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    Agree with you totally, chingu! Why do people feel the need to bring over the same article so many times? What good does it do to bring joy to Boyfriend fans? Perhaps it's driven by sadism at its worst. As for the clueless journalists - they always create the wrong headlines anyway. I guess it's because they need to make a guilty living by creating hell for the good people. Do we not see the cast and crew nearly freezing in the cold weather while filming? Please check the bts if you haven't, before making things tough for Boyfriend's lead couple. BOYFRIEND did so well internationally because we can enjoy the drama without helluva lots of inhibitions. Once in a long while, we are treated with such a beautiful and romantic drama, full of literary works and fine lines that stay with you. There are so many meaningful messages that one can learn to live by and I hope Korea is able to see the main message - that a divorced woman can have a respectable place in society; that a divorced rich and powerful woman has the right to fall in love with a young guy from an average family and still be respected by society. That mothers-in-law have a part to play in the happiness of their children by understanding how much their sons love their woman. That the sons need the moral support from their fathers. That love means having to persevere and overcome obstacles together. That not one party should give up because it's too painful. And if the sea's job is to make waves, Mine is to think of you, and Among a multitude of stars, one look down at me Among a multitude of people, I look up at the star How romantic those words are. If only the human race has more of such meaningful and beautiful lines brought about by BOYFRIEND, the world would be a better place for all, including the journalists and 'fans' who make things difficult for PBG and SHK. "I wanted to ask you this if we met again. Do you have a boyfriend?" YES. I have a BOYFRIEND, thank God. I have: A heart-warming drama that touches my soul and calms my heart and reminds me to cherish my loved ones, even when things get tough. An amazing lead couple who gave their best against all odds, to bring a heart-wrenching yet beautiful romance amidst gorgeous sunset and passionate indulgence with hot kisses and lips smacking...two beautiful silhouettes merging into one in the fading night sky filled with multitude of stars cheering for them.... No only are they hungry for each other, but We're famished with their love for each other too. So who makes such a beautiful drama possible? It's the ACTOR Park Bo Gum and ACTRESS Song Hye Kyo. Don't you think we should cheer them for their dedication and courage, instead of finding faults? A shout out to the KOREAN journalists, KNETS and non-Boyfriend fans! We're not talking about whose wife. We're talking about the top actress, Song Hye Kyo and the top actor, Park Bo Gum. They have an amazing screen chemistry that goes beyond description. Savour it and not destroy it. And please feel free to have it properly translated to Korean and place it on the major Korean websites! Enough is enough.
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    The importance of nature in Encounter This drama is really interesting because each episode starts and ends with a drawing. Each pictured scene doesn’t just serve as an introduction to the main topic of the episode, but also helps to understand the characters and their situation. However, if the drawings are all put together, you will notice a common denominator, the presence of nature. And each time, its presence is increasing. But now let us go back to the first episode and the introduced drawings. episode 1 episode 1 So far, two worlds are introduced: the castle, where the princess is living and the green land where our main character is reading a book. The atmosphere of the first image is gloomy and rather suffocating. It is night, yet the moon is not shining at all. The moon is even hidden by the palace. Under the yellow arrow, you observe the princess leaving the castle on her own, going through the forest full of thorns, episode 1 until she arrives in a new world, where the moon and sun are shining at the same time. There, a man is reading a book, until he notices her and stands up. Both are facing each other. Here, the first drawing represents Cha Soo Hyun’s world, the modern civilization, whereas the second drawing embodies Cuba, where KJH will meet her. So the castle could be seen as a representation of Donghwa Hotel and Taegyeong Group. CSH is the CEO of Donghwa Hotel and she has just opened a new resort close to the sea. When the viewer sees her for the first time, she is already looking at the sea. She appears emotionless, yet we can see that the sea has some positive effects on her. She is calm. episode 1 Later, she explains how she developed the hotel. She wanted her future clients to rest by having a view of the sea or of the mountain. As you can see, she perceives nature as something positive, which can help someone to relax. Now, if we connect this to her trip on Cuba (her desire to watch the sunset at a certain beach), the viewer realize what nature means a lot to CSH. For her, nature is beautiful, can help people to relax and enjoy their time. However, the picture above shows that she can not get close to nature, as the window is separating her from the sea. The window could be perceived as a prison window due to the iron bars. This underlines first that CSH is living in a different world, far away from nature, and that she can not live like she would like. The other drawings show her living in a castle or pavilion, surrounded by people or by a fence, or trapped by a window episode 3 or even attached to a building. episode 2 (credit to @Jemrie) To conclude, she is not just immobile, as she can not move, she lives in an urban world that is suffocating her and she can usually only escape from it through her paintings. The paintings function as a window to a different world, where her fantasy and her feelings are not contrived, episode 5 however it is not enough, since her biggest desire is to be close to nature as she likes observing nature (sunset). That’s why she was so determined to reach the beach in order to watch the sunrise, no matter what (broken taxi, no money, no phone). We shouldn’t forget that CSH is determined to renovate the hotel in Cuba without changing the garden, even refusing to put a swimming pool. She even outlined that the strength of this property was the garden. As you can see, she values the hotels based on natural elements: garden, sea, mountain. She wants people to feel close to nature through her hotels. Notice that after watching the scene where JH was looked down by her ex-mother-in-law (episode 6), she was standing in front of a huge window looking at the sea. At some point, you could sense that looking at the sea had this calming effect on her. For her, nature is a source of strength. Sure, she is a princess in the eyes of many, yet there is one person who perceives her differently. This is not a coincidence that in the episode 5, driver Nam compared our protagonist to a flower. He explained to CSH that no one can stop a flower from blossoming. As you can see, CSH is like a beautiful flower that has been “put behind a glass” by her mother and ex-family. A flower needs fresh air and water in order to live and that’s what JWS is not able to understand. He realized that in their marriage she was suffocating, hence he released her. In reality, he just created a bigger cage for CSH: Donghwa hotel. However, our heroine is not just associated to a flower. She is often linked to birds. episode 9 First, look at the bird sitting on her lap in the gif above (episode 2). Then don’t forget the white howl she offered to JH (episode 2). But most importantly, just before the accident happened in Cuba, a bird appeared on KJH’s table at the cafe. The bird was announcing their fateful encounter. episode 1 In the episode, we see this taking. She looks like a flying bird. episode 10 Don’t forget that JWS is always filmed indoors, in suffocating rooms with no windows so that you have the impression, he is living in a prison, even worse, in a buried coffin due to his preference of rectangles and brown/black as colors. However, in his mind, this beautiful flower needed a protector that’s why he is helping her behind her back. She is like a flower with JWS as a gardener who ensures that she doesn’t get hurt. Donghwa hotel can be perceived as a greenhouse, where everyone can look at CSH and even gossip about her. He is just the gardener protecting her. By doing so, he feels that the flower sooner or later will realize what he has done to her so that she will smile beautifully to him like a flower and she will come back to his side. However, the difference between JWS and Nam is that the latter only compared her to one flower, while the other associated her to many flowers (episode 10). For Nam, she was fragile and unique, for our second lead, a lot of flowers looked like her, unaware that his words meant that she was nothing special. But let’s go back to the drawings… they have all something in common: nature is always present, in the beginning (episode 1, 3, 4) less, but the more episodes were aired, the more nature prevails, whereas the modern civilization disappears little by little therefore there is no castle at the end… just time or moon or sun or stars (drawing from the episode 13, 14, 15 and 16), since Donghwa and Taegyeong Group represent no thread any longer. Nature has won over modern civilization. The reason is simple. First, nature plays a huge part in CSH’s life. Only when she is surrounded by nature (like drawing 1), she can feel free. Cuba is such a place. It has also become a meaningful place for her because she could do anything she wanted without being in the center of the attention. If we look at the first picture above, you can see that the trees are black and without leaves indicating that this is winter and nature is sleeping. We can interpret this scene as if her passionate nature was sleeping, oppressed. In her dark world, where she is so small and powerless, she is also like a flower that is sleeping or has not bloomed yet. episode 11 In my opinion, JWS and his mother represent the opposite world. Wealth and their social status are associated to civilization and modern world which are symbolized in the drawings 1, 3, 4, 5 and 11 (castle, pavilion, street lamps, road, windows, fence, wheels aso). That’s why CSH can never be happy with them. This is not random that JWS is always concerned about his image and appearance (he went to the shop because he wanted to impress a picky woman, his ex-wife), as he believes this matters in order to seduce someone. He even bought an expensive dress for CSH. Appearance is linked to artificiality, the opposite of simplicity and naturalness. As you can see, image means a lot to JWS, but it is different for CSH. KJH could move her heart because he wanted her to feel comfortable: the shoes, the jackets, the scarf. He always tries to give her his clothes. He always worries that she might get cold or hurt. A person obsessed with appearance would never accept such gestures because it wouldn’t look good but CSH is not thinking like that. On the other hand, our hero JH is linked to nature in the different drawings. In the first drawing, he is living in a world so different from CSH: sunlight, green and tree. He is often standing next to the sun. If he is not represented, he is symbolized by the red butterfly (episode 4). The red butterfly has an important signification: it is an omen announcing huge changes in someone’s life. From my point of view, when the red butterfly touches CSH’s head, it was as if it brought back life and feelings to our protagonist. But don’t forget that in the story itself, JH introduced himself to CSH as fruit seller. In the same episode (1), CSH compares him herself to a fruit saying that he was like a white grape. Then in the following drawing, episode 12 the beholder discovers that KJH’s home is a tree, whereas her ex-husband’s home reminds us of a coffin. In another episode, JWS uses the metaphor of the wind, when he warns CSH that she might get swayed away. episode 8 Here the wind is actually a metaphor for JH. The wind knows no boundary, no limit as it is connected to the sky that’s why the wind should be perceived as the epitome of freedom. Moreover, by asking her not to let herself blow away, JWS actually wants her to remain in his world (“rectangle/frame”) because if she allows this, she will leave his world and won’t be able to come back. Furthermore, by associating JH to the wind, he is implying that her relationship with JH is doomed as the wind is something untouchable. You can not remain by the side of the wind, you can feel it but that’s it. To conclude, our hero is often associated with products coming from the nature: tree, butterfly, wind, grape, sun and fruit. The tree offers protection and rest for birds. And this is another evidence that JH and CSH are meant for each other. A bird can only feel free and comfortable in the air… with the wind. On the other hand, JWS just compares her to flowers. JWS sent many flowers and even wrote that these resembled her. So the note and the number of flowers give the impression that CSH is not unique and special. This contrasts so much with JH’s mind: “among a multitude of stars, one star stares at me.” So for him, CSH is an unique star that he can distinguish from others… for JWS, it is different. In the end, his gesture shows that CSH is not really meaningful but he doesn’t realize that. Funny is that he thinks a little note, he can woo her so easily… JWS is far from being well educated: his expression skills and knowledge about book, arts and poetry are rather low and poor. episode 8 Since Cha Soo Hyun is represented by the moon and the bird, KJH by the sun, the air and the wind, this explains why the beholder often witnesses our protagonists flying a lot in the drawings (episode 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16). The sky is their natural environment, hence our couple is often walking in open spaces (top of the hill) and even climbing a tower. episode 8 Don’t forget that our couple is represented by the moon, the sun and the star. As conclusion, the sky, even the space are their real element. episode 7 Sure, the drawings also reflect the evolution of CSH’s situation and her relationship with JH. At some point, she has freed herself, she is no longer captive like in the drawing from the episode 3 and 4. She is also not surrounded by enemies, like the snakes in the episode 4. episode 15 Her emotions have changed as well. She is no longer cold, no sleeping flower. She is warming up, her emotions are starting showing up. As conclusion, nature symbolizes here liberty, but more precisely, the sky and space are the real symbols for freedom. Only at the end, she will be entirely free (no more guilt or insecurities). She is no longer bound by the earth or time, she has become a real moon. She is shining as the sun is shining next to her. As conclusion, the higher our protagonists are/ fly, the freer they are. episode 16: the climax of their love and freedom episode 6 We shouldn’t forget that nature can also be dangerous. Notice that once CSH has escaped from her cage, she always has to face enemies and adversities. And in nature, her enemies are represented by the snakes, waves and the wolf. As you can see, nature is also connected to negative aspects. Nonetheless, this underlines that the problems and enemies CSH and JH have to face are natural phenomenons. This is nothing special but on their journey (drawing from the episode 5 and 6), they need to be together and work together. At the end, the sun has never shone so brightly. The MIL, the director Choi, her ex-husband are symbolized by the waves, the snakes and the wolf but since CSH and KJH never gave up and remained firm, the waves, the wolf and the snakes disappeared. In the drawing of the episode 6, KJH always serves her as a guide, he is her strength because he is the sun that warms her so that the flower can blossom beautifully. As for the wolf, the viewer shouldn’t forget that wolfs were used to be associated to death and danger in the past (see for example the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood), while the image of the wolf in modern stories has nowadays changed, since they are in danger. To conclude, the danger coming from nature are linked to the earth (sea, snakes, time, wolf) contrasting to the space and sky, the epitome of freedom. In the universe, there is no limit of time and space. Let me know what you think. This analysis is a composition of different posts but I definitely added a few new elements, like for example the conclusion. As for Alice in Wonderland, this will be posted tomorrow. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    @Lmangla @sushilicious Your event is going to Touch 10 pages within the 1st 10 hours . You can tell what soompiers love so no one posted that their favourite meal is from Subway ?
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    well, it is the season of love but what if you are not in the mood for romance? sometimes you just feel like watching a drama that is not about how the leads will end up together or filled with lots of kisses. for moments such as those, dramaland does have dramas that have little or no romance where the focus is on other issues like finding peace, a sense of self, justice, social development.... so shall we play a game where you get to guess these dramas? reputation points for participation and some extra for those who correctly get 15 dramas or more.. how does it work? we have a list of dramas. each day, we are going to put out 4 dramas for you to guess. each drama will have 2 pictures that are related to the title (english) of the drama, theme, plot. for example: did you figure out the name? we will be playing every day from 11-15 Feb (starting this monday); you can play in groups or individual. you can discuss with others but put your final choices in spoiler. for any questions, just tag me or @sushilicious
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    I really like this drama. The otp has great chemistry, the secondary characters are interesting, the production is not bad. The only thing I am not sure about is that they overdid the characters plotting against the main couple. It seems too much. but I am waiting to see the resolution to see if it makes sense. the book wasn’t my cup of tea, so I don’t mind the changes even if I see some plot holes or contrived scenes. However I watch dramas just to relax and to improve my Chinese. .
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    Ugh, I hate being late to a thread and I'm certainly so late in this one!!! I just spent a good chunk of my work morning reading all your posts! So here's mine: 1. I had to check my profile to see when I joined Soompi and apparently it was in 2014 so I guess that would make it 5 years? In the beginning I would just casually check Soompi to find information about a drama I'm watching. The drama that got me participating in Soompi was Discovery of Romance and then I think it was Goblin. I was in and out for a few years.. mostly staying quiet until a few months ago when Meteor Garden 2018 started airing. Then I started exploring Soompi more and found myself getting hooked. I've been a regular Soompi-er ever since. My favourite thread has to be Add/Sub because it's just a nice place to hangout and talk about anything and everything. I love Soompi because it has allowed me to meet new friends who share the same interests as me but have also encouraged me to expand my horizons and appreciate different opinions and points of view. None of my friends where I am are hardcore drama watchers so Soompi has been a great place to spazz and fangirl over oppas and dramas. 2. There are so many foods I love that I cannot just share one! But for now I will share this: I am a fan of anything noodles and right now I am craving Pancit Palabok: 3. I am glad I met you guys here! @USAFarmgirl @Sejabin @dotonly @kokodus @triplem @sushilicious @cenching @angelangie @Lmangla @lynne22 @Dhakra @staygold
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    It’s really magical Soo Huyn. Soo Huyn. Are you calling me by my name now? I love you.
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    Morning @katakwasabi Im still missing MOTA esp to what couldve been. and I'd prefer HB serving coffee plus a dimple morning smile cr. captainjoonki in tumblr or do you prefer the Emperor? ctto
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    Missing the most beautiful couple in kdramaland... Jinsoo couple I really love your chemistry so much, I really hope SHK and PBG will work together again
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    Waves @bairama and everybody here @mouse007 Proudly Mabuhay to my fellow Filipino Soompiers 3. tag your chingus here and share the love. it is february -- the month of love! @rubie @irilight @nistymaj01 @lduc @raetan16 @maria1983 @Kasmic @hyuuhikari @siddy09 @wenchanteur @ktcjdrama @lxands @sandhya05 @9tails @wdsayang @alcides14ahjumma @dian02_stv @klebinha @Rania Zeid @nonski @Kelly86
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    In Thailand, Encounter will air on the main TV channel with the highest rating among such main Channels in the country. Encounter: ”Hearts meet Love”
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    Actually, since watching kdramas, I've probably eaten more ramen and jjajjangmyun than I've ever eaten before. My mother would not let me eat those very often as a child because she said that they were not nutritious, so I didn't grow up eating very much of those. But, all those steaming noodles look so good in dramas! To paraphrase Park Seo Joon in WWWSK, my whole body can fill up with msg and that's how much I like my oppas in kdramas. But, gosh, all of this food porn... err...feast! I'm too hungry to visit this thread for long.
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    Okay, let's do this. According to @Lmangla guideline Again? Well okay. I enjoy being with people having the same interest, talking to people of other cultures and share the same passion. Also I found a lot of wise ahju...ladies that are good at giving advices. Our homethread is what I enjoy, being with so many nice people. I enjoyed Kpop and Dramas also before, but I'm happy to have found a place where I can talk about it freely. It's so good. All of them!? Oh boy....okay.... @sushilicious @stroppyse @triplem @USAFarmgirl @kokodus @Lmangla @phikyl @bolddu....ah I mean @CamelKnight @bedifferent @angelangie @staygold @lynne22 @TRaNz @abnoch @bairama @CatchMine_ID @cenching @Ais1ing @mouse007
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    Love your post @jl08 They should be proud of SHK and PBG for accepting this project and delivered it perfectly,that even international fans went head over heels. If our job is to love and support them, Its the job of the envious people to find fault in them.
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    Basically 2 things. Foods & oppas
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    Oh yes . Let’s post one more for oppa here .... Sorry wasn’t intending to make this a “Guess the abs “ season 2 thread . But won’t you feel hungry each time you call your cat?
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    Omg ..won’t you get sick . I love jambu air too but not that much . @Lmangla I have never once felt guilty about adding new oppas to my list . . They all deserve to be loved ...kkkk.... —— favourite food is actually Japanese. I can eat it Everyday . That’s why every time I see @sushilicious name , I’m hungry @TRaNz @bedifferent My foodie friends ..this thread is for you What @Lmangla?? Mango is so not the king of fruits . I protest . Kkkkkk ( I love mangoes too ) . @angelangie That’s too much durian . Anyhow these days , it is too expensive to eat like that
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    I spend at least a third of my screen time on Soompi ( that’s almost close to 2 hours a day ) , so it will be an understatement to say how much this forum has impacted my life . For one it , changed how I watch my k dramas. It is fun to watch dramas live together , read different POV & see things from other perspectives. It definitely enriched my drama viewing . I later on joined the General Threads . Add /subtract is my home thread where i met many awesome peeps like you all . You guys made made me laugh , opened my eyes to the world of c dramas & pineapple heads , reminded me of how different Our cultures are but yet our hopes & fears are the same . I believe my day is not complete without checking in there . Love to you all , you know who you are ..specially remembering our angel @CatchMine_ID who is watching us from above . Another thing I love most about Soompi is the spazzing . Where else can you fangirl shamelessly over a hot oppa who has no clue you love him so For my fellow jung kyung Ho fan girl , a happy birthday @katakwasabi I have to thank @Jillia for recommending this to me For my fellow Park Hae Jin lovers @nonski @hibiscus23 . Let’s hope for a better year for oppa And i definitely must give a shout out to all my girls on his royal sexiness Kim Ji Suk’s thread . @joonminfan @turtlegirl @tibba @heyyoooo may our hottie continue to see his career rise @supergal99 @Visually-wandering My fellow pervy friends who can spazz with me over many oppas
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    There is a scene fr mv when the soldiers try to forcefully entered gu's manor and ml with her guards try to prevent it. Later, gty come back wearing his general armour. I deduce that gty was sent away just as a smoke/play to entice ED long awaiting rebellion (as no strong force stood behind emperor with the absence of gty). Gty came back when the rebellion started and quelled it. So, ED's power and her supporters were quashed in one go. Just my speculation
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    @m0us3y In the drama there are more interactions between ML and GTY, but in the book he also observed her for a long time before choosing her as his bride and the schemes to get her are similar. The main element of the arguments remain unchanged but in the book it was executed with intensity and it marked a milestone in their relationship. @dito has stated quite clearly I just wanted to add some details. The first argument happened in a similar situation as in the drama, except there were just 2 of them sitting in a closed room. ML pointed out for him while he, as a noble and a man, had little at stake why she, as a lowborn woman, would lose everything once she fell out of his favor and without reputations. It's the same as a conversation she had before about her and QH in the drama, which states that a small amount of value to QH may mean everything to her. This can also apply with GTY. She then cried silently, saying she was indeed selfish, bc she could never put everything on the line for a man's love. GTY then understood how hard it is on her and moved back to sleep with her, never spoke about that again. The second argument happened in a different situation since they changed the sequence of event in the drama. In the book the delivery of her first child took place first, then the poison of Grandma. When GTY was away and ML was near labor, Stepmom plot plans against her, first by having Aunti Kang sending a concubine, which failed. After that she seeked out Manniang (the son was still alive). One thing after another and MN tried to assassinate ML but failed then the fire. GTY, after a while of consideration, decided to exile MN and warned Stepmom by killing the son of her right-hand-woman, which ML agreed to. Later when Daniang's maid was spying on the house (same as drama), Grandma got furious and scolded Daniang, which then lead to the poison case. Later when GTY arrived at the scene (this is similar to drama), he was so surprised seeing ML, who was usually so calm and reserved, lost it in rage. She did so many things that she shouldn't have done, like locking the house down, torturing the maids and threatening her father. She could have thought of a safer method to handle the matter. She then told GTY, Grandma needn't have to stressed things out with Daniang. The maid was actually a really small problem and it could be handled without causing a ruckfuss with Daniang. But bc Grandma cared about her too much that she didn't think it straight. Grandma was a wise lady and she should have known the best way to handle the problem, but when ML was being targeted all of her wisdom went down the drain and she would rush at anyone who tried to harm her. ML said when people cared too much they made mistake. GTY, on the other hand, was very clever and careful in dealing with the incident with ML. All of his aftermath solutions were calculated carefully to take out their enemies in the future. ML admitted that what he did would benefit them most. But if he truly cared for her than he wouldn't think it that clearly. ML asked him why he didn't burst out in rage, if he were to risk everything just to avenge her even knowing she was safe in the end. The proof of love wasn't how many right things he did for her, but how many stupid mistakes he would be willing to commit for her. GTY stayed silent and could not reply. In the end ML said let's just continue like this, she would be a proper wife and mother. GTY then watch her fall asleep without saying a word. The beauty of these arguments is that it struck really hard into GTY's heart (and also the readers'). It pushed GTY into a realization of how wrong he was in viewing their relationship, how demanding he was of her and how his smart and cunning methods that he was proud of was backfiring at him. He realized that while he was criticizing her of holding back her emotions, he was also wearing a thick armor to protect himself and that there were no shortcuts nor bargaining in love. @Golden Flower QH was just a side character in the book so I didn't expect him to have that much screen time, although ZYL's potrayal was marvelous. It was the character of ML I was worried about. In the book even GTY doesn't appear much and ML is the main focus throughout the story. She was smart, rational and very insightful. She is a special woman, some of her words are intense and heavy and they carry her mature thoughts on love and life. I thought ZLY's acting was not enough to play such a character. Well they changed the plot a bit and turn ML livelier, more suitable for ZLY. I understand a 15-ish soul is incomparable to a 36-ish soul, but it's rather sad since the character lost part of its depth and impact.
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    1 of things I love is that surprised feelings when this forum can be so.. Much more. How can I explain it? When it is drama thread, I feel like I'm not just watching, but watching together and trying to understand deeper. Really want to join more drama thread in the future. Then, when it is hangout thread, I feel the warmth.. How people can be so caring, carefree, supporting through words behind life of an id are beautiful. And I'm really thankful for a chance that maybe I saved from tsunami because of your prayers too, good people. Thanks sister in heaven @CatchMine_ID who was introducing me to this land 2 pieces are never enough for dim sum. I need a bucket more and want to share the love!! 3 tagging hmmm.. People that I wanna tag already here or am I missing my brain capacity to remember all username, even my simple math +2/-2 is not trusted these times lol @sushilicious @USAFarmgirl @triplem @staygold @dotonly @lynne22 @Dhakra @stroppyse @Lmangla @staygold @cenching @mouse007 @angelangie and from recent drama thread.. MotA @hyuuhikari @rori0711 @Kasmic @PororoQueen TD @Ameera Ali A little anti-love song that is one of actually my fave.. Never gets old!
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    Shhhhh... pwahahaha. You caught me, @angelangie! I'm such a poser. #fakenews_packmule3 My latest reviews on Love O2O And Pride and Prejudice http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/02/07/richard simmons-talk-a-quick-note-on-pride-and-prejudice/ More wine?? @mouse007 I know that noodle dish, too!!! I've tried it. It has red sauce, but it isn't tomato-based, right? I tried it thinking it was some kind of spaghetti with seafood. Lol. Ignorance! Thy name is packmule3.
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    Hahahaha. I'm going to give you all an "angry" reaction because I'm sooo anti-love. lol. Btw, have you watched this movie, The Princess Bride?
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    GRrrrrrr.... I love samosas!!! Why did you remind me, @Lmangla??? I'm on a crash diet because I need to visit my doctor for my annual exam so no fried food for me ... at least until after the check-up. I can binge on samosas then. So, here's my ANTI-love post as you requested. 1. share what you have loved/learned/enjoyed about hanging out here in the soompi community. it can be a drama, ship, a kpop group, actor or just the different discussions you had with chingus here. That I can have "daughters" that I've always wanted to have...but didn't. Starting with Guigui. lol. And I don't have to deal with PMS with my virtual daughters. 2. share some food -- it could be from your region or from your travels or just some favourites. What is Valentine's Day without a bottle of rosé? WARNING: Only for soompiers 21 years and older. I'll be checking IDs before giving you a glass and taking your car keys so you can't drink and drive. I'll give you a sobriety test before handing your car keys back. Drink moderately, but party like heck. 3. tag your chingus here and share the love. it is february -- the month of love! Errr.... Shouldn't I tag my enemies instead since it's the season of love? It's a perfect excuse to kiss and make up. Make love, not war? But I'll tag my old friends who I don't see anymore @BiruAngel, @daloula, @lavender2love, @CamelKnight, @nearsea, @ricerascal67, @cannakat, @bebe1989, @mslee, @korchick, @YourHighness ., @Bambiina @romanov @staygold @moonkeeper @hafunohane @shooastrid, @cooleet @angelwingssf@deeand @melleri, @b8l8, @Tinkiebell @CatchMine_ID Is there a limit? @torreydinh, @USAFarmgirl @haha1549 @abnoch, @hushhh @gerrytan8063 @ricerascal67@TRaNz omilord! I've lots more but if only 2 people from that list respond, I'll be happy. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a sword, Kindly run into it.... so I'll forever live in your heart. And to end this Anti-Valentine's Day, here's my "I hate love songs" from Kelsie Ballerini. PS. I gave you an "angry" emoji because of the anti-love theme. hahaha.
  26. 11 points
    AAAAA am sooo glad with the second episode! I really find this drama light and fun (at least, its taking an hour for me to giggle seeing the two of them and the firm's funny crew from my stressful day). Now, I'm hoping that we'll get tons of funny LDW faces like the ones we get from goblin
  27. 11 points
    Oppa swooning is never an off topic here on Soompi . @Matilda_Anne You do know your mum is well loved here right ? I always enjoy your stories . We need to get her to have an account! @ktcjdrama where are you ? So true . When you tell me you like a drama , i immediately check it out !! Like I started watching Rebel not only for my oppa but coz @stroppyse loved it & watched it twice ! It’s not even a genre I normally like .You guys have such a big influence on my drama watching .
  28. 11 points
    why are all the kids on return on superman so cute?... love how variety shows can be still clean, sweet and entertaining (without any weird fights unlike some reality tv shows... )
  29. 11 points
    Hi everyone! I'm usually not really participating in any events - unfortunately. But thought I would do so this time. Because questions I can answer. kkk I've been on Soompi for so long - more than 10 years - even though there were periods I was less active due to no drama airing I was interested in. For me, since I live in a country where Asian dramas are not known by many people it's impossible to find people to talk to about the dramas I'm watching. So to me the Soompi community is important because we share the same love for different kinds of Korean dramas. I'm able to fangirl over OTPs and sweating over hot men exposing their abs ( @triplem ). I still remember vividly the "The Innocent Man" thread where I started my real active time as a member. And it's still one of my all-time favorite melodramas. And now I'm going to share a yummy Swedish dessert I had for the first time just yesterday. It's called semla and it's a bun filled with a sweet almond paste and topped with whipped cream. So... did I do this correctly, @Lmangla?
  30. 11 points
    @jl08 5 stars and a whole lot of trophies to your post chingu! ••••••••••••••••••••••• Found this vid in YT and oh my! The feels! We really saw their relationship evolve before our eyes! Ctto
  31. 11 points
    @triplem what a coincidence! I’m having Japanese food for dinner later. Yumz. I love Korean food too. But what I’m really craving for now: I’m so glad I found Soompi back in 2017 when I was so crazy about FIS and my beloved JoonMin couple. I finally had a place to spazz without feeing silly! Although I usually don’t have time to watch a lot of dramas, I really enjoy spending time here, even if it’s just lurking and reading all of your posts. It’s nice to find like-minded people and have to chance to unwind, discuss, analyse, laugh and swoon. Love all of you guys lots! And lots of love to the mods who keep this forum going like a well-oiled machine. Will continue to lurk and contribute whenever I can. Hugs and kisses!
  32. 11 points
    Today my breakfast was from McD and it reminded me of @TRaNz LOL. The almighty Maharaja Mac
  33. 11 points
    I actually like this change from the novel. Manniang the brainless villain overstayed in the novel and would have been boring by now in the drama. Now we have the battle of the familes and some delicious suspense as we don't know how it plays out. Old Madam Kang vs ML is way better than Manniang or even Stepmom vs ML.
  34. 11 points
    ooh such a great description! so true! have actually learned so much about people and relationships as everyone gives a different reading on one character or a drama. even something as simple how we have different ideas on what we could consider romantic was such an eye opener... some of the stories you hear remain with you long after the drama finished. so one thread, we were laughing about how kdrama is obsessed with first love and how that never happens... then one poster shared -- during kindergarten? sunday school? there was this 5 year old boy who used to run behind her 3 year old daughter and everyone said "awww, these two are so cute!".. she on the other hand was like "my baby! leave!" hahahha... they moved and years later, this boy and girl ended up meeting in uni and getting married. she said that he was a perfectly nice son-in-law and had no idea why she was so annoyed when he was 5.
  35. 11 points
    I wanted to ask you this if we met again “Do you have a boyfriend?”
  36. 10 points
    To me, I can see why they added more to Aunty Kang storyline and switched from MN to Aunty Kang in the attack/fire part. They cut out GTY’s first wife that was in the novel. Her death played a large role in the deaths of Third Gu brother’s family and Stepmom’s downfall (first wife’s family got revenge after finding out Stepmom was behind first wife’s death). Without her, they used the collaboration between Stepmom and Aunty Kang so it may be the Wangs (instead of Yu’s in the novel) that gets revenge on Stepmom when they realize the truth that it was her that used Aunt Kang and got her killed. Not having the first wife also brought about the earlier death of GTY’s illegitimate son since he couldn’t be used like in the novel (attempted adoption under dead first wife’s name by her family). So I saw all this as a way to tie up some of those loose ends. It’s just hard to watch all those baddies banding together but if GTY going away is a plan to flush out ED’s rebellion, I can see all this public display being allowed to play out as a way to hush the critics since it is full disclosure on why GTY should be allowed to split up the branches of the family. MN returning, on the other hand is overkill and should have been cut. I get that there are probably better ways to do it but there’s not many episodes left to do it in. Either way I am enjoying this drama
  37. 10 points
    @Lmangla I have never been tempted to eat Subway after watching a drama either. Subway is not my favourite place to eat at especially when there's so many other delicious food around. Like @stroppyse I've probably eaten more ramen and korean food because of all the dramas. @cenching isn't water apple called "Makopa" in the PH? I love it too and I also love duhat. @triplem I don't remember if I've ever tried Durian but mangoes have to be my favourite fruit. @rori0711 are you Filipino? You're making me hungry with all the Filipino food you've been posting! My parents are actually making leche flan for me and they're bringing it over this weekend (I hope!). Halo-halo has to be one of my favourite foods.
  38. 10 points
    Ohhh so this is the event that you said is for @Dhakra and @sushilicious But since sushi is already a EO, she can't participate. Booo. LOL. And she is the one organizing it. Nice. Even though I've not watched many dark gory dramas I can still guess because it's just guessing the title from the pictures, right? That's easy. I might've heard the drama name mentioned somewhere even if I didn't watch it myself. LOL.
  39. 10 points
    omg im loving this drama !!! it's only ep 2 but he's already caring for her haha my heart flutters everytime they interact. ep 2 is better imo from ep 1, hopefully rating will increase
  40. 10 points
    My after dinner dessert, Mini Buko Pie and Osmanthus Sencha Tea.....
  41. 10 points
    Omo..i see @Visually-wandering. Long time no see~ but i can't recall in which drama thread did we have discussions Anyways..i went checking how long i've been on soompi. I've been here since Jan 2010. So 9 yearsss. Omg, if i had a kid, he/she would be in primary school already hahaha. And i also can't really recall my first kdrama. But it might be Dae Jang Gum or Jewel in the Palace. And what was Dae Jang Gum about? FOOD! And that bgm..so iconic. I remember watching bits and pieces of this drama with my dad. The memories~
  42. 10 points
    Ok, so I had to check my profile page to see how long I have been on soompi! Almost 5 years but it feels like I have been here forever. What I like about soompi? The ppl who will convince you that you have to watch a particular drama else your whole life is a waste. That passion for a drama is what I love. Whether I end up hating or loving that series is irrelevant. But the enthusiasm that people show is what I love. I am still learning how to express that passion. I also love the 'tubelight' moments when a poster comes up a fantastic analysis of a plain looking scene and suddenly everything makes so much sense! What next? Food? Deep fried, sweet, and difficult to make the perfect batch. Anaras, kajjaya, adhirasam, arisa many name same calories Oh hey! and your most fav 'oppa' is the equivalent of mango! Cos once you taste it, it becomes the benchmark and you measure other fruits against it!
  43. 10 points
    Tbh, I have never tasted durians. LOLOL. So I have no idea how it tastes like, I just know that they are extremely stinky. Hahaha But leave it to you to analyse my food preference to preference in men. Hahaha. I don't like soft and calm guys though. I mean they are good as friends, but that is all.
  44. 10 points
    I live in PH but not a Filipino.... Btw, should I call you Sis or Bro???
  45. 10 points
    ... which will be used to show our appreciation for oppa/ajusshi? ... or as @Lawyerh pointed out, the revolving door of our favourite oppas? ... and @triplem ~ it is a good thing these oppas don't know we exist; it means we can upgrade and keep adding to our fave list without feeling one iota of guilt! hahahahha...
  46. 10 points
    Thanks to you , I watched Live Up to your name & discovered KNG. I remember we had to name our favourite way of him dying . lol!!! Yes those bets & polls are the best . So fun!!! Wahh I’m so hungry ..let me bring the king of fruits . My fellow Malaysians & neighbours will appreciate . The rest of you may find this too overpowering
  47. 10 points
    I am not that fond of Korean food. I only like a few like Pork Kimchi Jjigae, Yukgaejjang and Bulgogi KimBab....For Table top BBQ, I still go for Yakiniku, Rocku in Pavillion Mall top floor is to die for!!! I queued for 2 hours to get a table!!! Darn!!! Dear, The Mighty Mods Do you think is time to add a drooling reaction???
  48. 10 points
    Ok this is becoming a thread for food porn more than anything. LOL. @cenchingIs that masal dosai!?!? Wow I love that one. Hahaha. Some more food. Roti with Paneer Tikka masala and some onion rings
  49. 10 points
    -2 @cenching You don't know about me, no matter how crappy the drama is, I'll go and watch it just for my idols and I'll let myself believe that they are good. LOL. But anyways, unfortunately, I also think this DL-YZ reunion is just a hoax or as @lynne22 said "a wishful thinking" LOL. But seriously MDL needs to stop giving me false hopes. Even if I didn't believe the news, deep down in my heart I hoped that it would be true. Sighhhhhhhhhhh.
  50. 10 points
    First impression, legally blonde... hmmm so good to be watching our favourite people again i can’t stop lolling politely. The supporting actors and actresses also the best
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