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    @luv_jinsoo @rainy12 Thanks for the encouragement and compliment. This is the new analysis for today on my blog. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/93258717/posts/2159104002 Since some complained that they couldn't have access... I am posting it here too. The playground and Cha Soo Hyun's change of heart A lot of viewers perceived the parallels between the scene in the episode 16, where Cha Soo Hyun returns to her boyfriend’s side and the scene in the episode 2. The playground symbolizes the place, where their love began and was completed. In the episode 2, our heroine went to that place after reading Kim Jin Hyuk’s letter of motivation. In his letter, he described how meaningful this place was to him. While watching the view, the viewer listens to the song CSH listened to, when she watched the sunset in Cuba. The music serves as a tool to show that our heroine is remembering the wonderful moments she lived with KJH in Cuba. However the difference between the two scenes is that their position is reversed. KJH caught her at the playground which surprised him and made him happy. In the episode 16. KJH is sitting there looking at the falling snow when Cha Soo Hyun appears behind and joins him. (episode 2) Each time, KJH is surprised as he didn’t expect her there. The other similarity is, the two situations are always encounters. The right timing played a huge part in their love in order to start and to be completed. (episode 16) Striking is that Cha Soo Hyun sits on the left swing, while our protagonist is seen sitting on the right swing. It was as if the left swing would always belong to his girlfriend. He doesn’t dare to sit there. This playground with the swing is so sacred for both of them. Nonetheless, this scene from the episode 16 is not just as a reminder of the saying: this love began and was completed there. There is another scene which shares a lot of similarities with the scene at the playground: the fateful encounter at Morro Cabana and the beautiful sunset. At first, you might wonder. Let us go back to the scene in Cuba. First, CSH has a problem with the taxi as the latter is broken. (episode 1) She is forced to leave the taxi, take the ferry and walk to the top of the hill with her high heels. (episode 1) And now, if you go back to the takings before Cha Soo Hyun meets her loved one in the episode 16, she is also forced to leave her car as there is some construction work on the road. (episode 16) Then we see her walking to the top, determined to reach that place: the playground. The takings are quite similar to these from the episode 1. (episode 16) Both scenes illustrate her determination. On the one hand, she wants to watch the beautiful sunset and the other hand, she wishes so much to be at the playground, the place she remembered her experiences with KJH in Cuba, the place where he approached her knowing now her identity and later acted as if he was her knight touching tenderly her knee. Sure, there are huge differences between these scenes (day versus night; moon versus sun; coldness versus warmth) that’s why the beholders might not catch the resemblance between these two events. Yet both have something in common: the presence of water (sea and falling snow). In another analysis (forum soompi), I had written that Cha Soo Hyun’s element is water. The snowflakes look a lot like stars due to their form. It was as if the stars would celebrate their reconciliation and the finalization of their love. Moreover, Kim Jin Hyuk is also attracted to go outside, when he sees the snow falling. He looks at the window episode 16 and his feet are the ones leading him to that place. Nature is leading him there. And just like in the episode 1 where Cha Soo Hyun arrived on the top before Kim Jin Hyuk and sit on the wall waiting for the sunset, in the episode 16 our hero is waiting for the snow. CSH is about to rescue him from his melancholy, just like Cha Soo Hyun was saved by him from falling down the wall. While the sunset in Cuba touched her heart and led to her awakening, the scene in the episode 16 symbolizes a different aspect: Cha Soo Hyun’s change of heart. In Cuba, she woke up literally and decided to change her life (enjoy life and abandon her sadness), the viewers witness the change of her mindset. However, only her mind has changed, not her heart, as she keeps controlling her heart. In the episode 16, the change of heart happened in the dark room. Here the red color reminds us of the sunset in Cuba. That’s why the scene in the red room was added, while we see her walking to the top in order to reach that playground. This was her third and last huge revelation: her own happiness was dependent of her boyfriend. Without him, she is not able to be happy. If she had given up on him, then she would have been miserable all her life. The difference between the time (day versus night) can be easily explained. Cha Soo Hyun’s world is the night as she is associated to the moon which means that KJH has been able to enter her world completely, just like she entered his world as well: the playground. In both events, we see natural phenomenons: snow and sunset. Nature is omnipresent and is a driving force for them, although our OTP is surrounded by houses and buildings. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    Wow! Glad that the love for Boyfriend is still going strong! @bebebisous33 You're really awesome!! Your analyses are really interesting and thanks for taking so much time to share with us. Please continue as we're all looking forward to more analyses....You're doing such a great job with Boyfriend! @gumtaek That ep 1 screening in PBG's Japan FM is awesome! Thanks for sharing....looking at the entire promotional vid, I already feel so excited for the Japanese fans to catch the drama. The visuals and gorgeous settings are enough to pump up the adrenalin and I'm sure the Japanese fans wish that the drama could be screened as soon as possible! @stardustvoid @dukesa1122 @twtwb and many other chingus, Thanks for staying here and why do I feel that this place feels like home and that KJH and CSH owe us some future episodes where they progress from Boyfriend to Mr and Mrs Kim? hehe..... And when the kids come along and they bicker over the kids....it'll be PBG's wish come true to act in a bickering role with a 'same age actress'....haha... Btw, why do people feel so elated when they read about PBG's reply that it's KJH romancing CSH and not he romancing his friend's wife? Isn't that a GIVEN from the start? lol.... I thought that was pretty clear. Did someone got mix up with reel and real from the start? OK, I hope for #Season2Boyfriend and if not possible, a #Boyfriend movie with PBG and SHK would be great! Just imagine the cinematography in a movie! We already caught glimpses of that from the drama and it's so beautiful. So I'm wondering if a movie come true, will we be able to stay sane looking at the visuals of PBG and SHK on the super huge screen... Meanwhile, PBG is busy with his FMs. Can SHK please grace some magazine cover and talk about Boyfriend? Now, we can be elated if a miracle happens and SHK and PBG can be seen in the same frame......promoting Boyfriend! And I'm still having the #Boyfriend bug.... Btw, P.O's detailed description of meeting SHK......is daebak! I take it to be her vibes are "electrifying" and "stunning"......to make such an impact on him!
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    Okay, i haven't watch the ep yet, so i wont judge. But base on the clips that i saw in ig, i can't see no rejection at all. Okay, i was talking to my friend (coshipper) just n0w and she said, i quote "At this point, what else can JK react to their tease? Of course he had to act shy and blush and asked them to stop. Just like how we use to do when someone teased us. But then, I'm sure we got flutter too!" It's like when our friends teases us with our crush, we become shy and we tell them to stop. I remember i threatened by friends i'll hit them if they continue to tease me. We have seen jk being like that all the time. But the catch here is, if there's nothing going on why not deny? He can tell them to stop and justify himself. If he is really serious about finding someone to date this year and marry next year, and its not jh, so what's the use of this all. In the end who get bash? More than jk, it will be jh. We've seen him protect her from the crowd, do you think he will allow all of this 'coz im sure he knows the backlash it could give to jh, his very good friend, in the end? And again, why now? They have refused it since then so why now? Then my friend also said "If both of them playing along with the teasing, there's no need to have a loveline anymore. Better get a confession and make an official announcement!" Which i agree. Some, even i myself was thinking, why use "loveline?" But it got me thinking, if they don't deny and both play along, people will get curious and eventually either one need to say something, but if they play it in a "loveline" they don't need to say anything 'coz its a loveline. They can mask it thru a loveline. I don't know if you agree, but it's just my opinion. And for years jk would usually hide his care and affection for jh, but last night we have seen how jk takes care of jh. If all they are doing in the show is really for nothing then why the h.eck are they doing it? For ratings? Rm has been in the lowest than now, why not use it before? Why only now? And for years we have seen jh being in the sideline when it comes to jk, she is the supporter/audience, but now she is the "one" already, and i don't know about you, but jh is glowing with happiness. It's like she became free. Free to do the thing she wants, and free to express her feelings. Let's not be too negative again. We always wanted them, now we have it. We might as well enjoy it. Maybe we are just not used of the idea them being the center of attention. It's just the matter of getting use to things. Let's see where they will lead us. And regarding them separating next week, guys we are talking about SA here. The most competitive members of RM. You think they would settle just like that. Both needs action. And besides isn't it fun to see them compete each other. It's not nice that they would just be loveydovey all the time. A little action can add up to the spice. So guys, let's just enjoy what we have now. Let's complain later when we see something that is beyond normal and worth complaining! Happy shipping!
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    It was exactly these societal rules that kept him from being able to directly draw that line. Remember, to the outside world, the Stepmom is virtuous and GTY is the bad son. In fact, the Emperor purposely gave GTY a manor that was right next door to the Gu manor because he wanted GTY to reconcile with his family for propriety’s sake since GTY is now a high official. The fact that GTY and ML already in a round about way ignore Stepmom has already been seen as unfilial, especially before the walls went down and the two majors were joined. They have to bide their time until there’s a hole in Stepmom’s facade in order to legally separate the Gu household since separating a Noble household was a matter that had to be approved by court. As sad as it is, the fire and stuff was the ammunition they needed to be able to get approval as well as the Stepmom’s exposure. GTY is very lucky that ML is level headed and intelligent since she understands some of these nuances better than GTY sometimes.
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    I agree. No matter what’s going on, there’s no denying how happy SJH has been the past little while. I love your description of her as “glowing,” because she is literally glowing. She’s no longer the quiet, almost invisible, half-forgetten but often shamed supporting member. She’s front and center. Before anyone says she’s just happy to have more screen time, don’t forget that she’s always happily given up her screen time so others can shine, both members and guests. As you said, she’s free to express her feelings. Take that however far you choose to take it. One more thing, some fans are upset re: what SJH said about KG. Frankly, I appreciate that she released KG’s ghost today. I’m not saying this because I ship her and KJK. I appreciate her doing this FOR KG. Yesterday, I read comments from fans who suggested that KJK should get KG’s approval before being with SJH. That’s insane. MC’s over. Fans need to let KG go. He’s happy now, and I see what SJH did today as her way of finally and officially cutting ties. Whether she’s “replacing” him with KJK or not isn’t the point. Hopefully “fans” respect SJH’s words, and they finally and fully support KG. Our precious squid deserves it. Whatever happens with SA, let’s enjoy them while we can. If we’re right and they do get married, unless they get on a show like Return of Superman, we won’t see them together like this, again. “Fans” complain when SA are not lovey dovey enough. “Fans” also complain when SA are on full display. Come on, y’all. Just chill and enjoy the ride. It’s just getting good.
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    She got much condemnation after the fire. People started questioning her pure and innocent act. GTY being the smart cookie he is, is also someone who likes to hold grudges. When he saw his house on fire....he rushed in to save ML. After everything was under control he went and set fire to stepmom son's house....as retaliation. No one was hurt but the next day when the news about the fire was spreading ...another rumor started that said it was the stepmom who started the fire and to deflect suspicion from herself she burned her own son's house. It was then people started putting things together about stepmom's action....concubines, rumors of ML's bad attitude, GTY's bad reputation were actually underhanded ways to harm GTY and ML. GTY went to court the next day with little burns and bruises on his face and hands and asked the emperor permission to official divide the house of Gu.....stepmom, her son, the uncles and aunts...everyone got kicked out of the Gu manor....and were given some part of the Gu property to live on. GTY and ML moved in the manor after renovating it. The reason stepmom went crazy was she lost everyone dear to her...her son, her grand children and it was because of her own actions. And the marquis title that she had worked so hard to get for her son was completely out of her hands after her son died and ML gave birth to another son. He was on his salt mines investigation trip.....the one he is on right now. ED fake charges are all newly written for the drama it was not in the book.
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    He made some mistakes but I guess he thought that going against his family in a direct way was risky. It could have damaged his position and status and given ammunition to his Enemies. In that society you had to be filial even if the family was a mess. however he seemed sad when he told ml that if he hadn’t married her, she would have had a happy and peaceful life with He. Maybe he felt remorses. This is why I guess he will propose the amiable separation, to give her a peaceful life and not to drag her down with him. IA that in the end he is lucky that ml is a gem,
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    @NongpeeP Your observations (comparisons) were also very good. You added elements that I had missed, like the letters... this is why I enjoyed reading your analysis as well. As for the next topic, it will be about the fairy tales in Encounter.
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    @sava2sava From the trailer, though it is very hard to identify the woman who was trying to stab ML and/or her newborn, it doesn't seem to be MN. I don't think MN is going to reappear again since her son is already dead.
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    I don't want them to lose everything because life will become hard for them. But I do want them to leave the capital and get away from scheming relatives and nobles.
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    Based on next week's preview, SA decided to go separately for the SBS gift card. So they will compete against each other in ACE vs ACE teams. So whichever team gets chosen in the final roulette spin will win the SBS gift card. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtaudXjjV_g/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=8z03ydi0b38k It is a bummer i thought SA would have used it together
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    What you said about SH holds correct from the POV of the times they were in.Since the drama is being telecast in our era it needs to suit our taste too.Being a fictional show it can be accomplished. Kept interesting by blending something of the past and present. Thus ML can behave like a modern era heroine,GTY can be progressive in his thought process and turn the world upside down to get acceptance for it. CL getting upper hand in the Sheng household management and SH being comfortable with it. I like how it gives a decent peek into ancient China but doesn't bombard too much about it.I am looking forward for the upcoming episodes as it picks up intensity and pace towards the climax. To add from the aspect of the series if I have to justify ML's fiery reaction to grandma's poisoning v/s calm one to aunt Kangs's concubine scheme, it was also due to the fact that it was her home turf.She had backing of grandma who held the decision reins in the house.Her husband'a support gave the backing of her illustrious inlaw house. Things were not so settled in the Gu house in her favor to flex her power even if she was on the right.She had to do things in a roundabout way. She explained the reasons to her maids in episode 59 why she acted the way she did.If she came from an influential house like Madam Zhang's she would have been more fierce while dealing with stepmom and Aunt Kang in Gu manor.
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    well this week was interesting! hahahah.... so hera using jung min was smart. was kind of surprised that eun gun just took her back. she was such an annoying brat in the earlier scenes but she proved to have some use to the plot. wish we could get some answers into some of the other questions before the drama ends: -- so the sister-in-law -- did she set this plot with scheme with tae oh hoping she would be allowed to get her kid back? is it not the brother's kid? why is this kid in some foreign place? and -- why did soo hyun abandon tae oh and jennie? does soo hyun still like in joon? -- and who is the loan shark really? why does he care so much about hera? but hera's smackdown was fun to watch. she was so daring and unafraid in front of the bodyguards and manipulated the family. she is not afraid to die and neither does she care what anyone thinks. so it does make her quite fearless and scary. @dramaninja ~ think she will get forgiven by in joon as well; the guy listens to the tapes and instead of disgust or anger, he sighs and keeps repeating the recording of her saying "I want to marry in joon" -- so he is not yet over her and not even that mad. instead more mad that she doubted his character when he loved her like crazy. maybe she will get arrested for her role in the slush fund and he will just wait for her for 2 years?
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    @triplem Thank you~ Mrs Triplem. Good Evening Mrs Triplem. Haha +2
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    416 Yaaaayyyyy Feb babies ftw!!!!
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    @minglan1 No you didn't go there, Thanks got my laugh for tonight MoMo the 2nd @Jackie1048 I could see step mom going crazy.. Big Mdm has never had anyone to challenge her authourity.. She didn't expect this small young girl would make her wreck her brain the way she has.. All the opponets she has sent ML way have all went running with they tail tuck between there legs.. After ML knocks Auntie Kang out of the equation Big Mdm has no more cards to play but to just go all out for the kill burn the whole darn house down with them all in it and in return she kill her own son.. So yes this would run her crazy because it's no way she can get her son the title not even her G/kids can inherit it.. They didn't have nut houses then I don't think.. She'll probably end up in a temple also.. I think they should send the 4th house Mdm with her she slow anyway even her husband seems a little mentally challenged.. The enunch looked so frail I was worried that he would faint from the exhaustion of slapping the concubine. What crack me up is when she tried to play like she fainted and threw her head back.. The Eunich was like bring the face back here..
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    well...I don't know since it is very different from the novel and the novel was not set in particular dynasty or mentioned names of emperors. It should be Huan Wang how drama is heading, and since he is the eldest son of empress and no older brother from other feis but the personal name of Huan Wang (Zhao Ceying) in drama is not the same as Shenzhong (Zhao Zhongzhen or Zhao Xu) who became emperor after current Yingzong. Yingzong whose name in the drama (Zhao Zongying) is also not the same as his history name (Zhao Zongshi or Zhao Shu). For current emperor, the drama kept his middle name Zong and used his temple name Ying as his first name or reversed his temple name order. In history, Shenzhong is the oldest son of Yingzong's empress Gao. As someone posted a few days ago, the empress is not the same as history. In history, the current empress is niece of ED as emperor was adopted and brought to the palace since he was 19.
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    @Jillia we passed the 2M view like 4 hrs ago but I was still not fully awake to write a post Many fans on Youtube were really determined about getting this goal b4 the last ep air as a gift for CWPN crew and KyunYoo. We did it and celebrated by giving viral hugs to our fellow shippers I hope they noticed how international fans love them. We cannot help raise the rating but we still have our way to show support. I dont think there is any drama cuts or kiss scene out there can reach over 2M view in 2 weeks
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    NK has reached the peak of K-Drama evil. Wow. This notion I conspired to kill and destroy everyone else to survive, where in the universe is that a forgivable offense?
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    I really like this VDO. He looks so handsome in tuxedo. I like his choices too (the normal one where he goes with his parent or at the airport.). I think he looks best dressed more conservative/formal. Some of the garment from the magazine shooting does not suit him.
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    That bts was really romantic....really amazing how long it must have taken for that scene....the bts was actually a lot sweeter than in the film.... I'm smitten with this couple.... I'm hoping they'll release some more bts...but yes the last few bts have been really heartwarming after the emotional trauma of 14/15. Finally watched ep15 ..the utter emotional destruction of jsk...that was really hard to watch... Yks was really good in that episode. I felt that OS's dad was actually softening his stance...it's really just that he needs his time to process and he obviously loves OS and wants the best for her.. Right now it's mainly OD who has to grow up and OS to realise that her needs take priority too.
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    Our CFY with her mom shopping. Credit as tagged.
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    She refers to him as "man child".. Lol. Make sense when you watched the bts in monkey king 3 and some in ml. He likes to fool around. His character in tsoml is like a child who loves to cuddle and be spoiled by ml.
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    Kdrama: Memories of the Alhambra Review (ep 1-7): by cococassey After months and months of my waning interest in dramas, Alhambra is the Matrix virus infecting and corrupting me with its memories, unable to escape its web of mysteries, like Jin Woo. So what is Alhambra exactly? It explores what happens when a guy gets involved in a game which becomes a nightmarish reality. In the first few episodes, the leads are not typically the protagonists we want to root for. Jin Woo is not a likable character to be honest. He is oh so rude and blunt. What made me keep watching is that laughably long flight of stairs Jin Woo has to tackle to stay at Hostel Bonita. Though ultimately the turning point to cracktastic drama is when a zombie NPC (non player character) keeps popping up to haunt our lead and suddenly the story turned into a heart-pounding scifi thriller. What will keep you glued to the screen is the drama’s depiction of Jin Woo’s gradual descent to ‘madness’ which gave him this hopeless vulnerability, and how he copes with his new nightmare through addiction to meds and alcohol. You’re wondering as to why this is all happening to him, how is he going to fight and survive it. That specific scene where he locked himself in the shower (fully clothed, sorry), Hee Ju calls to check on him, and he pretends everything is okay (so as not to disturb her bday party) but he was so terrified and it was his lowest point. It was so heartbreaking to see the once so arrogant and proud Jin Woo as that. Hee Ju comes off as emotional who cries off the bat, and I agree, but that makes her more real too. Not everyone is strong all the time. What I like about Hee Ju is yes she succumbs to feelings first, but after she gets her bearings, she’s calm and resolves the problem at hand. She cleans up Jin Woo’s mess all the time because of his 'hallucinations’. Oh Hyun Bin…I understand all the Hyun Bin tracksuit love now. As Jin Woo eventually questions his own sanity, you’d expect an actor to act more and more hysterical, but his calmness makes you root for him that he can handle the latest hurdle and get past this. His understated portrayal of Jin Woo has the right mix of fragility and strength which makes me see why Hee Ju wants to protect him. I felt I’ve gone through the stages with Hee Ju from wanting to smack the smugness out of Jin Woo’s face, to being deeply 'concerned’ about his well-being. This is why I can tentatively get behind the romance, though not all in yet. Jin Woo’s transgressions to Hee Ju do pile up, and the drama even said it outright Hee Ju is too good for him, through one of the drama’s best characters, Hee Ju’s little sister who is like a mini Jin Woo with her comical bluntness. What is kdrama if it’s not deeply personal, and the personal stakes involved in Jin Woo’s past also makes everything deliciously murkier, with a dead ex best friend(who he may have killed), the traitorous ex-wife who suspects him, and the mysteriously foreboding father figure/mentor, who I’m expecting to be big bad any second because he is so good in Train to Busan, I may never see him in any other way now? Come and join me, get addicted to the charms and chains of Alhambra. BTW, where the heck is Se Ju? He needs to be okay, drama, do you hear me?!
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    DRAMA: Romance Is A Bonus Book Ep. 3 February 02, 2019 0 Comments Original Article: [sports choseon] 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' Lee Jongsuk And Lee Nayoung Live Together ---> A More Affectionate Pair https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003376223 1. +1308, -31 ㅠㅠ Whenever Eunho's drunk, he always goes to Dani's house... I felt that 2. +442, -19 Dani Dani our Dani 3. +279, -17 The preview and the ending did everything, so heart-fluttering 4. +110, -4 In the end Eunho looks so pitiful when he goes to search for Dani whenever he's drunk ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Now let's all be happyㅜㅠㅠㅠ Anyway, seems like Dani's ex husband will finally meet Eunho tomorrow ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yay ㅋㅋㅋ 5. +90, -4 Seriously if it's to this extent, then it's safe to say that Lee Jongsuk is good at choosing dramas... His acting is good too... Seriously his gaze ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 6. +77, -4 I'm melting because of Lee Jongsuk's voice and gaze...ㅠㅠ Eunho-yah..ㅠㅠ 7. +70, -1 It's been awhile since Lee Nayoung acted, but the drama is fun and her chemistry with Lee Jongsuk is so good 8. +70, -4 Hyunbin-ie left and Jongsuk-ie arrives. I like this~ 9. +63, -2 Today was so heart-fluttering ^^ If only there was a close dongsaeng like Lee Jongsuk... There's none in real lifeㅠㅠ 10. +42, -1 Lee Nayoung's acting is good 11. +35, -1 Lee Jongsuk is so heart-fluttering.. Crazy I'm gonna die ㅋ https://kkumnetz.blogspot.com/2019/02/drama-romance-is-bonus-book-ep-3.html?
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    Thanks! Previews looks good for tomorrow. Wish I understand what they said in today's ep as well. Welp, gotta wait for later today for the subs.
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    Here are my final thoughts and reflections about the series, predictions, etc because I do not plan to post any further. The writer: He had a master piece in his hand and did not and still does not know what to do with it. This weekend, in my opinion, has been filler material and could have been better spent. Somewhere around midway he lost focus and I posted as much. I think the biggest mistake started when they busted He Ra & acted like they were n a relationship. Everything was a wasted opportunity. I would be hard-pressed to watch any other dramas from this writer. The time jump made the show unrecoverable on every level. In-Joon & He Ra: I think people in general tend read what they want to out of actions because of the desire of what they want to happen vs. what is actually happening. With that being said, here are the facts, not conjecture about In-Joon & He Ra that has taken place: He verbalizes to He Ra that his biggest sin is that he ever fell in love with her & think that she was his destiny. "I've fully paid for my sins & now it's your turn." He verbalized that he ruminated in prison about the situation. When his friend tried to feed him that line about how he believes it is all his brother & step mom fault because they were aiming for them anyway, he SHUT him down several times & explicitly stated that it was her fault too. It was even acknowledged that He Ra could go to prison & he explicitly stated that is fine. He listened to He Ra on tape verbalizing that she was going to kill him, not turn him in, but KILL him. He listened to the stepmother explicitly tell He Ra not to kill him, but drug him instead. He listened to He Ra on tape saying that she wanted to marry him, several times. He asked her straight up what was going on & she refused. He told her straight out that he what she did by getting those shares does not absolve her of her guilt & that he would not forgive her. He stated verbatim:"What difference does this make? I will never be able to forgive you." Before all this happened, he explicitly forgave her and told her he did not care about why she initially approached him, he loves her anyway. He was drugged, willfully deceived, and imprisoned by the woman he loved for a crime he did not commit. My interpretation of the In-Joon & He Ra (something that is added to the facts, opinion, inferences): I have nearly two adult daughters & the question I ask myself is this, rather it is in real life or a kdrama, if they were in In-Joon's shoes, what should they do? This is what I think, it is unfathomable that there should be a reconciliation because there is not trust & this is a woman that was willing to murder him for revenge. I do not care how much I love the main character, love extends not only grace and mercy which is something that she did not give In Joon, but it also extends justice, correction, and discipline. She has shown In Joon that she is not a good judge of character & would possible do the same thing again. In Joon has been too impulsive since this show started; I have always posted this & said that this would be his down fall & it was. Just because there are residual feelings does not mean that two people should be together. Emotion minded people are very dangerous overly sensitive people-they want everything around them to change because of their "emotions". People that live mostly according to how they feel are not suitable to be in relationships in the long-term. They lack balance and act accordingly. A well-balanced person that is emotionally and mentally stable knows how to balance rationality & emotions by integrating them together to make wise decisions. There is a difference between being emotional and emotion-minded. Emotion-minded people think that feelings are the main core of a relationship which is why they are emotionally vulnerable. This is why emotion-minded people can stay in destructive, maladaptive, and unhealthy relationships because how that other person makes them feel takes precedence over everything else, even good common sense. I believe in forgiveness & repentance which is why I admire the character He Ra because she is truly repentant for what she did & she needs just punishment for her actions, not revenge. If she truly learns the error of her ways and grows spiritually, emotionally, and mentally it will be beneficial for her. Because of what In-joon went through, no matter how he feels for her, he cannot get past what she did & he shouldn't. He should forgive her and move on. Why would I want him back with her simply because they have chemistry? NO! It is like the Last Empress, I can empathize with the emperor because I know the spirituality, neuroscience, developmental science, and family systems development behind trauma especially during childhood. As much as empathize & sympathize with him because he has borderline personality disorder and trauma related symptoms, I do not want him reconciled with the main lead for the same reasons I do not want a reconciliation here: Accountability, introspection, and self-agency. In Joon is done! I do not put it past this writer to try a happy ending, but since he came this far, he should keep In Joon's self respect intact. Love wants what IS best & not what feels best. Feelings are not facts or thinking, there is a difference, feelings are emotional and physiological responses to thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. Love is not vengeful or abusive & people who truly love would not want reconciliation of unhealthy individuals that are not capable or not ready to give love. That's a wrap from me: Peace out everyone!
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    -2 @Dhakra Haha yes. They gave him the dishwashing job as soon as he arrived and he did it without complaining. He was also so meticulous and hard-working and jovial. It's nice.
  34. 3 points
    @triplem ikr?!?! He has the perfect face cut out for a evil villain that when he acts down to earth and nice in real life, it is really shocking. LOL. -2
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    Yeah i understand but it is still a pity that only one of them (and their team mates) would be able to use the gift card now, depending on which team wins. As a SA shipper i would rather SA use it themselves than share it with other members since the gift card was a result of SA's hard work and luck.
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    @Snow Guardian I am looking forward to the Feb 16 EN2 fan event. I want to see how these two interact and their chemistry.
  41. 3 points
    No more fever and headaches but the hives have not disappeared completely yet....The medications made me drowsy all the time..... +2
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    Another great job by @bebebisous33. I did not realize, the analysis is at the link provided. Thanks to @dukesa1122 for pointing out, otherwise i miss the analysis. Come to think from another angle, during the scene when she throws the chessboard enraged, i look closely that all chess pieces flying off the table and none left but surprisingly another take of the scene, seconds later, you can see 2 pieces of queen and king. Am i seeing it wrongly? Its puzzle me.
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    Her comments about FSF really reminds me of how GTY cares for ML. Always buying her food, ever so gentle and caring!
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    SSR was hospitalized for his injury. Not sure when his injury happened. I read it was a fractured toe. i'm not sure if this was posted during his hospitalisation or its a throwback. But he was filmed wearing a boot during the SBS drama awards. Did some digging and found this: Shin Sung Rok Suffers Injury On Set Of “The Last Empress” Dec 19, 2018 by Y. Shin Shin Sung Rok has suffered an injury on set of SBS’s “The Last Empress.” On December 19, a source from Shin Sung Rok’s agency HB Entertainment stated, “While filming for ‘The Last Empress’ yesterday [December 18], Shin Sung Rok fractured his toe. As he is scheduled to undergo surgery today [December 19], he will be returning to the drama set tomorrow after receiving treatment at the hospital.” The source from his agency also explained, “There were no other injuries outside of his toe injury.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1280139wpp/shin-sung-rok-suffers-injury-set-last-empress
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    @flutterby06 Thanks a lot for the translation and the suggestion. I am definitely going to watch them next.
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    Oh wow!!!! Really. I think this in the upcoming episodes. When both WQ and Ms.Xue are.fighting over the rights for gallery, XF takes a decision like this. Good for the gallery. But I feel it rightly belong to WQ coz he is trying to protect his dad's gallery unlike his mom who I think without knowing about the gallery's financial crisis, acting so dumb and putting the blame.on his son
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    This is my attempt at translating the lyrics of main theme song. Please correct if i’m wrong, because there were some phrases I didn’t really understand (the Chinese -English dictionary wasn’t very helpful) Most of this song is repetitive except for the last verse 女: 一夜如梦 心中住魔咒 One night like a dream, my heart is spellbound 一言飞流 恍然忘前愁 One spoken word, awakening and forgetting the sorrows of the past 一念之隔 浸一壶浊酒 Separated by one thought, soaking a bottle of cloudy wine 一眼 一生 无求 One glance, a lifetime without desire 男: 一颦如魔 不惜自入瓮 One frown like a demon, not hesitating to enter into the fray 一叶知秋 爱恨莫须有 One leaf heralds autumn, perhaps there is love and hate 一字白首 浅情挥不休 One promise of growing old,this shallow love will not disappear 一唤 一生 风流 One call, a lifetime of being free spirited 男(女): 一句此生不换 (此生不换) One word, this lifetime I will not change (This lifetime I will not change) 招摇我百转千凡 (招摇这百转千凡) I Zhao Yao, take hundreds and thousands of turns in the mortal realm 留一身孤注 悲欢 Leaving one lonely person,recording sorrow and joy 合: 若是岁月太短 If the years are too short 招摇我千凡百转 I Zhao Yao, take hundreds and thousands of turns in the mortal realm 陪你一世也 无关 This lifetime I have no association with you 女: 一夜如梦 心中住魔咒 One night like a dream, my heart is spellbound 一言飞流 恍然忘前愁 One spoken word, awakening and forgetting the sorrows of the past 一念之隔 浸一壶浊酒 Separated by one thought, soaking a bottle of cloudy wine 一眼 一生 无求 One glance, a lifetime without desire 男: 一颦如魔 不惜自入瓮 One frown like a demon, not hesitating to enter into the fray 一叶知秋 爱恨莫须有 One leaf heralds autumn, perhaps there is love and hate 一字白首 浅情挥不休 One promise of growing old,this shallow love will not disappear 一唤 一生 风流 One call, a lifetime of being free spirited 女(男): 一句此生不换 (此生不换) One word, this lifetime I will not change (This lifetime I will not change) 招摇我百转千凡(招摇这百转千凡) I Zhao Yao, take hundreds and thousands of turns in the mortal realm 留一身孤注 悲欢 Leaving one lonely person,recording sorrow and joy 合: 若是岁月太短 If the years are too short 招摇我千凡百转 I Zhao Yao, take hundreds and thousands of turns in the mortal realm 陪你一世也 无关 This lifetime I have no association with you 谁说此生不换 Who said this lifetime will not change? 招摇我百转千凡 I Zhao Yao, take hundreds and thousands of turns in the mortal realm 留一身孤注 悲欢 Leaving one lonely person,recording sorrow and joy 若是岁月太短 If the years are too short 招摇我千凡百转 I Zhao Yao, take hundreds and thousands of turns in the mortal realm 浪费一世也 无关 Wasting a lifetime of having no association 女: 不必两为难 There is no need to put each other in difficult situations 男: 璀璨时暗淡 Brilliance fades into dimness 女: 生时情四海 In life, love is in the four seas (wide world) 男: 灭时更奕欢 Fading away (dying) is also happiness
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    Thank you @bebebisous33, such informative analysis. i rather read your posts and everybody's posts here than read the news with all nerve-wrecking news. Speaking of time..... I always believe that one of the assets of JH is right timing. When the car accident happened in Cuba, of all people to be seated in that table and to be bumped by the car, it was his. Hence, their first encounter. When SH dozed off at morro cabana, he was right there on the right time. Of all applicants for a job in Donghwa hotel he was the one hired. And so on. He is on always on the right time on the right place. Agreed with you all, if they met 4 years ago, there will no love story for the two. Or even if they met , it may not be possible. Just like their 1st encounter, Jh going to the library and Sh going to a gallery, they didn't even noticed each other. Its not yet the time, the right time. I remember when i first joined this forum, i joined everbody here defending JH 's confession of " i missed you". Many had said its too early for him to say that but here we all agreed that its not too early, in fact its the time for him to do so. And our opinion on that was validated when what he wrote on the memo in the cafe was revealed. And if he didn't go back to sokcho at that time, WS had all the confidence in winning Sh back. Now i wonder if Jh mother didn't have that change of heart and without Sh father words will Sh has a change of mind. And Jh will wait on his place a longer time?. Though how i see it, its the film given by Jh that started her to change her mind and the shoes and letter sealed it. I admire PO for having no qualms in expressings his thoughts about SHK. I believe only a stone will not admire her, or should i say even a stone will. Though its a pity for Bogum to face all those reporters alone, i admire him for answering them like giving them their own dose of medicine.
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