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    "It was about 15 years ago. There was this angel who was in charge of art. He took on the human form... and was given a mission... to inspire artists." Today's episode confirmed that KJW fell in love with Matilde 15 years ago, so I think the reincarnation theory is once and for all refuted. He believed that is was the deity who made him meet with her (that it was destiny) so after she died, it's likely that he holds a grudge against the deity. Furthermore, JKW is extremely curious about Dan judging from the fact that he follows him to the church. The look he has when he looks at the church, it really does seem like he holds a grudge and blames the deity for Matilde's death. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will realize who Dan really is sooner or later because he is literally the only one who has enough information to make the connection - he lived through the same experience. "I barely managed to get you this far. I just need to put you on the stage. Then, I can keep my promise to you. But how could you kiss a mere secretary?" This is extremely worrying and all sorts of wrong, hell, it's obsessive and possesive, controlling and utterly toxic. I don't think JKW is a completely bad person, just yet, but he is projecting his hopes, wants and ambitions on YS. Actually, it appears he feels entitled to her life, body and future and that definitely is not love. I think JKW's mistake might have been that he couldn't accept his lover's death and in that way couldn't accept her life and sacrifice for him, because death is also a natural part of a human life., and now he even "believes" other person is her. No wonder, he interred her body at a buddhist temple because buddhists believe in reincarnation. He just can't accept she is dead. On the other hand, there is Dan who meddled with YS's fate and saved her but I think that the difference there is that it's part of the human nature to fight fate and try saving someone at a great cost - it's one of our greatest strengths but also weaknesses. "No angel knows how (to become a human)" This just might be the clue that there might be a happy ending because it sounds like there is really a way for an angel to become a human; however, no angel discovered it yet. I think Dan will be the one to find it. My guess is that it might be because he accepts everything about YS - her strengths, her weaknesses, her temper, but also her decisions,... - and that his love is unselfish, he is ready to give her up if it means her happiness. Finally, another aspect might be that he will be ready to sacrifice his life for few weeks of happiness with her, considering self-sacrifice is a huge motive in all religions. However, all these are merely theories. Let's see where the story will take us.
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    i think the writer woke up one day i was all " AM FED UP WITH THIS SHIII" and decided to write the perfect fanfic that just happen to be turned into a series ... you're giving everyone a kiss here is yours
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    Yeah I don't know. I guess we'll learn more about the God portrayed here as the story goes on. I really want more backstory on JKW. Already things are a little different since Dan was once human (different from the Bible, that is). I think the best we can hope for is Dan to somehow be granted life as a human again. But if they pull some City of Angels BS....yeah...
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    JH wanted to let go but JI doesn't want to "I'm a troublemaker" - JI
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    Why is YS suddenly letting JKW hug her. i need subs man! My heart ached seeing that scene. Darn that annoying brat
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    Next day, voiceover of Angel Dan writing in his journal. Meanwhile. YS continues rehearsing hard. He watches her thru the window. A few days pass I think. Angel Dan is sad. He walks the dog to his favorite bench. Think he wants to go back to how it was, when he got missions on the leaves. More voiceovers from him. He looks thru her photo albums and sees a pic of her on the beach. Hmmm could be inspiration for upcoming beach scene. Morning, Ms Butler wakes up YS who is asleep in the studio. She scolds her for pushing too hard. Then YS gets a call from evil aunt and shady husband, whom she goes to meet at a restaurant. She doesn't really want to hear what they have to say. Evil aunt bought her earrings. Think she's like um why. Shady husband is trying to be his nice self. Hopefully YS doesn't fall for it. Now YS is outside walking with Ms Butler and talking about things. Ughhh stupid JKW is suddenly there, waiting for her with his car.
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    Did anyone notice this adlib acting of Ryan when he tries to kiss the palm of PMY hands, I felt it was not part of the script and look at how he caress the hair of PMY . I think this is one of the favorite things he does to Deukmi
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    688 hahahha... @sushilicious ~ I don't really have a list of oppas I am partial to. it is all about the story for me and whether I can sit through without getting bored.
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    the many faces of Ji Ho...
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    Anticipated K-Drama ‘The King: Forever Sovereign’ Casts Charismatic A-List Stars Joan MacDonaldContributor https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2019/06/05/anticipated-k-drama-the-king-forever-sovereign-casts-charismatic-a-list-stars/ What can you expect when a successful South Korean screenwriter enlists two of the mega-stars she previously had hits with for a new TV drama? Hopefully, another highly successful drama, but fans of writer Kim Eun Sook, actor Lee Min Ho and actress Kim Go Eun will have to wait until 2020 to find out just how charmed this collaboration will be. That’s when their venture, The King: Forever Sovereign, also known as The King: Monarch of Eternity, is due to air. Kim Eun Sook has written more than a dozen successful Korean TV dramas including Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Mr. Sunshine. A 2017 survey by TV Report voted Kim Eun Sook Korea’s best screenwriter. Known for her witty dialogue and on-trend writing, Kim is also master of the fantasy genre, whether the plot involves lovers swapping bodies or lonely gods who fall in love. Although Kim Eun Sook rarely casts the same actors twice, she previously worked with actor Lee Min Ho in The Heirs, a Korean take on the American series Gossip Girl. The King: Forever Sovereign will be Lee’s comeback role since he recently completed his two-year mandatory military duty, that’s expected of all able-bodied Korean men, ages 18 to 35. The actor began his military duty after completing another fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea, which co-starred Jun Ji Hyun. Kim Eun Sook also worked with Kim Go Eun before, since she wrote the script for Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, aka Goblin, which was one of the highest rated dramas in Korean cable history. Kim Go Eun headlined that drama with co-star Gong Yoo. Since the end of the 2016 drama Kim Go Eun has only appeared in two films: Sunset in My Hometown and the yet-to-be-released Yoo Yeol’s Music Album.
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    And tomorrow i would like to see another kiss... maybe it's early but it's a MUST 'cause the second kiss will be a confirmation!
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    JKW returns home. He has a big screen with YS lookalikes face on it and talks to the screen or really yells at it. Creepy weirdo. Next morning Ms Butler goes to open the curtains in the house and YS is sitting on a couch looking extremely vexed. Omo she is so mad at Angel Dan for running off. Uh oh Angel Dan shows up all chipper. He doesn't know what is coming...the wrath of YS dundun. Instead of taking his arm, she takes a pinch of his sleeve to walk around. Hehe. Outside, it gets more serious and Angel Dan bows and apologizes. Not sure if he apologizes for the kiss or for running off. YS gives him a light but annoyed slap on the chest. She seems really hurt. She walks off on her own. He yells behind her "fighting" I guess about ballet training. She's like what did he really just say fighting to me lol. Dan looks for something to do but instead picks up books with kissing scenes in them lol. Oh Dan...
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    Back to Angel Dan and his boss. Think he admitted what he did, the kiss, to his boss. Think Angel Dan still can't believe what he did lol. His boss forces him to kneel down in submission and puts some sort of prayer on him (I don't want to call it a hex lol) then disappears. At her home, YS is staring up at the moon from her bedroom and wanting to call Dan. Meanwhile, Dan is outside the gates. He wants to ring himself in but he doesn't. He takes a walk and ends up at the same bar that annoying brat is at (sorry I had to). Confrontation time. Annoying brat starts the argument first. Angel Dan seems annoyed by him (us too, Angel Dan, us too) JKW looks to want to start a fight. But Angel Dan is misinterpreted his anger I think and gives him an examination of his eyes and face I'm not sure why lol but it has something to do with YS. Angel Dan leaves the bar and goes to his bench to sleep.
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    I think Kim Jae-wook said in an interview that he had received feedback that people were afraid to watch his dramas because of the intense roles he tends to take, so he was a bit upset. He was just thinking about taking on something lighter when the offer for Ryan Gold came along. I would assume he read the initial scripts and thought Ryan was different from the usual alpha male jerks, and decided to do it. Besides, he'd never done a rom-com lead, so it was a challenge for him as well, and he likes challenges. I would say he's risen superbly to this one. As for his next project, I also think he won't take on another rom-com or even lead role - he's said before that he doesn't mind the size of the role so long as he can be of use to the drama. I like that about him. I hope he gets a solid film role. Edit: I appreciate all this talk about method acting, it's been interesting to read the various posts and I'm glad people are understanding it more. I think it is important to appreciate the fact that the bulk of the things actors do for a drama are in relation to promoting the drama to viewers. This includes BTS videos, posts, photos, etc, where actors are in character for a lot of the things they do.
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    I’m in love with this drama . I think it’s got a great balance . Tuesday’s episode pulled at the heartstrings . I felt Gal Hee’s tears at the funeral & I think for the first time in this drama I shed some tears .i know that Gal Hee’s character has been getting some flak for her continuous deception. But for someone who for her entire life has just been taking care of everyone but herself, I can understand the desire to be treated like a woman , like a human . Dom is too confused by his current state to be using his brain cells properly as well. So I’ll excuse him too. ————— Subbed BTS ...SBS is in shipping mode
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    She's engaged officially now? Subs are out and I had to stop after 5 min too much stress with no known resolutions
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    you saved me from responding ... ps on other news ... all you need is the ability to make others doubt their sexuality ... gay or not no one cares ... i laughed at this post because new fans are all so excited and am so happy that he is getting known , but i want to tell them that the man sometimes picks dramas like the guest ( that make you go GOOD JOB) or voice (that makes you question how you can attracted to MTG ) or HPL ( that makes you go "SEEEEEEEEE I TOLD YOU HE IS AMAZING AND DRAMA GODS WERE JUST TRIPPING ) or he can pick a drama like TOL ( that make you go " did you really want to own a restaurant that badly?? .... ) all these i watched for him , but TOL i dropped my tolerance level was too low ... for me its all this , but the three piece suit takes the cake ... my heart just can't ...
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    I see Dom on the left in the first photo. But who is the other guy? Her brother?
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    Ooow so thats what she said i thought she was confessing to like him.. ughhh my heart
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    Omg i can't wait to see this!!!!! Few more hours to go for new episodes!!!! Yay!
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    “You who have filled it, you who have become full in my heart” So beautiful! I literally had goosebumps. But the lyrics make me wonder if they’ll have separation for a bit? Alright, I’m gonna hit the sack! The sooner I hit, the sooner I’ll see my OTP!
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    Park Min Young, Perfect Boyfriends, And More: What To Watch After “Her Private Life” FEATURES Jun 5, 2019 by binahearts It didn’t take long for us to get sucked into the world of fangirling, White Ocean, and Ryan Gold. “Her Private Life” has been the series that has been setting the standard for “perfect guy” VERY high. On top of that, we had the beautiful Park Min Young and the very handsome second-male lead Ahn Bo Hyun. With all these amazing things about the series, it’s no wonder why we’re so down now that the series is over. If you’re wondering which K-dramas to watch next to fill that empty void in your heart, here are a few suggestions based on the things we loved about “Her Private Life.” 1. Park Min Young in all her glory It’s pretty much official. Any series that Park Min Young stars in is guaranteed to be a hit. You can call it luck or you can call it having a good sense of knowing a good script when she’s offered one, but regardless, she’s a gem. She not only picks amazing roles, but she really nails the characters with her amazing acting skills! If you’re looking for another dose of Park Min Young, here are a couple of suggestions. 2. Kim Jae Wook’s serious acting skills If you’re a serious K-drama fan, you know of a lot of the eclectic roles that Kim Jae Wook took on throughout his acting career. He hasn’t always been the male lead and he hasn’t always taken on rom-coms, which is why his role in “Her Private Life” is so special. ETA: Oops, I didn't realize the link was already posted above. Oh well!
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    Are you talking about yourself??? +2
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    Me too. It's late today. I don't have Netflix so I have to wait for the legal sites to upload it.
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    My corrected translations for Episodes 33 & 34 are admittedly me being nitpicky. But as you've probably noticed by now I often prefer the more correct form because I feel it adds a little something extra. And I think our beloved characters deserve that something extra, don't you? Episode 33: When Qiao Yi is telling YM that she feels certain she'll be able to win over the Professor and get him to help them develop their app, the subs have YM asking her, "Why are you so confident?" The more accurate translation though is, "Where do you get your confidence?" After they help the Professor down from the tea garden, when the Professor keeps trying to decline their help and send them away, QY remarks, "Stop pushing us away," but the subs leave off her saying, "At a time like this." The Professor responds by telling QY, "I've never seen anyone so cheeky like you," but the "cheeky" really should've been "thick-skinned," and he was referencing both QY and YM, not just QY. After YM fixes the tape recorder for one of their neighbors, the subs have QY proudly exclaiming, "You're good at everything!" But she really said, "I said you were good at everything!" [Her phrasing connotes that she knew from the beginning he'd be capable of fixing the tape recorder because she's that confident in his many talents and abilities.] When YM has his idea for the app and calls Wang Wei, the latter comments that what YM wants will be complicated. YM responds, according to the subs, "I won't ask you if it's not. Figure it out," which is a rather clunky way of saying, "If it wasn't complicated, why would I seek you out? Go figure it out." The subs then have Wang Wei responding, "Idol, I'll keep waiting for you," except he really says, "Idol, I've been waiting for your return." When YM and Da Chuan are discussing business matters and Da Chuan apologizes for losing their one investors, YM tells him it's okay and adds, per the subs, "You've done your job." But what he really says is, "You've tried your hardest." I love that YM recognizes his uncle's efforts. They may hit bumps in their road every now and then, but these two are always there supporting each other along the way. When YM and QY have what they think is going to be their last meal with the Professor, he announces that he will be returning to Beijing with them to help work on the app. QY responds that he needn't "bother" going through all that trouble, as they can just work with him long distance. The Professor responds, according to the subs, "Why bother?" but what he really says is, "What do you mean 'bother'?" After he explains his reasons for following them to Beijing, the subs have QY responding, "As you said," but she actually says, "We'll listen to you." [It's an expression of obedience.] YM asks the Professor why he was in the tea garden that one night, and the Professor responds, per the subs, "That day was to memorize her death," but it should've been, "That day was the anniversary of her death." When he adds that he goes there every year on that day to "visit" her, it's worth noting that the expression he actually uses is, "keep her company." When the subs have QY asking the Professor, "When did she pass away?" she actually asks him, "How long has it been?" Which is why the Professor answers in a numbers (years/days) count. When QY asks YM, "When did you start to like me?" she actually phrases it as, "When did you start to secretly like me?" YM answers, "If there's an opportunity one day, I'll tell you," rather than, "I'll let you know someday." When QY and GC are shopping, she asks her brother to help chip in for their mother's bracelet. At one point, the subs have GC saying as part of his response, "Are you awake now?" But it should've been, "Have you not yet woken up?" Episode 34: When GC explains his changed his stance on marriage, he says to QY, per the subs, "I want to give her a home." 家, the word used by GC, can mean "home." But it can also mean "family," and I think that's what he was really trying to express -- he wants to give HWY a family (since she's lost both her parents). When GC finishes his explanation, the subs have QY responding, "This is the first time ever for you to say such beautiful words." But that was a short cut way of saying, "These are the most manly words I have ever heard you say since you came out of our mother's womb." When DC and Chen You Mei/Alicia are video chatting, she proclaims herself to be a very busy person and DC comments, "That's what you said the last time too," not "Like what you said the last time." Alicia then signs off by saying to him, "I'm not talking to you anymore," not "So much for it." [Also, as a side note, she doesn't mean that she's not going to talk to him anymore in a forever sort of sense. It's just an expression people use in Chinese to end conversations.] When YM is talking on the phone with DC and asks if QY is "off duty," he just meant "off work." I love how YM is always protective of QY and has her well being first and foremost in his mind. The whole world could go to pieces around him, including his own life, and the only thing he would be concerned about was whether QY was okay -- that's some deep love! When YM comes home and QY is trying to talk to him on the park bench, she asks him, "Why are you are not paying attention to me?" not "Did you hear me?" She then asks him if she's being too chatty, not, "Tired of me murmuring?" YM responds that yes, she is quite chatty (not that she murmurs a lot). He then adds, "But since I have to listen to you for the rest of my life, I just have to get used to it and I'll be fine," not, "I have to listen to you for the rest of my life. I'll get used to it." When QY and YM are video chatting while she's at work, she takes a phone call from her stepdad. After they hang up, YM asks her, "Is there something going on at home?" not, "Any affair?" When YM arrives at the karaoke bar when QY and her girlfriends are out drinking, GC says to him, "YM, come take care of your bride," not, "YM, come look at your bride." When QY's parents are discussing her being drunk, her mother comments, "You're about to get married. Stop being childish. That's inappropriate for you." But what she really says (to her husband), "You say [a form of saying, "Look at her"], she's about to get married and she's still like a child. Acting inappropriately." When HWY presents QY with a gift, the subs have her brother saying, "I paid her bill." But the more accurate expression was, "I paid the bill. She made the effort." [It's a play on words because both expresions start with the word, "chu": "chu qian" - paid money, "chu li," - expended effort.] Bonus: if you were wondering why HWY accepted GC's marriage proposal with, "Huang Pu Tie Niu!" this phrase/name is from the book. (See further explanation under the cut.) Only one more episode left, my friends... I'm half filled with anticipation and half filled with dread. Not ready to say farewell to this lovely group of characters or this beautiful story!
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    @Lawyerh is that why I’m not losing weight? 694
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    @Lmangla Me too! I don't really like flower boys because they are too young, I love mine to look like they are older. They are much more handsome to me, My latest obsession This scream so manly to me hhahahhaha 690
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    I think he did? They didn't show it, it just seemed like he did lol sorry for the confusion
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    @Lmangla @lu09 I can tell that you both watch quite a few of these dailies because you’re speculating plot that hasn’t even entered my mind. I kept wondering if Kyung In will have a life outside of her career pursuit as a reporter and outside of her development at home but it never occurred to me that the writer might pair her up with that good-for-nothing guy. I hope we don’t see anything like this for her. Strangely though, when you raised this idea, I recalled Kyung In telling Song-Ah she did well to dump such a guy. This also reminds me how much I enjoyed Kyung In speaking so affectionately of her brother’s qualities to Song-Ah.
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    CAP #Mojosphine IG(2019.06.03) #ParkShinHye ttps://www.instagram.com/p/ByPiZSQhDgW/ ?igshid=dx016tfpcmvs CR.@Rang_Dung_ CR CR
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    Hey! It's been two years. I don't know if you have found it. But if you haven't, visit here. I just found it on someone's youtube channel. Not mine.
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    good aftn chingus!!! @Nathania Sun yep, Shinhye is beauty, brains, determination & perseverance. She pressed on to get herself a diploma
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    I love how they chose the drunken scene. That scene felt the realist of PMY and PSJ instead of KMS and VP.
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    @Nymeria289 I believe that you are absolutely correct about everything! I strongly think that there is a fair solution to this repeated love story and this mission that are given to the Angels. We might get to see a different yet successful solution that Dan will give us at the end which won't harm him or anyone else. Let's see and wait! I have a strong feeling we'll get a happy ending with our OTP being together. Btw, the way KD holds LYS after saving her is like holding a precious baby/being in his arms. I hope he leans in to kiss her so her dizziness goes away! *planning to have this photo as my laptop background! Hope I can have it in HD tomorrow!*
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    Looks like a CF shoot? Btw pls help upvote our bboy, who is currently no. 3. https://toplistoftheworld.com/home/detail/top-south-korean-actors
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    You know what, I was re-watching the scene over and over again and you may be right that he couldn't see her face and just thinking about it, aaww it's still romantic
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    @annamchoi, omg! This 1st "skinship" is today!
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    Mrs Cheater will probably get KU by the blackmailing guy and pin it on MrCheater ... her brother will end up proving GH was fertile
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    Now the cheating husband is losing his brain cells, he is now weak minded and only thinks of his mistress and he is jealous of her visitor. His mother for sure will be happy to have a rich daughter-in-law and what could she get from her, a house, a car, a holiday and designer cloth and pocket money instead of staying in a tiny room and she will befriend her and then once she is actually her daughter-in-law she will be ignored, she always complains about GH looks, GH is a confident woman who doesn't need to dress up as if she is going to a night club or ware ton of makeup, she is sweet and gentle and when she finds true love it will be because of her true beauty and not for her body, no matter how attractive you are there is someone out there more attractive and look fades and you get tired of it or get used to it, GH is a real gem and her husband is a germ If he did that I would have said that she was actually distracted so it is kinda her fault, but he attacked the little boy and mentioned the first scare he gave them at the library instead of asking about his wellbeing as the other guy did, that's why she compared between their reactions.
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    When U think that U will only get a light n cheesy romcom drama but turn out to be its not just like that, It's Awesome. Coz behind those chessy scenes there are also scenes that give us the dark side of Human. What usually humans do. We realize it or not. So, here are my 9oo thoughts for Eps. 5 & 6 1. The Cheesy LMAO....The cheesiness from our Goo....I don't think Da-da ever got that love sign from WJ...Well Da-da's ideal type isn't a chessy guy...tho seriously yes...that too much...hahaha....n that wink. Hahaha....Luckily this time Da-da doesn't get any injure because of that. N those smiles...I've never seen it before. Seriously I love that J9 took this role . Like what he said...he started this drama with zero dating experience...so I hope he get it thru this drama. Learn about love in this human world. N I love that he could say he's good looking in this drama coz as himself, he doesn't feel that. 2. The Humanoid Another LMAO.....I wonder whether it's the real J9's reaction. Hahahaha...Personally I love that Indoor Roller Coaster n LOL when he was kinda shaky after that. Probably all the things he had inside was kinda in a mess. Hahaa... N the big smile from bumper cars scene...hahha...tho Da-da give him a thumbs down he still very happy. Hahahaha...Probably it was J9's fav? Hahaha....I love amusement park scene coz could have fun while working. 3. The Fluttering Heart OMG...4 fluttering heart scenes in 1 episode....hahaha....n who is the one that actually too many watching movie/drama? I think it's our 9oo....hahaha....n for sure yeah...He won over those chaebol in Kdrama. Haha...n the ending with I'm a grown man..goshhh....Seriously I didn't expect that kind of scene will coming....I think we should remember with Bo Won said to him that A Man should Sweet during Day n Sexy at Night. So we should prepare our heart when we get night scene. Haha.....n for Da-da's question about "what does that have to do with anything? For Minah herself...it means now it's no longer a crime to have kiss scene with Jin Goo. Haha.....(probably in eps.9 or 13...haha....) n for Us...it means...it’s ok to see him as a man now because he is one ..n can fangirl him guilt free. Haha...n I love to see Da-da's expression & his smile after that. 4. The Cliche N there U go...the cliche n classic scene in Kdrama. Hahaha.....A little bit surprise to get a back hug scene from our Y9….hehe...but I want another one when Da-da doesn't has that expression...hahaha....or Da-da is the one who give him the backhug...just more romantic please..hehehe... n another one is Falling asleep in bus n feel on his shoulder. Haha....Still remember his 1st kiss scene with Kim So Hyun on this kind of scene. Haha.... 5. The Womanhandle Actually we got this clichd scene on the previous eps...n now we get another one.....tho usually it's manhandle scene. Haha....Here we get the opposite ones. 6. The Twist OMG....so actually WJ isn't a richard simmons man. He really want to do his promise for Da-da. He even keep those miniatures of him from her. It just unfortunately he didn't has that trust to talk about the stalker with her. She's working at the same industry n for 7 years, she understand his situation very well so off course she will also understand about stalker. n speaking about the Stalker....well, for sure we know it's a man n he is working at the same industry coz he could put the gift in front of his room at the Award Ceremony. So he's close to him. Probably his previous manager if he had ones....maybe coz got fired ? Coz like his Agent said no one want to have deal with his temper. For sure he's someone who is close to WJ. 7. The Curious Case Wow...it was really a surprise for me when found out that Diana has a robot hand. What happened with her hand? N the scariest thing about her coz she did that kind of violence with a smile. So Y9's looks based on someone close to her. Probably her death friend from childhood? Diana only had him coz she no longer had her parents.... He promised to her to always with her n with his death, she thinks it's like a lie n with Y9 has a face that her friend probably has if he still alive....she will get no more lie coz Y9 will forever "alive". N the looks that we got when she's almost see Y9...is like an innocent child. She's still like a child. N I wonder how long that Ran works for her. It looks like she's the one who could handle her n get Diana's trust. She's the only human she likes coz never lie to her? 8. The Lie Is the reason why Diana doesn't like humans n I think Y9 lies once again. He always cover it with reason n smile. When Humans lie , it shows....so I wonder whether Diana will see when Y9 lies...he's not a human tho. 9. The Pink Light N finally we see the pink light on Da-da's ring. Did Da-da also lie to Y9. She keep insist that the ring is broken n to reply for I Love You from Y9...she said I DON'T LOVE YOU n with those reasons. When the Black light from the 1st time met n now turns into Pink Light. I think the ring is right. She feels Love. Probably right now on the outside with those reasons she build wall around her. But inside, she feels that LOVE. The Love Quote is... "Wouldn't that make you get exhausted? Loving someone with all heart but not getting anything back" The Give n Take....n so far both of them are the ones who always giving the Love.
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