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    Watch: Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Share Heart-Stopping Moments In “Her Private Life” Making Video TV/Film Apr 26, 2019 by J. Lim Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young are just six episodes in to tvN’s “Her Private Life” but they have everyone’s hearts pounding with their amazing chemistry! tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama has released a new behind-the-scenes making video that shows how the cast and crew have fun on the set of “Her Private Life” while also creating great moments on camera. The first scene involves Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) and Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) out in the rain. Though the rain made it difficult for the two actors to even keep their eyes open, they managed to finish their scenes while also cracking jokes in between. The video also had Ryan visiting Nam Eun Ki (Ahn Bo Hyun) at his dojo, where they spar and show off their physical strength. When his character visited Cha Si Ahn (ONE), Kim Jae Wook couldn’t help but sneak a piece of fried chicken, and he laughed when he realized his actions were caught on camera. There were many sweet moments between Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young as they did everything from wake up next to each other, sit on the floor, and share a romantic kiss. The two showed how they’re able to create great moments in the drama by having such great chemistry off-camera as well. https://www.soompi.com/article/1320281wpp/watch-kim-jae-wook-and-park-min-young-share-heart-stopping-moments-in-her-private-life-making-video
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    Lmao I haven't showered yet but ....... Captain just stepped out of Cherwon and it's raining with bombs!! I'm so looking forward to more bombs from NamJi Gosh his love sickness had worsen during his time at the army. Will be back to spazzing mode after a shower!!! Until then... Don't hold back lets go cray cray
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    Those expressions on his face while know what he was saying in each point in time is Trying to go back to being rational but damn it is not easy!
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    2 years... i had some doubts i’d still be here.. but here i am! sail away captains! welcome back! our fine looking Wookie!!
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    So the current post of YIN's manager was a throwback??? Because I saw a comment there saying that was an old pic
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    Wasn't he young in Runway Cop, dear...???! I think he was just 33 yrs old there!!! And I am stunned by his masculine body! And yes, you are right!!! Young Kang JI Hwan is so dreamy & appealing, for me specially in Coffee House!!!!!
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    ONE Looks Dashing Behind The Scenes On Set Of “Her Private Life” by M. Dang Behind-the-scenes images of ONE on the set of “Her Private Life” have been released! In the drama, ONE plays the role of Cha Shi An, the idol that Park Min Young’s character Sung Deok Mi fangirls over. The photos show him in the midst of filming the sixth episode, clad in a black suit and displaying exquisite visuals that are fitting for his character. On the April 25 broadcast, Cha Shi An visited Ryan Gold’s (played by Kim Jae Wook) museum and encountered his fans Sung Deok Mi and Cindy (played by Kim Bo Ra). more https://www.soompi.com/article/1320169wpp/one-looks-dashing-behind-the-scenes-on-set-of-her-private-life
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    Yay!! He's finally back! <3 It feels great that this thread is ALIVE again! Time to rewatch Suspicious Partners!
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    WOW!!! I am impressed by my friends' reactions here! My dear @Lawyerh & @triplem chingus, I knew it I knew it that you would vote for Daniel & Baek Jin Hee! But it's too bad that you can't watch The Ghost Detective! Daniel is so sexy in it rather than in Jugglers! Hahahahaha..... But since horror sin't everyone's cup of tea, that's ok!!! But I really want Daniel & Park Eun Bin to be together again! They match each other perfectly! And my dear @triplem chingu, it's a big relief that the 1st lead cast rejected the offer for Jugglers so that they had to cast Daniel in the position of Nam Chi Won! Then we got our favorite office drama ever with our lover boy!!! And thank you so much for liking Daniel & Park Eun Bin, dear @Pyar & @nohamahamoud2002 chingus! She is short & so beautiful in long hair! And yeah, he is so fit in crime/action/ thriller genre!!!
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    WELCOME BACK WOOKIE! WOO HOO! His smile is gorgeous! Must be feeling so happy!
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    WOW @zenya22 what a great take on this episode ... i am going to read all your posts from now on LOL ...just beautiful , thank you.
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    Me in like every Oppa drama I watch lol that include romance. FYI hahaha but I have to say...sometimes I’m worst than this lol #oppaisloveoppaislife 770
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    This interview literally pushed me off the cliff! Here I was telling myself a few days ago to be ready since it'll be a different ballgame once he's out. There goes the boy dropping a nuclear bomb less than an hour after his release. I can't at Wookie. He really can't contain himself when it comes to Hyunnie. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwvyugZHMB2V3uIqCj-79El5A0-Fk5R9Ac_pEI0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1ae5q2onm55aq
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    Lmao! I love JCW, but I love love a confused JCW even more! It shouldn’t be this amusing to see him utterly fail at explaining anything that has to do with Nam Ji Hyun!
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    Actually TVB Jin Yong's adaptation during 90's-early 00's are quite good, now that I think about it, too bad they have bad set design. I love their XAJH '96 (best LHC EVER!) - LOCH '94 - TLBB '98 (Duan Yu was the worst miscast ever though) ROCH '95 was ok, nothing will ever be as good as ROCH '83 for me HSDS '01, ZWJ looks too much like one of my uncle, I really can't watch it lol. Too bad even though it looks good based on the snippets I saw
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    Aaah I love these guys! Their friendship irl is so adorable! And Kim Nam Gil’s faces are priceless, he’s so expressive. I wish i knew what they were saying though, I watched the entire special but i really wish it were subbed! Argh!
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    Whew finally was able to log in again.. I have to say NJ seems to be the one I am disappointed with the most.. His initial goal was to make his mom pay for his abandonment and the death of his father. (Of course I always knew that his mommy issues were just him crying out for his mom.) Not since AR has found out he is her son has he done anything to really make AR suffer like he promised. Instead he has joined forces with her just like I said so long ago to help take what does not belong to either of them. Those people had nothing to do with the choices AR made that lead to his abandonment and his fathers death. If he is resentful that he had to accept charity for his education and life up to that point then he can make them humble a different way. How quick he was to join AR's bandwagon when she showed him a little fake love and care. AR is a snake and is only using him and does not really care about him as a mother should. NJ became the next tool after the loss of her son. Why is he resentful about DK? Because AR showed love to him when he was alive and lived as his mom? Why does he hate LSH? Because he has DK's face or is the true grandson of that family or because LSH is very smart and able to beat him at his own game? Why take something that has nothing to do with what his original game plan was? Aura is not the cause of his mother leaving its his own mothers character and personality! He has experienced bad things by a family member yet he turns around and does the same things to someone else messing in their life! I am just waiting for the moment that he fully realizes that AR may not have ever cared about him but was using him or AR finally realizes that all of her actions hurt her children but its too late to save her 1st born because of her actions. I have a question. Does NJ know yet that it was his own grandfather that killed his father? If not I hope he learns this information and does not listen to AR's excuses and goes back to his original game plan to get revenge on her. I still feel that NJ will end up sacrificing himself for either AR or someone else trying to save their life. Perhaps seeing another son hurt or dying will wake up AR to her evil character.
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    So yeah nothing much with SJ and NJ pretty much every single couple ended up more satisfying here . What where they thinking.No Kiss or hug or anything like that. This was pretty much it:
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    +2 I know winter sonata was good. Really good. Because my aunties always watched it when I got home from campus. I have no option then joined them. Well sometimes I played dvd in my uncle room but joined my aunties was the best. They cried together and cursed the antagonists while crying wkwkkwkw you would not want to skip this. I was always laughed at them whenever they cried wkwkwkkw. Once I memorized my book because the next day I would have my exam while seeing my aunties cried for winter sonata hahahaha my uncle who saw this slapped my head. Softly btw. Lol. He said how can I memorize my book while watching people cry for winter sonata HAHAHAHAHAH I said I can memorized faster if I see something strange in front of me LOL btw yes I want anything neither light or heavy now. But with handsome face of course ^_* @Lawyerh I dropped dr. Jin because I forget why ahahahaha. Son seung hoon is not my kind of oppa. Plus the story was too weird for me
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    Lol yeah i don't fancy him as an oppa. But his acting skills is a 100 for me. Haha. He is super shy to go on variety. He never go variety. But i guess i know why he is on running man. Lee Kwang soo and him recently finished a movie. So probably he is here to promote with LKS. 698
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    Manager-nim must be telling us something. The coincidence is too uncanny. Also - the flower seems to be exactly the same (look at the three protruding petals - how many flowers of that kind could have three protruding petals that look exactly like that?). Anyone knows when LDW's photoshoot for Cosmopolitan happened? If this photoshoot for YIN was done in September - wasn't this the time LDW was also starting to confirm his acceptance of the role of Jung Rok?
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    Lmao the shipper in me says that the reporters know something we do not *bangs head on the wall* LMAO Wookie can't lie Lmao Wookie is living upto his name!! Welcone back dearie!!
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    An angel put PPC bts moments together in one clip. Something these two just too beautiful Their eyes are full of unsaid chemistry. I srsly feel the love between these two.
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    Hello! Thank youuuu❤️ I'm new here! I definitely keep up with the thread but I'm a noob in forums like this lol I'm thankful! ❤️
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    @Lawyerh do you like your Oppa to do bad guy roles? Because I do! Sometimes the best actors are the ones who plays both sides of the field plus Oppa looks good as a villain too 756
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    We saw similar sheets but in grey color I think with peach borders in Touch Your Heart! Time to go shopping for sheets! +2
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    722 @Lawyerh I plan to watch it This weekend. Btw the girl is from a movie 1000 pounds right? btw I like autumn in my heart. Perhaps because the story and it was wonbin hahaha.. also that was my first time watching kdrama.
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    Grassland Reunion PART 5 – Sheep herding together Credit to Weibo Writer. Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404364336901538532 Translation done in Spoiler. I happen to be able do one more part today, as for the next two days, i won't be in office. So i usually can't use the PC at home, as my son will pester for my attention. hahahaha Enjoy !
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    Park Hee Soon plays a father of Park Sun-ho (Namdaemu) in the JTBC drama 'Beautiful World' (play Kim Ji-woo, directing Park Chan-hong) and plays a person who feels a sense of distance as a teacher in the current high school. At the same time, it is necessary to solve the case of the son who is a victim of school violence, and at the same time to understand, Dong Dong-soo (Seo Young-ju). The audience wonders how the realistic distress of Moo-jin, who feels confused in his role, will have an impact on his future actions. (Google translation) https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042670904
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    Hahaha. It still feels surreal. Maybe who knows what he is thinking now after realising what he said regarding Hyunni. Haha. Or maybe Hyunni must be with him now and she's going aish oppa! *smh*
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    I LOVE the '86 version and Tony Leung. My parents constantly replayed it growing up. As WJ, his darling innocent eyes just make you forget about all his muddleheaded-ness. I've read the book and I was totally fine with it, but from what I've gathered here in the thread, I think most would definitely not like WJ in the novel, especially from a romantic perspective. The chapters of WJ and ZM heading to Shaolin to save XX were pretty good though. They went through a lot together. The adaptations can't beat that part of the book.
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    I have yet to watch Ep 14 with subs as I've been swamped at work. But I just had a chance to catch up on some posts and wow, you all have some great insights. I also do not believe SM is a bad guy. Although I think he has every right and reason to kill his "father", I don't think he will. He will prove JS right that he isn't a monster, I'm sure of it. SM will just let him suffer a bit while not telling the police where he is being kept. It will be up to An, JI, and the detectives to catch him now. As to whether SM will die...I'm just not sure. In the Little Prince, the reader doesn't actually know if the Prince dies, correct? It's more like he just vanishes, under the assumption that he's dead. I feel more likely we will not see a physical death of SM, but more a ?? surrounding what happens to him at the end. I agree it makes sense for him to die at this point, but I think it will be left to the viewer to decide if he's dead or not. Not sure how that would play out, though, so maybe I'm completely wrong. Also I agree to the creepiness of SM putting the ring on his mother's finger. In that image, they look like a couple, not mother-son. The only thing I can think is the writer is alluding to how close they really are. Considering they were locked in a room together for 9 years, just the two of them, it kind of makes sense. So his extreme closeness to his mom could definitely be a psychological thing stemming from childhood. Anyhow, I will watch Ep 14 this weekend. I'm excited to see how it ends. I hope we get a happy ending for An and JI and our side characters at least...
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    @gm4queen definitely with Park Eun Bin. I am not a fan of the other actress
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    First time knowing KNG thru FP. But its his drama LUTYN that bring me to appreciate him more. Its very versatile performance from him, from comedy to tragedy just in a blink of eyes. The romance was portrayed very natural and beautiful. Thanks for those who suggesting me to watch this. @triplem @sushilicious @phoenix24 Still my best scenes from overall episodes >> bow tie @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama @LyraYoo @decci
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    Abyss TVN official website : http://program.tving.com/tvn/abyss
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    All i can do is ROLF while reading your posts bahahaha You are jjang unnie!!! Please keep them coming dearie We are so glad to you have back dearie!! Lmao I'll never recover from that bomb Hyunie dropped on us! You are so cute dearie hahaha Lmao lets just accept that we shippers can't let it go kekeke And we are more like.....
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    Cosmo Mag came out was last January 2019, maybe shot on December? https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/01/lee-dong-wook-is-mr-valentine-on-the-cover-of-cosmopolitans-february-issue
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    @pad-hari she's CXX couple in Chinese Ghost Story moviebut I think he finished filming this movie,I see some video on weibo. This old photoshoot (but new for us) Sr.weibo
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    We raised a glass in celebration of Park Shinhye, a daughter, entertainer, advocate honored for the impact you have in moving our society forward. Cheers! I cannot wait cheer on what you do next. cr: as tagged
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    I think maybe kjkintl ig just doesn't like shipping in general? Either way, every ship will have its haters and toxic people so let's not fuel the fire. btw I saw a post saying that the kookmin shipper ig is a troll with multiple accounts that all talk the same way but for all the different kjk ships so just a heads up.
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