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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_azbCYDhUEw Hard sub for surprise kiss scene MR and TJ were going home together. When MR pushed thr button for 14th floor and 18th floor, TJ cancelled the 14th TJ: I'll walk you to your apartment MR: Do you think the reason I tell you first about it, for me to see your reaction like that? Enough of it, it's embarrassing (from my research, MR told TJ that in one month she will resign to study abroad) TJ: Then why do you choose me as the first persom to know? MR: I told you that you are a junior that I like and care.. *TJ suddenly kissed her* *MR pushed him after they reach her floor and stomped out* TJ: Senior! MR: *hit him with her bag* How dare you! TJ: Senior, I like you.. very much MR: Han Tae Ju. See you at the office tomorrow TJ: Why did you leave? I said that I like you. I keep seeing you as a woman. I think I have fallen in love with you
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    At first I thought that offering to guide your co-star down and up the stage is natural. I perform a lot of times with my choir and we do it almost all the time especially if we enter/exit the stage in partners cause you know, we're all friends (though usually i hold the hand my male friends would offer me without second thought, because I'm comfortable with them.) But the feeling is kinda similar to how it happened in the Goblin Presscon. But somehow it really is different in TYH presscon. Either way, for me, the real telltale sign is the rubbing of hands. I remember one time I was able to hold hands with my crush (with his permission) and I can't help myself but rub my fingers while holding his hand and he asked me why I'm doing that. I can't do that with my other male friends that I hold hands with. ------------------------------------------------- Happy 100th page! I'd like to share some pics we had during the wrap-up party we had in the Philippines! ^We had games and I won a lot of photo cards! Haha!
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    The funny thing is if the next time he has to ans another question relating H.. and he goes back to the calm and composed well prepared ji chang wook.. lmao. We can second guess its either he got schooled when it comes to H or his jagiya helped him with it.
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    @tinymel lol.....my bad! Let me see if I can give this briefing some commentary: Bangchigu: walk straight to the X on the ground and they will hand you a mic. There’s a short Q&A. Keep it short and sweet. Wave and smile.... Wook: ok...got it. Bangchigu: there’s gonna be a question about Ji Hyun! Be vague! BE COOL man! BE COOL!!!! Wook: yeah yeah, I was born cool..... Several minutes later... Epic Fail! Lmao!
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    My two cents on this recent 'nuclear bomb' that we have received. It has literally blown my mind out into space! And believe it or not, I am still gathering my thoughts. My boy Wookie was calm and collected as he stood at the gates of Cheorwon. I have seen that his hiatus from the K-biz gave him some respite. He looked like some confident military man who is out to conquer the world. Suddenly, this reporter asks him this hanging question, that was left when he entered into service, will Hyunnie visit him at Cheorwon? And BOOM! This confident and collected military man was reduced to a flustered, almost giddy persona who rambled off his answer without considering the repercussions of his response. LOL! His demeanour was like a guy who was asked about a very special person in his life that his entire aura has changed. He smiled so much that his eyes crinkled. He may have shown some nervousness but all it all, it didn't seem as if he was in any way uncomfortable about the topic at hand. Now here is the dilemma that I cannot wrap my head around in. His statements were so jumbled up together that it was obviously clear that he was talking about two different scenarios. He (Wookie) didn't consider it visiting per se, he said that they saw each other at the musical and talked briefly after. Okay granted that, the next question was, did he tell his army pals about it. He said no, because the system only allowed the visitor to see who they want to visit (?). I got lost in translation here. But moving on, I was like huh? What the heck is he talking about? He mentioned a system, I didn't know there was a system that existed in meet and greet at musicals. Then he continued to ramble on about her helping him with scripts, was this the musical scripts (?) but he himself debunked it and said it was for future projects. . I didn't even know when they had time to study scripts if they only met briefly, so there was another time for them when they studied it? One cannot say you studied something if the meeting was very brief was it? Chincha, this boy! I dunno what to think, and say except that he is literally gone, the moment her name was mentioned, he was like a star that shined and blinked so bright in the sky that it was undeniable. Was he subtly, wait erase the subtleness, openly telling us that Hyunnie had and will have a bit of a hand in deciding which dramas he will take or accept? And amidst all these, I cannot wrap it around my head, if this was how their relationship goes, be it as friends or more than friends, it certainly is off to a good start. I can see that he trusts her judgement and despite the age gap, her opinion seem to rank high on his list. I was way too excited to see where the road takes them. I can delulu that I wish they would be marching down the aisle *sshhh you delulus* but I cannot really say what is in their future. Only that it looks promising. We the Namji shippers don't have to do anything at all but wait and see. They are the ones steering this ship. It seems that they need no help from us!
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    No matter how many times I've seen this clips it still makes my heart happy Volume Up tonight with YIN a tyh still wondering how to stream though kkk
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    When he finally called her Ji Hyun-ssi, for that split second, he looked like he was actually proud that he “salvaged” what remaining control he had. Wook to Bangchigu: See what I did there? I called her Ji-Hyun-ssi.... Unamused Bangchigu: STOP talking Wook: But, but....I added -ssi.... Bangchigu: Just get your a$$ in the car
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    @zee1983 @DaebakYIN @michsg *tags everyone OMG I FEEL LIKE MY HEART IS GOING TO BURST kyaaaaaaaaa!!!! @zee1983 are u talking about this one ayieeeeeee
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    @cenching he Saving himself for marriage .. intelligent response *winks* @Lawyerh
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    Gossip When you rewatch it , you realise that Lion Gold never kissed Curator song but actually put his thumb above her lips before pulling her in @Lawyerh , @cenching @ktcjdrama & @triplem I hate that big thumb
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    Once he gets into the car Bangchigu: JI CHANG WOOK! I knew my good break will be gone the moment you discharge. Did u realise what you just did out in public? Wookie: What what what? I was cool wasnt i! Bangchigu: Cool your head! Do you realise what you just inadvertently revealed to the world? Wookie: Eh? Bangchigu: You just announced to the world that there is a system in visiting you backstage during the musical when tonnes of fan taken pic with you and hanuel are floating on social media. Everyone will know she visited at Cheorwon you pabo! Wookie: (gives the horror face) Bangchigu: and how on earth can u consult Jihyun on the script when u met briefly after your musical? Your script wasn't with you at all. Aish. You chincha.. Wookie: (face palm) And beside Wookie.. Hyunni: Aish oppa! U need to learn how to be as sharp as me! *face palms* Bangchigu: I got to discuss with Glorious how to handle things now that you messed up big time. U.. pabo! Chincha.. (looks at namji) no wonder your shippers say you are JI-goner. *rolls eyes*
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    I am summarizing bits of an interview Encounter PD Park Shin Woo gave a Japanese magazine. It’s being translated from Japanese to Korean to English, so please excuse any mistakes or weird language syntax. Thanks @stardustvoid ! - PD states that he had friends in common with the writer and that’s how he came about the script, at the time he was planning to work on a new movie but he had so many thoughts about the script that he was invited to come on board. - PD was drawn to the writer’s sensibility and the final clincher was a poem in the first script, the poem really moved him and he felt that he really wanted to work with the writer if he was the sort of person who got inspired into writing an entire drama on the basis of reading that piece of literature/poem. The PD regrets that this poem did not make the final cut in the drama however, the message behind the poem was “love is something that one should do NOW, while one can, without thinking too much about the reasoning”. This thought resonated with the PD. Further since pure romance dramas are hardly made these days he decided that this was a very fresh concept. - When asked if the script was inspired by Roman Holiday and Nottingh Hill, he replied that he didn’t think that the writer had any intention to do so. However the PD acknowledged the similarity in the story structure to the Roman Holiday. He added that JinHyuk’s postcard addressed to the Princess from Roman Holiday was not initially supposed to be in the episode, they were only going to show an image of Audrey on the postcard but he didn’t want to skirt around the topic so they decided to add it. In addition the scene in the taxi and their respective rooms was also added to bolster the mood of the episode. He was greatly inspired by Roman Holiday and other classics, he admits to using many filming techniques from such movies. - when asked about the casting, the PD stated that he asked the writer about his choice and the writer stated that he had written the drama based on the characters without basing them on any actors. However when the crew got together everyone’s choice was PBG and SHK, it was so fortunate that the actors also agreed making it a dream casting. - PD says the lead pair are good human beings and very humble, he can see why they have been successful in their careers. They are extremely considerate of their surroundings, even though acting is a sensitive job and it’s possible that they are not able to care about others around them but he noticed that these two actors always paid attention to those around them and were quick to utter apologies. The PD was touched by Hye Kyo’s acting and experienced heart fluttering moments by Bogum’s acting. - PD says he is the type who likes to talk and discuss a lot with his actors, he said Kyo and PBG gave him a lot of great inputs. The staff got angry at times because their discussions would go on so long and there would be less time left for the actual shooting. Since there was many tough emotional scenes for the two actors, He told them to focus only on themselves, on their characters- focus on expressing the emotion and leave the burden to the flow of the scene to him. There was also a lot of consideration between the two actors with discussions about which scenes were difficult for the other in terms of difficult lines or catching an emotion. - the reporter commented on the dance sequence with 100 dancers in the first episode and the PD says that during that scene he felt really sorry for Soo Hyun, she was the loneliest person and nobody could understand her loneliness. The PD wanted to offer her comfort in that scene. The 100 dancers were dancing while music played from a huge stage speaker, the two main male and female dancer danced separate from the rest of the dancers. It was an amazingly beatiful scene and he regrets not being able to capture even half of just how beautiful he was. He cannot get over how beautifully Hye Kyo conveyed Soo Hyun’s emotions and he would ask her how she did it, the PD added that the person who was most affected and excited during that scene was BG even though he wasn’t in that scene. He would shout things like “Director, how pretty” and was emotional with his reactions. - PD chose the Cuban song, he has a background in Latin/Spanish languages so he wanted to use a song that captured the mood and he felt that it was best suited. However he added that PBG and SHK’s favorite song was by Baek Ah Yeon - Always be with you. - PD chose to move the drama to Cuba, the original location was Grenada Spain. The conversation about the drive from Spain to Portugal was based on a real trip by the writer. The PD thought Spain and Europe wasn’t a fresh location, further when he imagined JH as a young man saving up money to travel to a foreign country he thought that his choice to choose to travel to a lesser known country Ike Cuba for Koreans would express the courage in JH’s personality which would in turn explain why he was so fearless in his pursuing of SH. Further he though that given JH and SH’s personalities, it would make more sense that unlike places in Europe with many Koreans who might bump into each other and interact with one another. Given how private the two are it would only make sense for them to approach each other more aggressively the way they did because they were in a place with no Koreans around. - PD made the decision to make SH wear the red dress in the first episode, it was initially a beige dress but he thought the color was important to signal to JH that she was open to being approached. —————————————— Their favorite OST ! * screaming internally *
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    Lmao I totally feel you dearie! Is it even normal for Hyunie to help her ex-costar with his script and Wookie to ask his youngest co-star to help him with his next project? Btw girls don’t be surprised if you catch Wookie and Hyunie red handed. They are just discussing the script you know Lmao he began his answer with “Ahh.... Ji” but paused abruptly and began once again while stuttering with the “visiting… visiting…”. I think he was about to say "Ahh... Jihyuni" kekeke. You can hear it at the very beginning of the his interview kekeke Wookie agreeing with the reporter that hyunie helped him with the script of his upcoming project. Gosh why does he look so smitten!! Lmao I couldn’t resist!! *Me* right now PS: I gotta say that wookie beat song Joonki in the Goner department. Thank you @adi2019jiji for the vid unnie! <3
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    That hands gesture on TYH presscon while Wookie trying to hold her Palm not only her wrist is soo obvious, im so agree with you guys his gesture is so natural like its their daily habit. But i want to add some details here. I dont get it why InNa just hold his wrist like trying to being friend-only *but kinda failed in my opinion*. Because after go down from stage InNa still hold his hands . Check vid below. And holding his wrist instead of his palm not only once but three times along presscon. She just can hold Wookie's hand like in Goblin presscon rite? Definitely trying to hide something in my opinion. While in Goblin presscon they are seemed more natural in holding hands but with eye contact first. Still in friend state but with a bit crush and flirty. Go check vid below for comparing. Dear lady, we know you are being a bit cautious now. But we get it, we do get it. Waiting for the time when you are really ready for it. Dont make us wait too long actually, urri InNa-ssi
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    Happy 100th page!!! Cheers to the next flying hundredths and thousandths pages to come
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    Hmm...., I personally think he did not kiss his own thumb. Been reading about that and been wondering. Until I saw the gif above, I think he did not kiss his own thumb. Pay attention to the length of his other thumb and compare it to the half hidden thumb and position of his lips. The thumb is not long enough to be kissed by him.... At least that's how I see it...
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    Guys we are toooooo much... Yeah... I think he needs to bite his tongue for a bit before anything else slips out. Like seriously, at the moment I feel this is her expression: (interpreted as, 'Oppa, I am really, really happy to see you and I am glad that you took my advice on that script... BUT... I'm not giving you big glorious smiles until you remember this: 'In public and in front of the press I will not betray giddiness when asked about Hyunie, I will remain cool calm and collected, I will stick to the agreed story.'...' Then Wookie tries aegyo) automatically forwarded to her? hahahhahahaah. LOVE IT.
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    Lmao I just can't at this thread. It is on a roll. Who knew wook would be out and back to his captain role serving us fanfic worthy moments again? And here we are again in full force laughing at what he said himself. No need to make up or fabricate anything, cause those two just keep on serving us tea while sailing their boat. Also, is it jihyun ah, jihyunie or jihyun ssi, Mr Wook?
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    Hey peeps! Confirmed la..from the 1st video..can not just see he purposely walked faster than her to lead her down..he also naturally held out his hand for her..where YIN naturally just held his..cmon! Unless u are a couple..if not why would the male co star pay so much attention to you..most is like KGE and GY..where GY didnt even walk faster nor offered his hand upfront..neither did LDW offer to KGE of he is meant to be nice to his colleagues rite??? I seriously dont think we are delulu now...they are together!!!
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    In the first GIF- the way LDW reaches out for her hand from behind her LIKE IT'S THE MOST NATURAL THING IN THE WORLD. (no shyness or awkward smiles as would be evident from first-timers or not-that-close co-stars) when he reached out for her wrist/hand when they were about to go down the stage, he didnt look at her or ask for her permission or anything like that. it's just seemed like something that they're both already accustomed to (holding hands that is :P). just my delulu mind (which is insisting that it makes sense!). that's something that happens between bf-gf, if i had a friend or colleague who would assist me walking down the stairs, they'd look up first or glance (if not verbal) to check if it's ok. if it's my bf, the reaching out to assist is automatic hihihihihi ***i think it was the same reaction/behavior when he assisted her to get off the ride in the amusement park BTS? hihihi
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    thanks a lot! @louie_999 here’s your cookie hahaha i’ve seen others doing this too but why does my heart flutters so much when pichi does it ayiiieeeeee
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    I was thinking the exact same thing, dearie!! LMAO. Goodness, this boy! I think what’ll be funnier is when H gets a script copy too everytime a project is offered to W.
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    Honestly, our fav psych major needs to give her oppa some help... but I kinda dig it. A bit of reversal, normally the guy has it together and the girls blush and giggle but instead we have Gushy-gooey-Wookie and Cool-calm-Hyunnie. EDIT: this is really hampering my spring clean, btw. No complaints at all but... come on, stop being so cute and adorable... feeding the shippers is pretty counterproductive to our real lives!
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    Dearie.. chincha.. your unleashing ur inner shipper all out in full force! Hahahah. LOL. It will be very funny when his next project is announced and reporters asked did H helped you with deciding on this proj and etc. Hahahahahha. So hilarious, my goodness. I wonder how he will react then. Lol. Boy oh boy. The repercussions of his interview on the day of discharge may follow him thru his next project. Hahahah. Plus really what happened ytd from wookie is definitely sth shippers will conjure up except that its our reality and not delulus! Oh gosh. What in the world is happening? Wookie ah.. i trying to steel my heart to prepare myself and be rational for the upcoming mess once ur new proj is announced. You are most definitely not helping. Hurhur. LOL! Apparently they forgot to brief wookie to remain consistent with his answers on H! Lol
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    OMG...i used to like one of my male friend and this is exactly what I've done to him when we're joking around.... there's some people said, if the girl touched the boy's face, she actually like the boy..oh boyyyy
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    DM taking pictures of SA while in her natural element...I am so in love with this screenshot. This is what sets Ryan apart from EG and SJ's husband. Those two are the types that would expect DM to grow up and get over that "phase". Even though EG and SJ's husband have shown acceptance towards it, they can't can't learn to appreciate it the way Ryan does. As a fangirl myself, my wish in this life is to be able to meet someone like that LOL . The way he takes interest in her fangirl persona/her real self is so endearing and it must be the way KJW acted this out because WOAH THAT GAZE. Who else could stare at you with such amusement while you're straight up fangirling in broad daylight? Only Ryan can relate. I also thought his reaction at this scene (SA comments on a caption made by DM but Cindy uses her mom and takes credit) was cute, and again, endearing. I love that he values and credits her working capabilities, even though it was overshadowed. And the fact that he knew it was actually her who made that caption, and understood that DM was ticked off after her spotlight to prove herself in SA's eyes was taken away by Cindy...Being able to watch DM from afar has given Ryan an unlimited freedom to endless teasing, but the best thing about this is that it ends up becoming for Ryan's eyes only kyaaaahhhhhhhh!!! And I'm sincerely looking forward to the healthy (brotherly hehe) rivalry between Ryan and SA. Not real love interest kinda rivalry ofc, but having to fight for her attention. Ryan and his jealous reactions (I mean did you see how quickly he rejected SA from joining their team dinner) are what I'm most excited for. Cue the bickering between Ryan and DM and Ryan vs SA !
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    PART 15 From a cosmic perspective, the universe may or may not be sparing an afterthought to the tiny magnet-ball whizzing along minding its own business, but zooming in all the way through infinite space down to the east half of the said ball, quite a bit has been happening for the little souls to whom such concerns matter. Definitely moi, for one. History shall bear witness that Nia, circa 27th April 2019 AD, was found during the course of the entire day to have been frothing at the mouth and gibbering a rather questionable version of the good ol’ carol…. during Easter season. A stanza for the benefit of the curious: Good shippers all rejo-o-oice! With heart and soul and vo-o-ice! Listen now to what we say, News! News! Sergeant Wookie’s out today! Seas and ships before him bow, As he explodes love bombies now. Wookie’s out today-ay! Wookie’s out today! Not my proudest moment, I frankly admit, but that hardly mattered, for there was so much else to be gratified about. After 621 yards, honorably discharged Sergeant Ji Chang Wook returned to civilian life decorated with high achievement accolades. Starting from basic training, then through the ranks embodying the spirit of patriotic fervor as Dong Kyu, the whole course of his enlistment was a boundless service to his motherland, the best way he knew how to. What a son! What a man! He promised to do his best, and delivered in spades. As for me, I promised to wait patiently, wait trustingly, wait the best way I knew how to. Seems like I did a pretty good job of it myself, if the reward of the wait is any indication. As a shipper, I couldn’t have been more blessed than to have found JiJi. Their story might as well have been spun with fairy yarn for all the spectacular drama in it. Even the temporary separation brought its own charm and lessons for the couple and for their cheerleaders. I went in rest assured, as would anybody when bombarded with BTS Kiss MV at concerts, lovesick IVs, and promises to hypothetical yeojachingu. I stayed rest assured, as would anybody when buried in Director’s Cuts featuring the kind of osculation that’s guaranteed to render your spine to spaghetti and knees to jelly. Not to mention the staring, smiling, cuddling, caressing, petting, nuzzling, licking, biting, pulling, panting,…. um, well, the point I wished to make was that there was plenty of material and time gifted rather generously to stay comforted that JiJi had an association that was here to stay. Mushy factors aside, there was one pivotal argument that bought my faith unreservedly. Ji Chang Wook. More to the point, his belief, willingness, tenacity, determination, and the glorious point in his life when Nam Ji Hyun finally met him as his equal. He came to know her well during that time of his life when he was fully grown and capable of mastering the strings of attachment along with everything else he has and wants. Once he began to know her, he became determined to learn more. The more he learned, the more tenaciously he held onto everything that Hyunnie came to mean to him. The more she meant, the greater his willingness to be bound to her. The closer they bound, the deeper his belief grew- in his own constancy, in her inimitable strength, in their compelling destiny. And perhaps these realizations are all the more potent in the light of the fact that each stance is equally true from his lady’s perspective, for she, in her turn, always matched his steps unerringly. Nam Ji Hyun. The brilliant, charismatic, genuine and fascinating creature who basks in his adoration. And by whose virtue, I was able to finally see the beast that dwelt within her man’s heart. That which could feed its own wants unreservedly, fulfill hers immeasurably, possess while being possessed. That which could protect and keep to the end, destroy anything that dared threaten its own. I saw it in him, when he first kissed her. Then in numerous moments until the drama was over and the moment of reckoning was at hand. With an almost devious cunning and will, skillfully sheathed in affability, he drew the lines, made his mark, told the world. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun. Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook. Thoughts of the entire world became speculations, rumors, probes, questions and curiosities, all closed in on JiJi, yet not one took form, not one touched them, especially her, not when he wills otherwise. I witnessed him take hits on himself, saw him bear the ones that were not even earmarked for him. I can testify that he emerged all the stronger out of them. He knows she can do likewise, without a doubt, but there won’t be any experiments on his watch. He hasn’t even let a shadow of a query fall upon them yet, where either of them has to answer for something that is nobody’s business but theirs alone. He enlisted making sure their bond stayed safe. He entrusted it to her protection with immense faith in their devotion to each other. He saw to it that the world acknowledged her association with him beyond their professional obligations, distancing it enough at the same time so all know they are not allowed in in any manner whatsoever, not even as a clickbait inquiry. Now, I come out of the wait more assured than ever. Mere weeks before his discharge, he picked up exactly where he left off. If not for Hyunnie and Aluu CEO-nim posting about the musical visit, I’d hazard a guess that the whole affair could have been well-shrouded. To the best of my knowledge, except for one solitary twitter post stating that the person spotted Hyunnie at the musical and a picture of Wook with a bunch of ladies, literally nothing emerged from that evening show. Thus it’s not much of a stretch to reason out that Hyunnie’s and CEO’s posts were deliberate. It’s still more probable that JiJi decided it so. Wook knows his comeback project discussions have become public even before his discharge… and wants those discussions to stay in the professional lane. People wanna talk about my future works, future co-stars, anticipation of all the different chemistries and such? Sure, let them, by all means… as long as they know it’s my work. Don’t confuse it with my personal life. That begins and ends with this lady. Pretty sure he got her the tickets. Pretty sure he had her chaperoned by their closest yet least controversial mutuals, both being CEOs of the salon. There was literally no hypothesis anybody could draw on seeing the two CEO onnies that would’ve negated, diminished or sidelined the fact that Hyunnie went to support Wookie (which might have been a different story had any other of their mutual acquaintances gone with her). Pretty sure he ensured that no one forgot he was in Hyunnie’s orbit as ever and he could do without another article about dating rumors with someone else, thank you very much. Hyunnie’s post not only became the last word in #armygirlfriendgoals, but also provided definite response material for Wook when he left the service and got the visitation question wherever he turned. Starting with this one: Vid credit to the owner and English translation credit to @riririru He had not even cleared the military base boundaries. Barely walked out, waved and greeted, said he wanted to eat a delicious meal and get back in shape and waited for the brief media Q&A with a smile. Mere seconds passed and not even a fractional measure of his boot-prints had imprinted upon the X spot before a Korean Merida shot the arrow many wanted to, but few dared. Reporter: Did Nam Ji Hyun-shi come to visit you? God bless her brave soul. She didn’t even ask how the past 20 odd months had been. The memory of the bomb was so fresh in the collective Korean minds that I could see in Ji Chang Wook’s eyes he was not really surprised. He knew it was coming, just not this soon. He had the answer ready, but hadn’t taken the time to phrase it and practice beforehand. Wook: Visit… I don’t think it can be considered as a visit, but we got to see each other briefly. She came to watch when I was doing the musical, we greeted each other that time. Point to Wook. Excellent strategy. All focus regarding visitation became centered on the one event that was public knowledge. The entire reference point of his answer was based on the musical meeting. If she has visited him in Cheorwon, it’s not for us to know. If he visited her during his off days, well, the reporter never asked him that, did she? I personally found his stance very confident with regards to ‘what’ he was prepared to say. The question was bound to pop up at a fanmeeting, Vlive, IV, magazine shoot, etc. He didn’t have time to polish it quite well though, but should someone ask him the same thing at a later date, we might get to see the refined version. Emcee: What did the other soldiers say about that? Wook: I didn’t tell them that I met her. In other words, it is nobody’s frickin’ business but ours what we do when we meet. Also, whether it’s his friends in Cheorwon or among the musical cast & crew, Wook doesn’t want other people’s words in his mouth regarding comments about him and Hyunnie in a merged context. Maybe in private, he may or may not speak to his trusted bunch about them as a pair, but the crowds on the other side of the line are not going to hear it from him, at least not now. That’s a dangerous venture because it would leave him out in the open as a target for more questions he does not want to answer now. Maybe his army buddies did speak to him about Hyunnie even if they didn’t meet her, but any loose threads would unravel his intentions to ‘say so far and no further.’ Emcee: Why? Why? Wook: Since the system only allowed the visitors to meet the person they wanted to meet. Which would’ve been rather convenient for JiJi in every sense, I have to admit. If they didn’t speak much to others about their meeting, they have to answer fewer questions and divulge even less. All things considered, the general consensus reasons out that such a visitors system prevails only in the actual camp—in this case Cheorwon—and it’s a very good probability, since Wook doesn’t want to touch the topic of a visit there with a ten-foot pole. Or maybe he wants us to discern such an implication without him having to spell it out and put himself on yet another spot. On the other hand, considering the occurrence on 12th April, I wouldn’t put it past Wook to have somehow managed to speak to Hyunnie alone before or after the musical. I mean, except for a handful of people, no one managed to interact with the cast on that singularly strange day. It’s JiJi after all, no wild is too wild for them. Emcee: What did you talk with her? Wook: I asked Ji Hyun to help me with the script, since she is very good at it. I remember asking her that. Emcee: Ah, for your next project? Wook: Yes, yes. On a side note, the lady reporter might as well have bought lottery tickets that day. All she had to do was nerve herself up for the first question and the rest of the info fell into her lap for free. The Emcee couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about having finally gotten Wook around that particular bend and finished the slew of questions with a tremendous climax that bears upon literally all of the questions and answers above this final one. They are all a ‘read-between-the-lines’ for this one, solitary response. We have never stopped talking, never stopped trusting, never stopped loving…. so much that she remains in me, and I in her. She is where I can be found, I where she can be. Recall the faith in Wook that I spoke of way above? The clever and dangerous beast that guards this bond beyond all earthly considerations? Those realizations stem from one source of testimony. It is that Ji Chang Wook always speaks about Nam Ji Hyun being present in his future. During the drama, he spoke of his need for her support during conscription. Now that his service is done, he openly declares her place in the next chapter of his life, one of her many roles being a sounding board for his professional decisions that are soon to follow, which imply that Wook has already denied any other links to himself before the journey has even resumed again. Wherever he is, he can see Hyunnie with him there…. and further too. He means to keep her, she means to stay and sooner or later, God willing, a future would arrive where the two forever become one.
  28. 9 points
    True that dearie. Jigoner has a lot of toning down to do. But boy he's like a loose cannon whenever someone name drops hyunie and his eyes are all panchak panchak. Lmao remember SSC dearie? They were a hot mess too especially joonki! Seriously love makes you do crazy things kekeke... Lmao the mere thought of them discussing the script is making me want to go all byeontae. (NamJi corrupted me big time!) I would love to see them together in another project but I think there's a low chance of that happening but hey never say never. Right now we need to save enough money bcz if God wills and NamJi drops another bomb we should be prepared to take off to Korea asap hahaha
  29. 9 points
    Thank you for the warm welcome, unnie!! This is super fun! My ‘lurker’ cap’s gone for good. LMAO. Imma sail proudly with all of you from now on, so you can add me to this ship’s proverbial passenger list. Wooot wooot!!! I’ll share my personal journey to NamJiland once RL is less hectic for its bound to be a LONG post! Hahahaha.. but count me in moving forward. But I’ll say this, being schooled in observing nuances of human behavior and social interactions, our Captains are on another level!! So excited for what’s coming next! *hugs*
  30. 9 points
    I would’ve believed this was possible before April 27, 2019, but if yesterday was any indication, this boy is a GONER! I don’t have high hopes for his self control.
  31. 9 points
    Unnie!!! *waves* Aigoo now the entire world knows that Hyunie visited him at Cherwon! It’s so hilarious how he let the cat out of the bag! Then again poor boy can’t help it since he’s such a Jigoner. Gosh boy looks so happy just by talking about Jihyunie which later became Jihyunshi. LMAO at the system Shhhh I mean the System at Cherwon ! Welcome on board dearie!! I'm so loving your FF's and @ptp321 @gglex6275 ones too!! You girls are jjang Please don't go back to lurker mode! We would love to read your take about NamJi, their bts and the latest bomb. You still trust him? Lmao I bet even Hyunie wouldn't trust Jigoner anymore
  32. 9 points
    @masthu Btw girls don’t be surprised if you catch Wookie and Hyunie red handed. They are just discussing the script you know  Discussing the script? ORRR.. *delulu reappears* practicing their lines?? Wouldn’t it be fireworks-worthy if H takes a part in his comeback project, even on cameo? Not sure what our dedicated college student is up to nowadays (aside from spending quality time with W), but for sure, all sorts of theories will be discussed as to just how much involvement they both had in the selection of each other’s much anticipated future works.
  33. 9 points
    We need to give him benefit of a doubt because he Of his little attention to her lips & making gossip about most wanted / talked thumb
  34. 9 points
    Now see this one, to me I think the future projects that Wookie will accept would have us all thinking, did Hyunnie help him pick this? Or for every script he turned down, we are gonna wonder why it didn't pass LOL. Or if he gets a new project, we are gonna watch it and remember that it could possibly be Hyunnie approved, so we are gonna check out the kiss scenes or bed scenes if there are any, and see how he will perform on this. Roflmao! The reporters could also do that, ask him at his every project if he has checked out the script with Hyunnie this interview will haunt him for his entire career! LOL!
  35. 9 points
    Hi all, I give up, I have to delurk because I find myself reading n saying “Exactly!” to myself too many times. Pichi couple here are showing signs many (me included) saw in Song-Song couple n Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung (though this couple broke up later). When Pichi Couple are near each other, they move as people who are instinctively aware of the other. They seem to predict the way the other will move and they can count on the other to make them look right. They don’t leave the other alone, or trail behind or walk ahead. In front of a camera or a crowd, without looking, they mirror each other. One thing I note - and I must concede this is my take - it seems that the character of KJR is someone who has high-functioning autism n LDW conveyed well the character’s inability to understand people’s emotions and reactions but here’s the thing, when the script required him to snap into quick reflexive, seize-the-chance-to-kiss mode, our friend displayed an ease and gumption that can only come from within. To me, he was himself when it came to the kisses with YIN’s OJS, n not the socially awkward KJR.
  36. 9 points
    Mine is the hand rubbing (same as u) and from the teaser- Christmas tree scene...where YIN asked LDW 'wae wae wae?' It really isnt a close friend type of tone especially between a man ana a woman..i wont even do that to a close guy mate..even if it's a close guy mate.. the tone would be less nasal.. and i wont still hold on his hand..I'll probably be more brusque.. more buddy to buddy
  37. 9 points
    hahaha the kiss lasted a few floors in the lift woohoo and he got hit by a light shopping bag for that.. which was mild wished there was eng sub cos i was curious of their conversations! lol btw the clips were out on instagram lol and more TJ is head over heels for MR.. lololol
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    @haelanAHA a fellow die hard RG/DM shipper LOL. I agree, it is so much more romantic watching the exquisite progression of their feelings and appreciation of the other as an artist and potential lover. And it was Ryan who was first stirred when he heard DM say that the picture of the photographer left a deep impression on her. What she said moved Ryan's artistic curiosity to ask DM if she liked to take pictures. At this time he had no idea that DM is the fangirl SNG. DM knew exactly what he was asking about, she did not answer "yes or no I like to take pictures", but instead referred to that particular picture, that Ryan was thinking about that made him ask the question. Here, it shows how their minds are both in sync. DM's detailed explanation of why she disagreed with the analysis of the picture's title "Anyeong" and her answers to Ryan's questions, her energy and sparkle made Ryan acknowledge and marvel at her talent as an artist but also sparked his interest in DM as a woman, (my pov). So, I agree that Ryan's "Anyeong" was sort of a confession and admission of his feelings, but that he was also impressed by her talent. DM however was flustered and confused by it. She looks up to him as a talented artist and so she was unsure if his anyeong was an approval of her explanation. She had no idea that the whole time she was explaining the expert artist was listening and looking intently at her for much, much longer than 3 seconds and that his anyeong was both appreciation of her talent as a fellow artist and as a woman. But when she looked at him when he said anyeong, his gaze must have tickled butterflies in her stomach because she shyly looked away. Episode 6: the lion chose his lioness and the chase and courtship begins We see more of Ryan's consideration of his feelings for DM when he agrees to have dinner with the staff which he never does as we were never shown that he ever ate with them. The staff took advantage of the dinner to sate their curiosity about the "dating" details of the boss with the head curator and got him drunk. I love that scene where they made up stories about the other which relates to real happenings. That was very cute. The fact that the very private, "cold(SA's description") self disciplined, Ryan dined with the staff and permitted himself to get drunk and all his inhibitions thrown to the wind, says a lot about how much he trusts DM and how much he has fallen for her as well. Instead of pressing the secret code to open his door, he made her sing for him and then gave her the code. He could have just pressed the code but he gave it to her. Even when drunk, he trusted her. That made the disappointment with her when she used the secret code to enter his apartment without permission more punchy, even if it was an emergency and to top it all enter his sacred room. But for me it also explains his actions, to go for the kiss. He is more of a touch feel person and his sensitivity made him realize that what he said about the dating and wanting to show that DM was meeting her lover was too hurtful and uncalled for. He wanted to negate his words especially when DM said I am sorry for entering your home without permission with those hurt eyes and with conviction, and he wanted to tell DM that what he said about her was actually how he felt that he wanted to be her lover and he wanted to truly date her. I just wish that they did the kiss more gently, slowly and beautifully, a kiss of apology and acknowledgement of his feelings.
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    Keep that tongue in Ji Chang Wook I know it can do wonderssorry guys my cat typed that I am the innocent one here
  40. 9 points
    Lol....it’s cute that you think he will go back to being calm and composed regarding anything related to Ji Hyun! His sanity ship has long sailed, girl..... it’s been almost 2 years since SP ended and he still turns into a pile of mushy goo at just the mere mention of her name. They say time heals everything, but obviously in his case, it made it worse!
  41. 9 points
    (*lurker*) Loooove this!! This ship ROCKS!! I’m falling in love with all of you!!!! Saw the posts earlier as I was distantly observing the happenings in NamJiland now that he’s been discharged. Prrrroooobably not what Manager Bang expects, too. Or at the very least, not the loopy response he gave the world. Adding to the RL line: *BCG mouth open in shock/disbelief/happiness .. hits head on nearest available surface.. REPEATEDLY* [grabs phone.. hurriedly dials] BCG: ahhhh.. JiHyun.. so in the interview.... (*back to lurking*)
  42. 9 points
    sssssooo if he was briefed by Bang, uhmm wookie? What exactly were you briefed about? LOL!!!! Did you mess it up a bit?
  43. 9 points
    I looooooooovvvvveeeeeee reading your posts @zenya22!!! These were my favorite snippets! This was my favorite scene of Ep. 5. I just love the fact that we as the viewer can see a glimpse of Ryan falling for DM's mental attractiveness as well. Maybe I just haven't seen enough dramas, but being able to watch Ryan falling for DM's brains is the best I've seen in a while. This only intensifies their palpable chemistry and why I love the progression of their relationship so much. I love this side of him, being able to listen to her thoughts and giving her the space to expand on those thoughts. To me, this scene proved to Ryan that he has found his intellectual match, especially even more so with the fact that DM understands him completely without having to say anything. And the fact that he got up to listen to her, even moved closer (whether intentionally or not), and showing how he is both physically and mentally drawn to her *swoon* And we can say the same for DM finding her match who can listen to her thoughts well. Ryan needs someone like DM to help him get over his artist's block. I thought it was also interesting how the following day he actually seemed more enthusiastic in suggesting they continue the fake dating to the best it could possible be. This is why the "anyeong" scene was his confession for me, but I don't think he got enough push about his feelings until Ep. 6 when he unintentionally became personal with her. I felt so bad for DM because we can tell she kinda did feel like his gf, and even if it was fake, there were emotions attached to all their interactions. I think I felt her pain even more so because I know that feeling...Anyways, it's so important at this point for them to talk about their relationship and clear the air, and I think we'll be blessed with this in this week's episodes. I mean, Ryan inside her SA shrine? I didn't expect this to be so soon! I think you've explained my thoughts and interpretations of the kiss as well. At first watch, I was obviously giddy and excited seeing this happen, but after calming down and really thinking about, I also think it was fake. The apology was real but it doesn't feel like the kiss was 100% real, and I'm only saying this because there was obviously emotions attached to Ryan's advancements, but as some others have mentioned, it's not his character to do something like that without her permission. We could take the "spur of the moment/God I just wanna kiss you right now" perspective on it, but there has to be more to it. It even looked like he kissed his thumb and I think that was done intentionally for the sake of the narrative, not because KJW was being respectful of PMY, because we all know these two can KISS. This is a kiss nonetheless, but I won't consider it as DM and Ryan's first kiss. We'll be waiting for their REAL one TVN @hulya.23_d801 Thank you for sharing this gif! This is one of my favorites and the reason is because of the fact that we have already seen how much joy she received from taking pictures of SA, and how well she clearly understood and articulated the former photographer's pictures of his writer friend. One of the reason's that DM's fansite has been successful is because of the fact that she's able to sympathize with SA through just a picture. And SA has mentioned it before that he feels like she knows him the best. She is able to express her admiration and support of the pictures she takes of SA, but in Ep.5 we see a shift to her taking pictures of Ryan and smiling because it gives her so much joy. She's really a goner at this point and didn't realize it. Similar to how we take pictures of things or moments that make our hearts flutter, she did the same as she took pictures of Ryan as well. I thought this scene was well done and well executed and I couldn't have asked for a better interpretation of DM's growing feelings for Ryan.
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    Exactly the same thought of mine chinggu!haha im a proud SS shipper too back then. i want to add some, HyeKyo might be cautious too but she is more straightforward to explain herself. From first presscon she already gave a hint she wanted a guy to "confess" rite?because she cant wait any longer. Later we know that time they already been dating. In Hongkong presscon she was more relax, while Joongki is similar with Wookie, always show more special gesture since the first time. Then in Baeksang 2016 she tried to be cautious too but she failed, more likely to seemed nervous about how to show gesture together, then i think she cant hold up anymore, later she ended up hug Jongki too and that time is definitely "public gesture confession" when they embraced each other along redcarpet. I have same hope too with Pichi couple. At least we can see their gesture while walking on redcarpet. I believe redcarpet moment somehow loosen up their restraint and many "unconcious mistakes" could happened. *fingercrossed*
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    But....he’s been in controlled environments and interviews before and look how that turned out? Lol! 1. SP Press conference where he could not pry his eyes away. 2. SP Press conference where he blurted out that she was sexy. 3. Hanbam interview where JiHyun was praising him while he was a pile of goo and it was supposed to be his interview. (Ok, this was sort of an impromptu interview, but I don’t care, I just wanna mention it again.) Hahaha. 4. MBC Section interview! 5. His own Jiscovery concert where he’s mesmerized at his own scenes with her and singing out to the “yeppo” part. I’m not disagreeing with you, I just wanted an excuse to re-live his crazy moments.
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    OOooo... jumping into the 'thumb kiss' debate, I don't think he kissed his thumb... but because of the speed of the kiss his hand just happens to be super close to her mouth... specifically his mound of venus (hehehe) the fleshy part of your thumb is what we can see. Also, mom catching them?!?!?!?!?!?!? what!?!?!?!?!?!? hahahahahhaha
  47. 8 points
    Our boy is definitely smooth, coz it’s kind of hard to believe (the way KJR is being described by the CEO) to have those kind of moves. Check out these scenes if you can rewatch:
  48. 8 points
    Soooooo.......kind of like what a husband and wife would do for each other? Lol...sorry I couldn’t resist.
  49. 8 points
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    You thought this was fanfic?!?!?!?!?!?!?! meanwhile in RL: just saying...
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