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    @fitzsimmons I agree with @ck1Oz and @cenching that the scene where OYS is wearing the red dress is a flashback. We will see what happened back then. We saw that LGJ scared OYS very much during that night. Furthermore, we saw that there were articles where OYS claimed that she was the victim of a stalker. In the episode 10, we heard that since the stalker LGJ had been arrested on drug charges, he lost his seat as the CEO of Jehuk Entertainment. Now he has become the Vice-CEO of Jehuk Holdings, the holding company for Jehuk Group which means that he has become even more powerful than before. So his return marks his comeback too. What we know from the past, it looks like the prosecution office tried to cover up the truth, when they pressed charges against LGJ (for drug). I have the impression that the prosecution office made it look like LGJ and OYS were having a "normal" drug party and they got caught. In reality, LGJ used a rape drug as he wanted to "have" her... but he might have been stopped before. So since there were drugs, the prosecution office couldn't totally change the facts... So LGJ was punished for the use of drug and since LGJ had enough influence, the prosecution office pressed charges against OYS too. But his real behavior was never revealed, they made him look like a chaebol who had planned a party which went wrong. On the other hand OYS was declared innocent but her reputation was ruined. The people only heard the word "drug" and they had no idea what the drug was about. And this leads me to this theory: the main villain of this drama might not be LGJ but the former prosecutor who became a lawyer for the conglomerates. Why? What caught my attention is that SW, OYS and KJR's father are all victims of corruption. SW wants to prosecute a conglomerate but he can't as the district prosecutor is related to the powerful lawyer Choi (not our hot Choi!). Then we also heard that YR's father was accused of fraud but the charges were dropped by SW hence YR suffered as it looked like her boyfriend had abused his position. Finally, we were told that the CEO of ALWAYS helped KJR 5 years ago. I had made the assumption that KJR might be a lawyer at a different law firm where he was asked to do something morally wrong which he refused. So KJR was fired and the powerful law firm made sure that KJR couldn't find any job elsewhere. Besides, I noticed a certain MO: SW is asked to prosecute the Vice-CEO so the charges are not changed or even dropped. They always need a scapegoat. The Vice-CEO is in fact a victim. That's why I came to the conclusion that OYS became a scapegoat 2 years ago, just like YR's father. Her father was not powerful and rich enough... In my opinion, SW will help KJR against LGJ but at the end, SW will have to ask help from KJR as well. KJR might become the lawyer of the Vice-CEO so that he doesn't become a victim and scapegoat. At the end, KJR will have to fight in court against the powerful lawyer and ex-prosecutor which I assume is now working where KJR used to work. Let me know what you think... @stroppyse @angelangie
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    Finally watch episode, I just done some major squeezing & grin as much I like I love that my CEO come back to his favorite habit stalking KJR of course at the Elevator . {.. It’s true that I’m handsome enough to be married by now, but unfortunately I’m single. In my 30s I was busy pleading Justice for the weak, In my 40s I was busy working day & night to manage the firm .. } WTF , How old he is then seriously, our girl going back to be airhead again , Oh my goodness, Mr CEO aren’t you married, what she expected, that he is married, hit on her for fun This scene is driving me barmy , I can’t get the way Mr abs walks to Miss never get tempted again office, the way He say goodbyes to his ex girlfriend oops I mean ex Ukulele that has definitely brought out my crush on him like whoa say goodbye to me as well Oh let’s not go to the this moment ... I can’t handle it , every time I watch it * Gasps & Falls Of Chair * Wow @angelangie we loved the same scene
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    @bebebisous33 u might be right.....CEO might do something back then and also i want to think that the CEO has more to him than just that....if he was able to pull KJR towards him and still able to let him retain his license as a lawyer....there might be more towards him than meet the eyes.... CEO might seems to be full of air-head....however if there is something big that happen behind KJR....i think there might be more towards CEO than just meet the eyes while he of course gave us quite a number of laugh lols.....if this is the case then we might have a powerful ally in our camp for OSY then as KJR is going to need all the gunpower he could get to go against LGJ. Corruption is everywhere and that is something we all know about.....in this drama it touches the corruption is everywhere...it doesnt matter where you stand or where you are...there is always corruptions....just how powerful you are or how good you are to make things look right.....and be right again..... im worried for OSY more than i wanted to admit....however i hope that they will give us something good and not disappoint us as i want to believe that the system work sometimes.... LGJ is powerful and probably more powerful than KJR last fight....which is probably why he is able to settle the case just like that get the punishment by being removed off the board temporary.....his exile was only temporary so that he can came back into the scene again....remember the Korean Air's Heiress? i guess it show that money and power really matter in all these things when strings need to be pull
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    I'm a bit confused by the promo for episodes 11 and 12. It looks like YS is wearing two different types of clothing in the two scenes with the stalker. So does he try to attack her TWICE???? Or does he end up kidnapping her and the second scene is him holding her hostage? Just confused at how she ends up twice near that crazy person.... As a side note, I keep reading certain people saying that YS is not showing as much excitement for JR as she did at the beginning. I disagree about that. She LOVES THIS MAN. So much. The issue is that she is feeling guilty about keeping a secret from him. She wants to tell him that this is a preparation for a role but can't because of the contract. And she knows he is someone who values honesty. So she knows he will be hurt when he finds out the truth. So it's an inner struggle....of her being happy to be with this amazing man...and also worrying about how he will feel when he learns the secret. That is why there was so much emphasis on her struggling with it this week. Also, keep in mind, the first episodes focused on YS's side a lot more. And I love that the SECOND half is focusing on JR's side a bit more. It's a mutual love story where two people equally ADORE each other. Writers are being smart in showing both sides and giving them emphasis. Also, the girl is happy each time that she is around him. BUT she is also shy and NEW at dating. So while she might be verbally more open....I think physically, she is a bit more shy and reserved than he is. And finally, she is getting what she wants for the first time. It's that feeling that you're very happy but you're also afraid the happiness won't last....I honestly have ZERO complaints about the writing, acting, and chemistry for our amazing leads. They are perfect in every way. The shy style of kissing fits their storyline beautifully. I'm not going to compare the Secretary tv series because I personally didn't like it since I couldn't connect with the actors or the pairing. But TYH is all about the HEART and SOUL. And I love the feelings that the series promotes. The FATHER scenes were so beautiful, by the way. I LOVE that we got to learn so much more about JR's backstory. I know fans have been asking for more info on him. And we finally got it. The casting for the dad is perfect, too. I liked the actor a lot. And I hope he will be in more upcoming episodes. And I'm just happy that we are EQUALLY seeing BOTH sides of the characters. The scenes during their HOUSE date were pure GOLD. I couldn't stop laughing at their inner thoughts. Especially with the bed scene, and how she was jumping on it....and he accidentally turned the light off. LOL. GOLD STAR in acting and writing. And of course the KISSING IS APPRECIATED. And we got even two kisses technically!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I really do not think the stalker thing will last more than 2-3 eps. Just because the promo was too intense with the CLIMAX of events. I think it will get resolved by ep 12 or 13 honestly. So I think ep 14-16 will focus on YS's secret coming out and the decision whether to go back to acting or pursue law school.....
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    I have to say that I spent hours rewatching the father and Jin-shim drop their cutlery at Jungrok’s matter of fact confession that JS is his girlfriend. Lol. Also I could just about watch every episode again and still retain all the lovely feels with this couple.. since each episode provides new knowledge about each other and we get to see each side’s point of view (very lacking in kromance where it’s usually told from the women’s point of view.. since writers are mostly women).. I loved their awkward house interaction so much! Lastly while I love this series for its feel good nature and am happy to just see the cast carry out their antics week in and week out it doesn’t negate that the plot thus far has been carried by the solid casting, which is why I’m happy for stalkerman to finally start making his moves after all the foreshadowing, and hopefully gain a little higher rating for all their hard work 5% please?
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    finally i sit down and watch it i love the elevator scenes where there another co-worker who are involved but trying to hide holding hand in some stolen moment....and how OSY stated how romance and nice it is that make KJR proceed to our lovely wink hahaha.....somehow KJR is trying his best to fulfill all OSY small little wishes
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    Hello, I have been following this drama since start. I am in love with it. Can I join you all in the discussions?
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    yes i love that scenes....partly because of the 2 love birds from another office.... however also because of how KJR and OSY reacted toward each other it touches you in certain way .... we also has a couple in the office however they were not as bad as that....or maybe because i came after they were already past those phase
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    It's a FEEL GOOD romantic comedy. So they better not go there....nope. No way...People are watching this for pure romance....not extremely dark material.
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    I think one is a flashback scene interposed with her current scenario. The scenes were fast but there was one where he put drugs into her drink. And then I think it showed him coming after her in the past. Then him being in her current house. But man KJR is moving fast.
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    Jung Sewoon – Good Night (Touch Your Heart OST Part 5) I always felt distant from you But the day we walked together, your warm laugh Changed things It made me curious It’s very complicated in my head Thanks to POPGASA ===================== Watch: Lee Dong Wook Has Trouble Memorizing His Lines While Filming “Touch Your Heart” SOOMPI
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    So many of ZLY's advertisements already creating promotional material with her baby Does anyone know if FSF got the nickname Er Shu after Minglan or he had something similar before? I just want to mention that a lot of people are saying that ZLY shouldn't have denied her pregnancy. So if you do the math you will see that in late July there were rumors that she was 3 months pregnant, which her staff denied. There was no way for her to be 3 months pregnant in July. If she was pregnant it was probably less than a month and unlikely that she would have noticed. Women notice their pregnancy when they are already at least 5-6 weeks pregnant. http://weibo-go.blogspot.com/2018/08/zanilia-zhao-liying-3-months-pregnant.html On top of that, pregnancies are a very personal thing. Miscarriages happen. Most women prefer not to report their pregnancies until they are safe (way beyond the first trimester). It is very hard to deal with miscarriage so imagine having a bunch of reporters asking you about it and sneaking into hospitals to get your personal information. Some people online love to badmouth her, but these are the facts.
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    Hi yeorobeun... Finally, I can't resist any longer to said something here, been lurking for a while since I'm into on-going drama. Alright, it's too much I guess, but I want to join this (kinda) shipping-thing *sorry na jinshimi newbie in this particular things. Then dang, I found this forum to share everything on my mind I dunno how, but this drama somehow came to my dream last night, and I woke up as the dream hasn't reach the happy ending. I wonder what's happening on me then, this fullday i kept daydreaming about my own imagination. ____end of the intro____ I just want to know from you all guys, what do you thing from the 5th OST of TYH from Jeong Sewoon Good night ** I have no idea how to make this post pleasantly eye-stethic - mind a newbie here, please** Somehow, its has vibe sad as i intrepret it: Does it mean????? It's on KJR POV on a beautiful goodbye (broken relationship) Please lemme know that's a wrong idea of me
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    I watched ep. 10 raw and didn't have much difficulty understanding ha-ha. My years of bein' a K-Drama viewer paid off! Couldn't help laughing when Yoon-Seo mistook Jung-Rok's dad as her fan when all he wanted was to return her P E N And I get butterflies whenever Jung-Rok just swoops in close to Yoon-Seo for a kiss like it's the most natural thing in the world eheheh. Oh her ex is really... H O T
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    .. no in a pain poor guy , she mistaken him with her pillow but sure he learn to not get her mad ever he is such a angel , sharing, giving ... still not watched episode
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    I've been watching Romance is A Bonus Book and Touch Your Heart after a long hiatus with K drama and yet its only Touch Your Heart that made me re-watch all the episodes especially the most recent ones, watch every BTS and MVs available lol... Funny how I badly want this two to end up together in real life, I mean it is extremely possible right? kkkkkk Kept rewatching the latest kiss and Jung Rok really is a fast learner lol. He even remembered to pull the wine glass out of the way just to kiss her
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    I doubt that KJR will be upset after learning that her work at ALWAYS was a condition for her to get a role in a drama. First, he knew that she would only work for three months. Secondly, she already implied that she had a secret which he accepted. Thirdly, while he was at her flat, she talked about the future and she already implied that she hadn't given up on her career: "if I get another chance to act, I feel like I'll be able to do a good job". KJR wasn't upset while hearing this comment. Actually, he came to admire her as an actress. He has become her new fan, her real true fan... because he got upset about the nasty comments. Then he started watching her drama. He also complimented her as he said getting popularity awards is not that easy. Moreover, KJR has promised her that he would be by her side if she needed someone and I am sure that he will keep his promise. I also feel that LGJ intervened much earlier than he had planned because he saw how OYS met KJR's father. So meeting his father was like "getting engaged". He thought, he had to appear in order to claim OYS. @USAFarmgirl Like you, I liked his gestures at the end of the episode, especially when he used his body as shield. KJR has always been a sensitive and very attentive man from the start but his poker face made people think that he was cold-hearted. Very early, he noticed that OYS had to be strong due to the gossips, later he got aware of her fear. The way he tried to hide the poster from her vision so that she wouldn't be hurt, illustrates his gentleness. Once she mentioned her insomnia, KJR remembered this info. We can all assume that it is related to LGJ's crime. Actually, he remembers everything she says.
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    Based on the translation in the MV you showed, I think it might be interpreted in 2 ways *Happy - being brave in starting a relationship that you tried hard not to enter *Sad - saying goodbye to a problematic relationship On their part, i think it's the happy one.
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    Congrats. Their son is born today. Feng Shaofeng posted the baby's footprints on his weibo.
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    Little something I made , for the lovely couple maybe I would make it to the other couple as well next time Love to all , keep spreading the TYH love @Lawyerh & @Sejabin & @triplem : OMG , girls could I be turning to a fangirl
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    hello. ive just wanted to congratulate ldw, he always wanted to do back and forth during kiss scene since goblin days with yin but he couldnt hahahaha chukahae absolutely enjoying the drama, real life is too stressful sometimes, so i need my dose of fluff and touch your heart is giving me all the fluff in this world. i think, by the end of this drama i will have diabetes. i literally lol-ing every episode. its so funny. our CEO is the best. yoo inna is so lovely and lee dong wook is cool. going-in-mygirlfriend’s-house scene was so funny hahahaha specially when they were in her study room and she was like ‘this is where i spend my day most of the time’ but it was dusty. she was like, ‘someone might think i dont read thats why dust piled up’ and she goes, ‘i read a lot but i dont clean often’ ‘i clean a lot but i dont read’. hahahahahahahahahha!! it was so funny. for those who want to watch the episodes i watch them in this site, can i say it here tho? idk but here lol they are fast subbing new episodes. always thankful for all the live recaps and gifs. annyeong
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    They finished 12 eps already BTW, is "Cheon" a popular last name for low class in Joseon? I m curious because iirc, Yeo Ji and Yoon Young share the same last name. Not sure whether they are related or it s just a normal thing to share a same common last name.
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    This is where I watch the show behind my cushions. That President looks sinister! there was a scene in an old fashioned tea house with large windows where the two leads were having tea after meeting Dad. So pretty! Anyone knows where in Seoul that is?
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    you're all blaming SY for ruining the moment of SJ's proposal, but I think she's right, as long as Ms Hong is around, SJ and SY can not be happy, that's obvious, she controls so many people so easily and can hurt so easily it's depressing. I do not know how SJ will react but he needs to know that Ms Hong is her number enemy 1 and that she is doing everything for SH. I also wonder how they can beat her, I just hope that will not be born with the help of the new girl, she just arrived, I want to see SY and SJ fight against Ms Hong, despite SJ disease. SJ does not seem to realize how bad she is, I wonder how he will see her true face. I also hope it was not SY that Ms Hong was talking on the phone, I do not think that SY will accept that, she has suffered so much and even if it is she, maybe she will use this means to take revenge If not in the summary of this drama, it is said that SY will fall deeply in love with SJ when his illness is known, so maybe her feelings will be stronger at that moment.
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    Congrats. Their son is born today. Feng shao feng just posted the baby footprints on his weibo.
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    I'm from SM B!@$H !! Recap of Episode 10: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/touch-your-heart-episode-10-recap/
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    Someone translated novel chapter 80 (Li Chen Lan POV) https://sonrisatnt.com/ Reading it makes me sadder for our poor Mo Qing
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    I've logged in to Soompi again, my last log-in was since 2017, in Father is strange thread, before Father is strange it was almost 5-6 years I did not posted in any Soompi thread. Here I am today, cannot help but wish to spread the love for the little gem name "The light in your eyes". At first I actually did not want to speculate or doing an anatomy of the drama, I love it so much I just want to immerse myself in its feel, the nostalgia, the uncertain future, the sunset and goodbye driving, so close yet so far. Since we have only 2 weeks left I realise things starts to put in circle. nrllee might be right, the man wearing the watch might work in police force. But everyone in the picture is connected through the accident, a truck passed by and the man disappeared. Remember, we do not know who was the truck driver in Dad's accident. We do not know what really happened after her last attempt, Hye-ja was able to save Dad but right after she woke up Dad already lost his leg in that accident. We know that Joon-ha had been working at a convenient store, he had other part-time jobs too. And in one of earlier episode we saw Joon-ha carried some heavy loads at a factory site, not sure where he carried those things, to a truck? Or even worse, has he evered worked as a truck driver? (I surely hope not). Where was Joon-ha during Hye-ja Dad's accident? How was his emotion that day? Did he fight with his scumbag father the night before? (I have to rewatch the first two episodes to get the correct timing). In Hye-ja's dream, she was able to save Joon-ha from hurting himself, thus Joon-ha did not call police to arrest his scumbag father. His Grandmom did not need to go to police station to testify for her scumbag son. Many things can happen, many IF can change their lives, .... There are little dots connecting, but yet clear. The only certain thing is Hye-ja and Joon-ha cross path, and once life of a person change, the other get affected. I just hope the drama lives up to its name, bring light to his/her eyes, bring hope to their lives.
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    I cannot agree more with everyone’s insights and input about this heart wrenching, tragic, and yet warm drama. Goodbye Princess’ plot is full of angst and our main hero is quite unique. The writer, producer/director, and overall cast has been doing a great execution of pushing and pulling the audience towards the drama. Just when I felt like dropping the drama during its earlier stages, the chemistry between our leads and the plot itself pulled me back to continue investing. Although there were a few moments where I felt like there were gaps in the characters’ developments and plot, I glossed over that due to the overall storyline. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen next too, and I was just curious in general since this isn’t your typical type of drama! I would like to applaud the writer who created this story and the characters. Goodbye Princess’ story mirrors the brutal reality of what humans are capable of doing when they harbor revenge, hate, and greed. LCY/Xiao Wu’s character is a direct representation of that. He wants to get revenge for his mother. So he goes to the extreme to become the crown prince and prioritizes nothing before it. And sadly, this includes his love for XF. On the other end, one could also argue that XF is a representation of that as well but just that hers is portrayed more indirectly at the moment. I am interested to see how her hatred and crave for revenge will control her actions once she fully awakens and regains her lost memories. Lastly, although I love our two leads, I just cannot picture them together at the end due to what LCY/Xiao Wu did to XF and her family/people. XF’s guilt would prevent her from being fully happy if she ended up being with LCY/Xiao Wu. There are two types of “happy ending” I would be okay with. First, the “happiest” ending for me would be for XF to forgive herself and LCY/Xiao Wu, and then leave the palace to go back home. This type of ending would free her from the tragedy that happened in her life. Unfortunately, LCY would have to carry the burden of living in the palace for the rest of his life. Although it won’t be the best ending for him, I think it’d be a fair ending for me. The other happy ending I could see would be for both of our leads to die at the end, get reborn, and then end up together. This ending would also be fair, and it’ll free both of them from the tragedy they created in their previous life. Sorry for all of this long writing! Just super happy to have come across this drama, and I can’t wait to see how it’ll continue to bloom!
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    Yet to watch last nights episode but based on the recaps I read : 1. As I had suspected , the obsession to control the welfare home has to do with using it to launder illegal funds. 2. Father Kim realises that everyone who is anyone is linked credit to @LyraYoo , and he gets a “sign” from God - that basically his investigations should start with the food company that caused the food poisoning case that Father Lee was investigating before his death. By a stroke of luck or “spiritual intervention “ ( lol, depending on your beliefs ) , when Father kim went to the company he bumped into Yohan got a job there. The latter promises Father Kim he will help him dig for information. 3. Gangster Hwang is becoming more & more suspicious of Kim’s true identity & kept asking or wondering how Kim can fight the way he does . 4. Park is now being “punished” by her superiors - they reassigned her to her hometown - a countryside location. Think they are doing this to push her so that she’d finally cross over to the bad side , because so far it feels she has been quite ambivalent in her stand . But you can tell , she won’t cross over because she’s still got some conscience left & Father Lee is someone she respected- she even has a picture of him Ratings keeps rising ! That’s great news @nidcha202 Yay!! SS finally got the toungue twister right
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    @lightbringer06 isn't she Cheon Yoon-Young / Bok-Da? i thought so when isaw the ep. as for Go Ara, i hope she's recovering well. i didn't know she was first one offered the role. this is nice since the usual is first actor who is cast. says a lot about her importance. but i feel like she has less screen time. so i'm hoping in this new part she gets more. i do also remenber something about his father. will see how they development her background. something i did not have realized was that Kwon Yool and Jung Il woo already work together in My fair lady. i only watched few eps but didn't recognized him. such a nice reunion. and Ahn Seo hyun was in Golden Rainbow as the young part of the drama. i'm curious who's the casting director. whoever is, the hability to book such a talent, impressive crew of actor and actress.
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    I personally think that the show is extremely romantic. That wistful, heartbreaking way that Joon-Ha’s face looks when he remembers the short time they had together is unbearably romantic to me. He loved her, and she was already his everything. And then she disappeared. They can’t be together now as a couple, but they are truly together in spirit, because he may not know it, but she is actually watching over him very close by (in the form of an older woman). They can’t be young lovers right now, but their hearts are still reaching towards each other. All the problems he has now - resentment towards his parents, self-esteem and anger issues - were always there. She gets to see him from a different perspective, and they interact with each other differently, than if she had stayed young. They are there for each other through tough times. They're about to deal with a terrible crisis, and they'll lean on each other. It's beautiful. I really love this show.
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    Yes, it's true, i remember now, someone did say that she was 3 months along at the time (July/August) so obviously she would've denied that but then again the way the papz or the media were like wolves hounding on her and already shared the public her 'secrets' why should she please them by confirming anything? I would hate it too if someone tells out my secret, i will say it if or when i'm ready.. We all know she's very protective and want to make sure her family stayed low-key. She's THE popular actress at this time so we should only know her as an actress and watch her works no need to go stalk on her family. I'm pretty sure we will not be seeing her baby either unless it's the back of his head or all covered up. So sorry about your personal experience and i hope this didn't or will not deter u from having more children...but on a happy note, Liying is a first time mommy!
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    I feel you! Since the start of this drama, seriously, every week seems long and longer . I think I'm gonna feel this way until April..when this ends. Where do you follow this? That they finished 12 episodes already? That's like for two weeks' episodes. Plus, Ara's injury. I hope she's already fine and hope it won't compromise the quality of the storyline. Maybe we should ask our historian @gerrytan8063 about your question regarding the Cheon surname .
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    i can't wait to find out the reason for those mobster trench coat return
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    -2 u know they actually can just use this picture for 'Touch Your Heart' as well? After all Lee DongWook is in suit while Yoo InNa is in some sexy dress which actually goes well with her image as a Goddess right?
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    Aw, I love the way MQ/LCL loves her....so supportive and just silently waiting for her. I swear he just sets the bar so high for other leading men.
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    Awww adorable! congratulations to them and a happy and healthy life to the baby! And the family!
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    Lee Hye Young in Lawyess Lawyer. "I OWN YOU" says the judge Cha Moon Seok and the Godmother of Giseong. Her father owned the town but she wants the whole country and beyond. She is a character you love to hate but can't help but admire for her chutzpah. She was ruthless yet she covered that with the power of the law as the judge and executioner and the demeanor of Mother Theresa. She had men of power bowing to her and the masses adoring her. And ohhhhhh, how could I forget the heroine of my favorite drama Secret Love Affair? Oh Hye Won played by Kim Hee Ae. She had the guts to face the condemnation of society, and chose to love a young upcoming piano virtuoso.
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    My choice is a young woman, Kuo Seo Yeon, a high school student who was relentless in investigating the death of a fellow talented student and got the whole community involved to uncover the truth. The role was played by Kim Hyun Seo in Solomon's Perjury. This was a deeply probing drama that brought the characters to question the purpose of their lives or how their life came to be. Seo Yeon found one of her classmates standing at the site of where the "body" of the dead classmate was found and he asked, "where do you think people would go when they die, what does it feel to die?" And Han Chae Young as Seo Ji Young, the desperate mother who would do anything to save her child from dying even when she knew her decisions would haunt her when she had to give up another to save one.
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    dont worry i havent watch it either.... i will only watch it tonight with subtitles...i learn not to watch without subtitles
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    According to the netizens, she has given birth four times, on 19th feb, 26th feb, 3rd March and today.
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    @Lmangla now let me give my less favourite woman character. Gong Ah Jung - Culture Ministry Employee - Lie to Me The character is a bit crybaby for me. Her issue through the whole drama feels insignificant for me. She basically don't want to be defeated by her best friend, that previously snatched her university crush. She just want a 'trophy husband' at all cost. Its as bad as reached to the point of lying and claim the hotel heir as her husband. I basically dont like liar characters and furthermore it feels worse because of such an unimportant reason. To save her character a bit, at least she's a good employee, motivated and always have new ideas for cultural events. She also working hard to graduate from university and did passed the exam to be public officer. I tried hard to like her character to a no avail since its a very popular drama. Maybe my younger time will appreciate her more. But not now, as i just watched it in this year only. @phoenix24 @Heidi Seow @gm4queen gm you might bring your coffee house friend gal here muahaha...
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