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    Love these photos of baby Eun Woo and his mom wanna be! This boy likes his dad's girl simply because she's nice.
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    I am actually looking for it too. Or i am looking for subs with ads. I download my dramas in 720 or 1080p if available. Actually i can't find a raw file without ads or subs with ads. I hope we have someone here who can edit the subtitles My episodes will not be complete without episode 7. Hoping the subtitle with ads will be uploaded too. Nice observation. This is actually what HY said to GS, if you're in love the actions are involuntary. Look at this two, their hands are already all over lol. How can i survive it's only saturday
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    I'm not currently watching any, but I have my eye on IU's upcoming "Hotel del Luna" (although I hear the correct phrase should be Hotel de Luna if it's Spanish?). I'll definitely give that a look come July 13th. Yes, I think some people can be intentionally cruel at certain moments to people they care for. I know it happens even between lovingly married people, family members, etc. When some people are hit in the deepest part of themselves that hurts the most, they can lash out in that moment and want to hurt the other person as much as they are hurting. Of course it's not a good thing, but I think it's a human thing. Looking back at that moment after having finished the drama, I actually appreciate it because at least there was a time that Ryan had understandable human faults. He was way too perfect after that, although I'll definitely take it as a counterbalance to how trashy 90% of K-drama male leads are (the figure is probably an exaggeration, but the point stands). I saw the subbed Life Bar video where KJW talked about playing a murderer in Voice. (I love his interviews, even in print; he gives interesting answers.) I thought it was interesting, when he talked about how it took a toll on him and his "energy level" even when he wasn't on set. I wonder how he would describe filming HPL in a similar manner, like did it affect his energy level to play someone who was so in love? Finally, here's a cute comparison of Seon Joo's fake-dating photo inspiration vs Ryan and Deokmi's eventual versions.
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    Jung Hae In And Ha Yi Ahn Share Adorably Sweet Moments Behind The Scenes Of “One Spring Night” Jun 15, 2019 by J. Lim MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series “One Spring Night” has shared new behind-the-scenes stills of Jung Hae In sharing a sweet moment with a child actor. In “One Spring Night,” Jung Hae In plays Yoo Ji Ho, a pharmacist who is also a single father to Eun Woo (played by Ha Yi Ahn) and would do anything for his son. In the drama, the two actors have been adding more depth to their scenes as they are close enough to be mistaken for a real father and son. Though Yoo Ji Ho is cautious in the drama towards his son as he holds feelings of regret and sorrow, Jung Hae In is mischievous and likes to make Ha Yi Ahn laugh. The new photos show Jung Hae In doing his best to calm the child actor’s nerves before filming and sometimes picking him up to have fun. The two are showing great chemistry to the point that it’s hard to believe that this is the first time they’re working together. Jung Hae In is said to always be looking out for Ha Yi Ahn and they constantly chat and joke around like a real family. “One Spring Night” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m. KST. @Pmyonlyi love your gifs. So sweet
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    Love is in the air! ❤️
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    Never saw a more "intimate" and "dangerous" scene in K drama.... She practically put all of her "assets" onto his face and put him in a verge of death by Asphyxia....
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    https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-mbc-s-evening-dramas-playing-it-safe-in-terms-of-content-and-getting-safe-results-130581.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook article about one spring night Haein IG update
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    Wifey has given him permission to touch her anyway he wants though.
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    We haven't yet seen what GS will do in anger and retaliation, so he may end up being unredeemable. But two weeks ago I wrote: "I hope GS does not become a truly bad person. It is more realistic if he is just a flawed pretty decent guy who has never been affectionate or romantic. " I still hope this is true, but there is reason to be worried. He has a right to be hurt and angry at both of them; although she said, "You saw this coming," which is true, neither of them were really honest with him. And there is quite a bit of foreshadowing: I hope he is not violent, but he did grab her arm in the hall outside her apartment which she wrenched away. He said he has a short fuse to explain why he kept talking about breaking up. He scared JH's bank buddy, taking him outside to "have a talk." He really has no one to confide in to relieve his hurt and anger. He didn't tell his father or his musician buddies; he just downed alcohol which is always good for clear thinking (not). JI's mother said something about his temper, and both times JI and JH meet to talk in the park, she just assumes he is angry and wants to yell at her. Her father has a bad temper and throws fits at all of the women in his family, so she has been conditioned to expect it. The previews show him trying to guilt JH about ruining JI's life, which is the best strategy to use because JH already feels guilty. Someone will tell JI's father, probably GS or SI's sorry husband, and GS will think JI will have to obey her father. And suddenly he has turned the topic away from his problems as a boyfriend to "altruistic" concern for JI's life being ruined. This is probably his best option for controlling her. Of course, it won't work. JH on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a short fuse, always apologizes first, shows true concern for those he loves, has impulse control, has had a loving example of marriage in his family, uses humor to break tension, and all of his friends and acquaintances are loyal and concerned about him. As she says in preview, he has a warm heart. JH's maturity level is even higher than JI's because of his life experiences, and GS's father says JI is more mature than GS. The contrast between JH and GS is stark. Because of his immaturity, GS will have a hard time believing she hasn't lost her mind and accepting defeat. I just hope he does not resort to violence and become a truly bad character. Right now, I feel a little sorry for him, because he has no idea what he is up against. As the potential civil servant said, "Love."
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    I’m back to my weekend routine... rewatching previous episodes while waiting for the new one. My current mood.
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    My pumpkin has already snatched the title of "cutest baby" in the k drama world The way he copied jung in tone here when she asked him to sleep early sooooo cute Cr uploader @Hui Fang Ng i think most of the sites have uploaded it with ads may be after sometime they will re upload it with adv.
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    Father and son ❤️ Talking ,conversing and discussions about one spring night amongst netizens maybe of the plot / story itself that of a single father coping with his everyday life as dad dealing with circumstances issues surrounding him.although our Jiho had help from his parents to which he is grateful for, but at times there are things to be considered specially at that time comes if he falls for a girl.everything shall be considered that includes Eun- U.Society itself is not used to having a single dad/mom around . JI on the other hand, had been in a relationship of 4 years that solely based on companionship only, I dont see any love or feel any passion as far as her relationship with GS is concerned.and when she met JH, she finally found the person whom she felt she had importance too, whom she is being taking care of, being loved unconditionally .and in return, because of her love for him she has accepted JH the whole of him including Eun-U which matters most with JH..no matter what the world has to say about them, I dont think JH and JI doesnt care anymore because what matter most is they have each other. But with a cynical world we live in, Both JH and JI must ready to face the criticsms judgement of the people surrounding them for sure both will face a lot of obstacles, problems along the wAy. happy ending will not be with them for now , but because of thier love faith and trust with each other, anything / everything both can endure and all shall pass.
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    It was truly a hauntingly beautiful scene source: newsen
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    they look like they are in that early stage of sweet, sexy exchanges, lets date stage. And this is definitely too early to predict another Song-Song thing. Both are young, let them be. I am just happy either way for them.
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    They really are the embodiment of star-crossed lovers, aren’t they? I adore how the director alternates between the two POVs, distinguishing between the two different perceptions: the reality and Yeon Seo’s fantasy world in to which she is projecting her longing, desire, love and sadness and where she wants to escape because it represents her heart’s desire - a world where Dan doesn’t reject her, where he holds her, caresses her, kisses her and loves her. The entire moment is so hauntingly beautiful as YS does exactly what Dan told her - she imagines that it’s only them two in the world. It’s the ever-present theme of their love story - them being in a world of their own whenever they are together even though they literally come from two different worlds.
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    Happy Father's Day to our adorable APPA!❤️
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    Yes, he was cruel. Why Deok Me forgave him so easily? We must take into account next scene. When Deokmi with EG and SJ, Deokmi said it her self, that at that moment she was more afraid that Saja will be dissapointed at her and hate her. She knew that her being in the studio room was wrong. She did know that Ryan didn't paint anymore and realised at that time that somehow that was connected to Lee Sol painting (she knows that he lied about buying Lee Sol painting for his client). She realized that did something that may be unvorgivable to Ryan, like uncovered his secret?. So when she saw that Ryan chased her right away to her home, out of breath after running for fourth storeys high, she forgave him right away. She was relieved that Ryan did not hate her and dissapointed at her like she was afraid of. She even apologized her self. Then take account two scenes unfold after that, when Ryan acted as full fake boyfriend mode right away. Thumb kiss to protect her from stalker Cindy and politely agreed to have dinner at her parents house. Those two acts, for me somehow, was Ryan's made it up to Deokmi. It was like, in his mind he said, I did said that did you really want to play somebody's girlfriend so bad. That must hurt you. But I regret what I do and I am sorry. So I really want to act as your "fake" boyfriend... so the bold move: the thumb kiss. Even after that He dropped her at home and sincerely apologized again in his car. In the later episodes, Deokmi herself, said that now that she understand Ryan more (after knowing all of Ryan secret), she owes him apologize for having entered his studio at that time...
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    I won’t see you leave ever again. It always you who always ran away. Remember this. I’m leaving you. It’s you who will always be left alone. Since I knew we are hitting the climax, I was wondering what would be the main message or purpose of the show by then. What is the soul of the show? I think, it might be - one of them - these words could be it. When she said these words, I did not think much about. I was busy enjoying the scene. It’s natural for her to be angry, hurt, heartbroken. She has seen everyone leave her: Her parents, Mr. Jo and even her extended family, metaphorically speaking. Now Dan was leaving for good. How could she let the biggest and maybe the only love of her life leave her once again? How could she witness that? It’s harsh. She covered it up with spiteful words. I did not blame her. Expected. Rightfully so, maybe. After the last scene, I cringed and went back to this scene one more time. I thought, Ah, if ever Yeon Seo recall these words again she will regret it. It’s heartbreaking. How hurt Yeon Seo will be when she finds out that in fact, she is the one who left him first. He was the one who was left alone. Probably died. Imagine, the anguish, the pain. How sad and unfortunate two people can get? Even after this, if they end up sacrificing ... I don’t know yet in which sense exactly ... wouldn’t that be the most selfless, purest love? That even The Almighty wouldn’t be able to deny? In my opinion, that indeed is the most beautiful thing about their love and relationship.
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    Fighting, SooSun cuties! GIF credit: @immorethant
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    I noticed this a bit late, good thing the fandom already celebrates it with 12k+ views. I don't think KJK intended to hold her hand, but rather beckon her to stand back/by his side. It's a gesture done instinctively, usually by those who assume a protective/leading/controlling role over others, quite common between couples. It also aligns with the behaviour KJK consistently exhibits towards SJH, he keeps guiding her using his body language which results in many cases of seemingly unnecessary skinship. I'm referring to all those - often hard to notice exactly cause they are not intended for entertaining the audience - moments when his touching her (or his intention to do so) isn't directly linked to the games. Not that SA hugs after victories or interlocking hands during physical activities aren't enjoyable, they hold their own importance, however this constant skinship at the sidelines when it's clearly unneeded is where the juice is at. I'm sure everyone remembers the elevator scene where his instinct to show her the way out intercedes , so he gently grabs her by the forearm, as if she wouldn't be the next one to exit either way. This hand gesture below belongs to the same category, unless it's a random stretch for no apparent reason, he is spontaneously guiding her again. Can this occur between good friends? I suppose but I highly doubt it does with such frequency. I have close male friends, I feel comfortable around them, we have shared the same bed and they have stood up for me when it was needed. That's the key phrase, "when needed". They don't try to direct my steps, I don't stand behind them just cause they are males, their loving gestures towards me don't overlap with romantic ones. KJK's behaviour towards SJH resembles more that of a protective boyfriend, who perhaps bears a slightly traditional/conservative mindset or originates from such a cultural background, or both. We do see such gestures directed from older siblings to younger ones as well - I still instinctively reach my sister's hand when we are about to cross a highway, despite both of us being adults. However sisterly bonds don't just develop at one's 30s, the age SA were when their friendship began blooming, unless a traumatic experience intervenes (not the case with SA's almost firing, as their questionable moments started way before 2016). It's one thing being close to a guy as a friend and as a part of a larger, tight knit "family" in a working environment, and another having your male friend repeatedly undertaking the role of the protective, older brother/boyfriend exclusively towards you, even in instances it seems redundant, as if SJH was in need of one. To avoid misunderstandings, I don't reject at all the idea of SA being only good friends, I just believe the plethora of moments like the one above indicate a much simpler explanation
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    Yes, his abandonment issues and inability to draw are his weak points that he carefully tries to keep concealed from others. Suddenly finding her in that room must have been a huge shock, and a major source of hurt. Most people’s first instinct when hurt is to strike back against the person wounding them, with the regret coming later, after the head has cooled down. He does have his human moments though, like the way he fired her and just yanked the employee ID necklace off her neck after that artist sued him. Or how he ignored Shi An and shut the door in his face after he found out they were brothers. He was also upset and humiliated after first finding out Deok Mi was straight, refusing to play along as the fake bf in front of others for a bit. He’s also quite competitive, getting revenge and showing no mercy to his gf in Hwatu (with real hits, no kisses on the arm), and likes to tease her mercilessly at times (exaggerated story of how they met, sending her to the post office at the same time Shi An is visiting, taking off the blindfold, etc.). He’s mischievous, and not a person who takes losing gracefully. He likes to win. Also, he can be short tempered, but I like how he makes up for it right away by realizing it and apologizing. He’s someone who learns from his mistakes. I just love his character.
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    Lmoa I can't! NamJi T action be like Happy weekend everyone! Caring Namja Why so cute!!!
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    Thank you @Ni Wen for sharing Just in case you would like to see HD version. I really love her hair. https://streamable.com/ocu5i
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    Let's say that even the three reluctant audience who witnessed that spectacle were also suffering from Asphyxia. That's why Cindy offered sugar bars to 2 others to balance their blood-pressure
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    I'm sorry, may I correct a little thing ? Actually 만 = ten thousand, so 30만 = 300,000. Anyway, it's a lot of viewers. So proud for SHS.
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    At first, I didn´t want to do this, but after rewatch this episode I decided it's important to talk about the differences between KD/LYS romance with the other two couples (angel and human) we have been seeing so far. First of all, tecnically Dan and LYS met each other, when Dan was still a human and after today episode, I think he had a crush on LYS since they were kids. Maybe, if Dan hadn´t died they would be together today. For now, I think Dan died as a kid or is in a coma. That's a really different because Dan didn´t meet LYS and after fall in love with her, he was already in love with her before even met her as adult. Second, the two other couples there is some kind of selfish in their love. What I mean by that? It's not like they don´t love each other, but in God eyes, they were being selfish to pursue this love. The Ahjussi was staying in the place of the ajhumma's husband, but he needed to take her to heaven, maybe there she would met her husband. As for KW, I think the greatest problem here is the fact that he needed to motivated artists, but in reality he fell in love with Matil. And I think, he somehow made her failed in her goal to become an great artist. As for Dan, his mission is to make LYS believe in love. We still don´t know what thats mean. But until now, he didn´t fail. But maybe, when he wants to go away from her, that's when he actually fail. This don´t make sense, right? Well, if I remember correctly, the korean name for this drama is: Dan, Only love. There is many ways to interpret that. But I think, it means LYS will be the only and ever love of Dan. If my theory is correct Dan first love was LYS and he didn´t have even a chance to love other person than her. So maybe, the real "rib" is actually Dan. But not Dan as an angel, but as a human. Because after all, he still has the soul of him as a human who had his first love.
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    The problem I have here is just that we already went through this and we know what we know. We also have nothing proving he did wrong to anyone, going to clubs is nothing and I have gone and still go to some from time to time. There is nothing wrong with it. It doesn't make JCW nor me players. That was the whole point from our answer to you. You are acting as if you were the only one who was rational enough to look up that but we all were aware of it and had done our research. I just don't see the point of bringing it up again after months. He even brought it up in his fanmeeting and talked about how he would make better decisions in the future. The real problem I have with the player bit in your post was because during the airing of hdh, the disheartened shippers of the new hdh ship who didn't get what they wanted from the BTS interactions of their ship, started calling JCW a player who forced himself on NJH and was touching her too much and kissing her inappropriately when they were hoping for the same for their pair. All this talk about JCW in that way just made me sensitive about that issue and I will look closely at the words used to talk about JCW. I am not a JCW's apologist cause I basically don't see anything wrong with what he did in the past. Is his flaw going to clubs? Cause I know a bunch of people who do and they are nice normal people. That was the only thing people "accused" him of and he never denied it and of course he can't sue people for saying that since it is true. If they accused him of an actual crime then we can talk.
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    No, Myung Soo will enlist next year or a little later so let them have fun without being disturbed first.
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    Now that GS knows, I wonder what kind of a scene would he make..that it really scares me He lost the woman, he lost his pride the break up bruised his ego, because someone replaced him more than what he is worth . Factly, he is not worth at all..with the not so good things he had done wirh JI enotionally ..for the last 4 years he is not one bit kind of that bf who knows how to love and how to care.. for sure, in the coming episodes we see the more not so nice side of him..I wonder too, how will JH & Ji will handle the wrath of GS ..the rage of a broken man .
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    Dramabeans recap is up http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-13-14/.
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    One of the reasons why Yeon Seo is madly in love with this guy!
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    Okay, just finished the raw episode. The first thing I want to comment is that the lighter is the trigger to Koichi's total submission to Kaneki. There is clearly fear showing on his face at Kaneki's first flick of the lighter. It's like, "Oh no..I'm doomed" kind of reaction. I guess the theory about Kaneki brainwashed or suppress his minions through hypnotize is true after all. Apparently Koichi has to be take responsibility of his deals with chairman oh behind Kaneki, which led the police finding out about him. Hmmm.. i wonder whose hand did Koichi delivered to chairman Oh making him went all crazy over it. So, apparently Kaneki is 42 years old, about 8 years older than KW. At what age was KW when Miho's was murdered? 10? While I did theorized that Kaneki is KW's brother, but I'm tempted to make an alternative theory that Kaneki did teach KW in the past. Whether as a young teacher/assistant teacher, or private tutor or a neighbourhood bro teaching perhaps arts to young KW, i'm positive that Kaneki had made his acquaintance with KW when he was young. I'm so immerse in Voice that I could not sleep yet at this hour for the sake of rewatching the raw version.. i need to catch my flight early in the morning though. I hope i dont miss my flight! Kaneki's attempt to create more rift between Kw and KJ by emphasizing about Koichi's statement about KW being Miho's murderer seens to be in vain since KJ already set her mind that she understands KW's situation more than anyone else. I felt like some kind of glory on GT side when KJ quickly cut him off and firmly told him that that is the matter the police will handle. Literally applausing at the scene in my mind. That being said, when he mention about Koichi's statement, our suspicions to the IT guy might be valid after all. Or, Kaneki might be the one who laid the documents easily to be traced on the net by the IT guy, if the IT guy is innocent. Btw, from the video captured when Yukiko was killed, there were apparently three masked men at the scene. One of them was Kaneki. I think another one is Koichi. While the third one who is still alive helps him to kill Naomi in this episode. I think this third guy must have some kind of connection with KW too then. So, come on OCN, let the third guy be the eye candy of the masked gang! We will offer you @sushilicious cookies as the tribute for not foresaking our darn Oppa-seeking eyes. Okay guys, gotta sleep first. Will catch uo with ya'all again later after I arrive home. Good night! Don't stuff yourself with too much cookies! I can't have everyone turned when I come back. Hahahaha
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    I enjoyed reading this thorough and thought-provoking take on HPL, the themes explored or not, the handling of Ryan's adoption/childhood trauma. etc. Plus, tribute to the art that is KJW! https://usagitoneko.wordpress.com/2019/06/15/her-private-life/#more-2536
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    Thank you so much. I hope so, but I think it will be a rocky road also, they need to be a team to survive, since there will be a lot of things thrown at them. But after all, we get our first kiss next week. I think I will enjoy their parts for the most time. What really concerns me is SI's storyline, especially if she is pregnant. That would probably destroy her whole storyline and add another level of problems. I really want to see her freeing herself from her husband, but being pregnant will add another dimension to her storyline.
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    Even though KJ had little screen time this episode, her scenes were important. Her trust and care in KW were shown and she decided to go with him till the end basically. They also recreated the car scene from season 2, where KJ shared her words of wisdom with him. I think it was an important scene for KW, what she said to him was hopeful.
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    @jakey09 Great minds think alike! I thought of the same thing about those cut scenes from the previews from last week. I had to rewatch the episodes, to see if I missed it. How dare they?! I believe they will show those scenes during the upcoming episodes. I know KBS and other broadcasters likes to tease us. I watched Kdramas ever since I was 12yrs old and I am somewhat a professional knowing what they do. Yet, I can be outwitted any moment. Also, I love your post about how unfortunate our OTP are. It felt poetically written. Haha.
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    I was refered to calling her a wench but it could be a translation thing. Compliment one moment and insulting her next. He has to be consistent. We`ll see. I got the impression from the preview that Mi Ri wants to talk with the chairman about her secret. I could be wrong. Let see what happens. One thing it is sure. It will be intereting to watch how is going to be the relationship between Mi Ri and Chairman Han. It will be good or bad? I did not understand what it was said in the episode but I watched half worried. I sensed that Tae Joo is too impatient. I did not like how he treated Mi Ri at work. I like that I saw a smiling on his face but he should kept a distance. He made her so uncomfortable. It is like he wanted to tell the world that he loves her. But on the other hand, I like that he was so ferm to tell what he wants, what was in his heart to MI Ri when they were at the factory (in the beginning of the episode), and later at the Han River., I think he made Mi Ri to think a little about what she wants. Maybe that`s why she shocked In Sook at the end of the episode. I got the impression that she wants to reveal the truth. I have mixed feeling about the episode but that`s probably because I did not understand what`s going on. The dialogue is esential. I totally don`t know what they talked but I can`t wait to watch with subtille.
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    thank you for joining us and having some laughs -- @triplem @mouse007 @vangsweetie637 @2handsintertwined @sohib @itsMYday @Yongzura @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali Hope everyone had fun even if they didn't hold a winning bingo ticket. here's the calling ticket that was used: were you able to figure out the tropes? till the next event, see you then. re: @sushilicious
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    Whoa busy Jung Hae In, starting his new movie.
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    6 hours before air... i’mma get ready my syringes and medicine for myself. *cough* x100 I made tons, so share it wisely lol did y’all see lee hana’s Insta story update? I wonder why KJ is back with a cap like S2.
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    While waiting for Wednesday enjoy these goodies CR -Masterpiece Twitter @Lawyerh that whole conversation lol
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    Just love the look he gives her here as he walks away.
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    That's true but I want Dispatch to break the news soon.
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    I really appreciate how you can do both: shipping the main couple while understanding the second lead point of view and appreciate his character development. I feel like you have the best place by doing both: all the drama is pure enjoyment. A rewatch changed a little bit my opinion: for me he was not nearly but completely sucked in. Both him and Yeon Seo were. Meaning that for me she was missing Dan but she knew, since she didn't lose her perception or her senses, that she was kissing Kang Woo and still went for it. And breaking the almost kiss was just so hard! He did it alone, she was pushing for the kiss and he had to gather all his energy to stop himself and to stop her. He could barely breath aftewards, was shaking and lucky that only her could see his face. I can't wait next episode to see how it will change him in their interactions... I agree about his arrogance and i wonder if it's not remains of his ancient life as a celestial creature. He doesn't look upon human being since he considers himself one of them, but he can be very self aware of his refined tastes and he clearly enjoys to throw that in the face of people that he considers hypocrites or having bad manners/moral. And he enjoys it so much when Yeon Seo does it too: he was smiling from the beginning to the end when she slayed everyone during her speech at Fantasia's anniversary party, and had fun when she talked back to the sponsors during the board meeting, judging them for not liking ballet for real and just buying good taste with their money. Clearly, he has no time for this kind of nonsense. It even gives him a feeling of superiority: each time he appeared in a public event (the press conference to announce Yeon Seo's return and Fantasia's night event) with Yeon Seo, both looking almost divine in their elegant outfits, i can help but to see a king and a queen in a royal mission (maybe that's only LDG and SHS looking very good together). It seems to me a fitting comparison considering his rank when he was a part of the supernatural world: he wasn't any angel but one in charge of inspiring artists, a very demanding and complex job given the human nature. Which makes me curious about the different kind of angels. So far we saw 3 kinds: the archangels like Hu who seem to be in charge of everything related to the others angels: training the juniors angels, collecting reports, executing judgements. They have great powers and can destroy the angels that don't fullfill their missions. The angels who are in charge of a specific mission: collecting souls at the time of the death like the ederly angel, inspiring artists to outdid themselves like Kang Woo who was a Muse etc. I presume they have been born angels and don't know anything else. They are apparently the more likely to fall for humans because of their empathy for them. The guardian angels like Dan: they are humans who died making a wish to keep taking care of someone that they liked deeply on earth. They are allowed to fullfill their wish and guide the person they liked towards happiness before reaching paradise. I wonder if we will see more of them: the writer doesn't seem interested by world building...
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