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    Reviewed 5 and 6 episodes again and I must say that even though Ryan gave his all to that first KISS we all have been waiting for, but that kiss scene seemed unsatisfactory and incomplete. However, I am hoping that kiss scene was only the beginning of the kiss to be continued??? ...which brings me to a very significant scene in Ep 5 more than the bathroom scene looking at it from Ryan's perspective. Anyeong... When they visited the writer there was one picture of the writer's photographer friend that caught DM's attention and she remarked that she liked the picture made a deep impression on her. Ryan asked her about what she thought about the picture as it was titled "Anyeong" and the interpretation of the picture from those who looked at it was, the photographer was saying goodbye before he went to the hospital because he knew he was going to die. DM came alive and took a copy of the picture and disagreed with the goodbye interpretation. Ryan then sat up and scooted towards DM and asked DM to explain. She explained to Ryan why she disagreed with other expert's interpretation of the photo and her opinion was that the photograper was looking at someone behind the camera and said "anyeong". She explained that in English the word anyeong can mean goodbye or hello. That the photographer's gaze and smile was directed at someone special behind the camera and saying to that someone "anyeong, I am here and I am always looking at you like this." Her face was animated as she was explaining and did not notice Ryan looking intently at her as if he was looking at someone precious. He did not interrupt or say anything and he waited until she was finished then shyly looked at him. Ryan, looking directly at her eyes, says "anyeong". Her response was a bit confused and as she quickly put down the picture she was holding, shyly said, "that is my explanation" and looked away. Ryan said nothing, went to his corner to sleep. Next morning we see him sleeping beside her peacefully. When he was outside discussing the project with the writer he looked up at DM taking pictures of him and he saw a laughing and beautiful face that said "anyeong, I am here". On the way back home, he happily agreed to "fake dating". He already knew how he feels about this woman when he said anyeong the night before but he had secrets about himself he still was not ready to share. No one knows that he owns 2 of Lee Sol's paintings. He lied to Si An when he said that he obtained the painting at the bidding in Shang Hai for a client and DM was listening. This one room in his apartment is a room that bears witness to his most hidden secrets, his deepest hurts and wounds and weakness, it is a room where he is most vulnerable and a room no one else but him can enter. In a scene of episode 6, Ryan enters the room where the 2 Lee Sol paintings are displayed side by side, there is an empty canvass, brushes, paints and art paraphernalia in the room. He stands in the middle of the room looking at the LS paintings and memories of a boy playing with bubbles then a boy drawing on paper and calling "omma" floods his mind. He shakes himself out of those memories and he approaches the empty canvass, picks up a brush attempting to paint and he is paralyzed. He grips the brush and took a few attempts before he could manage to put a dot on the canvas and his arms falls to his side and he put the brush back to the bush holder. Without looking back he leaves the room frustration written in his face. When Kyunga messaged Ryan that DM was on her way to his apartment because of a leak, he ran over. The leak was already repaired and DM got curious because of all the art displayed in Ryan's apartment and she started exploring and unfortunately the secret room's door was half opened and she went in. Her face was in wonder, this was the master's working room and suddenly an arm grabbed her and pulled and pushed her into the living room. As human beings, we are equipped with fight or flight impulses and in times of danger or stress we use this responses automatically. Ryan's most fear of being exposed of his most vulnerable and weakest self moved him to a fight or flight impulse and unfortunately, Ryan the lion, chose to fight and lions when in a fight will choose to go for the jugular and without even pausing to think, he hurt DM so badly. But after he chilled himself, his body and brain with a cold drink, he glanced at a bag on his table with a note from DM leaving him a gift and he thought back of the woman who was the one person who understood him, the one person he could be honest with, the one person who offered her hand if he ever needed one to hold on to and the one woman whom he said "Anyeong" to. Instant regret and self recrimination overwhelmed him and he knew he had to make amends before it was too late. The KISS... when he was running all over the place looking for DM Ryan had all the time to self reflect on his feelings about DM and his harsh actions. When he apologized and asked DM if she was very angry, and DM said she was but she also said she should not have been at his home, Ryan did not want her to blame herself because it was not her fault but his. He wanted to comfort her and tell her that he did not mean what he said and he wanted to say it not with words but with his body so he walked towards her, cradled her head with his hands and kissed her fully. That was the first part of the kiss. The 2nd part DM takes a half step towards him, her hand starting to go up then dropped and her eyes wide open as if surprised shows Ryan kissing the upper lip as if gentling the kiss but still with full lip contact and his hands still cradling her head, his eyes closed. He might have sensed DM's surprise and reluctance so he gentled the kiss... and then the end of the episode.... So for the coming episode, I am hoping to see how the artist Ryan will coax his love into kissing him back, from gentle to deepening kiss....and getting DM to respond as passionately Anyeong... RYAN and SHI AN.... Ryan and Shi An connected through the Lee Sol paintings. Shi An says that there are a total of 9 paintings and he has 3 of them. He thinks that Ryan obtained a Lee Sol painting for a client which makes it 4 paintings by Lee Sol were found and they need to find 5 more. What he does not know is that Ryan has 2 of the Lee Sol paintings and Ryan was his own client and they only have to find 4 more. When we first meet SA he seemed to have some trust issues with his agency and manager. Aside from Ryan being interested in the Lee Sol paintings SA got to know Ryan as a protective and trustworthy person when Ryan went to meet with him and his agent to make them correct the false scandal involving the curator working with him and her false involvement in a scandal with SA. He also wanted to cooperate with Ryan re his collections exhibit. SA seemed to be looking for someone he could trust. The conversation between the two when SA ordered chicken and brought it to Ryan's apartment and made Ryan charge it to his card was cheeky but shows how he considered Ryan as someone he could trust. He told Ryan that he did not want to order with his name and charge it to his card because his agency will know about it, will make him exercise to lose weight as if he was not skinny already and then demand that he make music. That is one of the reasons why he wants to be his own agent so he can concentrate on his music creativity. He also made a deal with Ryan without his agency knowing that he would lend his collections for the exhibit but he will be incognito as the collector. He trusts Ryan and in return Ryan treats him not as a celebrity but as a buddy and a neighbor would. My fear is, someone with evil intentions to harm Ryan and DM will intentionally leak that the identity of the incognito celebrity collector to the public. I hope that would not happen because both SA and Ryan need to trust the other if they were to work cooperatively to find the Lee Sol paintings and the painter. Besides SA seems to be a shipper of hyung Ryan and DM love affair.
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    Hi @NaYouSabi?, I believe you can review and write about the drama here. I highly suggest you put some of it under a spoiler cut if it gets too long, so that it's convenient for other members. You can do that by highlighting/selecting the paragraphs you want to put under the spoiler cut and then clicking the eye icon in this reply creation/editing box. I'm not sure if I just missed someone else posting this already, but the Kdramaholic Youtube channel is doing English subs for the making-of videos; looks like they post it about three days after TVN releases the video. I think they do a really good job, subbing all the captions as well. (I'm not affiliated with them, I just found them. ) This is the latest one they have:
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    Ughhh.. feeling so emotional right now. Finally that day came..never thought we would be still here. But here we are. Celebrating D-0.. Welcome back Oraboni. We missed you so much. We are so proud of you. And lastly Thanks to you girls too. For being on this ship. Feels like we are a family now. Namji goners family. We made it girls..So happy
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    Hai Hai Everyone!!! finally it's a D-Day I can't imagine that I will last for this long, but yeah i managed and more crucial was, I had created an IG account solely for my shipper heart I hope everyone are able to see and enjoy the beauty of NamJi <What NamJi had done with me> And Yes today is an important day, the most awaited man, Ji Chang Wook!!!! Oppa I love you! <sorry Hyunie, oppa is mine for today> I can't wait to see him discharge tomorrow morning, i hope he will give himself some rest, spend his time with omma and (me - delulu to the max, whack my own head ) He was enlisted on 14 August 2017 and time flies, after so much hurdles we had gone through, we managed to overcome everythings, our friendship became stronger, our love to NamJi growing everyday, and its 27 April 2019 finally. Just want to mesmerising the 14 August date for the past 2 years. besides we going to get tonnes of JCW oppa update, are our co-captain will give her update too? I miss her
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    Too Hot To Handle!!! Episode 5-6 Recap: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/her-private-life-episode-5-6-recap/
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    Seeing how this show is well planned with lots of clever red herrings and the writer tends to twist one situation into something else in the following episode, you could very well be right. It definitely wasn't a quick peck though, he went in for a full kiss -at least that's what it looked like. The weirdly posed "lips barely touching" kiss at the end looked like it was filmed for the ending shot to me. Of course I could be biased since I really want them to kiss for real hahahahaha! He's definitely not the macho type to kiss without permission, couldn't agree more with this. We shall see next week. Edit: OK I read some other comments, and yeah, I'm thinking it's a fake kiss too. ARRRGGGHHH why do this to me show DM is a clear goner though. She even admitted it to her friends -like Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice- that she can't bear the thought of losing his good opinion, and was disappointed upon realising that Ryan was only helping her thinking she was trying to stay closeted, not because he was interested in her. I wonder when EG will make a move, he's been watching and observing till now. If indeed this week's kiss was an act and Ryan still has not decided to act on his budding feelings, a romantic move against DM from EG could be the nudge he needs. He's moved by DM, but not letting the reins go as yet. As an artist myself, I completely get Ryan's anger at his private studio being entered without permission. That's a no no. Poor Dm though, she's juts so enamoured with him, how could you stay angry with her? Dragging her out forcefully was a no no as well. The woman carried you home, held your hand and put you to bed remember? Ryan realised he was found out about the Lee Sol paintings and also the empty canvas is a symbol of his disappointment in himself as an artist combined with the grief of abandonment. The artist's block of depression is something I've been struggling with for a long time, and I get his pain. Don't push around the people who care for you though, silly lion. My heart broke in two for DM at that moment. PMY really nailed the look of heartbreak there.
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    Yes , lion eat chicken * silly me @Lawyerh
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    One thing I've been noticing is that in goblin era Inna behaved like Dongwook's hoobae, but in touch your heart era she really behaved like his princess already lol but somehow Dongwook also treated like one. He was so considerate, caring, and obidient. Too gentle even. I've watched bubblegum vlive, it was clear that DW and RW were only friend. He didn't stare at her a lot, like how he stared at Inna, not to mention with hearteu eyes. At first glance we could already see that Inna is special case for him. He behaves like caring boyfriend really. Anyway thanks for the link chingu!
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwt8_MjpQmQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1prfgxsp5zqpu Guys, have you noticed this?? Today her manager nim updated 2 picts to announced that she will be back in 5 days with KBS Radio Volume Up. The thing here is that 2 picts were not revelant to each other at all. One of it was here selfie, another one was her pict taken by YG agency. But it look-a-like the same with “someone” fanship profile. Same posture, same type of flowers. Guess it guys It must be more special when the uploader was her manager nim Is it too suspicious? Or is it just a coincidence?? Give me your idea chingus ahh
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    Uh-oh. How am I supposed to write my thoughts out right now with this week's episodes when they just released the bts for it I shouldn't have watched it first because now I can't think properly!!! Thoughts on Ep. 5: Thoughts on Ep. 6 (this might be a long one, oof): This drama has been a breath of fresh air amidst my finals season. Thank you TvN
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    JiChangWook is now officially discharged from military service!
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    OMGGGGG IT’S D-DAY SHIPPERS We made it Girls!!! We beat the drought!!! *Group Hugs* Everyone Love you Fam I know you all are lurking here in ninja style . Palli Palli come out everyone!! *My friends* when I tell them that I’ve been shipping NamJi for nearly 2 years now... *ME*
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    Hello everyone! Here’s our Superman! 621 days!! Can’t believe it! Finally he’s back!!! Welcome back Wookie!!!
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    Argh! Just done with the ep and I am full of FEELINGS!! I want to share my thoughts about the peck. The peck they had later that day that DM will never count as a kiss? I bet she has wilder ideas. I have a teeny tiny suspicion about it. It does look half-hearted to me. It doesn't look like a spur-of-the-moment, impulse kiss that I expected when RG is so overwhelmed with feeling sorry at how he acted earlier. Also, I didn't think him to be the type to take a kiss without permission, so I'm leaning a wee bit to the theory that he might have done it because of CUPATCH, and that after that quick peck, he'd silently whisper to her why he did so. But of course, as shown in the preview, the parents saw it too lol. Also, I know previews are tricky af so I feel like RG's YES right after DM's mom's question isn't an answer to it. I feel like RG would choose a more careful answer to that, although still telling the *wink* truth. Just a thought.
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    She certainly was able to nail it, and it never ceases to amaze me how actors and actresses can shed a tear when they need to. Although behind the scenes, it probably takes them time to get into the mood to express what they need to. Somehow though, since she just finished WWWSK, it kinda feels like bits of her are being carried over from there to this show. After all, she is still decked in her professional attire, though with more variation, unlike before where she was mainly in blouses and skirts.
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    Watch: Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Share Heart-Stopping Moments In “Her Private Life” Making Video TV/Film Apr 26, 2019 by J. Lim Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young are just six episodes in to tvN’s “Her Private Life” but they have everyone’s hearts pounding with their amazing chemistry! tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama has released a new behind-the-scenes making video that shows how the cast and crew have fun on the set of “Her Private Life” while also creating great moments on camera. The first scene involves Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) and Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) out in the rain. Though the rain made it difficult for the two actors to even keep their eyes open, they managed to finish their scenes while also cracking jokes in between. The video also had Ryan visiting Nam Eun Ki (Ahn Bo Hyun) at his dojo, where they spar and show off their physical strength. When his character visited Cha Si Ahn (ONE), Kim Jae Wook couldn’t help but sneak a piece of fried chicken, and he laughed when he realized his actions were caught on camera. There were many sweet moments between Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young as they did everything from wake up next to each other, sit on the floor, and share a romantic kiss. The two showed how they’re able to create great moments in the drama by having such great chemistry off-camera as well. https://www.soompi.com/article/1320281wpp/watch-kim-jae-wook-and-park-min-young-share-heart-stopping-moments-in-her-private-life-making-video
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    Oh my freakkkingggg goodness. Reporter nim thank you for bringing up abt Hyunni! Within 1 hr of our captain discharge we have our bomb. Wahahaha. Wookie has just announced to the world that 1. He really respects and admire her on her skills as a professional actress 2. The system is weird that when we have so many pic of backstage floating around, wookie says there's a system where visitors can only see who they want to see 3. They met briefly backstage but still no photos (ninjas as usual!) 4. Namji are in contact and will continue to do so.. so if they meet, they are discussing about his script. Hahahahaha. Welcome back wookie! It finally feels like home to us again.
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    I just wanted to go back and provide the thoughts behind my previous comment. In all seriousness, if ZM did not have intel and proof that XX was at Shao Lin, I highly doubt that she would have crashed the wedding. Even though she knew that WJ would be making a HUGE mistake marrying ZR, knowing how much WJ held honor and code as high importance, without any good reason, she would not have been able to convince WJ to leave the wedding. So…I do think that ZM’s true intention was to help WJ save his godfather since she did say that she was ready to give herself up to Yuan after doing so. However, fate happens to be on their side and ZM was fortunately was able to use this opportunity to save WJ from ZR as well. Regarding WJ being angry with ZM for forcing him to leave the wedding, he was indeed angry at her, but I don’t think he was angry at her for ruining his marriage with ZR. He seemed to be upset at ZM for making him look like a dishonorable man in front of everyone and ZR. After calming down, he did finally admit his reservations in marrying ZR and thanked ZM for saving him. In the other versions, I liked that WJ told ZM that he loved her shortly after as well. I thought it gave confirmation to ZM that she did the right thing. Though I do understand that this version demonstrated that WJ loved ZM in different ways. Still...in every adaptation, I have always found it rather silly of WJ to agree to marry someone he did not love because of honor and code and that it took a woman to sacrifice her reputation to save him, but I understand that honor and code was important in the jianghu world and to WJ. Furthermore, I know that ZM did not care the least bit of what people of Wulin thought of her. They were set in their narrow-minded ways and labeled her as “evil girl” regardless. Nothing was going to change their view of ZM so looking like a “bad guy” in front of them was of no loss to her. P.S. While on the topic of the wedding, one scene that I do miss from the previous versions is from the night before WJ and ZR’s wedding. WJ was unable to sleep the night. He woke up, got dressed and unknowingly wandered in front of the inn (his and ZM’s date place). Realizing where he was…he asked himself…could it be that he couldn’t forget ZM. In this version, WJ also was unable to sleep the night before the wedding, but instead, WJ was thinking of ZM while looking at her bitemark. I guess both served its purpose to illustrate that it was ZM who WJ truly loved in his heart. Someone wondered in a previous post that if WJ had married ZR, would WJ still want to be with ZM in his lifetime. To be honest, I don’t know the answer, but it’s obvious that WJ would never forget ZM in his lifetime.
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    LMAO! Her gifs are always on point! Hahahahah If its possible, all lurkers and namji shippers pls come back to the thread to celebrate as wookie returns to us and Hyunni (couldn't resist). Lmao. Sharing my tots on D-0! Still can't believe its really here! Hello and good morning! Wookie, so darn glad you are back with us! Welcome backk! I see many peeps going to cherwon to welcome u back so bask in the love u will feel today!
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    Unbelievable ..It's really D -0 !! We have made it so far !!
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    He's quite friendly too Sharing my pic with him.. btw is it okay to share it here?
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    A little tied up with RL right now, but will see what I can do about posting a translation of the BTS in a few days.
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    Yeah, I want get that song too! It sounds so soothing & perfect! I am not sure but does it say anything about lying..?? Hah haaa.... I am pretty curious! Definitely!!! Me too! I love Park Hoo Ja so much! Can't wait to see more of her evilness!
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    I'm loving this drama and enjoyed the funny moments and more hints of the back story emerging in the new episodes. I have lots of random little theories going through my mind lol PMY and KJW continue to have amazing chemistry and I can't wait to see more sweet moments! Really though, how can one actress be so shippable with practically all of her costars!? I just love PMY and how she makes all of her characters her own while connecting with all of her costars to make the chemistry so real and so believable. And KJW, his chiseled jawline is something else he is so handsome!
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    @rinkyu lucky you , I am jealous , you had chance to see Mr Hwang @ktcjdrama see my crush in the Video , waving hand to fan , he need fans to take him home
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    Dear @jinkzzmec chingu!! You are a great designer! I love your poster for his Rough Cut!!! And I've checked the 1st post & your editings are lovely!! And dear @phoenix24 chingu, is that the 1st trailer for his new drama..???! WOW!!! KJH is looking so good! I tried to find more info but nothing came up! Hopefully we will have more!
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    @greezlybee..thank you again for the insights chinggu . I am not a fangirl. So I really dont know how fangirl should react in this kind of situation. Even so, as I mentioned before, earlier I was too a bit bothered by the fact that choosing between SA and RG would be a trivial reason for any relationship to be rocked by. Especially, to top all that, RG already knew how obsessed DM was about SA and yet he still adored and run after her. So, yes, I agree with most you. Sian might not be the main issue here but the fact that "fangirling" is still the main theme of this drama, I could not shake the feeling that Sian might be part or probably the catalyst to the main issue. What is the issue? I've yet to know. I wish someone from this forum can enlighten us with the content of the manhwa. At least, for me, I need to know, to feel less nervous.. After watching yesterday's episode with subs, I too echo some of you about the reasons RG was panicking and running to find her everywhere and then the kiss. The incidents that lead to that point were not too big enough to induce such reaction. But then again, we did watch RG gradually falling in love with DM beforehand and he did see her tearing up when he practically barked at her prior to the kiss. And we also know that he is actually a big softie despite his lion persona. So, that might be the inducer. Still, I hope we get to see deeper reasoning in next episode or at least some explanation to what really motivated him to react the way he did. I also echo most of you about the chemistry between KJW and PMY. It is seriously no joke. i started to post/ follow any threads/ watch live stream again after being in hiatus for many months because of the chemistry of the OTP in Episode 1 (the Chinese Auction House). I never really notice KJW before but now regretted that so much and trying to binge watched some of his dramas starting with Temperature With Love...he is seriously a gem...
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    Thanks @Cherrine Kim for sharing bubblegum vlive..Its much clearer now. I only got friendship vibe watching that vid, even when Wookie met RyeoWon in Chanel event and patted her back, just friendly old friend pat. So much different when he's with InNa. He is definitely way much more flirty yet considerate towards InNa more than just a friend we cant deny. Even RW said that he isnt as considerate as his character in bubble gum. Clearly she did got different treat from Wookie rite? I believe InNa feel the same way too, its just she is being more cautious regarding her past. What confused me now is, how will they go public later. Wookie seems more showing things and special gestures in public but somehow he hold inNa to do the same way (like he hold inNa from mentioning "vitamins and dont be sick" thing ). I may say they now might have things on being prepared. Something that must be well prepared. Not only about dating news or teenage confession or anything superficial. Something way bigger than that. Amen to that *fingercrossed*
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    Omooo love this drama. As a fangirl myself, I really can relate to Deok Mi. the only thing that didn’t happened to me is finding someone like Ryan Gold. hahaha. Thank you for the casting director that decided to cast PMY with KJW. I saw some of the fuss because of the last episode’s kiss. Did they really fake the kiss? KJW and PMY both are good kisser. Why fake it.
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    After watching the scene where RG and DM got into a fight until DM meeting up with her friends, I somehow don't think that the biggest threat would be DM choosing over between SA and RG or DM shaking off her fangirling side for RG. But of course, maybe it's true that there will be the time where she has to do that for RG's sake. My reason: When SA came to the gallery, DM couldn't hide her fangirl self even in front of her co-workers. But when she met with SA in the elevator ALONE, DM didn't fangirl that much. Later on with her friends, she didn't fangirl with SJ too. It's because her mind is filled with RG and this somehow showed me that DM already choose RG. *As a fangirl myself, I couldn't imagine myself being in the same elevator with TOP lol. (Not to mention if it's just the two of us!!) I surely will not be as calm as DM is at that scene.* Hehe, just my thoughts.
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    Homeboy stuttered for sure..... lol!!!! Wook: “Visiting? Uh...visiting?... what does that word mean?” (Same stuttering reaction when he was asked to leave after the hospital kiss and had no idea what to do with himself) hahhaha! But technically he’s right, if he gave her the tickets that’s called an invitation! Whatever....tomato, tomahto....
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    Happy, happy birthday to our cute and sexy Oh Jin Shim! I pray she gets that which her heart desires the most.
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    I dont know about her pic at beach, but if you refer to the first pic (her with flower), yes it is old pic. I think that's captured behind the scene of YG Stage photoshoot 2018:
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    So the current post of YIN's manager was a throwback??? Because I saw a comment there saying that was an old pic
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    Maybe the parents were following CUpatch? Hee. The kiss at the end of ep 6 is such a let down, so bleh compared to other scenes. We know KJW and PMY can do better than this, why the director let this frozen fish kiss happen?! I have to say the director is weakest link in this drama. In the first 2 episodes, I was grimacing at their 'bad' acting, now I blame it on bad directing. There are too many discrepancies and inconsistencies in the different shots. In the bathroom-scarf scene. When RG opened the door, DM was not facing RG, she turned her body, looked at him through her bent arm. But in the next shot, she was facing him. To me, the final sliding the scarf off her shoulder was essential and sensual. But the scarf was not draped on her shoulder in the earlier shots. Somehow the scarf got over her shoulder at the final shot so that RG can slide it off. The wall scene, they were so close and joined from waist down. How did DM lift her foot to the wall without kneeing RG?
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    @cenching lol.KJW is Ms Owl’s Oppa lol 760 @Sejabin it won’t be legit. It’s just baiting I guess. Korean drama are still at that conservative state..so they just tease...but if you talk about korean movies though....it’s a whole other story lol
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    Tagging my dear @Lawyerh @phoenix24 @nohamahamoud2002 friends!! And open event is coming soon!
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    Lol. Well, lucky you for meeting them. It’s kinda nice to see that you are at the same place with your idol probably a few feet away from you....breathing the same air- okay too much lolll Did you meet Honey? Andddd Welcome
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    Just finish watching ep6 - Have been watching it 3 weeks and one thing that caught my eye is Ryan's apartment - the blue background, reminded me WWWSK - the promotional video shot for the drama back then - since it is a tvn production, im sure it should be at tvn's studio, hence the same background... sorry, I'm not over her last drama, but the reminders are just there... - the last bus stop scene- everyone else has to go to the other stand since PMY use that for her lonely bus stop scene - heh - Si An - sigh - he looks so thinnnnnnn..... Joo Hyuk (darn, reminded me of Weightlifting Fairy), the boy who dropped more coffee cups at his workplace, looks better than Si An.... haha --------------------- As for the drama - Great to see Ryan Gold making effort to know DM, and slowly falling in love with her.... KJW looks more handsome when he smiles and he should do that more often.... And the kiss... woh, if it got more hotter, im sure PSJ will call PMY immediately, haha... anyways, since it's the 1st kiss, im sure it will get better throughout the next episodes until the end... they wouldn't want another complaint due to the hot scene right... hehehe.. though we as fans welcome it... And whose that red car stalker, her face is so bland... haiz... ------------------ Next episode - Happy to see DM's mom being happy - the fact that DM is actually dating and not wasting her life fangirling... hahha
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    They didn’t though. If you see the BTS they really did kiss! But I think the angle was slightly off
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    I love there's slight increase in ratings! And for me, the fandom things are much better being put in the background instead of taking center stage in first episodes. Maybe because south korea in general still looks down on fangirl culture, at least that's what I think.
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    I also don't think the threat is Sian either. I also scrolled through all of the posts for today's episode just to see if anyone brought this theory up too. Sian is the biggest thing in DM's life and she was LITERALLY standing right NEXT TO HIM in the elevator. And she had zero reaction! Yeah, she smiled but it was quite forced (just to be polite) and I think Sian knew that too. That's sort of how you could tell that Ryan had occupied her mind and she was so nervous after leaving that she sort of didn't know where to go, hence sitting at a bus stop. She loves to talk about Sian with Seon-Joo but she didn't, and she seemed to have forced herself to attend Joo-hyuk's concert... I mean, the feeling between Ryan and DM is definitely mutual... I just hope they keep it up. I can definitely tell that girl that bugged Ryan for a quarter of episode 6 might be a problem and so will Sindy pose a problem. Partially, I think. He regrets the things he's said also, things like: "You can't come in here as you like... Did you really think you were my girlfriend?" I feel like Ryan really regretted saying that (because he kinda wanted to be his girlfriend... too...) and so hence him chasing after her from the gallery to the performance to her house. He also felt guilty about her gift, and if you think about it, it might actually bring you to realize that maybe Lee Sol (if she is really his mother) isn't as important as protecting Deok-mi. Just my two cents. I really liked the entire execution of the episode. From the drunkenness to having her sing a song to get his pass code to the house, etc. And of course, not ironically, the song that DM sings is from White Ocean... I wonder what Ryan (should I say...Latte?) will do now that he knows she's the moderator of the fan site... Oof, I can't wait for Wednesday to find out. It was interesting to finally see the scene that PMY mentioned during the press conference now, and I look forward to these two's steaming chemistry. I hope I'm not the only one on this big ship who thinks they have GREAT chemistry?
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