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    Dropping by to post this excerpt from an article on SHK's Elle Interview" "Despite the 12-year age difference, Song Hye-kyo was loved by many viewers for her perfect chemistry with Park Bo Gum."Source: http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=587254 The article and its author has more credibility, right?
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    For all of us who still miss the drama, SHK and her styling team yesterday went to the same restaurant where JinSoo went! I think they even sat at the same table or around it if you compare the picture shared by her stylist and the one taken by bgmyh1316. Credit as tagged.
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    Yes, indeed the author has more credibility about the perfect chemistry between SHK and PBG. Thanks for sharing this. I've no doubt about our love for PBG, SHK and Boyfriend, though I do understand that everyone is different and some may not see the overflowing chemistry between the leads. It's obvious to us because we're in love with their awesome acting and chemistry. We've seen the growth of KJH since ep 1 till ep 16 and he has definitely become a man of good stead to take care of CSH. Admittedly, he was a young boy at the start, out to explore the world and lived his life freely with no burden. Yet the moment he fell in love with CSH, his life became focused on loving her and doing all he could to protect her and shield her from harm, to the extent of handling CSH's MIL and Mother with honesty and courage. We've seen how KJH persuaded CSH not to give up on them by suggesting a lay-off period and till the end, we've seen how he persevered to love her in his own quiet ways, by not letting go of her, though she suggested the breakup with him, triggered by his mum, the last straw so to speak. I can't think of anyone else who is able to bring us the great dynamics and off-the-chart chemistry between PBG and SHK in bringing their love story and problems alive and giving so much depth and width to their characters. PBG may be young but he did such a great job as KJH. SHK is so good at making the gap disappear that not every noona is able to. She makes one feel that falling in love with an awesome, handsome younger guy is the best thing to happen ever. She showed viewers how she could be cared for so lovingly by her younger half. Their emotions are explosive. When you're crying and feeling so heartbroken when they're sad, and rejoicing like an idiot when they're happy, and longing to see their passionate moments......wishing you're there to feel the heated kisses.....you know how GOOD PBG and SHK really are. Even after Boyfriend has ended and you still YEARN to see them in the same frame........despite the age gap, their chemistry has been absolutely magical! Yes, they're both so good that they deserve the Top Excellence Awards, the highest of the highest.
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    @gumtaek n @jl08 very well said.. Encounter has become one of the best melodrama with so many achievement that its already got..we, that saw this drama from the start, understand very well the beauty of this drama,what kind of message that the writer want to convey to us through SHK n PBG with CSH n KJH character..n it suited them very well,I even imagine that out there,there is someone named Cha So Hyun n Kim Jin Hyuk (yes,up to that extent)
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    What a journey! Every artiste played their character so well, from our beloved ML & GTY, to our second leads QH & WIFE, everyone from Sheng Family (Beloved granny, SH, DaNiang, RL, HL, CB, Molan), Shitou & XiaoTao, Rong'er, Danju, Mdm Zhang, even DaNiang's maidservant, to our protagonists, Mdm Qin, Aunty Kang, Aunty Wang, even MN. Relationships and love goes beyond our OTP of ML - GTY. Granny - ML, GTY- Shitou, ML - XiaoTao & Danju, Rong'er - ML & GTY, CB - GTY, ML - Mdm Zhang, QH - wife were all very heartwarming and lovely to watch. I've laughed at GTY's antics, CB's hilarious actions, DaNiang's amusing expressions; I've cried with ML over the mum's passing, granny's poisoning, and finally in her desperate attempt to save GTY, cried with Rong'er to witness the death of her own mum, and when she finally called ML "mum"; I've smiled at the sweetness and little intimate moments between ML - GTY. Loved both the explosive GTY, and the more subtle, quiet and subdued ML; full of wisdom granny, straightforward RL, and comical DaNiang & CB. Cheered when those that ML extended help to came back to show support, friendship, and loyalty from Mdm Zhang, Yanran, the Sheng's couz, Danju. Really liked the friendship formed btw ML and QH's wife under the most unlikely circumstances It has its flaws and shortcomings, but pulled enough heartstrings, and gave enough hope to keep me going. It's a relatively "quiet" slice of life family drama, and I've enjoyed the subtleties of things, appreciated the suffering & limitations for women during the era, and loved the various relationships, that goes beyond blood and family. It's not a perfect show, but definitely worth every minute of the time watching (and re-watching). It's been a great 1.5 months watching TSOML; reading & discussing the difference thoughts, perspectives, insights and analysis of the show and characters, sharing of spoilers, previews and bts, historical facts, and translations. Thank you @cherubstomato @linhlinh111 @Golden Flower @nichiwoohee @dancingbee @lclarakl @Suzzy San @frenchfan @dito@minglan1@mooose @minoku2209 @leeza77 @jewelsc @hello210 @matrim @zenya22 @Jackie1048 @sava2sava @heatherbee @greenwatch08 @UnniSarah @lilkat75 @fra8
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    I am very disappointed to hear the news today. Why bother to extend if there is a conflict in the schedule especially for such an important character in the drama. I don’t know when they decided on the extension. We only had 1 episode last week.. therefore the original epi 24 was supposed to end on Wednesday this week if the extension did not happen. I am pretty sure this was all filmed prior to the lunar new year week. It does not make sense to bring WS back into the palace as an inspector if this schedule has not been worked out. I believe there could be more than a schedule conflict but again I do not wish to speculate. I accept and respect the decision of the team and I will continue to think positive that the writer will explain nicely what happened to him. I am also hoping as what @Lmangla mentioned that he went for a surgery and appear later or better still the original pleasantly round WS re appears. To be honest I don’t think I can accept the ending as he disappeared and died without even completimg his revenge nor can I accept that LH suddenly flips to be good again. Sunny ending up with LH was never even crossed my mind right from the beginning. The character an of WS/Wb suffered too much in TLE. It would have been more acceptable to me if they killed his character off in the face off with LH in epi 45-46 and have Sunny continued his revenge. the writer is seriously annoying me now. This could have been wrapped up nicely in 48 episodes. One of the biggest reason for Sunny to stay in the palace and go through all this suffering was to clear her name and find out the true murderer of GED. Having GED killing herself just makes Sunny’s quest to be in vain. CJH has been phenomenal in portraying the role of WS/WB so well. This is one of the most challenging character he has ever played and every scene he acted in is so on point.when he came back as an inspector of audit, he brought in another facet of wangshik.. a more mature and calm. I am really really sad to see him go.
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    I believe Gu Ting Ye's wish of a passionate and clingy wife came to a circle after the incident of Auntie Kang at her birth of their son. Ming Lan practically hung onto him with her dear life. She screamed at her nightmares and he does his best to pacify her. Note that now she did not handle the situation by herself. At that time, Gu Ting ye armed himself with a sword at all times. Because he need to clam his wife down, he even did not responds to the Emperor's request ... that was in the act too. Loved Sitou's over protectiveness of Xiaotao and Sitou is also a rank officer hence Xiaotao is wearing a Lady outfit. Xiaotao is no longer a maid and she comes by often to chit chat with Ming Lan. Such a sweet ending ...
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    I understand your feeling but you need to read the whole thread before you give your damn opinion because everyone in this thread is positively loving the drama.If you don't appreciate it and feeling some miscasting about the drama then I must tell you this - you are not welcome here,dear! Create your own thread that will support your sentiments because we enjoy our stay here doing and writing positive comments about our beloved drama and until now to be honest I miss them so much , my JinSoo couple. And if happens someone is dissing it here in their own thread that is created for them then I can't allow that because I can't be able to sleep. It just happened that you dissed my baby drama and I am not allowing it. If those lines u were quoting about the dialogues of Encounter - let me clear about this - lines or dialogues become powerful depending who delivers it and even if those dialogues are delivered million times - PBG ans SHK delivered it differently . They delivered it with perfect portrayal of their roles, and within the context of their roles and scenes. One more thing, if you just watch it you will know that Jin Hyuk is a man in his late 20's and in his early 30's so In sung, Ji Sub and Dong gun is not fitted for the role since they are in their late 30's and early 40's and to say about your so-called chemistry - We all here see, feel and love the "Explosive Chemistry" of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. They are the right actor and actress to portray in this drama. Sorry for answering you like this but please don't take down the sanctity of this thread because we love this forum and we only want to spread positive remarks with each other about Encounter. This is my first and last answer about your comment. Sorry Chingus!
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    alright guys. i already read the naver article. btw, i'm just gonna point out the main points... "the meeting between KJK's former (HJY) loveline and current (SJH) loveline". HH said: "now, KJK's former loveline and the current loveline are all in one place". and later HH added, "the couple i'm rooting for is 김종국♥송지효 (KJK♥SJH), i felt sorry for HJY".
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    so here was day 5 choices which everyone had! did your brain get trained well over the four days that it was easy to guess? thanks to everyone for playing along, participating, taking a peek or bringing food! @tas82 @Sejabin @Ameera Ali @Matilda_Anne @mouse007 @Sarang21 @Dhakra @ktcjdrama @packmule3 @triplem @staygold @kokodus @Lawyerh @Table122000 @stroppyse @lynne22 @angelangie @LyraYoo @dotonly @bairama @USAFarmgirl @nrllee @joonminfan thanks to @bebebisous33 @phikyl @stroppyse for their inputs and ideas for this event. re: @sushilicious : we will tally and post the winners soon. hope you all had fun. see you all at the next event!
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    I can't believe it..What should I call it..unprofessionalism, negligence or insincerity! How could they do that to us viewers or the whole team who're doing hard work since oct/nov of 2018, almost four long months. How could they just give us such a major character mess up! The extension was in talk for a long time. Surely they're aware of CJH's schedule..If it conflicts with his schedule they could film his scenes earlier..why didn't they do that!His agency mentioned in their statement that the production of TLE knew about this schedule..that means the PDs didn't make arrangement to resolve this situation. From the pictures of Jang Nara in Lunar new year, it can be easily understood that part of episode 22 and 23 were filmed before Lunar New Year. They'd plenty of time to hurry filming CJH scenes.. They can film that damn Kim Su Mi cameo with ED to show us nothing important but they can't film more CJH scenes in advance! Do I have to believe it!? The fact that this PD has history of conflict with his lead actress in previous drama Return just makes me more bitter. Can't help but think there's something more than schedule conflict. The whole situation seems so very suspicious...aargh..I hate this feeling. Thanks for that gif @Super Gal99. That sums up my feeling right now. I was thinking of talking more about this week's episodes..But after seeing this mess, I feel so dejected now. If anyone is more sad about this situation, I beleive it's Choi Jin Hyuk.. He couldn't give a proper farewell to Na Wang Shik. I will be still there to watch last two episodes expecting to see Sunny crush the Imperial Family. But I'm not excited anymore. I don't even feel like watching the latest subbed episode.
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    Good morning everyone, I am a great admirer of the talent of Park Bo Gum, as an actor above all, but also as an entertainer and artist in the most general sense of the term... When he chose as his second drama, like male lead, "Encounter" with Song Hye Kyo, I was excited and worried... I was afraid it would be a risky choice, because of age and the status of married woman of his co-star... Until now, I've only known SHK, I confess, when I first heard her name by Lee Min Ho, another actor I greatly admire, who had said he wanted to act with her. I did not see DOTS because I did not like the genre... Here, now I'm here to tell you that deep down Bo Gum was right again and his choice was really courageous but at the same time right. He chose quality... because Encounter is a masterpiece of its kind. He chose the opportunity to grow as an actor by learning from a veteran like SHK, which I found perfect in her role as well as very beautiful. And in fact I think that Bo Gum with this drama has managed to improve further ... He is really a natural talent to enter the character, that allowed us to love him. ... I add that I am sorry for the criticisms, few fortunately and infinitely unjust: PBG and SHK I think they were aware of it from the beginning and deliberately chose to challenge prejudices and go against the current... A round of applause for their choice!!! Returning to talk about the drama, I loved it so much, from the rhythm, slow and relaxing, to the soundtrack, to the photography and colors, from the supporting cast, to the protagonist couple... There is much talk of chemistry these days, but I think that in some cases this term is used inappropriately. I believe we can talk about chemistry between two actors when they can make you forget their names in reality and make you focus only on their characters...Personally, I do not care if two actors are in tune out of the screen ...And I like that there are only a few Bts of Encounter (perhaps a forced choice) ... JinSoo is a couple to love within the story, only then you can get carried away by their love, that grows more and more until that final confession ... The line "Don’t be sorry. Thank you for being brave" reminds me of another more famous movie than many years ago, "Love Story", I must say that the writer makes so many literary and cinematographic references which are difficult to remember or notice, he was also really good ... but he could be more ... Because sixteen episodes seem very few ... I wanted to see our couple struggling with the path of Santiago, for example, and I wanted to see them as a husband and wife, deal with everyday life .. and the slightest glimpse inside that room at Cuba would have been nice.. Good things always end too soon ... One last thing, another very abused topic concerns the good visual of couple, well they are so beautiful together that every comparison is impossible ! (is another deleted scene?)
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    A huge thank you to @Lmangla and @sushilicious for organizing this super fun event! I really enjoyed it. @sushilicious congrats on hosting your first event as EO! Well done my friend! and thanks to my fellow participants who all contributed in making this game fun!
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    It's unfortunate that CJH can't continue filming. But I'm starting to feel bad for SSR too. If Bin is underutilized, Hyuk is stretched beyond recognition, beyond belief. Its neither of the actors fault the writing turned out this way. Hyuk might have a lot of screen time, but his character is very unstable and swings abruptly. The writer should decide what she wants Hyuk to be. He was choking sunny and then he is saying don't do anything, don't die like sohyun. I'm so so so so confused. I know he is crazy and seeing it multiple times is making me crazy too. I have no idea where the writer is going with Hyuk as much as i don't know how the writer is going to wrap up Bin's story. I really don't want any bad feelings behind the scenes. And i also hope viewer speculations does not effect the cast. After finishing ep 48 with subs, I think 4 episodes is quite long for an extension. They now have a suicide letter, and GED also provide evidence of the imperial famliy wrong doings. I expect the next 4 episodes to be draggy. I hope you can prove me wrong drama. Huhuhu
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    One of the main characters became an extra how does this happen? To be clear I dont blame him at all in any way!
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    I wrote a few other summary for earlier episodes. I may go back and write summary for each episodes if people want it. Episode 11: Episode 12: Not a full summary but I wrote out a few key takeaways on Ep 9 and 10
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    I find it interesting that the letter was only found now. It was not even hidden that well. Did they not search GED's stuff when they were investigating her death. I think i did jokingly say somewhere maybe GED stabbed herself, but seeing that she actually did it and even wrote a lengthy letter about it is weird. Nguhuhu I don't agree with suicide (but this is a drama, so lets roll with it). The consequences of her death falls mostly on Sunny first. Huhuhu. Sunny was even blamed for her death at the first round. She was nearly killed because of it. Ms Hong died too. And so many other things happened in relation to her death.
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    There are 3 elderly ladies who are my favorites. They enlightened us with knowledge and insight full of kindness and love. 1. Ming Lan's Grandma, Madame Sheng 2. GTY's Nanny Chang 3. Madame Kong, the imperial tutor brought in to instruct the Sheng sisters in feminine graces and imperial court manners
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    Can't wait for SHK new Elle interview if she mentions her experience while filming Encounter. Based on the synopsis of the interview she mentioned about feeling good after each project that she did her job well. About DVD, we need to follow up the admins of the site more. I think it has many orders since the fandoms of these two leads are both huge. It's just that the admins of the dvd site needs more updating to us.
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    OMG I can't believe that the show is over! The last 2 months of my life were filled with touching, exciting, lovely, and contemplating moments of TSOML. I agree with @nichiwoohee that ML was overshadowed by many other characters throughout the drama. I live far from home and speak to my mom weekly on the phone, and you know what? I talked about TSOML all the time whenever I called her. First about Grandma, I was deeply touched by her who, despite all the suffering caused by her husband, chose to stay as a widow for the Sheng family and who with her big heart took in ML when she lost her mom at young age. I was then appalled by GTY's step mother who blamed everyone and hurt everyone for her self inflicted misery. Their contrast showed me how perspectives and world view make a whole difference in one's happiness. In order to find contentment, you have to feel and fill it from the inside, not the other way around. Then let's talk about GTY. He's one of the most interesting male lead I have ever come across. He's hot headed but also incredibly shrewd. He's jaded by injustice and dissimulation but does let it stop him from seeing the goodness and giving out his heart to other people. He could have been resentful but he overcame it by focusing on current happiness. He is manipulative but also generous and self-sacrificing. He failed many times but he also carried himself up and kept moving forward. He's many complex layers of bad and good and lovely and annoying GTY. Such a refreshing character, I just can't help falling and cheering for him every time he pops up in the drama. Props to the writer and FSF, thanks to them GTY in the drama is better fleshed out and more relatable than the novel. I have seen FSF in 4 dramas, his acting is not bad but somewhat one dimensional. This is his best performance so far. I was also intrigued by Liniang and Molan. They represent ambitious women who try all they can to cheat the social hierarchy. In a different setup, women with this ambition and brightness are the main leads' materials who will end up with happily ever after. All the women in this drama schemed and manipulated someone, either their family, their underlings, or their higher-ups. Some got what they wanted, like Minglan, Zhang lady, and grandma; some lost miserably, like Liniang and Molan. I think what destroys them was that along the way searching for their happiness, they decided to abandon humanity and self-esteem. Molan at the end of the fighting scene with her husband cried in despair asking why she followed everything her mom did but still failed. Although I was unhappy that she didn't face her due punishment after all of her the horribly wrongdoings, her soliloquy was admittedly very memorable to me. It reminds me that it's not wrong to fight for your wellbeing but it's immoral to achieve it by hurting and fooling innocent people. Regardless of how well calculated your schemes are, people will know if your intention is genuine. It still doesn't make sense to me that Molan was accepted into Sheng family after all that, but I guess it's more painful for her to spend whole her life failing and suffering while everyone she hates is happy and well-lived. At the end, Molan has no real family because she never truly loves one. I just want to say thank you thank you to the whole production team. TSOML is of course not perfect adaption from the novel but still a great example of adaption done right. They managed to blow a new life into the previously successful book materials and showed that adaptation can also its own standing and can be valued as an individual piece of storytelling. TSOML now holds a special place in my heart and will be in my list of Must-Rewatch.
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    @stroppyse A BIG THANK YOU for taking time to translate YR and SW's character description. You are awesome! It is her pride that is standing in the way. Lets see what will bring them them back again Based on the description, am glad that there will not be a triangle too. That is good. Cannot afford that for a 16episode drama. Thank you for helping to understand YR and SW background. Have a lovely day! Not sure if this has been posted before... Source Nice! https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/02/ius-food-cart-gift-to-touch-your-heart-set-for-yoo-in-na-impresses-netizens IU's food cart gift to 'Touch Your Heart' set for Yoo In Na impresses netizens IU's food cart gift to the set of tvN's 'Touch Your Heart' starring her good friend Yoo In Na is impressing netizens. On February 14, Yoo In Na's manager posted the below photos on Instagram with the message, "IU noona treated the film set with something big. Chicken soup, galbi-jjim, bulgogi, octopus stir fry, a bunch of fruit. I ate until I was full." After seeing the pictures of the feast, netizens were surprised to see how IU went all out to show support for her friend Yoo In Na, who's currently playing the role of Oh Yoon Seo in 'Touch Your Heart'.
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    I'm scared that this is all a dream Jin Huyk. Do you know that I'm so happy these days? I'm so, so, so happier than you. I am very happy. I am so happy that you are by my side. But it worries me that this might be all a dream. When I open my eyes in the morning, I wonder if you’re still here today. I wonder if I have just got up from my dream from last night. I keep checking and feel relieved. But it also scares me, in case you disappear, in case you’re taken away. Like those people who used to be my friends, I’m afraid you might disappear too. By the way, I am the cute type. To tell you the truth, I am a very cute type of person, but people don’t know it.
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    Well said, chingus. Can they name any other actor and actress that can portray the roles? Cha soo hyun should be portrayed by an actress that is really so beautiful and good in acting to bring out the love and emotion from her love interest , Kim jin hyuk. KJH on the other hand should be portrayed by an actor that in a way is similar to the character KJH and a green grape( to borrow the word) to be able to express his emotions naturally. Boyfriend is not for everyone, just like any other drama. But it get more attention in both good and bad ways that any other drama. Never in my life i defended a drama, an actor / actress, characters but because boyfriend is one of a kind, like a rare gem, i'm more than willing to do it.
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    The finale was bittersweet. Suddenly my days seemed empty. I tried watching Queen of Dugu but I got a little bored during the beginning of the 1st episode. Maybe if I watched it later on, it will be better. I will give my brain to relax a little. I have thoroughly enjoyed TSOML. Like really enjoyed it eventhough sometimes I have to rewatch to understand the conversation. I loved the way the actors and actresses portrayed their roles. So vivid, so alive. There were moments where I cried, where I rolled out laughing, moments where I totally hate BUT It just shows that these people are so good. Again, I must congratulate the producer and all the people working on this production. It has been great exchanging with you all as well. I will miss you all too. Let's hope there will be other opportunities to exchange point of views etc.... And happy belated Valentine Day everyone. Love, kisses and hugs I think it is him too.
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    i found it kinda upsetting that the only sane and decent person in the royal family ended up killing herself to punish the crazy goons in the palace.. kinda look forward to see how they would carry the drama without CWB though.. wasnt the whole thing started bcoz someone killed his mom? now he’s gonna disappear just like that? i guess the writer really hates him lol.. from bullet in his brain to non stop beating, now he’s gonna be offscreen for the whole extension... the whole drama is weird to me huuu
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    lemme get this straight.. so granny killed herself and tried to frame evil mom and lee hyuk for her death? and left the empire to sunny so that she can destroy it? this drama has more drama than 15 dramas put together .. i think writernim is a bit tipsy when she wrote the screenplay ~~
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    whatt cheon woo bin is done in this drama? whattheheck are they bringing fat wang shik again? all that weight lost for nothinggg
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    In the beginning I was also confused with Molan’s ending and why she is received with such an open arm. But from what I think - nobody figure out that Molan released Aunt Kang. The one who released aunt was LN’s old maid and she is probably go far away after being given money from Molan. So, everyone thinks that it was stepmom trick. And then the problem with her husband, I assume Molan’s family heard about it, so they pity her. I kinda hope Molan at least apologise to ML but giver her character she probably won’t do it. But I feel like in the end she shown great remorse because she starts helping grandma to walk. I think after the husband incident, she probably realise that her mom’s teaching are all wrong. Now trying to find another drama to watch ... any recommendation? I’m waiting for Queen Dugu to be sub, currently watching Haolan. i tried watching NIF because it is recommended so much by ppl in this sub. But I watched 2 episodes but don’t understand a single thing . I ended up watching Luzhen because of Zhao Li Ying (and Chen Xiao is there).
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    while watching wednesday's episode, was really struck by how theatrical SSR is in terms of portraying lee hyuk. was reminded of the article that someone posted (was it @katakwasabi?) that he has a theatre background and so brings that theatre mindset to playing characters. so when you have such kind of acting, it can see a bit too loud if you don't have a good balance effect from the other character opposite you... am reminded of this local actor A who is famous for this scene in this movie (like when folks think of him, they think of that scene) and he always reminds people that it is because of the other actor B in that scene who chose to underplay and that created magic. now actor B was also really famous and so could have also tried to outshine actor A but instead focused on the script and character.. so actor A said the scene was perfect only because of actor B .. so from that perspective, think wang shik was a great foil. choi jin hyuk did a great job of showing a character that adapted to his situation.. so bodyguards need to be stiff and anonymous and in control of emotions but yet you see glimpses of the old wang shik... like @stroppyse mentioned, wang shik has this great sneer without actually sneering and that was fun to watch -- like we are in on this joke but no one else is.. . from the bts scenes, it looked like the actors were having a blast and not necessarily some competition over how many scenes each one had... so would prefer to think that it was simply a scheduling issue from choi jin hyuk. for a few weeks, there has been a huge question mark on whether there would be extension or not.. perhaps, the scheduling caused a headache where he genuinely could not commit and the writer finally figured out a way to write without him and said okay, lets have extension.. am hoping that is the case and so we get a good wrap of the story however it turns out. but yea, will definitely miss wang shik.
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    Hi chingus!!! I've only started to catch up with this drama this week due to recent RL busyness. Just finished up till ep.2. Enjoyed the light and fun story. Can't wait to see our two leads fall in love! YIN's character is so cute and fun, and her voice is oh-so very soothing to listen to... no wonder she is a radio DJ. Really love the pairing of LDW-YIN again! And LSW also looking so handsome than ever with such hair cut, and for once he seems to be playing a mischievous character? Not sure about this yet. Anyway, I've always like watching him in family dramas, but his past characters are usually rather plain. Looking forward to see a different range of acting from him. On to ep.3 now!!
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    @stroppyse thank you for translating!!! Reading the description do help us to understand them better. So thank you again. and that preview. I was lol-ing at Hot and Cold Jin Shim. Hahahaha. It started in Ep4 and JR bewildered expression made my day! Poor JR. To be the receiving end of JS jealoury-wrath!
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    I kind of agree with you @bebebisous33 that the story looks complete in the "Boyfriend" aspect. Maybe a season 2 dealing with the intricacies of marriage? They could also flesh out the side characters. Altho I'm not sure if it has enough steam to run through 16 episodes lol So as much as I crave more CSH/KJH I know the odds for a second season are improbable. Maybe they could've given us 20 episodes instead I would've wanted to see 1. A fun family dinner at KJH's house with SH 2. SH helping KJH's mum cook 3. SH and KJH eating with DC, JM, Sec Jang and HI at DC's restaurant 4. That ice skating and amusement park date 5. That WHITE DAY HOTEL ROOM SCENE THAT WE WERE ROBBED OF! 6. CSH and KJH actually kissing in a private place LOL (all of their kissing scenes were done in public) 7. A scene between CSH and Grandpa Samuel 8. KJH and SH cooking at her place 9. SH making KJH's camera case I often wonder if the tight filming schedule, and the excruciating cold meant they had to cut some outdoor scenes. I remember some episodes having way too many flashbacks to fill time
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    Yes, I did. You know what? It's "Boyfriend", Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo who invoked the poetic instinct with their excellent portrayal of KJH and CSH and the drama's beautiful poems and fine lines....it brings out the romantic feelings that were hidden below the hard exterior needed to get by the day to day demands of life. Just like many of you, chingus, when I see KJH/PBG and CSH/SHK, I am reminded of their beautiful chemistry and their struggles and deep love for each other...that I wish at times that there's a real KJH and CSH out there whose love surpasses all things and culminates in their nuptial and babies. That would be lovely. I wish the PD had minimised some unnecessary time and spent it wisely on nurturing the love between KJH and CSH so that our wish for a wedding in Cuba could come true. I still have my wishes for JinSoo: 1. Show us how HUNGRY the lovers were at the balcony 2. Show us the beautiful Cuban wedding with the sunset as their witness 3. Show us their beautiful honeymoon and bed scene, and 4. Show us their beautiful minions calling "Apa" and "Oma" How I wish our dream was materialised on the screen......
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    Thanks to @Lmangla and @sushilicious for all your hard work organizing this "anti love" game event. Huge "thank you" to my partner @packmule3 for asking me to join her for this game and for playing with me. And thanks to everyone else who participated. I had a very fun time and enjoyed myself!
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    This opinion from the random fan of the drama, Not the fan of any actors or actresses in this drama. I never one thought that Na Wang Shi is the 1st male leader. The name of the drama is the last empress. It is understandable that the emperor is the 1st male lead. As a married woman and growing in multiracialnal family, I never once feel or think that Na Wang Shi and the Empress has the chemistry (don’t kill me). It is understandable thought. You cannot change someone heart, especially the one minded like Sunny who was in love madly with the Emperour for all these years. Another part is that Na Wang Shi has only 3 months to live. The last two episode might be about the first two episodes of Na Wang Shi( if he not die). I don’t mean to make fun of the overweight people. Please don’t forget how Na Wang shi was like before. If no revenge, the emperor dies or be punished, no point of stay in shape, eat a lot and turn to be the old Na Wang Shi. Some people got upset because CJH won’t be in the last two episodes because he had a schedule conflict. I am sure that you are mad because you want to see CJH or the character Na Wang Shi and the story of the drama. For me, I watch the drama, not much of the name of the actors or actresses. I admit that all actors and actresses in this drama are super cool and good. They portray their characters so well. Cheer up! To the end “the last empress”
  41. 7 points
    I went on Weibo to check out the reaction in China. Someone translated that HJY said "You must believe me" in the trailer. (It looks like she's here for only a segment. Also she is not listed as a guest in wiki to date. This is my opinion only.) Below are some comments from Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HgN0Jt0AF?fid=1034:4340016470779484#_loginLayer_1550246503219 (Posted by 生田和叶): "Could be here to clear up the business CP, same as when the MC CP was cleared up. If she is here to clear the LL, then SA is concrete. The RM staff are not mad enough to push both love lines are they? Shooting an idol drama?" (Posted by 原地踏步JK): "Seems she has a new album in March, could be here to promote it. It's just a method, (you're)reading too much into it." (Posted by 诸天繁星):"I guess that she is just here to help out with the mission and not here as a guest. If she's a guest it would have been promoted. As to why she is here, I can't guess, but it's not here to push LL. The previous episodes have been pushing SA so hard, why undo it all overnight, and KJK did so much to free himself from that LL, would he do it again?" (Posted by 行走的流感病毒): "I believe it is the same as clearing up MC. After all, we can't have KJK saying on the show 'who's HJY?' Having her on the show to clear it up, chanting "ten fingers interlock!" together. That would be the best closure to give to KJK-HJY shippers. That would be nice" (Posted by 仰慕者Z之呆了个B): "Since the episode SA has first been pushed officially, I have been hoping she would come on the show. MUD is now more popular in SK than RM. The ordinary passerby knows about the KJK-HJY LL but doesn't know that YJS has cleared it up on RM. Her coming on RM will prove that she has no intentions towards KJK and is just cooperating to the staff's instructions. Their LL is false. If SA wants to publicly announce, the three of them must clear it up together, otherwise they will be hated in future (when they announce)."
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    so today is the last day right? i had so much fun eventhough i flunked everything... so if you guys planning to do more events on abs, hot hunk oppas, food, cats, dogs or literally anything, dont forget to buzz me okay.. @mouse007 glad u like it lol
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    @Matilda_Anne like I said, THE BEST!!!!!
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    yes the trans is also little wrong, although it's not as wrong as pmy interview. i translated psj interview, only part about the possibility. i swear i never put any dellu as a ppc shipper and just translated it as it is. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0003833956&oid=109&lightVersion=off "I think because wwwsk was successful and Youngjoon and Miso looked good together, the dating rumor came out. so I don't take it badly." and he answered the question about Is there a possibility you and PMY will be a real couple? "I don’t know what to say about the possibility. Because I played the role in love with her, I act, thinking "what is her merit(virtue)?" "she is pretty". Through such things, it is inevitable to get interested in her. About the possibility, I would have to say I don’t know. People don't know what will happen in the future. So I think It takes some time(what will happen between her and me).
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    awww @Matilda_Anne but I always look forward to your answers! They're the best!
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    Now, after reading this post and your translation of YR and SW's description, it becomes clear that YR is a proud woman with an inferiority complex. It looks like YR knew how JR felt about her but she felt great that she could get the attention of these two men. YR chose SW willingly. On the other hand, SW played a trick on JR in order to get YR that's why SW is so interested in JR's love life. I believe that he wants to make it right for JR. He is definitely curious about any relationship JR has. SW must feel somehow guilty, yet I believe that YR knew all along hence SW is not really "guilty". Then notice that he moved to JR's flat, while I am quite sure that he has the resources to live alone. He chose not for two reasons: - JR is still close to YR hence he can know about YR through his friend - SW can help JR by encouraging him to fall in love with another woman... Since YR is ambitious and proud, I believe that her work could be the reason why YR might face issues later. Right now, she has received the case with the "murdered" husband hoping to push her own career. Yet, she is about to face JR as the latter will represent the defendant. Imagine her reaction, when JR wins the trial... YR will have to face trouble at the prosecution office: her male senior who wanted the case first, the gossips about her... YR might start resenting JR or even worse, blame OYS for this. I do think that the relationship between YR and JR will not just change because of OYS but also due to the murder case. From my point of view, this time SW might decide to put himself between JR/OYS and YR defending his friend... It would be better if YR showed no sign of jealousy and resent towards OYS, until the trial with the assaulted wife is over.
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    @triplemtriplem thanks Would try. Oh Jin sim boost herself confident
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    I can’t help but think that there was some internal conflict that happened ever since the show focused heavily on LH’s character. I just hope it doesn’t affect the relationships of the actors offscreen. The plot has been going in circles for the past few weeks and the preemptions certainly didn’t help. They shouldn’t have went through with the extension.
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    Ep 73: LOL at minglan spitting gty but then kissing him after that.. ml honey... why are you kissing your own spit? - gty calling himself ml’s ancestor, first he’s the uncle now the ancestor, good thing yingbao irl choose to call fsf uncle instead of ancestor -the villains didnt get the just deserts is a letdown, ed caused many deaths and should have been punished more than getting relocated out of the place. Dont they usually send unfavored concubines to the cold palace or something? At least kill her trusted eunuchs, if you cant physically harm her. And why is it the guifei being the sacrifcial lamb? The ed is the mastermind. Molan getting received warmly by the sheng is also a I gather the gu couple dont know her contribution of freeing aunt kang? Cant imagine gty sit still having molan around ml and their son. the stepmom got the luxury of killing herself, she cause damages worthy of getting painful death. At least in the book she suffered watching her son and grandchildren died - but I do like the end with the scene of how gty said even if the sky fall outside, he would still make sure ml lead a happy peaceful life It’s such a joy (sometimes stressful) ride watching the drama everyday. I’m gonna miss waiting for the subs while also cheating looking at spoilers. I would rate the drama 4/5. It may not be 100% faithful to the book or the era, but still enjoyable to watch, particularly to the general public who dont read the book. Even I as a book fan, dont have any grave grievance, as the changes in the drama keep me guessing of what next. The cast are amazing. Starting with the sheng family. Grandma totally steal the first part of the drama, all the lovely sisters are lead actresses material already. I cant wait to see the actresses who play hl, rl and molan headlining their own drama. Danniang was wonderfully played by the actress. I didnt notice it until I watch the happy camp vid, but the actor who plays SH is actually quite tall! But he appears short in the drama, he really hunched a lot, great acting! Cb being the comic and upright model at the same time, I wish wang renjun will get a lead role soon Yingbao and fsf really made ml and gty alive. The honey dripping from fsf’s eyes, that is not only acting LOL for me yingbao was overshadowed a lot in this drama, first part by grandma, second part is by gty’s explosive character. Only after grandma’s poisoning, did I get excited for her potrayal. I feel like in order for ml to shine.. gty needs to be out of the picture. As a yingbao fan I’m greedy for her to shine more prop for the drama for making gty’s character more interesting than the one in the book. Great development of character, from being the male lead that most people not like into model husband material The otp have small moments of intimacy, bickering, testing each others patience, maneuvering others for their own sake, basically growing as a couple, and I really appeciate that 10/10 will rewatch again and again, just like TMOPB thank you for everyone for making the experience of watching the drama lively and fun!
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    I agree as well, I think spin off could be better.. for personal reason, i really want to see JWS in Boyfriend spin off. Like CSH he's a loner.. would be great to see how he grow as a person. His mother is in jail, he lost his love, enough material to see how he discover love and his true self.. and JinSoo could be in some episodes?
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