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    i feel kind of frustrate with some of fans..like really?? skip it if you don't want to read..
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    Creating a profile just to be an anti is really a waste of your time. We think they have great chemistry and have created a really happy and positive space to discuss it and support two great individuals. If you don't like it, move on. Take your negativity elsewhere.
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    BECAUSE 1 )This is NAM JI HYUN & JI CHANG WOOK shipping thread . 2 )This is NAM JI HYUN & JI CHANG WOOK shipping thread . 3 )This is NAM JI HYUN & JI CHANG WOOK shipping thread . 4 )This is NAM JI HYUN & JI CHANG WOOK shipping thread . 5 )This is NAM JI HYUN & JI CHANG WOOK shipping thread . Talking about other couple in this thread are againts the Soompi Shipper Paradise 's rules .Do you want me to help to create thread for your couple ?But the most important thing is you should know their name first
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    You know that you are free to make a shipping thread for any pair? No one is forcing you to join this ship and thread. The WWW is a free place as long as there is no criminal activity.
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    I am enjoying this drama to much to worry about the next ten episodes, they will be great. Since I watched "Romance is a Bonus Book", which did not have any, love triangles, major misunderstandings, the crazy mother or mother-in-law, or sandals, but was an excellent drama, I know this dramas does not need any major events to make it good. If this drama educates or reminds the public of the beauty in art and the deep emotions that are often revealed by the artist, then I am satisfied, especially since we already have the amazing chemistry between the leads. I do not think that RG is interested in the woman that was introduced in episode five, because I think he already know where his heart is leading him. From the scene I watched between the two, she seemed mature enough not to act childish...but who knows. I love the fan girl angle, it is hilarious. We have avid fans here in the states; however, almost none of them rise to the level of fangirling in Asia. Wow! I am so amazed at the level that fans will go. It is to the extend that "idols" must date in secret or they will seriously upset their fans. So far, I am enjoying the script, the clothes DM and RG wears, and of course the off-the-charts chemistry between the two. My point is, the drama can show, everyday life without the disruptive love triangle, angry mother, or the couple having a major misunderstanding that separates them for several episodes, and still be great. Everyday can be refreshing. If this drama highlights the importance that art plays in our lives, DM finding love in the real world, and RD working through his issues and becoming a great artist again, I will call this drama a success. @bebebisous33 I recommend this drama, if you are not watching it already. I know you excellent at interpreting art. I am sure your insight would be welcomed here and raise the conversation to the next level.
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    Where is @masthu with her gifs? Sometimes pictures make it easier for people who can’t read.
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    @Francess00 About SJH though, she said in an interview (I think the singapore one) that she purposely gained weight for her role in LH, so maybe she just went back to her original weight after filming of LH ended.
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    Thank you. I'm happy to contribute. I actually would like to commend this "educated" ship for your fact-based shipping. Btw, I have another theory (delulu). Wookie and Hyunnie might have chosen the rom-com so that they can have more time for each other .Since the space drama is going to be pre-produced, I bet shooting will start soon. Well there might be some other reasons such as he might want to take more rest (but I would like to debunk this since his friends even consider his MS as his rest period) Hahahaha.
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    Surf the web lol. It always works for me. Haha 670
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    I'm not thrilled about either thing, but I will say there was foreshadowing from the very beginning. I do admire a writer who is sure of the story they want to tell even if I ultimately don't like where it goes.
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    Middle of episode 5 Sooooo many people dislike the FL and wondering what made him falls for her..... +2
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    +2 Romance? Which romance? It was really a waste of time
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    @ktcjdrama -What I like about Joon Ha is her sense of fairness and composure. I will take it back, she gets these traits from her dad so maybe she is her father’s daughter after all. Both Soon Ho and Joon Ha are the better versions of their parents, thus, our hopes for a better future. - Me too, was hard for me to watch In Ha, a little over the top; seems like the PD wanted to contrast her against Moo Jin who held his emotions in check. She reminds me of a friend who is transparent. If she is mad at someone, you will know. If she loves someone, she would dearly shows it too. In a way, her direct and forthcoming personality lets me know she is who she seems to be, the real deal. No pretension. That is not to say In Ha is perfect but you know she is sincere in her actions and feelings. I do not like the fact she tends to lash out at Moo Jin, her sister and even her mother - her personality is meant to contrast against the other mothers at the academy whose manners are more calculated. -Yes, I did see that he gave her the book. It’s Sun Ho’s way of telling her that he will be her protector? He who sees children like Joon Seok who once was his best friend growing to be a person who uses violence against others due to jealousy and misuse of power. Did you also notice that Dong Hee was reading The Little Prince in class when the first altercation between the boys occurred? In that story, the Prince encountered different types of people in his visits to other planets. There, he learned of how narrow minded, selfish and irrational adults can be whereas children like him, are more open minded, sensitive and awared of others. Dong Hee herself is an invisible person who longed to escape to the world outside the small place shared with her brother on the rooftop. Holding this dream of her against the reality and prejudice other kids placed on her. - I don’t know what to make of the security guard. Honestly, I feel that he was sympathizing with Sun Hoo’s parents in the beginning. He dislikes Eun Joo due to her crime but moreso of the fact that she can hide the truth with money. He hates her for it but cannot reject her offer of money. I feel like he hates himself for allowing people with social status to carve an advantage or even break the laws yet allows himself be the accomplice to her crime. - Yeah, those windows, glass partitions and room within a room within a house. Everything is structured and confined, glasses and mirrors everywhere as is to reflect their actions and reactions. Despite that, these family members failed to see the consequences or right vs wrong.
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    Chingus I still haven't watch the episode with the 'kiss' I will have my thoughts on that and their relationshio once I'n done. @Juni Asat Same here! I'm boling mad at her! Can I teleport to the screen curl that short hair! The nerve. I'm just glad TJ is with MR but omg.. once the revelation begins.. and knowing who he is what his relationship with IS. of course she will be hurt. TJ gotta fight for her abdn be with her be protective! Edit to add: @my0therside Yup they match evenly.. they're both adults and it's not like puppy love. He's straightforward and says what's on his mind. I said at the start of this thread I'm no fan of noon romance but this one I like.. you don't actually feel the age gap but yeah in real like HJH is 10 years younger than KSY.. in this drama he's 32 she's 34/35. Credit to writer and their good acting
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    Its so nice to read these from you guys.. im actually really glad you delurked so we can go thru the ups and downs of shipping tog. Hehe. Anyone who loves namji are automatically part of the family! <3 Hahah. I wonder if the TVN drama is pre-produced as well though. Hahaha. But then, it make sense now he would discuss with Hyunni on his scripts. Lol. She's a veteran veteran in romcok genre. Hahaha.
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    Ep 110 is up https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e110.html
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    I heard as well..didnt understand much except for some single words..like 'missing u guys so domoo domoo'...domoo domoo kamsa...etc...hahaha..not much help tho...hahahha There were a couple of chinese fans and i think she was surprised yet thankful..i couldnt register unfortunately
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    I love to watch wedding videos and photos but this... This is the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. It feels so real tho it is just a reel wedding. Also, the other real weddings cannot beat this wedding. They look so perfect
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    608. @Sejabin escalator riding joseon man way
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    +2 @cenching It has. @triplemSounds good. @sushiliciousYou call these five seconds "Alternate ending"?
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    It literrally meant 'little thief' declared by MJST for ZWJ, but in his case is more like the immoral one, like he always got woman accompany him all the time so he seems like a womanizer. The big thief, i supposed it's YX.
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    Ep 109 is up https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e109.html
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    Lovin' the style of Lee DOng wook for Producer 101 Presscon
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    Runaway is a good one too Pirates is funny lol, it's a comedy. Odd family too, but it has not come out online yet...so cannot 692
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    @ktcjdrama no apologies needed! I’m Glad you told me about this . Objectively speaking it is still a very well written drama . The twists & turns are unexpected which are necessary ingredients for crime melodramas . My emotional reactions are purely because I fell for SM’s character even if he may have been very shady to some . I think it’s a compliment to the writer , PD and Kim Kwon for making me root so hard for an antagonist character. ———— Well done to the actors here He is Psychometric] Ep 15 spoilers, Park Jin Young x Kim Kwon x Shin Ye Eun Article: Naver 'He is Psychometric' Park Jin Young witnesses Kim Kwon 'shocked' 1. [+35,-0] I was hoping Prosecutor Kang wasn't the culprit. This is too much. ㅠㅠ 2. [+26,-0] To think that tomorrow's the finale... ㅠㅜㅜ 3. [+25,-0] I was hoping Kang Sung Mo wasn't the culprit.. An is so pitiful. What should we do.. ㅜㅜ 4. [+13,-0] Why do they have to make it so dark?! I don't need anything else, just save An. ㅠ 5. [+11,-0] It may just be a drama, but turning a student into a murderer. That was shocking. 6. [+6,-0] It was shocking, seriously.... I was just murmuring the whole time... What is An going to do?.. What about Jae In?... Wow... Prosecutor Kang is seriously... 7. [+5,-0] Even if it was before him overcoming his Alexithymia, this is too cruel... An grew up with someone who killed his parents. 8. [+4,-0] An is so pitiful, what do we do? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 9. [+2,-0] To think this drama is ending tomorrow.... I want to see GOT7's Jin Young more. ㅠㅠ 10. [+1,-0] Our An is so pitiful, what should we do? ㅠㅠ https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/04/he-is-psychometric-ep-15-spoilers-park.html?m=1
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    I don't have time to comment these days. Even when I like a show a lot. Just wanted to say or ask about the point in MS story. Sure her MIL is self-centred but can't work out why the heck the mothers need to help. She is so disorganised. Her husband is whiney and a richard simmons with not helping. But who the heck goes home from work, have no food or dinner planned and then decides to fold the laundry? What is the writer trying to prove? Are we supposed to feel sympathetic? I sometimes indulge in self pity when I am exhausted from work and have to cook. But even I know you need to feed a child after school or prepare dinner. I hardly see anyone silly enough to fold clothes when dinner needs to be done. Although I must admit that the husband made me hungry. If the MIL is so lazy how come he has such clear food cravings. Although I personally won't cook monkfish as it has too many bones for young children. We hardly eat out when we are in Seoul but buy banchan and main dish back to the apt to cook. So his cravings made me hungry especially since we are going back in a few months. I miss the marinated crab in soy sauce. Yummy yummy lol And TJ. I can't imagine him as a priviliged son yet. But surely MR would have seen his CV and seen the overseas degrees. He is 32 years old after all. I don't know if it is because he is written with a youthful personality but I can't imagine him as a mature 32yr old. I am just trying to picture him as a 32 year old mature man. I can't. And IS? She makes me feel disgusted. She did prioritize her rich husband over her daughter. Plus is being written vindictive birch. The writer is not going to make her out to be fabulous is she? She is so selfish that when she says she feels love towards MR I won't believe her. Her actions are not love.
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    This is what I was afraid of, and it is too often a problem with KDramas: great drama which seems to be working toward a conclusion that makes sense and will be satisfying but in the last 25% completely goes off the charts and enters Evil Territory. I purely hate this. And I am also disappointed. I kinda loved SM's character, and I was happy about his relationship with JS. LA is so gentle; he should not be under threat. And JI has had too much pain. This is totally screwed up. So glad I stopped watching after they killed JI. I may never watch the rest of this drama (I never watched the end of Hwayugi or Goblin, among others, either) but I want to know what happens. Why, oh why, does KDrama do this rotten stuff? It's just plain mean to the viewers. ..........editing to add, for those (like me) who NEED the recap, that DramaMilk has got most of the episode recapped now; should be complete soon.
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    @kookiemongg @spartaceluv98 Thanks to the both of you for taking the time and effort for the Korean translation. Much appreciated
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    [Short but sweet] Going all in with One Perfect Day by missvictrix Once upon a time I used to watch art films, independent films, foreign films, and important classic films. Then K-dramas happened. Though I still care about seminal films and filmmakers that changed the landscape of cinema, nothing has stuck to my heart like glue quite as much as K-dramas. But if you’re like me and every now and then want to take a brief visit to the land of artistic films with long takes and carefully-crafted palettes, there’s a little gem of a short that I’d like to share: One Perfect Day. It stars Yoon Kye-sang as a sweet but hapless hero on the search for true love. The story follows him through the course of a single day as he not only gets dumped and treated like a loser, but finds a lost dog — and meets the woman of his dreams. Truth be told, Kolon Sport actually sponsored One Perfect Day for their 40th anniversary in 2013, which makes it sound like a PPL train wreck. In actuality, there’s nothing PPL-y about this short drama at all. And the best thing about it being a brand-sponsored bit of marketing? It’s up on their YouTube channel for the world to enjoy. One Perfect Day is artsy, subtle, and slow-paced. At 30 minutes long, it’s also just the right length and feels like an independent film. It tells a well-constructed story, but operates like a short story: We learn just enough, see just enough, and then it’s over. It’s more of a fragment than a fleshed-out story. Inhabitants of dramaland are not very used to fragments. We’re used to long drawn-out stories that have more exposition than they probably need, so it’s easy for short pieces like this one to feel too spare, or even too quiet. But that’s exactly what makes One Perfect Day so enjoyable. The story opens with our hero Woon-chul (Yoon Kye-sang) out on a disastrous blind date with Yoo-jin (Park Soo-jin). He tries to be slick, but he’s obviously out of his league — the kind of goofy, try-hard dude who tries to call himself “chic” but says “shitzu” instead. She puts up with him for longer than you’d imagine. The Korean title of One Perfect Day translates more literally as “Rock, Paper, Scissors of Love” — and that’s because our hero is obsessed with the game. His date with Yoo-jin ends at a long flight of stairs up the street, and he insists they play a game of rock-paper-scissors to travel up the steps. The first one to the top is the winner — except when Woon-chul gets to the top, Yoo-jin has clearly lost on purpose. She ditches him (and flips him the bird) when they’re a staircase apart. The scene is an extended one, and Woon-chul is at his most mortifying to watch. But Yoon Kye-sang’s performance is so pitch perfect — for every bit of cringing, there is equal heartbreak, and seeing him realize the humiliation of what just happened is quite moving. Woon-chul sits on the steps and revisits past heartbreaks (as one does in terrible moments like these) when a tiny white dog in a pink coat wanders over to him. In his loneliness, Woon-chul tells the dog all about rock-paper-scissors, and we get some backstory where his father (Ahn Nae-sang) teaches young Woon-chul the psychology of the game, the metaphors around each object, and some life lessons, too. “Remember,” he says, “a man needs to know when to go all in and how to go all in.” His father tells him there will be a moment in his life when it all comes together. Suddenly it’s clear to us what’s driving Woon-chul’s crushes and dating disasters. He’s searching for that day, that woman, and that moment. The psychology of rock-paper-scissors and Woon-chul’s life-long quest converge in the next and final scene, when he successfully returns the dog to its owner, Eun-hee (Park Shin-hye). This scene is the masterpiece of the drama. The editing changes to straight-on shots. The lighting and color palette is saturated, gorgeous, and magical, which contrasts from the rest of the drama. Petals fall lightly from the flowering trees around them, and the music signals an important shift. All of these elements come together to create a fabulous scene that captures the moment Woon-chul has been searching for. This is hands-down my favorite Park Shin-hye performance to date — she’s perfectly directed here, and the performance is subtle and lovely. It’s also funny, like when she is reunited with her dog and spends several silent moments with her face buried while Woon-chul stands there completely agog. “She’s the one,” he tells himself. And what does he have up his sleeve to win her heart (or at least her attention) than suggest they play a game of rock-paper-scissors? One Perfect Day is so well-crafted that you know what’s going on in this scene, and what’s at stake for our hero, without having to be told or reminded. Woon-chul is a man who’s based most of his moves on rock-paper-scissors; or in other words, he has let outside forces (a game of chance) determine his actions. But with Eun-hee, he’s presented with a completely new scenario. What if the mind games, predictions, and hubris that he usually deploys when playing the game were thrown aside? How much in life can be left to a game of chance, and how much is about making a choice and going all in, like his father told him? One Perfect Day presents questions like this, but it’s mostly through subtext. The audience relies on the way the scene plays out, and the way the two actors play off of each other, to understand what’s going on beneath the surface. The story handles its questions gracefully, with room for interpretation, and then ends with a beautiful cut to black. Stories like this can be quite refreshing, especially when contrasted with our more typical K-dramas that rarely leave questions hanging in the air. But One Perfect Day also has the same sweetness and simplicity that we’ve come to expect (and possible adore) from dramaland. This is what makes it the perfect mix of avant-garde and expected, film and drama, and serious and sweet. cr: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/04/short-but-sweet-going-all-in-with-one-perfect-day/
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    By the way, sorry for my post after being away from this thread for so long, so I managed to watch HPL until the first kiss scene at episode 6. From a neutral point of view, I can understand why PMY took on the role, as if you look at it from the big picture, she is kind of playing a dual role, albeit it is using the same name, but having to behave differently in a short space of time is pretty impressive. I am also quite happy for her that she is able to showcase her acting skills (if it wasn’t impressive before, this just elevated it to a whole new level), currently just based on the show alone, it seemed to have put more emphasis on the development of PMY’s character and although I see potentially more romance in the coming episodes ahead. However, I cannot deny that PMY has chemistry with whatever co-stars she is with, but the sad fact is if I were to watch the rest of HPL, I might watch it for the side characters i.e PMY with other co-stars rather than the leading couple not because their chemistry are lacking, but it doesn’t really touch me in a way that the bubi couple did. For now, I am thankful to many of the members here keeping the thread going strong and hopefully we will hit 1000 pages soon!
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    Jang Dong Yoon Confirmed For Upcoming Historical Rom-Com With Kim So Hyun Jang Dong Yoon has been confirmed to star alongside Kim So Hyun in upcoming drama “Mung Bean Chronicle” (literal title). Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Mung Bean Chronicle” is a historical rom-com about Jeon Nok Du, a man who disguises himself as a woman to join a mysterious all-woman community, and Dong Dong Joo, a woman who does not want to become a gisaeng. Jang Dong Yoon will be playing Jeon Nok Du, a man with extraordinary ambition to experience the big, wide world. With looks, brains, and athletic abilities, he is the epitome of perfection. After being swept up in an incident, he joins the all-female community where men are forbidden and meets Dong Dong Joo. Kim So Hyun will be taking on the role of Dong Dong Joo, a prickly gisaeng trainee. Along with her fiery personality, she is clumsy, has absolutely no sense of rhythm, and is tone-deaf, which makes all of her peers look after her. However, she is skilled with her hands as she can make anything if given the right tools. Unable to stand injustice, she speaks her mind. Song Geon Hee has also been confirmed to join the drama as Jeon Nok Du’s older brother Jeon Hwang Tae. The production staff stated, “It is a drama where Jeon Nok Du and Dong Dong Joo’s charms as original characters are very important. We worked hard in casting to make this come to life. Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun will create a kind of fresh and fun synergy that does not have to be explained. Please look forward to the two as they bring alive the original work and add their own color.” The drama will be directed by producing director Kim Dong Hwi, who previously directed dramas such as “Fight My Way” and “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” It will be written by Im Ye Jin, who previously wrote popular dramas such as “If We Were A Season,” “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds,” and “Who Are You,” as well as Baek So Yeon, who previously wrote “Kang Deok Soon’s Love History.” “Mung Bean Chronicle” is slated to air its first episode in September. cr:soompi
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    Episode 14 Recap Like the last one, I didn't cover minor scenes and focused only on our main couple.
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    I'm so tempted to Gif all 5 moments... One more to your list kekeke 6. When wookie wanted his fan's opinion at his Jiscovery concert!! Wookie: "Does it seem real? In real girlfriend and boyfriend life? I'm just curious. Is it REAL?" Lmao Wookie chincha loves his fans to the point the opinion really matters bahahaha.. I'm so loving how Wookie's Kfans are reacting on twitter and IG with regards to his discharge interview about Hyunie!! video credit @rockband
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    omg I am dying! The background noise def didn’t help the 94 or the 2009. 2019 FTW again.
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    Still can't understand why Deok Koo and his gang don't gather the clips they filmed and upload it on the internet for everyone to see what trashy person Tae Soo is,i know i would do it...In court that footage can't be counted as evidence but the battle can't be done just in court but also outside of it...He wouldn't be able to escape soooo easy if all the country sees all his doings nor Mama Dear can protect him by buying a few people here and there...Still waiting for more involvment with Mi Ran's character because till now i find her very very unlikable...I hope Jin Gap doesn't go back together wiith her as she clearly doesn't value him nor share the same way of life...Also can't understand why Jin Gap continues to go to that Prosecutor when she is about to become the wife of Tae Soo,i guess he still doesn't know as otherwise can't understand as it's clear she is protecting them for the moment...I musts ay i find if very funny how everyone calls him "Teacher",i understand why his former students adress him like that but i still face palm (joking) when the others adress him as that and not "Inspector" like it should be normal...Also,i adore Deok Koo's gang and i would totally watch a spinn off with them as center,they are soo entertaining...Love the ending pic revealing as the story progresses all the good guys joining him in his quest...
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    this one deserves a spot here...Minshin do sure have the best mv's out there cr: immelodyxx
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    Halo love...you must be an angel in disguise I like Shinhye's pixie hair at the moment but this long gorgeous locks is love ctto
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    I Google Translated the link to Kim Nam Gil’s interview. Its definitely not the best translation but i hope the link works. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ko&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://m.entertain.naver.com/read%3Foid%3D421%26aid%3D0003963944&xid=17259,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhixfFfSxqQuKPwvG1FPwDxWgkPEiw Hopefully it gets properly translated at some point
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    It is even more hilarious when she was shooting at MR about her lowly untitled background wanting to climb social ladder to chaebol status. Omg! The class act from her. She should look at the mirror before she preach this "'s h i t" . How disgusting it must be for MR to hear this from her own mom. I'm surprised she didn't vomit right there. I feel so embarrassed on IS behalf because MR know who she is and where she came from. She ain't chaebol princess background. She was just a famous news anchor before, abandoned her 6 year old child just to marry up - she is exactly that social ladder climbing "b i t c h" she was preaching to MR.
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    so this is the airing schedule last date of airing is May/16 they are only giving us 24 episode of fluff lols
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    So this is my first comment ever and this is also my first ship, hope I'm not to late! I've been just a lurker here. I really ship this two since Goblin era, since their first meeting Waiting also for dating or marriage announcements . Anyways, I'm also searching how to stream Volume Up, cause I really miss YIN!!
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    True, since this is my first ship, I guess I’ll learn the hard way
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    I have seriously been trying hard to watch other dong wook and in na series with other costars but it's so difficult, I am still totally in the pichi couple universe, hard to imagine seeing them with someone else right now, just can't make up my mind to try it as of now...
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