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    Exactly, like I said I know ZYL is a good actor, but considering this drama GTY is not a character that needs a bright and doll-like actor to play the role, it will feel less energized, for me the best person is the person doing it now, FSF, he is handsome but not some kind of idol beauty, he is manly like GTY, his age is similar to GTY's, and considering what ZLY said he told her about the character of ML, he seem to be someone that thinks like GTY too.. In short, If I see another actor playing GTY, it's definitely not ZYL, I just don't see the 'omg, he acts so well' kinda face to make me think he will havethe greatest chemistry with ZLY, if there will be chemistry, since ZLY has chemistry with all her male leads, it's not this kind of GTY's role that will make him have that superior chemistry with her.. And like someone says there, even though it's the script, QH and MLan's script are so dry, so I don't see how someone will see them as a lead option for this drama.. Definitely not seeing or imagining it at all from my views
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    TLE does not make its audience take a breath!.. it’s definitely getting more intense and i am actually holding my breath to see when this runaway train is going to stop!. the imperial castle is beginning to crumble and Many secrets/truth are being revealed. This writer is really good at keeping the audience guessing what is going to happen next. However, I am beginning to see that the villains will be punished and good will triumphed. It is really about justice and repentance as @Lmangla rightly pointed out when she described the writing style of writer Kim. Hopefully she stays true and not change her scripts! there are 3 particular scenes that caught my attention 1. Wb telling LH to let Sunny go if he really loves her. And it did hit the emperor real bad. LH only thought of keeping Sunny by his side and making her accept him is the way to protect her. He finally realizes it later but how will he repsond to it, we do not know. Right how he is telling himself maybe it is best to let her go but I am really interested to see what happens when he finds out that the feelings between WB/Sunny are not 1 sided and the identity of Wb is revealed. Letting go is a form of loving her as well and protecting her. That is the diff between WB’s love for Sunny vs the emperor 2. Sunny telling LH to act as an emperor and not just be one. More importantly she told him to stand up and not keep silent as the latter is also a crime. Kudos to the writer for adding this very important message to LH. Again .. I would like to see LH take that into action. Only then he can learn to be a better person 3.last but not least is the heartbreaking scene of WS/WB mom’s telling her son to stop hurting and not follow the path of YR. this is all about learning to forgive. Every character in this show uses one another for their gain and what is important is whether one realizes the damage and hurt he/she has done and pulls back/ repent and seek forgiveness . I am glad that WB stopped using SJ and apologized to her...the faster the better so that it does not drag. I am hoping that LH will get there one day... admitting that he is wrong and accept responsibility This definitely did not even cross the mind of the 3 evil women. Even MYR who has faced death so many times and yet she crawls her way back by hopping onto the more powerful camp. It does not even matter if she were enemies with that person before. Boy!.. she really goaded WS to strangle her and almost hit her with a rock when she still insists that his mom was wrong and Deserved to be killed. Although it seems odd we do not get many WB/Sunny scenes and instead more of LH acting cute ( I swear that it gives me goosebumps each time), if one looks at this weeks episode, there are subtle reminders that the two of them do care deeply for one another and the writer is constantly reminding us that Sunny does not have feelings for Hyuk or forgiven him yet. I love the way how the director/ writer added in the scene where the stars display from WB was still hanging outside the empress chamber though the light has gone out. AND LH saw it! In addition, the way Sunny hesitated in answering princess SJ if WB meant anything to her. + of course her lurking around the pillar with a worried expression when WB was hurt badly by ED i am still hopeful that the writer will wrap this up nicely and am looking forward to next week. This time no WB to be around to investigate with her. I actually miss seeing them working together...hopefully he recovers. he really gets beaten in almost every episode I would like to share the english translation of the oST 5 only one day. This is exactly the unspoken feelings of our main OTP My heart is shaking No matter how much I pretend it’s not When I close my eyes, I think of you And it makes it harder When you turned around, why did you look so sad? I’m right next to you Look at me, just for one day I’ll embrace your aching heart My heart is filled with you My feelings keep growing, what do I do? Don’t be in pain, turn around for a moment I’m right here Look at me, just for one day I’ll embrace your aching heart My heart is filled with you My feelings keep growing, what do I do? Slowly come to me If only I could feel your breath for a moment Even if only pain remains, the memories are so precious Words I could never tell you: I love you Come into my arms, just for one day I don’t care if I’m just a passing person to you My love is strong for you I’ll be a ray of light to make you smile Just for one day
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    We all knew how selfish and disgusting human being that he is. @minglan1 From the preview , even CB’s mom didn’t feel any regret fro trying to murder Old Mrs Sheng. She is also another selfish human being who doesn’t value life. She deserves to be manipulated, kicked out and ridicule. I don’t understand why all her children know to avoid Aunt Kang but SH’s doesn’t think her sister is a bad influence.
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    I would say this again, I feel bad for Molan's maid. Being a concubine was not her choice. She wanted to leave and go back to her hometown. But Molan was too selfish to release her. The way she cringed when 6th master Liang touched her made me feel terrible for her and her fate. He promised to treat her "nice" if she tells him the truth or else.......... Of course now I have another favourite and it is Momo (GTY nursemaid). Wow, she was so fierce. You could see that even stepmom was a little scared of her when she started cursing
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    While i hate the dowager i do agree with what shes doing here its incredibly disrespectful and not correct to name someone other then the past emperor as your father, in theory he was only able to become emperor because the previous emperor basically adopted him. I also agree with QH acting against what the emperor is doing , where i disagree with QH is where he keeps going against GTY for personal reasons. Also hes naive and gullible and does not see the big picture.
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    Poetry opens our minds and our hearts (I will always believe that--poetry was my main field of study as an undergraduate, AE Housman and GM Hopkins mainly but I suspect I've now forgotten all I ever knew). You have helped to show us so many connections between art and literature and more. That's an amazing thing. It's impressive, too, that the screenwriter and the production team for Encounter paid so much attention to those details and left a bread crumb trail for us to follow through the magical forest of drama. (and, no, I still have not finished watching Encounter).
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    Well said. General Shen loved his late wife so much. GTY revealed this to ML that he has never seen a more in-love couple than those two and then when she died, he was broken. Coming back from war, to instill peace in his new court, the new emperor quickly given the decree for General Shen to marry Miss Zhang whose dad is powerful in court. When he heard this, GTY was worried as he knows the emperor would od the same for him which pushed his initiatives further to marry ML. This was in the conversation between GTY and the young prince (whose life GTY saved in the forest) who by the way becomes his good friend. The concubine is very bratty and brazen. In a way, since she grew up in the countryside, she is somewhat "unpolished". But to keep the doctor from helping the main wife to birth the potential heir to Shen family is really underhand. Luckily we have ML the mama tiger with her sword. So fierce. I like it.
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    Of course not, he has to put an effort to understanding that the problem lies within just like CB said, clean your house within. It is not going to go away and will suffer all his life if he can't face his deep insecurities. He has come to a point where he is getting a bit clingy. Ming Lan is aware of herself and she tries to cope as best as she can and as the drama progresses she is becoming more and more self assured while it seems in my pov, to be more and more childish and clingy...ish. I wanted to see romance not this push/pull moping by GTY. Where was the self assured GTY who schemed to marry her? I hope the writers bring him back.
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    @avondale16 @dukesa1122 I have already voted for Encounter. Tomorrow, I'll go there again.
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    everyone, they don't shoot scene by scene. it may be the cafe scene shot at the end but not really the ending scene in the ep later . please dont push the panic button yet!!! it may be not be like that. if that happen we're gonna throw table at jtbc for emotional damage,ok?
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    OST1 will be " Make it count " by Exo's Chen and will be released on February 7th, 6 pm KST.
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    Gu Ting Ye has been after his wife to openly show her emotions and not curb them to be reasonable and pleasing. When ML is slowly trying to be comfortable with doing what he wants pat comes the suggestion to lie low and avoid trouble makers. He only wants her to be the ferocious when he is around to balance the aftereffects.I guess he has an inkling of how rutheless she can be if people rub her the wrong way beyond a point.
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    That's why he needs stop putting himself in these situation & talk to her directly. Something he really has to work on. Shitou & XT are indeed very cute together. I have not seen the latest two episodes yet, so I'm trying not to see the bottom part of your response. Its spoilers for these eyes.
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    spartace couple gimbap couple adidas couple?
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    I am not that keen on another season. Actually, I am more curious about their next projects. TSYB, though with low ratings, seems to be loved by its audience and I think it must have helped them to strengthen their position. All the actors could portray a different side of them. OKS's satoori, humour and the effort she took to portray the character such as not holding back in anything will benefit her I think. I hope the leads will get a variety of projects now. I think Somin does two dramas per year though this may depend on the project available to her. The shooting was really hard and I think she is going to appear on the second season of Michuri also so her break could be a little longer. KJS, JSM and LSY are all talented actors and I really hope that they will get the deserved attention and fame.
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    http://namjhyun.tumblr.com/post/182441907208/romance-is-a-bonus-book-episodes-01-02-review Romance is a Bonus Book Episodes 01-02 Review Color me enchanted. That said, the first episode gave a little bit of whiplash. It started with a wedding, one that our leading lady, Dan-i (Lee Na Young), seemed to not want to get through, so why did she? Not only she had a successful professional career, she also had a loyal friend who would support whatever decision she made. So, really, why did she went along with it? Look, I’m no expert but if you get into the car of another man in hopes to get away from your own wedding, I don’t think the couple is on solid ground. Of course it’s no surprise the marriage didn’t last long but what was a low blow was the way how it ended. The pathetic excuse of a man Dan-i used to call husband, not only left her for another woman, who he went to live in another country, but completely abandoned all kind of responsibility he had with his own former family. On top things, his company’s bankruptcy left Dan-i with no house nor support that she could depend on until she could find a job, quite literally leaving her roaming in the streets. I can understand why she didn’t say anything to Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk). The show has made it clear that in contrast to Dan-i’s struggles, his life has been quite comfortable and easy going so far. At least, on the surface, I’m looking forward to see if deep down this cynical behavior towards love is rooted on something bigger. Still, I think she should have reached out to him since she has a child to take care of and he seems to be a real friend who would lend her a hand with sincerity, until she could get back on her feet. And he did when he finally found the truth on the second episode, which was far better than the first. I think the show found its rhythm with the introduction of the rest of the characters which, by the way, it’s one hell of a solid cast. I have known these actors for years and I have watched many of theirs works, meaning that I’m expecting a really good rom-com drama. All the characters have already shown a lot of potential to grow and owning their own storylines, especially our leads who will have to figure out a new dynamic between them while they work together and live together, and share that special friendship that’s been brewing something else for a long time. Their chemistry is undeniable and I’m not afraid to say the best is yet to come! Originally posted by mufalo
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    They are adorable...hope they schedule her in for an episode of 3MAD.....
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    His character descriptions was pretty clear about his role in the drama. It said that Choi Daniel will be helpful friend who will support Oh Sol no matter what. I actually like that they didn't drag the plot to a love triangle and that it's more of way to joke around a bit, e.g. Oh Dol telling Choi Daniel that he is on Team Choi Goon basically. Anyways, I adore the BTS videos. It's so much fun to watch Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang having fun filming this drama. I think this drama met many obstacles with the preemptions and the subsequent decrease of the ratings. But to me it's such a feel good drama despite the angst in the last episode. And I'm not blaming either, Oh Sol nor Sun Kyul, for dealing with the conflicts the way they did. In South Korea, you have respect for your parents. Oh Sol's father, rightfully so, hates Sun Kyul's grandfather and considers it a insult. It's a emotional reaction on his part to the news that Oh Sol is dating someone from the family who is responsible for his wife's death. I think we can all agree that if we would find out something like that we would react emotional as well. And Oh Sol follows her father's wish and breaks up with Sun Kyul but her father also witnesses her unhappiness afterwards. Oh Sol is stuck between the love she feels for Sun Kyul and the love and respect she has for her father. So again, I don't blame her! Also, it does have something good. They part ways and will find their own way of healing and dealing with their problems. Oh Sol can finally find a job she loves and Sun Kyul can heal in his own way without having to depend solely on Oh Sol. And when they meet they're equal in their relationship and can be each other's happiness again. Just my take on the last couple episodes and upcoming ending.
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    The box of the camera case is the red one @dukesa1122 DO i need to wait for the next 24 hrs to cast votes? I did the voting last night and can't do it now?
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    Love Shin Hye new hairstyle , she looks so chic. I am dying to see her movie “Call”. Congratulations on her IG followers, phenomenal . Keep spreading the word all the ways you can! Also, new cf. Congratulations ! Fighting warrior. Refreshing image. Hi to all chingus here, God bless we all! @rori0711 @Iduc already voting, it allows more than 10 votes in less than 24 hours. Vote vote vote ,’spread the word. Keep supporting and spoiling our girl. Thank you .
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    Annyeong! Shinhye's recent vlive chat here - https://www.vlive.tv/video/111493?channelCode=F191B3 Angels, lets show our love to Shinhye & Magical couple by voting below You can vote as much as allowed our dear friend @lduc had shared this in the previous page. hope we can have fun participating cr: as tagged P.S. @lduc i noticed you posted already vlive link, thank you
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    @angelwingssf I hope the writer will do something like the drama you mentioned. She cannot be prosecuted anymore for abandonment or anything criminal related to it, but she tampered police evidence - the DNA. That hopefully will earn her a few years. How about another OTP? CW's mum and dad after he divorced 'her'. But poor man, he would be stuck with that terribly annoying little pest, her sister. There would be some justice if she were imprisoned, but if it means she gets to be forgiven and taken back into the family, that is really no punishment. Her just dessert is to be separated from her husband and end up in a poor house for the rest of her life. Seeing JY having to work in a quarry or some labour job would definitely see all her efforts are nothing. Although, I don't think he deserves to be punished for her deeds, he did gain a life that came with her deeds, so losing the life of a chaebol puts him where they were 33 years earlier. Of course, it can be argued that without CW's dad, she could have got another chaebol or JY had become successful on his own.
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    January 31, 2019 "The Last Empress" Tenaciously Holds Onto First Source: Xportsnews via HanCinema.net "The Last Empress" stayed in the lead. According to Nielsen Korea nationwide, the SBS drama "The Last Empress" rated 14.9% and 16.7% on the 31st. Lee Hyeok (Shin Sung-rok) cried and his tears helped sway the audience. Meanwhile, MBC drama "Spring Turns to Spring" rated 1.7% and 2.4% while KBS 2TV "Liver or Die" rated 8.4% and 9.5%. "The Last Empress" Shin Sung-rok Sheds Tears "The Last Empress" Yoon So-yi Tells Oh Ah-rin the Truth
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    Not sure if it has been posted here yet. The episode which is supposed to air on February 6 is pre-empted. Instead, SBS will show the movie "Your Wedding" next Wednesday due to the Lunar New Year. Episodes 43-44 will be shown on Thursday. The series will end on February 14 since there is no confirmation just yet for any extension. source: http://www.mediapen.com/news/view/411175
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    Ep 65 preview - http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/mylife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0557-01-871110,read,,66,787717 Blurb: 수희(김혜리)와의 저녁식사 자리에서 진아(진예솔)는 어머니의 주책 때문에 난감해한다. 연실(유지연)의 실수로 디자인2팀의 물량이 전부 다시 제작돼야 하는 상황에 놓이자 승주(서효림)와 만석(홍요섭)의 인내심도 한계에 다다르는데... Translation: At the dinner meeting with SH, JA finds her mother's ignorant behavior unbearable. With YS' mistake causing Design Team 2's products having to be completely remade, SJ and MS reach the limit of their patience. ------ Just saw Ep 65. SH said to BCS - "You are the one who messed it up. I asked you to eliminate the kid". He said he was only helping by raising the kid, because he would've been found pretty quickly, had he just dumped him somewhere. So we see that she meant to have the baby killed, but BCS hadn't taken it that way!... So, that part is settled. They tried to challenge each other with jail threats, but in the end she offered $50K and then more money if he could help her with something (but we didn't hear what that was). He seemed to agree. Meanwhile, CS went and saw the orphanage director's wife, who has dementia. But she remembers Choe Geum Sun who was a pretty girl who was in the orphanage because her dad was a drunk who beat her and her mom. However, when CS showed her the picture, she didn't seem to recognize her, probably because she only remembers the young look. At the end of the episode, CS decides to scare BCS and SH both by asking BCS this, just so SH would hear from a few feet away - "You wanted to find Choe GeumSun, right? I know somebody who knows CGS very well". That froze SH. JA's mom started calling SH "In-law An" (An-sadon) and SJ said that it is too early to talk marriage, at the dinner table. But it seems SH told the mom later that JA won't be working after marriage, as the mom told JA later. JA is worried about it at work, but doesn't get a chance to ask SU if he knows about this, because the team-mates showed up. NJ told SJ in the car, that she was a bit too harsh with YS who made a simple mistake, as she is just starting off at her job -- though it was costly for MS. He understand SJ's anguish, but said that the SJ he knows is one who would cheer up people to not make mistakes. She agreed she will be nicer to YS, saying NJ is good at saying things that she finds hard to counter.
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    what a ride!!! the last episode may have been too full of laughter and sugary scenes especially since we've been used to high level twists, but thankfully all the ends were wrapped up... no rushing the finale... unlike other dramas I will not name . I will never have to create fantasies and theories about what happened to the characters. Prof. Cha remained a hoot to the end. That text he sent was the equivalent of the Drunken Truth song, and a realistic wrap up for his character. I agree. Realistically, will things change at a national and policy level? Probably not. Hence the scene with the VVIPs coming in for the consultation. It's a case of Rinse.Repeat, but the residents of SKY Castle know better and they laugh when the new resident tells them of her education plans. Can parents in Korea make a change with their own children? Yes. The ball is in their court now. The drama has made me think seriously about education. There's a lot I took for granted in my view of education, and hopefully I can make better decisions than I would have if I hadn't ever watched the show. Ratings at 24.37% Seoul and 23.77 national. I had hoped for 25% but this is better than I expected when I started the drama. JTBC have another promising drama coming in April called Beautiful World (same timeslot) that promises to be an issue-driven, adults drama. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Sorry i havent been updating, having problems with the videos. Episode 52 Episode 53 Episode 54 Episode 55 Episode 56 Episode 57 Episode 58 Episode 59 Episode 60
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    OMG WHY DID THEY DELETE THE VIDEO? Maybe it was a really tempting coverage. I started looking into the matters as soon as I saw it. The segment was discussing about what will happen when a dating rumors occur . So it's the end of January and the Ilgan Sports reporters met these two entertainment industry insiders. They keep asking if their kids (those celebrities in their company..I believe) did get some calls asking about their dating rumors. They did say there were tons of calls with even blackmails ( it was really scary..takes longer to write each one). So it was revealed by dispatch that the 1st Jan couple was Jennie-Kai. But actually they expected PSJ-PMY pics to be reveal. Everyone in the entertainment industry believe so that they are dating. They do not expected Jennie-Kai at all. Tho the videos were seperated by 3 parts, our PPC was just mentioned in 3 seconds ONLY The one I screenshot above. That's all. In conclusion, MOST korean reporters and the entertainment industry believe that PSJ-PMY are DATING.
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    Woobin also secretly stole stuff from palace and made donation from that, right? He also gave envelopes (perhaps it's money) to his guards. Robin Hood? Lol...But still it's criminal kkkk.... I don't know but I think at the end, he won't kill Hyuk. As someone said, even he's still taking care Dongsik, her ex-lover's son dearly. And I still wonder why Yura not even has single room in her heart for Dongsik. Knowing Woobin = Wangsik is actually hurting Hyuk more than anything. Will be more hurting knowing Sunny knew about this. Well, 'the betrayal' from two person he trust the most is best way to wake up his mind. If we looking at the title 'The Last Empress', means Sunny will be the last one. After her, no more empress in korean monarchy. So probably palace is 'shut down' due to the criminalities and Sunny is the last who ever been an empress.
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    annyeong! how are you doing chingus? I hope everybody are enjoying happy mind and happy life here's very cute SH & Harry for you guys ctto
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    Yeah the main character of this last trilogy is the least i like, Zhang WuJi is not assertive in love like Guo Jing and Yang Guo, they only focus on one woman only. Zhang WuJi is too soft hearted. I think my last version of HSDS is Alec Su's , in fact i only watched Tony Leung's and Alec Su's version of ZWJ and i love Tony Leung's most.
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    I think my favorite scene of all for ep 21 was when ED told hello that she likes sunny more than her hahahahahha it was hilarious when both ED and sunny look at each other i love the comedy scenes of this drama, t’was fun watching ED and hyuk being comedic drama aside.
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    I really liked that HS was hiding in background and overheard the conversation the queen had with LH. If HS ever had any doubts whether it was him or the king she loved, their discussion made it very clear that after the clown took the crown, that’s when she fell in love with her husband.
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    With all due respect, I beg to differ with you on this. QH is certainly a clown in this case. A man man that understand the value and honour of being a gentlemen will certainly not allow himself to raise above the ranks through the blatant favourtism of the Empress Dowager. He accepted the rank even without the approval of the emperor. Why would someone with honor does that. The empress dowager had insisted on hearing the matters of the court and had overstayed her welcome. The new emperor is neither a lousy Nor weak one in addition to him Saving the lives of the former emperor and the emperor dowager. The emperor had wanted reforms to improve the lives of the people especially when it is highlighted that the former emperor benevolent policies had brought on sufferings to the people. The ED had insisted on continuation of the existing policies, how is she a capable person politically. There is no reason and it is not right for the ED to be in court at that period. Where’s QH doing his job. No; he kept quiet because he had allied himself with the ED. Where’s the value and honor of a gentlemen there where they are supposed to be loyal to the emperor and the country. Besides QH had criticised the emperor disregarding the law. The ED also disregarded the law by holding on to the seal previously until GTY hatched the plan to get it back. Where’s QH in that case. Why practice blatant double standards towards the ED and the emperor. QH is certainly no gentlemen. All I see is a double standard clown who needs his Father in law to rescue his career, and whose Daughter he had disregarded by telling ML he missed her day and night. I am not trying to be harsh here. QH has his merits but being a gentlemen, I can’t convince myself to think he’s one.
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    I'm so glad we got to see CB again and to be honest, I have to completely agree with his advice for GTY Also living for the disapproving facial expressions he is giving GTY
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    You are right...this is what worries me...hence the longer she is "deceived" , the worst it is...urghh..I don't even want to think about it. I loved the part when she and the other consorts came to give him his birthday greeting, and I cracked up at his reaction to the golden turtle ...what an insult to that annoying concubine- he'd sell it to raise rice rations . Then his not so subtle hint of where he would be at 4pm ....I am sure she (SW) got the message . ------------------------- For the first time I felt sorry for YH. While watching the last bits, I felt his loneliness and his pain. I shed tears for the king that he could have been - one not consumed by fear and revenge. One who had no need to take another's life for his own survival. But like Lee Kyu , I wondered if he was already too far gone to be saved. My head is not quite in agreement with my heart as to whether Lee Kyu's ways of building a better world for the people is right or not. Logically , killing Yul then , and YH now would help Lee Kyu advance his quest. Right to the very end YH was vengeful and power hungry. The people's welfare was not once on his mind. He wanted the new world to conquer other countries or at least to rival their fire power. Lee Kyu knew this ...this in his mind was the best outcome for the people. And in that last meal , it felt to me that Lee Kyu could not bear to see YH suffer further...in some ways this felt like "mercy killing" - setting YH free from this mental hell he has locked himself him. But my reservations about Lee Kyu's choice is down to whether the end justifies the means. Can a better world be built on deception and lies? Would HS & Lee Kyu be enough to overpower the other factions? It is scary to see that the ED has strong support thrown behind her. Can HS really be the king? What will happen when he is found out? The stakes are high!!! I had goosebumps watching YJG play HS who was pretending to be LH in the preview. Amazing! Can't wait for next week.
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    Guess I gotta wait for subsss. I think I'll probably be a little disappointed both ways, whether it was true or that it was left to viewer's interpretation. I was alll for the big revelation tonight! That said, I was already sobbing my eyes out at the youtube clips even w/o subs so it's going to be hard waiting for subs...
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    my birthday is also this month @katakwasabi but not necessarily looking forward to that. ... let me know if you have any good kdrama recommendations or FMVs. kekeke.... so true! ...
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    Some GIFs i think he also cant act cute seamlessly . Credit as tagged.
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    What could have been.. if they had survived.. the sad ending.. Source: Yoo Yeon Seok US MR.SUNSHINE: The 40-year challenge January 31, 2019 Netflix Users in Korea Surpass 1 Million By Lee Ki-moon The Chosun Ilbo U.S. video-streaming provider Netflix has attracted more than a million users in Korea on their Android mobile devices alone, just three years after entering the market here. The number of Netflix users has increased by 200,000 to 300,000 every three month, and industry watchers forecast the company to become the No. 1 video-streaming provider in Korea soon. According market researcher Wiseapp on Wednesday, 1.27 million people used the Netflix app on their Android phones last month, a 3.7-fold increase from January 2018. If people who access Netflix on their PCs or iPhones are counted, the number is probably much higher. Netflix offers movies, series and other shows on demand. Up to four people can access a single account, and it has around 900,000 Korean accounts, translating into W11.7 billion in monthly fees (US$1=W1,118). Worldwide it has 139 million subscribers in 190 countries. Netflix has invested W150 billion to produce Korean content so far. That includes period zombie series "Kingdom," which alone cost W1.5 billion to W2 billion per episode, more than four times the average budget of Korean soaps. It was released globally last Friday. It also spent W50 billion on the 2017 film "Okja" by director Bong Joon-ho and W30 billion for the hit TV drama "Mr. Sunshine" last year. This year it will launch two drama series and one entertainment program here. Netflix already has a firm grip on the streaming markets in the U.S. and Europe. Netflix's strategy is to invest half of its earnings in content and technology. Last year it spent US$8 billion to produce original content and acquire rights to other materials. It claims to offer unlimited access to more than 10,000 movies and drama series for just around W10,000 a month, though in fact a great deal of content is restricted by region. It also faces criticism for not paying Korean telecom providers despite using massive amounts of data through its high-capacity streaming service. Naver and Kakao pay Korean telecoms tens of billions a year in usage fees.
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