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    Hi everyone , I’m new here, enjoy reading all of your discussions, feel comfortable & peaceful here. I’m not a Shipper & love Min Young since Healer. [don’t mind to start my first ship!!!!!] To be honest I’m not a Kdrama lover, I enjoy movies more than dramas. I watched Coffee Prince & found KJW attractive, watched his movie “Antique” from an International Film Festival many years ago. Some period of time, I avoid to watch Kdrama, dislike those leading roles who will get cancer or keep crying. Can I share something here? My mom is an addict movie lover (SO DO I, I’m sharing my Top 50 movies with my son who is 10 now), she gives me an universe & taught me watching Alfred Hitchcock/ Charlie Chaplin/ Steven Spielberg's movies/ My Fair Lady/ West Side Story/ Somewhere in Time when I were 7-11 years old. When I became a teenager, she said I can digest more so she showed me “Godfather series”/Gone with the Wind/ Kurosawa Akira movies/ 8 ½ etc. She said better to feel & taste them, and she discussed the theme with me & we’ll share our point of view after the movies. [I appreciate God gives me such an intelligence mother who is also my very best friend] One day she said she found a very high standard Korea movie & brought me to a very small theatre, this is my 1st Korea movie “Christmas In August”, I won’t forget my strong heart beating at that moment. After this, I keep watching “Shiri” & other, start loving Korea movies more than Hollywood movies. [Of course I enjoy watching Avengers & other Marvel & Hollywood movies, but you definitely know what you exact want] After graduated, I helped to promote hometown movies & had unforgettable chances going to Biff/ Berlin/ Toronto Film Festival with the crew. I’m not sure if you know Tony Leung, a famous actor from Hong Kong, I love all his Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Tony’s eyes are full of emotion, happiness/ bitter/ sorrow all can read from his eyes. From HPL, I find KJW same sparkling eyes, I can read the beautiful story & passion from his eyes (I also find them on ‎Ha Jung Woo/ Cate Blanchett/ Jack Jordan etc) . KJW is This kind of talented actor, I can’t control myself & will start watching all his movies/ drama after HPL, not because he’s handsome or sexy, but eager to know how he performed in different roles. [surprisingly read from Magazine, KJW said he accepts offers if he thinks it’s attractive & interesting & doesn’t mind if he’s not a leading role] Tom Cruise, of course he is very rich/ famous/ high influence/ most said he’s handsome/successfully at Mission Impossible series, but he’s not that “Type” of actor, you won’t see his SOUL from his movies. I don’t really understand the taste of Korean & why HPL rating is not too high, maybe they think tvN release too many love stories “Encounter”, “Touch Your Heart“ these few couple of months? Just want to say HPL is really successful, I love MY & KJW’s amazing chemistry; HPL’s script is very good, not only narrowly mention about Fangirls, but is talking about a man (Ryan has a perfect character) with deep inside sorrow who meet a cheerful woman (Fangirl + Professional Curator), they get to know each other more on every episode/ how Deok-Mi goes inside Ryan’s heart/ with same passion on Art/ fall in love together/Deok-mi won’t be afraid of getting hurt & learn to love and accept love/ she will show more caring & to help Ryan overcome his sorrow. Some people are comparing HPL with MY’s previous dramas/ partners, said HPL rating is lower/ using kisses scene to draw more attention/ trying to downgrade KJW. Some said MY & KJW are just ACTING but not REAL. How did they know? It is ridiculous a pair of lovers (actor & actress) not showing their passion & real feeling, if so, you won’t feel their chemistry & HPL won’t draw a lot of attention from worldwide (gain more international fans). Anyway, I am more than happy Min Young accepts this Drama & pairing with KJW, I love her performance & Deok-Mi’s character more than Kim Secretary. Not a big deal if people don’t like HPL, probably they’re not mature age group/ it’s not their cup of tea or they’re hard shippers. No matter they’ll date/ be REAL couple or not from now or in the future, I wish them every success on their career, and KJW is deserved to get more attention, I would be grateful if more & more people will discover this “Treasure Box” namely Kim Jae Wook.
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    So much this. Women and men have been conditioned into believing that the invasion of a woman's self space and asserting dominance over someone is romantic if it's done by a romantic partner-to-be. Grabbing wrists forcefully, calling a person "my woman", not giving someone the initiative to make their own decisions when it comes to with whom they associate with, none of these are sexy or romantic. The male lead treating the female like a weakling is something that really irritates me about k-dramas, and the reason why I don't watch many unfortunately. Ryan is the true exemplary boyfriend material that should be. Quoting from the tumblr post shared by @mellinadear: I said again and again that I find EG's behaviour ill-judged and destructive, but only did so by looking at it from DM's perspective, because that's the person who he is hurting. I'm not worried about the OTP at all. EG is breaking their 30 something year old sibling relationship. That's a huge blow to DM. Not to mention that I would be quite angry with Ryan too if he were to insert himself between DM and EG in a way that disrespects DM's connection to EG. The same goes for Da In.
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    @africandramalover I can totally relate to your thoughts on ep 10. I'm way past adulthood but these two makes me want to squee and swoon like a fangirl, too. If i have my way, i'll re watch ep 10 the whole day but duty calls at work and at home so i can only sneak in every now and then. I love your screen shots....it makes my heart flutter even though i've long ago chosen to just focus on being a mother to an argumentative teen boy. I've checked out most of the still shots of ep 10 and i love, love looking at them. KJW is really amazing. His piercing eyes and secretive smile are enough to give the girl a heart attack.... Both him and PMY have the best on-screen chemistry EVER! Not to mention they are such good kissers!! Their kissing scenes (dream, fake or real) are more than enough to give this ajumma serious palpitations without having to drink coffee!
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    Hi! I'm backreading this thread. But I just want to say that PMY is one of my queens! She's so beautiful and cuddly! I just want to squeeze her! I first watched her in Queen for Seven Days. I won't spoil it. She made me cry in that drama. That drama ended. I was so sad. I was so in love with her. I think she is an amazing actor and I think she acts with feelings. She is always acting with emotions! I was very excited about this drama! I know she is very talented. So I'm curious. How will she do? And I don't know much about Kim Jae Wook. So I'm curious about him too!
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    LOL I know it was long.. sorry sorry.. I think because I have zero fangirl experience, to me SiNaGil can be seen as quite extreme (of course not the stalker type like Sindy, but she *does* go to visit him at airports etc, which I think.. from a normal person's (read - me before this drama) might seem abit crazy LOL sorry to any die-hard fans out there. I will go to any airport with KJW now. HAHA. Yes - just have to be really polite about it, they won't shoo you away, and you can watch from afar, but in my opinion its very hard to get interaction with them unless you happen to be the only one there and given not much time left.. don't know if you can bump into them before finale.. from the scenes they were shooting it seemed abit more advanced already (like 13-14).. Glad you feel encouraged!
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    There is one part where Ryan kisses DM with his hand in the pocket. For me, he probably had to overcome the urge and he himself even said "you done a good job".(to endure the tension during blindfolded scene.) Remember the long looooooong kisses scene, they on their own world. The person who he thinks not having feeling for him ending up confessing. The feelings are mutual. Hands caressing each other, lips locking, irregular heartbeats and all the hormones with their own pace. As far as I can see from Ryan, he respects her so he give her space and time to readjust to their new label. As boyfriend and girlfriend. Cause he knows once the time come they will go next level up. Or in a way, the PD just asked them to toned a bit of the intensity and to make sure that there is no fangirls whose deaths cause by overwhelming happiness, giddiness, or else they just want us to feels the painful of slow burn tension. (Obviously my own conspiracy theories.)
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    You know what they say about big hands... (And PMY's "rubber" comment isn't helping my mind get out of the gutter...)
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    Eungi seems to getting a redemption arc and I can so see the second leads get together....love all around feeling very loved up after ep10 On a side note...wonder if kjw is Super longsighted.during the photoshoot he mentioned that all he could see of pmy at that distance were her teeth....especially since you noticed that he used a Super large screen phone...lol
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    I haven’t been on here as long as most of you but thanks to SP... well you gals are amazing. RL is not kdrama focused but coming here is like a mini vacation. Our co-captains are brilliant as solo actors but together they created a drama that has brought people together. Like others have said (and better because they have been on this ship from the beginning) hoping for more anniversaries like this one! Xx
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    Watching the subs and the flirting is off charts. JUST GET A HOUSE WITH A COUPLE OF KIDS YOU TWO! 1. Ryan asks if they are really dating. Deok mi says: in Korea, if you don't go out with the person you kiss, you go to jail. 2. The way PMY says Ryan is so sensual, I'm pretty sure she'll use it to seduce the lion even when they are married with several kids lol 3. Also the way DM is like "you can badmouth me all you want, but not my lion jerk - I mean Director Gold" haha We stan SDM in this house. 4. Da Out needs to learn her manners: not only did she lie, she was adamant saying that "I didn't lie" in front of DM. Act as pathetic as you want, but DON'T BE SO BRAZEN! I want the second leads to have a storyline - they are perfect for each other. We have a saying back in my country: "two wicked people should get together, because instead of two houses sinking, only one will. i.e. दो घर डूबता, इससे अच्छा एक ही डूबे" - can it happen off screen though? I don't want to dedicate more than 60 seconds of camera footage to either of them in the remaining 6 episodes. 5. The camaraderie between DM and Cindy is funny - they are both against Cho DI. I am so glad haha. 6. The way they all intimidated Yoo Suk ssi into leaving work is hilarious. I love this tag team in the office so much! 7. "I like the night view. It's pretty. And the woman next to me..." DM gets ready for a compliment... "has no driving license". RG IS FUNNY AF! I absolutely adore him. 8. "I asked you to transfer, not to sell out your own wife!" I love SJ! Seriously though, I have seen it happen a lot of times in RL too. Giving gifts with an ulterior motive is a really hurtful form of betrayal. The receiver assumes it is because of thoughtfulness and love...and then find out it was in exchange of an apology contract they never agreed to... it hurts! Kudos to ramping up the laughs factor with "I am going to become a widow today". 9. THE WRIST KISS. holymolyrockapoly I am swooning! It was so smooth - so cute - I really fell in love with it! It was amazing! The tenderness, the impulse....the sweetness... I just need a RG desperately. I specially loved how DM reciprocated with a peck. It was so sweet. 10. Kudos to the direction and the writing. I am SO GLAD to see that DM clarified EG's position in her life - as a twin brother, as a family, with RG the day before the grand reveal. It really makes things so much smoother for the couple - no misunderstandings, nothing like "is she cheating?" - RG & DM are so much into each other that it is a delight, and with proper communication - I AM SHIPPING TWO ADULTS! He explained the situation to her, and she told him right back - asked if he was doubting her relationship with EG, and he said no and that EG might change. It is so wonderful how they are subverting ALL THE TROPES! This episode is sweet, amazing, and something I am going to watch with my RG the day I find him/her (if I ever do!). RG was able to clarify his position with Da Out too. COMMUNICATION! TRUST! I love you RYAN GOLD! 11. Two small things: it is so cute when DM is putting some of her stuff with RG in places where she used to store her Si An artifacts. It is telling us how she is slowly filling the places with her own relationship instead of fangirling over Si An. I think the writer needs to be given an award on how well they understand fangirling...and the position it holds in a fangirl's life. They have my feelings spot on. Secondly, the fact that our couple keeps their hands in their pockets at every opportunity might either be connected to their past or they just know how to act sexy haha 12. I love the siblings interaction...it makes me miss my brother so much! Don't ruin it EG! Also, the fact that DM didn't know EG knew he was abandoned...it just reinforces the fact that THEY ARE SIBLINGS SO PLEASE STOP IT EUNGI and get a damn life. Honestly I could have rooted for you if there was some normal hot headed terrible jerk of a male lead, but sorry - against RG...you are nothing more than shoe dust! 13. I am glad it was Director Kang who called her, and not RG before she turned off her phone. We don't need that sort of a misunderstanding in this house and I am glad directors agree. This drama has ruined me for all the others! Honestly, the only place RG will ever find me at 7am would either be on soompi, viki or in deep sleep. Why so early haha 14. DM...girl...YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I can't believe how good RG is to you...seriously. The fact that you cleared up your r/l with EG the night before, and RG actually coming out and comforting you after all that... I mean I love her, and she's extremely relatable - I mentioned in a post before...but really - what a man. Excellent specimen! REAL LIFE MEN, GO AND LEARN! Also, did you see how great he is? He goes for the kill(kiss) when he should, he's assertive against EG when he should be, he is comforting DM when he should, gives her space when he should, is concerned but can handle pressure - he has the highest EQ I have seen, especially in dramaland where people are ultra dumb. I am screeching - also...Ryan Gold... he didn't misinterpret her hiding for doing something wrong but as nervousness. I am sorry for ranting but so many things could have gone wrong here but it was handled beautifully by Ryan and I just can't praise him enough. 15. I don't want RG to be hurt again - he looks pained... look hun, Deok Mi...Si Na Gil Nim...keep him happy all his life okay? He deserves to be - he is such a great character it physically hurts me to see him frustrated, or crying or anything. Please comfort him. 16. So the fact that DM changed to RG's clothes...and I saw RG seducing her... DOES IT MEAN the thing my pervy self is imagining HAPPENED? YES? PLEASE! Excellent. Brilliant. The writers are the best we have seen. I don't know how people are calling it your standard romcom - it is the best one that could be, it chooses to work around existing tropes and yet be fun and entertaining. The only times they use some tropes is either for humor or for deepening the relationship, not for stupidity. Touch wood. It really shot up in my list of kdramas, and I have been watching them for a LONG time... Cheers to the team for being just so amazing.
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    Love how confident he was with his walk but when he was already on the side he felt so shy.... LDW you are so precious
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    @fangirldeokjil94 That's such a wonderful experience! I think fangirling is one of those things you have to do when you're young and think back fondly when you're old. He sounds like a real serious person from how you describe your experience. Is he as good looking in real life as how we see on TV?
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    Isn’t supposed to be manufactured , or KJW would end with different In every drama . I finish marriage not dating * I just notice, recent kdrama they are using less and less couple ring as they use to -2
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    @bliss1004 Your GIFs are going to make me faint from swooning! Don't worry, you're not the only one loving these scenes. It's going to be another long wait for the next episodes so just keep those GIFs of MinJae coming!
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    @nohamahamoud2002 Even if she can't use her password, in slack they have options to retrieve it, with what they call a magic link. But hacking does seem like one of the possibility for now. Let's just hope it's nothing serious. Thanks my friend for the positive words.
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    @fangirldeokjil, it is a brave move that you were there all alone at night by yourself to follow the shooting, and really 감사 to you for sharing the experience of a fan waiting at the shooting site.
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    Oh AHS is the 2nd lead in 17 going 30. But i like his style in Abyss more haha... And he also singing here too... 520.
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    Park Soo Ho, my man! That was smooth. And SH was so shooketh that her mind went to the outer space and even got her hair undone lololol Yes, it's been a long dry one year lmao And when he took off that tacky necklace and put his own, that sent me lololol She finally reacted to Gun. I loved how she was looking for him when they arrived. Mommy to the rescue. PSH probably let her take Gun to help her recover faster and Gun probably cried to go with her.
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    @triplem the white platelets will fight the dengue. Everyday, the nurse take some blood to scan for the amount of white blood cells left. Probably soon they will give your father donated white blood cells to fight the dengue. Wish for a speedy recovery 512
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    I am just using my wild imagination it is good to create a story sometimes. A fanfiction
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    Always I’m wary of accounts that are new and have a default picture and their post...Because potentially 60% of the time. It would be a spammer...and I’m right most of the time 508
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    Hi everyone. I am obviously a silent lurker here. But decide to come out cause this drama make me addicted and obviously they make my Weds and Thurs lit like fireworks with the rawr, I mean the hot and sweet scenes. without further ado, there is one part in ep 10 where Ryan the Lion ask DM to call his name comfortably in which she seductively called him just by his name. Ryan. Ryan. But somehow he ask DM again – "Do you have anything that you can call me?" Do he btw wants her to called him OPPA cause literally he wants to he HER only OPPA?
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    - HUGS - - KISSES - The gentle kiss from FOREHEAD-NOSE-LIPS were so romantic! The Perks of Bein' IN-LOVE!
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    Full episode was even better lol So they removed her scar. I never understood why they didnt do that with PSH, but I guess NJ was trying to be smarter this time. But unless her whole kidney grew back or they gave her new one, she can check the kidney thing at an hospital. Right now, she still refuses to check her fingerprints or do a DNA test. So I guess they are not worried. Hae Young said that they got the investment money from loan sharks smh So the money wasn't even their company's money to begin with. I'm still trying to understand this revenge plan. So SH knows all that dirt. What they gonna do when she remembers?? And what about the adoptive parents? They would have to be in on it, but then how the heck they don't know they got money from loan sharks? Plot holes everywhere. Esther still the same. Trying to use Dori to get money out of Aera. Does she even have any left? Isn't she staying at a hotel and not a house or apartment? NJ just dropped her off back there when they have like three rooms and a sofa lmao Her cringing at the fact that she has to kiss up to Hae Young. Why would NJ/HY link up arms like that in public? Esther got their numbers. And did she really call HY out like that at the dinner table? Lol Uri San Ha was mostly in la la land today. It hasn't even been months and probably barely a week since she's been back and she's already like that. No wonder PSH is so confident. The devil may work hard, but PSH works harder lol I laughed when fake sister was ranting about her absence at the meeting and she was out there not listening and thinking of her mom and husband. Then later she goes "Oh my heart was beating hard today" and err wrong man to be thinking about, Oh Jemma! Did Esther spill the soup on purpose? That's the only part I'm not sure about. How the heck did PSH pull that necklace so quick? It just looked orchestrated. She could have changed in the bathroom. Why go all the way to his room? Lol and her asking if the clothes were her size. Sister, please! I didn't notice the first time, but she closed her eyes before he even made a move. I bet she thought he was gonna go for the lips. Rethink your life, girl! Lol Funniest part *besides of her hair/wig looking mess over a forehead kiss* is that when NJ ruined the moment, she never moved from her spot and was still standing besides PSH lol I mean NJ had to drag her out literally for her to move. They send Gun with his cousin away so he wouldn't see amnesia mommy, yet amnesia mommy who keeps claiming she's not his mom was looking for him as soon as she got there lol How is she taking a "dead" woman's kid to her place if she's so sure of her identity? Are you trying to score points with his dad or what? Gun is the perfect cockblocker anyway. PSH is smart to let it happen, but at the same time, having both wife and kid around psychos is eeks. At least San Dal sent pics of the separate beds to PSH lol SH stays faithful till the end. @newyee It really is. Aera was in prison for like 5 seconds it seems, and she is still a viper. @cherriesblue Yeah I don't think Esther will be getting any kind of punishment besides SH being the most favored grand daughter in law. She will still live in luxury and being fed and being the nanny so lol
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    Ahem... E=mc2 . It’s quite drastic for someone to want their account removed or deleted. Most people who leave tend on amicable terms tend to just leave their account inactive. Unless as some suggested usafarmgirl 1. was hacked and she decided to close her old account. 2. lost her account access with the Soompi site change. 1 and 2 are unlikely because generally if this happens, most reasonable people would just get a new account, inform their friends of their account change and carry on from there. The last time I was witness to this scenario (account deletion) was when a certain Kiwi was told ‘none to nicely’ that he was no longer welcome in a thread because his posts were deemed ‘contentious’ and generally ‘incongruous’ with the ‘mood’ of the thread. Personally I really liked his posts because it gave a different voice and I am all about robust discussion . Anyway, he PM’d me before he left (giving me his reasons) and closed his account after that incident. Of course there could also be the case that real life got in the way. But generally if that is the case, most wouldn’t delete their account, they would just go off grid and leave their account inactive. So potentially, @triplem‘s insight into the situation could have been the impetus for her disappearance. I think others here have already done the relevant research and found her Instagram/Twitter...talking to her there by messaging may be the best way forward to get a handle on what transpired as it is deemed a more neutral space for open discussion if she had left in a less than ideal situation. -2 (I think I am a subtract?) I need to reread the rules again so I may edit this post if I am wrong
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    Sorry , if I spoiler it for you & you not sounding creepy at all , I love how she dress as well & her hair in this drama She is beautiful woman . Enjoy watching episode, you would love it
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    His love will be his destruction. It is one of his weak points. Esther and AR were smarter than him. Prepare for the grande finale @Ameera Ali I am going to rewrite the drama, where NJ changes from evil to good, and SH falls in love with him ( PS, They will be the only two characters in my story, without the usual love triangle) Predictable typical love stories are boring, the good girl is united with the good guy thing this is not my cup of tea. We need some action @dramaninja remember Baek Jin Sang in Feel Good to Die?
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    Yes, I have a feeling he went and bought new flowers and the abyss didn't revive it. It was a hint to us that the abyss can see the future and knew that CM was gonna go buy new flowers, that's why he ask for 10,000 won from GSY and she hesitated to give it to them. HAHAHA! I see it, but I always forgot to mention it to @turtlegirl that we have the same user names and we can definitely confuse people in thread. Lol.
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    No No I dont think so. Remember he has seen Sinagil in person at the signing event. He is thankful for her and respects her That's evident. He has a crush on DM which how can he not? Besides, he might be shipping them silently as well as RG is also his favorite person now. Having your bais ship you is another level of squee.
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    Hi guys its been months since my last post. Ive been busy with life but i've never missed a single page of this thread. Thank you guys for keeping this thread going and alive and made me smile again (especially reading @Matilda_Anne's). I'll help you reach your 100m goal with the probability of being scolded by my hubby. Dont forget to feed the cats
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    @mmac80 thank you!! I love them even more watching their bts moments! Could they get any sweeter!? And could KJW get any hotter!?
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    LOL, I already bought BLANCHE by Byredo (PSJ's) and put it on my husband
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    Thanks a lot for the eps confirmation, dear!! I was really in a dilemma that how it's gonna wrap up in only 1 hr! Now I am really relieved! And then NYJ's top card would be hungtinton's disease of LJJ & his father! YES I think that's it, dear! LJJ doesn't want in any cost that the disease reveals to the public! Then how can a disarmed man be the heir for teakang group!??? I can't wait to see the final eps! Then next wednesday's eps would be the key to finale eps! And this is smartest doc I've ever seen in a k-drama so far! Looking forward to see his victory against an evil family!!
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    2019.05.10 #ParkShinHye heading to Tokyo for her FanMeeting “Voice of Angel” cr. @ssinz7_paradise #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #パクシネ 2019/05/10 HND 入国 입국 cr. @inchokidou
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    Now why would he (or another other actor) not want to work outside Korea ? It is always good for one's career to venture out and be more well know internationally. Just because his overseas projects did not turn out as good as you expect doesn't mean he should stop doing so. Anyway some of his Korean projects did not turn out fantastic either, so there is always a risk whether its a local or overseas project. That saying, I feel that as fans there are many things which are beyond our control. I understand that you are concerned for him but it will be good if we can respect and support his choices as I believe that he must have his own reasons for each one of them.
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    502 I am busy like a slave until now
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    They are having super fun, if I can understand it too. Hope somebody translates this. Bts YT link. Cr: as tagged
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    Everything said is so spot on! Cindy is also growing on me... hahaha. I think DM could potentially end up taking Cindy under her wing. --------------------- Also, can we talk briefly about the fact that Si-an has a pretty major crush on Noona-curator? He keeps asking about her. I feel he will be pretty disappointed to learn that hyung is dating her; but there will be unintentional revenge when Si-an discovers that DM is Si-na-gil and Ryan will have to stand by and watch some true fangirling!
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    @Ameera Ali your post always making me laughed so hard.. Am i the only one who so annoyed with the sudden Choi Dain scene & Sian scene turned up while Ryan and Deokmi is busy kissing, hugging and touching? hahaha.. that 30 seconds of CDI scene with SA really make me mad!!! When Ryan kissed DM hands...that move is soooo sexy.. I dunno how to describe my feelings..KJW totally nailed every single scenes in this drama.. I'm not going to complain anything about KJW..he is such a great actor... I'm glad that his first rom-com drama character is a perfect matured guy that I've never seen in any other rom-com drama so far.. Where can I find a guy like RG? I've seen once..my friend is one of the lucky one who got her "RG" and until today she is still fangirling, buy merchandise, and attend overseas concert and her "RG" so called now her husband paid all for her.. This is the first time I saw PMY cannot control herself especially when her ears turned red after the kiss. Must be hard for her to do lovey dovey scenes with KJW right? She really good in pick the right role for her and I'm so proud that she can make me forget about WWWSK after watching this drama..but not Healer..
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    Honestly, I don't really get the disappointment with DM. She, like any other girlfriend or fangirl on the planet wants to show her object of affection the best side of her. EG is HER BROTHER(idk if she knows he likes her, but his confession in front of RG seemed to be a surprise)! That's what she considers him. I am pretty sure I'd definitely use my own brother as a shield in such a scene if I was as nervous. You don't need to show off to your family - they know you in and out. Also, let's not forget - "what guy would accept himself as second to your idol crush?" And her getting dumped over it multiple times (it was in the official summary) - Obviously she likes RG too much to lose him too soon, and EG again played dirty by taking advantage of her situation, and confessing where she couldn't react. You would want to show off to someone you are dating, so it wasn't more about her being uncomfortable with RG. It was about her considering RG a "MAN" and EG "FAMILY". I am glad RG was having none of it though - he's seriously perfect. He handled it so well - he could have gotten angry but he understood her emotions and comforted her with the fact that her secret identity is known to him and he's all okay with it.
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    A nice compilation of beautiful scenes. I miss familiar wife
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    556 @Dhakra wkwkwkkwkwkw
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    after that episode and next week's preview.....how are y'all still posting coherently?? especially those who streamed live! HPL fandom is amazing! and no one in diabetic coma! Thank you for the recappers and sharing y'all are awesome! kamsahmida
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    I still can't move on from their visuals together
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    'Legend Of The Blue Sea' Actor Lee Min Ho To Reunite With 'The Heirs' Writer For His Comeback K-Drama Legend Of The Blue Sea actor Lee Min Ho has been confirmed to be making a TV comeback soon. Another good news is that his next K-drama will be a reunion with The Heirs Kim Eun Sook. Korean production company Hwa&Dam Pictures released an official press release stating that critically-acclaimed Korean screenwriter Kim Eun Sook is working on with her next TV project. The K-drama is tentatively titled The King: The Eternal Monarch. Lee has already been cast as its lead male actor. It will be Lee's comeback project since his discharge from military service last month. The newly discharged actor and Kim Eun Sook are also teaming up with Descendants of The Sun PD Baek Sang Hoon. Baek and Kim had also worked together in DOTS. Kim Eun Sook is not only popular in the entertainment industry for The Heirs and DOTS. He is also the screenwriter for other popular K-dramas such as Lovers in Paris, Secret Garden, A Gentleman's Dignity, Goblin, and the most recent Netflix hit Korean TV series, Mr. Sunshine. Her upcoming masterpiece, The King: The Eternal Monarch, is about two parallel worlds. A God apparently sets a devil free in the human world. The devil opens up a door to the parallel worlds. In one world, the emperor of the Korean empire seeks to keep the doors closed. In the other realm, a detective seeks to protect his life and the people he loves. Hwa&Dam said nothing has been decided yet with regard to the broadcaster or any broadcasting details of The King: The Eternal Monarch but its production is already set to begin anytime this year. The K-drama is also expected to premiere in the first half of 2020. The King: The Eternal Monarch is Lee Min Ho's comeback TV project. He last appeared in the 2016 hit series Legend Of The Blue Sea alongside actress Jun Ji Hyun. He also acted as presenter for the documentary series, DMZ, The Wild, which is about wildlife inside Korea's Demilitarized Zone. The documentary was aired in April 2017, a month prior to Lee's military enlistment. The City Hunter actor served as a public service worker due to severe injuries he suffered in a car accident in 2006. In May 2018, Lee entered the Korea Army Training Center in Nonsan to complete his four weeks of basic military training. source : koreaportal
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    Hi syntyche, LMH looks so good in RED! He looks relaxed, posting CUTE pictures of himself while travelling. Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing this. I heard that this was clearly in the works long before his military discharge. It was not just on the news unlike some other stars who were discharged some weeks ago..... Can't wait for his comeback project. He may just be one of the best actors around but I generally like his drama choices. I enjoyed all his performances. Until then, let LMH enjoy his current Europe vacation. I'm just happy that he's documenting his journey to the fans. Fans service indeed! He looks so happy. Good to see him enjoying before he starts loads of work soon.
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    I really, really, really loved Won Jin Ah in JBL (one of my favorite shows ever), so I did not mean her any disrespect. But, to be fair and to be really honest, the one area where she had a little difficulty in JBL was during kissing scenes where she became wooden and visibly uncomfortable--this had little to do with the role itself and much to do with the actress's inability to place herself in the scenario. I hope that she is more relaxed about that by now. JCW is great at creating chemistry, so let's hope he can work that magic again.
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