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    Top 3 reasons why Mo Tae Gu fears Sung Deok Mi #1 She does not hesitate to use any tools she can find as weapons More evidence below: #2 Most of the time, she doesn't even need weapons. Just ask Eun Gi - he's been whacked all his life growing up! More evidence below: #3 Most lethal of all, she can successfully disarm him like this... More evidence below: First week without HPL and our Labit Couple. The yearning is real.
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    I agree. Also, when she first kissed him, she kissed his upper lip in the close-up. But in the slightly wider shot, she kissed his lower lip first: Upper lip: Lower lip: Gosh, somehow, I feel like a pervert analyzing where their lips landed! ETA: Credit to weeguttersnipe for the gifs
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    As I viewed the last episode and watch Deok MI sit in the chair where she and Ryan had first started to "talk" not as Director and Curator but as two people sharing their thoughts. That was after she got slapped by EOM and Ryan found her. DM said then that she consoles herself by sitting at the gallery and looking at the beautiful paintings, but no matter how beautiful the paintings are, she is happy that she is alive and well and able to appreciate the beauty of life. Seeing her sitting there again smiling, happy and contented, I start to reminisce the scenes in the drama from beginning to the ending and I feel my heart breaking and my tears welling. I am going to miss this drama and everyone here who shared their thoughts and feelings, joys and frustrations, tears, laughter and wanting. My reminiscing brings me to the wall of love (DM's and Ryan's wall) where it all began in playfulness, hilarity and breathless anticipation and ended in passionate loving. Rya na Gil wall of love 1. Started the fake dating at the wall. Where Ryan leaned Deokmi to the wall, and incited mass gasping, environmental heating, fingers numbing from repeated viewing and searching for BTS and better angles. Ryan at that time thought "his girl" (he did not know it yet) was in a relationship with the woman taking the picture of their fake dating. The funniest misunderstanding in K drama 2. Anticipation of a confession/Ryan's misunderstanding of his own feelings cleared: When DM realized her feelings for Ryan and thought that Ryan had feelings for her. Ryan on the other hand had just admitted to himself that he had romantic feelings for DM and planned to take her out to dinner. Anyhow they both landed at the wall when Ryan asked DM to meet him there. DM's anticipation was heightened but then got disappointed when Ryan asked her to go with him for a meeting with SA. He wanted to ask her for a dinner date at a better moment, maybe after the meeting. DM's parents invited her to dinner and Ryan said nothing. At that time I was pulling my hair shouting why did Ryan not tell her his plans and even if she were going to dinner with her parents why did Ryan not say that he had planned to take her out to dinner but they can plan for a day more convenient for both of them. AHHHHHHHHH 3. The fight.... a false breakup. DM was disappointed that she was told Ryan did not want to fake date anymore and concluded wrongly that he wanted to date someone else for real and started distancing herself from Ryan. They went to the wall for a talk where DM cut off Ryan from talking and can't remember what she said but she left Ryan standing frustrated and angrily said... "how could there be any dumping when we did not even really date" ....we groaned, moaned, threw hands up in the air and some threatened to take a plane to Korea to have a talk with PD and writer.... but the no breakup/breakup got resolved the next episode. Whew!!! deep breath and cheering... save plane tickets for better use such as the wedding hahah!! 4. The hottest making up make out in Kdrama land ever.... here privacy was needed, a private wall plus the convenience of a table....whew... fingers got numb from repeating the scene, most searched BTS that never was released, where is it.... why not released, just be content with imagining that BTS was hotter.... whew... more ice drinks here please... 5. Morning coffee after make up. DM and Ryan met at the wall and as if they read each other's mind, she bought him milk latte, and he bought her espresso coffee. Naughty Ryan teased DM by backing her up the wall and DM anticipated more of the making up but Ryan just leaned himself on the wall beside her. Ryan then said that their separation since the making up day was so unbearably long. DM then said she will live in a tent pointing near where they were standing and Ryan teased, "can I live there with you? DM blushed!!! LOL very cute 6. The dreaded break up for many fans that never happened. After Ryan's recall of his abandonment at the orphanage door and realizing that it was DM's mom who left him there and DM also realizing the same thing. She had a long talk with Dad and mom and also support of EG. Ryan also had a long talk with EG. The morning after DM was unusually late and when she did show up for work her face showed anxiety. Ryan did not know what she was actually thinking but was able to see that she was upset. They agreed to walk to the wall for a talk. On their way there, they were not holding hands as usual and that fomented the fear of a breakup when it was seen in the preview. However, the way I saw it, Ryan not knowing what DM was thinking and DM also anxious about Ryan's reactions, it was understandable that they did not hold hands. Ryan taking DM's hand to walk to the wall when they were both anxious could be misinterpreted as force. But not holding hands aside, their bodies were still in sync. They were close to each other that their arms could touch, their step were in sync and Ryan with longer legs was shortening his steps to match DM's and when they reached the wall and she apologized for her mom, Ryan first listened then took her hands to reassure her. Afterwards, he told her that the past is gone and from thereon they will make memories of their own. 7. The return of the lovers. After DM completed a successful curating of Artist Ahn's work in NYC, she returned to be the Vice Director of Cheum Museum and she left Ryan in NYC who had a successful comeback as an artist. She got up from the museum chair after her musings and walked up along the wall of love smiling contentedly when she got a call from Ryan. She thought she was talking to Ryan still in NYC who said he missed her. He asked if that place was still the same, the place where they started fake dating and DM answered it was the same except her Lion was missing. Then suddenly Lion back hugged her and asked if it is the same now. Now more sniffles in my hanky... as the surprised DM was gently walked by Ryan to the wall and while he leaned against the wall this time, he pulled her lovingly to lean on him and they kissed on and on.... as the credits started rolling Me... clapping and sobbing at the same time..... am going to miss this thread!!!! I got to get more hankies....
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    All for you, Her Private Life. I am still having serious withdrawal symptoms but gonna still share my brief thoughts here. I think I've never cried before when watching any dramas with proposal, literally cried badly. The trembling voice of Ryan touched my heart the most and thinking that he must have held the ring for the longest time and thought that he doesn't want to fight with time anymore, he wants to have his most important person in his life now. Loving how the way he said he wants to paint happiness with Deok Mi, means he wants to have happiness filled with colours. Loving how the way Deok Mi answered him in her fangirl language by asking Ryan will he be her most greatest love. Kneeling down on one knee for Deok Mi was totally a form of love and respect to her. This is one of the most simplest yet touching proposal I've ever seen and no matter how many times I've watched or watching, I'm just gonna let my tears flow. And one of the best ad-lib from Ryan during the PC room which I cannot stop laughing: Ryan's like using "I-Seon-Jwa" (Already chosen seat) and trying to be funny by using "I-Seon-Ju" (Deok Mi's BFF). If I were Deok Mi/PMY, I would be bursting out laughing already!! I got a feeling it's KJW's idea!! All in all, Her Private Life has won over my heart with all the excited, heartache and heart flutters and I believe it's gonna be difficult and will take a long time for me to find another kdrama that will make my heart flutters again. I can't wait to see the both of them in other projects in the coming years. And thank you for the mention, @jeonghyang
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    IMHO I don't think we need a private chat room, girls. We are in a shippers' thread so it's fair enough to ship them here. I guess we are supposed to be responsible with the info we will discuss. Everybody seems to be prudent because we just don't want to be considered an embrassement as other shipping thread (you know what I mean). Let's just have fun and bare in our mind that shipping with supporting is far different from shipping with imposing. At least we will have a nice time together to relive the loving moments with our Labit couple until we can overcome this HPL syndrome . Or if we are lucky, we may be crazily happy to congratulate them as a new couple some day . I guess a nice shipper is someone who shares the couple's moments, photos, videos, and sayings which suggest that they might be in love so that we can spend time chatting on. However, we don't have the right to declare/confirm/ affirm / assert that they are in love because only PMY/KJW can do it. If we don't respect this rule, it may cause rumours. Sometimes, hungry tabloids can use rumours in some forums as their sources and it will affect the actors' images (even it's proved fake later on). Take the rumour on PMY last year as an example, nobody wants to see PMY cry and be stressed, don't you? In my opinion, to make it simple, we can always question ourselves before sharing something : "If I were KJW/PMY, would I feel offended/hurt/harrassed by this information?" In case you are too much delulu and imaginative, it'd better to write your ideas in a fanfiction' work . You will be more than welcome. Last but not least, it will be disgusting if we degrade actors/actresses just because they pair with other people. Cheers! Bless #Labit!!! Bonus: I can't believe that my cold-blooded Mo Tae Gu was trembling in front of a girl. Come on, show her your collection of iron balls
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    ****** f a v o r i t e l i n es » “I am Eom So Hye”
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    I think they did multiple takes. There were several different angles, and the position of his hands were different in at least two shots: one with his right hand above his left on her back, and another with his left hand above (see screencaps below the cut). I think most of these productions use just one camera at a time (please correct me if I'm wrong). At least for US productions, multi-camera set ups are used mostly for sitcoms. For science! Edit: Oops, I think I misunderstood @mushforbrains's question. @luvcrabbieshinhwa My interpretation of that dialogue is Ryan was either asking if she's insinuating that she wants to draw him nude or subtly offering himself as a model, since she mentioned practising drawing Michaelangelo's David which is a nude sculpture. But since it seemed like that wasn't what was on her mind at all ("What do you mean?") he apologized and closed the topic. But also, my mind likes the gutter every now and then so it might be my interpretation bias. Still on that scene, I came across a post by thelazynihonjin on Tumblr pointing out that Ryan should be buying tubs of paint instead of those tiny a** tubes, given his style of painting.
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    PMY lavished praise on PSJ, saying "An actor should lead (an actress) in a bed scene. He led me very well. Scenes where I looked pretty were led by PSJ.(It means if I looked pretty in wwwsk, this was thanks to PSJ.) throwback pmy's interview with media about bed scene in wwwsk.
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    Am looking at the last kissing scene at the alley. PMY is kissing him passionately and giving the best she could and her body is really pressed on to him. It's like one last shoot, let's go all the way. No wonder KJW is smiling like a satisfied cat ;)
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    My interpretation is this: Ryan being addicted to be 'drawn' by DM. He wants more. LOLS then this
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    Tempted Dan’s (un)inspired plans to set his client up with a fallen angel, the ballet art director, just keep getting thwarted by Yeon Seo herself and his own heart and I’m all for it because love is not something you can command, control or plan. It suddenly appears and destroys even the best laid out plans. Love doesn’t care for schedules or missions. Even though Dan spent the better part of the episode pushing YS together with KJW, the moment her lips accidently touch his he is completely under her spell and succumbs to the temptation. There is nothing celestial or angelic about the way Dan looks at Yeon Seo - it’s raw, intense and utterly human. He acts on pure instinct because in that moment he just can’t resist her. He looks at her with this incredibly intense longing and simply goes for that kiss, listening to his heart and body instead of his brain. In my previous posts, I wrote about how everything that happened until now happened because Dan’s own curiosity and emotions got the better of him, it all happened out of his free will - he didn’t have to follow YS in that park, but he wanted to, he didn’t have save her that night, but he wanted to, nor did he have to kiss her. He kissed her because he wanted to. I think that these aspects of one’s wants, needs and free will are extremely important for the whole story and this scene, as well, because at the very beginning of their little picnic there was a huge emphasis put on the fact that YS and Dan are not drinking alcohol; a substance which influences the decision-making and behaviour of people. They kisses each other because they desired it. That kiss is the culmination of all those stolen looks, gentle touches, near-kisses and dances under the moon. While Dan was watching human couples he observed them with a pensive, melancholic and slightly resigned look, very similar to the one he has when he’s watching YS from afar. Does he feel regret, that YS would kiss another man? A hint of envy or jealousy, perhaps? Or does he wonder how it would feel like if he kissed her himself? I think the thought of kissing YS has been on Dan’s mind since the moment that little girl interrupted them in the park. And even though he doesn’t yet understand it, deep down Dan is already aware that both his heart and body react to Yeon Seo, that he is very much affected by her nearness.
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    The ig said this week we will see this? credit to author
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    What makes me happy is that: we still active in this thread, discuss about the drama itself rather than make non-sense delulu in shipper thread. Its really positive and I believe there will be more new fans of HPL even the drama already ends. I cant wait to read PMY and KJW interview. I hope they will give smart and wise answer related to ratings, skinship, chemistry, plot, character, etc. I just don't want haters spread negativity for HPL and KJW again. Just please dont.. Before HPL, KJW never had any haters before. But I dont want him in dark roles forever. Its time for him to shine.
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    Disclaimer: I'm not fluent in Korean, yet. So someone else may be able to get it more precise. At the painting scene, when DM said she looks good in any color besides red, Ryan teases her using the phrase DM used to tease him in episode 14 (when he said he wouldn't get drunk on makgeolli, but DM replied him sarcastically and he doesn't get the sarcasm...so DM told him to study up his Korean lol). DM's fangirl name is Si-Na-Gil (a shorter form of 'Sian-eun-na-eui-gil' which is loosely translated to Sian is My Road/Sian is My Life). During the railway scene, Ryan makes a word play with 'Gi-ca gil' (Railroad) and 'Si-Na-Gil'..DM plays along by saying that she's no longer 'Si-Na-Gil', but 'Ra-na-gil' or 'Ryan is My Life' (Ra from 'Ra-i-en' - Korean spell of Ryan). Ryan says, "Nope, it's Heo-Na-Gil" ('Heo' is his Korean surname)... DM offers another alternative: "Je-Na-Gil"..."Je" from "Yoon-Je" (his Korean name)... "Je-Na-Gil" (or 'Jae-gil' as Deokmi said) is also a homonym of "my road/my life" if translated literally. So DM basically says that Ryan is her life now haha. Actually, I also wanna ask any Soompiers about the conversation they have before going to painting store. When Ryan asked DM, "Do you wanna draw me?" DM was deadpaned, "What do you mean?" and Ryan apologizes... I seem to miss the nuance lol. --> OH GOD THANKS FOR INDIRECTLY ANSWERING MY QUESTION @Ondine /CACKLING/
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    Judging from the preview material we have, my prediction for the next episode is that once the kiss stops, both YS and Dan will be fidgeting, nervous and before they can say anything it'll start to rain and Dan, fearing his wings and his identity will be revealed, runs away leaving YS alone where JKW will find her crying. Dan will be so rattled by the kiss to the extent that he will go drinking alcohol again and get slightly drunk at the restaurant (you can spot a bottle of soju on the table there) where he will meet JKW. In the morning, he will argue with YS as seen in the previews and the rest of the episode will focus on YS's ballet training. I'm really curious who will be the first to realize that Dan always disappears whenever it rains - whether it will be YS or JKW.
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    I believed the last wall kiss was filmed in one take with multiple cameras set up (I am stand corrected)....The kiss was continuously without cut from different angles and distances....Beautifully done....
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    The OST Part 3 performed by Kim Myung Soo (L) will be released tomorrow, June 5.
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    So I had a thought when I looked at this photo... I would love to see KD dance or perform with LYS as their last farewell or as their reunion! For instance, have them perform together and then he disappears or when they reunite, KD secretly wears a face mask to perform and suprise her. She'll find out and we get a teary LYS and a passionate kiss from KD! That'll be the most iconic scene if they put that in the drama. PD nim, hope you read this!
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    Wednesday is still far away, so I ended up rewatch their V Live. Their chemistry is so on point, I can't help squealing because of these two and there's something interesting about JI from this snippet Here, the MC gave them a role play what their answers would be (as JI/JH character) from the given text message (chatroom) Jiho: are you sleeping? MC: so what's JI answer gonna be? Jeongin: I'm dreaming about Yoo Jiho MC: omo omo omo *squealing* (and ofc me too lmao) JH: *shimkung* lol HJM explained that originally JI likes to throw some jokes, it may not seen yet on the drama now, but JI is supposed to be like that (wait, is it consider as mild spoiler, no?). Huhu I wanna see the bright and bubbly sides of JI ><
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    Just rewatched ep 15 n 16...rewatching does allow me to enjoy it a little bit better....no fear of noble idiocy...no fear of silly plot twists... Thought the scenes with Dm’s mom and Ryan was beautifully acted out... the understanding...the concept of being grateful...that allowed everyone to heal.. kjw trembling eyes and slight plea in his voice when Dm was saying that she was thinking about hiding....that was beautifully done.. in a world where tropes abound....cookie cutter scripts ...this was a delicate piece.... am grateful for the seasoned actors who participated in this..... Looking forward to their future works
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    To somebody who think like this, maybe they must visit this thread Fyi: I saw this from twitter
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    PMY's IG updated 1st June: Can you give me a kiss, please. Leon, where are you? An hour later KJW updated his IG with 3 photos. And the second photo is this one below. *cough*ehem* cough* Too lovely as a coincidence!!! I'm praying for more
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    Thank U so much @Ondine and @Sky8lue for this list. Looking at that list make me realise that Her Private Life was Deok Mi journey to become a sucessful fan (the ideas taken from the webtoon). She is one lucky fangirl indeed. Let me recap all Deok Me sucessful fangirl moment. 1. Episode 1: getting Cha Shi An used water bottle (imagine that you have something that your idol's lip touch). 2. Episode 3: meeting Cha Shi An at his own home 3. Episode 3: finding out that Cha Si An notice Si Na Gil, even thankful to the point framing and displaying a photo taken by Si Na Gil. 4. Episode 6: meeting Cha Shi An at work 5. Episode 7: win a spot in fansigning with only one album purchase 6. Episode 7: win a selca/selfie with Shi An with Kong Plussy as a bonus 7. Episode 8: meeting with Shi An (but she was not enjoying this as much, coz he was expecting date with Lion). 8. Episode 9: another meeting (she was brokenhearted by Lion) 9. Episode 13: meeting Cha Shi An's mother 10. Episode 13: breakfast with sandwich made by Cha Shi An's mother 11. Episode 14: Cha Shi An asking if Deok Mi is a fan 12. Episode 15: having Cha Shi An as birthday present. 13. Episode 16: chance to take family potrait 14: Episode 16: knowing that Cha Shi An was sad for Si Na Gil fansite hiatus. Offcourse the most succesful thing as fan is being together with Shi An brother, which mean that Shi An will become her family: her brother in law. This is the main idea taken from the webtoon, albeit very different story. So I am not agree with people who said that HPL deviated from fangirling theme. Even though the OTP were written and acted realisticly, but still HPL is kinda cinderella story from fangirl POV (Damn Deok Mi luck as fangirl is too good to be true). Not to mention the whole my boyfriend don't mind and support her as fangirl. Episode 6 (Ryan knows that Deok Mi is Sinagil). Episode 11 (Deok Mi find out that Ryan knows her secret and find out about Latte) Episode 11 (Deok Mi invites Ryan to her fangirling shrine: her penthouse). Episode 16 (Ryan help Deok Mi securing concert ticket). In ep 12 story puts emphasis in Ryan's secret. But there is a scene when Deok Mi fangirling/admiring Shi An generosity for donating plussies and scene when Cindy donate her Cha Si An cd for the kids at the orphanage. So fangirling theme was never forgotten in each episode (in ep 2 there is a flashback about why Deok Mi must hide her identity as a fangirl). Not to mention fangirling slang thrown here ad there that (kinda lost in translation for us who do not speak korean). Too bad that the tv show about fangirling that Seon Ju's hubby made, was only used as plot devices (we only see the aftermath). This is missed opportunity to explore how mainstream media and society perceived kpop fandom culture.
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    Those haters are just not used to seeing a K-drama couple who are actually acting like a real-life couple. Either that, or they're fans of that other ship . ETA:
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    @sillygal I don't remember ever tearing up over a film or TV proposal before HPL. When Ryan suddenly started speaking seriously, I may have started screaming "ohmygod!" (Eom. So. Hye. style of course) several times. For someone who has never seen or done a proposal before and has only killed people, KJW did such an excellent job I thought ---so excellent he made himself cry in the process too, hehe. On another note, The Kdramaholic subbed one of Soop Management's videos of KJW behind the scenes at Ryan's home that they posted before. Edit: Oops, @luvcrabbieshinhwa already posted this in the previous page, sorry I missed it.
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    they also attack HPL with rating.. but, we got this.....
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    Is there such thing as too much sexy in the romance drama that you love??? People can only complained that is too much if they don't like the drama and the OTP....While for me the more the merrier, sharing is caring, spread the love... Sexy scene is one of the most powerful weapon in drawing viewers. Every single drama snippets in YouTube with the most views is always the sexy scene.....
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    They’re so cute together sung “thor” mi they really seem so close in real life, they always goof around in between takes. We know that KJW is older than PMY, so she should show some respect to him, right? but why is she so carefree, even attempting to hit KJW with the hammer?
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    Basher: Too much skinship! Me: Uh Oh.. We haven't got kiss on the neck and back of the ear. (But its OK, we do understand that PDnim saving Lion Gold not to be Lobster Gold)
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    He's Ryan Gold, he can do anything Anyway, the way forward is just to be respectful in what we post of Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young. Just enjoy their pairing in this drama, and keep it as that. As fans, we hope the best for them and don't want to put unnecessary pressure on them. I'm sure they will appreciate it too. They left us with some wonderful memories, so we should be good to them in return.
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    @tok-soompi hope so as we all are waiting for this moment .Tomorrow we will be getting new preview like last time they released one day before broadcasting day.
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    Hello friends, I am still going through withdrawal and it is bad! After reading several posts in our thread about people comparing this drama to PMY’s previous projects and making immature, unnecessary comments, I feel the need of writing this post. I’ve been a Kdrama fan for over a decade (probably even longer than that) and I’m also a hardcore rom com fan. In fact I can be very picky about certain dramas because I do judge people on their acting skills and their chemistry level. If a drama doesn’t do it for me, I usually would stop watching, simple as that, but never make a mean comment. If it doesn’t keep me interested, it doesn’t mean it does the same to other people. This drama tho! It’s another refreshing level of drama for me! Like I said in my first post in this thread, it made me go crazy that I actually had to sign in to join the discussion. I think it was the very first Korean rom com that didn’t follow the norms that we all usually would expect in a typical rom com. Not only I like our couple for their visual compatibility, the chemistry is really something that makes my heart flutter and this hadn’t happened in such a longtime until HPL. The fact that it makes me wanna rewatch all the episodes says a lot about it. Some comments are not only mean but very ignorant and almost like in denial. Like come on, you can’t tell us, we as long time experienced K-drama watchers, that you don’t see what we see unless you refuse to see it. It’s simply called great acting and excellent delivery. They got so immersed into their characters that they made it look so real. As much as I hope for them to be real, I do respect their feelings and personal lives after the project was over. I think we, as fans, should really set our limit for our favorite actors and actresses. Everyone has their own bias. At the end of the day, they are humans too and deserve their own personal space. Let’s just support them and give them blessings for their next future projects! That’s what a good fan should do! No more spreading negativity! Let’s make our community a healthy place for discussions!
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    5 Moments That Made The Finale Of “Her Private Life” One Of The Best Ever Jun 3, 2019 by binahearts Sometimes a K-drama is so perfect. You anticipate the next episodes and fall in love with everything about it. Then when it gets towards the end of the series (more so the last two episodes) it tends to drag out and be pretty uneventful. But this isn’t the case with “Her Private Life.” In this special K-drama, the last two episodes are heartfelt and revolve around the two main leads finding healing in themselves and leaning on each other for support. It really is a beautiful ending. Here’s a look at five moments from episodes 15 and 16 that made the finale so memorable. Warning: Spoilers for the finale of “Her Private Life” below. 1. Duk Mi remembering how her brother died and sharing the pain with her mom Upon discovering that Heo Yoon Jae is actually Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook), Duk Mi’s dad (Maeng Sang Hoon) tells her that she used to have a younger brother who died in a tragic car accident. Duk Mi (Park Min Young) had forgotten about him because of the trauma that the accident had caused her. When the memories of her brother come rushing back, Duk Mi runs to her mother (Kim Mi Kyung) and hugs her. Duk Mi feels bad that her mother had to go through all those years of emotional pain without sharing it with her, and apologizes to her mom. The two sharing this painful memory is such a healing moment. Remembering Duk Soo together with her mother is the most beautiful bond the two could ever share. 2. Ryan Gold thanking Duk Mi’s mother In episode 15 we find that Duk Mi’s mother had taken Ryan in when he was left at the playground by his mother (Lee Il Hwa). She had taken care of him for about a month, but dropped him off at the orphanage because of various reasons. When she finds out that the boy is Ryan Gold, Duk Mi’s mother feels awful about it and goes to meet him to apologize. I was expecting this scene as soon as we found out that Duk Mi had taken Ryan in when he was a kid. But I honestly didn’t expect it to be that emotional. As soon as Duk Mi apologizes, Ryan turns the tables and expresses his gratitude to Duk Mi’s mom for even taking him in for that short while. She feels so torn up about it and it’s something that weighed down on her shoulders for all those years. So when he alleviates that burden from her shoulders by thanking her instead, it is a perfect moment and perfect reconciliation. 3. Ryan Gold not holding anything against Duk Mi Duk Mi feels awful about how her mother had abandoned Ryan at the orphanage. After finding out about her younger brother and talking to her mom, Duk Mi goes to Ryan and basically begs him for forgiveness. This was obvious. We all know that Ryan wouldn’t hold what happened in his past against Duk Mi, but we weren’t prepared at just HOW understanding he would be. He really cares so deeply about Duk Mi that he wants to think about their present and future together. As if he wasn’t perfect already! 4. Seeing the final art and all of Lee Sol’s drawings combined It was like all the puzzle pieces throughout the drama came together to one perfect ending. It was symbolic, and brought so much healing! It was the perfect ending seeing this family all together again. 5. Duk Mi fangirling with her boyfriend Duk Mi and Ryan are obviously pretty deep in their relationship. Now that all the secrets are out and everyone is pretty close with each other, Duk Mi is able to fangirl over Cha Si An (ONE) with her boyfriend. She takes Ryan to the PC room to buy tickets online. Low and behold, Duk Mi is not able to get the tickets, but Ryan gets lucky and is able to get them. This part is probably one of the most realistic moments in K-drama history. What better way than to fangirl with your loving and understanding boyfriend by your side? How many times do fangirls recruit their boyfriends as an extra body to help get the best seats to the concert of their idol? It’s so relatable, so real, and so beautiful.
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    These 2 are just so adorable in the V live interview. When their eyes met, omg squeal lol. It is only their eyes meeting. I also don't know if i can handle it if they become lovey dovey lol. This show gives me a lot of feels and i am loving it. It's tuesday already, one more day of waiting Let's reminisce their first meeting
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    I know its a bit far fetched but I would love it if our fierce Yeon Seo tries to make Dan jealous and try to seduce him a little just to push his buttons now. Dan maybe all determined in the preview but Yeon Seo stirs something inside or else our super bad at matchmaking but by assignment cupid angel would not have dived in for that kiss. What say pals, yayy or nay for a sexy Yeon Seo trying to get some sort of reaction out of Dan using some seductive moves. Imagine uri Dan below Credit: to ownee
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    I saw Park Min-young's message wishing Kim Jae-wook happy birthday on his IG and his response to her post, and I thought that was sweet of both of them. It's always nice to see co-stars getting along, and these two got on fabulously. It's something to be happy about. Whether or not they post photos of each other is their own personal business. I get a bit annoyed with people bashing Kim Jae-wook just because he and Park Min-young worked so well together and their chemistry is off the charts. Those ignorant fans should just grow up and get a life. Anyway, let's just keep it happy in the thread and laugh like Labit when they're filming:
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    Please count me in for private chat if anyone here would make it. I love how this thread has been running. mature and cool. Keep it up! I saw some fans were hoping these two would share photo together as farewell to drama but it turned out they didn't, knowing they always did it in previous works. What is see is KJW and PMY respect and protect each other by not sharing photo together at all on their respective IGs. so to me it's s a wise and right decision. Did you guys notice this? the first thing came to my mind was Jae in Jae Wook
  46. 9 points
    I post this comment on twitter and want repost here for you too when I hear about too passionate kisses and too many hugs, I want to laugh at such stupid comments. The writer and director gave us a lot of romance and passion, and actors fantastically showed it on the screen. How many people have recommended this drama more 2 million? If you are not one of them then be silence.
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    No, the final one was not a rehearsal. They were filming - you can notice the crew holding microphones, reflectors, cameras,... they are all shooting and then at the end, someone says "Done/OK". Actually, none of the takes featuring the kiss were a rehearsal - they were really filming. The reason why SHS doesn't have a blanket in the first take is because they were filming a long shot - her legs needed to be bare because they would be seen from that angle - while in the final take she has blanket over her legs because it was a close-up shot. I think they must have filmed this scene in April when the nights were still really cold since the crew members are wearing winter jackets. By the way, I think that from 0:24-0:32, SHS and KMS are rehearsing the reaction which follows after the kiss. It's a tiny sneak peek at what will happen on Wednesday
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    Wowww so many of you guys were interested in private chat about our OTP... I'm too tired to join a private discussion about our couple...what i know shipping a couple is very tiring if it's turn out to be just a delulu .. Honestly, I really hope these two will end up together in real life and i will ship them silently... i believe if they are meant to be together, nothing can stop them from being together.. let's just just believe in fate.. i cannot imagine if they really falling in love for real..must be very hard for them to move on if they decided to just forget all those beautiful moments they had spent together during filming HPL..must be so hard to let go ...i hope they can handle their feelings wisely...and decide what's best for them... Don't be surprised if one day we suddenly get a news that they went for a holiday together.. i always delulu about this things.. #prayhard
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    I love how members here have their eyes trained on what really matters, like KJW's flash of abs (daaamn he's ripped), and now their lips. I love that series of short kisses at the start; that seemed like it was PMY's ad lib. I love how in the last two episodes PMY's been super flirty with her ad libs, as we saw in the bts and even the cuts that made it to the episode, and KJW's just helplessly taking it and laughing and lobstering his way through them. @Sky8lue Love that Beauty Inside remix poster! (That's the reference, right?)
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    0:23: I don't know how he could manage to pour the oil precisely into the bowl while staring at her like that. And that stare is hot enough to make a washing-machine melt .
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