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    I would like to thank everybody here in this amazing thread who participated and even the silent lurkers because without you all I would never experience this drama the way I have. I've had an amazing time chatting with you and reading all your epic, insightful and amazing posts. I would also like to thank all the cast and crew members who made this awesome drama and even though the writing wasn't the best, the writer did a good job and created many unforgettable moments and truly beautiful love story. It might not have been perfect, but I've enjoyed every second of it. Moreover, it gave me one of my favourite kdrama OTPs of all time. We might have not seen it but they will live happily ever after and I'm so happy and proud I could watch their journey from the beginning until the very end.
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    Two Sung Woos in one photo - they even wear colour-coordinated outfits source: ko_woo_rim'S IG KMS's BTS photo from the official Infinite twitter - once again in bed, he is wearing the outfit from the group photo and holding the Little Mermaid book - I see a happy ending
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    like Dan’s various white pants that never get dirty, I wonder how they clean the blood off Dan’s handkerchief.....oh wait it’s angelic pants and handkerchief he snaps his finger and it’s clean! @ppl done right...for reals! who plays jenga w makeup at the ready! how much did they contribute to the show that they HAD to add that in the show wasting another 5 seconds for DanYeon to hug some more at the reuniting end! really....no kiss at the end he could have at least hugged YS back then twirl her around happily! cheer up chingus...may be with the subbed episode we won’t need father soju party or may be we will but a totally different atmosphere.. THANK YOU! to our lovely ALML livecapper chingus, giffer chingus, and you all chingus who generously share in here making our day for us who probably broke our e-device’s refresh button to see if there’s any new bit of info about DanYeon moments. I will be back to read up on everyone’s views if they changed and also any clarifications, explanations, more theories, and imaginations after y’all watch the subbed finale. Kamsahmida!
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    Hmm.. I was thinking that Korean dramas have problems with endings. Then I realised that SHS previous drama (about the violinist) had a more satisfying ending. However, I enjoyed the drama when it looked at Dan and his innocent shenanigans in trying to find someone to love YS and it ended up being him. That scene when they got married was the best. After that, we were preapred for some tragedy to happen (stab stab stab) and we already anticipated that Dan would disappear (luckily not dissipate) Ahh... SHS and KMS, you did make my last 8 weeks all the sweeter.
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    So they dragged the whole episode and gave us a happy ending in the last minute.
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    Good morning, it's almost time! Bear with me, I just want to make a few comments without having read through the forum since yesterday morning. After having watched with subs, yesterday's episode was even more beautiful in my mind. I liked (well, maybe like is not the correct word) how both Angel Dan and YS were stabbed in the same place and both fell into each other's arms. Tragic, yet beautiful. Mad props to YS for continue to dance on stage, essentially dancing to her death. I realized with subs that she was dancing because she believed if she danced beautifully enough, God would have mercy on her and Angel Dan. Even though her actions were purely selfless, and she was absolutely begging for Angel Dan to be saved, she also spoke the words aloud in her head "I want to live. I don't want to die" similar to how she did at the beginning of the show after the car accident. It broke my heart. Of course she wants to live with her beloved Angel Dan. I found myself wanting to beg to God to have mercy on them too, and it's just a dang fictional show lol. So anyways, I'm curious how today will play out. I wonder if when Dan steps into her hospital room to kiss her, will he be invisible, like at the beginning of the show? I feel he will disappear, at least at some point for a little while. But I also feel confident that he will return. As for JKW, for a long time I thought it'd be best if he were granted an afterlife with Matil or something of the sort. Now he's said he wants to live. He's driven me completely bonkers throughout this entire show with his ridiculous pursuit of YS. However, I hope now he can be granted a "true" human life (mortal) and live the rest of his days directing the ballet. *If* everything works out happily for Angel Dan and YS, do you think YS will continue dancing? I know dance is her passion, so part of me wants her to continue. But maybe first her and Angel Dan can take a long hiatus and leave for some place quiet and relaxing for a while, where they can just enjoy each other's company. There have been so many memorable scenes from this show. I mean, pretty much every episode had at least 1 if not more than 1 super memorable scene. What has been everyone's favorite? Honestly, all of them have touched me in one way or another. I suppose my favorite was when YS told Angel Dan that she could just quit dancing for everyone else and only dance for him the rest of her life. Also the kiss in the rain that led to the bed scene was beautiful. Also, the childhood memory of the rainbow dance. Okay, let's face it there were too many beautiful moments to choose just one favorite. All right, just a few minutes to go. Hugs to all, let's hope for the best!!!
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    Maybe it’s Banso, i can see a person in red top and black bottom from PmY’s glasses..
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    @dramaninja I am glad to hear that Geum Hui is finally going to leave the convenience store and finally work for Sang Won at his restaurant. But I should like to point out that we really shouldn’t be happy about this because this means the real hurdles for those two will also finally begin. Sang Won’s relationship to Sang Mi is about to be exposed in the next few episodes and we can blame all this indirectly on Sang Won. Remember he is going to appear in a TV show that will film him and his restaurant. Meaning Geum Hui is going to be shown working there and we all know what this means. Sang Won’s mother is initially pretend that she has no interest in the show but we all know that secretly she is going to watch it at some point and she will spot and recognize Geum Hui. This will result her in marching over to said restaurant and giver Geum Hui a piece of her mind. Ie why are you chasing after my son, what is your agenda etc… Naturally since Geum Hui’s mother works next door she is also going to find out about Sang Won and his family. Meaning she is going to be against her daughter working there and whatnot. I also just remember someone inquired in an earlier post why Sang Won could be a bit touchy about the matter his friend brought up regarding Youreum’s adoption and wondered if that response was whether he himself was adopted or he had abandoned a child. This is my take on his character (meaning this is purely assumption on my part). Let’s start with the matter of him being adopted. Probably not the case. We have seen that his mother wanted him to remain in the medical field and was against his first love because she didn’t come from a suitable background. Had he been adopted I doubt that would have been the case. She probably would have been angry at him for trying to betray the family and all but would have expected something like this since he didn’t share any of the family blood. She didn’t do that. She may be against his running of a restaurant yet she secretly went to attend his opening. She wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t interested in him ie that he was her son. So in this case I don’t think that he was adopted. Oh speaking of this suddenly reminds me where Homewreckers mother first saw Leech. Yep exactly outside Sang Won’s restaurant. Leech was hilarious and thought that she was her competition and was trying to steal Sang Won from her. Only to be embarrassed when she discovered that she was indeed his mother. So I guess I should probably take back the theory that Leech is married to Homewreckers mothers brother. Now on to the matter of whether Sang Won may have abandoned a kid of his own. Knowing what we know of his nature I have a hard time believing that he would do something like that willingly. Not having a choice in the matter would be an entirely different thing. Some of you have mentioned that Bora might have been pregnant when she was last with him. His mother at this point may have given her money to not only get lost but also to get an abortion. If Bora took the money the mother probably never bothered to verify the fact if she got said abortion or not. In this case it is probable that Bora decided that she was better or raising the kid on her own rather than suffer the hassle of being with Sang Won and being part of his family. So it is very possible that she lied to him that she got an abortion and wants nothing to do with his family anymore before disappearing. In this sense one can say that he abandoned his child or that his girlfriend did. Since he doesn’t know the truth he could assume as much. Someone mentioned that Sang Mi and her family might go for a big wedding and have their pictures pasted in the newspaper and thus everyone will find out about it and all. Probably the most embarrassing thing that can happen here is that Leech’s husband sees her picture in the paper and thus manages to track her down and try and blackmail her. So even if he doesn’t’ turn out related to Sang Mi and family we can tell that he wasn’t all that well off (probably not a professor or a highly paid one) so he is going to demand that Leech give him a share of what she has been enjoying all this time or else he goes public with their relationship. I guess this is another way that Karma is going to strike and the Second Leads and their families. Anyway take care all of you. Now I am waiting for the next episode to show so that I can watch it. Will comment later then.
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    Oh yay a happy ending! ..... But why the heck did the writer make me cry for an hour straight before giving it to me?!?
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    “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Cast Says Goodbye And Shares Thoughts Ahead Of Finale TV/FILM Jul 11, 2019 by Y. Shin The cast members of KBS’s “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” have shared their thoughts on the drama ahead of its finale. On July 11 at 10 p.m. KST, the Wednesday-Thursday drama will air its final episode. Over the course of its run, the show’s fantasy-like romance, incorporation of ballet, unique theme of angels, and chemistry between actors helped draw in viewers. Shin Hye Sun, who impressed viewers with her emotional acting and stunning ballet skills, commented, “I think I’ll remember [the show] as a precious project, to the point where I’ll want to bring back ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ and Lee Yeon Seo even after several years pass. I’ve lived as Yeon Seo for six or seven months since I began preparing for the [ballet scenes], so it doesn’t feel real that it’s ending like this. I want to sincerely thank viewers who have watched our drama.” INFINITE’s L played Dan, an angel who discovers the feelings of love throughout the show. He stated, “I learned so much after acting as Kim Dan, an angel character filled with diverse charms, and it was meaningful because I was able to showcase a new side of myself. The time that I was able to spend as Dan in ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ was fun, and I was happy. I want to say thank you so much to the viewers who showed us so much love.” Lee Dong Gun appeared in the show as Ji Kang Woo and portrayed the secretive, multifaceted, and dramatic sides of the character. He said, “Through this show, I was able to learn more about ballet, and I’ve become quite attached to it. I want to thank not only the actors and staff, but also the dancers who helped enrich the drama. Please enjoy watching [the show] until the last episode and support the Dan-Yeon couple.” Kim Bo Mi, who played the ballerina Geum Ni Na, remarked, “I think I’ll remember working extremely hard for the character Geum Ni Na for a long, long time. It was an honor to work with the great director, staff, actors, and ballet troupe. Thanks to the viewers’ warm support, I was able to power through until the end for the shoots. Thank you so much.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1338023wpp/angels-last-mission-love-cast-says-goodbye-and-shares-thoughts-ahead-of-finale
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    Slightly better version of the group photo and a goodbye BTS of KMS source: all credit to the owner
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    That bit of dialogue is supposed to send you to the gutter. It's already been established that TM and MG have an adult physical relationship, so the words mean what they imply. It's a bit of a flirtation between them. He's telling her that he's going to do more than sleep, the implication that he's going to be physically affectionate/make love to her, and she's agreeing that of course, he will do so. And as @elizabeth says, her quick response and acknowledgement basically turns him on even more. But, @mademoisellesia, those gifs and clips that you posted... *speechless* Thank you. This clip is the one that made me gasp a bit. How he so coolly covers, starts making coffee for the other office workers, and then makes out with TM barely hidden from the others. Plus, all of a sudden, I noticed how big his hand was when it cradled TM's cheek.
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    I am not worried about the obstacles because SW has a strong character. He reminds me of Hangyul in sunny again tomorrow. Don't worry. He won't give up easily. Also he loves YR very much and his attitude towards him is a good point in his favour. GH also knows how to fight now, because she was once hurt by JH, she will fight for YR's sake. It is going to be a good battle, so I am optimistic
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    If I may spoil ... JI pledged that no matter what she will marry him or otherwise stay single while JH crossed out the drinking part and promised that he would never lie. It was all tied up so sweetly.
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    Spoiler for last moment them swinging around hugging and kissing cr uploader
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    English sub out in Netflix...this is it! the FINALE.
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    @nrllee actually I am objective. I can like an actor in a role but dislike him in another, so I tend to like the drama itself these days -2 524
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    So, the English names are actually so that they can get away from calling each other by the usual Korean custom of addressing each other by titles. It would be uncomfortable and rude for them to call each other by their given Korean names and just weird to call each other by just the surnames without a title attached. The English names, because they are unfamiliar, plus Americans/Westerners have a reputation for being casual anyway, actually makes the practice casual without being seen as rude or going against their upbringing. It's a way of democratizing their workplace somewhat as American tech companies are wont to do without going against anyone's upbringing or sense of manners and courtesy. Similarly, they all use formal language to each other since speaking informally to a superior would just feel awkward, uncomfortable, and ill-mannered for the speaker, the recipient, and anyone else who may be listening in or observing them. In order to democratize their workplace further, they elevated everyone's speech to formal speech even to one's staff members because that is still considered more polite and less uncomfortable and takes out the element of being rude, even unintentionally. Hope this makes some sense. When I started watching this, I thought that by enforcing these two measures, it was actually a clever way of making it a less hierarchical and more democratic work place without descending into anything that might be considered rudeness.
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    I sure they might have some plots like that but I havent watched yet. It has always been exes coming back just as the heroine/hero were about to be married like in Discovery of Romance. Or an old friend suddenly turning up as full potential husband material making the heroine realize how useless her current 'romance' is like in I need romance 3! 532
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    528 Cos lighting is bad his awesome eye color cant be seen well @nrllee Btw he goes well with green color shirt somehow. @ktcjdrama love it Watcher! I feel re-energized seeing him!
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    An interesting comment from a youtube user below the video preview for tonight episode: DOVES 12 ore fa If you watch the other YouTube video in which Lim Myungsoo was interviewed about this drama "Kim Myungsoo Talks More of the Show", at the end of that interview, he kept on saying that "you won't be disappointed about what will happen to this couple in the drama". So let's don't worry, and wait for watching the last episode!
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    This will make her crazy with jealousy later. She will definitely accuse GH later of trying to get JH back when it will be JH running after GH. SM deluded herself into thinking that the baby was her ticket to get his love once she had him. Knowing this will not make her face she is making a huge mistake it will only make her dig in and do anything to pull him from GH forgetting that she already has him and GH is no longer in love or with JH or wants him any longer. She will be desperate to marry him thinking once that happens she will be able to erase GH from his life , mind and heart but it will not work. Reality has shown her that he is still not into her and it will only get worse later as she will question his so call love for her over and over again as the little voice in her head tells her he does not love her. But SM had to have JH when she should have cut her losses with him and walked away. It will eat at her that JH was with her for what he could benefit instead of that fairy tale love she deluded herself into thinking she had with him. I feel sorry for her only on the level that I believe she was looking for love and went about trying to get it the wrong way. Her selfishness, jealousy as well as being a snob and spoiled ended up ruining her as she will have to face eventually a husband that used her and never loved her. I don't know if its helping her now but I can see him doing it later when he gets burned badly by SM. I expect him to record something that SM will be desperate to not let people know and its going to prolly be related to that child. If she plans a miscarriage or blames her miscarriage on GH I can see him being there recording it using it as blackmail. SM had to have JH. A big hint for her was how he treated his wife of 13 years. IF he will do that to GH then what made her think that eventually he wont do it to her? SM will never think it could happen to her so she will dig in to have him as fast as she can and that means trying anything to hurt GH to get her to release him. JH romanticizing about his now over relationship with GH is disgusting but he will again think about this when things fall apart with SM. Is sad because he had opportunities to turn back and he did not back then. No one to blame for his loses but himself. But he is going to be thick skinned later and try to come back to her not wanting to believe that she is truly over him and there is no future for him to come back and interrupt her and YR's life. Even in the end he did not do right by GH and could not be bothered to fully fulfill her one wish to help her with the adoption. I fully believe that SM is going to try and do something that makes him completely forget everything he promised GH to end the marriage in three months. I too want the 3 mos to go by fast so we can get that scene on the court house steps and GH can be free of that looser. If not for YR I could see GH kicking him away earlier than this. He sure did and it does not impress me either. NO one made him make the choices he did. JH did that all on his own and his small attack of conscience now means nothing when he truly only thinks about himself. His greed and ambition will over rule this and he will go back to being the looser he is. I want to see his misery too and we will later. When that happens then he will want to blame everyone else but himself and harass GH to take him back. As long as GH is still single he will think he has a chance to go back to her. He should be erased. When he went out with SM and slept with her he never considered his wife or that child. He has admitted that he never wanted to adopt or wanted YR. Now that he has made his choices and the child knows that JH is not with GH why should they hold a place for a person who will soon be out of their lives? Later he will see GH and YR with SW and it will eat him up that he could have been in SW's place but he ruined it. His jealousy over a woman that has been divorced from him for a while will be comical as it eats him up to see those three like a happy little family. He will over step his boundaries and try to warn off SW and warn GH. If JH sees that her family likes SW and is trying to get them together I can see him spilling the beans of who he is if GH's family is still unaware of who SW is by then he (or SM or his mother) prolly will out that SM is SW's sister ruining that to keep the two of them apart.
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    We have the same feeling towards the ending for both ALM:L and Goblin haha. I would just take the lack of explanations for other characters as granted since it’s so common in all the kdramas I’ve watched that they can’t think of a way to solve all the twists completely. But overall, I enjoyed ALM:L til its last minute. Wondering when will I be able to follow another kdrama weekly again...
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    parts of the preview is on this entertainment show
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    I like how we are here consoling ourselves that other endings are even worse You guys are so funny!
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    In the preview, did I see Swarmy & SM outside SW's restaurant? Tomorrow looks interesting (re: Swarmy's mom).
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    Huhhh...my Oppa is Im in love with my bed too. i wanna hug pillow Oppa.. 520
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    He deserves rewatching but I will watch Designated Survivor today , I need to catch up with ep 3 & 4 Are you tempted @Lawyerh these lips is good reason to start watching him -2
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    I have an event on at the same time as the final episode tonight I will depend on the recappers. Kamsahamnida and Hwaiting! I don't even have time to watch last night's episode with subs so I think I will watch Ep 15 and Ep 16 together.
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    I love you (masterpiece -twitter) My pumpkin so cute waiting for this moment
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    Omg what a great twist at the end of ep. 11. I did not see that coming. Kdramas are always good at adding a twist to the storyline. I thought the twist was gonna be around BTM and PMG’s storyline with the pianist lady... Da In. But the ending still got me shooked and swear out loud. I’m definitely looking forward to what will happen between the three of them and their connection in the past. I mean we already know about SGK and CH/Scarlet but now I’m even more excited to know what BTM was like in the past. Will they team up at the end? I’m also starting to like the cute friendship between BTM and CH/Scarlet. It was cute when Scarlet said BTM was cute when BTM was asking Scarlet what her expression was like when she was venting to her about PMG going to his school reunion. Womance!! I’m also glad to see the jealousy side of BTM. I find it cute. It used to be PMG being jealous but now that BTM has let her walls down and has allowed PMG in her everyday life, she is starting to be more cautious and protective of PMG. Even towards that YouTuber/foodie girl Dong Joo. Their relationship is still on fire. I find the scene of BTM reenacting her her jealousy to PMG cute and when he hugged her was so sweet. Ahhhh!~ the back hug!!! I’m also looking forward to their relationship progress and how BTM will feel when she finds out that Da In’s first love is PMG. Hopefully, she won’t push PMG away. Scarlet and SJH has a cute but awkward relationship. He is being very straight forward towards her and is giving her hints that he likes her but she seems confused. I think she’s confusing her feelings with being a fan and enjoying spending time with him. The way I see is that, she has helped him with his career and only see herself as his manager/fan but the more they spend time together.. she is unsure if they’re more than just a fan/celebrity kind of relationship. So maybe that’s why she could be confuse and unsure on how to go from there.. because there could be more.. which is why she’s probably holding back. The progress between SGK and Jin Woo is looking better and she’s finally opening up to him a bit more. From the beginning, it was just business talk and him seeing other women. I’m glad to see that he’s finally coming around more as he didn’t do that from the beginning which was why she felt lonely. I feel bad for her as well from all the bulls*** her MIL has put her through but she’s a strong lady and is finally standing up against her MIL.
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    I didn’t watch the sub yet , but question Is there love you from YS toward Dan or not
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    At least the ending is not like City of Angels!! Whew!!
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    @chloevstkawaii I also don't normally watch shows live either, and definitely not without subs. I read the translated book late last year and when I found it there was a live version, I've been waiting for it since. It's been a LONG time. Now I wonder if the reason it took so long is cuz they had to replace with the whole CTF thing. I watch the trailers all the time too lol. I am also watching raw once it's released by croton. Of course, I'm also waiting on the viki subs as well. So appreciative of all the translators. @Nina Bina Yeah...TN needs a bit of time to get used to.... she's extremely naive and young. And especially in the beginning, she and Gun were on totally different wavelengths. The novel is a light read so I was fine with the characterization, but I'm hopeful that the drama will show her growth. I also noticed that in the Croton YouTube video descriptions for the drama is slightly ddifferent than original plot so I think MBFB is really going to detail out their feelings, relationship, etc. Expand the description section and scroll to the English part. You'll need to open it up on YouTube. https://youtu.be/s4vQfrxlgJE
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    So happy to see this news . I hope she also do a drama. I really hope shin Hye will act out . She must that she can really act . Pray for the success of CALL and ALONE.
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    What genre of drama should this 2 have as the leads? They are visually striking and stunning with their unique and exotic look.... The heats will melt our eyes.... I would love to see them in spy master drama... Some old gifs:
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    *Haein walks towards Jimin, he's drunk* Jimin : Are you ok? *She helps him sit* Jimin : *smiling* You don't look ok. Do you even recognize me ? *Laugh* *Haein is smiling drunk* Jimin : /can't hear what she says/ / *Haein being held by a staff* Jimin : *laughing* Haein : I'm sorry~~ (he's sorry for what he's going to say to Jeong In in the ep) Jimin : This is so funny ㅋㅋㅋ why are you already sorry ㅋ / They do the scene when she goes to him, and he's on the bed, with tears. But as soon as we hear 'cut' Haein sit up and start to laugh and say things we that don't makes sense Jimin : Aigoo you're drunk Haein : *laughing* Ah seriously, you're not helping Jimin : You should've drank with me ~ / *They're reading their line for rehearsal* / Jimin : You look like you're extremely drunk Haein : *smiling* Haein : I don't have (bad) drinking manners Jimin : No, I'm talking about Ji Ho ssi Haein : Ji ho ? Ji Ho doesn't have drinking manners either, he says it later "I'm not usually like this" (in the episode). And— Jimin : *joking* You talk too much *laughing* Haein : (It's so sudden but they're doing rehearsal of their lines again lol) Let's meet first and talk Haein : Jeong In ssi, do we go to your house, or do you want to go to mine ? Jimin : Let's meet at the cafe Haein : Ok~ Jimin : *laughing* Haein : scary / Rehearsal of lines / Haein : I smell alcohol too much ? Jimin : No, I like it *Haein look at her, because it could also mean 'I like you* Jimin : I like Alcohol *Haein & Jimin laugh* Jimin : (looking at the camera suddenly) You're going to air this right ?! That kind of things I like the smell~ / They film the scene *Haein comes back* Jimin : You were crying while saying your lines, I couldn't say mine I wanted to say "Don't cry~" Haein : I'm sorry (he keep saying sorry for saying the drama scene of last week) Jimin : *comforting him* Jimin : I'm not going to abandon you, don't worry . Thats what I should've said. / *Haein saying goodbye to her* / *They're in the street* Jimin : *dragging Haein to the camera* Haein : what are you doing ? Jimin : Yoo Ji Ho ssi. This is your drunk interview. Babam ! Haein : *laughing* what drunk interview Jimin : How much can you hold alcohol ? Haein : BAAMM~ Jimin : *laughing* hey it's my thing (she's the one who said BAAM in one of the bts) Jimin : How much can you hold alcohol ? Haein : One bottle of soju Jimin : Then why are you so red after one can of beer ? Haein : I always get all red after one can of beer Jimin : Does it gets back to normal ? Haein : Yes it does *laughing* but why is your face red ? Jimin : It's not red Haein : Did you drink alcohol ? Jimin : No ^! It's because I'm upset, because of someone Haein : *laughing* Ahh you're upset /couldn't understand what they're were saying at the very end/
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    "To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.” .. Roy T. Bennett
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    Cool!! He looks versatile and matured. He's 34 right? Haha I'll watch his burning movie to know his acting. Also Alone is written by an American writer and director? Matt naylor? I have a feeling this will be a challenging role to PSH and a fresh one. My thought : she will do movie's this year and at the end of this year she will accept a drama role.
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    Reason for me saying the 2 twins getting to be more like 1 another is becos Eunseom was (telling Tanya in his heart ) enjoying the plotting against his slave master in order to escape n he felt its some sort of illness. Like Tanya saying she dun find the tactics in the art of war thru the game of chess like with stones to be fun, she said maybe she is sick for not liking. I also dun understand why Mubaek let Eunseom off, cos he is son of Asa Hon whom he sort of has some feelings for. The whole show seems to be due to human greed or the burning desire to stay alive. Tagon killing all the Neanthals for his father to stay alive, but in actual fact Neanthals din harm any Sarams rite? I forgot why is there war issit becos Neanthals are physically more powerful and they inhabit all the mountains/ covers a wide land? Maybe I shld start with episode 1 all over again. HAhahaha
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