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    Call it a six sense of a kdrama addict or whatever you want, but for some reason I'm not worried about tomorrow. I think we are getting a happily ever after for our DanYeon couple. I mean, the way this episode ended with still so much time left to solve this and give us and the characters a proper closure and I think we'll be getting even some additional, final minutes of marital bliss. Let's be honest, YS and Dan have already suffered way too much and the handkerchief feather has sparked way too many times for it to have a sad ending. Moreover, that instagram photo of KMS in the bed seems like a clear hint to me that they will live HEA (combined together with the photo of SHS doing her make up ALSO WEARING DARK PYJAMAS). I bet KMS knew that the fandom will be utterly worried, scared and devastated after today's episode and decided to give us a straw of hope so we could survive until tomorrow.
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    The whole point was that RN wanted to kill Dan and YS let herself be stabbed by RN because it was YS who had always been RN's target and she wanted RN not to kill Dan in exchange for her life (that's why RN was so shocked when YS let herself be stabbed and also the reason why RN didn't try to kill Dan even though it was her intention to kill him and not YS - because Dan would have to live without YS and that's a much more worse fate than death for Dan. And RN knows it.). But most importantly, YS wanted to use this way to die instead of Dan, to sacrifice herself because she wanted Dan to live. During the dance, YS asks the deity "Is my life enough (in exchange for his)?" She WANTED to die. That's why she didn't get treated. I think her attempt to overdose at the beginning was a clear indication how far she would go in order to protect Dan.
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    Quoting myself from another thread. My own retranslation of end of Ep 14 spitfire monologue by Yeon-Seo Reading it like this, it does make one realize just how little Yeon-Seo may have actually changed, but myself knowing too many hurting souls out there just like this character, unable to trust anything like a deity, in fact blaming our misfortunes on the deity and yet sometimes begging in desperation to the same one whom we claim not to exist, now cursing, now pleading.... It's the human condition, and it made me cry again. For me, this writer has somehow done the job of bringing us to ponder the very things that she had set out to do from the beginning. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy gnashing of teeth before the eternal bliss, Chingoos! I wish I can watch the live stream but I can't. But I am feeling so grateful for this thread , I mean for all the beautiful Chingoos on this thread, and whatever happens, this drama will long be remembered for all the crazy beautiful artwork and thoughts and laughter you freely shared with everyone - so thank you ALL. TOo many to name you all, but you know who you are. Thank you to Kim Myung-Soo and Shin Hye-Sun. 김명수 & 신혜선shine I've updated the 1st page top with the DanYeon-SooSun shipper thread link. If anyone wants to highlight anything else there, please let me know. And I think the list of all the OST's should also go there, so just post your best favorite listing and I'll make sure it ends up in a visible place so future visitors won't have to wade thru all 300+ pages to find something. Lov'ya all. Happy 본방사수 - livestream/original broadcast viewing and thanks to all the subbers and giffers!! ALM:L 화이팅!!!!
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    So let’s get this straight after going through all the rumors dumped on us in the past one week, we are supposed to believe that 1. Kyo’s “sponsor” is a super powerful Chinese politician and yet he can’t keep a few journalists in Korea quiet? 2. Kyo has a secret child somewhere and her boyfriend since 2015 who later became her husband didn’t know? 3.The same guy who was attached to her hip since 2015 till 2018 didn’t know about a secret child? 4. Her sponsor and she didn’t need to meet up for years? At least not from 2015-2018 when the husband “left her”. 5. Her powerful sponsor allowed her to get married? 6. Her super powerful sponsor doesn’t seem to be getting her any work in China or Hollywood. 7. Kyo can’t speak Chinese, How do they communicate about the terms of the relationship? Maybe they have a special translator for jobs like this. 8.Then the husband was so angry about a “secret child” with a “powerful Chinese politician” that the couple stopped living together in later part of 2018 but his anger finally exploded in the month of June 2019? 9. Many “journalists” know about her “secret child” ( which btw isn’t even a very good secret since so many people seem to know) which must mean that this is common knowledge in Korean media circles and not one of these good, honest journalists thought to warn the boyfriend/husband. 10. Despite having a husband, “a sponsor” and a secret child.. she also had time to have an affair with her co-star? WOW 11. She has a secret child that everyone knows about but apparently Korea is such a nice place that nobody has exposed her out of “respect”?
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    I think I can't watch SHS or KMS with another drama pairing until next year their chemistry too natural than just acting
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    Dear all, i've been a very longtime fan of SHK eonni and a silent reader of this forums for quite a long time now. The last time i posted something on this forums was before SHK&SJK's marriage announcement. I did say back then that i wasn't so much into this songsongcouple shipper. Why? Because i was worried about SHK eonni. Back then i thought "had everything gone wrong, what will happen to my eonni? she would be judged and cursed so much by many people." And then the day came when they announced that they're getting married. To be completely honest, i couldn't completely agree with SHK eonni's choice to marry SJK. But, i saw her happy face, i saw how she smiled so happily and lovingly towards SJK, and then i said to myself "Right... She is happy. As long as she is happy then i don't mind. This SJK man better take care of my eonni with all his life." I even cried the day she got married. I really thought she finally found the right man for her. And about week ago, i read about her divorce. It crushed me to tiny little pieces. I cried like i was the one who got a divorce. And then i saw many articles and people pointing fingers at my SHK eonni. i thought to myself again "ahh... this is what i was so afraid about back then." i cried knowing that all my nightmares became true. And yet, until this very moment, i don't believe to any of those rumors. They can say many bad things about SHK eonni and i will stand firm on my own belief about SHK eonni. She's strong, she's passionate about the people that she loves, she's compassionate, she's a powerful name in South Korea and yet she remains humble and stays low, she's kind and she's not boastful even if she has every rights to be one. Many people are talking rubbish about her right now and yet she remains quiet. It shows her grace and her class. So, in the end, to my dearest SHK eonni, i know it hurts right now, but no matter how much it hurts right now, please hang in there. Be strong, because things will get better. It maybe stormy now but it never rains forever. You'll get through this eonni. Trust me, things will get better. You'll never walk alone. We are all as your fans who are passionate about you, will always support you no matter what. FIGHTING MY SUNSHINE!!
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    Man they went stab crazy this episode Writer: Who shall we stab?
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    Awwww - it's always awesome to see them on a photo together source: yunjeong_jeong instagram
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    I don’t remember seeing something so romantic, bittersweet, symbolic and epic in a long time as Yeon Seo and Dan kissing without giving a damn that the wind of death is blowing at their wedding; basically defying death, the deity and fate in one fell swoop as they walk, holding each other’s hands, on the path they chose together, pledging and binding themselves to each other with the rings, denoucing fate in their marriage vows and rebelling against the deity himself when they proclaim they only believe in each other, sealing their promise with a kiss. The wedding was the perfect embodiment of the whole “it’s just the two of us in the world” and “the OTP against the world” motifs. They are no guests and it isn’t actually an official marriage - there is no priest to sanction it nor do YS and Dan register their marriage: they really do not subject to anyone, be it the deities or the state. The only thing in the world they need is each other. The lack of guests is quite apt because they are both such loners and basically only live for each other. Furthermore, Dan literally has only YS left in the world while she only cares for Dan, Mrs. Jung and Gureum. On a final note, it’s extremely fitting that Mrs. Jung and Gureum are the only ones present at DanYeon’s wedding because they have been their two cupids from the start. Mrs. Jung was the one who persuaded YS that Dan loved her and always brought Dan back whenever the OTP argued; while Gureum was the one who brought them together in the first place because it was his barking which Dan followed in the park and which led him to his Yeon Seo.
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    Rewatch spoiler for tomorrow, YS would , hold Dan hand & hug him Hopefully is happy final
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    For second when I see the clock I thought here the bed scene
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    @Sejabin , @Lawyerh & @Sarang21 So question, sleeping beauty did she kiss angel or prince
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    LOL! When the phony sponsor tries to flirt with YS Dan steps in and the sponsor calls Dan the "Superman Secreatry" but Dan announces in front of everyone that he is in fact her husband! And YS and Dan tell everyone they are married. They are so blissfully happy.
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    Dan's and YS's dance was such a sublime and beautiful moment; and while it might seem as an obvious throwback to that time when Dan was drunk and danced with YS in front of the house, the parallels and connection between this moment and their initial encounters run much more deeper. They dance in the place where Dan saved YS from the chandelier and he is actually wearing clothes very reminiscent of his angelic uniform. Frankly, their dance actually makes me think of the time when Dan watched YS dance to the Swan Lake, even their clothes look similar to that time; with the difference that Dan is no longer invisible, no longer admiring YS from afar, or completely wasted, but dancing with her, enjoying the experience and living every single moment with her.
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    Phew. finally read most of this thread from all the amazing people contributing for the past two years. I had kept a bookmark of this thread for months after watching suspicious partner because I wanted to be on vacation to read and enjoy the commentary and probably contribute on a drama I watched that I loved the two leads for their insane physical chemistry. I basically watch 2-3 episodes nightly to calm down from my busy day as an investment banker. this is my first time ever registering on a forum over a drama, and I have watched a whole lot . Unfortunately, most people who made the thread fun and additive are gone, but I will still chip in anyways. So I had watched JCW in other dramas like healer, empress ki, despite his amazing delivery of those roles, he never caught my attention until halfway through suspicious partner, in fact I was going to quit the drama because his prosecutor outlook was a too much of screen presence, I prefer when he became softer and a bit more vulnerable, he suddenly became very likeable and adorable and there was when he got me and I became hooked to him as an actor. For NJH, I had watched her in shopaholic louis, and you could tell straight up that she is a sweet, humble and adorable girl and above all a great professional actress who delivered her roles to perfection. She had become an unforgettable face to me, so I was interested in watching another of her drama available on Netflix. As most people on this thread have said, what caught my attention was their first kiss, the one in the drama itself was kinda aggressive and seemed a little too much for the scene and that’s when I became intrigued and began to wonder ‘why so intense’? ‘why so hungry’. Because It felt kinda real and I dug a bit and found the BTS of it on youtube and I was totally embarrassed further at how long more it went on for, and I couldn’t correlate the same JCW I watched in other dramas to this one who now looked so vulnerable and exposed. Of course, NJH a first kind off held back, but sort off gave in to the pleading passion of the kiss in the end. Of course, who watches such intense ‘almost’ lovemaking and doesn’t become a proud delusional shipper? . Except the person is in denial or Is basically blind. I am married so I understand the importance of physically chemistry as a major requirement in a relationship, if a man doesn’t desire you or you him, how will such relationship work overtime? Basically, I became hooked and started reading about their past stories given the show aired two years ago and bumped on this thread. I believe JCW ‘OPPA’ is already dating the lovely NJH as of today, infact love isn’t out of his picture, its rare to see a man giddy and practically become silly if he isn’t in love. Moreso, he is clearly experienced with women and has come across various types who basically didn’t awake anything within him because they didn’t bring much to the table outside of their name, money and pretty face. They mostly lack the depth and comfort real men seek for in lifetime partners. JCW, had gotten to the age that he had begun to reflect about his life ‘been there done that’ and can’t help but feel the loneliness and void that needed to be filled with the right kind of woman. (he clearly respects his mum). He had known NJH, and had been drawn to her subconsciously or consciously, maybe the Aluu ceos had talked about her so much and he already felt familiar, or possible liked her but felt she was too young, but wished for someone like her who was beautiful, warm and kind with a great smile for himself. Fate did its magic and brought them together on the project suspicious partner. And clearly from the script reading he was stunned at how grown and matured she had become and made up his mind to get closer to her for all its worth maybe as a oreaboni. , I bet he wasn’t expecting to fall that hard and become a giddy playful boy who just couldn’t help himself anymore and had to go with the flow of where his subconscious emotional need was taking him. He managed to finish the show, but as it came to a close he was sort of sad and unsure because he was enlisting shortly after and he didn’t know what to do with his feeling because it clearly wasn’t going away after the drama. NJH seems smart and clearly knew what was up with her Oppa but clearly played it cool to make him comfortable so they could finish shooting without too much emotions getting in the way of the drama (I think a lot of their emotions still reflected though) These feelings which had suddenly crept up on them during the months of shooting which is a long time enough to bond and know someone better anyways. Hence, they knew each other better, liked each other better , became more physically attracted to each other and their body began to betray them. They both couldn’t deny the attraction hence couldn’t help the staring and skinship. I think he told her he liked whilst shooting the last few episodes, because I saw him drag her with him at the end of their daily shoot in one BTS. But it was probably just an acknowledgement of how he felt about her and nothing too serious and she probably just kept mute so as to finish her work as a professional. Surely, they finished the drama and realized love or whatever it was had strangely crept on both of them, JCW clearly gave it a lot of thought as a man and knowing he had to go away for his military enlistment and didn’t want to be selfish because of what an uproar of rumors a relationship may cause, but then couldn’t help it when her name is mentioned (that is his weakness). His smiles suddenly broadens and you really need to tell him to stop being so obvious, he couldn’t help but play their kissing scene at his concert and made all the innuendos to encourage shipping in a subtle and indirect way. He truly became the captain of the ship as most people here said, he was truly a Jigoner in love, and he clearly made his feelings known to her before leaving with a gift as he said, she likely promised to give it a thought and ‘wait for him’ which was what was important to him at that point. It was that ‘would she wait? Knowing she is an adorable lady with a lovely personality on sets, she may meet another person while he is away and he would lose her, the fear was clearly immense, hence all the clues he kept dropping. What I liked most was that they managed to keep the press out of their dating rumors, direct questions were screened out that would pin down the fact that they are dating which was done by oppa clearly to protect his girl and not make her an object of attack while he is away. or any rumors that may affect the success of her future projects. Now to the present, he came back and clearly a lot of things had happened between them during the two years which we clearly don't know, even before her going for the musical with the Aluu ceos. upon his discharge he was clearly excited to pick up from where he left off with her. Butttttttttttt, he is back and doesn’t need to give innuendos about them dating anymore, he is now private with her and must protect her and she in turn must do the same. They cant allow their being together be the focal point of discussion anymore amongst fans when they have future project to undertake, else it will always be in perpetual comparison which undermines the hard work they put in their projects as professionals. Since onscreen chemistry and shipping is part of what brings success to tv dramas. They may never come out and declare they are dating until they are sure of where their love story is headed in another two years or so. From what I see JCW will always protect NJH, what with the current break ups amongst kdrama actors, this is the best way for now in my own opinion, except they truly are faking the love and doing it for fans sake. If you are in doubt, just look at their eyes, are they as happy as you have always known them? If so, then be happy for them as your ship may have sailed farther than you can even imagine or ever dissect here. PS. I DON’T UNDERSTAND KOREAN, HENCE MY OBSERVATIONS IS PURELY BASED ON BODY LANGUAGE AND UNCONTROLLABLE REFLEXES.
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    And if this will be just a dream I will flip a lot of tables... ... ähhh need some - mine are to heavy....
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    YS has sacrified herself for Dan... Same as him for her in this episode so i'm expecting an happy end tomorrow... This ep made me like: STANDING OVATION FOR BOTH ACTING BUT I REALLY PRAISE SHIN HYE SUN!! GREAT DANCING ABILITIES, GREAT RENDERING ON HER BALLET AND GREAT CHEMISTRY WITH MS!!!
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    Why it feel like he saying goodbye to his favourite spot
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    The two sad scenes we have today! These two are so in love that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. I'm sure the deity will be touched by their acts. Even Hoo sacrifices himself for Dan. So many sacrifices today!
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    My heart hurts. I shouldn't have watched today's episode either. How to wait another 24 hrs? I *really* thought that Nina would somehow be killed on stage. Kudos to the writer for the twists and turns today. Though I really hate whenever the bad guy (or girl in this case) magically escapes from police. I would've liked it better if RuNa really was the devil in disguise and then could teleport with the snap of a finger like Hu could. I'm proud of Dan for not giving in to her temptation, though I'm pretty sure if he knew before the cops came that RuNa had stabbed YS, he would've stabbed the shiiii* out of her. But maybe not. I was a little confused. Did Nina go on stage at all today? I thought she was up there the beginning of the 2nd half? But then suddenly she was in the locker room with YS and YS was back out there. Really interested to see all the subs, esp the voice overs. Any predictions on how this will wrap up? I hope we get wrap ups for all the story lines, by the way. Sometimes characters fall away like they didn't ever exist, and I don't like that. I even want to know what's up with Elena haha.
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    They are so freaking perfect. It's a total throwback to the time Dan was drunk and danced with YS for the first time
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    BluKimchiKdrama did a better job than kbs but subbing even the wordings on the screen! cr BluKimchiKdrama
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    Like the bed scene. There were two bed scenes. Plus after the rain, did they change clothes together or alone? What were they thinking the whole time they were changing? Did they think “Why am I changing if he/she is gonna take it off me in a few seconds anyway?”
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    KBS why , I cant live without answer , was there a tongue or not
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    Just finished watching the episode with subs! The scene I really enjoyed the most (aside from the OTP moments) is the moment with KD and Secretary Jung. I really like how KD said, "If Yeonseo had a guardian angel, it's probably you" I know we are down to our last episode today, but honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is true! That Secretary Jung is an angel Even the way she snapped her fingers was like an angel! She is my favorite character in this drama! Hwaiting for the last episode!
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    She ruined my day every time she speak I was like these two are my highlight
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    I really liked when she said to the pervy sponsor: He's my husband... She was like:
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    That dance of YS and Dan was one of the most romantic scenes I have ever scene.
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    For those who don’t know (or remember) me, I’m @heartoppaya who used to thirst over hot oppas a long time ago, like the Lochness Monster. Yes, I’m back! I haven’t been a huge fan of L for a long time because well, SHINee happened for me, but damn son, this boy is working it here. I feel like a proud noona but thing is, we’re both the same age. So I guess I can’t be his noona. Thing is, someone needs to exorcise Kang Woo cuz he’s bothering me so much. He needs to like, go, or something. If we get some bromance moments between Kang Woo and Dan then I won’t be complaining. I would just be a happy viewer with more popcorn. But this drama Kang Woo creates around him is just, absurd. He’s the frigging Prima Donna here, amirite? Anyway, where are my thirst chingus? We need to do some analyzing of the angelic anatomy now. *stretches fingers* I’ll start with my next post. Till then, adios.
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    @japchaebap , @lolly84 , @travelling thru @shinenshid , @Shosi_for_9 @multiloverssss @glass_shoe15 Join 1,2,3 we trust you KBS
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    Ratings 190710: KBS #AngelsLastMissionLove: 6.8% | 7.8% MBC #OneSpringNight: 6.2% | 8% SBS #MyAbsoluteBoyfriend: 1.8% | 1.7% tvN #SearchWWW: 4% source: Netizen Drama twitter
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    Heart fluttering gifs MY dearies Cr(to awesome Leaf_the_moon)
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    @Ameera Ali I don't know about the clock but I thought about a bed scene the moment I saw the piano in the background I was hoping that Dan and YS will go Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on us and gives us a proper piano makeout.
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    credit go to director and cameraman.... best scene of the danyeon couple.this drama has a great cinematography..
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    Should be a happy ending I feel remember his last mission is finding love for himself and he found it.
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    Agreed. Even better, they could end the show by showing us a daughter who looks like Dan & a son who looks like YS.
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    A translation of the preview. GS Father: Did you think if you shook Gi Seok, the dust wouldn’t fall out? (me: I think he's accusing JI Father of trying dirty actions with GS.) JI Father: If I knew this was how it was going to go, I should have taken some pictures ahead of time as well. (reference to the pictures of GS) GS Father: Are you saying that you want to try something with me?! JI Father: Hey, without your position! GS Father: You think you can say anything?! Ji Mother: What does it mean that a person named Yoo Ji Ho isn't very well off? GS: Actually, he tried to threaten me with some pictures he took. I think he just wanted money. JI: Mom said that she wanted to meet Ji Ho-ssi. JH: I want to meet her with Eun Woo as well. JI: I wasn’t thinking it through. Let’s do it that way. JH: That’s great. That you think of us as “us”. GS Father: After your retirement, how about a Directorship on the Board? JI Father: Thank you for the offer, but I think I have to think about the offer some. GS Father: Have you been toying with me all this time? JI Father: Is it really not possible with Gi Seok? JI: Just wait a little bit for me. I’ll show you that I’m living happily. Please trust me. It seems perhaps that GS stepped into it with JI's mother when he started bad-mouthing JH. Anyway, it seems JI's parents are going to give in to JI after all, so a happy ending is in store for the little family of JI, JH, and EW. Yay!
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    This turns out to be the foreshadowing part where LYS took the stab for KD Seeing as to how KBS always misleads us with their previews and the preview looks sad, can I still hope for a happy ending tomorrow?
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    I was going to jump for joy and you killed my excitement for a bit there!
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    RuNa in her car in the parking garage. Having more evil thoughts. Remembering walking up on the scene with her dead minion. She must think Dan killed him. She gets a call from Nina. They meet outside. Suddenly all these cops show up. Dang you go Nina. Don't make me like you now. RuNa's room at home being raided. Mom is sitting on the couch having a kiniption fit. Uncle tries to comfort her. Back at house of good. Ms Butler is announcing to Dan and YS what is going on with RuNa I think. They talk a moment. Doorbell rings. It is JKW. You mean he didn't just walk straight in and surprise them? JKW talks to them about something. Sorry I was interrupted so I missed their convo. Not that I would understand anyways. Flashback of JKW talking to Angel Hu about something when they met before Hu died. JKW leaves the house looking thoughtful. Back inside, Dan stands up like he's gonna take YS somewhere. End of first half.
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    They argue about their choices and Dan tells YS about Hoo and he breaks down in her arms
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    KBS has just uploaded the HD version of the official Giselle poster
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    Hi hi chinggu~~ after always become silent reader..I think I must join this thread even just say how much I love this drama a lot.. I really enjoy how all of you really ship our danyeon their chemistry very daebakkk~~ alsoooo I like how they still use their wedding ring in offscreen..not just SHS in her last IG post..but also KMS in his hair stylist IG..maybe I must also join shipper thread For this drama, I really hope it will be happy ending..although maybe it become cliche like another drama maybe Dan in coma and finally wake up and his memory still there..lee yeon seo already get too much pain, and Dan is the only one her happiness..also for Dan too..yeonseo is his happiness..I hope writernim not that malicious to make their character be so tragic..this is fantacy romance right, not melodrama
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