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    'Cause it's you and me And all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to prove And it's you and me And all other people And I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you...' - Lyrics of "You & Me" by Lifehouse @pinkeubell Thank you v much for translating the korean text in my earlier post
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    @cremep awww. that's so sooo cute! kim jaewook with kids definitely something that we can die for!!! he got that appa's vibe so much when he with kids. I love how he interacted with little Minho in BTS video before. He's using aegyo talking to that little pie ;w; i really hope his character and Park Minyoung's going to end with kids. <3 yes, before asking much, lets hope our Ryan and Deokmi clear out their misunderstanding first! :')) -- Oh talking about Ryan x Deokmi's holding hands scene! I agree that HPL successfully focus on their hand, eyes gestures with so much emotions. No wonder knetz said that even when Kim Jaewook (Ryan) & Park Minyoung (Deokmi) holding hands already intense and kinda feel rated (lolololol). That's why the last scene in episode 8, most of us are left deeply heartbroken when Deokmi endup abandoned Ryan's hands. Writer-nim, why ;w; please do justice for them!!! By the way, I found this on dc gallery! Knetz pointed out that Ryan used Deokmi's gift that she left at his house (remember in episode 6? that time when Deokmi went to Ryan's house to check for water leaking)!!!!! aromatic air diffuser!!!! So detailed!! Before After I'm certainly sure, Ryan actually already open his heart to his Sung curator this time. :') ohhhh gosh credit: dc gallery!
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    @Sejabin & @Lawyerh & @ktcjdrama @cenching I hope next time lion ask our girl these word she responds beautifully
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    Ooo... I haven't done it in a while but if you want to imitate the ones that are pinky-white, put a bit of food colouring in the water (cut the stalks at an angle first so that they can drink the most water). You can create some really nice effects that way. (sorry a little off topic but I too love those flowers)
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    I am glad even though they made his character as a cold good looking guy at first but he wasn’t the kind of person that only care for himself and trashing other people. He helped Seon Joo by giving her his hotel room because he saw (or he thought) she needed to be with her lover that she couldn’t meet in public freely because of the gender. He protected Deok Mi with fake boyfriend status from angry Si An fans and protected the “social minorities” He did that without wanting something back from them. And hey, it’s rare for cold good looking male lead in k-drama to admit his mistakes and apologized for it straight away. Not only to Deok Mi, he even apologized straight away to Eun Gi after the judo match misunderstanding. Ryan Gold is definitely a GOLD standard for k-drama male lead. The passcode scene is really an iconic scene. His gaze. OMG. If I were Deok Mi, I would be jumping straight away for a kiss. the bed scene is also memorable. He snuggled really close to her. Hopefully, when they are really dating, it will be their habit. More snuggling scenes please, pd-nim! (OMG I sound like a pervert) 21 hours to go!
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    I really have to take my hat off to the CSI in this group...how in the world did you notice something like the thumb kiss or was the unusual “dead fish” response from pmy the clue? And now the diffuser on his desk.....I really should start paying more attention....lol
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    Waiting impatiently for tvN to reveal the stills of the next episode. Meanwhile, the bouquet from the end of the last episode re-awakened my love for the ball shaped Pom Pom chrysanthemums. Credits to Instagram owners
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    Can you see something in picture? At her neck, she has a red skin plate? Someone bite her Sorry for your dark mind
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    Yup, tomorrow is Wednesday i have never been so excited for welcoming Wednesday and Thursday...
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    This is a pure speculation, me thinking of how Ryan will see the pictures of himself taken by Deok Mi and Si Na Gil/DM. It seems to me that within the family of DM, Mama Editor and Deok MI are more in touch because of what they do. Mama Nam is the Editor of one of the best art magazines in the country according to DM and DM is an art curator. When Mama Nam learned that Ryan was at DM's house, she ran over and DM already knew that she wanted to ask for an exclusive interview for her magazine and helped Mama Nam to secure the interview. Here is famed artist well known for his brilliance and now a Museum Director in Korea and an exclusive interview with Ryan is a coup achievement for the Editor. At the interview, no pictures were taken. Mama Editor will definitely need photos. Ryan may ask Deok Mi to take pictures but Deok Mi may add the pictures she took of him at the writer's home and at the fangirling event. And Ryan may be surprised at what he sees in those pictures, "anyeong, I am here". In other words Deok Mi will be able to confess what she feels about him through those pictures more intimately, meaningfully and lovingly than if she confessed to him in words. Again, this is just a guess. She does not have to stress herself about how to tell him how she feels because he will know when he sees those pictures she so carefully and lovingly took of him. Just guessing.......But however, Ryan will see those pictures, he will divine and understand...
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    Hi guys! As some of you may know, herprivatelife_bd (on instagram or herprivatelife_ on twitter) are currently doing a demand survey for Her Private Life Blu-ray/DVD. There are minimum orders to be reached before production can begin. I know from previous experiences that such DVDs will include unreleased scenes, more behind-the-scenes making videos, interviews with the actors/actresses etc. So for anyone who is interested in filling out the survey, I have done a tutorial. It is pretty easy and no payment is needed as this is just a demand survey. Please see below for tutorial
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    Have been rewatching ep 1-8 n times, RG slowly changes from a very cold to a more warmer person, and all these were influenced by DM bright character. Thru the SA scandal attacks, ex-museum director eom confrontation slap, he saw her standing strongly by herself, her consideration in minor things, her insight on the photography, all these small little things have brought up his curiosity about DM, his cold heart slowly being melted by her kindness. The most funniest is in Ep 6, when he saw SA in the lift, pull him in immediately, trying to find out the hidden mole on SA face, RG facial is so hilarious, coming from a cold person. The romantic scene is still Ep6, when DM brought RG home, need his password to open the door. The request to ask her to sing him a song is a bit childish, but yet his look was so soft, their gaze, was so fluttering, then followed by telling her the code, the brushing of his face to hers was so heart throbbing. And then the bed scene, oh gosh, he was so comfortable in hugging her.
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    That is because the pic is taken from Ep 3 when she was harassed and hit by Cha Shi An fans.. remember after that she changed her clothes from green to this black outfit. LOL
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    @leek I'm sure that those who doesn't want to watch this drama must be hard WWWSK couple shippers Seriously, as a kdrama fans who had watched kdramas for more than 17 years already..it was so annoying to see immature fans who think that PMY is only for that one person?? what nonsense is that? I remember both were so angry with the dating news and keep denying the dating news right? so, can we just stick and believe to their statement? Don't be too delusional. Here is the link : Interview article on her dating news She is an actress and of course she will be paired with a lot of different actors. It's normal to ship an actress with the actor in a drama. After this drama ended, she will definitely gonna get other drama offer and will be pair with other actor. We might not know what gonna happen to her love life but as her fans, I will definitely gonna support whoever she marry with. This is just a thread for shippers and don't take it too serious. As a serious PMY fans since Healer, this is the first time i saw she is so happy at the filming set. Like seriously in her previous drama, she is so professional and sometimes she make jokes and laughed at the filming set with her co-star but with KJW, her behaviour is sooooo different. It can be oppa and yeodongsaeng relationship..or maybe just close friends at filming set or maybe more than that..who knows right?? Both KJW and PMY is already 30's. We don't know what gonna happen after this drama ended ..they might become good friends or maybe can be more than that. Let's just pray the best for these two.
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    I'm a bit fast when it comes to KJW.. There's 3 pics in this ig post. Slide to see the rest. looks like we gonna see the jealous Deokmi in tonight's episode Ryan gonna melt our heart tonight...he definitely gonna be Deokmi's parents favourite son in law
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    Things To Look Forward To In The Second Half Of “Her Private Life”
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    source : TVN Official page his jawline..
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    When real life calls you but you have to peek in here every now and again to see if there's any updates The week felt so long, now it's just one more day I can't watch it live this week because i'm travelling, but i'll keep a watch out here for some romantic action hahaha
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    Costumes!!! The red suit (from the balcony and then the insta post--sorry terrible at adding images and can't quote them)!!! Aw man. I really want to see what Ryan is in for those moments... Personally, I don't really want him in a red suit, but maybe red trousers and black? -- also those will probably be for next week, right? I think we might be in for our passionate moments. Therefore, clearing up misunderstandings, hopefully a confession kiss, and then proper dating? And when will she be in a super feminine outfit for him? I am really loving her pantsuits but... sexy dress, everyone gobsmacked, and plant a big sign on Ryan that he is hers? I know that is a little petty but I love the way they did it in A Gentleman's Dignity (2012, check it out if you haven't seen it) with the pink heels--as a marker that the feelings were mutual. Also the picnic (with the parents) outfits I think are from the beginning of tomorrow's episode. So I wonder how that conversation is going to go. Are they going to let mum and dad know that they have broken up? DM's face was a little pouty but felt more pouty at Ryan than at her parents. Urgh! This wait is interminable!
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    New stills According to the news article, there will be a historical moment in ep 9
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    as we know, ppc went to Paris and London for work as soon as wwwsk interview ended..and pmy went to straight Singapore to attend Samsung event...even psj's new movie started filming and had first shooting ceremony event on Aug 14. but psj couldn't attend. because he went to Phuket for a reward trip on Aug 13. i want to call this is power of love...i remind..at that time, all people thought psj couldn't go a reward trip because his new movie starts filming on Aug 14. but contrary to all expectation, he appeared on Incheon airport..so all people were really surprised.
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    So true....becoming restless in soompi cafe.... They are so delicious and it's quite rare for the male lead to be so...ahem...manly....most are flowerboys and cute ... And all this ahjumma wants to do is pat them sweetly on their heads... But this one.....too hot... Really looking forward to the following eps....hopefully they don't keep stringing us along with too many imaginary kisses. Don't think it was idiocy on DM's part to leave....She had her hopes up a couple of times only to be disappointed( him telling her about sindy deleting CU patch...dressing up for shi an)...especially since they were fake dating and she could have convinced herself it was all in her mind and he was just acting( dunno how k drama actors keep their head screwed on tight with all those honey dripping gazes....Just be just as confusing sometimes) Plus getting misled by CDI... so now it's up to them to realise that both their feelings are true... Poor eungi ..he probably thought he would just grow old with her since she was going to be a fangirl bachelorette... Probably didn't realise she would fall for a real person... He does portray the annoying childhood friend rather well that accidentally falls in love with his bff...had a couple of friends in this position but were too chicken to lose the friendship and each ended up marrying someone else... So can't blame his bull in the China shop... The scene at the dinner table was very true to sibling relationships...we hate each other's guts but would still die for the other...lol
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    I used to have no plans to watch HPL drama but since there were nuts shippers from other side who were rude to me, I decided to try this drama and see if indeed there was no chemistry between PMY and KJW. Alas, I am now hooked. I have watched Healer and chemistry was very good and I thought nothing can top WWWSK chemistry. But I was wrong, this couple got me hooked. Everything about them is so very natural that only people who refused to see cannot see it.
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    So is DM gonna be talking all about Ryan to her new online bestie Latte, whilst still unaware of Latte's true identity? That would be fun to watch. But we'll see!
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    I hope @seoseo that you are really in this ship because I know you are active in WWWSK ship and you believe they are real. You and others told me there before that only people who believe they are real should be there so, why are you here now then focused on bad comments about KJW? We just want to have good vibes and fun here shipping their chemistry. I hope you guys won't emphasize on bad habits like smoking because nobody is perfect and people change.
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    What happened to Esther though? Wasn't she a big bad villain? Now she's a babysitter?
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    @nohamahamoud2002 Don't worry, I'll turn up tomorrow for spoilers lol. However, I'm not gonna watch the full episodes until crazy San Ha gets her memories back. @chrissydiva Thank you. This is exactly why I'm not a fan of what's going on. The kid saw his own mom saving his life so of course he is gonna blame himself. This is why I'm afraid the only way San Ha is gonna regain her memories is if something happens to Gun.
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    Whenever you want to get a feel of honest sincere JCW, listen to this. I did. For me this live version of 101 reasons is better than the original version. The way he sang it, I don't know how to describe it in words, it's beautiful, you just feel it. The same kind of feeling when I listen to some of Coldplay songs, even though there are more talented vocalists out there, but Chris Martin makes you feel what he is feeling. So I listened to it many times to get the FEEL. It's like seeing JCW baring a part of himself. Soft JCW with sincere eyes is a treat to watch. And Soft JCW with sincere eyes with a sincere melodious voice is even better. My heart will always believe it was for her, NJH.
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    I really don't want to read into it at all and am telling myself that fashion in Korea is trending in that direction... but the similar coats still have me... I'm still more pumped about the set list for his fan meeting. That is an awful lot of love songs to be singing... I am waiting for interviews and the release of her next project... Because there must be some brave reporter who will ask her about helping Wookie choose the script and whether she consulted him... I MEAN COME ON. If I was a reporter I would be dying to ask: 'So what did you tell him? Did he follow your advice? Has he helped you pick your next project?'... Still, I'm a happy little shipper, who is now on holiday and spent today quietly rewatching SP.
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    Not sure if anyone has thought about this, but would this be their first relationship? Ought not. Wasn’t it written somewhere that Deokmi has had relationships before but could not hold them down cos of her fangirling? Something about her spending too much time on her fan events that she simply had no time for her boyfriends before. If that were so, then it would be significant that along comes Ryan and she’s suddenly found someone she’s finally willing to prioritise over her hobby. As for Ryan, he certainly doesn’t seem green in the area of dating and relationships either, but perhaps he’s just not found anyone he’s been sufficiently comfortable with for him to want to take that step further beyond a fling into a full-fledged romantic partnership. This is where, in Dain’s case, there’s that jealousy and sense of loss for all she has invested. Imagine how infatuated she must be with Ryan for her to chase him all the way to Korea. Surely Dain must also know that even if she manages to “chase” Deokmi away, she will never win Ryan’s affections. Once Deokmi comes back into the picture, I wonder what role Dain will play in the story. Likewise the relevance of Eungi to the storyline and plot. Anyone wanna weigh in on this?
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    I'm not sure what the four characters following Yan Mo's name are (Yan Mo = first two characters), but the last three characters are calling him a "Da Huai Dan." "Da" means "big," and the literal translation of "Huai Dan" is "bad egg." Colloquially it means he's a bastard. Speaking of Yan Mo's name, have we discussed how it translates more or less into someone doesn't speak a lot? Yan = Speech/Word and Mo = Keeping Silent. It's like his parents cursed him from birth.
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    Dear Larus and the rest of my Chingu (친구) in this forum, Thanks for maintaining this forum and including Kim So Yeon's one. You are awesome ! You have kept every fans updated on the latest news on KSY. Sorry i have not been active for a long while until lately i catch up with this mother of mine kdrama. I watched this drama mainly for Mi-ri and TJ , this cute couple and their associated storyline, such as the CEO, the old chairman, the HS company, foster mum and their colleagues, it is certainly added a flavour to this drama, the rest of the sister's storyline i am not so keen. Am I the only one seeing TJ's eyes has been staring at Mi-ri most of the time.....even on BTS. I can only see two likely reasons : Either 1) he can portray very well on his role as instructed by the director, or 2) he is attracted to her naturally because of her charm. Who doesn't like KSY (everybody likes her, she is so beautiful and can act well) I am sure the rating will be gradually moving up because of this cute couple and their storyline, i read most comment on other sites including youtube, many ship for this couple in this drama. I have a feeling it will be a good ending for this couple although they will have a storm coming soon in between them. BTW, pls remb to send us the youtube link (Eng sub) for Miri and TJ that attended the Variety show once ready. I am keen to see how they react in reality outside the drama. PS : i enjoyed their sweet moment at the last part of EP28, he held her hand after the dinner, this could show their lovey dovey and the hand holding is controlling by TJ...you can rewatch that part again Thanks Chingu (친구)
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    Here's a fun recap of episodes 7 and 8 from Dramas with a Side of Kimchi: https://dramaswithasideofkimchi.com/2019/05/06/her-private-life-episodes-7-8-a-chatty-recap/ This part though: I didn't think about it then because I was just enjoying all the skinship, but I think they're right---since they teased the audience with a fake kiss not only once but twice, they have to really deliver when it's time for the real thing. I have a feeling KJW and PMY are up to the challenge, and I can't wait to see how they do. @fangirldeokjil94 Thanks for answering my question! It's so cool that you got to see a fake Cheum sign!
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    Yeah... They seem to have same fashion preference/style, the low key style... which is very comfortable. And I love their style!
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    Yesss!!! She absolutely needs to be OUT of DM and RG way
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    "I just want to repeat everyday things with you.." - Lee Hae Ri (Maybe)
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    TVN just shared these photos on their page..i. was expecting more..but it's ok..these gorgeous photos of Ryan is worth to look at.. source: TVN Official page
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    i can't wait!!! Let us see the best of rom-coms, the reason I love this genre so damn much and how happy it makes me. DM's pouty face is ultra cute when she sees him getting along so well with her mother - love Ryan omg. I fall for KJW every single time I see his new videos or photos. I'm gonna squeal in delight if she shares her insecurities regarding Ryan with Latte - that has been my no. 1 fantasy for quite some time and I'll love it so much. Historical moment should be ULTRA STEAMY - the more clothes come off the better. At this point, I'm just ranting but I am just getting more and more excited for the next episode! Bring it on, LATTE! I'm so excited to see Latte breaking into a grin as he learns about DM's true feelings I'M JUST IMAGINING HIM THAT HAPPY!
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    Tell me about it. If the writer didn't have anymore thing to cover in the last 20 episodes, then make it about LSH, San Ha and Gun living their lives together as a family, the rest paying their crimes, etc......Not this Bull-sh"""t. Like @nohamahamoud2002 said, the one who is paying the price is little Chan and that makes me mad for letting the child suffer thanks to these morons. I'm gonna be pissed if San Ha recovers her memories after something happens to Gun. Let @Ameera Ali keep her Mr. Hwang pic lol. That pic you posted made me scared for life . Unbelievable. What? He is my husband, Daniel??
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    actually to be a bit serious, the only one I feel so sorry for is poor Geon. He is so innocent and pure. The other characters are really so weak, that I feel provoked when I see them. I mean they are so easily deceived. Still I hope that NJ and AR give up their greed and leave all this mess. They should really unite and stop their evil plans. AR wants revenge for her dead father, NJ is blindly following his mother's plans. It is so sad. I hope they end up in repentance and change of heart, which is so far-fetched. AR thinks that happiness lies in wealth, which is entirely wrong. I mean money is important but not in this way. If she really wants her son to be happy, she should correct him, not drive him to do evil deeds.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I am very disappointed with the way the narrative has turned out. This drama has crossed from ridiculous to twisted. The writer must have completely lost steam that he had to go back to the amnesiac storyline. With less than 20 episodes left, there's quite a lot of ground to cover. We might end up with a harried finale.
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    I was thinking today.. And I am not sure of this but would Editor mama be of some help when it comes to Lee Sol.. Since she’s been in the art industry for a long time..
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    He is so cute with the specs too!!! So, I think they make love, don't know when? But here's the proof. Pic credit: weibo
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    @Sejabin we need more doses of them quick
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