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    @cenching @bliss1004 Is this the first time she reveals such a personel thought about her dramas' persona? If it is, so it makes sense as you said before: She was not ready to let go DM because the character takes an important place in her mind. We could feel it in her farewell video. Being tired is obvious, but both PMY and KJW looked really sad and she even threw a quick glance on him to see how he was before standing up after taking the photo with the crew. I don't know if KJW feels the same about Ryan, but men's mind are more often led by practical things than women's. He said farewell to HPL and Ryan right when the show finished. Men are too logical to distinguish between reality and delusion. Funny how HPL depicts this fact in ep9: DM wants to live more in delusion by lengthen the fake date, and Ryan wants to end the fake one and start a real one. Each time I rewatch the videos of the romantic moments, I always ask myself how KJW and PMY would feel while watching them. It would be so hard for them to tell themselves: "No, this woman/man is not my lover. We were just acting". Of course they are professional actors, but to bewitch audience with their hyper real interactions just like a couple of pigeons, do their hearts flutter at all? My best dream right now is that KLW will knock her door and say: "I want to forget Ryan and Doekmi because they are not real. I want us to start our dating as KJW and PMY."
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    I don't know if it was only me but when I was watching the preview for the first time and saw them walking towards the ship and the river, I immediately realized something wrong was going to happen. I was like: don't go there! Nothing good has ever happened by a Korean river. They are filled with bodies and the tears of kdrama leads (main and second leads included) who dared to venture there. Also notice, how once again Dan will save YS from falling into water, breaking her fall, just like on that bridge, just like she saved him when they were children. And in today's episode, we got even more connection between the OTP and the water. It's not only that YS saved Dan from falling into the sea, it's where they spent their time together. It's their special place. I hope they will return to that beach and remake the sad moment from today, making happy memories there instead, after the place was "polluted" by JKW's presence . And how beautiful is the fact that just like YS used to be Dan's light in the darkness, his hope, in the past, now it's Dan's turn to be hers? You know somewhere along the way, this show has become the centre of my life, anf frankly, I think it just might have been a love at first sight.
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    I'm so shocked when i read the translation. Didn't expect that she will write those captions on her ig. Looks like she wanna tell somebody that she gonna let go the character. I'm sure it is not easy for her to let go SDM character.. after 3 months filming lots of skinship scenes with KJW, it would be hard for her. This is the first drama that she has a lot of skinship with her co-star.. as the viewers, we also had a very hard time to forget our OTP and keep on coming back to this thread. But for PMY, she needs to let go SDM so that she can start to select a new drama for her next project.. But I'm sure SDM will remain in her heart forever. I feel very sorry for her....I try to understand her hard time to let go SDM.. I'm hoping she will decide what's the best for her.. Let's watch this MV...i can't help myself from laughing at the last part ..eekekekekek
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    I'm emotionally compromised! The angst is shattering my heart but I love it! From my previous kdrama experience, I'm well- aware that I'm a masochist in this aspect. Dan's and YS's story is so beautiful and heartfelt. And I love how the writer intertwines several paths with the present - there is the motiv of false destiny and one true love. I don't think that Dan is playing the noble idiot because he really thinks he is doing the best for YS since he is an angel and she a human and after listening to KJW's story from his superior, it just seems they are not meant to be. However, he struggles with his feelings so much and I can't wait for the moment when he no longer can fight them and gives up, loving YS openly. I have to say I love to hate KJW because he is one of the most devilish second leads out there - seemingly doing everything in YS's best interest but he is pushing on to her the life he wanted his past lover to live and his feelings as well; and using every means necessary to achieve his goals. While Dan keeps breaking his heart, to make her truly happy. I adore this man who is more angelic than a real angel.
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    You can run fast into these arms I can run faster than that into his delicious abs
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    And the song is here cr uploader
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    k-fans' WWWSK 1st anniversary gifts for PSJ&PMY. review book(title: My every moment was you) containing fans' reviews, letters, fan arts, wwwsk history..etc couple clay(message: Youngjoon and Miso, you were our world and every moment.) and flowers. Happy 1st anniversary
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    I'd like to give huge kudos to SHS's stylist because I haven't loved a female lead's wardrobe as much as I love YS's in a long time. I adore everything she wears. The white dress from the preview is sublime. Elegant and simple and YS looks like a vision in it. A true goddess.
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    From what I understand, most K stars will post individual farewell in their personal SNS even though their respective agency already posted it. Sometimes they will re post the same video from their agency and added their personal captions OR they will personalised their own farewell, like what KJW did with Ryan character. It's obvious that SDM has a special place in her heart that made it difficult to let go.... From that IG's caption, it seems that she hasn't let SDM goes yet but she said she will??? After LA??
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    how am i suppose to not fall in love with this ?? .... the way they laugh and his heart eyes are to die for ... and how do i change my name on soompi ??? any one ... when i rewatch i will look for how the names connect to the episodes and who wouldn't want to romance KJW ... ?? @Ameera Ali
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    I think those earrings YS received from her aunt make YS dizzy. They will probably make some high frequency sound. It's another murder attempt. The aunt is probably getting desperate since YS demanded that she returns Fantasia to her.
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    I am hoping for another proper kiss by the end of episode 8(15-16). And Yes, Dan says something in the lines of "How can I not like you" to the sleeping Yeon Seo. Their angst is so well done.
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    @Liting1 mentioned in her post the dramas which reminded her of the ALML and the evil male lead. However, when I was watching that last scene it felt like watching Moon Lovers - you know, not story-wise but that similar heavy feeling of utter desolation and sadness I felt when Hae Soo couldn't love or couldn't be with Wang Soo. Regarding KJW, like I said I love to hate him because I think that one of the ( million other) reasons which make the love story between YS and Dan so fascinating is the fact that there is a worthy, insidious adversary to their relationship. He isn't straightfoward evil but it's hidden under the mask of seemingly good intentions. He seeds discord and doubts. And that's what makes it so compelling. You root for the OTP to overcome it even more, all these misunderstading he is creating, and for them to triumph over him. And he isn't the only obstacle they need to overcome, there are so many of them. However, what this show does exceedingly well and where many other kdrama love stories fail, is that you feel the need and the urgency that YS and Dan have to be together, THAT THEY CANNOT LIVE, EXIST OR SURVIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER.
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    OMG! Dan is going to save YS again tomorrow!
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    So she really hasn't let Deokmi go. No wonder she hasn't posted a farewell/thank you on her ig. I love that the cast are leaving messages to her ig.
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    It's Wednesday Guys... Team Online??? No More HPL huhuhu
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    We are just vulnerable girls . In KJW's abs we trust ! My husband used to have abs but recently he lose them after stopping running because o a knee injury. He told me now " Don't worry about my abs, I protect them under a little fat!"
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    I have been wondering something though. What is God's agenda here? Do not be offended people, speaking just in the context of the drama. He had appointed an angel once to find love for a women named Matilda or for some other reason related to Matilda. That angel fell in love with her and Matilda died. Now after ages, Dan meets another girl who either is a doppelganger or is a reincarnation of Matilda named Yeon Seo. Dan was once a human sharing a special bond with Yeon Seo and that pure connection still remains rooted in his heart. He is instantly drawn to her in her peril, saves her, breaks every rule of haeven and is again appointed to find her love. Is it really a surprise here that Dan is falling for Yeon Seo hard or she for him. What sort test of loyality and devotion is this, very cruel one. And how does this end in happiness for any one of them?
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    In the piggyback ride scene, YS says why don't you like me. Then when they get home, when Dan puts YS on her bed he says, how can I not like you. SKJCJDKS this angst is killingggg me
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    BTW, can I shout out? I LOVED YEON SEO SEDUCING DAN!
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    Pretty sure Kim Jae-wook is done with being Ryan and has moved on. He's a method actor, and needs to shed his character quickly because otherwise it can be detrimental to health. Skilled actors know when to compartmentalise their acting and roles. He was exhausted at the wrap party, and I think his Instagram posts are pretty clear. I can't speak for Park Min-young, but it seems she is ready to let go too. Maybe we should stop reading too much into their posts or we'll become like the other shipper thread.
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    Trust your heart . I've watch Korean dramas for the 18 years. This is the first time, a love story drags me to a fan forum and all my posts here are around HPL. I mean I like a lot of Kdrama but this is the first time I turned google up-side-down to search every tiny details about the story/actors/ images... That was why I found soompi :D... Their love is so powerful.
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    I absolutely need translations hahaha. I think Dan doesn't know he's talking about JKW. Let's wait for subs! And see you guys back here same time for tomorrow's episode! By the way I love the OST by L. So much feels. My first time watching him in a drama and first time hearing him sing. And boy, his voice is good! He surprises me so much.
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    Y'all YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE EPISODE 5, we wanted progression from JI - she basically became the fearless girl that we keep hearing about and basically TOOK A DIVE and literally did it so fierce, I was like GIRL YESSSSSS! There's so many good scenes, I just don't know where to begin talking! I was pretty depressed throughout the episode, especially the talks between JI and JH, I was like UGH too much ANGST, I don't know if I can handle it. But don't worry guys, this rollercoaster is worth it! There was an interesting conversation between JI and her mum, that I feel like influenced her to break up with GS. We also re-confirm a major reason why JI is less inclined to marry GS - he's parent's disapproval. I think parental approval is important for individual's, but it's literally case by case scenario for me. But in this case, it is evident that JI feels really really hurt by the fact that GS parent's disapprove of her so much. That's why she's so hurt by the fact that GS keeps saying they should get married - dude if your parent's aren't on board that's a problem that doesn't MAGICALLY GO AWAY. The entire scene was heartbreaking! JI actively seeking out JH, which is so important since the entire conversation at the beginning of the episode was how they should just stop, especially JH taking the high road and saying we should be strangers, but they both know they can't! JH, our puppy has been doing such a stellar job at this (avoiding JI), and literally our fierce-JI was the one who sought him out, and the entire scenes WAS JUST TOO GOOD. Literally went from angsty to funny/cute. JH & JI conversation at the coffee shop is super important (you gotta have dessert after a meal). On a side note Jae-In and JH friend are literally like wingmen for our OTP. They basically unknowingly forced JI and JH to be in an enclosed space again ALONE. It was through their help that we got this FANTASTIC ending. Sorry for the long post. Like I said there is so much happening at this episode, and so many things we can talk about. Don't get me started about SH and SI - this issue deserves a damn post on it's own because I'm FUMING at the situation! Anyways y'all can't wait to hear your thoughts about this ep!
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    Ok that was legit the perfect ending! My heart cannot take the sweetness and don't worry, YS was NOT into that hug with JKW! She was sensing Angel Dan's presence I think. Preview shows YS in some danger but Angel Dan saving her and also piggy back ride! A real one with her angel!
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    For those who share the Wednesday's syndrome, I've found it on youtube. Hope I'm not reposting it.
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    @rcalma It Wednesday , it best day we all start new hobby
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    Episode tonight will be the turning point. It seems to be very emotional as per the still cuts. I want to know what kind of relationship JI has with GS shown on her perspective and why she will give it up in favor of her new feelings for JH. I really hope it is worth the wait Can't wait for the livestream tonight. 4 more hours lol Oh the feels
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    He is wearing the same clothes when he visits JI apartment with his friend and her sister. I guess this scene will go first. I believe something happened there to make him question her like that .Then what you wrote will come after that. I hope this happens today lol. It's 3:20am here and I'm checking out and matching his clothes to those pics to the preview lol. I'm desperate for them to start dating Imao.
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    I love your comments and thoughts about "method acting" guys! I will share a link that describe about method acting. At first I thought "method acting" is when the actor live in their character even when camera is not rolling. Such as Daniel Day Lewis when he didn't want to be him (Lewis) when he filmed Lincoln. So when camera was not rolling Lewis still talked like how Lincoln talks (with precise mannerism). I found this. https://filmschoolrejects.com/method-acting-explained-2dc3d73eeba6/ So, I think KJW already did "method acting" for his projects Hedwig and Antique Bakery. For Mo Tae Gu character he went to a psychologist several times to find a proper characteristic and mannerism of a psychopath. He used Christian Bale character in American Psycho (Patrick Bateman) as references. He did research when he played as Priest Mateo in The Guest. Months before The Guest filming, he came to Philippines and interviewed the priest who does exorcism. Not many actors use this technique because it needs a lot of energy, time and concentration.
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    We all love Ryan the Rom Com perfect lead guy .... he is the woke hero of romance but I want to give credit to the unsung hero the silent friend/brother the 2nd lead who later gave up the idea of romancing Deokmi to remain the best of friends and brother= Eun Gi. Long ago when they were 6 or 7 years old, Deokmi had a younger brother Deoksu and Eungi the adopted child who is of the same age as Deokmi. The family picked up a little boy Heo Yeon Jae who was waiting for his mother at the playground but mom never arrived and the Sung family took Yeon Jae in. DM and Deoksu were being driven to the kindergarten when car accident occurred involving the car they were in and Deoksu died but DM lived. Deokmi and the whole family were traumatized especially Deok Mi whose mind chose to forget about the incidents. Devastated with the loss and also financially strapped DM's mom decided to leave Yeon Jae at the orphanage. After a month DM's mom went to back to take Yeon Jae but he was already adopted by American parents and brought to the US where his name was changed to Ryan Gold. Deokmi's mind protected herself by forgetting about the loss of Deoksu and Yeonjae but Eungi remembered. Eun Gi must have had a very hard time too. A 7 year old learning about death the loss of a younger brother and another young kid who lived temporarily with them who suddenly disappeared. On top of that Eun Gi was asked to keep the death of Deoksu and loss of Yeon Jae a secret from the traumatized Deokmi because she had forgotten and Eungi took that responsibility seriously. It must have been hard for Eun Gi to understand that he can't share his pain and loss with the sister and he must have asked the adults. I have no idea what the adults told him including his mom but he must have understood that it was to protect DM so he kept the secret to himself all this time. We also learned later from their talks that EG once ran away from home because he did not want to go to school and gave up on being an athlete and told DM he was not family anyway. It was DM who looked for him and brought him back home and beat him for saying he was not family but he may have really felt that way at times. Fast forward to the confrontation with Ryan when he said that there are things he as the closest friend of DM only knows about, he was not talking of only knowing DM's fangirling but something more personal and that he thinks could be more devastating or hurtful to DM and her love relationship if she suddenly remembers what she had forgotten. So, yes EG's behavior was not so likable and territorial but now we know why. He has held this secret to himself since he was 7 years old because he did not want to hurt his friend/sister. He said that he just realized how he felt about DM when DM started being attracted to another man. I now wonder if he mistook his concern for DM as liking her as a woman. Maybe his feelings were real but whatever unlikable behavior he did at the time trying to undermine DM's feelings for Ryan, he more than made up for it later. It was him who realized who Ryan was when he heard his Korean name is Heo Yeon Jae. He got his bio mom for support when they both told DM's parents who Ryan was. He was the one who talked and confirmed to Ryan who he was. When DM's parents finally talked to DM about Ryan and DM was upset he was the one who followed DM silently to her house and waited at the steps until the dad arrived to talk to DM and revealed and clarified evrything of what she had forgotten. DM and her mom reconciled and later she and EG had a long talk at the swing and put their relationship to where it had always been as best friends and step siblings. I think that when he moved into DM's room when DM moved out he was trying to fulfill the obligation of the eldest son to remain in the house and take care of both bio and adoptive parents as they grow older. However, at a later talk with his mom, EG said that he was going to take out his savingsand live with mom, probably buy a place of his own? Hyeon Jae is now the elder son in law who will take the responsibility of taking care of the parents and EG concentrates of taking care of his mom. There are times when silver is more useful than gold. Here is to EG. Cheers and much of luck with Cindy. Credits to the other characters: As for Director EOM chaebol re: EG and Cindy, I won't be too worried about her. First of all, Cindy's second parents is also EG's adoptive parents and DM the VC Director of Cheum Museum and is Ryan the golden boy of art's fiancee who is the brother of Si An whom Director EOM is now fangirling on. I think they will all support EG and will EOM win against her daughter? DM and Seon Jo will be so surprised to learn who EG's girlfriend is. Yeah and SJ is the chaebol best friend and will support EG too and together with husband and Gun Woo. Curator Kyunga and Yeosup the best coworkers and subordinates and loyalty to Ryan and DM. Best ending for all.
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    "It was about 15 years ago. There was this angel who was in charge of art. He took on the human form... and was given a mission... to inspire artists." Today's episode confirmed that KJW fell in love with Matilde 15 years ago, so I think the reincarnation theory is once and for all refuted. He believed that is was the deity who made him meet with her (that it was destiny) so after she died, it's likely that he holds a grudge against the deity. Furthermore, JKW is extremely curious about Dan judging from the fact that he follows him to the church. The look he has when he looks at the church, it really does seem like he holds a grudge and blames the deity for Matilde's death. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will realize who Dan really is sooner or later because he is literally the only one who has enough information to make the connection - he lived through the same experience. "I barely managed to get you this far. I just need to put you on the stage. Then, I can keep my promise to you. But how could you kiss a mere secretary?" This is extremely worrying and all sorts of wrong, hell, it's obsessive and possesive, controlling and utterly toxic. I don't think JKW is a completely bad person, just yet, but he is projecting his hopes, wants and ambitions on YS. Actually, it appears he feels entitled to her life, body and future and that definitely is not love. I think JKW's mistake might have been that he couldn't accept his lover's death and in that way couldn't accept her life and sacrifice for him, because death is also a natural part of a human life., and now he even "believes" other person is her. No wonder, he interred her body at a buddhist temple because buddhists believe in reincarnation. He just can't accept she is dead. On the other hand, there is Dan who meddled with YS's fate and saved her but I think that the difference there is that it's part of the human nature to fight fate and try saving someone at a great cost - it's one of our greatest strengths but also weaknesses. "No angel knows how (to become a human)" This just might be the clue that there might be a happy ending because it sounds like there is really a way for an angel to become a human; however, no angel discovered it yet. I think Dan will be the one to find it. My guess is that it might be because he accepts everything about YS - her strengths, her weaknesses, her temper, but also her decisions,... - and that his love is unselfish, he is ready to give her up if it means her happiness. Finally, another aspect might be that he will be ready to sacrifice his life for few weeks of happiness with her, considering self-sacrifice is a huge motive in all religions. However, all these are merely theories. Let's see where the story will take us.
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    I seriously died laughing when Dom tried to imitate Veronica Park (fark?).
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    Is there anyone who understood the episode without needing translations? I'm very curious, when Dan's superior told him the story of JKW and his past lover, did he just say, "there once was an angel..." or did he specifically point out JKW? I'm assuming the former, and that Angel Dan doesn't have a clue that JKW was/is/whatever an angel... I really can't wait for full translations, especially of all the voice overs and the final scene!
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    Chingu in my opinion all the obstacles will take them to love each other more! I even can see an happy end... If writer will not try to kill us i suppose Dan will became human 100% and stay with her!! The crazy angel is delusional... i really don't like him from the start and in my opinion his character is there for a purpose: to make YS and Dan as an example of TRUE LOVE!!
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    it seems likei n the piggy back scene she is going to tell him that she likes him..?? i may be wrong but it seems like she is saying something along those lines.. i really had all sorts of emotions during this episode.. its so strange like why would he get a mission to bring back love in YS life but he is not supposed to be the love he should bring to her.. and like seriously that selfisch idiot KJW why does he think that he is the only one that can persue YS.. it seems like at one point he was confronting Dan about his feelings for YS and almost telling him that she is out of his league
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    Can I just say how much I enjoyed her smile here? It's so precious
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    That’s the foreign slash Korean, Hae Sun! She looked gorgeous! Ignore that annoying ant.
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    I'm going to go to work now *sniffle* and think about Angel Dan and YS crying *sniffle* and longing for one another *sniffle* and their sweet childhood together *sniffle* and baby human Angel Dan crying watching her dance as a child *sniffle* and that lovely rainbow *sniffle* and everyone at work is going to stare at me like I'm crazy *sniffle*
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    They really have to make them suffer huh Preview for tomorrow
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    Beside "Is it you" i think there are two more songs in the trailer/teaser,a fan posted it. cr uploader
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    @lu09 welcome... I think the fight will happened in this week's episodes.. look at the inner shirt Jiho wearing at the pharmacy and when he is with JI! Hope to watch this scene soon! and that smile from him! he is one happy man!
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    Deok Mi caught falling asleep, but still looking cute: Move over, Cha Si An. Deok Mi is a bigger fangirl of this cute puppy: More photos here: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20835353&memberNo=1609562 Upcoming V-Live: https://www.vlive.tv/video/132560 @ 18:00 (GMT+8) Ahn Bo Hyun will be going on V-live today to talk about his experience filming HPL, so don't miss out!!!
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    i think they will have a huge argument today,then jung in will go to jiho house and as she says that it seems that you are fine? i guess you are totally fine jiho- you shouldn't have come here, what do you expect me to do if you show up now (after that you can hear footsteps sound).I think jiho at that moment didn't knew that jung in broke up with Gs and upsets ji by saying the above sen. then further rushes over to her after ji went out saying she ended rel with Gs Guessing.*Edited* Their clothes are different in the coffee shop .
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    oh yes he also went to Jung in house in same clothes confusion .Hope everything will happen after ji sort out things with Gs.Lmao you should sleep otherwise you will have panda eyes
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