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    This is just too cute. Fancam of SA from yesterday's filming. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4349161585772046 I guess the mission was to drink Cola in one go? Jihyo noona seemed like she can't contain the Cola in her mouth and was about to spurt out accidentally so jk hyung covered her mouth with his hands to block the Cola from being spurted out. Lol Really hope they don't cut out this scene. Seems like we need to post this in ig and tag sbs so that they dont cut this scene out. Lol
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    One think i realized again when watched this episode that SJH always back off if someone whom linked with KJK appeared, she always did that, remember ep 396 when KJK want to beside SJH and SJH gave her spot to HJY? and then HJY in between them again, LOL, but in that episode, even if SJH acted like that, KJK always find a way to beside SJH again. Same like this episode, but i think this year RM members even HJY acted like their their cupid, LOL, i don't want to discussed abaut this before because it will bring HJY's name again, but it related to her, so i have no choice. In this episode, from the start we saw SJH stand beside HH, far away from KJK, but somehow KJK made to reduced their distance, and left JSJ between them. They were always in one team. Like always, she gave her spot to HJY, but this time HJY move around, sometimes she clingy with YSC, talked to KJK, and even always clingy and hug SJH, take her head to SJH's shoulder. This one proved that HJY is smart and somehow support SA relationship too, and then she accepted offered form YSC left SJH must brave to choose the rest. If HJY still want teamed with KJK, she can reject YSC and wait till KJK's turn, but no, she didn;t do that, even though it will give high rating too, but no, HJY accepted YSC and i should thank her too. And then YSC. SJH always play safe and picked HH or YSC, but this time, YSC came as cupid savior and picked HJY, made SJH speechless and she did knew what this mean, she must picked KJK ( LOL, yes YJS came in second, but SJH not believe him, LOL). And when the rest members suspicious about KJK's true identity, SJH then said when she couple with him, that she believe that KJK isn't the one. She was the one whom not suspicious with him, even if the rest members did. And let's list what RM staff gave SA to guess in the last game: KJK's 1st round: 1.single since birth 2.letter of apology KJK's 2nd round: KJK: 1. proposal 2.hulk SJH's 1st round: 1. spy 2. first kiss SJH's 2round: 1. Jjajjangmyeon 2.commander /man of power What a "nice" words choice! And except LKS turn, every words they guest correctly without hard tried!
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    I think there will be a switch of role between our otp. It will be DK2 turn to rescue his wife. All this while SH has given her all to claim back her man. @UnniSarah I love that SH and SooHo's son is alive. Such a cutie and well mannered. But he seems happy with his adopted mom. Will see how the writer navigate this issue. From the convo with his mom I think he has a heart transplant. No doubt his real dad being a doc will come into play later. Esther is really dumb. How can it never occur to her AR will make a police report over the missing pearl. It's NJ lot to be saddled with a stupid partner in crime. One of these days I think he might strangle her himself. He looks richard simmons off whenever he got a call from her.
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    Netizens are really resourceful. They found NJH's jacket! Credit to author Tonight preview with eng sub Credit to author
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    @angelangie ~ but then you don't want to go to beach in cold places as you will be shivering. if you want to enjoy sand, you also need the sun so the water is warm enough for you to dip your feet and feel refreshed by the wind. 894
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    LOL! I am really looking forward to the comedy from this couple. Tons of things is going to be happening in the next couple episodes, as long as we get a little comedy from these two I am happy.
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    But considering her fear of LGJ, you think she'll be able to live in a place which he owns & if that's the case he can come and go as he pleases. It is going to be hard to prove that he is stalking her. He is creepy.
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    SW keeps seeing his birth mother in his dreams where she tells him that she is his mother. (Beginning of this episode is a 6 week time jump). The doctor is explaining to JA, NJ, and SJ that hallucinating is common after surgery. I do think SW is going to be told the whole story soon to intensify the rivalry, so how CSH is going to juggle her loyalties will be interesting. NJ is discharged and goes to see lawyer Heo. NJ's mother calls SJ and tells her of CSH liquidating her assets and turning over properties, expecting to be prosecuted. NJ appears at the prosecutor's interrogation of CSH and Bang, and tells the story that Bang suggested about him not wanting to be returned to his family at age 15. Lawyer Heo is representing CSH, (a surprise to her) so this is all at the request of NJ. NJ makes it clear that he is not forgiving CSH, so she will have to start working at being redeemed.
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    KIW needs to first acknowledge that he has a problem that requires professional help. Without this first step, he will continue to be a tyrant in the relationship, on top of being the male. I see no love from him for YMR, only a blind possessiveness, and I don't see MR as having any kind of feelings for him except for fear, much less love. So I really doubt that YMR will be able to stay beside him or qualify as his supporter. Especially since YMR is the object of his violence, it is best that she is removed far away from him.
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    +2 japan england scotland south korea Hong kong (disney land) venice italy france vatican monaco spain and more except dangerous places @cenching your fav place = inces fav place
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    918. The problem i heard @cenching it was made without the girl consent. The lawyer mentioned most punishment will be 3 yrs max. I dont know about Seungri they didnt discussed punishment for him yet. Seungri is pimp case lol Bigbang was in Forbes. I really confused why he need to do this...
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    fun scenes (Edit) Training session for saying No Ready Fight! I can wire 100 million won to your bank account right way Yes How can you be knocked down with a single blow Let’s try again How do you feel seeing me after such a long time? I don’t like it. Are you happy to be on the show with Kang Ho Dong? [without hesitation/instant response] No How do you think of Choi So Jong? ((CJH “Oh this is hard”)) I don't like it How did you like of of CSJ’s crying act? That's too much It's shameless and funfun gym Thank you for building my shameless muscle cr to DC (IG) Training session for saying No
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    the grandma who looks like an ordinary person. You're right, I didn't realize how funny that was. Anyway, according to my husband, the lady who walks really slow and the man who had the dog are pretty well-known actors who have been acting for a long time. But he doesn't know their names. So maybe that lady?
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    Thank you @nrllee for posting that link from melohwa: https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-10-spoilers.html The last comment says: 8. [+356,-10] It's more goosebumps-inducing to know that they cast actors who have participated in the pro-democracy movement in real life. Woo Hyun, Ahn Nae Sang, and the grandma who looks like an ordinary person. Interesting! First of all, I had no idea that Woo Hyun (Hyun, the man who has a crush on Hye-Ja) and Ahn Nae-Sang (Hye-Ja's father/son) participated in the pro-democracy movement. But it does say that in their Korean wikipedia entries. https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/우현_(배우) https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/안내상 They attended Yonsei University together and majored in theology. It's possible that this show is also a tribute to that movement as well. Is this how Hye-Ja's husband passed away? (speculation)
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    ONE MORE NIGHT AND DAY!! Btw, I just joined as a Daum Cafe member, but for the LIFE (or DEATH ) of me, I can’t seem to find the SURVEY page / link for the Blu-ray DVD, despite Google Chrome translating all the Hangul into mangled but kinda understandable English???!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!
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    908. @cenching actually about the same scandal with his ex. Its just that he shared the video of more girls in some chatroom. In that chatroom also got Seungri. Thats my understanding i think. Hes being dragged bcos Seungri is under hot water
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    Ha ha ha @gm4queen that would be my hair... after i finished working long day. Lol kidding. I prefer him in straight hair dear. Btw i think let me just share my favourite pics of him now. I really like these 2. Because he looks really good in white... and i think he look cool & mysterious too (my preference as you guys know by now ^^).
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    haha make sense they'll definitely need a doctor. someone is bound to get hurt. Yea, I don't like messy look either, but am worry from title that it would be leaning more towards that. I can only hope no beard or the one lawyerh mention. Yes, that is song il kook @Heidi Seow .
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    Coincidentally after you posted this question ,she posted on her ig she went to watch Wookie's musical with their hair stylists
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    Romance is a Bonus Book Text Preview for Ep15 Broadcast Date: 2019-03-16(Saturday) Translated by Astrid Proofread by Joanna5959 Cr: Jshine
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    hello guys, im sharing this video, i know that might be old, its from apink showtime, i was watching when i found this scene weird, Bomi are talking about how sad it is that they are seeing to many couples, and before that Naeun was a bit weird and quiet. so right before Bomi talk about couples, Chorong SNEEZES what sound like just naeun name. like: Naeun-na what do u guy think? it happend at the minute 11:22
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why hasn’t anyone commented on today’s episode. I can’t stay long but let me give you the details @Pam_Van Fossen @Ameera Ali @dulceres @shaking50 @Mucky @lu09 @newyee @mizkorea @tulip934 @mel22 @marrez1 Everyone OSH’s son is ALIVE!!!!!! I knew he was alive. ESTHER JANG is truly a EvIl Bbbbb . I can’t believe she actually stoop that low. She does deserve to have a child. Now I am actually scared that something might happen to son so she can finally seee what she did wrong. I really do hate when children get hurt due to their parents. OSH’s son is sick but I don’t recall if they told us what is he sick of. I don’t get why Esther chose to try to sell the necklace and then try to say she wasn’t at fault. That she was innocent, we all saw her take the necklace. What is wrong with her???? Is she senile????
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    Hahaha! He is so cute on interview time. Oh Yeah~! Sound cool for his character! Hope he gonna accept it! Hahaha I laughed so hard @Lawyerh He is Song Il Gook right? Honesty please give KJH clean look, please please please. I'm gonna cry if they give KJH in messy look. I'm so in love COALG, his image in this drama are so perfect! Wow! Kyung Soo Jin! I like her performance in Meloholic. Emergency Doctor? Sounds like the story getting interesting!
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    Haha happy to see you back. But i got quick question, did i miss something but prosecutor got what uniform dear? I think prosecutor sometimes dress up in red and black robe similar to judge... i think that make the guy looks big... lol lol... however no worry CD will still look okay. Most of the time prosecutor will be just in formal suit & with badges i think. Yeah vampire vampire vampire!!! I'll donate my blood anytime he asked Im so happy you agree with me
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    Hi everyone~ new delusional shipper here I just finished watching Goblin (my first k drama after DOTS) and right after Touch your heart come out so thanks GOD. The fluffiness really heal my soul Anyway I just want to say something regarding humorous guy like LDW, my friend and my own brother is like this, its true that its really hard to read them, and they have a lot of girl friends. But if they like someone they will show it and say it directly, so I'm just hoping they're already secretly dating like Song2 couple EDIT Has this been shared before ?
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    justice is coming in trickles. first soyu ' s dad went bankrupt. I am not sure how hong will go down. I feel that se hyun will be their downfall. he is new in the group of hong baek, his mother group. hong baek had been succesfully undermining the choi' for decade so its unlikely that she will do some foolish. se hyun is new in this evil group so its likely that he will do some foolish and bring the whole group down. I remember that jokbal restaurant owner who is a fortune teller saying to hong baek " I will destroy your son". I think she probably seen the future that se hyun self destructed.
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    The Li empire and Danchi had had an uneasy relationship for decades and this time the emperor decided to use the crown prince's assassination and the set up that Danchi did it as an excuse to finally get rid of Danchi. And the "glory" of the prince who brings down Danchi would help the prince then become the next crown prince since he gained merit by killing Danchi's king. So this time it had nothing to do with the empress & Gao family but simply due to politics/war/interest between Danchi & Li. That's why Chengyin/Xiaowu had to be the one to kill Xiaofeng's grandpa, so that he would have a better chance to become the crown prince. Obviously Chengyin didn't expect to become grandpa's in-law and even when he did, he still had tried so that when he does kill him, Xiaofeng wouldn't be there to see it buuuuuuut as we know, it failed completely.
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    Yes today 12 March, it is Arbor Day, so they made it like they are running to plant a tree
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    @gerrytan8063 Sorry to ask you this. But "sanggung" what does it mean? Concubine? I wonder if Crown Prince already blessed JH "a night with him" as she once talked about with Jadong. Or he just gives her that position? @rocher22haha, I laugh a lot when reading your comment. Not everything yet, just bare shoulders and one leg. But I'm not sure about next time hahaha
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    It's trending here too. I don't know why it's not gaining popularity in Korea. It makes me sad, it's going to end so soon. I wish it could go on for a long time. Between, do you know how they calculate the ratings. I mean is it just for the live episode or it is different for Viki watchers?
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    #Mamonde China Weibo(2019.03.11) ② #梦妆 #마몽드 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ Link http://m.weibo.cn/1821757732/434
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    Ep. 10 text preview translated: [10회 예고] 이준하 팀장이 납치를요!? 겉으로 티내진 않지만 혜자(김혜자)는 떠난 준하(남주혁)가 그립기만 하다. 그런데 우연히 들린 준하의 집에서 여행 가방이 그대로 남아있는 것을 보고 혜자는 준하가 출국하지 않았다는 사실을 알게 되고... 한편, 준하의 소식을 알기 위해 홍보관을 찾은 혜자는 희원(김희원)이 사망보험에 가입된 노인들만 야유회를 데리고 간다는 사실에 수상함을 느끼는데... Hye-Ja doesn't show it, but she longs to see Joon-Ha again. She happens to visit Joon-Ha's home and sees that his packed luggage is still there, so she learns that he did not leave the country... To find out where he is, she visits the Senior Center and feels suspicion when she hears that Hee-Won is taking only the people who bought life insurance on a picnic... -- My thoughts on 9: Aftermath of Chanel's death: As a pure storytelling critique, I liked that this entire storyline was treated rather gently, without histrionics. The son neglected and ignored his mother. Not much else to this. It was just a quiet, casual neglect that could happen to so many people. Even the investigation and the exoneration was dealt with in a sober way, with none of the usual intrigue or screaming and throwing stuff that you see in so many police station scenes. It really drove home what an everyday tragedy this is. Joon-Ha's grief and heartbreak over this was so... . And his conversation with Hye-Ja at their usual noodle shop was so... I loved it when some of the elderly stuck up for Joon-Ha when he was suspected of killing Chanel for her insurance money. They saw his truth, just like Hye-Ja did. Hee-Won and his henchman reveal themselves to be the cackling villains we always knew they were. Tomorrow we learn more about that old man with the watch. I can't begin to guess what's going on there, but I can't wait to find out. I love that Young-Soo is finally getting off his butt to do something during the day besides making his stupid broadcasts. But I also miss the broadcasts, too. They were so funny. -- ETA: More thoughts on 9 I really appreciate this show for addressing ageism. Old people don't deserve plastic surgery and during a fire alarm, they should be the last ones who get to escape the building. If there were not enough life jackets on a sinking ship, I guess they would throw the oldsters overboard! This show really made me think about how the elderly can be exploited and ignored by society. Paradoxically, elders are treated with deference in Korea - people speak formally to them and sit on their knees in front of them - these manners are taught and ingrained to the point that when Hyun-Joo and Sang-Eun speak ban-mal in public to Hye-Ja, people stare and scold them. Good manners is one thing, but then they mock and ignore the elderly when it really matters. I feel that the way that Chanel's son treated her is part of this. He simply ignored her and pretended that she didn't exist. He probably thought of her as burdensome. He won't show up for his mother's entire funeral, but he shows up on the last day to make it appear to the public as if he was a filial son. We wonder - how can he do this? But it's probably a lot more common than we realize. It's a more severe version of what a lot of older people on the show feel. The reason they enjoyed going to the Senior Center so much is that they felt like they were burdens to their family. Some of their families even admitted (at the salon) that having the old grandma or grandpa around the house was suffocating. A lot of people feel that old people are boring. It's why some people think that this show is boring - too many old people being old and not enough dewy, fresh young people kissing each other. This show is a tribute to Kim Hye-Ja but it's a tribute to old people in general. A lot of the old people you see are screen are not professional actors. Some of them are (like Chanel and Hyun), but some of them are real-life regular people and this show is a tribute to them, too. Old people can be awesome. Bring on the "Halvengers" tomorrow. (Ha ha. Koreans are the masters at making these weird, hybrid words. I'll bet they have a cute word for 'hybrid words,' too!) (So Hee-Won is going take all the people who bought life insurance on a picnic? Is he going to drown them all at once so he can collect all the insurance money? Geez. we knew he was a scam artist, but that escalated quickly.)
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    After CSH pulled Bang out of SW's room, SW is confused as to what Bang was talking about. JA suggested that she follow them and find out. She overhears the birth discussion, and upon seeing JA, CSH explains the mix-up. So now SW is the only one that doesn't know, and I'm wondering how long they can keep it a secret from him. The surgery is ready to take place, so it looks like we're ready to move on to the last section of this drama. CSH is seemingly genuine in her remorse, and the preview indicates that lawyer Heo is actually going to speak on her behalf in court. He seems to be considering the whole picture and future of Hyungang.
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    @shaking50, in the preview; my guess is Ae Ra show up and OSH is kick out of DK2/Lee SH's room the moment that he open his eyes. It so happen that Evil Ester is also lurking around, that's why Ae Ra is ordering and telling the guards not let OSH and Evil Ester into the room. ( in K-drama thugs and guards are always around, at beck and call of their masters) Regarding the child in this episode, I will agree with some of the comments; he could be the child of OSH/LSH and swap of the phone is start to introduce this little boy(seems a very smart like LSH) my wishful thinking. Another mystery, ensuring that writer nim has enough plot/twist to keep this drama going. It is really working for me anyway. To everyone, enjoy your weekend and be safe!!!
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    The last preview.. Published on March 5, 2019 by TVN COFFEE FRIENDS EP.10: Last Day + Behind-the-Story 190308
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