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    I am your first customer , how can you help me @Sejabin , @Lawyerh & @ktcjdrama & our beloved @triplem admitting addiction it’s the first step right to recovery
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    can some one please help me with how to do the pre order for the DVD gifs that are not mine are not mine ...
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    This KJW, even his feet is beautiful..Nothing to complain about this guy seriously! I think my withdrawal syndrome has started already..gonna get worse after this drama end soon
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    Yeah, the article said he was a newly-emerged kissing master or something like that, but even way back during Antique the actor who played his lover already attested to his kissing skills. (Also, what is that outfit, Jae Wook?!)
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    next two coming right up ... after my internet gets its S together ...
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    I don’t think they are acting anymoreone of the best scene ever.The positive energy from both leads are strikingly impressive --------------
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    i keep on forgetting to make a disclaimer ... my post don't make sense , my post are propaganda and its my brain over working itself and procrastinating ... advice please read the previous post , or this will all sound like madness.... cc for gifs ps : that sleep thing was only sleep , a tired of this off screen nonsense ... to me it didn't matter that we weren't shown anything but , why those ugly pjs ...WHY????
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    Is this their first kissing scene in HPL? Both emerged happy and satisfied like cat got the cream....
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    Love @cenching version of lionholic. I think Im getting close to that club. I almost thought I missed the streaming and had it on only to realise some other drama was on..and I thought wait did I miss it? DUH me it's only TUESDAY but @Ameera Ali you TOP it. With enough cigarettes you can make your own mane and become a lioness If KJW checks out this thread, he'd be laughing GOLD
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    Lionholic..... @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh We invented some new words courtesy of HPL, Lionholic and Lionnoreah.....
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    Here's a fun article from insight.co.kr about the top 5 "kissing masters" among Korean actors. I think it's just the author's list, it's not from a poll or anything. KJW is #2. Incidentally, PMY has been the kissing partner of three of those actors. 1. Gong Yoo 2. Kim Jae Wook 3. Ji Chang Wook 4. Seo In Guk 5. Park Seo Joon Here's the tweet:
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    @gm4queenI am glad that you are joining this thread, chingu! cr. to @gm4queen This picture at the beginning of each episode doesn't just represent the title of this drama. To me, it also gives us clues about the story. The blossoming tree, a cherry tree, embodies the blossoming love between our leads, JH and JI because the cherry blossom is often a symbol of love and passion. We often see in K-dramas scenes where the main couple walks under cherry trees in bloom reinforcing the idea that this couple is fated to be together. Besides this picture not only marks the start of their love, it is also illustrating that their love is bringing new sides of our characters. JI is changing, even her friend noticed that she smiles more and is more creative thanks to her new feelings. It was as if JI has come back to life and before, she was like hibernating. She was not really herself in reality but she had no idea. It is the same for JH who was so traumatized that he only worked and played basket ball during his spare time. Now, for the first time he started flirting with JI, he is definitely more active. Finally, since their love is connected to a season, the spring, I would say that their love is natural and it can not be controlled by humans and society. GS won't be able to stop it... His fight will be pointless, nevertheless he has no idea about it. The second aspect in this picture is the moon. I have the impression that their love is also very discreet and even secret because of the presence of the moon, since forbidden lovers usually meet during the night. I am not saying that their love is forbidden, far from it, it is just that it will grow unnoticed by the others. Notice that until now, no one is aware of their connection. Sure, in the next episode, her friend will see JI with JH, yet I am quite sure that JI will never tell her what really happened between her and JH. We know from the preview that JH will distance himself from her but I doubt that this move will make JI change her mind... like f. ex. she accepts GS's proposal. To me, it will have the opposite effect as JI is someone who wants to be respected and not be forced to do something. She wants to make her own decision. @thistle @Chellsee@africandramalover @Cheryl295 @Lawyerh @Dhakra
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    Director Eom knows how I feel about HPL ending this week.
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    that him : that me : .. getting high , high & high
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    kissing master. Glad people start to recognize KJW more.
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    That was beautifully written @bebebisous33 and accompanied by @gm4queen sakura picture, I feel like I'm in heaven... So glad, that the rating is good @Chellsee. At first glance this drama look too noir / artistic for me. Normally I seldom go for this genre. But somehow the drama calling me to watch it. And it didn't dissapoint. I'm looking forward how the drama will tackle the moral vagueness of relationship. As I'm getting older, I don't tend to see all in black or white anymore, or totally right and wrong. Sometimes things can go in the middle. So I kind of understand Jung In inner battle. Like @Dhakra said, the drama is not grandiose but more quiet and calm with their story telling. I thought it won't attract many people to watch. But I'm happy that now it's popular. And like most of you had said, the OST is to die for....
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    My dear @gm4queen you must really watch this, so do join us... @Phoenix26thanks for sharing the survey info... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “One Spring Night,” Jung Hae In, And Han Ji Min Become Most Buzzworthy Drama And Actors On May 28, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ratings of the most buzzworthy dramas and cast members. MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” topped the list of most buzzworthy dramas. After premiering to solid ratings on May 22, the drama became the most buzzworthy drama of the week, with Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min also placing No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, on the buzzworthy actors list. Check out the top 10 TV dramas this week: 1. MBC “One Spring Night” – 21.07 percent https://www.soompi.com/article/1328038wpp/one-spring-night-jung-hae-in-and-han-ji-min-become-most-buzzworthy-drama-and-actors
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    At this point, if I die alone, blame Ryan Gold - this man is way too perfect for real life. I need him and no one else.
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    lord jesus that hat ... who lied to him and said it was a good idea ....WHO ??... but he looks soo young and adorable in it ... personally i find that for me to truly love a drama , i should be able to look at the plot holes in the face and tell them "bring it on" ... for those who can't am afraid my humor isn't for you ... @tan10can i saw your post after i posted this so i needed to edit to shout out to you ... this one is episode 13 ... 14 coming up ... it always surprises me when people say am good at writing because honestly it was the most difficult for me in high school and still is ... at some point i wanted to take it seriously but my experience with it made me uncertain ...the ideas are alkways playing in my head but honestly i just need to love a fandom enough and it brings out the writer in me ...
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    -Eating, sleeping, dreaming with lion -Talking non stop about lion -Gif and tagging friends with lion pic 4 times daily (or more than that? I lost count mwahahah) Sounds terminal? No? This lion for u @Ameera Ali to hug & reduce ur symptoms at night
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    Ah yes, it's Ahn Jae Wook-sunbaenim in Busted. But now she has two Jae Wook oppas in her life For those who are interested in watching the clip, PMY is an ace member in Busted (she always picks up the clues quickly): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1PUYt2svhc My vote for favourite reel vs real moments. Can't decide which one makes my heart flutter more
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    @seoseo dear why do you have to nitpick about everything there was nothing wrong in her post as she simply said they were happy and adorable in bts which I guess a non fan will agree too.As her fan despite being tired from live filming seeing how relaxed and happy she is make me happy too.Sometimes it can be annoying if you pinpoint everything specially if it's a harmless post (as long it's limited in this forum that too in respectable way everything is fine).Have a great day ahead
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    At least Her Private Life is still in the 2nd and the leads are in top 5 (no 3 and 5). It's still popular. Agree with you. Whoever casted PMY and KJW together in this drama, hope you will be blessed forever in your life. Same with the future casting director who will cast these two again in the future But I am okay if they won't be in a drama/movie/variety show together again if they are going from reel to real (pardon my shipper heart) Anyway, just found out this. And this is exactly like Ryan Gold's daily life! https://www.instagram.com/p/BtkrqTCAYWg/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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    me right now this show has given me everything every Asian drama ever has refused to give me ... KJW and PMY i see you ...
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    If PMY sees this she might take it as a To-do list. Three down, two to go. Gotta catch them all
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    I've recently joined soompi just because of KPL. The last time I was so impressed with an actor was with Mark Chao (TMOB). I'm quite old to be fangirl or that stuff but yes KJW is admirable as a man and an actor. Mark Chao knocks me down by his superb acting, and KJW does more than that because beside his acting skills, he's lucky to have a flawless masculine beauty. It's kind of funny when I discovered another topic on PPC where a dozen of girls continue to cherish their dream on those two P and P. Personally I like PSJ a lot, he's a good actor and nice, cute and warm guy. I just feel sorry for him and PMY when they become a kind of romantic martyrs for extreme fangirls. They can idealise their favourite movie's characters, but to a point as making creepy and sometimes rude rumours on the actors and actresses, well, it's really childlike and toxic. If I were PMY, I would feel very offended when those fangirls keep ignoring my denial on the dating rumours (especially accompanied by tears and firm words). It's like "Well just ignore PMY because she's a liar. We are going to dig more into her life to find "prooves"." PSJ may be cool for young girls who fancy idol boys but KJW's charm would win the heart of any women in general. He's simply irresistible and no surprise if PMY was completetly seduced. She is a woman before an actress :p. If her heart survives after this KJW's tsunami of seduction, well, she can become a new Jeanne d'Arc (or otherwise KJW's personality would not be her favourite style in real life.)
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    Actually, from what I watched of HPL so far, I have one main issue with the show. I’m not really feeling the romantic comedy genre of the show... Not sure if it’s a guy thing or what, but for a rom-com show, I kind of expected certain characters who were just there to entertain and be like the joke carriers of the show, (those that watched WWWSK would get what I mean) but to be honest, as I watched on from the early point in the episodes where PMY offered some funny scenes through some realistic acting on her part, I found myself kind of baffled how this drama was labeled a romantic comedy.. So if I had to break it down, there could be other reasons why HPL did not fare as well as it was projected, but personally if I had to label its genre, maybe something along the lines of Melocomedy or Romantic melodrama is slightly better since most of the scenes in the drama touch more on emotional love and not really slapstick comedy or romance. You could also say I would not have expected so highly of the comedic moments if they altered the genre slightly. I mean, it got so bad that even a medical suspense drama like Doctor Prisoner had more comedic scenes than HPL, and I was way more interested in that show despite HPL despite the lack of romance. A casual thought though, did anyone get the vibe that PSJ actually did open his heart to PMY during the show be it in the live interview and during the broadcast, it’s like PMY was everything to him and PSJ’s assurance meant a lot to her. It is probably these hidden actions that really gave us shippers the confidence and energy to keep going for 800 pages. *Warning* (Not safe for work) <read with caution> Anyway, after seeing how PSJ squeezes PMY from behind a couple of times in the drama, I wonder how they are like off-scene, some of the old shippers did mention that PSJ had certainly violated some sacred areas of PMY, I for one as a guy cannot really say much since it could make me look like a pervert, but I would like to know what you girls think? My opinion is you can only be someone special to really do that kind of stuff, I don’t really have siblings so I cannot say if that happens, but to me, that kind of openness and acceptance from PMY really hits PSJ in the sense that you are someone she can trust and leave herself in your care without any worries, probably the best possible feeling a guy will have in terms of understanding a girl in its most simplistic form. Sorry for the long post, I always wanted to understand how people reacted to the actions of PSJ and PMY and it might have been mentioned before but now that there are newer blood, would like to see if there’s any differing opinions. Apologies in advance if there’s anyone under 16 here who is not supposed to learn this, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of bringing it up because i was just dying to know the answer!
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    New stills featuring Dan investigated at a police station - my guess is that YS will realize Dan is the man from the park bench after he gives her his handkerchief and let's him be arrested for stalking source: KBS Furthermore, a bigger version of the previous stills source: KBS
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    Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook are such a happy couple behind the scenes. No barriers, always laughing and being adorable with each other.
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    so he kissed fake veronica park?... now, all he has to do is kiss gal hee and he will be like "wait a minute, why do those lips and kiss feel familiar? omo, I have been betrayed! I have been cheated!" cue angst and lots of crying. we can title it "the kiss betrayal"
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    Okay this is what I've understand on the raw but first lemme talk about the kiss. It was bittersweet, DMN told her the truth that he couldn't see her face so he asked if he can kiss her because he wants to be able to kiss the person he ever likes because he thinks he may not be able to love anyone because of his disease. VPGH of course didn't gave her permission first but for GH also, it would be like her only way to kiss the person she likes so its like the permission she gave him was also for her because this may be the last time. DMN hesitates to kiss her because he can't see her face and so where her lips is and so GH told him to move closer like directing where her lips is then decided to initiate it. It was romantic in a sense but really it is sad, why can't they just kiss as DMN and GH!!!! About the preview...GH seemed to be cheering up DMN because of the recent break up and it seems like she told him that she likes him (but he may interpreted it as like not love?) but he is giving her flowers so maybe GH really did confess. Then DMN might be thinking that he could forget VPGH if he try courting or falling in love with GH (but dude, you're already in love with her!!!). If it is really what will happen, it will make their relationship more complicated- GH will get hurt more because deep inside her heart she thinks that it will never be the real her who DMN love. As for my favorite scene. I don't really understand what they were saying when GH was seating inside a coffee shop (i think) and DMN entered the shop after taking the call from his doctor. But I kinda get the gist of what their narrations is...It was like they were inside a dream wherein they could spend that day or amount of time together like lovers then after the clock strikes 12, the magic will go away. They won't be seeing each other again and be like a total stranger, in DMN's part he does not know what she looks like and for GH this is the end of pretense. And so the two decided to just go with the flow, be in their own fairy tale before the magic ends. P.S. Thanks for our recappers. Again, you guys are the best!
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    @cenching , @Lawyerh @Kasmic I only see rainbow & talk rainbow is that symptom as well @Lawyerh my own lion toy - but when are u gonna kidnapped real one for me
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    GUYS. The reason he was hesitating before kissing her was because he didn't know where her lips were. He can't see her face. That's why it was sweet because she was helping him (and of course also because she wanted to)
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    PMY looks so cute here. She hopped to him like a bunny. Fearless bunny hopped to Lion
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    Kim Jae Wook Attempts To Cook A Delicious Meal For Park Min Young In “Her Private Life” May 28, 2019 by U. Kim Kim Jae Wook will become Park Min Young’s personal chef for her birthday in tvN’s “Her Private Life”! “Her Private Life” is about the romance between perfect art gallery curator Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young) and her boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). In the new preview stills, Sung Duk Mi has a facial expression indicating high expectations for the Korean-style seaweed soup (a dish Koreans eat on birthdays) Ryan Gold is preparing for her. He looks attractive with his rolled-up sleeves and unbuttoned shirt, but the dried seaweed in front of him is hilariously massive and appears to be enough to feed 20 people. Regardless, the two look undeniably content in each other’s presence. The stills build anticipation for viewers to find out whether Ryan Gold will successfully cook up a nice meal for Sung Duk Mi. Only two episodes remain until the conclusion of “Her Private Life.” The penultimate episode will air on May 29 at 9:30 p.m. KST via tvN. Watch the latest episode below while you wait!
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    As the drama is coming to end I will share few of my fav moments of our beautiful labbit couple .The drama wasn't flawless but both pmy and kjw made up for everything.i can literally watch them being lovey dovey in the all episodes thats essence of romcom dramas for me with no push n pull game and I really hope there won't be any noble idiocy thing in the last episodes as their rel has always been firm and I know they will overcome it otherwise it would be a total waste.The team bonding in behind the scenes were on another level hope all of them continue to be friends in real life too.Kjw is a gentleman and I am really happy that pmy got to work with him even though in future she will work with another talented actors I would love see them in another project cause I know they will rock.Lastly congratulations and good luck to the whole team they did a good job in putting a realistic love story of our couple regardless of rating and all cause in the end it's all about LOVE .To all the shippers keep loving them but within the boundaries you know what I mean . Cr-tumblr Cuteeeee!!!!!! Rest under spoiler Lol it will be never ending set of gifs cause each and every moment they shared was beautiful.Fighting hpl!
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    New stills, think this is the morning after. Ryan just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, making seaweed soup for Deok-mi's birthday
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    @Pmyonly it first I thought they (JH and GS) are looking in each other, until I saw the big pictures. I can't wait to know what will happen in the library.
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    Only Ryan Gold can pull this off with class. Also, how hot is Kim Jae-wook applying lipstick on Park Min-young?
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    Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Have Some Fun With Lips And Lipstick In “Her Private Life” Drama Preview May 29, 2019 by R. Jun Ahead of the May 29 episode, tvN’s “Her Private Life” dropped some preview images of the main couple’s upcoming “lipstick kiss,” sweet enough to revive the deadest of hearts. In the stills, Kim Jae Wook (playing Ryan Gold) is reluctant to be apart from Park Min Young (Sung Duk Mi) as she gets ready for work, and eventually turns her around in her chair to assist her with her makeup. Once done, Park Min Young pulls Kim Jae Wook in for a kiss, teasing viewers with just one of many sweet and romantic moments to come this week. “Her Private Life” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST. Catch up with the latest episode of “Her Private Life” below:
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    As a drama watcher, I hate misunderstandings, especially the ones that linger. As a writer, I get that it can be a great tool to keep and move a plot along, however, I really wish that GH had told DMI the truth. Even if he didn't believe her, if she told him, it would be less angst and she could stop this ridiculous charade. The fact is, as interesting as VP is, she and DMI are not compatible. DMI is looking for real love, preferrably with someone who is loyal and as into him and he is with them. That is not VP. She fell head over heels for DJ because he isn't interested in her. That lack of interest. That laissez-faire attitude of his is somehow driving her crazy in a romantic way. DMI is the complete opposite. He shows his interest and isn't afraid to be vulnerable and say when he needs someone. So, NO. He is not in love with the real VP. Even when he spoke in front of the shareholders and could see for a minute. He took one look at VP and was look who is that and moved his attention back to GH. There was no love at first sight or anything like that. His reasons for liking the fake VP aren't based on anything physical or even the fact that she is a CEO. He likes the personality and the kindness fake VP/GH has shown. Where things have gotten muddled is how familiar GH is now that he has recognized interest in the fake VP. He can't help but notice the similarities, then when he saw her face, he leaned on his illness instead of realizing that it was actually GH pretending to be VP because he couldn't imagine that GH would like him after everything he has put her through. Twice, Dr. Gu has asked him about liking GH and both times, he has panicked and his blood pressure has risen. DMI knows that there is something there, but in typical k-drama fashion, he hasn't connected the dots and realized that he is in love with her. I think the separation isn't going to come from him finding out she is a fake VP, but rather his uncle finding out that he has a new health issue. When he had the whole compression stocking incident with the cleaning lady, he specifically asked GH to fetch his suit, which she did. However, it was already too late and the uncle had already seen what he left in his pocket. I can see DMI jumping the gun and assuming that GH gave that form to the uncle like his former secretary did. So, let's brace ourselves.
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    Lol! I keep rewatching the kiss scene . It was good . It was not the usual dead fish or surprised first kiss , no awkward pauses . KYK & JKJ have got good rhythm as I don’t see weird edits / cuts ...they really went for it ..why am I even analysing this scene ! ? KYK made my day he posted this . He’s happily poking fun at himself
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    Sounds like Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting
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    5 Emotion-Filled Moments From Episodes 13 And 14 Of “Her Private Life” May 28, 2019 by binahearts Another week has gone by, and Ryan (Kim Jae Wook) and Duk Mi (Park Min Young) remain as being the most adorable couple ever. But with the series slowly winding down, there’s a lot of loose ends being tied and feelings being felt. Here’s a look at five emotion-filled moments from episodes 13 and 14. Warning: Spoilers from episode 13 and 14 ahead.
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    i've just read tomorrow is the last day of hpl filming. so only 1 day left..after tomorrow, pmy can rest. cheer up MY!!
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    Hello beautiful people... Dear @Lawyerh chingu, you just influenced me to visit this thread!! And this thread already looks beautiful with everything!! Wave to @bebebisous33 & @thistle chingus as well! I haven't watched this drama yet but it already attracts me with sweetness... So how do we go now..??! I think it's only 4 eps so far!!! And I love the pics of @Chellsee friend has posted above!! They look utterly cute together!!! Now I really need to watch this series.... Happy spring, ya'll!! I'll be back!!
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