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    I hope the real kiss scene will be hotter than this I mean they both are mature.. and this is not a teen series/drama/love.. this is a kind of love you will have when you reached your 30s .. when you kiss someone at your 30s it will be different than at your 20s .. the passion will be different. 20s passion is like a candle light. When the wind blows it will be off. But 30s passion is like a fire in the fireplace. It’s warm you, until you melt.. inside and outside.. and you kiss.. and people will think it’s your tongue.. but actually it’s your teeth.. because you are not only want to pressed your lips againts your lover’s.. but you also want to bite it.. in a broad day light.. and dragged her to the wall.. .. OK I NEED TO STOP. This is so unhealthy I hope Sun Deok Mi will read this for their real kiss
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    Do you guys remember the question about the first kiss in the love test Cindy gave them earlier? They answered "the office" and "the car" :)) DM then explained that they kissed in the office and continued in the car. Is it the same that their true first kissed will be started at Ryan's house and then continued in the car Anyway, 48 hours to go guys! It will be around this time on Wed that I can watch with subs! This drama has made me very unproductive lately. Aigooo!
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    I thought I'd post again about the fangirl topic since I am desperate for the next ep(I have not watched EP8 last 10 mins yet - that's some RG level self control right there!) Anyway, I think things will be sorted out once the cat is out of the bag. The resolution is easier when a relationship is not on the table - pretty sure getting revealed as Latte will cause some tensions in an established relationship than starting with a clean slate. Other than that, I think the way DM is transitioning from fangirling over an idol to falling for an actual person is so great: It is adorable how she clicks photos and edits them to express her love - her ways of loving someone don't change, the object of affection just shifts. I really think DM is falling hard. As a fangirl, I guarantee that we rarely fall for actual people while gushing over our celebs - and being such a big fangirl as DM... the fact that RG was able to get her attention from someone she has stanned for 4+ years (I think). That's a very sweet detail I loved. RG caught her attention in an adorable way, as a great person, and there's nothing lacking in loving him just as she knows how to love: being supportive, caring, clicking photos and daydreaming (like all us fangirls do lol). He's short tempered but he's great at apologizing and making up for it. He is gruff and rude, but he is protective and caring. He comes off as a bit proud and narcissistic, but he isn't insecure about other men in her life - her idol love or her brother (that's all you are, Eungi, fyou). He might get angry at their interference, but he is not going to pull DM away from them. Also the commentary on fangirls: fansite masters vs awful sasaengs, obsession vs healthy hobbies, benefits vs downsides of fangirling - I like how it is brought out as a great stress valve - I am pretty sure they will bring out many more shades as we learn her mother's side of the story. Another thing: we might see DM facing a conflict to choose between SA and RG in the near future, finally establishing her priorities. That is the growth I guess everyone will be satisfied with. I'm now off to making a prayer circle for lion-bunny babies. bye!
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    You don’t always fall for someone for all the rightful reasons though. Many of the good Deok-mi witnessed in Ryan is enough for her to admire him deeply at this point. Trying to protect her supposed private relationship with SJ for instance, shows that he’s ready to go to big lengths for a person who he thinks is disadvantaged in society and being bullied for it. To me, being an ally is one of the sexiest and most honourable things a straight man can do. Then Deokmi knows he’s a well known, talented artist much sought after, he’s meticulous in his work at the gallery, is aloof but shows a childlike vulnerability at times, he’s not egoistic. Add to all that being a gorgeous specimen of the male species lol Total panty dropper. Deok-mi at this point is wondering if such a great guy would even consider her. What she’s seen of him is enough I think. Supporting her fangirl side will be the cherry on top.
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    Is that the actors who plays Park Tae Ri? What he is doing in the dating picnic? That went up in flame my excitement. OK, so there is a Marketing Team picnic/camping moment? I like them. Mi Ri and Tae Joo has to be careful. Park Tae Ri might be very close to find out about them. If he knows, the whole company will know.
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    I know right. RG is gold to us but DM must have the firm reason to attached to him. But EG. EG is the person I hate the most. If only DM doesn't bring up anything about her feeling and do what SJ told, just wait first. RG could have confessed already At first I was really mad at DM for not giving RG chance to talk before she left. But then I realized - that's how her character, to be naive - don't know how to love. And she probably can't hold her tears any longer that's why she pushed away RG's hand. Also because she buys everything DI told that RG wants to end the fake relationship so she surely believed no more talk needed. So it's okay Sung curator, I shall give time for you.
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    On my rewatch of episode 24, I love the part where Zhao Min comes out dressed as a lady and Wuji says farewell to her. Before he leaves he totally checks her out. He looks her up and down! He finds her beautiful right away. I don't think he's like that with any of the other girls. When he meets Zhou Zhirou again it's more like he's in awe, that this is the little girl who was kind to him, and now she's a grown young woman. When he sees his cousin, he feels a kinship because she resembles his mother. With MinMin it's instantly attraction. And then later in the trap, when she comes up close to him and flirts with him, he gets nervous because this is the first time somebody is making him feel all warm and fuzzy with desire. He can't get her out of his mind.
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    his strong belief that they are of different leagues.. he mentioned IS was of humble background but they took her into the Han family when his bro married her. he doesnt like women with many words and find her talk too much with reporters (although Director Park did try to help saying it was for publicity..) Chairman Han doesnt like adversed publicity that would stain Hansung Apparel image which he builds for his sons as successors. i dun think IS background having a daughter and remarrying into Han family is a secret.. she was, a famous newscaster previously. and remarrying into a rich influential family brought a lot of unnecessary negative attention i guess? thats why they kept her in the dark for so many years before giving her a position. i dun like how MR is being sacrificed again.. and i hate it even more that she is willing to do it for her birth mom.. argh!! oh, i like how MH speak up for MR during the SJ-MR scene.. and calling SJ drama queen hahahaha once again, WAY TO GO MS AND HER FLYING KICK!! i think im so looking forward to this scene i have to end all my posts with this.. until next week epi p.s. no bed scenes.. likely just an invitation for some ramen in the cosy home..
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    Great review of the episodes so far from Dramabeans
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    There is a solution for an innocent bed scene on a family drama. I saw so many kdramas that I did not think of something daring at all. But it could be a ramen invitation as well. I take it. Sun Ja is a drama queen, indeed. I don`t like either. Mi Ri has a serious weakness when it comes with In SooK. It was much better when they were on opposite sides. Maybe the writer will put them, later, as rivals at work. In Sook said that she doesn`t like when a young executive was eyeing her job. Mi Ri has to see In sook in the real light, to see her as she is.
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    I can’t stop myself to comment in this thread. Really love this drama! The director for this drama is the same with Live Up Your Name (Kim Nam Gill and Kim Ah Yong) and I hope they will give beautiful ending!
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    Lee Min Ho Confirmed To Reunite With “Heirs” Writer Kim Eun Sook For New Drama May 7, 2019 by C. Hong Lee Min Ho and Kim Eun Sook are teaming up once again! On May 7, the production company Hwa&Dam Pictures released an official press release stating that Kim Eun Sook was working on her next drama project, tentatively titled “The King: The Eternal Monarch” (literal translation), and that Lee Min Ho had been cast as the male lead. The drama is scheduled to air sometime in the first half of 2020 and will be directed by Baek Sang Hoon. He previously worked with Kim Eun Sook in the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun.” Lee Min Ho previously worked with Kim Eun Sook in the 2013 drama “Heirs.” This drama is Lee Min Ho’s first announced project since his military discharge in April. In Hwa&Dam’s statement, they said, “This is our second time working together after ‘Heirs.’ This is because he is an actor we can trust. You can expect to see more mature and deeper acting from Lee Min Ho in ‘The King: The Eternal Monarch.'” “The King: The Eternal Monarch” is a drama that tackles the subject of parallel worlds. In one world, the emperor of the Korean empire seeks to keep the doors closed, while in the other, a detective of the Republic of Korea seeks to protect his life and the people he loves. Yoon Ha Rim, the production company’s representative, stated, “Nothing has been decided yet with regard to the broadcaster or any broadcasting details. But we have the director and the male lead and we will begin filming sometime in the second half of this year.” Are you excited to see Lee Min Ho and Kim Eun Sook work together again? https://www.soompi.com/article/1322637wpp/lee-min-ho-confirmed-to-reunite-with-heirs-writer-kim-eun-sook-for-new-drama
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    Right? They would probably want triplets. 1 boy who looks like Dong Wookie and 2 girls as cute and lovely as In Na ssi. They need to start making babies like...two years ago. I hope they started after Goblin
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    When real life calls you but you have to peek in here every now and again to see if there's any updates The week felt so long, now it's just one more day I can't watch it live this week because i'm travelling, but i'll keep a watch out here for some romantic action hahaha
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    then back to my theory, NJ survived and swapped his face with SH
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    @NaYouSabi? I enjoyed your post, thank you , your teacher would be proud Cr to owner
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    @lu09 I never liked that pantsuit lady... But am I the only one who loves evil SH? She's gonna actually get revenge once she goes back to normal. And thank you. I'm fasting too. Happy Ramadan @nohamahamoud2002, @Ameera Ali
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    Base on the spoiler, it will be a happy ending....That's the ending I'm looking forward to!
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    @triplem, thanks for the shout out. I'll have to check this one for KYK, though I liked JKJ in Come Here and Hug Me. Truthfully, I haven't read or seen anything about this drama yet. I've been a little too busy with real life right now. However, I'll definitely check out the first few episodes at least I hope it's good. KYK is tall and sexy, for sure, though, so that is a good start to this drama.
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    Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy with Ramadan coming up. You guys have covered pretty much everything lol. @newyee made the most sense. I want original crazy San Ha back lol. Guess I'm one of the people who have to change their profile pic to that. But the good news is, as long as @Ameera Ali doesn't copy and paste that pic, I am safe for the week lol. Have mercy on me. @nohamahamoud2002 You have became addicted to this drama lol. @dramaninja We all want to know lol @dulceres This is the reason why I never bothered to watch the last 2 eps completely. It's always the children who get hurt and I couldn't follow through it. I guess I expected a lot from the writer. @chrissydiva @chococarmela They indeed made unnecessary villian. I'm not even sure what her purpose is. If you want revenge against the Park's family or if it's because of LSH real father or mom, then GIRL, you are barking on the wrong tree here. Why on earth would you use their real daughter in law for your dirty scheme? I understand NJ but pantysuit lady, Hell no. Secondly, if she is somehow related to LSH real mom, then is it for revenge? But then, isn't she trying to screw her relative here? I don't understand WTH going on here anymore. Whoever is fasting, Ramadan Mubarak
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    Looks like she's wearing the same suit as the "tour bus" pic:
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    I still don't get IS intention. at night she goes to SJ then confront her, the following day, she goes to MR and the hugging scene. But I never heard IS apologize to MR. About SJ react to MR, aren't it similar to what she did to MS? so I guess it okay, SJ is really a drama queen like MH said. But at least the romance is begin.
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    718 of course korea is different with china in the map mom version of ‘handsome’ @ktcjdrama xuxuxuxu The story was too slow. Oh too bored. Perhaps because I went to the cinema/movie theater in the middle of working hours HAHAHAHAHAH. So I keep calculated the Rupiahs I will get if I stay at office than watching avengers hahahahaha but I enjoyed my almond waffle, ice manggo latte with jelly, and french fries.. if I was inside the premiere studio I will ordered ice cream too after I ate all of those snacks I left that movie theater wkkwkwkwk
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    +2 I do have enough "ammunition", but why should I show you my stock of ammo? If I kill your mood, my plan certainly goes well. And please, if somebody has experience with walls, it's me, after all, I am german. No, I said what do you consider being beauty. manly is also a term I use differently. Especially since I still think HYJ is far from being manly. The female agend in MST was "manly". And sorry, but we DO have a different look at oriental. When we talk about oriental people in Germany, we talk about indians, arabian and similar people, not koreans/japanese or other East/South Eastern countries. We sometimes call them exotic, but never "oriental". It's no excuse, it's simply the truth. But hey wise ahjummi, I understand if you aren't familiar with the european point of view. Your size? Please
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    I'm truly sorry that my schedule is rather packed first half of the week that I won't be able to do a detailed recap for ep.14 very soon. Will try to do it a couple days later. But if you want to know the gist, it's in spoiler below:
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    Probably watching One Pi Probably violin practice.
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    like when PSJ was trying to give his coat to PmY in one of their bts.. she kept saying to him to keep it on... -"jagiya would want you to have it all!"
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    I thought ep13 was very much needed, a heartwarming episode that still got the plot moving. I know people like to complain about not having time to breathe for character development, and I thought ep13 gave us that in Choi Pil Soo who to that point had very little screentime. This was an episode for father and son, and my favorite so far.
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    haha, I had a mistake in my calendar, it read 7 May, then I realized it is only 6 May
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    718 @kokodus I watch almost all the series. The series before this when thanos destroyed the planet I also watched it on May 2018 and I like it. I even watched it in 4d version hahahah. But I don’t know the end game series is too bored. Later I will watch again completely on web wkwkkwwk
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    Nice tips but what is with the "Yellow is not the best color to wear on a blind date"??? The best tips, for me: 1. Girls don’t like “funny” men. Girls actually like guys who can make them laugh. 3. When you find someone attractive, you actually become smart. 5. No one cheats because of loneliness. Cheaters will always cheat. Those who don’t cheat will never cheat. 11. Even the most romantic love story can end with a simple break-up. Don’t be too heartbroken over a blind date that didn’t go well. You’ll be fine! Thanks for sharing!!!
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    OMG I know what you mean. I am a huge GOT fan as well.. been following since forever and it is the last season right so we should really be super excited every episode. But somehow, it has become “thank god I have GOT to be filler in between the 7 days wait for the next episode of HPL”
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    I need to check behind scene to make sure but for me it’s seem lion tongue to me calling my my partner in crime , @cenching @Lawyerh & @Sejabin & @Sarang21 for more set of eyes
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    From L's IG. Our angel was there too. I really love everything in the poster, can't stop looking at it over and over again. I think even for the person who doesn't know anything about this drama or actors, if they see this beautiful poster in any steaming channel, they just can't help clicking the thumbnail pic to watch the drama.
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    @sushilicious , @triplem , @ktcjdrama & @Lawyerh I don’t know if you see this , these two good together
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    OMG TVN captions say there is going to be a real passionate kiss this week!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the videos @pad-hari Erm...he’s stiff in the dance? Or perhaps he is too tall and all that gangly can’t keep up. Poor dear trying so hard. cant wait for the next 4 eps!
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    OK dear, tq.. Understood Was he shin doing yup? If not mistaken, he's one of the hosts in variety show of Life Bar which MOTA casts including park hoon attended as guests previously..
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    Yay! A place to talk kookmin. Thank you @minahnoona for the thread! For those of you not yet exposed to the magical charms of kookmin, I second the recommendation to let yourself get lost in the videos of @kookminclan RunningMan They're the perfect intro to the funny, exciting, adorably up-and-down-then-up-again chronicles of kookmin: two very different people whom no one expected to get close, but over two+ gradual years did just that. You think you're tuning in for pirate barrel games and occasional name tag ripping, but out of nowhere, comes a love and friendship story that takes you by surprise. Here's how it all started as interpreted by @kookminclan RunningMan
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    Believe me or not, I’m screaming rn... our chief anchor is back after her long break.. @minseojoon let’s pop the champagne
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    Joseph's acting very cute and shy in these two scenes. Loves it to death every time MM teased WJ. 'Little Pervert' hahaha...'Good Big Sister'
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    YESSS!! Looking forward to it! According to Cfensi, the series will air 8 episodes (Mon-Thu) per week, and Tencent members get an 8 episode head start.
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    So I'm predicting in a couple of episodes or so Ryan and Deokmi will get their acts together temporarily and become a couple (before they break up for some lame reason so that they can reconcile just in time before the show ends amirite). I'm so looking forward to their (official) couple moments. I'm expecting Pretty Noona levels of lovey-dovey relationship chemistry here (and I mean Pretty Noona's first four episodes, before it turned into an angsty snoozefest). Don't let me down, Jae Wook and Min Young! In the meantime, how lovely does Ryan look here with that lock of hair falling over his forehead? *swoon*
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