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    Ryan's hands in pockets interpretation: Someone posted regarding Ryan Gold's hand in pockets and because this thread is moving so fast, I could not find the poster to give credit. Anyhow, I went to find out what hands in pocket body language indicate and there are many interpretations of hands in pocket but they need to be interpreted with the rest of the body language, expression in the face, body posture in relation to the person. In other words analyze the gesture in context with the situation. It can either be interpreted as weak, untrustworthy and unconfident or interpreted as sexy and cool, confident and authoritative or as simple as just wanting to place hands somewhere for comfort or because it is cold and putting hands in pocket is to warm the hands with body heat. So, I picked the ones that I think fits our sexy, self assured and sometimes cocksure (pun intended) .... Ryan Gold Confidence. Confident men often keep a hand in one pocket, leaned slightly forward with a strong level stance on braced legs. Tony Robbins for example takes this pose a lot. It is one that men who notice will mimic because the pose displays a confidence that people respect. Comfort. It is entirely possible that a man just wants to be comfortable and pockets are a safe and comfortable place to put their hands. A comfortable stance with hands rested in the pockets of their pants can be more comfortable than trying to figure out where to put them. This is not meant to be a disconcerting action, just one of comfort that also indicate that whatever they are doing or whatever conversation they are having is worth their time. Control. Do you ever feel an urge to reach out and touch someone? Do you ever feel like the anchor to reality is standing in front of you and to reach out is to hold on? Perhaps if the person is feeling overwhelmed, he may just want to put his hands in his pockets. examples of Ryan Gold in hands in his pocket: The kiss scene: the conversation before the kiss... he has his hands in both pockets, his stance relaxed but purposeful, his face intently listening and empathetic, he was where he wanted to be and doing whatever he was there for because it was worth his time, it was important for him to be where he was at that time. I also think at that moment he was exerting some control from just reaching out to hold Deokmi because he wanted to give her space and time to say what she needed to say and let her know that he was listening. The one hand in his pocket for first gentle kiss, was to me supremely sexy, confident and gentle (someone said, suave and cool...that too). It was a non agressive kiss, saying "may I"? Ahhhhhhhhh, what woman would not melt.... yes, yes, yes, you may, you may.... then after looking at DM face giving the okay, both hands out of the pocket and .... well..... I am going to watch it again... Showing authority and confidence: Can't remember what episode it was, I think 3 or 4 where Ms Eom went to visit Ryan and demanded that he fire Deok Mi. He refused reminding Ms Eom that one of the conditions for his hiring as the Director is having the authority to manage and make decisions regarding the museum. Ms Eom stood up and said, "that means you don't want to fire her," then put her hands in her pockets and looking at Ryan still seated on his chair stated that she will fire DM herself. Ryan then stood up put his hands in his pocket with all his height looked down on MS Eom and told her he knew of the Ivanov painting that was illegally brought to the museum and that could make more trouble for her husband who is already in trouble with the law. DM was not fired but petty Eom who knew she lost the argument with Ryan took it out on DM and slapped her and Ryan apologized to DM for the slap. The first sexy mouthwatering wall scene: SJ was taking the pictures and told them to make it real and DM to make it look like they were in a make out mood. DM was the only one whose hands were moving putting her hands on Ryan's chest and her head close to Ryan, who had his hands on his pockets. He was not comfortable doing anything else with his hands because at that time, he thought that SJ and DM were lovers until he got permission from SJ to act as if he was into DM, then his hands were out of his pockets and into action and to the wall they went. That scene too was spine tingling...but very funny from Ryan's wrong view that he was doing a fake makeout scene with a lesbian being photographed by the rich lover.... hahahaha The other times he has his hands in his pockets are mostly in his personal office, his space and when he is thinking or having a conversation which to me indicates comfort and sometimes authority. Ryan also does not like holding hands because he does not like the feeling of his hands being let go as it reminds him of his mother letting go of his hands when she abandoned him. So, perhaps putting his hands in his pockets are a sign of comfort to him, it holds him up and warms him. Those are my interpretations of hands in pockets of the dearest man, Ryan Gold.
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    Omo.... this is destiny! Remember to take a detour while walking home every now and then! I read somewhere that the translation for the press conference was corrected. What PMY apparently said was that she hasn't worked with older co-stars for a while (probably referring to her recent dramas where the male lead was younger than her). Incident 1: Sinigil rips Ryan's blazer sleeve off accidentally at the airport (this one is the one he cannot reveal yet as @Doramy already pointed out) Incident 2: DM's foundation make-up got smeared on Ryan's clothes after she fell/crashed onto him when she did the "Jagi-yah" sprint-and-trip-while-running-in-heels sequence. Incident 3: Jacket that Ryan lent to DM after she got drenched in SA's toilet when she accidentally turned on the shower. Incident 4 (don't know if this is counted, since it's the rain, not DM's fault): Jacket that Ryan lent to DM after she got drenched in the pouring rain while trying to push the Ryan's car that got trapped in the mud. Incident 5: Gimbap that fell on Ryan's trousers because DM is lousy at using chopsticks LOL Wait for the CSI crew to step in to find more instances (I'm sure I missed out something)
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    Where do i begin?.. just the thought of finally writing down my HPL thoughts takes my breath away I know... i know.. such a noob at this point ... #kimjaewookmademedoit Listing down my favorite scenes/moments from HPL: 1. The way Ryan was introduced while still in NY looking at paintings - KJW really looked like an artist 2. When Ryan realized how he was so inconsiderate not to give up his hotel room for SJ and DM - LOl 3. Conversation between KJW and DM at the gallery when he caught her still at the office and staring at the artwork/s - heartfelt conversation 4. Fake dating photoshoot at the gallery alley - this gets me all the time. I believe this is where it truly started for DM and Ryan 5. Theme park date - bubble memory scene - KJW’s expression, DM offering her hand scene, cherry blossom walk beautiful scenes 6. Annyeong conversation at the Writer’s cabin - stares, heartbeats, feelings 7. Car ride after getting drunk with Co-workers - this scene was so cinematic! Music, shots all on point 8. Passcode scene - something so honest and vulnerable about this scene 9. When Ryan caught DM’s paintbrush scene - love Ryan’s expression here 10. Blindfold scene - when Ryan removed the blindfold and gazed at her after that kiss - all the feels - hearts all over the world, even though it was just in DM’s imagination, truly one of the best scenes in kdrama 11. Lunch scene with co-workers - DM can’t help but find Ryan sooo cute when he blinked twice 12. Major Kiss scene at the wood shop - but specifically when Ryan let DM off the table and kissed her again while they walked off - looked so realistic - KJW was that you? 13. Necklace gift scene - specifically when he looked at her after putting it on - my heart! 14. Wrist kiss - looks like a KJW original 15. Last scene from Ep 10. - very cool and collected boyfriend, just wants to talk to his girlfriend and let her know, it’s okay for me too see you this way, i know... i know.. i know you’re private life and its okay
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    @zenya22 wow..i never thought that you would study Ryan's hand in his pocket body language that deep! You are definitely our body language expert for this thread .. that was a very good interpretation about Ryan's hand in the pocket! and yes i noticed he did put his hand in his pocket in a lot of scenes..damnnn...he looks so classy when he do that.. Yorobun..look at his hot natural smirk..One of the most attractive smirk I've ever seen in kdrama... Ohh my heartuuu!! This Ryan Gold fever is so dangerous to my health I'm so addicted to this drama like dunno how many times already i had repeated this smirk scene and the wrist kiss..LOL KJW smiled after PMY kissed him... This is the real smile of KJW or the smile of RG?
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    @Lawyerh, @Sarang21 @Sejabin & @lu09 I need a copy of this
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    @cenching @niniwu97 & @aintnodrama maybe he collects her shirt , as good fanboy would do why him saying that make me like
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    Let's hope that Ryan decides that it's his turn to ruins DM's shirt......
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    Big difference between the gallery staff and EG. The gallery staff don't know that DM and RG were in a fake relationship, they thought they were dating for real and they assumed they broke up over DI because DM was all hurt and acting bratty as if she had a real break up. They don't know that it was not a reconciliation, that it was actually the beginning of a new relationship. So, their reactions are actually hilarious, (if they only knew). EG knows more than them that it was fake dating. He started feeling jealous when he realized that DM and RG were becoming more than boss and underling as in friends when RG was invited to DM's parents's house for dinner. But before that the morning after RG and DM came from the writer's house when SJ's employee ran into RG's car and DM went to the cafe dreamy eyed and smiling brightly, EG went into this scolding mode saying, what male boss will take his female underling to an overnight trip can't be trusted and DM defended RG with "My Director is not like that". Both SJ and EG looked at her and SJ asked "my Director?". Then DM forgot to tell them that SJ's employee was the one who got into an accident and is in the hospital. I think at that time both SJ and EG realized that DM was developing feelings for her boss. They are both her friends and concerned about DM but have different reactions because SJ is not territorial, EG is, in other words his concern is more about himself losing DM than being concerned about his friend. He just always thought that he was the "special friend" of DM.
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    Boyfriend Rule#10 crt quotes frm goodboyfriendquotes.com
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    Hello fellow Her Private Life fans!! Did you notice how in the next episode preview there's a scene where DM is wearing a blue shirt while RG is still in the shirt he's worn during their "confrontation". I'm REALLY curious how did this happen and I am surprised no one pointed this out. Also...Do you think it's his shirt she's wearing? It really looks more his style than hers.
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    They’re contributing to global warming, I swear!!! Sung Deokmi and Ryan Gold are absolutely burning! I totally loved how Ryan has been so attentive to Deokmi, despite her apparent initial “rejection” of him that he would reference things she had said before about how if Sian can’t make you smile, then you must really be ill. He did that too when Sian was talking to him about their “fate” and he went through all his “files” in his memory of her fangirling and puts together clues that helps him understand her better. The attention to details! And Deokmi too, basking in new found love, totally pliant to Ryan’s touch. Sian has moved down a couple of notches from obsession to just hobby now and things seem to be in much more of a balance now, as far as the spread of energies. And doesn’t anyone else love how Sian so endearingly calls Deokmi “noona” as well? He’s found a new family! About Eungi though... I suddenly feel sorry for him. Sorry that he only realised (and articulated) it too late that he regards Deokmi as a woman, and not a sibling. Although, y’know, I actually don’t think her parents would approve of him as a Son-in-law, simply because they regard him as a son and they would not be comfortable with it. As for Dain, I wonder what it is she observed or knows of Ryan and the Lee Sol paintings...
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    Loving the drama so far...it’s bright breezy and fun...the second leads are slightly evil but show their vulnerable side as well... showing that waiting til your crush realises you are there does not work....it’s desperation that’s pushing them to behave in this way....their one last stand against what is a lost battle.....so I’ll give them that space..... i like it that they are playing their romance as a more adult/ mature one....both being in their 30s...naturally DM still needs some time to adjust to being in the light after hiding in her shinagil home equivalent of a bat cave....though the hiding bit seemed a little silly... it was a good standoff scene between both boys since EG was always her big Brother protector....but of course now he’s facing the grown up BF...the ultra cool and urbane RG....it perfectly illustrates all their positions in dms life.. regards to lust and love....am sorry but one cannot face a Ryan lion and not drop straight into lust territory....lol... plus she was already having mini fantasies......soooooooo..... he is super sweet and hot all rolled into one...haven’t seen one of these specimens in k drama land in a while... KNG was holding the bad boy spot til this one came along....didn’t realise they were both in a series called bad guy...lol....yes have dropped into fangirl mode and trawling through YouTube....strongly recommend antique bakery if you want a taste of his demonic charm ....lol
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    I've gone long enough lurking, and to preface, lemme just say I'm probably among the most unlikely Kdrama romcom fan here. I'm a straight 31 year old male with a loving wife and daughter, I love and play basketball, video games are my jam. And man, do I love HPL. I recently got into Kdramas after watching WWWSK and instantly became a PMY fanboy. I've watched Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter. I'm actually exclusively watching PMY dramas lmao. (only reason I haven't watched 7 days Queen is because it's a sad drama, but I'll probably get to that soon if the PMY well dries up). But WWWSK is still my favorite. Or was. I think HPL is ready to supplant it as my number one. It's such a good romance story, it's awesome watching these 2 characters' relationship develop, as they fall in love and learn about each other. Romcoms have always been my favorite movie genre, I usually go on Netflix binges of romcoms (to the ever amusement of my wife who's more into action/adventure movies and shows), but I never quite found a story I really liked. Until I discovered Kdramas. You almost never see Western shows or movies that portray and develop romance the way kdrama does. There's always some kind of overarching problem or deeper reason behind a show, the romance is always a secondary part of the narrative. In WWWSK and HPL, the romance takes center stage, and they both do it brilliantly. And PMY, man, I don't think I've ever had a celebrity crush quite like I've had on her. Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, she always dresses extremely well, and is an amazing actress to boot. I've always seen her called the Queen of Chemistry, and it's crazy how shippable she is with each of her male co-stars. Here I was thinking ParkPark couple can't be topped, and JaeMin arguably beats it. And her facial expressions, wow. So expressive. There was one scene in WWWSK where PSJ brings her food to her place, and PMY is super ecstatic to see him but is trying to hide her excitement. Then for HPL, there's also this ep 10 scene with the gallery staff badmouthing RG and she has all these expressions ranging from annoyance to surprise. And her kisses, I think most everyone has covered how good she is in all her shows. I apologize for this long af rant, just want to express my love for this show and for PMY while I'm desperately waiting for Wednesday to arrive. Unless the PD screws up the ending somehow, HPL is topping WWWSK as my favorite drama. WWWSK was funnier and more of a modern fairy tale, but HPL is by far more romantic, more mature, and more grounded. Already don't know what to do once the drama ends (probably re-watch it repeatedly lmao.
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    Speaking of continuity errors, am I seeing things or is that PMY's Mickey Mouse blanket draped over her front in this shot?
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    I watched WWWSK until the end because I really liked Secretary Kim's character (and I suspended any expectations about the plot), but honestly she deserved a lot better than Lee Young Joon. She deserved Ryan Gold! (Good thing she's getting him now, haha). I also liked her chemistry with Park Seo Joon, but now seeing HPL, her chemistry with KJW blows that clear out of the water.
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    I have to say — Kim Jae Wook gets better looking as he gets older.
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    It's a thin line between real and reel. Actors are normal people, sometimes they got carried away with their role. The kisses, of course, KJW (as Ryan Gold). This freaking hot guy even looking hot & sexy while kissing and hug a guy. Just wanna share, KJW has been very detail in interpreting his role. That is why we can see, his whole body is in sync with the scene and his character. Look at his eyes, it speaks volume, not to forget his other body language. And thank god, PMY plays it well. Like all said she is rom-com queen. ' And I like the actress who plays Choi Da In here. I think she is a good 2nd lead. The way she delivers her character is so neutral.
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    @Sejabin now that you watch episode 10 , tell me what he mean about her ruined his clothes multiple times only can remember twice maybe he see future, she would rip his clothes in episode 11 @Lawyerh join this insightful discussion , how many she ruined his clothes , isn't he adorable how he change discussion
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    Sorry, if I post wrong thread... You know, this scense help me to remember BTS in Reply 1988, Hyeri also cared Ryu Jun Yeol's hair, and they were comfortable together while filming. And now, everybody know... BTW, thank you for your post @fangirldeokjil94
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    Hello everyone, Finally decided to de-lurking. All this while I just read Soompi without an account. But this show really makes my heart flutter and STS everytime I remember their scene. Actually, I am not a rom-com fan. I am invested in more serious drama or crime action drama. The reason I started this drama is because of KJW. He was my crush during coffee prince and I've been following him since then (not really a die hard fan, but more to love him crafts). He is one of the rare artist if I could say - free spirited artist. He knows what he wants and would not go against his heart. As his follower, I believe he received many lead role offer before. But maybe this role really open his heart to try and BOOOMMM he becomes the epitome of k-drama hero. Ryan Gold represented K-drama male lead that I would always want - full of respect and with a superb EQ and KJW portrayed it very well till last 10th episode. While PMY compliment him well. I used to see her in Healer and yes, she is good. I don't really familiar with her, however, I'm so happy both work well and here we have splendid chemistry from both our lead. And for the longest kiss that they had..................... Ahem, it's feeling real tho. This is what two mature people in reality do. When I said mature, yes, it should be 30s If you took it as a lust, well love & lust always come together dear. So thank you KJW & PMY for expressing it very REAL
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    Hmm, for me, I agree with Ryan's decision to tell Deok Mi that he knows about her being Sinagil, and I think it's consistent with Ryan's character. It's also him being honest with her. I think it's also better for their new relationship that this is brought out in the open now rather than later. Well, I was also a little ticked off at Deok Mi in that last scene. I already felt that she was being a brat in episode 9 but I could still understand her in some way, but the whole hiding behind Eun Gi was just way too immature. I think it's time for her to get going with her growth arc. (As for Eun Gi and Da In, I just skip their scenes whenever I can, i.e. when Ryan isn't in the scene too. They're just too uninteresting to me. )
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    In this one is so true said about male lead! Ryan is so real so kind, mature and worm! You just cant You must fall in love. And he is SO HOT!!!!
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    It turns out that Deokmi's house is 10 minutes walking from my house https://imgur.com/a/19zki6U
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    I agree. If you watch closely the scene, both RG and EG are competing to show who deserves or know DM situation at that time. RG wants to talk to her gf who is hiding and keep silent behind another man, and EG is protecting his friend who also the woman he loves. Its a battle but a gentleman battle as both of them being matured and not let anger took them over. If you noticed, RG turn away after EG ‘confessed’. I think he wanted to leave but he stops, take a deep breathe and turn back. What i get from his body language at that time is, he needs to use his card “that he knows she is RTS”. Not to be above the rest or above EG (coz obviously EG knew) but more like telling DM “It’s okay, i know you and u don’t have to hide from me”. As a boyfriend seeing yourvgf hiding from u behind another man must hurt him and his ego a bit. So he wants to ensure DM that she can trusts him.
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    Oh guys! Someone on tumblr noticed that the second wrist kiss might have not been in the script!! Here's the post https://patmingsoo-ifnt.tumblr.com/post/184806467329
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    Mianhaeyo...My eagle eyes found this so called mistake that the Director nim and the team has done in this scene.. This scene is right after Ryan & DM suddenly stopped kissing each other because Ryan had mistakenly pushed the woods while he kissed DM and then they laughed..And how come that woods behind DM still there? Hello??? and this.. suddenly those woods no longer there...LOL If you guys replay again the scene.. it's so obvious that they actually did 2 different take for this scene...i wonder why they didn't noticed about this? of perhaps they thought viewers will not noticed about it? it's not a big deal but as a viewers, I'm a bit busy body to know why such mistake happened... I'm a very detailed person so maybe it's easy for me to noticed on something like this happen in a drama..Well, they should have hire me to become the Asst Director or the editor for this drama..
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    @50okie lol maybe we feel like they have been dating for ages because we have repeated their kisses, both imaginary and real, for thousands of times. and just read Aya on Dramabeans said: Nothing about the marketing of this show appealed to me so i'm late to the party but this show is adorable, i'm still catching up but it's so nice to see Kim Jae Wook play someone stable lol. -> Ryan Gold is definitely very stable and calm. I don't watch his previous dramas but get a quick look of him in "Voice". It's hard to believe they are played by the same actor, right?
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    So observant about the phones! Hmmm.. I remember @fangirldeokjil94 said KJW was using a big phone, so it must be a big Iphone yah? On a side note, I feel concerned about that conversation between Ryan & Da In. It surely has to do with the big tear drops in the preview. I just love all you CSI investigators pinning down the details, dissecting and analyzing them. Keep it up!! That’s why I hang out here.. Here’s the eng sub BTS, very cute! All credits to Instagram owners
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    i'm a straight male but Ryan Gold is sure shining in this drama. Where was he hiding before this? and i never expected for this drama to be this good.
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    (Busan Contents Market) 2019. (credit to @younghoonmoon )
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    Agree. I also liked this moment. The rival comes out of the apartment of his girlfriend, DM is behind the guy, Ryan is told to leave ... But Ryan is a real man. He just calmly said that he knew everything. Like a real lion! King of beasts! He simply does not have to arrange disputes and disassembly ... Yes Yes Yes! And in general, the very smile of Ryan makes the heart tremble. Especially beautiful insidious smile Leo!
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    Apologies for cutting your post short; I also think the peck on the lips after the wrist kiss was minyoung's touch; you could see it from the way she laughs and ranaway. Talking about the wrist kiss ,I am not sure about the first one but I think the second one wasn't part of the script cos after jaewook kissed her , she look away ,as if looking at the director to see if its okay and continue and from the way jaewook laughed and said he would stop ,he seems like someone playing pranks and enjoying himself. Also at during the tour bus scene ,when RG put his arm behind DM , minyoung seems surprised and also look a little at the camera before relaxing against him and the look on RG face was like Jaewook telling her her to go along ,there was even a very slight pause before he put his hand around her back,(or I am actually seeing things due to too much replay?) This might be my delulu vision but they seem so into each other and always look at each other as if they share a secret joke we are not privy to,( I actually won't be surprised if they start dating for real).......this drama makes me have the feel I had then when reading those old Harlequin and mills and boon romance novel...... P.S; RG is the most vulnerable male lead I have ever seen in a kdrama. He seems so manly and vulnerable at the same time especially at the scene where he asked her if they are dating for real cos she suddenly started acting formal with him ,you could see his vulnerability when he asked the question and his relief when she replied him with the response that " you are supposed to go to jail if you kiss someone and not date.
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    Hello everyone, Its so lovely to hear everybody's thoughts on HPL. This is by far one of the best Kdramas I have watched, especially in the genre of romantic comedies. The characters are realistic, performances are amazing and the production quality also seems pretty good. Re the relationship between Ryan Gold and Sung Deok Mi, one thing that really struck me (besides all that has been previously discussed at length) was the significant difference in the experience levels of RG and DM, especially in the field of romance and relationships. RG is a man of the world. He has had a western, liberal upbringing and he has experienced what most men his age in western countries experience. He has been in multiple relationships and it seems that none of them have lasted for too long. I am definitely interested in finding out why. I am probably over-analyzing here, but he told DM during their first date that they should do everything that can be done in Seoul. So, does he not see this relationship in a space outside of Seoul? I have no doubt that RG truly cares for DM, but he still remains mysterious. In contrast, DM is rather inexperienced in matters of the heart. She is an ardent fangirl and is used to loving from a distance. DM is someone for whom it is enough to be in a fake relationship. As Seon Joo said, now that DM is actually dating, she has finally grown up. It leads me to believe that DM has not had any serious relationships in the past. When they kissed for the first time, DM just gave into her instincts and followed Ryan's lead. She might seem confident and even bold to some, but she is actually rather naive in my opinion. So when it comes to skinship, she cannot match pace with RG just as of yet. She is aware of her desires, but it is definitely up to RG to make the first move. I think RG understands that DM is not as experienced as he is. Overall, RG adores her and all her goofiness and thats what I really love about this couple. RG is perfect for DM. Can't wait for the next episodes!
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    I respectfully disagree (I don’t hate EG I just find him wildly annoying but that’s beside the point). The secret that Ryan and DM were in a fake relationship was not his to reveal so yes, that is a strike from me. Your other points I can see your point of view, but it doesn’t change the fact that EG suddenly became jealous, possessive, and cringy nice (something he wasn’t showing before Ryan came into the picture). And to be frank, I found his confession worse than the “I know you’re Sinagil” thing but maybe it’s just me.
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    I'm enjoying reading all your lovely comments. I'm laughing and smiling too! I wish I could join you all. I'm not ignoring anyone. I am not caught up yet! But can I share something? RYAN GOLD is perfect. Me when I see Ryan Gold: And I love his outfits. I love the way he dresses! He is so sexy! I got sad when he went to the hospital! I was like NOOOOO! I'm glad Deok Mi was by his side Ok. Ignore me! I'm watching right now! Edit: I hope I catch up in time! I want to share my thoughts with all of you
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    guys please take it easy , i still need to catch up with the subbed episodes and you guys just keep on adding more pages for me to read ... and that would just make my thoughts on the episode grow longer ... @cenching as long as i get to see every version ( BTS , every retake on this earth and the official one ) of the shirt being ruined i don't mind ... for research purposes of course ... @niniwu97
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    Okay the ONLY reason I can assume that they cut short the BTS for the kiss scene was that it was +18
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    It was in the clip you shared before lol: "I know that" but but office manager the character literary didnt know that lol : And before this the Office manager actor also teased LDW about kissing scenes w. YIN : "Congratz Kiss Master!"
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    I noticed the sloppy editing as well. The mickey mouse blanket and the wood thing. I can endure the editing because well, it’s an on hoing drama with pretty much live shooting so they won’t have much time to check every detail. And about the wood thing, the scene after the wood fell, when kjw and pmy looked at it, lots of people said that kjw and pmy seems like “out of character” because Ryan’s laugh seems more like KJW real laugh. So, it might be an NGs or BTS that was too good to be cut.
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    Haha I never even noticed any of the editing mistakes, you guys have eagle eyes! I think I am so enamoured with KJW that I actually have no clue as to what else is going on when he's on the screen I rewatched the current episodes last night and I absolutely love how confident he is when he says "Do you want me?". I also love when he calls her 'Curator Seong' for some reason. I think it's just his voice.. and face.. and mannerisms.. ok I am just obsessed and PMY, I've loved her since City Hunter and she just continually impresses me. She's definitely a standout actress of this generation (I'm referencing this generation in contrast to the Song Hye Kyo, Ha Ji Won, Jun Ji Hyun, Choi Ji Woo etc. generation) and is so darn gorgeous! I love her style in this drama and WWWSK, it's so elegant and sophisticated. I absolutely love her in the pink suit, just pure class she is! This is a great drama in that it hasn't had me overthinking everything and while there are certainly some mysterious aspects and good background stories ready to emerge, I am just loving the romcom factor. This is just such a great fun drama to watch and has really nailed the perfect addictive entertaining drama factor! And I'd like to pretend that some of the romantic scenes were completely unscripted even if they were planned cos these two are so natural together and have officially stolen my shipper heart!
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    In my opinion, regardless of how comfortable the two actors are, they generally do not adlib skin ship moments. In the west, every moment in intimate scenes, is described in detail in the script. I remember there was this huge fiasco during Heirs filming because LMH kissed PSH without informing her because they wanted to capture her reaction as such. If I were an actress, I would take offense to being touched without permission, no matter how hot my co-star might be. But the again, if PMY and KJW and the director share a really friendly relationship amongst them, maybe they are comfortable winging it.
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    I have to say, some props have to be given to the PD for making the kiss scene look so natural. In WWWSK (sorry I keep comparing the two but I've never watched PMY's other dramas), the bed scene was very cinematic so we could see the acting involved due to many shots of their faces, etc. In the beginning of episode 10 of HPL, it was shot as if they were being watched, rather than purposefully kissing for a TV show. Especially the second half where they move to the other room; it was mostly a one-shot (with a few very well continued close-ups) that made it appear as if we were watching them from afar. But of course, KJW and PMY are very good kissers (and are very in sync) to be able to pull it off~ And can I just say, this is the first time I've been so active in a forum other than with Reply 1988, but that was more for theories hhhh
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    KJW made a golden decision to finally accept a lead role! So happy how it all worked out great Im so glad he chose HPL. He chose Ryan Gold! PMY as always is Queen! They are a match made in heaven! I dont know how I’ll manage once HPL is over ... my heart! Our hearts!
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    I think for EG, his biggest mistake is he is confident he will get DM as he knows her too well. To him, no other man can tolerate with DM extreme fan girling hobby. He thinks no one will understand that part of DM. That is why when Ryan came into the picture he is shaken and he starts to feel insecure. That’s also the reason why he keeps pointing to DM about her fangirling hobby when he realized DM fall for Ryan. I feel sorry for him but it is his fault too for being too comfortable with his status as DM BFF
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    I have been wondering about this scene tooo because of their shocked faces in the second screenshot if SA figured out she was Shin A Gil... (seems like the scene is at Ryan’s house near his door?) The other thing is that DM had an outfit change and it looks like RG’s shirt
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    I would be offended for 2 different reasons. One is for violation of my body, the other for not trusting my acting skill to be able to act accordingly. I saw the LMH-forcing-PSH kiss scene. It was distasteful and painful to watch. Yes, maybe it achieved the feel LMH wanted, it just looked wrong. Have to be very careful with my words, lest i start a fan war in this joyful thread. Whereas to our lovely couple here, what we love about KJW, he peppered the passionate scenes with tiny cute gestures. He didn't turn a scripted no-kiss to a full eat-her-face kiss. Instead, he added at the end of scripted full make-out scene (at the workshop) with a peck on the lips. He added the wiping of her tears before their first scripted real kiss. He added the stroking of her hair before the imaginary kiss. The word i was looking for was - dominance. I have never felt KJW dominating over PMY. They are so in sync! In fake wall scene and thumb kiss scene , the RG and DM not supposed to kiss, but PMY is so comfortable with KJW and wanted to achieve good visuals, her lips actually touched his. Hers touch his. MY guess, PMY added the peck on the lips after KJW gave the wrist kiss. My brain tells me it's professionalism. My delulu heart thinks they are for real.
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