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    An Angel’s Feather The handerchieves are a key element and clue in the story as they basically represent both angels - Dan and Ji Kang Woo - and are tied to their fate. The feather on JKW’s handkerchief didn’t burn the moment he abandoned it on the altar and left with Matilde. It only burned when he was about to commit suicide. When he was trying to kill himself he betrayed his lover in a way, because he was trying to destroy the life she died to protect and couldn’t respect the choice she made. Another possibility is that the feather burned because JKW left her body to be cremated as the feather burns while lying next to the urn with her ashes. Quite symbolic. Futhermore, I’m really curious what color will JKW’s wings have because so far we’ve only seen their shadow. Like I said the handkerchief is a part of each angel, it symbolizes him, and nothing defines an angel more than his wings therefore the feather is a feather of his wings. The feather is blue like the sky (probably, even for practical reasons because it would be difficult to notice a white feather on a white handkerchief) and if you remember, Dan’s wings have sometimes blue glow around them. This makes me wonder whether JKW’s wings will be black as the feather on his handkerchief, further cementing the “fallen angel” theory. “This is me. Think of this as me.” Maybe JKW abandoning his handkerchief, basically leaving behind his identity as an angel and giving his lover a ring with a mysterious emblem was a part of the problem. He wanted to change himself, he wanted to become a human, and in that way denying his true nature. On the other hand, there is Dan who keeps giving his handkerchief to YS, not some substitute; even if he can’t tell her who he really is, he keeps giving her a part of his true self. And there is the extremely important fact, that his handkerchief always gets to Yeon Seo eventually, AND IT GLOWS WHEN DAN KISSES HER, LIKE SHE IS MEANT TO HAVE IT - it’s her who finds it when Dan loses it in the park even though she’s blind; he gives it to her to treat the wound on her wrist; and she even asks him to give the handkerchief to her and he does it willingly, NEVER ASKING HER TO RETURN IT. It’s extremely poignant and even more so because Yeon Seon doesn’t merely carrry it around in her pocket or her purse, instead SHE LITERALLY WEARS A PART OF DAN ON HER BODY FOR EVERYBODY TO SEE, be it around her wrist or in her hair, even during the time when she is angry with him. It’s always tied around a part of her - A PART OF HER AND A PART OF HIM ARE IN THIS WAY INTERTWINED AND CONNECTED, TIED TOGETHER. A knot is a symbol of connection and in many cultures the hands of a couple are tied together by a cloth during a wedding ceremony. Also, how symbolic is it that Dan often uses the handkerchief to treat Yeon Seo’s wounds? How often has her blood stained it? Finally, talking about blood and feathers, this brings to my mind another thought I had while watching Dan so meticulously clean up all his feathers in the living room, I wonder whether one bloodied feather didn’t get away, whether Yeon Seo didn’t keep the one she picked up.
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    Actually l would think there is no "what should happen instead" in a drama. This is what you want to see but it's never a must to expect the writer to write what you want to see and what you think should happen. The drama is based on the writer's own block of imagination and the story she created. I don't see anything wrong in YS doing that to JKW. He was a stranger who suddenly appeared like a overzealous stalker and tells her he likes her so much. She doesn't get his tears, why would she know what his tears mean when he's crying for Malti. His tears as well as his "heartful speech" speaks no meaning for YS too because all that was in her mind was regaining her ballet skills, she have absolutely no interest in this man or this project that she never wanted to do but that he kept going to her to persuade her to do it. Simply put, he is just a ballet director to her and that's it. Why would she care about someone like him? He didn't save her life. Dan did. He only held her hand and at most called the ambulance. She is a rude icy rich self centred princess who everyone around her can't stand and is afraid of. But beneath that are layers of hurt she suffered from her loved ones leaving her and the self defence she build up to block people around her and to block her from appreciating others concern and love for her (until Dan comes supposedly to make her break her defences to love again). I'm sad you couldn't see that weak side behind her rude and conceited front. This speaks so much of SHS's acting that I could see (perhaps I'm biased but YS is nothing like just a pretty face and dancing skills like you said) but you couldn't, sadly. Your words suggest so much hate on YS. I can't help but to speak up for YS and SHS. Actually she talked to everyone in the same rude way, even to Mr Jo. She's nothing like Malti because she is YS not Malti. I think a lot of us don't want to link him romantically to YS too Hehe chingu you are being biased here probably like I'm to YS. He's a selfish person to force his own dreams of Malti onto a totally different person YS who has absolutely no love for him, or should I say have nothing to do with him in all sense. We can't blame YS for not reprocicating him because he is NOTHING to her but just someone in Fantasia who comes persuading her to dance again. He's downright selfish... he is annoyed to see Dan around her but he forgets she's not Malti. He's selfish when he demands Dan to address her as agasshi instead of by her name. Who does he think he is to interfere in how Dan and YS call each other? She's not his Malti. I disagree that their relationship never made sense. Dan was here as a replacement to Mr Jo to do the things she always did with Mr Jo but couldn't after suffering from PTSD. He spent time with her and was by her side all the time helping her to walk and believe again. Through the things they went through together it's not impossible that they develop feelings. They don't have to share a meal to make sense to a relationship or for that kitchen scene. He gave her courage to walk on her own again and she acknowledged that after the press con when she thanked Dan. That was the first time in the drama she actually thanked someone sincerely. He broke her defences. To make her feel and love again. Because this is a fantasy drama, the two already have a connection through their childhood and when she was in the park Dan was surprised she could hear and touch him. And as one of us mentioned the handkerchief glowed when they kissed. We don't know what is their back story yet so we'll wait and see. Why their relationship never make sense to you, I really don't know why. But to me, it does and it is logical. Yes please be with Nina. I ship them too In the eye of the beholder, YS is more stunning than Nina... to me I guess I'm one who watch dramas very superficially. I don't care to analyse. I don't care about bad writing as long as it don't get too ridiculous. I don't care about what should be right or what shouldn't be. I only care about the story of Dan and YS. I like the leads. I like their dynamics. I like their chemistry. I like their acting. I like the OSTs . I like the drama because I'm enjoying it as it is without stressing my head off on the theories or writing or directing; and is looking forward to new episodes every week. That's as simple a reason why I'm enjoying the drama. Because of the totally believable relationship of YS and Dan. I totally respect your views chingu but feel compelled to voice out mine too. Many may find me bias towards SHS but I dare to say I'm not blindly bias. I know how to differentiate good and bad in a fair way and I don't think my reply sounds any bias but is instead based on what I get from the drama so far. Continue to voice out what you think and I know you will
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    This was such a short scene but the sheer amount of silent longing broke my heart
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    What I love about the leads is that their characters always find a way to see the humor in their situation - the scene where JH is trying to explain his situation to JI but is interrupted by construction noise and at JI's apartment when her sister and his friend go buy drinks, leaving them alone - they see the complication but love that they appreciate the absurdity of it all too.
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    So far, my favorite 2019 melodrama is Encounter. But this has come a close 2nd already, it depends on writernim. I only watched this at first to be honest because of Jung Hae In. I loved him in Prison Playbook. I lost interest watching Something in the Rain after Episode 4 but I finished all episodes because of him I'm also curious what made HJM accept this drama after success of Light In Your Eyes. So given my not so good first impressions of the writer, I was hesitant to start this drama, I told myself I will just watch first few episodes. But now, it seems I'm hooked. Unless writernim will fail my expectations on succeeding episodes.
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    I'm dreading this weekend to come... I mean it's the weekend but ALML is my life right now! *Ottoke...* Something interesting also came to my mind when I watched the death scene of Matil again. I think she saw something or someone since she couldn't see the Angels to save JKW. Or someone must've lifted, dragged, or pushed her in front of JKW. I don't think the black angel shot her but who knows. Maybe I'm just overthinking but something doesn't look or feel right.
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    I think she is being careful and her HPL cast-mates are aware and being considerate. After all, fans from her previous drama are still hounding her about it and refusing to give up. And some HPL shippers also read a thousand and one things into her posts. Kim Jae-wook has posted selcas of him with his previous cast-mates, so he's not averse to sharing them, just not very often. He's been relatively scandal-free, except for that one time with Lee El, and maybe he just wants to keep things neutral. The photos of the four of them together are sweet, it's nice to know they're enjoying an outing together.
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    JI is an anti hero character, i can understand why some can't really understand or like her. She admits to be selfish, opinionated, straight forward. But i guess we have not seen the real JI yet. It seems she becomes dull, boring and not the same fearless girl her family knows because of her relationship with GS. They bring out the worst in each other it seems lol. With JH, i do think it will be the opposite. And i can't wait to see both JI and JH resurrect their old selves. And how crazy they will be in love. Why is wednesday so long to come. It is getting harder to wait. I need these kind of gifs
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    Seems like they're watching "My Grandpa" musical together... How cute I love how cute and close they are still hhehe... But I feel like in this drama, we are very deprived of main leads' selcas =)))) There are lots of Eungi-Deokmi-Seonjoo pics...but none of the main leads. KJW isn't the type that taking selcas, but I noticed he took some (to be exact, his cast-mates took some with him) in his previous projects...or at least other ppl take pic of him together with other cast mates... I wonder if it's because PMY is avoiding another rumor with her main lead and other casts are being considerate of her...since she seemed to get a hard time with the previous dating rumor (regardless it was true or not). But he didn't even have pic with Sian or Ahn Bohyun
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    Park Jin-joo, who played Seon-joo, updated her IG with a photo of herself with Kim Jae-wook, Kim Bora and Seo Ye-hwa (respectively, Ryan, Cindy and Curator Yu):
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    im still wondering why the feather on Dans handkerchief was glowing when they kissed and why the feather on KJW handkerchief turned black when he put the ashes of Matil in a buddhist tempel.. Like i do understand that it was some sort of betrayal from KJW part.. and thats why it probably turned balck but why did KD feather glow up
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    Dramabeans upload their Wed timeslot recap: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-9-10/ One of the comments got my attention. "All of these repressed feelings better explode into some truly passionate kisses later on this show, or I'll feel cheated." i am not sure will that happen and if it did happen i am not sure my fluttering heart can take it. Hahaha!
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    Sorry but it sounds so negative. Actually, JI is bringing JH back to life. He used to be more lively and brave, until he had that experience with Eun Woo's mother. What caught my attention in their different conversations is the way they express themselves. Both show their hurt and even explain how they feel and how the words and actions of the other affect them. Both describe each other as selfish aso but fact is, their exchange outlines that they reveal their true personality. It also illustrates the equity in their relationship, while it was never like that with GS. The latter always saw himself superior to JI and had the upper-hand in their couple. He even declared to JH that after one month, the emotions started disappearing and this shows that GS had such an impact on JI. I have always said that JI had adapted herself to GS's wishes. It was also underlined with HS's words, when he said that GS talks about marrying JI but it doesn't look like he wants to marry her. As for LSI, her refusal to confine the abuse to someone points out that she has internalized SH's words who told her that if she got divorced, she would get involved in a scandal which would ruin her career. SH makes sure with these words that she connects her marriage to her career. However, LSI should realize that SH would be the target of the scandal, people would sympathize with her.
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    Hi there~ Not sure if we watched the same thing cos i didn't notice him giving Nara additional looks than was necessary~ the guy was basically trying to get used to vlive when they had the session at that time if i didn't remember wrongly and H was trying to teach him stuffs or sth. In fact, poor Nara seemed to be ignored by Wookie most of the time cos his attention was forever on H. LMAO. Nara was even caught on cam laughing at namji cos they always seem to be in their own world as well. In addition, it would be good to be reminded of their timeline as well since you mentioned you watched all the BTS already. Oh btw, just to enlighten you further, i think you got your hands on the wrong disc. You would be very enlightened if you watched the actual couple disc aka 15 and 16. My advice to you is try IG.. there's tonnes of snippets there for you to enjoy~
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    Lmao I watched everything including the vlive you are talking about and I wonder if we watched the same thing. Wook even read a comment saying NJH was pretty during that vlive and in the press conference he shouted pretty while applauding when njh stood up while he said nothing when the others stood. Again in one of the bts, he had to look at the second female lead and in the BTS he kept turning to njh instead to the point CTJ had to physically make him turn to the right direction. In the photoshoot BTS, he turned his back to the second lead and was only talking to NJH.... I can go on and on about multiple things that prove that what you are saying is not true at all. In the end, the only past female costar he invited to his military musical was NJH, the one he asked to help him with his scripts was NJH, the one reporters asked him about as soon as he stepped out of his military camp was NJH and he sure was smiling brightly while talking about her even after his 18 months of service. So I don't really get where you are coming from and if you have that many doubts in JCW, I don't see why you would join a shipping thread instead of just moving on with your life instead.
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    Now I am hoping not only for a happy ending but also for a wedding! Am I too hopeful?
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    Yes, I felt that way too. I may not know anything much, but I was touched and cried by this drama. And that's enough for me to love watching it. Good night.
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    @Ondine I look forward for more bromance between them... ABH seems to adore his hyung so much HAHAH @Aziraphale true... I cringe when I read some of the comments on her IG (and KJW's IG)...not only from some shippers from HPL but also from her previous drama. I'm glad that most of it are in the languages they don't understand hahah. Maybe it's just me personally, but I also find that tagging them continuously on fanposts or shippers' posts are quite disturbing [for them]... I always wonder why fans are doing that to celebs when they probably won't like it if they're randomly tagged in strangers' photos...
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but the apartment is under SI name, however the it's signed with a joint/SI/SH legal seal (ambiguous because the subs says it's his legal seal but I don't know how one can sign off on something and not have their name listed as an owner)? Because SI went to see SH to get the legal seal so that she can sign off on the house, which of course that scumbag refuses to give. My problem with SH loaning debt is that he is going to get into more debt because GS seems like he's about to approve SH loan... all because SH said he would help convince JI to marry him. Cannot believe GS is going to jeopardise his career over a non-family member asking for an unreasonable favour. I'm all about helping people but when this helping delves into your professional life, then there has to be clear cut boundaries. I wouldn't compare SH and SI to an "ugly version of the Titanic" just because I hate SH character so much (props to Lee Moo-Saeng who plays him, he is really doing a stellar job) and I would not be able to compare him to Jack - the OG of self-sacrificial ML (how freaking hot was a young Leonardo DiCaprio). Haven't watched SITR, just cuz I haven't gotten around to it. But I'm for certain of JI ability to grow as a character because she is progressing bit by bit in terms of returning to her old-vivacious-assertive self. There are glimpses that I'm seeing, and I'm gleeing over. My favourite being when she went to JH house because he didn't pick up her calls. I mean girl, wow! I think the call culture these days is different especially for people in my age bracket of their 20s maybe early 30s. No one calls each other UNLESS its super important and need to be dealt with immediately, or else a text message would suffice. I literally went on a tangent about the current call/message culture BUT I think what I'm trying to say is that JI went to JH house because she wants to see him and talk to him. Despite how confused she is with her feelings, he always puts a smile on her face. Have you noticed, whenever she is with GS she is either exasperated or annoyed.... LMAO bby girl if your man makes you feel like this constantly, just say goodbye to the relationship.
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    Lesson 101: Don’t start an ongoing drama, you’ll only suffer as the waiting is soooo real!
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    I think JI moving on from GS to either be single or pursueing JH is already quite a development for her and for now that is quite enough for me, since she first have to sort herself out. She was part of a long relationship, a relationship that was based on the wrong things, she also begins to feel responsible for Eun-U and thinks about him, she kinda adapts into a new role. Sure her growth must continue, but so far I am really happy with her role, she remembers me a lot of the Main lead of SLA. JH and JI greatly improves the others life, but both are feared about the public, since both think they are flawed. That's why I think the preview already had a big scene, where JI tells JH that he will fight for him. JH needs that and visa versa. Yes, I do think so now aswell. SI superior chose a few very interesting words, I think he will play a part in her storyline. That's an interesting reason and makes sense, SH always points out about her being a "famous newscaster", she is his punching bag and cash cow. I hope he will end up in jail and tastes his own medicine. LSI storyline really puts me at unease. Haha, funnily it's the other way around with me. I pretty much only watch melos, thrillers oder legal dramas. I don't find anything interesting in romcoms.
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    Oh damn, this just popped up in my mind: Does SeoIn hold joint debts with her scumbug husband? Because if he files for bankruptcy (let's be real, he's got no assets worth any real cash whatsoever and he's getting into MORE debt because GiSeok is gonna be stupid), SHE'LL be as good as bankrupt too! She better cut everything between them and RUN ASAP! Gurl, you quit yo job, have yo evidence, KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNT, now just RUN before it is too late! Run and don't look back! Run to your parents house, hide with your sisters or plain just enjoy life in Jeju. Don't be dragged down by that ugly version of the Titanic! This is not a matter of saving face or time to be cowardly! This is a matter of saving your own life!
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    You know what that "3" means?? It means.. "its actually been 3 YEARS since we've known each other and we are here to celebrate in lalaland!" when you create a delulu.. make it convincing at least.. choose: LAlaland... Supreme.. wall art?
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    It must be difficult watching a drama when you don't like one 1/2 of the romantic lead. What do you like about the story that is making you stick with it? If you are sticking with it. I don't fully get Jung-In. I understand her ambivalence with Gi-suk. Sometimes the points she makes when talking to Ji-Ho are hard to follow. I understand that she is being pulled in several direction. Because she is less expressive than Ji-Ho she can be difficult to read. The way she is stubborn with Ji-Ho by not choosing but wanting something that neither can choose is hard to follow. I assume a lot is getting lost in the translation. I think this is very insightful. I think both JI and JH are causing eachother's previous selves to be resurrected. I do think that JI and JH are their true selves in front of each other. They don't work at performing a better self in front of each other and speak honestly to each other--even when their conversation if elliptical. JH points are easier to follow for me than JI. Her point may be clearer to someone steeped in Korean culture. I'm not sure why JI began dating GS. Her explanation to her friend suggests that they never had a strong emotional or even sexual connection. It almost seems as if she and he began dating because "why not"? I don't think GS's dad "hate" JI. I think he has no use for her. GS's Dad views all relationships as utilitarian. He sees people in terms of how he can leverage them to get ahead. So since he does not see how JI can help him, GS, or the family he has no use for her. GS is interesting. I think in general he is conflict avoidant. This is why he works at a bank instead doing music like he wanted to. He didn't want to have conflict with his father. I think JI is his way of taking a stand against his dad's vision for his life. I wish at some point GS will articulate why he chose JI/ . Maybe he chose her because she is a fighter and he thought she could help him fight his dad --- or not. I suspect LSI didn't tell anyone because in patriarchal societies, it doesn't matter what is done to them, it is always a woman's fault/failure when their don't work out. No matter how crazy your husband is, you are suppose to control him and make him behave. I don't think she believes anyone will take her side. Afterall her parents have proven to be unreliable.
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    I am a silent lurker here in Soompi since Sept. 2018 and this is my first time to post. I enjoyed and loved HPL and now, I am a follower of JKW in addition to PMY. I can go and on about what I like about the whole series, the characters and the actors but the raves and sentiments you've shared already represent how I feel about everything. Since HPL has ended and yes, i am in withdrawal too, I wanted to express how much fun I had reading your creative posts, replies and comments. There were plenty of times when I would literally laugh out loud because of your witty remarks and I also had my brains exercised reading your several plot analyses. I always went to this forum after every HPL episode and now that it has ended, I still check everyday for updates because I enjoy the atmosphere here. So, here's hoping the DVD/blue ray pushes through and we still have plenty of topics to discuss. 'Hoping for the best for our Labit couple in their next projects as individual or as a couple/team. Keep on posting
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    I usually watch melo and romcoms but i love romcoms more. I shy away from other genres like suspense thriller, legal, medical, sageuk/historical dramas. The last melo that i watch which really drained all my tears lol is the most beautiful goodbye. It was a 4 episode drama only but it is worth the watch. But the last full length melo i watched is encounter. It is okay but i did not get addicted as much as this drama(there is something in that drama that i really hate lol). If done right, until the last episode, this drama might be my all time favorite melodrama. Well i have been watching mostly 3 or more times per episode, raw, with subtitle then weekend marathon. And it keeps getting better when i watch it again. Am i the only one lol
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    Prediction of the ending; YS and Dan face same fate that matil and director faced. But this time director makes the sacrifice and protects Dan from the shooting so that they don’t suffer the same fate he did. And so he can finally die to join matil.
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    Good Morning ! Have a nice Sunday everyone Am I too hopeful to see both date each other in real life ? I'm so curious about how Dan ended up being an angel too and I don't want to see the scene that a kid died in the drama. So I prefer buying your theory that Dan is just in a coma. This is from Myung Soo's IG and Shin Hye Sun's manager IG on May 7th , compared to the flashback scene. Does it mean that our DanYeon recalled their childhood memory , so they come to this place ?
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    @JJFirstMate Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you witnessed blazing hot chemistry with Wook and Nara, you should really create a shipping thread for them, but I wouldn’t expect that thread to pass the first page.
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    True, there is a boundary. Because what we all ship after all are the characters especially since the actors created through their performance such chemistry. But as ABH said, both actors, PMY/KJW are professionals that they also tried to create chemistry with the other characters such as PMY telling ABH that the characters of EG and DM knew each other since they were babies therefore they should drop the formalities even when the cameras are not rolling to get used to the characters' relationship and act accordinly when the cameras roll. ABH said also that he learned a lot from KJW as they discussed the scenes before the take. So, we are really shipping the characters in the drama and admiring the professional abilities (acting) of the actors. PMY is in LA for a reason to have a fun vacation and a much needed rest. It has been hard work and she deserves it. She said she will be back. Maybe she will give an interview then whatever she chooses to do it does not matter because we fangirl her for her acting and professionalism and for KJW for himself.... whew.... but his/her private life is his/her private life
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    Oh my god, with my reply I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable. Seeing you like this made me feel embarrassed, it was as if I had scolded you Like @Dhakra, I am enjoying the progression of the drama. JI is taking her time but I sense that as soon as she has decided to be with JH, she will do anything for him. It was interesting that although JI told GS that she wanted to break up with him, when GS visited her flat, it looked like they had reconciled. However, we can see in GS's face that this "reconciliation" is not real. His words towards his father clearly showed that his father had missed the timing. GS has already sensed that JI has moved away from him and it can never be like before. I have the impression that GS's decision about the loan might be the reason why JI will resent GS even more than before because GS helped SH and increased the pressure on LSI. I can imagine that the domestic abuse could be revealed at the end of the next episode.
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    hi! new one here. i did think of this too! the fact that mathilde couldn't actually see anything, so obviously she didn't know that he was about to receive his punishment whatsoever. the scene turned to black when the gun was shot, but it didn't show us whether she took the shot or the angels purposely teleported mathilde in front of jkw and shot her in front of him. don't you think it's his punishment? to lose his lover? i kinda think that that would be his punishment instead of disspating into dust because he hadn't done his mission properly, get married with his lover while at the same time abandoning his responsibility and status as an angel like the deity had given to him? so that he can focus more on his responsibility? plus, i think he wanted to make ys the chairwoman of fantasia to complete his mission? no wonder he sounded pretty desperate and threatened and asked kd to why kd made ys to leave ballet behind (idk the words that would explain his reason best but that's all i could get) also, i have a question. don't angels dissipate to dust if they break a rule or do not complete their mission? why did the angels pointed a gun towards jkw instead? oh, and an observation. when both kd and jkw drowned into the water, the scene proceeded to show that jkw was no longer in the water with kd. isn't that fishy?
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    Shipping is inevitable in dramas...and fangirling in general... Can't help it when the pair has such a sizzling chemistry... XD But there's always boundary...I think Rabbit Couple shipper still stays in their line aka not going overboard with delulu (fangirls need delulu to live ), and I hope they'll remain so...not to cause uncomfortable feelings for KJW and PMY, at least... After all, we all love them because they gave us such a wonderful show and acting...
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    @hushhh You are right that GS is trying to avoid conflict but only with his father. With JI, it is different because he always ensures that she feels guilty, that she is the bad person... he is definitely passive-aggressive. During their first conversation at the episode 5, it was clearly shown that GS was trying to blame her for not wanting the marriage, while in reality, GS is not really defending her in front of his parents. He is not firm in his decision which is outlined when he told her the same words than to his father: "I will handle it!!" Hence JI became furious, she realized his trick. Fact is that GS is not handling anything, he always remains vague. He thought that with these words, JI would be appeased. This would have worked, if JI hadn't changed... yet JI is no longer the same. She is no longer the obedient "wife" accepting all GS's wishes. Even HS, an outsider, noticed that GS was not really desiring this marriage and he would have kept JI as his girlfriend for a long time.
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    KJW Ig Update Pmy Ig Update : 3 they update around the same time.. just 3 minute apart... 3 means "Love (heart shape)" So now you know - <3 means "Love (heart shape)"
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    How could this drama leave us like that. It's getting harder to be patient waiting for next week's episode.
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    Actually I like JI, because she is quite different from the normal female leads that just fall in love and tend to do all cheesy stuff and fall for a guy head over heels without thinking. Her "small" progress is actually something that I admire and like, because it doesn't make her look like she acts out of her normal self. She is aware of her situation, she doesn't do something ridiculuous and tries to do everything in a mature, normal way. Yes, I do like JI taking time aspect, they started pretty quickly, but it slowly develops. Like I said, it always feels like they do a few steps forward, just to step back at the end of each episode. JI will do everything and protect JH and his son, as her sis stated, once she wants something, she will do anything and won't stop. She won't stop defending him from the world if necessary, especially if GS plans to work against him. Well, during his first unannounced visit JI was quite clear and she made her point. What bothered me was his second visit where she called him over, it really seemed like they reconciled. Which totally went against her initial self, this was another step back. It bothered me even more that he grabbed her hand and she let him, she didn't pull back, he even let him hug her outside and have his very superficial "I know how to love you know" talk. I wished she would have done something more back-breaking, not even something big, just a small, but clear hint. Like softly pushing him away during the hug, squeeze her hand out when he grabbed it. GS still loves her like he did before, very shallow, he doesn't go with her words or tries to work with what she is saying, he follows and believes in his own words and puts them to work. For GS it is not important what she wants, it is important what he wants or what he thinks she wants. I do think, like you, that he does know that she moved away, but I still think he believes that he can fix it.
  43. 8 points
    actually your theory does make sense.. I also thought that JKW probably didn't fulfill his mission because he couldn't inspire artist to create art.. as seen in the scene where the painter got frustrated and he walked away.. And also i think someone said it before that he probably actually didn't love mathil but he loved the art she created so therefore he wouldn't have loved her like Christ loved the church which means that the bond between him and mathil was not the same bond as Christ with the church but he put his love or obsession for her and the art she created above the deity that gave her this talent.. oke im getting off track i don't even know where im going with this... I totally can actually see your theory about Dan and YS love being true..
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    Wow that was such a dedicated and detailed answer Much as I agree with some of the ideas you carried out, especially the shipping between Kang Woo and Nina , I feel like the rest of your thoughts was totally different from me, maybe we choose to understand the story differently you know, and that is hard for me to express them in words since I’m not so good at expressing my own perspective but I respect what you think tho. Considering we are just about 1/3 way through the whole drama, I hope you can stay a little bit longer maybe to the very end of the last episode to reassure your thoughts once again as I would love to hear your ideas
  45. 8 points
    LMAO, no, ShiHoon is no Jack. I was just calling him the Titanic and referred to how it would drag anybody nearby into the abyss of the deep dark sea as it sank and descended into the depths of the sea after cracking into 2. SeoIn's gotta be out of reach when his whole career and finances implode in his face.
  46. 8 points
    love the way she told him , It’s You twice The heaviness, love & longing it’s all there , the scene completely captivated me
  47. 8 points
    @bebebisous33 looks like my wording was incorrect. I didn't mean it in a negative way chingu. Indeed, the more JH interacts with JI, the more he is going back to his old self and the more we viewers are seeing a new side of him which we never saw. He is starting not to pity himself anymore and is going all for it to get JI. I love what the writer is doing with his character development and I hope we continue to see his new sides. @Phoenix26 I hope she sticks to the words she told JH in the preview because poor JH is going to get crushed if another woman leaves him again. I want this drama to be different and to show us how JH and JI get through the obstacles while they are together as a couple. In her previous drama, I dropped it after episode 8 and watched the last episode lol. I have no tolerance. Hopefully they don't screw this up for us.
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    I noticed that in this drama so far, there's so many scenes of L catching HS and HS falling into his arms
  49. 8 points
    If I m not mistaken ,I read somewhere Hyunnie gave books to Park ji bin to read when he was in the army .So there are possibilities she did the same thing to her oraeboni .As a return,Wookie gave his scripts for her to read
  50. 8 points
    Geezzzz ..i couldn't believe that ABH actually said KJW is sexy! ekekkekekekekeke he is KJW fanboy! So many times already we discussed about ABH admiration towards KJW...my goodness!! I can't imagine what uri PMY actually feel about KJW!! Dugeun dugeun
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