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    "If the sea's job is to make waves" "Then mine is to think of you"
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    (2018/2019) ♡ “Soo Hyun, those shoes brought you to me. I believe they will bring you back to me. Nowadays, you are walking down a difficult path. I hope you look at these shoes and remember the times we walk happy. Soo Hyun, you are my only love, do not forget this. I’ll keep holding on to every promise I made. You may have break up with me, but I’ll still love you.”.
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    @bebebisous33 Always amazed reading your thoughts and reviews on each and every scenes in Encounter. Couldn't agree more of what you said here: That’s why in the future by watching a k-drama, pay attention to the walk if one of the main characters is described as passive and quite restraining himself/herself. The walk could be a clue for a possible change, especially if it happens with the person he or she loves. Remember what SHK said in BTS Ep 16: Your analyses on walk is absolutely on point. We have 2 minutes opening scenes of Soo Hyun's back, as she walking. 2 minutes without showing her face is rather long. And as you said, there's no way the PD and writer would choose such scene without put any meaning on it. Again, your analyses is so mind blowing: Striking is that the walk is also associated to love.To conclude, walking in love is the best which means life without love is no real life. because in the last scene, it ends with Soo Hyun's back as well, but she walked together with love of her life. And they looked back as if they're saying: we will hold each other forever. We will walking in love forever. @bebebisous33 yes, absolutely
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    Thanks for the reminder about this scene from the episode 15. You are definitely right with your observation that the bridge made of metal is reflecting the coldness. Actually, in this scene, this is not a stroll at all. First, she used her car. Secondly, she is just standing, as if she was frozen. Besides, when I used the word "walk", I had "stroll" in my mind. Kim Jin Huyk is moving in an aimless way, he looks lost. He doesn't really pay attention to his surrounding. So their "walk" reflect the way they are feeling: he feels lost and lifeless and she is like petrified, she can't move due to the coldness of the night and the bridge. She is no longer a Sleeping beauty but a statue made of ice. Besides, this impression is reinforced as there is no plant, no people on that bridge, only cars passing by. Notice that the moon is not shown at all, although it is night. CSH, as the moon, can not shine as she is without her sun. As for the bridge, it symbolizes that CSH is about to leave KJH's life and world. However, we never see her crossing the bridge entirely. Since a bridge connects two sides together, it embodies the link between two worlds. In the goblin, it connected humans and gods, life and death, past and present. Don't forget that on that bridge, our reaper met his past love and Eun Tak's mother met the goddess. Here, CSH just puts some distance between herself and KJH. She can not bear to watch KJH in pain. The bridge is an illustration for distance and leaving KJH's side/world but like I mentioned it before, we don't see her reaching the other side as she stops and looks at the lights and buildings lost in her thoughts, too hurt by the pain. Thanks to your observation, I was able to add other elements. Great job... @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    Gu Ting Ye and Chang Bai went AWOL because of Grandmother's incident. Chang Bai's wife is the one who sent the letter regarding what happening at home. So cute Gu Ting Ye said his wife is so meek and docile like a lamb that she faint at the slightest provocation and blamed the Wang family for causing his wife such anguish that her mannerism had changed.
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    I found this guys... SJH is dating news from KPop Predictions which is 98% accurate !! Lets wait ......
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    @rosiepeonie188 First thanks a lot for the compliment. But your analysis was as great as mine. You added scenes and interpreted these as well. I would like to add one aspect: notice the contrast between the start and the ending. The director chose black and white in the beginning underlining the lifeless and lonely life of our heroine. She had a sad and colorless life. She saw the painting representing her life but she didn't buy it right away. She only put it in her living room much later, after KJH has become much closer to her. When he enters her house for the first time, the painting is already there. So this painting reflect her situation: KJH will live in her castle. We see this in the introduction.
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    Ohhhhhhhhhh so much excitement! So it seems like the Emperor was angry that GTY came home to save his wife from the fire and maniac who tried to kill her and the baby? So he would have preferred GTY to first come to him and pay his respect while his house is being burned to the ground and the lives of his wife and son at peril??????? I am so dissapointed with Molan. I had hoped that she will turned a new leaf but nope. She has to follow in her mom's footsteps. Aie aie aie....no hope for her then. I can only anticipate heavy downfall for her too!
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    @rosiepeonie188 By the way, your observation (connecting the start and the end of the drama) inspired me. I have been thinking about writing a detailed comparison between these. Is that okay with you? Can I even use your pictures too? Naturally, I will mention your name. Furthermore, I would like to add that I am watching the other noona romance "Romance is a supplement" which has a lot in common with Encounter, although the approach is totally different: - the presence of books - Fairy tale: Cinderella - the characters - the loss of identity f. ex. I am planning to analyze and compare both dramas. Interested... it would be great if you joined the other thread. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy11
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    I don't think that empress has any ill intention towards ml when she said about the assisination attempt. She didn't know that gty didn't send the news to ml about that. Her reaction just.. Opps i've said something that i'm not supposed to. Regret. Uncomfortable. But not glee. 2nd point ml didn't tell empress to fix the problem bcoz it's originated from her.. But to solve it as an example of leadership eventhough the mistake was not done by her. This move by the empress actually stupefied ED and put ED in a difficult. She has to be magnanimous and accept the apology from emperor and empress and not to insist on heavy punishment for general sheng. Lol.. She did wonder who gave the excellent advice to the empress as she knows the empress is not someone who can think of that insightful and brilliant move as she's more a straightforward honest woman. ED v Ml: Ml scored twice vs ED
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    Sorry to cut your original post. To be honest, I tried to move on and watch a new drama. I found myself liking a new drama's first two episodes but couldn't bring myself to continue watching just yet. My heart is still with JinSoo and to cope I'm just watching a variety with lots of coffee and toast to distract myself from missing Encounter too much. After the drama ended I had so much in my heart to say about this very beautiful love story. But I let the moment passed by and couldn't write any of the emotions that overwhelmed me. I am thoroughly grateful to everyone in this thread especially to @bebebisous33 for all the amazing deep analysis of Encounter even linking it with classic literature. Thank you so much.
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    I actually pitied SH main wife. Being sold out by her own mother in other to protect auntie Kang. It was sad when she discovered that her mum favors her elder sister and would happily let her shoulder the blame for the poisoning. In fact Marquis Kang did not even come for the "hearing" and let his in-laws dealt with their family. That just shows how much he value her. You could see that Elder brother Kang and his wife have been suffering for years always covering for auntie Kang's misdeeds no doubt at Grandma Wang's command for she is very much the matriach and boss here. Of course I just love how GTY come to save his wifey......despite possible punishment from the emperor. That is love. He consoled her when she cried. That part was so emotional. I am also happy to see Danju getting married in her finery. It was even more eloborate than Molan's wedding LOL. The Sheng should have killed Linniang's maid when they had the chance. YOu could see that Molan really wanted Minglan (her own sister) to die in childbirth in fire. She is even worst than her mom. Guess, you can't trust beautiful faces.
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    Dedicating this especially to @bebebisous33 ... thank you lots for tirelessly sharing with us your detailed and insightful analysis. I feel like I'm back in Literature class whenever I read your posts here and/or on your blog ... love every single one of them.
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    There are 2 types of people in this world. There are those who believes in, and practises "What I can not have, others shall not get" Mdm Qin and Aunt Kang are both epitome of that. Born blessed, into prestigious family, with feeling of entitlement, believing that things revolved around them, deluded to thinking they are the most important, and hence, deserves only the very best. Mdm Qin couldn't obtained happiness, or love from Marquis Gu, so in her mind, GTY doesn't deserved to be happy or in love too. Mdm Qin lived a miserable life, consumed only by greed, so ML needs to die so that GTY can suffer and be miserable too. Aunt Kang household was a shambles, so naturally, the sisters household should be too.. Aunt Kang, despite her prestige, was never loved by the husband, so GTY being so smitten by ML is of course, unacceptable. And then we have the reverse: "For all that I've suffered, others shall not endured the same" Granny fiercely protected ML all these times and there were few occasions that she mentioned she will not let ML suffered the same way..whilst we weren't given too much backstory of grandma, it was evident that everything she did, she prepared ML to face all adversities that could come to her one day, while protecting her the best she can... ML too is another perfect example, when she unreservedly took in Rong'er and raised her as her own, so that Rong'er will not walk the difficult path she walked in. ML again showed that she will not let the same mistake happens twice when she took the sword by her hand, and took the Dr back to help Mdm Zhang's birth, by force, because she let her mum slipped away once. Sometimes, 2 person could experience the same predicament, yet what they learn and take away couldn't be more different. Could be inborn characteristics, could be the way there were raised, probably a combination of the 2.. Madam Qin and Madam Kang are both hateful characters, but at the same time, very sad. For they are fated to never be in peace, for there are always things they don't have, things they couldn't get. Forever chasing a phantom. Always bearing hatred. Their fate was sealed by their own mentality. If we can't be grateful for what we have, we will never be grateful for what we get.
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    I've got a new one 11 @roshzanna. They kissed for the first time on 1.1. (January the first)!!
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    Great observation... moreover, 1 +1 = 2 so basically, the number not only resembles to a couple but the number added together refers to a pair. Finally, in the form itself, we could see a bridge, a connection between above and below, a bridge connecting two worlds. Then I found this in the Internet: "11 is the symbol of idealism, intuition, energy, inspiration, will, courage, but also of tension, contradictions." CSH was an inspiration for KJH (remember his interview and his conversation with CSH in the episode 6 while they were walking). You could sense his admiration for her. CSH was courageous in many occasions, just like KJH. So the number reflect their own personality as well. In the end, I would say that the number implies that they complete each other, that's why we have 1(+)1 = 2. They are changed thanks to the other.
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    I think I should stop watching previews. They're stressing me out with whats coming that I can't watch the episodes without getting tense.
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    Molan married to the 6th son of a marquis. He himself is not a marquis although from a noble family. Whereas GTY has been granted the marquisade of the family since his elder brother died without heir. I believe it was also a title granted to him by the emperor himself so it irked her no end. A "Shu" daughter married above her social status, someone rich and someone who truly cared for her well being. Minglan has also been granted a title by the Emperor so it is like rubbing salt into her wound.
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    Lin niang's maid still kept in the Sheng house is biggest writing fail for me. Didn't SH order all of Lin niang's servants to be sold out? How come she's still around to cause trouble. Moreover, Da niang will never keep anyone loyal to Lin niang in her house. The writers were getting out of ideas it seems.
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    I could not agree more with your statement. Thank you. Reading this thread do brings happiness, more good memories and gain wisdom.
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    Now, here are the few changes. What also caught my attention are the colors and the structure of this painting. Since we know that Cha Soo Hyun’s element is water as our heroine is often connected to the sea, we could interpret this painting as an image of the sea with a lot of foam, bulbs of air. So this painting embodies perfectly CSH and KJH’s relationship: the meeting of water and air. And their final photo is this episode 16 All along the viewers keep seeing such pictures, while our protagonists have no idea of their existence. These are invisible photos. But who is the photographer? Sure, in reality the director chose to create such takings but in the story itself, I would say, nature and time are the ones behind these pictures as nature and time are the natural forces that bring KJH and CSH together. By the way, I would like to add that I love paintings and I often analyze these, like for example in my History class. When I was a teenager, I discovered painting through a book name The Work, written by Emile Zola, and it was about a fictive impressionist painter. We had to read it in class. Zola was a close friend to Cézanne the famous French painter. That's how I discovered impressionism and little by little I got more interested in painting as I was able to understand the meaning behind these. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    DC Boyfriend sent these lovely gifts to director, writer, cast, staff, crew, etc. through production company. All cr. dc boyfriend
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    SH like a kite.. Easily sway. Everytime wang mother told him something, he seems to agree. Then ml countered her, SH then agreed with ml. Ha ha. He was such a weak man. Pity him
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    Here is a translation of the preview. However, the lack of pronoun usage in Korean means that I'm making guesses in a few places. YS: You rude, insufferable *epithet* of a jerk! JR: From now on, please don’t touch my desk at all. Then. (This is the word he says to excuse himself.) YS: Then? Then! (she’s upset that he’s so short with her) YH: Looks, temperament, she’s totally perfect. YS: (drunkenly) I’m still going to do it. YS: Him. Him. Mgr: What? YS: There he goes. JR: The two of you should figure it out yourself. Kim Se Won: Why? Yeo Rum likes you. HY: I was wondering what his relationship was with the 3rd generation chaebol. The fact that he was in that place is a matter of fact after all. JR: I want to give you a chance to work properly as my secretary. JR: Why don’t we start over from the beginning? Okay, so it looks as if JR may already be in a love triangle of some kind with his friends YR and SW. We'll have to wait for more info to figure that out for sure. I'm just hoping that it doesn't turn into a love quadrangle, or get in the way of the OTP. But, it seems as if JR comes around to giving YS a proper chance at being his secretary, even if it's only for 3 months. As I've said in my previous post, I do appreciate how YIN is able to show vulnerability to her characters, even with one who seems to have such a fragile ego as YS. However, I'm also happy to see that YS has resolve and spirit, not to mention some brains about it all. I would much rather a feisty, intelligent heroine versus one who has to be saved by the hero all the time.
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    The first episode was so hilarious! I loved the DotS parody that Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) dreams up as she's reading the script. And, how cute is it that Jang Ki Yong is the younger man that she dreams of as her leading man in those imagined sequences. Anyway, they were just adorable together, though I don't actually need to see them in a noona romance together or anything! Anyway, I liked the intros on the characters. The rest of the post is in the spoiler for anyone who hasn't watched the episode yet, and doesn't want it to be spoiled.
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    I too believe that KJK is a very considerate man, from what I see in RM, MUD, BP, he is always careful when it comes to loveline thing, or even just linking with Girls espescially if the woman is a public figure. So if the loveline is only for a show then JK is lying to himself about his word that he dont want to involved in any LL anymore. And it does not make sense too if he make JH involved in this situation. As we know JH is an actress that her career can easily ruin if she have a LL espescialy fake LL , cause she already experience the aftermath with MC LL before. And it's certainly not good for JH to have 2 LL in 1 same show. I believe JK also consider this thing. That's way, if this is a fake LL it is a very risky move both for JK and for JH, cause their image can be harmed. And we know JK is very careful man in the way he decide things. In my opinion JK willing to do this LL because there is something going on with JK and JH in real life. and the other member is given the greenlight to fuel this LL make it obvious that they know something we dont
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    @roshzanna excellent observation. Doesn’t the number 11 also have this mysticism around it? I remember I was told you can make a wish every 11:11
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    He is the head guard left by gty to guard ml. He appeared before accompanying ml when she went to her farmstead given by grandma.
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    @luv_jinsoo Thanks a lot for compliment and the wonderful gift, these pictures of KJH and CSH together in Cuba! I might be good at analyzing but my skills, when it comes to gif or create such pictures, are terrible. @beejoy111 You're welcome. I really appreciate the compliment too. In the end, watching a drama doesn't mean that we don't read or don't need to use our brain any longer. Actually, since we watched Encounter with subtitles, we read all the time. We had to read and to look at scenes at the same time which is quite similar as reading a graphic novel. You might not know but in France, graphic novels are considered as the 9th art. They are treasured books and the covers are different from mangas. As you might have guessed, I own myself a lot of graphic novels, especially historical graphic novels.
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    LOL - you said it all @leeza77 We are all watching this drama because it is what it is. Otherwise it would have been quite boring. Let's just all enjoy the drama. Naturally, a debate is healthy but let's do it peacefully. We could all get carried away and that is totally fine. It means that the actors and actresses did a darn good job hence we are emotionally involved I did not read the novel and preferred not to do so, so I can totally enjoy the drama the way it is and not constantly comparing. The last time I did it with Harry Potter, it totally ruined it for me. That doesn't mean that I was not curious. I think all of us agreed (to some extent) that this is a good watch so lets enjoy! I am discovering a lot of actors and actresses that I have never heard of before which is a good thing as I hardly ever watch dramas except when something caught my fancy. I hope their rating continues to go up.......YESSSSSSS
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    Changfeng was MuQing....Nihuang's brother Emperor was Shen Zui in NIF...Prince Jing's first supporter Kang Aunts husband was Cai Quan...Prince jing second supporter Duke of Ying was Xia Jiang in NIF Prince Yong...QH's first father inlaw was Prince Ji, emperor's brother who liked music and frequented brothels Qi daren...QH's dad looks like one of Jingrui dads....the one who was used as an assassin by Marquis Xie Daylight production like to use many of the same actors, it seems.
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    Gty said that ml can always lean on him and he was content with what he has now. This is where ml decide to be open with her love and affection towards gty as gty has accepted her true self and no longer kind of buldoze her to reveal her feeling to him.
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    According to the regulation of State Administration of Radio, Film and TV in China, any period drama must be set in a particular dynasty, otherwise it can't be released. That's a dilemma many period dramas face when they're apapted from novels with no specific dynasty backdrop. On the one hand they have to add some plot not in the novel but true to history, and on the other hand, they must try to keep the major storyline of the novel intact, as a large part of the viewers are novel fans. It's difficult to strike a balance between these two conflicting requirements, and so it's not surprising to see complaints from history lovers and book fans. As for incorporating modern elements into period dramas, I think it's common practice and understandable. Dramas have to please modern viewers. If all the plot and characters are all written according the cultural and social norms of that era in ancient China, viewers would find it too boring and alienated. The drama probably wouldn't be a economic success then, a prospect not many producers or directors want to see.
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    The "docile obedient" girl was just a mask she wore for a long time, right after her mother death. The mask has already vanished little by little from the time she plotted vs danniang. Her marriage to gty speed up the process. She has reverted to her old self when she was five, full of spirit and energy. A little girl who was not afraid and very brave, outspoken and outstanding.
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    Please chingus participate in their DVD Survey if you havent done it yet.
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    As i rewatched ep 3, i can add up another presence of number 11. the office of SH is on the 11th floor their some relationship ...december 11 JH's return to the head office...february 11 Maybe the writer used the number 11 with purpose or its just a favorite number or just coincidence. I searched the internet and the meaning of 11 fairly describes SH and JH. Or 11 represents JH and SH standing, facing each other as can be seen in many of their scenes.
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    Preview for ep 2 (Hard sub) OYS: Such a strange man, you son of *peep* KJR: I hope from now on you won't touch anything on my desk. Well then ... OYS: Well then? Well then what?! CYH: Why everything on your personality... is so perfect? OYS: I am not drunk at all OYS: Oh my, it's that man. That person Woman: I wonder if she doesn't have any relation with the rich heir KJR: I want to give you the chance to work properly as my secretary KJR: Let's we start everything from the beginning again
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    http://t.cn/Ec53fnZ?m=4336798451093941&u=1897410357 New trailer. GTY and CB's return to the capital is secret and not granted by the emperor. ML is shocked to hear this as it is a major offence. And the emperor knows it too. He gets angry and curses GTY, but at the end his meaningful side glance makes me wonder if he's been playing games all along.
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    The kiss scene takes place when ML returns to Sheng household as a newly-wed bride. On their way back to GTY manor she compares GTY with HHW and says with him in front of her and protecting her, she will be afraid of nothing. But when ML kisses GTY (a quick peck on the face), she makes a slip of tongue: "Second uncle, you're so nice..." which darkens his face.
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    If you want to know if someone truly loves you, this is perhaps the best test ever. If someone is prepared to go through hardship for you, then it is a keeper.
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    She played the naive role very well. She may appear a little mean at times but you could see where her sister is concerned she is totally blind to reasons. Her disbelief that her own blood sister could manipulate her so well so as to be able to later on blackmail her for favours. That her own grandson could have eaten the cakes was not even in her thoughts. You could see the fleeting emotion on her face. This actress is indeed well chosen for her part.
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    Sorry i don't agree with you. Since empress told ML about the assassination before ML told empress about her strategy
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