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    Wow, it's been such an adventure watching the story of Minglan., she was brave, courageous, determined, dedicated, clever, smart, intelligent, and lovely.. I don't even know what to say.. My favorite character was GTY, I guess.. I just love his flaws, insecurity, his bravery, his outspoken nature, his cunning ways, in short his everything.. That was such an all round character.. Then we have QH, that got so maturedly developed that made me miss him so much now, his wife, for being such an amazing wife, she looks at the big picture when dealing with things and I appreciate that.. Our Sheng family, they totally rocked and somehow, this drama is about them and that's why they ended that drama with Sheng family.. Our xiatao and shitou for being the loyal back of GTY and ML.. Glad they got married.. Even though we didn't get to see much epilogue, but I think it's still OK, we can guess the happiness.. In all, the story of minglan made me so proud of women and also so afraid of what we can become if we are not cherished or nurtured well.. So i wish parents can train children well and even if we are not trained well, we should also try to be magnanimous about our disadvantages.. Thanks to the cast and crew of this amazing drama, there were lags but as much as the lags made it more of a drama, so I've no complain.... Hmmm, and I'm so glad I get to meet so many people through this drama.. Thank you all so much for sharing your opinions and making me think more about this drama and making me know a lot about the history.. It's been such an amazing experience.. Hmm, as such, I say thank you to everyone on this forum.. Love you all
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    Yes there is a singles day in China . Which has become a global phenomenon called 11.11 , where the ones receiving lots of love & laughter are Ali Baba ( who started this ) & all those merchants on their site
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    My stream decided to be mean tonight. Hmph. But glad I catched that scene where Jung rok was laughing at JS who’s trying to drink but didn’t open the tab. Hahaha.
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    Happy heart day to you too and all chingu soompiers here.. Enjoy your encounter and popcorn. Yummy...
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    For today you need to live like she doesn't exist in your world! You don't need additional stress when you are recovering from illness. +2 This should be your motto today abt that boss.
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    @Ameera Ali@UnniSarah Thank you so much for your explanations. Both NJ and AR are super evil and hideous, like mother like son. How can NJ claims that he likes SH when he is coveting DK2/SHo's wife? At the hospital when he asks SH if she's worried about him, SH admits that she is and gives him that 'I care about you' look. I hate it when a kdrama female lead gives her undeserving admirer false hope such that he will pursue her more persistently. SH could have just left NJ to DK2 or clarify her stance to NJ again. NJ will be getting all the credit from SH's mum for the pop-up stall and he'll get to meet SH often at the mall. Sick of seeing them together esp when SHo's watch stops and SH thinks he's really gone. Meanwhile, it's a consolation to see the hateful trio (NJ/AR/Esther) scheming and fighting one another relentlessly. Hence it's not just SH & SHo who are suffering.
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    Welllll, I never said he was endearing! I said he looks out for her, and it's true. He is very protective of BQ. And especially when CY is not around, that's actually a good thing. As an example, when she ran into problems with those two sand desert inn keepers, I actually hoped DFS would catch up to them because I knew he'd be able to save them if he did - which is exactly what happened. So, in that respect, he's useful to keep around. But, one thing I noticed, is that DFS has a much more ruthless instinct. Like, was it necessary to rip out fingernails to get his way? Yow! CY, on the other hand . . . well, I'm reminded of one of the first conversations he had with BQ, when he was operating as LYK. She asked him why he hadn't killed the bandits that were causing trouble and he explained that although death was sometimes unavoidable, he preferred to just knock them out when he could. Another thing that stuck out at me in today's episodes, in the scene where DFS and BQ were traveling around the desert, he kept whipping at his horse to move faster until the horse whinnied. When I saw that, I wondered if it was necessary? By contrast, when the two of them were traveling with CY, and he was leading the way, he made similar noises to urge on his horse, but he never whipped his horse. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this... it's late and I'm half brain dead from recapping Ep 35, but I think what I'm trying to say is that I'm not always comfortable watching DFS. I think he has a similar end point to CY, which is to keep BQ safe, but their methods for that process are vastly different. And it's those differences that, in my opinion, make CY the better man. Nevertheless, I do acknowledge that even when DFS is being a pest (or behaving ruthlessly), he is often coming from a protective place, and it's because of that that he no longer drives me as nutty as he did in the beginning when I just wanted to deck him. @mouse007, that IG video you shared....
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    Ep 73: LOL at minglan spitting gty but then kissing him after that.. ml honey... why are you kissing your own spit? - gty calling himself ml’s ancestor, first he’s the uncle now the ancestor, good thing yingbao irl choose to call fsf uncle instead of ancestor -the villains didnt get the just deserts is a letdown, ed caused many deaths and should have been punished more than getting relocated out of the place. Dont they usually send unfavored concubines to the cold palace or something? At least kill her trusted eunuchs, if you cant physically harm her. And why is it the guifei being the sacrifcial lamb? The ed is the mastermind. Molan getting received warmly by the sheng is also a I gather the gu couple dont know her contribution of freeing aunt kang? Cant imagine gty sit still having molan around ml and their son. the stepmom got the luxury of killing herself, she cause damages worthy of getting painful death. At least in the book she suffered watching her son and grandchildren died - but I do like the end with the scene of how gty said even if the sky fall outside, he would still make sure ml lead a happy peaceful life It’s such a joy (sometimes stressful) ride watching the drama everyday. I’m gonna miss waiting for the subs while also cheating looking at spoilers. I would rate the drama 4/5. It may not be 100% faithful to the book or the era, but still enjoyable to watch, particularly to the general public who dont read the book. Even I as a book fan, dont have any grave grievance, as the changes in the drama keep me guessing of what next. The cast are amazing. Starting with the sheng family. Grandma totally steal the first part of the drama, all the lovely sisters are lead actresses material already. I cant wait to see the actresses who play hl, rl and molan headlining their own drama. Danniang was wonderfully played by the actress. I didnt notice it until I watch the happy camp vid, but the actor who plays SH is actually quite tall! But he appears short in the drama, he really hunched a lot, great acting! Cb being the comic and upright model at the same time, I wish wang renjun will get a lead role soon Yingbao and fsf really made ml and gty alive. The honey dripping from fsf’s eyes, that is not only acting LOL for me yingbao was overshadowed a lot in this drama, first part by grandma, second part is by gty’s explosive character. Only after grandma’s poisoning, did I get excited for her potrayal. I feel like in order for ml to shine.. gty needs to be out of the picture. As a yingbao fan I’m greedy for her to shine more prop for the drama for making gty’s character more interesting than the one in the book. Great development of character, from being the male lead that most people not like into model husband material The otp have small moments of intimacy, bickering, testing each others patience, maneuvering others for their own sake, basically growing as a couple, and I really appeciate that 10/10 will rewatch again and again, just like TMOPB thank you for everyone for making the experience of watching the drama lively and fun!
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    @lynne22 Has a point. When I first watched I actually did think Ye hua was Mo yuan's reincarnation. Then I asked around and realized that he wasn't in the drama. That's why the novel's name is 3 lives and 3 worlds. There ain't 3 lives in the drama if Ye hua and MY are different persons. Hahaha. But as Lynne said, it only made the story richer. Though I firmly believe that Bai Qian never liked MY romantically. @SejabinAnd yes I do like hot guys. Hahahaha. MY is not my type. He is just too calm and reserved. LOL. @mouse007 Mmmm these days ZBB's amazing smile is all what I'm hearing about. Hahaha. @themarchioness You might want to come here. LOL. -2
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    General thread is nothing but our Soompi Hangout section. Hahaha. It used to be called as General discussions forum but they changed the name recently.
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    The news of Grand Prince and its leads in the Japan TV Life Magazine ~ Happy Valentine to Mr. Yoon Shiyoon ~ His cute dance~
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    That's what I had in my mind. The way she treated OYS in the last episode was really telling. OYS still has a bad reputation but MJ wants to take everything away from OYS and still feels threatened.
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    @themarchioness please please please go and watch ep 35 so you can tell us poor souls what is happening! I am DYING waiting for subbed versions. I just know I will love episode 35. Can I just gush over how handsome CY is when he smiles? All it takes is for CY to smile at BQ and I'm like, "DFS? DFS who? Who that?" I cannot find a gif of CY smiling at BQ so we'll have to settle fo this in the meantime..
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    Just saw this on IG and I can’t wait. I think this must be after BQ sees CY in bed together with LQW.
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    I haven't watched the latest episode yet, however I have the impression that the writer wanted to create a false image about OYS: a rather dumb actress. In her first scene, she wanted to take 30 vitamins pills as she didn't read the notice. But the more we saw about OYS, the more I came to think that due to her career, she became more and more dependent and stupid. First, she could enter law school which is a clue that she was smart and diligent enough. Secondly, we discover that she has such a good memory. In my opinion, since the CEO and her manager used her beauty as her strongest mark in order to advance her career, she was no longer challenged and at some point, she stopped using her brain. Meeting KJR is a blessing for her as he has the exact opposite effect. He challenges her, forces to show her true skills... But let us not forget that despite all of this, OYS never changed her personality. She was always a warm person and has good social skills, unlike our lawyer. She can help him in that aspect. He might be a good lawyer but he needs to understand his clients' mind much better. OYS is not just hardworking, she is intelligent. Since she relied more and more on her manager, she was never able to gain any experience: see f. ex. driving. However, she got her driving licence. A proof that OYS never really wanted to rely too much on her manager and on others. She is not afraid to ask others for help...
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    Although the "love triangle" is a possibilty, but honestly it's a s.hitty thing for rm to do. If it happens that either of two loveline is real or becomes real, don't you think it will not affect either one of the woman and kjk himself??? Kjk will look like a man who played with a woman's heart? And either of the woman in the end will tagged as a woman who tried to come after another woman's man. I'm not fond of hjy i admit that, but i'm not a stupid person to wish her ill as well. She is still a woman who has feelings after all. I'm a jh fan, and the last thing i want is to see jh being bashed. And i'm also a fan of jk and i respect him, that i don't want to end criticizing him. So it may sound bad to others,but i think it would be the best time for kjk to make a stand. At least to protect both woman's feelings! That's only myopinion. But hey it's S.hitBS, so anything is possible. They fired both before w/out notice, so it's not impossible that theycan play people's feelings for them to gain viewers ratings! But let's wait for the ep first before we make a conclusion. It's odd that sbs didn't show preview. Usually by this time there is a preview vid or pics already!
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    Post 36-37 viewing thoughts... If DFS wants to win over BQ, he needs to do a lot better than all his petty scheming. Better still he should do nothing at all. I can't speak for BQ of course but from where I'm standing the more he does, the more he shows himself to be a self-centred, overgrown tyrant. It's "I this, I that..." What about showing some modicum of respect to the lady you're trying to woo rather than treating her as a trophy? Manipulating circumstances to his advantage is undoubtedly his default position especially considering his pedigree. I can't help agreeing with BQ to some extent that if it weren't for him, she wouldn't be in as much jeopardy as she is. Of course without him in the drama, it wouldn't be quite as funny on some level. But why did they have to make him so arrogant and puerile in courtship? I liked him much better as the Young Master 少主 throwing his weight around Lin Ming Yue. It was then only that I thought he was someone I could take seriously. BQ is great as usual. Even if she's been kidnapped by the desert cave people, she finds her own way to survive. She's still quick on feet weaseling out of one situation after another. Her explanations always sound so plausible. I love her so much. I love that CY continues to address BQ as 我的夫人 (my wife or the modern equivalent: my missus) and proudly praises her for her intelligence and competence. That tells me that they've most likely done the deed together. I suspect that their cave scenes together were just an excuse for the director to insert skinship where possible. But hey... I'm not complaining! Pour on the honey please! And all that cute dialogue about his ideas for the future and having kids. On top of that, the deal they made when he promised half his manor including him in the package... if she helped him find the map. I imagine BQ was sufficiently placated by that. Talk about whispering sweet nothings... I was undone...
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    @kokodus Nope.Still don't know.
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    Yay, I managed to log in again! Thank you so much @babyval22 for taking over Wookie's coundown in my "absence" (and also for letting me know that that the login issue was in fact on Soompi's side and how to solve it) So, a bit late (but at least I can say that it's still D-72 and Valentine's Day in my part of the world ), here is my NamJi countdown for D-71... Happy Friday, chingus
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    when netizens heard about KB and OYS news last February 13. People be like: LSG where are you.? you need to date and be with OYS. and mostly people's reaction to that news was LSG!! LSG! LSG!! blah blah blah hahahaha... so I guess some netizens really love LSG and OYS to be together.
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    @Lawyerh well, it is not important who the lead lady is with KJH we can just watch him all by himself I am just unable to choose what to watch before which, so currently I am watching Feel Good to Die again. I am totally hooked to it
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    I'm Here - 钟抒曈 (Zhōng shū tóng)
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    @Cheryl295I don't have exact figure how many copies do they need in order to start their production! But based on the past experience, 500 will be minimum and 1000 if eng sub is included! The production team is asking us to send them e-mails but no reply so far
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    How do i find the thread? Any link? Or a quick way to go to? Haha sorry coz i am new in 2019. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I like the words of HS. Which he said to the secretary LKY that his world that he had to be rebuilt must have the queen beside him with even the secretary LKY reminding him of many times about forbidden love, but it could not resist the love he had To the queen as well Despite the drama's stress, there is still a relaxing corner that makes me smile and laugh as well. Credit ... to IG thecrownedclown.tvn
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    I think it is before, but that bed scene comes afterwards, as CY needs to stay with LCW to look after her as her injuries was serious and DFS said there need to be someone close by to look after her. I saw a longer trailer, the scene where DFS told CY that, came after this scene you posted. Here you can see the whole scene together that I had mentioned, ep36 https://v.qq.com/x/cover/brq7blajvjhrcit/v0029dovsxd.html
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    Oh my! What a Valentines Day gift! Everything I've seen so far has pleased me so greatly. This drama. I'm going to have a heart attack before it even comes out... I'll make some wallpapers right away. Ahhhhh Two simple wallpapers at 1366 x 768 with color adjustments, Download from website, because these preview images Soompi offers are low resolution. https://postimg.cc/m1SrhY8c and https://postimg.cc/ctWHs9My
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    Different folks, different strokes. Each has his or her own preference but to come here and diss because it's not your type of drama sounds childish and insecure and from someone who has a hidden agenda. So better ignore these kinds of people who are seeking attention. Hye Kyo will be on the cover of Elle this March. I hope she will talk more about Encounter and it will serve as her Post Drama Interview.
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    @mouse007, don't worry. I'm about to lose sleep recapping episode 37. We can be sleepless together! Y'all so much happens in episode 37... I can't even. I'll try and explain as best as I can what's going on.
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    Song Hye Kyo brings her goddess visuals to the cover of 'Elle' magazine ADVERTISING Hallyu icon Song Hye Kyo is the the cover model for the March issue of 'Elle' magazine in both Korea and Hong Kong! For this pictorial, Song Hye Kyo model luxurious jewelry fit for her goddess image - 'The House of Chaumet', based in Paris. After the photoshoot, Song Hye Kyo named director Wong Kar Wai as an Asian figure she would like to work with again. The actress previously appeared in Wong Kar Wai's 2013 film 'The Grandmaster'. Check out the actress's gorgeous pictorial previews below! source credit @https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/02/song-hye-kyo-brings-her-goddess-visuals-to-the-cover-of-elle-magazine
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    @mari_may You're not alone in thinking something bad will happen to chohong...many people are predicting she'll die soon(soon as in some time before the series is over). Possibly by milpoong?
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    Last night episode is interesting. 1. Sunny is keeping her words that she wnot leave the palace before revealing the truth. She already collected all proof to against Hyuk and ED. Hopefully ( and I believe ) she/ Yura/ Yoon / Wang Sik has back up. 2. Sunny-Wang Sik are keeping their promise for protecting each other. Now we just wait until both calling their name 'Na Wang Sik ssi' and Oh Sunny ssi' ...saranghamnida... And both are walking in the beautiful sunset. The End ( XD). 3. The crazy-fooly- cry cry baby emperor is still in his state. No sign of redemption even becoming worst lol. Die even not enough to erase all his mistakes. He treats Sunny( beloved wife, he said) like trash. 4. Yura redemption is ongoing. I think she'll protect Dong Sik at least. 5. Princess Ari is so dearly. I wonder she's really emperor's daughter because she's too smart for a child born from half DNA of that stupid Hyuk lol. 5. ED is still with her ultimate hobby. Slaping and roaring all the time. How many pointed guns have we seen and still no one dying wkkkk.
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    Hope the three ladies who had to cancel their order will be able return another day to enjoy the good food. High five approval Quest successful
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    ottoke~ I found something cute again! Taemin is said to be called Taem-casso (Picasso) now, so the Hosts asked him to draw and the guests (Jisung - I didn't know this kid but he's hella cute btw! Jeno, Donghan and SF9 Chan Ni) have to guess what it is. Out of all the characters Taemin drew, Cinderella (thanks to the Idol Room staff). I was recalling Naeun's past portrayals of Disney characters. She did Little Mermaid (Ariel) and Beauty and the Beast (Belle) so I was just 'oh well' but then I remember Naeun was in a drama mid-2016, and its drama's title? These staffs really know how to tease us shippers though! And look at 56:38 one of the Hosts said, Taemin must have played with paper dolls when young, but I don't think like that. He is actually with a human doll. A human doll, Naeun. Also when he first drew himself I thought it was a girl. And I thought his drawing skills improved a lot since 2013. LOL Must be blending in with his S.O. (Naeun is one of the most artsy and creative Kpop idols out there). Cute. To Taemints / Shawols and TaEun shippers: Does Taemin like anything related to a Moon before? He drew a Moon, funnily guests guessed it to be a chocolate chip but it was a Moon according to Taemin! He thinks differently though but does he really? I mean, Moon, Eclipse. Twilight is Naeun's favorite movie (one of her faves), they even watched it in a WGM episode (episode 11). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Randomly browsing. I found this. At 1:42 Does his shirt has a, Dog Pile print? And the next pic was Naeun's IG post when Key debuted. Nov 6 (if I am not mistaken), it got the names of Kibum's dogs. I asked about the print because I want to know when Taemin uploaded it? Was it last year? Last year was a Dog year and it's Naeun's year (born in year of the Dog).
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    I am wondering how long do we have to wait, until we know about this illness of his? Like will he die. Is it curable? Also why don’t like SY sister at all? I can’t wait for the new episode though.
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    The first episode was very funny, lead female plays very well its role I loved, in the second episode it was sad when she becomes old but I liked that her family knows the truth directly because in general in a drama cnly after several episodes they are made aware, even if they do not really know that it is probably because of the watch, I wonder how it will do to find her youth? especially that it's two different actresses for the same role, poor HyeJa Joon ha very cute, the scene of the meetings put all the girls in agitation, it is on that it was not acting for the girls, handsome as he is I guess in the preview when joon ha sees her young it's an illusion to the fact that they have the same manners probably,
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