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    In the interim, before we engage with the next big heart-stopping slow-mo video, here’s an easy way to remember what to look out for in our Pichi couple: Pouting when he wants a hug Instructing others to take care of her Caressing her hair Hand-rubbing Instinctively mirroring her actions.
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    when a guy learn he lost to a real lion not a billboard 10 ways to win a fangirl heart # 1 - Protect her like real boyfriend # 2 - Make her smile # 3 - Let up the fire # 4 - Make sure she warm # 5 - Perfect the scarf un tangled skill # 6 - Listen to every words # 7 - Notice the little thing about her # 8 - Allows her to win # 9 - Crawl to her personal space # 10 - Learn about her favourite thing * That how some end in the zone friend, someone end with the girl @Lawyerh & @Sejabin My count down to Wednesday
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    Just for fun, it is only fair that I provide Hyunnie’s HDH script approval reasoning. 1. It’s pre-produced which means I, JCW, will not have to witness the BTS interaction and develop ulcers. Check 2. The lead co-star is an idol with a rabid fan base, so chances of them shipping him with her is slim (this one really backfired, since Hyunnie is such a chemi-fairy). Check 3. It’s a saeguk— Hanboks, Hanboks, and more Hanboks. Check 4. It’s a saeguk - Tongue wrestling in ancient times is frowned upon. Check, check, check! JCW: I reluctantly approve! Hyunnie: What am I gonna do with you? Lol!
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    They are filming picnic scene with Deok Mi’s mom and dad.
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    Well someone can’t contain her fluttery feelings after mentioning their theme song
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    I have just read the recaps. The ending is disappointing. In my eyes, they ruined the character SM.
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    Here are crazy, weird symptoms you may experience , thinking /fan girl about our lion from Friday To Tuesday #Symptom 1 #Symptom 2 # Symptom 3 #symptom 4 #Symptom 5 # Symptom 6 For more advice about symptoms , you may contact our doctor @Lawyerh , @ktcjdrama
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    "Tongue wrestling in ancient times is frowned upon" THIS THIS THIS! hahahahahahhahahahahhahaa.
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    Kim Jae Wook Can’t Take His Eyes Off Park Min Young On “Her Private Life” Drama Preview May 1, 2019 by E. Cha tvN’s “Her Private Life” has unveiled a sneak peek of its upcoming episode! On April 30, the drama released new stills of Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook) completing his transformation into Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young)’s biggest fan. Spoiler Ryan Gold previously took his first steps towards becoming the ultimate Sung Duk Mi fan by joining her Si An fansite and going undercover to learn more about her. He also ended last week’s episode by catching her off guard with an unexpected kiss. The newly released stills show Ryan Gold taking things a step further by watching Sung Duk Mi in person. Sung Duk Mi is in full fangirl mode, dressed in all black and wielding a heavy camera as she wears a mask to hide her identity. Ryan Gold is so caught up in watching Sung Duk Mi from afar that he barely notices that time is passing by. Meanwhile, Sung Duk Mi looks shocked by something as she covers her mouth with one hand in surprise, piquing viewers’ curiosity about what might have surprised her. Credit Soompi
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    KJW : you are so so good looking and dreamy dreamy look and sexy sexy and hot hot and cute cute ...please be the main lead always going forward!!!! PYM: no word needed...Love you!!
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    Im jumping in the kiss debate too I've watched that scene over and over and still ??? I guess I will never know the answer and thus demand a better scene to ease my confusion. He can do wonders with just the thumb so why not ?? 10 eps to go and these two CAN do better In the meantime the song that DM was singing to drunken Ryan is called "Snap Shot" by IN2IT whom is apart of the HPL casts as White Ocean with CSA. I hope we get to see and hear White Ocean version HPL OST full album Some more fan cams of Ryan cr. DC gallery
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    She does look like she’s inside a music video with the hair flipping and all haha
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    PREACH!!! And awww... thanks for the compliment. Same thought : "Personally, of all the fandoms I've viewed (whether drama or idols) this one has the least amount of negativity--which is why I went from lurker to poster. Everyone here is positive, supportive, and equally excited that they have kept in touch because regardless of a possible romantic shenanigans we like that they created a bond and stayed in touch. We just also happen to be incredibly lucky that the kind of fate you normally only find in dramas is happening in real life.*** However it turns out, I'm pretty sure that this thread will continue to be a place where we can support two great actors."
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    Yes please haha let's find that bracelet with our eagle eyes! Guyss stay tune to yin's radio today! It's visible radio show. The broadcast begun with Chen - Make it Count. Look how happy YIN is!
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    I mean a love letter to fans is only fair right... The Blower’s Daughter is one of my all time favs. Such a glorious love song about yearning for someone who isn’t right next to you! (...before my internal shipper sneaks in... )
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    oh my goodness...guys don't give up just because of one so called thumb kiss!! We have plenty more episodes left and I'm sure there will be more kiss and real kiss will be shown to us..LOL (crossed finger) But...if they still show us this kind of kiss, I'm gonna burn TVN Let's pray they will show us good passionate kiss.. So funny how we discussed about the thumb kiss for a week!! I can't imagine what will happen to this thread and HPL fans out there if KJW and PMY show us their true "talent" in kissing..LOL
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    Throwback to Goblin bts, this was one of their first days shoot together. Wookie already being flirty and playful ever since the first time. I just realized here seeing PD nim Lee Eun Bok reaction (0:34) is the same as when he directed SS couple in DOTS when they were being playful too back then. Maybe he already got the same vibe from this couple,eh? Then when InNa made kiss-paper scene, Wookie even said "Im jealous on that paper" *being pouty again* So he was soo rooted for inNa's kiss since the first eps *naughty wookie*
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    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you in this Pichi Couple Forum.. I am new to this forum but been a Pichi Couple shipper since Goblin.. I am a fan of both Wookie and In Na.. However, I never imagined they'd make a perfect pair since they started in Goblin.. I've been reading your delulu comments and I've been thinking the same as you guys.. I am hoping for a really really good news about their relationship.. I hope you all guys have a great day!!
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    Wondering about the same thing @ptp321! H has been very quiet since midterms, whereas the rest of us would’ve probably partied, caught up on sleep and finally washed (for realz) our hair - in no particular order - after gruelling weeks/days (cramming, in my case) of prep. LOL. But then again, when someone’s practically in some form of LDR, the person gets approving nods, knowing looks and cheeky winks in favor of the special someone. Then we get zoned-out, and the expected radiosilence gives fodder to the most intruiging [and in my circle, mostly steamy] theories. Ohmyheart!! The anticipation of H’s next update is bound to be meaningful. I don’t know why, but something tells me its gonna be pivotal *sigh*.
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    Yes... I watched yesterday's eps & it is filled with so many emotions! First of all, how did Mi Young miss out that Mr. Ma is not dead but alive..???! I think it's her biggest defeat in her life that her harsh actions towards Hoo Ja made her helpless! So now Mi Young should think about Jung Gook & let go her police style for a while! And her mom is so right! "Save your husband 1st & catch Park Hoo Ja 2nd"!!!! And i guess she's taking the 1st step in to the mission now.... GO GO GO MI YOUNG!!! And oh god, our hero got 10% for his second pole! He himself is so surprised by the outcome!! Hah haaaaaa..... His facial expressions are DAEBAK!! And dear @ktcjdrama chingu, yes I saw his smile on the poster on the wall!!! How funny is that..???! We have to look at every pixel on the screen not only on our cast..... Otherwise we would miss the fun!!! And now I am more intriguing to know how Mi Young is gonna catch Park Hoo Ja red-handed! This lady shark is like the wind! You can feel her presence but you can't tough her! Mi Young has to find her weak point! And the series is so entertaining & enjoyable!! Thanks a lot for dear @triplem @stroppyse & @ktcjdrama chingus for recommending me this series!! Can't wait to see tonight's eps! Looks like Hoo Ja is having all the cards by her!!! Poor Yang Jung Gook sshi! Some BTSs..... Guess it's from tonight's eps....
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    This made me burst out laughing while having my coffee
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    I really wish that those Int'l fans who bash Jihyun read your post, especially about Korean preference towards SP and NJH. Me to all antis: And I remember reading a tweet in my timeline long time ago: “Out of all JCW ships, the probability of him ending up with NJH is the highest. She fits his low key style.” Awww Keep on posting Dear, welcome to our beloved thread
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    Read the whole thread for the translation of Volume Up last night! Credits to our resident Pichi translator @sinamoles
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    I dedicate this song to all the people who are still mad at the poor reporters for doing their job when wook himself had no problem with the questions:
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    Still cut for tonight episode. Can’t wait!!!
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    This thread is rocking!!! and the party is on... Anyhow here is something to look forward to: The lion is a fanboy of the fangirl. https://www.soompi.com/article/1321201wpp/kim-jae-wook-cant-take-his-eyes-off-park-min-young-on-her-private-life?utm_
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    Quote @Ameera Ali # 9 - Crawl to her personal space @sushilicious must love no. 9 Sushi must ask me why i tagged her? Just because i can Ameera my fav still no. 2. Love ur gifs lol
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    Loved YIN here, funny and sexy YIN credits to pichiismyheart
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    Just read your recaps @turtlegirl Cannot believe it that it was SM all along. It breaks my heart. He went through all that to protect his mother, but making the wrong choices and betraying the people who loved and cared for him. It breaks my heart that JS died for nothing. She saved him and he doesn't turn good? WTH! Yes, yes, yes, we get our happy ending with LA and JI, but I'm sorry guys I was expecting like a really good ending to this drama. I totally loved the beginning. Especially the fact that LA got all these abilities and I thought it was going to be about him solving crimes and bring peace to everyone around him. But wow, what a twist on SM. It's okay, let's hope Jinyoung gets another good drama. His acting was very good in here. Also have Dasom and Kim Kwon act in a drama together, where he's not all dead inside.
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    Hard for me to accept, too, because this also betrays the viewers. While I understand that not all endings are sunshine and roses, it is not good to fail to follow through with the first 75% of the show. A show needs to end the way it began. It's gotta follow through. This show doesn't. I'm actually a bit offended by the fact that all the "couples" appear at the end, like everybody gets to be love-love-happy-happy while SM rots in prison and JS lies in her grave. The couple thing is like the writer tried to slap a bandage onto the story to finish it up, like "it's okay, the boo-boo is covered over now and, look, it's a happy ending." No, no it's not. This does Not make it okay. You know what? I just realized that I'm kinda ticked off.
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    He is wearing 2 bracelets - the bracelet on his left wrist looks like the one he ALWAYS wears - since Goblin (??) - also, someone was saying that it’s too bad he changed from his SUPER SEXY and tight black jeans and jacket BUT he’s wearing a PEACHY PINKY SUIT!!!! WAE? WAE? WAE??? Isn’t that Oh Jin Sim’s FAVOURITE SHADE OF PINK??? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw36NK8JJHU/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=94zkn6qpobvc
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    Seems like more than bracelets ..jackets too..but not sure was it production provided Credits to @amazingyooinna
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    @turtlegirl Thanks. I haven't watched it yet, but I assume how monstrous Seung Mo comes off depends on how he justifies/explains his behavior. In my opinion kdramas love to do the nurturer vs. nature debate and often falls on the side of nature. But I would put Seung Mo on the nurture side of the equation. I believe that most average people learn how to be human by watching how others around them are human. There are always a few people whose neurological wiring seems to resist nurturing adjustment. There are also people who seems to learn from art how to people open and compassionate. Back to Seung Mo. Seung Mo was held captive, not only physically but also mentally, by two moral extreme on spectrum. His seemingly all-powerful inhumane father and his helpless and supremely compassionate mother who tried to educate him to believe that the world was filled with good people. When they escaped his father-monster he entered a world that seem to have more indifferent uncaring people [the authorities] than caring helpful people his mother told him existed. Therefore it makes sense that he decided he needed to solve the problem of the monster himself. But Seung Mo is not his father. Seung Mo loves. He hurts. He regrets.
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    This MV pokes fun at all the hijinks that our OTP have been caught up in. Prepare to ROFL! D-1 to Wednesday, fellow chingus! Credit: ARTEMIS (Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeRtstPxrMpaepMCVaCLr9w)
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    JI's dad wipes her dirt off lovingly. It also appears Nam and the aunt are a couple. Cut to An arriving at the police station. The detectives look happy to see him. He hears some strange music. He goes outside. SH and DB are playing with a bunch of kids. DB is wearing a costume. They are a couple now awww. Cut to An. Arriving at the prison. I guess he will meet with SM. Yup, he does. SM seems to talk about taking care of An when An was a child. An speaks some. It's very sad it seems. Cut to An. Looks like he's taking the police academy exam. He talks to JI on the phone when he is finished The stream died, really? Lol of course. But ok it's back. Looks like JI and An are house hunting. He says something to her that makes her really happy. Guess they are going to live together. Another scene, SM picks up some flyers for a man holding a street sign. He touches the man's hand....he doesn't get a read from it. His psychometry is gone. He smiles. No more awful burden on him. The end!
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    So my general thoughts on the latest episode are: So far we've seen TJ in a very boyish manner. He pouts and and behaves innocently. I wonder if the writers will progress his character into someone that can protect his love. If he doesn't step up to the plate, he can't protect MR or save her from IS. I do like how he's very straightforward with IS and told her that she's sort of changed from the person her knew her as. Good to see that he's slowly beginning to see how messed up she is. I would have liked more of a build up of his character and more scenes where he grows to love MR strongly. A few more of their dinner and cute interactions would have been nice- considering that not long ago they had a fight and had to make up. I do think that the dinner scene before the kiss was poignant. It appeared as though MR was forcing herself to be happy and chirpy around TJ. The laugh and the little finger pointing- it seemed forced but with good reason too. It gave the viewers an impression that she was trying to hide how sad she was inside- a move that TJ can see through. I suppose that's the reason why TJ kept probing her and asking why she told him first that she was going to study abroad. I think he kept asking her trying to get out of her if she cares about him in the same way that he does. The kiss scene was great in showing TJ taking the initiative. We've always seen him make the first move when it comes to MR in an innocent and shy way but there was nothing innocent and shy about the elevator kiss he sprung on MR. Now we just need to wait for MR to reciprocate. The thing is MR is probably trying to hold back her feelings-what with her being his boss and all....I just need TJ to start fighting for her. I'm curious to see how he's going to go about and do things after the preview "i can't let you go like this"...wonder what he's going to do. They really do have wonderful chemistry...
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    Tonight's preview.... And hah ha..... Is it just me or everyone laughed at this moment..???! Tagging dear @triplem & @ktcjdrama chingus!!! And another Jugglers cameo....
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    The timing is strange isn’t it? Before his enlistment, he mentioned his new found affection for rom-coms because it’s light, fun, and doesn’t take a physical toll on his body. Once he got the offer of the script, he could’ve confirmed as soon as he discharged (side note: I feel like “discharged” is a dirty word. I didn’t type that.. blame it on @Harry97 ‘s cat. Lol). Anyways, why wait a couple of days to confirm something that you exactly wanted before? Rationally speaking, we don’t really know if Hyunnie “approved” this or not, but I am 100% sure she influenced his choice. Who all here is surprised I still had an ounce of rationality in me? *first to raise my own hand*
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    In TYH, when their characters were secretly dating, they would do exciting stuff like winking at each other in public and tried not to get caught. Their real-life version of this is caressing/rubbing the other person’s fingers thinking they wouldn’t get caught because those were for still shots anyway. But you know, magic happens so...booyah!
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    I share your same theory. Hyunnie’s mid-terms are over and she is still MIA. For someone who is single since birth, she is really quiet. If you’re single, shouldn’t you be out celebrating end of exams with your friends? Him too....aside from the couple of appearances on SNS, what happened to the guy who said if he had a gf, he would spend 50% of the time with his friends and the other 50% with his girl? What happened to all your late night soccer games with the boys? Lol! This is a little off topic, but I remembered when the rapper named Beenzino was discharged, he said he couldn’t finish his surprise gift for his gf because they were together ALL the time....hahahaha. So susanghe!
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    The person who posted it said she rewatched her in coolFM and saw the bracelet. I think that's the radio thing she was on yesterday and that twitter post is from today cause that pic of Wookie is from pdx101. Yeah it's hard to tell with the bracelets cause In Na's pic you can barely even see it. and I agree with the finger rubbing. Awhile ago I commented about it as well and pointed out that he rubbed her hand multiple times and I also said that in the ep 10 bts when they're rehearsing the kiss scene that his finger like rubs her chin lmao so yeah all this rubbing really does imply something as more than friends. Cause if it was my friend I would be like wth are you doing lol
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    guys guys guys please.... Let's stick to talking about NICE things only. Honestly, I've been thinking of leaving this PPC forum. Not because changes of heart, but it just annoying to read arguments here. I love it when we go deluluing in here and reposting our favs scenes of WWWSK and PPC news. FYI, I forced my bro to watch WWWSK ( cuz he such a jackass when it comes about kdramas). Guess what? He finished watched it just in a week. He said it is a perfect drama with all emotions. He's not a type who easily cry. Then he watch another dramas, but couldn't finish it all cuz he said nothing is as good as WWWSK. That's how amazing WWWSK drama is. So everyone please only good vibes here.
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    I think they're not allowed to post it, until after a week. My guess is they are going to check the posts first for 1. possible conflict with endorsement products and 2. hidden items that might give us shipper fans more reasons to be suspicious hehehe. You know what they say about NASA and the photographs they make public right? They screen the photographs and "clean" them up first
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    its tomorrow ill try to recap as much as i can. i hope i got free time
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