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    yes i love that scenes....partly because of the 2 love birds from another office.... however also because of how KJR and OSY reacted toward each other it touches you in certain way .... we also has a couple in the office however they were not as bad as that....or maybe because i came after they were already past those phase
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    So many of ZLY's advertisements already creating promotional material with her baby Does anyone know if FSF got the nickname Er Shu after Minglan or he had something similar before? I just want to mention that a lot of people are saying that ZLY shouldn't have denied her pregnancy. So if you do the math you will see that in late July there were rumors that she was 3 months pregnant, which her staff denied. There was no way for her to be 3 months pregnant in July. If she was pregnant it was probably less than a month and unlikely that she would have noticed. Women notice their pregnancy when they are already at least 5-6 weeks pregnant. http://weibo-go.blogspot.com/2018/08/zanilia-zhao-liying-3-months-pregnant.html On top of that, pregnancies are a very personal thing. Miscarriages happen. Most women prefer not to report their pregnancies until they are safe (way beyond the first trimester). It is very hard to deal with miscarriage so imagine having a bunch of reporters asking you about it and sneaking into hospitals to get your personal information. Some people online love to badmouth her, but these are the facts.
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    Hi yeorobeun... Finally, I can't resist any longer to said something here, been lurking for a while since I'm into on-going drama. Alright, it's too much I guess, but I want to join this (kinda) shipping-thing *sorry na jinshimi newbie in this particular things. Then dang, I found this forum to share everything on my mind I dunno how, but this drama somehow came to my dream last night, and I woke up as the dream hasn't reach the happy ending. I wonder what's happening on me then, this fullday i kept daydreaming about my own imagination. ____end of the intro____ I just want to know from you all guys, what do you thing from the 5th OST of TYH from Jeong Sewoon Good night ** I have no idea how to make this post pleasantly eye-stethic - mind a newbie here, please** Somehow, its has vibe sad as i intrepret it: Does it mean????? It's on KJR POV on a beautiful goodbye (broken relationship) Please lemme know that's a wrong idea of me
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    Based on the translation in the MV you showed, I think it might be interpreted in 2 ways *Happy - being brave in starting a relationship that you tried hard not to enter *Sad - saying goodbye to a problematic relationship On their part, i think it's the happy one.
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    I've logged in to Soompi again, my last log-in was since 2017, in Father is strange thread, before Father is strange it was almost 5-6 years I did not posted in any Soompi thread. Here I am today, cannot help but wish to spread the love for the little gem name "The light in your eyes". At first I actually did not want to speculate or doing an anatomy of the drama, I love it so much I just want to immerse myself in its feel, the nostalgia, the uncertain future, the sunset and goodbye driving, so close yet so far. Since we have only 2 weeks left I realise things starts to put in circle. nrllee might be right, the man wearing the watch might work in police force. But everyone in the picture is connected through the accident, a truck passed by and the man disappeared. Remember, we do not know who was the truck driver in Dad's accident. We do not know what really happened after her last attempt, Hye-ja was able to save Dad but right after she woke up Dad already lost his leg in that accident. We know that Joon-ha had been working at a convenient store, he had other part-time jobs too. And in one of earlier episode we saw Joon-ha carried some heavy loads at a factory site, not sure where he carried those things, to a truck? Or even worse, has he evered worked as a truck driver? (I surely hope not). Where was Joon-ha during Hye-ja Dad's accident? How was his emotion that day? Did he fight with his scumbag father the night before? (I have to rewatch the first two episodes to get the correct timing). In Hye-ja's dream, she was able to save Joon-ha from hurting himself, thus Joon-ha did not call police to arrest his scumbag father. His Grandmom did not need to go to police station to testify for her scumbag son. Many things can happen, many IF can change their lives, .... There are little dots connecting, but yet clear. The only certain thing is Hye-ja and Joon-ha cross path, and once life of a person change, the other get affected. I just hope the drama lives up to its name, bring light to his/her eyes, bring hope to their lives.
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    I feel you! Since the start of this drama, seriously, every week seems long and longer . I think I'm gonna feel this way until April..when this ends. Where do you follow this? That they finished 12 episodes already? That's like for two weeks' episodes. Plus, Ara's injury. I hope she's already fine and hope it won't compromise the quality of the storyline. Maybe we should ask our historian @gerrytan8063 about your question regarding the Cheon surname .
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    I'm not surprised that he will come back again. I believe he is a real stubborn person. I would like to guess that about 70% he has in the stubbornness Like the priest Kim LOL !!!
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    Congrats to our Yingbao and FSF for the arrival of their baby boy!..finally she gets to see how her baby looks (i've read that somewhere).
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    I keep waiting for news that she gave birth. Loved them in Minglan, which made me like them as a couple even more <333
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    Let me sign up for ukulele class Can drama give me more of them... pls pls....
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    Hi, welcome to the thread. We always appreciate efforts to spread love of and support for SA. If you want to use a specific post, please directly contact the poster whose work you like for permission. As a general rule if you use anything from the thread, please cite the source, preferably the individual poster but at least the thread itself. Thanks.
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    I love this ep! Esther is trying to frame SH with AR's pearl necklace, I guess, but ends up being handcuffed and brought to the police station. I enjoy watching how she begs for forgiveness at home but is thrown out of the house despite using Dori as a shield. Yay finally! SH's HP has been swapped with a stranger. Will she miss an important call, perhaps from the surgeon or the voice recorder repairman? DK2 wakes up upon hearing SH's voice. Will he remember that he's SHo?
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    Not TYH but Bubble Gum... 830
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    Yeah me feel so long to wait.. Now I repeat again last week episode.. Hehe. Didnt not enough... Oh my just 12 episode only.. So it means 24 episode.. I just hope this drama becone better and better..
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    @Lawyerh & @angelangie , anyone get a jokes about women day -2
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    Congratulations again to the new parents and to their familiesas well and hope that we can also take a glance to their little fsf.(wonder who he looks like)..hope our yingbao is also ok,heard she go for a CS...(sending love to her,hope she nurture her body well and can comeback with a healthy,happy and fresh Li ying on the screen soon.)
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    @Lawyerh - a cool & arrogant character for him would be nice... He looks more handsome when he is angry
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    Ohh...finally,congratulations to our lovely couple and welcome to the world little angel,,hope they also show us his face hihi...Im so happy for them.. Tears of joy...
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    I will definitely be checking that out since it generated a lot of attention. But maybe after I finish 178 then I'll watch the entirety of 441. Thank you for recommending and I'm glad you like what I wrote
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    Happy Women's Day #ParkShinHye #InternationalWomensDay #FelizDiaDeLaMujer #Mamonde China Weibo(2019.03.08) #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ https://weibo.com/1821757732/HjWIh6yRy …
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    Up to ep 15, I'm echoing what most people say here. I love that this version tries to portray the characters more towards grey-ish, especially the villains, but also the protagonists. The fact that they spend time in the earlier episodes to flesh out characters and add some background stories makes me ponder upon things that I didn't in the previous adaptations (I admit that I haven't seen most of them). I can't add more to the praises to the child actors. Toddler Wu Ji and grade-school age Wu Ji are all fantastic and give layered performance. Little Zhou Zhiruo is very natural too. They are all very talented, but I must also give some credit to PD Jiang, or whoever handled them for the filming. If there were a complaint from me, it was actually related to how teen/adult Wu Ji is portrayed. Child Wu Jis feel much more mature than their actual age, but teen/adult Wu Ji acts like the teen he is. I'm not sure if it's how the director wants it or Joseph Zeng's interpretation. I also feel Joseph's acting is less consistent than his child counterparts, but he only appears in the last 4 episodes, so I'm actually quite hopeful for the next episodes. The cinematography is excellent (almost to the level of Tribes & Empires) and in general I like the camera work, although I wish they'd reduce the wide-to-focused angles and the "frozen" position in the fighting scenes, which is too anime-ish IMO. But I notice they've tone down the slow-mo, which is good.
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    Thanks @richelle for clarifying that. @MsMinnieFran got me curious so I went back and rewatched the scenes about the old man/young man with the watch in Ep 7. And here's what I discovered on second viewing. HyeJa is worried when the man doesn't turn up. Goes into the office to try to find out his address and if anyone will check on him. The conman then informs her 1. There was one time recently where he didn't show up for a month This prompts her to visit all the old people to ask about where he normally gets picked up and dropped off. 2. Nobody seems to know where he lives. She then meets the 2 police officers and return to the Police Office with them. They refuse to give her any information and tell her it's pointless to try to locate him. She walks to a shelter (?) where she tries to buy something from the vending machine and drops her coin. The young man with the watch picks it up. She gives chase. But this is what I missed on first viewing. As he walks past 2 other police officers, they salute him and he returns the salute.. 3. He is a Detective? Or someone within the Police force. He crosses the street, HyeJa is too slow to follow. A truck drives past as he crosses the street and he vanishes. Still no idea who he is or how he knows JoonHa. But he is part of the Police Force.
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    No wonder Atty Dan fell so hard for Atty Choi ... even his hands speaks volumes lol Noticed this too and was actually thinking if they have anything to do with this... I also like the pink sweaters they used during their workshop though they were not on the same scene together kkk
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    Ahhh Ji Hoon. Hehehe +2
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    Been rooting for LDW and YIN since Goblin days, and I was over the moon when I learned that they were doing a drama together. Sooo, onboard this ship. Glad to have found this thread here.
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    I love Il Woo and Ara much. That's why I'm so happy to know that the two works together in a drama. And they haven't disappointed me. Their presentations are so good and their chemistry is no joke. Thanks for all information about Ara. Of course her health is the most important thing, but I still hope that she will stay with this drama till the end. Praying for that. Ara really shines in YJ role. It's a pity if she has to stop in the middle. I hope they will not cut off her time or change script so much that we can not recognise our heroines.
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    @cenching oo yeah. Love that pic. +2
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    Happy Women’s Day [GIF ]#Allerman 2019 SS CF, 15s http://bitly.kr/27Zd5 https://twitter.com/ssinz7_paradise/status/1103983040659779585 https://youtu.be/S6WxmoIQhvg
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    @shaking50, in the preview; my guess is Ae Ra show up and OSH is kick out of DK2/Lee SH's room the moment that he open his eyes. It so happen that Evil Ester is also lurking around, that's why Ae Ra is ordering and telling the guards not let OSH and Evil Ester into the room. ( in K-drama thugs and guards are always around, at beck and call of their masters) Regarding the child in this episode, I will agree with some of the comments; he could be the child of OSH/LSH and swap of the phone is start to introduce this little boy(seems a very smart like LSH) my wishful thinking. Another mystery, ensuring that writer nim has enough plot/twist to keep this drama going. It is really working for me anyway. To everyone, enjoy your weekend and be safe!!!
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    Reminds me that a few years ago, there was a talk of KDrama "Joseon 119" about the first firefighter in the Joseon era. There was even a speculation about the possibility of Kim Nam-Gil coming aboard, and then - the whole project was cancelled.
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    unfortunately i cant join lols....since i dont have one
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    He's making up for all those time he couldn't due to MS by updating his Ig frequently now..I think he's having hun using IG stories too. New pics from JW. @valinor500, Thanks for always being here.
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    Right now, a blog is doing the subs. Since she is also doing other dramas, we have to be patient till she uploads the next episodes with subs in her blog. https://productiveprocrastination.site Most of the websites is making use of her subs and uploads in their sites.
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    when do episodes come out? and when do subs come out? right now 32 raw, 6 sub available Also, is aw kiss scenes in an MV, has any of them (except for the full blown makeout which is ep 32) appeared before - more specifically this library scene where she is apparently trying to touch him but on pretext of looking for a scroll.. and he is looking super hot and cute doing nothing.. but you can make out what he is feeling on the inside (he doesn't have scar on the face, so i am guessing the scene hasn't come as yet)
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    Dear @Nermeen نرمين friend, I totally forgot to ask you this.... What do you think about Jugglers & Choi Daniel's acting as a cold boss..?! Did you enjoy the show...?! He he... Just wanted to know!! Anyway, feel free to drop by here anytime.... I love meeting new people!!~
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    This episode for me is a rollercoaster of emotions..I was anxious, excited, crying all at once. My best episode so far . My Eps. 15-16 HIGHLIGHTS^~^ Moon Soo is such brother goals . Yeoning becoming the Crown Prince feels somewhat bittersweet to me. This look tells me.. things are never gonna be the same again ... I admire Yi Tan during this scene, I'm pretty sure it took an immeasurable courage for him to bow his head, not just once but four times...those tears of his. For a violent person, he sure is an emotional one. Dal Moon is pretty funny, not as funny as Moon Soo though, but he can be if he tries to. Yes, that smile @yoo1 ... I totally love the ending of this episode, Yeoning now the Crown Prince, Moon Soo becoming an inspector... And then Yeoji..I miss this look on her. She looks great in this type of attire ... And now, the battle for the throne finally begins. I will miss how things are before YN became crown prince. But more than anything, I wish for everyone's survival at the end.
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    Watch the dvd version. It's edited a bit better. Honestly, the Youtube version turned me off so bad I sort of semi-lost interest. On the bright side, I now have a hard copy version of the novel in Chinese in my hands.
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    The last preview.. Published on March 5, 2019 by TVN COFFEE FRIENDS EP.10: Last Day + Behind-the-Story 190308
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    No clue. . But I thought it was really odd that the timelines intersect. As in, the old man was in the wheelchair with the watch in the Exhibit Hall and then HyeJa meets the young version of him at the Police Station (was he a policeman or a suspect or a witness? It wasn't clear). Then she chases him down the street...and he disappears when the van drives across the street. How would he have met JoonHa because he seems to recognise him? The only crossover in the story so far (aside from the Exhibit Hall) for the 2 of them is the Police Station - where JoonHa's dad accuses him of falsely pressing charges? How did his Father get evidence that JoonHa falsely accused him? I thought that was odd.. Did his grandma testify against JoonHa? I can't remember.
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    Hardsub for preview ep 11 KJR: I'll do it for sure. I'll make you happier than anyone else. Let's win this case/problem (?) (OYS making kissing sound as she is kissing KJR's hand) OYS: What should I do? HJ: Are you dating with that lawyer? EJ: You should dress as close as his ideal type. Make he falls for your charm CJH: Please go out of my office immediately HJ: I can't believe that the investor is Lee Kang Joon. Will the drama be canceled? KJR: Can you tell me everything that you know about Lee Kang Joon? LKJ: I came here because I missed you OYS: I don't want to be near him *LKJ is screaming of anger. OYS too screaming of fear* KJR: Don't worry KJR is sleeping at OYS house! In the same room! Their relationship is going steady and growing slowly @stroppyse I too have some difficulties posting today.. It is buffering for awhile. Do you want to translate any scene more? So we don't overlap, maybe? Please make a correction if I made a mistake
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    Hi Chingus... Love to see familiar IDs. Hope KNG is ok now. As a professional actor, he didnot want to delay everyone. But I dont want him to rely on painkiller so much. Not good for his body. This man is stubborn, he will go the extreme to perfect his act. Hope he know when to stop and listen his body. I think there will some changes for his parts. Cant wait for tomorrow episode.
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    I think you will need one soon chingu. For..... suggesting transgender Yona to woman event.... LOL. * Oh Kang Son from Top Star Yoo Baek is so natural, careless & macho. I think in real life she could become my bestfriend!
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    Ahhh for men's day, I'll be so conflicted....how can I choose from the gazillion of oppas I have. It's too difficult, I would rather not do it. LOL Of course @Lmangla who doesn't love a strong and confident women? I always aspire to be one if I'm not one already. Hahahaha.
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