang-Jin received the information about Ko Seok-Man`s discovering in Kong Kong and he or his boss gave the order to stop him. He was murdered. Tae Joon needs to be the poison viper to survive in politics along with all those sharks. Season 2 will give us another the race to the limit of the impossible. We need to strengthen your heart.
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    I am happy that subs for Luna comes out so fast. 510
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    https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/020/0003228367 (thank you Rizu Aruva for the above link. I took a little bit from the article as most are repetition from original which I translated above.) 그는 “첫사랑에 실패해서 상처받고, 그다음부터 연애에 회의적이었다. 결혼할 거 아니면 만나고 싶지 않다는 생각이었다. 그런데 또 좋으면 불나방처럼 뛰어들었다”면서 “남편과 연애 시절 이별은 더 못하겠다고 생각했다. 안재현과 이별하면 죽을 것 같았다”고 털어놨다. "After a failed relationship, I was terribly hurt. After that I was very skeptical about dating. I did not want to date anyone who did not want to get married. But, if I liked someone, I jumped into it like a moth again. When I was dating my husband, I really felt that I cannot break up. I really felt like I would die if I break up with AJH." 아울러 “남편이 순하고 착하다. 남편은 제가 너무 무섭다고 한다. 싸우고 나서 ‘저쪽으로 가서 자’라고 하면 침대 모서리에서 잔다. 귀여운 면이 있다. 그리고 허술하다. 숨기는 것이 있어도 다 걸린다”고 전해 웃음을 줬다. "My husband is gentle and kind. He tells me I am too scary. If we have a fight, I tell him to sleep way over there. Then he sleeps at the corner of the bed. He is so cute. And he is careless. Even if he is hiding something, he gets caught easily."
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    @msmy Young man and family are the ones keeping me in right now. I am skipping Ms Ji because enough with her tears and whining. I am not sure why I am really watching. I think it is for Man Soo 's story. Preview shows Jenny being a rotten little dummy again. She should know by now MS isn't after her body.
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    @Ameera Ali I guess that could explain why her card is the Queen of Diamonds and not Hearts.
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    Kim Jung Hyun is expected to join! I wonder what is his role. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/382/0000746553
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    I don't think Appledog had any chemistry with either DT or Solo...she's just kind of there...but i have to say...now don't be upset because i thought she had more chemistry with Han Shangyan then anyone LOL In the latest flashback, I swear I thought HSY liked her but didn't want to get in the way of her and Solo... This is what happens when you cant understand mandarin and have to rely on face expressions. LOL
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    I also hope she can work with similar age or older co stars. But seems like the trend of veteran actress are with younger male. And veteran actor with very young actress. ((Shrug)) If the dramagod willing to reshuffle there are plenty of veteran actor actress pairing. Maybe its the fees.
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    Be an empowered woman, Kyo! You can be anybody you want to be! You are in control of your life, nobody else! We are so happy to see you up and about! We look forward to more Kyo, more projects, and more Kyo! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WE STAND BY YOU!
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    I am back! Have been reading the forum but unable to comment as I had forgotten my password. Till now. I don't agree that SW has been stupid in not approaching TY. Would you if the guy you thought loves you but wants revenge on you? Is it the English translation? Because I had also seen the episodes where TY and his friend first wondered why he alone was the target. Later he told his friend that KI tried to kill him because he wanted SW. And I also saw the episode where he and SW spoke the second or third time after he moved in next door. When she was talking about someone in her past who looks like him, he thought to himself that "you wanted me dead". I too had read the same lines as @o. I don't know what the author has in mind now with this marriage and second child for TY. I only wish in the end that Jimin and SW come out winners. Don't really care for any other characters.
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    Dear @YuukiH Thank you thank you! 고마워요 It has been a fun ride watching and shipping Jimin and Haein. As time went by, Jimin seems to open up more and more to Haein. That’s why their chemistry blooming. Hope to watch them again in another project. For now, magazine shoot will do! dear chingus, thank you for sharing pictures, videos, thoughts and comments about our OTP. I will keep visiting this page! I hope somebody will write fanfiction about them. I will defenitely read it. ㅋㅋㅋ
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    for more info about them just check out this is account @danyeoncouple_ please check their snap gram their not took selfie pics.. but they always side by side
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    cr: gooddata Second week of April Hot Topic drama ranking released. Our drama was ranked No.3. and for drama performer hot topic ranking Kim Dong Wook was ranked no.3. Besides, this drama ratings(AGB Nielsen) was increased from 4.7(ep2) to 6.8(ep4). I was happy that this drama received so much attention from Korean viewers and hope the international viewers will increase too.
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    May I request the special episode too? Finished the series recently and fell in love with the cast. They are such a loyal and adorable team, I hope season 2 will be in the works soon. Thank you in advance.
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    When U think that U will only get a light n cheesy romcom drama but turn out to be its not just like that, It's Awesome. Coz behind those chessy scenes there are also scenes that give us the dark side of Human. What usually humans do. We realize it or not. So, here are my 9oo thoughts for Eps. 5 & 6 1. The Cheesy LMAO....The cheesiness from our Goo....I don't think Da-da ever got that love sign from WJ...Well Da-da's ideal type isn't a chessy guy...tho seriously yes...that too much...hahaha....n that wink. Hahaha....Luckily this time Da-da doesn't get any injure because of that. N those smiles...I've never seen it before. Seriously I love that J9 took this role . Like what he said...he started this drama with zero dating experience...so I hope he get it thru this drama. Learn about love in this human world. N I love that he could say he's good looking in this drama coz as himself, he doesn't feel that. 2. The Humanoid Another LMAO.....I wonder whether it's the real J9's reaction. Hahahaha...Personally I love that Indoor Roller Coaster n LOL when he was kinda shaky after that. Probably all the things he had inside was kinda in a mess. Hahaa... N the big smile from bumper cars scene...hahha...tho Da-da give him a thumbs down he still very happy. Hahahaha...Probably it was J9's fav? Hahaha....I love amusement park scene coz could have fun while working. 3. The Fluttering Heart OMG...4 fluttering heart scenes in 1 episode....hahaha....n who is the one that actually too many watching movie/drama? I think it's our 9oo....hahaha....n for sure yeah...He won over those chaebol in Kdrama. Haha...n the ending with I'm a grown man..goshhh....Seriously I didn't expect that kind of scene will coming....I think we should remember with Bo Won said to him that A Man should Sweet during Day n Sexy at Night. So we should prepare our heart when we get night scene. Haha.....n for Da-da's question about "what does that have to do with anything? For Minah herself...it means now it's no longer a crime to have kiss scene with Jin Goo. Haha.....(probably in eps.9 or 13...haha....) n for Us...it means...it’s ok to see him as a man now because he is one ..n can fangirl him guilt free. Haha...n I love to see Da-da's expression & his smile after that. 4. The Cliche N there U go...the cliche n classic scene in Kdrama. Hahaha.....A little bit surprise to get a back hug scene from our Y9….hehe...but I want another one when Da-da doesn't has that expression...hahaha....or Da-da is the one who give him the backhug...just more romantic please..hehehe... n another one is Falling asleep in bus n feel on his shoulder. Haha....Still remember his 1st kiss scene with Kim So Hyun on this kind of scene. Haha.... 5. The Womanhandle Actually we got this clichd scene on the previous eps...n now we get another one.....tho usually it's manhandle scene. Haha....Here we get the opposite ones. 6. The Twist OMG....so actually WJ isn't a richard simmons man. He really want to do his promise for Da-da. He even keep those miniatures of him from her. It just unfortunately he didn't has that trust to talk about the stalker with her. She's working at the same industry n for 7 years, she understand his situation very well so off course she will also understand about stalker. n speaking about the Stalker....well, for sure we know it's a man n he is working at the same industry coz he could put the gift in front of his room at the Award Ceremony. So he's close to him. Probably his previous manager if he had ones....maybe coz got fired ? Coz like his Agent said no one want to have deal with his temper. For sure he's someone who is close to WJ. 7. The Curious Case Wow...it was really a surprise for me when found out that Diana has a robot hand. What happened with her hand? N the scariest thing about her coz she did that kind of violence with a smile. So Y9's looks based on someone close to her. Probably her death friend from childhood? Diana only had him coz she no longer had her parents.... He promised to her to always with her n with his death, she thinks it's like a lie n with Y9 has a face that her friend probably has if he still alive....she will get no more lie coz Y9 will forever "alive". N the looks that we got when she's almost see Y9...is like an innocent child. She's still like a child. N I wonder how long that Ran works for her. It looks like she's the one who could handle her n get Diana's trust. She's the only human she likes coz never lie to her? 8. The Lie Is the reason why Diana doesn't like humans n I think Y9 lies once again. He always cover it with reason n smile. When Humans lie , it shows....so I wonder whether Diana will see when Y9 lies...he's not a human tho. 9. The Pink Light N finally we see the pink light on Da-da's ring. Did Da-da also lie to Y9. She keep insist that the ring is broken n to reply for I Love You from Y9...she said I DON'T LOVE YOU n with those reasons. When the Black light from the 1st time met n now turns into Pink Light. I think the ring is right. She feels Love. Probably right now on the outside with those reasons she build wall around her. But inside, she feels that LOVE. The Love Quote is... "Wouldn't that make you get exhausted? Loving someone with all heart but not getting anything back" The Give n Take....n so far both of them are the ones who always giving the Love.
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