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    FINALE KISSES THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! @00123 @0ly40 @2handsintertwined @50okie @Adwina Oltariani @africandramalover @Airpork @alekaonu @AlexandraReid @alicolumna @alindahaw @alleram95 @aloraloralora @Ameera Ali @angiecrosby @aniliaz @an-naum @annie1234 @Artheusa @Ayame @aysha106 @Azipharelle @Aziraphale @bairama @bamsa @bbvvip @bebebisous33 @bellaangel012 @beny2013 @bitsbitsbits @biwind @blademan @bliss1004 @bocha @bobacha @boingboingracquet @Bon-bon007 @booo28 @bqm94hana @Butik Sasya @butterflyeffect @c chan @candilicious @Cara @Carat Ng @Carmarie @celebrianna @cenching @chachajeyjey @charlieblue17 @chdom @cheesethatnotsocheesey @chubbyzmae @ck1Oz @classyviews @Claudia Ximena @cremep @daloula @DeePlatonicFan @dimadiess @dinhie @DioDezir @doooodle @Doramy @Dramageek @dramaninja @Dramanoona @DreamCatcher2011 @dreamqueen @ducan @Earth2KatyD @Eeveeta @extrodinairey @eyo2eyo @fatalflaw @Friendly kitty @Froze Berg @ganko @gclala @gemini1990_stv @gilaswan @Gin Nietschze @Giya2909 @GraceL1430293421 @graciouslygracey25 @greenwatch08 @greezlybee @Guyangi_Dalpeongi @haartie @haelan @hallyus @hannah92 @heks @Hueee @hulya.23_d801 @hushhh @Hyhy180180 @hyuuhikari @ihyw @inday210 @Inkcity__ @inna75 @insertusername @insertusernamehere @irilight @Ishara Naufan @itsMYday @itzzy @ixora @J13 @jadore123 @jadore1 @jaemin kimpark @jaeuckismylife @Jafstar @japchaebap @jaydendoji @jd50 @jeijei @Jemrie @Jenetschka @Jillia @jimmylyne @joccu @jongski @jouleoppa @justamom @Kaitheee @Kasmic @kdramaQ @kelmaoneko @kenrei @khanhielicious @Khinqian @Kpzzzz @ktcjdrama @kyakyari @KymberleeD @L A @ladida07 @ladidada7 @larus @Latte_Anyday @Latte07 @LavelyShai @Learry @leek @lighthearted @liltash85 @Lisa David @liz-danielle @Lj @Lmangla @lmhpsh @lol23 @LoveMY1224 @lozenger Dave @lsbsg @lu09 @luffie @luvcrabbieshinhwa @M*U*Z*E @margerytka @maribella @MarJo_Lei @marykarmelina @Matilda_Anne @MaybeLatte0402 @MayL @mcdc @mellinadear @MeritaG @mikhaella75 @Miky88 @Minwae @minyyy @mmac80 @Moca_hanzel23 @moreenke @morningdew @misskym86 @mushforbrains @musyi17 @myd8 @nadiarose @Nakiami Kyoko @namjiho @naritul @nateko @nasuko56 @NaYouSabi? @NiaB @nidcha202 @niharika111 @Nikki Sixx @niniwu97 @Nj Ab @NloveMH @noirschwarz @nonski @nubianlegalmind @nuttyz @nuttz @Oksana Sutra @Ondine @onni @Onnie Said @orion00 @pad-hari @panappuru @papercrane @park2park @Peppyz @phoenix24 @philosophie @plappi @Pmyonly @pohyoke @ponderings @rabbiteen @raflayna @ramenqueen @Ramenqueen19 @raziela @rk816 @RobinM @rocat @rocher22 @rosierosie @RPM @rryyuu @sakisuki @sal2 @samecut123 @Sarang21 @sava2sava @DontEatMyKimchi @SC2019 @sd24 @Sejabin @selen4ever @seoseo @SGahjumma @shamrockmom @ShannonK @sharluvsenergy @Shine Son @shiqin3381 @shynaz @sillygal @rcalma @sken40 @Sky8lue @snitchdream08 @snow_ob_sorrow @songsongcoupleshipper @starrysky18 @staygold @Strawberry23 @stroppyse @sugarandspices @sumool @supernovarangers94 @sushilicious @taedysol @tan10can @tensaitekikuroneko @thechaosinourstar @TheRoadtoPMY @thexilent13 @thistle @thranduils @tianaa @tinkerbelle2004 @tinymel @tnl34 @TRaNz @triplem @TripleNa @turtlegirl @uglypearl @valzki @Visually-wandering @wangnyeo @Wenlisha @weris @White Anemone @whome @wildcherry @windy123hk @winnieho @xprosperity @Xytam @Yana Mujay @yanginggrid @YearwoodC @Qwan Ree Un @yuliana wong@YoungatHeart_ @youngatheart @YunnMika @yuyu0389 @Zazu2017 @zenya22
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    Hello... this drama have forced to me delurk from being silent reader of this forum. God, i swear i'm not gonna be too attach to a drama after my last one, which apparently happen to be directed by the same director HPL, no wonder i got hooked with this drama too... I just love how they recall back the wall fake kiss scene back in ep4 into the greatest real kiss in the last ep. Their position may be the same on the camera, but they did switch place and their clothes' colour too. So i'm gonna go back to be a silent reader. See ya! **
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    i was going to sleep but after watching this part i can't help but keep on repeating on KJW's reaction... thats why im creating GIF hahaha.. that's face reaction is something else... LOL
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    @jeonghyang appreciate the mentioned...! thank you all for the weekly recap, gfs and screenshots... thank you for the daily doze of fun discussion. I will certainly miss this drama... and this forum... will visit once in a while...as i am sure there will still be a lot of chitchats even this drama is already over. you are all loved! xoxo p.s. haven't seen the finale episode yet, but this one if my favorite so far (look closely how they tugged each other's body SO close to one another) I guess we are not the only one who will miss each other sooooooo much!!! take care y'all!
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    See you soonest Babe! Behold the LION's hand! *cough* Sneaky~~~~ Almost! They said~ His PRECIOUS ONE depends on the length of his hands-finger? @Ameera Ali The Girl Power in Bed is so ready in bouncing a cowboy position... And... Behind that blanket ... Something is on working mode! Look at those veins!
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    Finally watched the last episode! Cuteness overload really! The parallels. The PARALLELS AND THE DETAILS ARE EVERYTHING! I went and made a big list of every single parallel/detail in the last episode, as a way of saying goodbye to the drama. That's how I fangirl. 1. "His/Her's beauty is out of the world, so it is hard to capture it." - DM for Si An vs RG for DM. 2. Eom fangirling over Si An when she hated her daughter for it. Crazy development! 3. The way DM's contribution is acknowledged by RG in the morning - stark contrast to how Eom/the guest dismissed her work during the first ep! 4. Taking photo of Si An with his nearest and dearest, vs. taking photo of Si An from a distance using telescopic lens! 5. Fangirling over videos of Si An in the cafe to fangirling over actual Si An right in front of them! 6. DM's mom waited all night at the playground to meet RG's mom and they are finally having a conversation in the temple. 7. "I think she's asking about your birthday" DM said about their mothers vs that for marital compatibility that DM's mom pestered her for and she told RG! 8. DM's dad started his hobby of collecting stones after he lost his son. RG's mom stopped painting after she lost her son. 9. DM asked him to read up on his Korean when he didn't get her sarcasm(that yeah, as if he'd refrain from drinking) when she sarcastically said "of course you do". He teased her by saying that when she said she looked good in yellow! 10. The bridal style picking up and putting to bed, was in contrast to how she brought him home when he had drunk a lot in the first staff dinner. 11. Ryan not shaking hands with anyone, but readily doing so with DI(he got over his trauma of cold hands). 12. DM's promotion got replaced by RG coming from USA and now she's getting a chance to work in USA. 13. RG being horrified by her terrible taste(when she tried to get LS painting from him in the China auction) vs. him completely trusting her taste right now and coming out of retirement. 14. Eom making RG director to RG making Eom director. It's hilarious. 15. DM sneaking as SJ's husband to see her during childbirth vs the lesbian couple RG imagined them to be + cross dressed RG playing Latte. 16. THE KISS THE WALL KISS. DM was glowing. I love this so much. I can't breathe. That parallel with 'do you want me', and then that kiss. Dead, deceased and buried. Notes: 1. I loved the fact that she asked him to come with her/be supported by her if he's "jobless" - they made it a joke, and it didn't even faze Ryan(being raised in USA really did him well). This drama really went there with its gender equality - DAMN I LOVE YOU WRITERS! When can I see something like this again in a drama? It feels like it was really ahead of its time.. 2. Eom really missed her husband for like three seconds and hugged him, but then started pestering him. She won't change! Even Bo Ra looked marvelous with her toned-down lipstick - it just changed her aura(vs the second curator who became a little bold!). 3. HJ ended up fangirling SA and then joining EG's classes and then ended up with him - she got a separate hobby, a person she liked, and a job she loved. WHAT CHARACTER GROWTH! YES! @heoimajeossi - that screen cap collection was amazing! Especially the way they switched the color of their outfit +the position between the fake and the real kiss...they know exactly what they are doing. The cordis need a bonus!! I haven't seen better themed outfits in kdramas for a long time. I can't tell you how much I adored DM's styling - I am not into feminine dresses, but if I wore, her closet for his drama would be what I would make mine look like, haha! Maybe I will get into that look someday. PMY was absolutely gorgeous in that last scene. I can't stop spazzing over her. WHAT A BEAUTY! This is my favorite drama ever. I came here looking for a romantic comedy. This drama had to do one thing: deliver a rom-com, and it went far above and beyond my expectations, by being so inclusive, having great women characters, balanced relationships, mature and intelligent leads, strong characterization. Ray Bradbury said that "Plot is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to incredible destinations." That's all I live by, and so I end this drama with no complaints whatsoever. I hope the DVD/BR is within my budget(USD120) - I will definitely buy it! Also, I will really really miss this show, and this wonderful forum. Talking here with everyone, sharing theories, perverted thoughts, gifs! You all were so sweet and positive and nice, and it was when I was going through a slump in real life - so this forum + this drama really kept me floating until I came out of it. Thank you so much to all of you for giving me so many things to be happy about. I hope we all become successful fangirls and fanboys! Love you all so much! Regards, Anna
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    That’s what I noticed too....The level of comfort, professionalism, chemistry, hard work and trust are amazing. In the last kissing scene, she just “threw” herself and her assets flatly on his chest... Yesterday lipstick kiss, his hand was on a dangerous zone... No wonder KJW’s lips is brushed and he looks exhausted to the bones... Too much kissing can kill you...
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    I volunteer to be Deok Mi’s body double for that last scene KJW is such a good kisser. There is no ‘dead fish kiss style’ for him. Lucky he met PMY whom could catch up with his kissing style. That last kissing scene.. Whoaah! They have been kissing since episode 7 (6 if you count the one with thumb ) until the last episode. They have been kissing for 10 episodes! Daebak! Stealing @jeonghyang gif here Btw, what is he giggling about here? Why is he smiling when Deok Mi is busy kissing him? Is he like “finally my I found my kissing match!”?
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    It was a nice wrap up and ending to the drama. Everyone pretty much acted like adults rather than self-absorbed psychos who couldn't see past their own childhood traumas. I thought the resolution of Ryan's memories were credible where it was a series of unfortunate accidents and actions rather than any evil intents. I can even sympathize with DM's mother somewhat in thinking that she can't raise another child when she had just lost a child and they didn't have much money anyway. I did like it that they reveal that DM's mother went back to the orphanage to try to retrieve YJ once she came to her right mind, though he had been adopted by that time. And, everyone being adults about it meant that DM and Ryan didn't really have problems being together with everyone's blessings which was rather a relief. For what it's worth, I rather liked the ring that Ryan gave to DM. It was sweet and personal, just like their courtship and relationship, rather than ostentatious. In a drama about extreme fangirling, I thought it was a thoughtful treatment that everything else about DM is actually pretty normal and personal, and that even the fangirling wasn't psycho. In DM's words, it's just that even seeing her object of affection made her happy, and not that she wanted to touch him or possess him (meaning SA). Actually, watching the last episodes, the biggest question on my mind was what would happen with EG. He's such a sweetheart, despite his streak of jealousy over DM and Ryan, and ultimately, he even came around to deciding that their friendship was the important thing. I was torn between the artist and the spoiled rich girl, however, even that ending seemed fitting. The spoiled rich girl actually has a good head on her shoulders plus a flair for marketing and promotion which would probably be helpful to EG in his judo school, plus she's in Korea with him rather than the artist who is still establishing herself in NY. It's not clear that EG and the heiress will remain a couple, but it's clear that she's drawn to his sweetness and goodness, not to mention his good looks and hot bod. SA continues his musical career, though also helping out with a collaboration with SJ's protege. It was cute that he was sad over his biggest fan (Shin Ah Gil) resting her fancafe, though he still didn't realize that SAG was actually DM who would soon be his sister-in-law. And, SJ is about to have her second child with her adoring husband. Aww. It was all around a sweet wrap up, and no complaints about things coming out of left field or throwing in last minute angst from me. I haven't participated that much in this thread due to my RL schedule, but I've appreciated reading everyone's posts whenever I did have time. So, thanks to everyone for making this thread such a lively one. See you on other threads!
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    I think he look sad and tired After wrap up party.. its not just wrap up party, but he also has to say goodbye to ryan gold, his love for dukmi.. they together for months, n meeting almost everyday.. i think its must feel like break up with your girlfriend that u love with all your heart.. PMY must be special to him, after all one side love story he had in other drama, he got everything in this drama, woman who really love him, proposal, alot of kiss, and we can feel how much they love each other.. in press conference, KJW said that he grateful that PMY decided to work with him in HPL.. I hope the best for this two beautiful soul, I hope they meant for each other.. because their chemistry is undeniable.. please get married in real life...
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    And no noble idiocy, year-long separation without any contact in the last episode only to end with a starring contest, stupid misunderstandings that last for episodes, no over the top jealousy/possessiveness, etc. This writer deserves a standing ovation for actually giving us a mature loving couple with good communication who acted like believable adults and who had a healthy relationship that would actually last in real life.
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    @cenching @Lawyerh he so handsome to not make gifs on him
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    Thank you for mentioning me. And thank you for the yummy ending kisses. But can I say something? I'm crying. I wish I was Park Minyoung. I wish I could kiss Kim Jae Wook. Why? Well, he's sexy. He's a good kisser. And did I mention he's sexy? Me when I see PMY kiss Kim Jae Wook: "PMY No! I'm so jealous. I want to kiss Kim Jae Wook." Edit: Can't quote pictures. Let me fix it mods. Please give me time Please.
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    Drop by to express my appreciation towards our lovely OTP through my first ever open letter. Dear, KJW-PMY.. What you guys have been doing is so risky. The best possibility, you could've fallen in love with each other, and yet the worst one, of course, there could've been some messy rumours arose from the undeniably impeccable chemistry you got going on the entire time. And yet here were are, nearing the end of the road, still can't stop admiring the love you guys had on the drama (and the flirting game that both you guys, and us, the audience, have been enjoying immensely). Thank you for always being the genuine you, consistently interacting all comfy and intimate with each other, despite the presence of cameras everywhere. Hard to tell what truly happens inside people's minds. let alone the situation of their respective hearts, but allow me to say, you guys are meant to work together and i've never seen anything like you two before. So fearlessly caring toward each other (quite literally) in the face of everyone. I know what i'm seeing but again it's never that simple when you guys are public figures. That being said, allow me to be grateful for a fact that through this incredible drama, you guys met and sincerely enjoy each other's company. You guys are truly one of a kind. Both our OTP and the entire Labit supporters fandom included. NOW, i wonder where can i possibly find my long lost sanity again !? *internal screaming* I'm OKAY (no, i'm not, really)
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    Oh you guys...I’m going to miss all of you so much ! I’ve participated in a few forums before but this one is truly special and close to my heart. It felt like one big family that I got to share my love for HPL with. I anxiously waited for subs for the finale today and forced myself to do things to keep myself distracted while waiting and it was all worth it. I never thought I would get post drama withdrawal this bad! I started crying within 15 mins of the episode, especially during the exhibition, where they were paralleling scenes from the earlier episodes. This is one of my favorite things about HPL. I don’t have much to say, as everyone here already shares my sentiments. PD-nim is super sneaky He left us to our own wild imaginations to continue their bed scene in the end. Which is the safer choice because I know some of us in here have much more to offer than what PD-nim could have HAHA! I also really liked the fact that DM got her job opportunity in NYC through her effort alone, and not because of Ryan. Their little scene where even he was surprised was perfect for me because it shows just how much of an equal they are to each other. Not once did we ever see or feel a power imbalance in their relationship, and they are both respectful of their capabilities as professionals so that they can shine on their own individually, but are a sparkling night sky when together. Ryan may have been her boss, but he treated all the coworkers all the same unless a situation called for him having to act as the higher up that he was. I was so happy to see that HPL was cleanly concluded and came full circle, albeit a few loose ends (such as CSA knowing SNG's identity -- but a gentle reminder that CSA has his entire life to figure it out seeing she is his sister-in-law after all). As much as I would have loved to see an even longer time gap that would have given room for a few little LaBits here and there, I loved that they ended HPL with what was basically fan service from KJW and PMY. The best part of it is the fact that it still makes sense in the story and their characters. DM's life had become filled with love and her lifetime bias had changed to Ryan. I know a few were upset that her fansite persona was put in the back burner after their confession, but was that not the point of DM's story? As much as I would have loved to see her in action one last time (she did buy concert tickets after all!), just like Seon Joo had explained in an earlier episode that once she started dating her husband, her bias became him. DM's already a more than successful fangirl. Maybe when I rewatch the drama and take a deeper analysis on it, I can point out parts from the dialogues that basically supported what Seon Joo said and how it applies to DM's fangirl persona, her personal life, and the gradual switch in her priorities. As for the childhood connection, I didn't mind it being added on there, but I won't argue that it felt rushed and tacked on. However, as another member had mentioned earlier, I choose to view their childhood connection more as a story for the mothers involved than it was for DM and Ryan. Needless to say, I thought it was very interesting how the mothers were used in this drama. They were all strong and beautiful but flawed women that did what they could do best for their family in their time. It almost felt like subtle shade at the patriarchal society in Korea, not that I'm complaining hmm. I noticed that a lot of (western) international fans had lots of questions about why wasn't this or that done. Apart from the technical viewpoint such as the fact that the production team probably didn't have the time or capacity to spell that situation out for the viewers, I feel like I might be missing context as a non-Korean. I mean, this was Korea in the 1990s after all. There must be some things/actions that could be more understood if you were Korean living in that time period. Notice that the most important aspect of their connection was that it didn't change anything in the dynamics of their relationship. If this were an alternate universe drama, DM and Ryan would have used that as a justification for why they must/probably love each other. Here, it was merely a sprinkle on top. In the end of Ep.15 when they were saying "I missed you DM/YJ", to me that was more of them revisiting their friendship/companionship as children. They were kids back then, how were they supposed to know that they love each other? Also, not once did their childhood selves mention anything about loving or marrying each other in the future. The childhood connection only strengthens how deep their connection is as individuals, not lovers. I loved loved loved the proposal scene. When I was watching this, I had to audibly gasp and hit my pillow because I really wasn't expecting it. But as soon as I saw Ryan's hands leave his left pocket, I knew it was happening. They weren't married by the end of the episode, so the proposal was basically a declaration of wholesome love, and for the lack of better term, cuffing themselves to one another. I mean, the two of them and everyone else in the HPL-verse knew that they would eventually end up getting married but I love how Ryan made it clear. And his flowery speech, OOF. That hit me right in the heart because I actually started tearing up??? Like WOAH! I wasn't expecting this proposal and even more so was never expecting that I would tear up. So very big kudos to KJW and PMY and their skills (those eyes man!!!) with this emotionally charged scene, because I could feel how palpable and sincere their love for each other was through a mere screen. Am I the only one confused about EG and HJ's relationship ? I was so shocked to see viewer comments that they ended up getting together because when I was watching, I literally thought it was just them having ended up becoming friends/siblings seeing how similar HJ actually is to DM. Regardless, I'm not complaining. Speaking of EG, I was pleasantly surprised to see his role not being wasted as just a second lead. He actually had a purpose being the family's glue and I'm so happy about that. And my favorite scenes that leave my heart bursting with happiness: (Credit) They're so smiley and happy!!! Their genuine happiness is clearly palpable through our screens and I gotta give it to KJW and PMY because I have no idea how they do that but it looks SO REAL. Maybe it's also the fact that as HPL viewers, our eyes are trained to spot reel vs real (ad-libs). Time for me to go back into my cave and cleanse my delulu musings... @jeonghyang ARGH you've made me even more sad! Seeing all those tagged names...our one, big family Thank you so much for tagging me! And it also allows me to watch your wonderful gifs on repeat hehe (since TVN is being stingy on uploading this clip in both Naver and YT excuseeeeee meeeee)
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    I try to compare the proposal scene in wwwsk n HPL, so I decided to rewatch proposal scene in wwwsk.. in wwwsk it feels only PMY is trying to build her own emotions, but PSJ is just flat with dialogue without showing a touched expression or anything, just delivered dialog. even though they kissed after that, but that's all. and in HPL, as we all see, how KJW says every sentence with sincere emotions, and KJW's eyes say everything that he really loves PMY and wants to marry her. so in HPL, just by looking at each other PMY can see KJW's sincerity. and PMY's voice when answering KJW's said everything. even though it ends with a hug, but we can feel their sincerity and love, the way KJW embraces PMY ... it's love
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    i've been waiting for this moment i can say this, because hpl was over. During wwwsk, pmy's stylist uploaded pics where pmy team&psj team always ate together, played together and watched together. ppc team were very close even from the beginning to the final. of course, during wwwsk reward trip and even now.. but her team was not close with co-star's team during hpl, like pmy's previous drama(qf7d).(psj team also was not close with his co-star team(during ffmw)) pmy team(and psj team) just was close with her(his) co-star team only in wwwsk. so what does this mean?
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    Their ending kiss set a high standard
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    @Ondine posted wrap up party arrival pic. Now it’s time to stalk everyone there sadly they won’t get a holiday reward. Is it just me or he still looks good with that kind of hairstyle? the “in-the-middle-of-washing-my-hair-at-salon-but-suddenly-i-remember-having-appointment” hairstyle
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    Just finished watching the subbed ep on Viu. No much to say from me except that was a very very satisfying end to a fantastic drama. I loved how everything turned out. I already said I wasn't a big fan of what happened in ep 15, but ep 16 made up for it, I have no complaints. To be fair, I had no problems with the Deok Soo plot itself. If anyone here also watched Game of Thrones, I had no problem with how the series endedI. It was how they got to it was the problem. I wish the Deok Soo plot could've been started a bit earlier, instead of being introduced, then solved within 1 episode. I know they were already planting roots of the plot in earlier episodes, but I wish they could've done more with it. That being said, it does not diminish my love for this drama whatsoever. Objectively it isn't the best drama ever, but I don't think it's gonna be surpassed as my most favorite show ever. It's just the perfect rom-com in every way I can think of. And they ended it perfectly, right amount of fan service and resolution for everyone. Unlike what some people have said I liked the DM wasn't outed to SA as SAIML, her secret identity is a big part of what makes SAIML a fan. She wouldn't be able to continue being a fangirl the way she always has if SA knows that his biggest fan is his sister-in-law, lol. I love how the proposal scene went, it was simple, elegant, heartfelt and intimate. It didn't need to be this whole big scene with fireworks, though maybe that's just because I'm not a big fan of "showy" proposals, lol. And like I've said before, I love how the drama uses parallels. They did it the best way possible with the ending kiss. Amazing way to call back to the first heart fluttering moment of the show. I'm gonna miss this show, it's gonna leave a void in my schedule waiting for eps to release every week lol. It's my first drama that I watched simultaneously as it aired, it's a unique feeling watching a drama instead of a binge watch. You get the torture of waiting for a good resolution like what happened after episode 8, but the pay-off and anticipation makes up for it. And of course I loved spazzing and discussing the drama with everyone here, thanks for making the watching experience more memorable too.
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    @cenching , @annie1234 everyone can we talk little about the ring sorry his name is gold , he loaded with money and gives her ring like this , is it a 2 dollar ring , I cannot see the stone didn’t he know girl best friend is diamond
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    I can't get over how gorgeous they are in this scene. PMY was practically glowing/blooming
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    Errrr...because it's "Her private Life". Hehehe
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    Their chemistry is just romance filled with fireworks!What a beautiful happy ending,that wrapped up the storyline well! The first part of the episode was wonderful that it brought out together all the team efforts. Will definitely miss seeing them looking so lovingly into each other, maybe we could see them reunite for work again or better yet IN REAL LIFE. ---------------------
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    Thanks to all who has contributed and shared the pics, gifs, reviews, videos links from Ep 1 i joined this thread until today the final episode.. I'm not that active in soompi forums thread.. sometimes hiatus for 2 years then comeback to the forums because of a kdrama.. This drama definitely gonna be one of my favourite dramas that I've watched since i joined soompi. Gonna forever remember this drama and HPL will be at a special place in my heart.. I'll definitely gonna buy the Director's cut DVD.. because... I'm actually do not satisfied with the final episode...not because there's no bed scene, no wedding scene or no KJW abs..But because i think they are so many stories that still left out and we need to know more about it... Don't ask me what, all i can say i feel like something is missing...I hope by watching thr Director's cut will heal my pain... I'm having this heart pain probably because the withdrawal syndrome has already started and my heart feel so much in pain to say goodbye to RG and Deokmi KJW and PMY kissing scene in Ep 15 and Ep 16 are soooo obvious that they are really trust each other..Something like both are telling each other "You don't need my permission to hold and kiss me..Do whatever you want" ekekekekekekek ..ouchhhh my heart dugeun dugeun.. I was hoping KJW will get more lead role in rom com drama..but i have the feelings that he gonna accept different genre in his next drama project...not a rom com.. PMY too..she probably gonna rest for a while and comeback with a new drama by early next year..
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    I'm doing this again. @jeonghyang Thank you for mentioning me. And thank you for the yummy ending kisses. But can I say something? I'm crying. I wish I was Park Minyoung. I wish I could kiss Kim Jae Wook. Why? Well, he's sexy. He's a good kisser. And did I mention he's sexy? Me when I see PMY kiss Kim Jae Wook: "PMY No! I'm so jealous. I want to kiss Kim Jae Wook." Edit: Ok. This is my new post. Forget the other post. Please! Edit: One more thing. I love the way Kim Jae Wook moves his head when he kisses. I like his lips. Someone asks me if Kim Jae Wook is a good kisser. Me: "Yes, he's a good kisser. I wish he would kiss me! HELP!"
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    KJW single-handedly annihilates every K-drama romcom's male lead in these past 1.5 decades for me...with just one leading role in rom-com. He's lethal.
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    My fave comments by Knetz on the final ep, translated by Melohwa: KJW certainly killed his first rom-com lead role. I'm pretty sure a lot of the offers he'll be getting will be rom-com, but I'm guessing he'll stay away from the genre for a while. I want him to get a role in the next Bong Joon Ho movie, whenever that is. Ha!
  31. 16 points
    Guys, for me, the ending was seriously beautiful. I really really really love DM & RG’s relationship. I love how they are so comfortable with each other, i love that they support each other, i love that they treat each other with respect, i love the fact that they are each other’s home, i even love how they are so flirty and touchy with each other, i just love everything about this couple! Such a beautiful couple they are. I saw a comment that said “this kind of happy relationship is not realistic and the kissings are too much!” Well, with all due respect, i’m going to disagree with that comment. Things that they do to each other are exactly things that you would do to your partner when you love your partner to every core of your bones. That’s exactly how a mature relationship looks like. I really am happy to have known such a great drama like this. Hell, i don’t even care about the ratings, i just know that this drama brings so much happiness in my life. I learned so much about mature relationship from this drama. Thanks for all HPL’s staffs, actors and actresses. You guys are seriously rock. Truth is, it’s really hard for me to let go of our Labit couple. My heart is not ready to let go of them. I really hope KJW & PMY would meet again in another good project. I bet it’ll be fun. Now, i will be waiting faithfully for ep 15-16 BTS. I’m going to heal my heart by watching that BTS lol. Last but not least, thank you for all the friends that i met through this drama. It was fun to read all of your posts in this forum. You guys are so funny and positive. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts about this drama with all of you. I hope we will meet again on another good drama. Thank you guys. Be happy. Always.
  32. 16 points
    pmy gave Shinsegae gift card to her stylist as thank you present. who's the Shinsegae ambassador? actually, pmy gave Shinsegae gift card to her team as New year's present too.
  33. 16 points
    In that jacket bts...she was likely surprised that he took care of her since it was their first shooting scene ..the makings of a REAL heart fluttering moment... but I think she realised that he is really that sweet...cos later on she was happy to be taken care of in the fake date bts... looking at how he passed the tissue to the actress playing Lee sol... if you notice his hands and arm position...it’s seriously respectful and polite... and how he gently reminds PMY regarding the finger gesture... ive never seen anyone that considerate and sweet consistently.... pardon my swooning... yes they are good actors but they are not dead...lol... one can have a heart flutter even when you know it is acting... we are already swooning from his minute expressions a million miles away...can you imagine being directly in contact?? likewise for him to be in the presence of the goddess that he can “lean” on...he can’t be entirely dead either... Lol..
  34. 16 points
    The preview for next week. I'm looking foward to YS practicing and Dan caring for her. It's really great to see the hard work she puts in, how much she pushes herself. Look at her feet, which are completely ruined, and even her knees. Her white tights there are dirty - she must have fallen so many times. Poor YS.
  35. 16 points
  36. 15 points
    - @cenching she had all the practice , she will make master piece
  37. 15 points
    I see the wrap up party! It looks like they had so much fun. Thank you for sharing! So um... @jeonghyang posted this. Why is life so unfair? I will never ever have a boyfriend/husband like Kim Jae Wook. I want to jump on Kim Jae Wook too. I am so jealous and hurt. PMY you are so lucky. I just want a relationship like this. And I'm sorry if my boyfriend/husband doesn't look like Kim Jae Wook in bed, I don't want him. I love Kim Jae Wook's hair. Kim Jae Wook looks so cuddly and sweet. I want to hug Kim Jae Wook. Help. This is really painful. Why isn't Kim Jae Wook in my bed? Why? Why? Why? Me when I see this: "Like I'm crying. This is just so unfair. I am so so so so so so sad." Edit: My picture didn't show up. I'll fix it.
  38. 15 points
    Our OTP looks so tired here. Recall seeing one of the staff's IG post about how she needs to catch up on sleep once this is over. Think everyone has been working insane hours to get to episode 16! Hope they all get some well-deserved rest after this! To the cast & crew, thank you so much for bringing sunshine to our lives for eight memorable weeks!
  39. 15 points
    Before I go to sleep. So, this drama has 2 angels and a goddess ?
  40. 15 points
    Other than our HYJ and SDM who make us fall in love the drama, we should also give credit to the rest of the casts like Seon Joo, Eun Gi, Seung Min, Joo Hyuk, Guen Woo, SiAn, Hyo Jin, Yu-cu, Yu-Soeb, Eom So Hye gwangjang-Nim, DM and YJ parents, not also forgetting the backend teams like the Writer, Director, Cameramen, Fashion Coordinators, Editors, and all the supporting crews to make this drama such memorable and enjoyable for us.
  41. 15 points
    The moment they started taking time to show each and everyone's story, I kinda knew there wouldn't be a major time skip. This couple was so delicious though. As it seems, it is like they spent an year in NY together - which turned another trope round its head. Both went to USA(with DM supporting RG lol) Their supposed fake relationship started from the walls - and they ended at the walls. DM also looked so mature and graceful in her get up(so much different from the loud get up she imagined back in the first episode!) - with DM asking "Do you want me?", and RG replying "Yes." - this is it. EG/HJ together as second leads - what are they doing with the tropes?! They are taking each one of them, turning it round its head and then putting it back. Director Eom fangirling over Si An...haha I am so sad it ended... It ended so well, and I am still unsatisfied. I am just...heart broken because I won't get to see them again.
  42. 15 points
    DM is sitting on the couch at the gallery (when Ryan and her fell asleep) and Ryan calls her, "Why you don't sound happy?" DM is like, "I'm just here for a week." Ryan sulks that it feels like a year lol. Then he asks if the wall where they take fake dating pictures are the same...She said all the same. Ryan surprises her by hugging her from behind.\ He tells her he follows her to Korea cuz he misses her. They talk about something i DONT HEAR whats wrong with me. then loonggg kisss hahaha. (KJW lip is ok now? lol) /the end/ OMG UNTIL THE END SIAN DOESN'T KNOW SHE'S SHI-NA-GIL WHY/????????????????? /SAD/
  43. 15 points
    Hello! I'm actually just a silent lurker in this forum, but I saw your question and I think I can somewhat help you with that. Anyway, I found this artist named Lee Yong Je while browsing at instagram last night and I found him because he tagged the drama in his most recent post as shown below: He also posted a clip of the drama's 13th episode in his IG and a part of that post's caption states that his artwork was featured in that episode as Lee Sol's graduation artwork. Now, I can't confirm if he also did the bubble paintings because the only artwork that he acknowledged that was his was the one that was shown at episode 13. However, it seems that most of his artwork are also about bubbles, which look quite similar to the bubble paintings featured in the drama.
  44. 15 points
    It’s the finale already, time has gone way too quick first script reading vs final script
  45. 14 points
  46. 14 points
    Girls, I don't know about you, and it's still early days, but I think that we just might be watching one of the best, if not the best, kdramas of 2019.
  47. 14 points
    @cenching My favorite spot , finally correct wall scene
  48. 14 points
    Naw what a beautiful, happy and loving ending What fan service...Im going to miss seeing them looking so lovingly into each other the END
  49. 14 points
  50. 14 points
    My heart is fluttering just seeing these new stills source: newsen Also, additional photos from Jade Garden source: Jade Garden instagram
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