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    I hope the real kiss scene will be hotter than this I mean they both are mature.. and this is not a teen series/drama/love.. this is a kind of love you will have when you reached your 30s .. when you kiss someone at your 30s it will be different than at your 20s .. the passion will be different. 20s passion is like a candle light. When the wind blows it will be off. But 30s passion is like a fire in the fireplace. It’s warm you, until you melt.. inside and outside.. and you kiss.. and people will think it’s your tongue.. but actually it’s your teeth.. because you are not only want to pressed your lips againts your lover’s.. but you also want to bite it.. in a broad day light.. and dragged her to the wall.. .. OK I NEED TO STOP. This is so unhealthy I hope Sun Deok Mi will read this for their real kiss
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    I just saw someone commented on tumblr “Choi Da IN needs to be Choi Da OUT”
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    Today just Monday Does anyone else expect to Wed? I love this moment. Min - Young was very very comfortable. Sorry, PP shipper, I could'nt see how she's comfortable like this with Seo-Jun. Jea Wook oppa should be go forward straight to real life
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    This! I agree with you. The reason DM is also reacting like this is because she has already confused "interest with sympathy" when he began fake dating her to protect her "sexual minority group" status. So everything before has been null and void because of that. Also - it is not like fangirls love for shallow reasons - my fangirling over my bias is because I love his personality, his jokes, his attitude, his hard work, his perseverance, his helpful nature and how sweet he is to people around him - while we all see it from the screens, and it might be made up to a large extent, these are still not shallow reasons to like someone. The only thing shallow can be that we don't see the bad sides of our bias really well, and it paints a rosy picture. That's literally it. DM also saw RG in all context with his bad sides and good, and without the screen - she saw him protecting her sexuality, his ready apologies (like you also mentioned). Show me ONE MAN who does that!), and generally keeping others and their interests in front of his own comfort. So far, RG's all actions can be dismissed as being such a nice human being and a helpful man, and not interest per se - like SJ said, and especially by someone who has stanned a lot. That said, it is my psychological need to see RG having a happy family as soon as possible. Please. Give. My. Man. Lots. Of. Love.
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    Hi everyone Im so fangirling with this kdrama that I actually want to discuss this with you all. So I read some opinions regarding DM and RG relationship. Id like to just put a little opinion regarding their different feelings. For me, although DM doesnt know that RG supports her 'fanatic' side, deep inside Im sure she knows he'll accept it. Shes just afraid to tell him due to their 'untasteful' first meeting. And I dont really agree that her feelings for RG are low. I mean, she also have seen different sides of RG right and aporeciates it. Like the way he apologizes when he knows he's wrong, the way he protects her through their fake relationship, and plus points with the way he helped the child that was lost during their "date". Im sure that contributed to why she now finds herself editing his pictures. His characteristics plus good lucks did that. And for RG,even though he started their fake relationship for the wrong reason, I love how he really was thorough with it. Everyone must have been shocked with their fake kiss . (Hope their will be a true kiss on the next two episodes). And the way he supports her fangirling moments make me wanna squeal inside. Sorry EG, but DM already found someone who knows her other side and actually ACCEPTS AND SUPPORTS IT. Cant wait for Ep 9 and 10. I think Ill be losing some sleep till the next one. Rewatching episode 8 until then
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    I want to share my theory too I think uri pd nim or writer nim is an expert kisser because: #1 they give us this.. they didn’t kiss, but the lion is already lurking to DM’s lips.. and why must DM opened her mouth a bit? #2 then they give us this.. isn’t this too naughty? Who will think that a guy can put his finger on a girl’s lips and pretending to kiss her? Like this? <<<~~ only a naughty writer nim/pd nim can think about it #3 and then they give us this!! A blind kiss in imagination!! Btw pd nim and writer nim are really really really naughty ~,~ #4 and until last week, they also showed us a cheek kiss from ‘Lion’ in imagination!! my theory is, if pd nim and writer nim are playing like this with us, play a game: the next kiss always hotter than the previews kiss, lol, then I am sure 100% the next kiss scene will be better .. oughhh I really like uri pd nim and writer nim in HPL *can’t wait for wednesday mode ON ^_*
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    "I just want to repeat everyday things with you.." - Lee Hae Ri (Maybe)
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    Do you guys remember the question about the first kiss in the love test Cindy gave them earlier? They answered "the office" and "the car" :)) DM then explained that they kissed in the office and continued in the car. Is it the same that their true first kissed will be started at Ryan's house and then continued in the car Anyway, 48 hours to go guys! It will be around this time on Wed that I can watch with subs! This drama has made me very unproductive lately. Aigooo!
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    I love how active this thread is! Especially the really nuanced discussions about the relationships between the characters. I wonder if looking back some people will be more critical of the writing for not making DM's feelings clearer? Personally, I think that she has transitioned really smoothly into liking Ryan--not love yet but liking. I don't think it has to be about who the person is necessarily--I mean the woman is only human I think that fake almost kiss when they were fake dating would start anyone's heart racing. Sometimes it just needs that little 'Oh, wow. You make my heart flutter. Why? Don't know, don't care just yet'. On the fake date, she also got to see a much softer, more vulnerable side (when he helps the little boy and explains why he doesn't like holding hands). Those little moments are about building intimacy. And we can't underestimate the draw of someone who has a lot in common with you. Both have given up painting against their will, both have struggled with not being good enough as an artist, that common ground and understanding sometimes trumps everything else. It is comparable to her friendships with fans--or even this thread and our fangirling/boying. You aren't spending your time explaining why you are a fan, you just are a fan. Just like they are artists who aren't making art but can't escape loving art or working with it. I like to think that DM's photoshopping is her art now and that her ability to make art in a new way will help Ryan get his mojo back. Ah! This is a bit of a longer, more rambling post than I intended. BUT ONLY TWO SLEEPS UNTIL THE NEXT EPISODE!!! (will Wednesday never come?) -------- Also, have we mentioned that 'Sol' is Brush in Korean? I can't remember? 이 This 솔 Brush It is a nice touch...
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    This scene reminded me of the famous movie "Ghost" - Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze pottery making lol Well of course, they dont have the so called "tiger-pattern-girl" looking & spying at them
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    I thought I'd post again about the fangirl topic since I am desperate for the next ep(I have not watched EP8 last 10 mins yet - that's some RG level self control right there!) Anyway, I think things will be sorted out once the cat is out of the bag. The resolution is easier when a relationship is not on the table - pretty sure getting revealed as Latte will cause some tensions in an established relationship than starting with a clean slate. Other than that, I think the way DM is transitioning from fangirling over an idol to falling for an actual person is so great: It is adorable how she clicks photos and edits them to express her love - her ways of loving someone don't change, the object of affection just shifts. I really think DM is falling hard. As a fangirl, I guarantee that we rarely fall for actual people while gushing over our celebs - and being such a big fangirl as DM... the fact that RG was able to get her attention from someone she has stanned for 4+ years (I think). That's a very sweet detail I loved. RG caught her attention in an adorable way, as a great person, and there's nothing lacking in loving him just as she knows how to love: being supportive, caring, clicking photos and daydreaming (like all us fangirls do lol). He's short tempered but he's great at apologizing and making up for it. He is gruff and rude, but he is protective and caring. He comes off as a bit proud and narcissistic, but he isn't insecure about other men in her life - her idol love or her brother (that's all you are, Eungi, fyou). He might get angry at their interference, but he is not going to pull DM away from them. Also the commentary on fangirls: fansite masters vs awful sasaengs, obsession vs healthy hobbies, benefits vs downsides of fangirling - I like how it is brought out as a great stress valve - I am pretty sure they will bring out many more shades as we learn her mother's side of the story. Another thing: we might see DM facing a conflict to choose between SA and RG in the near future, finally establishing her priorities. That is the growth I guess everyone will be satisfied with. I'm now off to making a prayer circle for lion-bunny babies. bye!
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    Haha! Cant imagine how many panties dropped for the past weeks. Words fail me. Don't get me wrong, í love this OTP. Best match i have ever seen in Kdrama. Somehow, something is amiss on DM side. í am not quite convinced it is more than just a crush. I am more certain DI is in love with RG. Errrmm, take Healer for example, (though i vaguely remember the story line), I was convinced PMY's character I fell in love with Healer, even though she has not seen his face. I liked the scene where she confided in JCW on the phone that she is falling in love with Healer. Another unpopular opinion - i am glad they broke up. Let her step back , have the chance to be connected with RG. To me, supporting her on fangirling is no big deal. I prefer the support and encouragement Latte gave to DM on her photography skill . Maybe DM will start to confide in Latte. Hope Latte/ RG will inspire her to grow as a person, as an artist. Maybe pursue her studies in photography. Needless to say, RG needs to heal too. No doubt DM will be the one to help him heal. I kind of hope they wont kiss till at least ep11. Have too much of the expectation on the kiss, most likely get disappointed.
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    Omggg the hand fetish me is screaming when looking at this edits, kyaaaa As for the caption, it's actually from their lines, I'll gladly help you to translate^^ It's not that I don't like holding hands. I don't like the moment when I have to let it go, the warm feeling dissappears, and feels like I'm the only one left in this world. I really like holding hands. So, by any chance, if you want to hold someone's hands, or if you don't want to let it go.. I'll let you borrow my hand. (Ugh, the last pic is so heart breaking) Anyhow, I've been lurking this page since last week episode ends, hoping I can kill some time until Wed comes, but I ended up skip some sleep tonight since I'm still wide awake at this late hour camping at this thread lmao. I'm enjoying all of insights abt the character here. Wednesday better come faster ><
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    okay i literally just combined all the replies from the last twenty pages into one post ... i mean the last time i checked we were in the 50s ... read when you are not tired , cause i write in circles and its sometimes too long ... @Ameera Ali am not sure if want to be the milk or the straw …. @zenya22, I would like to counter argue you on something … I agree DM and Ryan the golden lion are kindred souls true … they get each other true, DI has nothing on DM when it comes to Ryan … @inna75 , “And then I realized all DM knows about him is he has some inferiority issue related to holding hands and he lied about Lee Sol's painting. Other than that, RG was a rather closed book to her, which make her position with DI to be at par or probably below.” 95% yes , but 5% she knows enough bout him to be in like with him ( am not good at quoting yet ) @tinymel , and some else i can't remember... *puts hand in the air * i have a different view ... @s00ki, i cant remember the point of this post again oh yeh but if you read to the end , congratulations my English teacher would be proud ...
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    You so right! I do not want talk about why she is so relaxing this time but I know one thing, last year was very difficult for Min Young and for her fan base, all this rumors made us so tired, but now she really can be herself again thanks to Jae Wook oppa, she can works with joy, because he is so careful and kind. I'm so thankful to him he is the best!
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    Hey everyone! I've been lurking around this forum for this past few days after the release of episode 8. I love reading all theories, point of views and fangirling moments of our Sung Deok & Saja. So I made decision to create an account! Lol. Can i say that all of us in this forum is currently the members of 'Road to RyMi' or whatever the ship name is lol. Gosh- we're deokjil over Ryan Gold x Sung Deokmi lol By the way, I love how some of members stated about the colour coordination of our couple. Yea- definitely a subtle hint of our couple not in the 'same page' yet. I really love KJW & PMY's styling in this drama; so classy, so pretty; cool and dashing. I really hope they resolve their misunderstanding as soon as possible in episode 9 & 10. I'm hurting on behalf those two. Seriously, i was so frustrated (& grateful at the same time bcs this woke Ryan and Deokmi abt their feeling for each other) when the 2nd leads successfully stirred our couple's peaceful relationship lol. Ppali get together Ryan, Deokmi!!!!!! To be honest, I wish to see Deokmi in action as 시나길 more in upcoming episodes. She's rock the black hoodie, mask and the professional camera. I hope she can find solace by being Sinagil. Taking Sian's pictures in an event. I'm sure she can forget for awhile her broken heart. At the same time, I'm sure Ryan will be watching his Deokmi from afar since he's going to know what event Deokmi going to attend (he's VIP member after all lol). I can sense that Sian & Cindy gonna be the role that brings our Lion & his Rabbit together. Let's see. P. S: can we have Geunwoo interaction with Deokmi & Ryan jn future episode? I'm sure they'll portrays a loving family. Just like how little lost Minho did to them in amusement park. ❤️ P. S. S: All Her Private Life OSTs are so relatable and definitely eargasm. I can't wait for Sungwoon's to be released! I've been repeating this drama OSTs for nth times lol.
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    @s00ki yes he did suspect it during SA's surprise visit with the chicken because SA told him that Si Na Gil usually does not upload those kind of pictures, but it was the next episode that he confirmed it for himself and here again whether DM was referring to liking Ryan over someone, she had admitted and is taking responsibility of her feelings. She has figured out the difference between falling in love with a real person and fangirling over an idol. @Artheusa Thank you for the above quote. I think that whether DM or any other woman whom Ryan had cared to protect and have deep conversations the way he did would fall in love and of course the advantage of "species panty dropper".... yes!!! There is a big difference between admiring all the qualities of someone one is fangirling on which is only superficial and falling in love with someone whom one interacted with on daily basis. Just like SJ said, "her fangirl subject is her "boyfriend-fantasy" and her husband a real person whom she married is someone she "fell in love with and is her idol" big, big difference and a healthy outlook.
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    You don’t always fall for someone for all the rightful reasons though. Many of the good Deok-mi witnessed in Ryan is enough for her to admire him deeply at this point. Trying to protect her supposed private relationship with SJ for instance, shows that he’s ready to go to big lengths for a person who he thinks is disadvantaged in society and being bullied for it. To me, being an ally is one of the sexiest and most honourable things a straight man can do. Then Deokmi knows he’s a well known, talented artist much sought after, he’s meticulous in his work at the gallery, is aloof but shows a childlike vulnerability at times, he’s not egoistic. Add to all that being a gorgeous specimen of the male species lol Total panty dropper. Deok-mi at this point is wondering if such a great guy would even consider her. What she’s seen of him is enough I think. Supporting her fangirl side will be the cherry on top.
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    HEALTH WARNING All who enter this thread, do so it at risk of heart arrest, seizure and theft. You may find that your timepieces - however expensive - no longer work effectively to tell time or to warn you that you should get back to work, study, cooking, or sleep. You may find it impossible to enjoy another highly-rated drama. You may develop a scorn for another romantic drama when a kiss scene comes up. If you are still schooling, you may find Chemistry notes particularly difficult to retrieve from your phone, because you get redirected to this forum instead. If you are in a relationship, you may be secretly pleased your significant one is busy, because being delulu is already tiring you out. Unlike rock-climbing, bungee-jumping and spelunking - all evidently highly intense activities - Pichi couple shipping is not physically rigorous, but it is nonetheless necessary to acknowledge that small developments - like chancing upon a “stroke” in a slow-motion video here can in fact trigger a stroke. Note: Life insurance companies are working out a shipper clause.
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    I love this post because my interpretation is different from yours. DI knew RG did not like her when she, paraphrasing, said she needed him to be more than a mentor and critique her work and RG told her he could help her with he work, but could not offer her anything more. To me it was clear, I will help you as a friend, but that is all. It was not hard to interpret.; "I am not into you, in that way." The chemistry between DM and RG was so strong that the furniture maker thought that they were a couple. Sometimes, others can see the attraction before the two individuals involved. If he could see it, everyone else could see it also, including EG. EG, might have blurted out "innocently" (which I doubt, noting his behavior) that it was fake relationship; however, if he did not think that the two were attracted to each other, it would have been no need for him to embarrass himself as well as DM. I give you that EG might not have known that DI liked RG; however, EG does not know DI well enough to "innocently" blurt out DM's business to her. I do not think he is a simpleton, or as clueless as we think, there is a method to his madness. I also think he had a inking that DI liked RG. If he did not feel things were heating up with DM and RG, he would never ran to the furniture factory the way he did. When EG told DI about the fake relationship, he was also giving her the signal that RG was free, in the hope that somehow, RG would stop liking DM and turn his attention to DI and DM , heartbroken would come to him. If EG do not get his act together, he will also lose DM as a friend.
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    Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young’s Chemistry Continues To Shine Off Camera In “Her Private Life” by J. Lim The sweet chemistry between Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook doesn’t stop, even when cameras aren’t rolling on the set of tvN’s “Her Private Life.” tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Her Private Life” tells the story of the perfect art curator Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young), who also leads the life of a idol group fan outside of work, and her fickle boss Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook). On May 6, “Her Private Life” released new behind-the-scenes stills of the two having fun as they film their scenes together. They are all smiles as they joke around and share small talk in every scene they film. But once cameras start rolling, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook immediately jump back into their characters, creating tension when needed and keeping viewers at the edges of their seats. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1322450wpp/kim-jae-wook-and-park-min-youngs-chemistry-continues-to-shine-off-camera-in-her-private-life
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    TvN said their first kiss occurred between Ryan's house until they were in the car. Hope this will be reconciliation kiss or i will curse TvN until next week
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    Is that the actors who plays Park Tae Ri? What he is doing in the dating picnic? That went up in flame my excitement. OK, so there is a Marketing Team picnic/camping moment? I like them. Mi Ri and Tae Joo has to be careful. Park Tae Ri might be very close to find out about them. If he knows, the whole company will know.
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    @cremep awww. that's so sooo cute! kim jaewook with kids definitely something that we can die for!!! he got that appa's vibe so much when he with kids. I love how he interacted with little Minho in BTS video before. He's using aegyo talking to that little pie ;w; i really hope his character and Park Minyoung's going to end with kids. <3 yes, before asking much, lets hope our Ryan and Deokmi clear out their misunderstanding first! :')) -- Oh talking about Ryan x Deokmi's holding hands scene! I agree that HPL successfully focus on their hand, eyes gestures with so much emotions. No wonder knetz said that even when Kim Jaewook (Ryan) & Park Minyoung (Deokmi) holding hands already intense and kinda feel rated (lolololol). That's why the last scene in episode 8, most of us are left deeply heartbroken when Deokmi endup abandoned Ryan's hands. Writer-nim, why ;w; please do justice for them!!! By the way, I found this on dc gallery! Knetz pointed out that Ryan used Deokmi's gift that she left at his house (remember in episode 6? that time when Deokmi went to Ryan's house to check for water leaking)!!!!! aromatic air diffuser!!!! So detailed!! Before After I'm certainly sure, Ryan actually already open his heart to his Sung curator this time. :') ohhhh gosh credit: dc gallery!
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    TVN just shared these photos on their page..i. was expecting more..but it's ok..these gorgeous photos of Ryan is worth to look at.. source: TVN Official page
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    Lmao! Got called out by his long-time fan and contradicted himself. I thought it was the system that didn’t allow them to see her? Lol! W would so lose a case in court and I’m not even a lawyer.
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    I was expecting TVN gonna be generous to release this photo this week (praying hard)...but i guess they might have forgotten about how beautiful this shot is
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    Exactly. Once you fangirl, you only see him through rose-colored glasses. (Which also happens for new couples) Its already a feat for DM who made SA her life, the center of her universe, to have someone to be able to gain her attention. And he hasnt even done it consciously. Although episode 8 hurts, I think its absolutely needed so that we can proceed to their real relationship. Hope bad timing wont win on the next one. And I hope to see more progress on the bromance of SA and RG. I think its one of those relationships in the drama I look forward too. And of course the character decelopment of Sindy. Ahh soooo many conflicts and mysteries still needed to be solved one episode at a time.
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    I know right. RG is gold to us but DM must have the firm reason to attached to him. But EG. EG is the person I hate the most. If only DM doesn't bring up anything about her feeling and do what SJ told, just wait first. RG could have confessed already At first I was really mad at DM for not giving RG chance to talk before she left. But then I realized - that's how her character, to be naive - don't know how to love. And she probably can't hold her tears any longer that's why she pushed away RG's hand. Also because she buys everything DI told that RG wants to end the fake relationship so she surely believed no more talk needed. So it's okay Sung curator, I shall give time for you.
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    Annyeong! Passing by to say that this drama makes me feel less alone about being a fan girl. I see myself when Deok Mi gushes over Shi An. I just wish I had a friend in RL who fan girls over the same bias as I have, like how DM has Seon Joo. ^^ About the recent episode, the assertive part of me liked how DM made the first move of kissing RG (loved the scene more when RG's lips responded!); but at the same time, the conservative part of me was pleased that it was all imagination. As I've said in one article comment, this drama kind of breaks away from common tropes and cliches (speaking of how RG didn't catch DM as she fell from the ladder in Cheum Gallery; if he did, I would've rolled my eyes XD) and now this tough manly man called Ryan Gold didn't even try to deny that he was jealous when he first realized it. Maybe it was because he was artist... IDK. Also, Choi Da In's statement was actually technically accurate: "Ryan wants to end the fake relationship..." but she also knew the TRUTH behind those words ("...because he wants to make it real now"). The way she said those words to Deok Mi was a pretty dirty trick to play on her (much dirtier than Eun Gi's approach, IMO)... I actually wanted to throw at her all those furniture they arranged in her studio; after DM helped her with the lifting and arranging, she does that to her?! Sheesh. Anyway, I appreciate how sweetly Ryan said "Sung Seok Mi-ssi" and the way he looked at her as she towards him... But then every sweet thing until those "break-up" words of DM, became bitter. Ugh. If this painful scene is meant to build up a deeper realization of their love for each other, I'd endure. Haha. Just two more nights until the next episode!~ ^^
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    On korean Wikipedia it is 103 episodes and will supposedly end on 31st May
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    On my rewatch of episode 24, I love the part where Zhao Min comes out dressed as a lady and Wuji says farewell to her. Before he leaves he totally checks her out. He looks her up and down! He finds her beautiful right away. I don't think he's like that with any of the other girls. When he meets Zhou Zhirou again it's more like he's in awe, that this is the little girl who was kind to him, and now she's a grown young woman. When he sees his cousin, he feels a kinship because she resembles his mother. With MinMin it's instantly attraction. And then later in the trap, when she comes up close to him and flirts with him, he gets nervous because this is the first time somebody is making him feel all warm and fuzzy with desire. He can't get her out of his mind.
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    I get SJ's reaction because I see SJ in my wife. SJ is a typical Korean mother. She was not upset with MR because MR and IS works at the same company and MR knew it. She was upset with her because after MR found out about IS, she did not come to SJ for consolation or to share her feelings about it. That being said SJ was way over the top in her reaction.
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    I want to chip in about the members of Ming sect in this stories, perhaps more like annoyed rants I am also very annoyed with the hypocrisy that the members displayed toward MM. Well, of course MM is their enemy and there's too deep of enmity with her dynasty but their stubborn double standards against her is just frustrating for me. They are more than ready to turn blind eyes toward ZR sins (as ZM had raised the issues in front of them) just so that WJ did not get himself involved with ZM. They are quick to judge and kept on pointing fingers at ZM based on their prejudice and suspicion of ZM might be able to do instead of solid evidences. I found it ironic that not so long ago, before events of GMD, they were the ones who received the wrongful accusations and judgements from the 6 sects. Yet, they were so quick to forget how unpleasant that feelings are and become just like their accusers: unfairly pointed their fingers and threw accusations toward ZM, non-stop . Bai Mei Yin Wang and Yin YeWang seemed to forget how the label of evil woman was once thrown at YSS. I just found that very ironic. And suddenly they also knew what's best for WJ. They wanted to dictate his life to fit their agenda. Never mind if he might not be happy marrying ZR, never mind that what he wanted was to be able to live freely and happily with ZM (like in this version, WJ said that his yifu did not want him to step back and pass the torch of Ming sect leader to the descendant of Yang Ding Tian (in the ox cart before MM wistfully thinking of what their free future can be, if I am not Mistaken)). It's like as long as he is their leader, they want him to do what they envisioned him to do. Like, he doesn't have any right for his own life. Uurgh... I am very annoyed with this hahaha. Phew.. Sorry for the rant hahaha ZM always the prettiest for me among the girlsm. Perhaps because her confident attitudes and her leadership charisma. She exudes that strength and boldness that unrivaled by the other three girls. She can flirt with WJ, be mad at him, taunt him. In this version, she can also be weak as she's human, a young girl at the end of the day, but she got back up and fight another round. Even though she might not be the prettiest in looks, all of these qualities make her the most beautiful for me. For this version, ZM is also the prettiest when she wore the simple clothes at the farmer's hut. She looks glowing and so beautiful there Peace all
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    ahhahahah imagine the major TWIST that if they suddenly reveal they already have children since 2 years back! It would be the most hilraious thing if this were to happen. Noone even knew they were dating much less married w. children already On a more serious note, yes hopefully no need to wait for a full year, especially given their ages. Practically speaking need to have energy to raise children well ooo DARK LAKORNS love those! (korean melodramas too!). Actually I normally dont even like too lighthearted genre but LDW & YIN have somehow made me love TYH despite its lighthearteness over even some darker great melos Please do tell what dark lakorn that is, I need recommendations. Also good if you can mention any other nice dark lakorns and/or great dark korean melos. I'm in such a bad asian drama slump thanks to these two peaches who have magically erased any and all chemistry between any other leads for me in comparison
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    his strong belief that they are of different leagues.. he mentioned IS was of humble background but they took her into the Han family when his bro married her. he doesnt like women with many words and find her talk too much with reporters (although Director Park did try to help saying it was for publicity..) Chairman Han doesnt like adversed publicity that would stain Hansung Apparel image which he builds for his sons as successors. i dun think IS background having a daughter and remarrying into Han family is a secret.. she was, a famous newscaster previously. and remarrying into a rich influential family brought a lot of unnecessary negative attention i guess? thats why they kept her in the dark for so many years before giving her a position. i dun like how MR is being sacrificed again.. and i hate it even more that she is willing to do it for her birth mom.. argh!! oh, i like how MH speak up for MR during the SJ-MR scene.. and calling SJ drama queen hahahaha once again, WAY TO GO MS AND HER FLYING KICK!! i think im so looking forward to this scene i have to end all my posts with this.. until next week epi p.s. no bed scenes.. likely just an invitation for some ramen in the cosy home..
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    Wait, aren't these photos from episode 7, when Ryan drops Deok-mi at her house after the dinner with her parents?
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    It's a kind of chrysanthemum... I think someone in this forum called it ball chrysanthemum
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    Aside from the stalking, she is ok. But with all the stalking that she does following DM and RG, i hope she will roots for the couple later and help them be together. LOL
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    Couldn't agree more of that you have written. I didn't find it absurd when she hope/assumed RG was going to confess to her (instead he was just telling her about the CUpatch) or her out on a date (end up its a meeting with SA). Totally understand why she felt and ated the way she did that lead to the break up. BUT, at the moment, the reason DM 'fell ' in love with RG is not different from ours, quite superficial. Do note, we know more about RG (and what he did to help her) than she does. It's a different level how RG fell in love with DM, we witnessed the "annyeong" scene, DM offering her hands to be held. Just wished we can see DM falling in love with RG for the right reason.
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  45. 8 points
    Rather than tongue topic, i'm more curious if KJW had adlib the stroke hair, kiss cheek b4 kiss. Just like a lion - such a tease b4 going for the kill. My weak heart skipped a beat...
  46. 7 points
  47. 7 points
    not clear but the term "personality transplant" is soooo funny @chrissydiva time for my dear child, I really love him
  48. 7 points
    @nohamahamoud2002, the power that be decided to end this at 103 rather than 104, could be the reason why their is no episode today.
  49. 7 points
    BTS From filming Hong Jonghyun & Kim So Yeon on the Han River. Mi Ri and Tae Joo will have a picnic date? YAY! It was one of my wishes. Holding hands... check, picnic ... check.. Now, it remains lots of kisses. Let me put on my wish list an amusement park date and ... a bed scene. I know it is a family drama that they could show one without fear.
  50. 7 points
    I can’t stop myself to comment in this thread. Really love this drama! The director for this drama is the same with Live Up Your Name (Kim Nam Gill and Kim Ah Yong) and I hope they will give beautiful ending!
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