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    Memories that make me smile I have had many good memories recently. You know, the kind of memories you think about and smile when you’re in the middle of work, or while you’re asleep, or when you’re brushing your teeth. I have recently often found myself smiling alone thinking of those memories. The memories that I have had after meeting you in Cuba. (Cha Soo Huyn) ... If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it. (Andy Rooney) ... In looking forward to reading @bebebisous33's next analysis on Cha Soo Huyn's eyes.
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    CSH's eyes I chose these two takings because they mark the turning point in CSH's life. This scene represents CSH's awakening and the eyes are the evidence of CSH's change. When someone sleeps, the persons closes his eyes. So the eyes reveal if the person is awakened or asleep. However, when someone is in a coma or vegetative state, the eyes can remain opened, yet they show neither emotions nor reaction to their surrounding. To sum up, the eyes represent an important signal for the physical state of a person. Since CSH explained to JWS (episode 7) that she had been in a coma for so long, we can conclude that her eyes had been opened all this time but they were emotionless and distant. So the eyes in the second taking above illustrates the change in CSH's mind: her eyes are shining like stars, even smiling because she has been touched by the beauty of the sunset. All of her senses are fully awakened now. She is reacting to the sunset and to the wonderful music. This explains why the famous Roman senator Cicero (1. Century BC) wrote once: "The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter". From ancient times, people could notice the importance of the eyes. In French and in English, we have the saying too that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Why? First, we have no control over our eyes, unlike our mouth. With the latter, we can decide to remain mute or lie or say the truth, however it is not the same for the eyes hence the eyes give away a lot of information about our emotional state. The person can never really control his emotions. People can fake their smile but they often forget about their eyes. We could use as example for this CSH's smile at the end of the episode 14. She fakes happiness, while her eyes reveal her sadness and pain. Hence the gaze is connected to sincerity and genuineness. Moreover, the eye is more complex compared to the lips, as it is composed of a pupil, the tears, an eyebrow, eyelid, the corner of the eye, of possible dark circle under the eye. Furthermore, we have two eyes and not just one which reinforce the expressed emotions. But let us go back to the eyes of our heroine before the awakening: (episode 7, thanks @rosiepeonie188). They show neither reaction nor emotion. Her eyes are totally blank. This scene confirms her allegation, when she confronted JWS in the episode 9. She really looks like a person in a vegetative state as she doesn't even move her head or her body. Striking is that CSH's eyes are looking down. And this gesture is really important. First, this reflects her actual situation. By lowering her eyes, she is in reality lowering herself in front of her mother-in-law. Her eyes outline her inferiority in front of Chairman Kim. Secondly her action shows that she is actually avoiding people's gaze. While her mother-in-law is talking to her, she keeps staring at her dish. Why is she avoiding people's gaze, if she is in a coma? We have to understand that the eyes have another function as well. They can reflect the other. The other's gaze is a substitute for the mirror. If CSH looked into the chairman's eyes, she would see a glimpse of herself, but it is a deformed reflection because the chairman Kim judges her at the same time. She only catches a small part of CSH. Through her mother-in-law, she would see herself in a coma. She would be reminded of her terrible situation which would increase her pain. But if you pay attention to the scene in the episode 7, you'll notice that the chairman Kim is doing the same. She is also avoiding CSH's eyes. Only when her son appeared, she turned her head towards him and looked at him. Later, we discover why JWS's mother avoided CSH's eyes. Thanks to @roshzanna Why did she dislike CSH's eyes? A simple answer would be that CSH's eyes were different. CSH never envied or admired her and her son. While all the others would worship them and try to get closer to them, CSH was never attracted by them. The mother-in-law couldn't bear the thought that someone was looking at her differently, was not considering her as a queen. That's why chairman Kim abused her and tried to control CSH. In this scene (episode 7), the mother-in-law gives the following orders: As you can see, she is taking control of CSH's body. But this is not just the hair and the clothes, but also the way she smiles and she moves. And now we have to remember this: we have no control over the eyes. How can the mother-in-law take control over the eyes, if the owner can not even control them. This is impossible. The mother-in-law was fighting against nature, a doomed battle. Now we have another explanation why the mother-in-law was upset. This was the only thing she could never control as CSH couldn't even control her own eyes. This underlines the dictatorial tendency of JWS's mother. A third explanation is that the chairman Kim also saw a glimpse of herself in CSH's eyes which she didn't like. As I said before, the eyes function as a mirror, although the reflection is deformed as the other judges you at the same time. Chairman Kim saw a part of herself, she didn't want to see: the abusive, greedy and selfish person. CSH might have been in a vegetative state and never react to her mother-in-law's cruel words, however CSH never stopped thinking and couldn't stop herself from resenting JWS's mother. This would infuriate the mother-in-law which would force her to abuse CSH even more and it became a vicious circle, until CSH and JWS's mother avoided each other's gaze as it had become too unbearable. Since we talked about mirrors, I would like to explain why CSH was so obsessed with mirrors. She had one next to her desk and in her bedroom. Her mirrors were even huge. The mirrors outlined her loneliness, by having her own reflection next to her, she would feel less lonely. Moreover, by looking at herself, she would feel that she was still alive. The mirror would confirm her existence, would reassure her... Moreover, this would give her the opportunity to take control over her body. The mirror reflects the image she wishes to see but the problem with the mirror is that it doesn't really help you to see your personality, only the appearance. On the other hand, the other's gaze let see you a part of your personality... even if it's a deformed and partial view. Only with the presence of another person, you can discover your true self. CSH tried to see herself in the mirror but she only saw her appearance not her personality. Only after meeting KJH and looking at his eyes, she started seeing herself and discovering herself. Remember that she said that she had many identities (CJH's daughter f. ex.) but in reality, she was seeking for her own identity. Who is exactly CSH, the person behind this name? While the chairman's gaze revealed to her an terrible reflection, with KJH she could perceive her good side. His eyes let her see how beautiful she was. But she never saw her own happiness. That's why KJH's words in the episode 16 are so important. "With these pictures, you will see a side of you that you never knew". Now, we have another aspect: the importance of the pictures. The pictures serve here as a mirror of her happiness, the side she never saw and knew. Neither the mirror nor the eyes were able to allow her to discover another glimpse of herself. As you can see, CSH was desperately searching for her own identity and personality all this time and had no idea how to find it. The pictures helped her to find herself and allowed her to choose happiness. And this also justifies why CSH is determined to take many pictures later. For her, the pictures have a meaningful purpose. @roshzanna Thanks for the inspiration. I hope, you'll like this post. @dukesa1122 @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16
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    Your secret is so wonderful “I have a secret. I only learned what love is through books. It’s thanks to you that I now really know what love is. Love is so clear to me now. Thanks to you”. “Your secret is so wonderful”.
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    The thing in Korea is that it has always been the actors who take part in lots of interview after a successful drama and not the actresses, especially for SHK, she's always been known to take a back seat and stay out of the limelight as much as she can. Why would she want to throw herself to the animals out there waiting to hunt her down for all the wrong reasons, so I don't blame her. It's enough that both SHK and PBG have put Boyfriend on the international map and lots of fans are loving it and embracing the beautiful love story of KJH and CSH. Moreover, the drama looks set to cook up a storm even more, with the US and some Europe countries waiting to screen it. Could the media please look at the BIG picture and not pick on irrelevant stuff....yawning, SJK's reaction etc When a drama such as Boyfriend is hugely a world-wide success, those are terribly insignificant and redundant stuff..... really. The question the media should ask is "How did Boyfriend do it against all odds"?! It's a wonderful achievement that one should celebrate, especially so by the Koreans. I'm glad that Kyo is reading the book that KJH gave to CSH - at least she's still in Boyfriend mode, just like PBG tweeting about the drama and speaking to the media about his thoughts on the drama. SHK is cheering Boyfriend on in her own quiet way. Yes, I wish the entire drama was shot in Cuba! At least the people are warm and sane and welcome passionate kisses and hugs when they see one....just look at the security guard in Cuba - he closed an eye after checking out the situation..that's the spirit, man! Btw, was there a compilation of all the books and poems shown in the drama? Sorry, I got too worked up about the should haves of our couple that I can't think straight......and why didn't they put those 2 kids to good use to show that there was a bed scene after all..... Darn.
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    Lol yes and then the next day Cui mama was so worried about the baby that she called the doctor to check on ML. They were so embarrassed to explain why they were asking for checkup again when its been only few weeks since last one.
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    Kyo’s fans know this. She always goes back to her cave and lays low after she makes a drama. Thats just how she is. So we’re not surprised that she’s not doing interviews post drama. She surprises us every now and then though. About the ratings, Im not too concerned about it seeing as the ratings are only based in SK. For one, IT IS HIGH. This is the last time I’ll comment on this. I’d rather enjoy how JinSoo made my holiday season warm and happy
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    How can I get ever tired after receiving such a compliment? It really made me really happy because this is the best reward for a teacher. I even mentioned it to my colleague and she even agreed that I had achieved something: making people want to read The Little Prince means that the teacher has succeeded. The teachers' daily fate is usually more stressful and less rewarding, quite the opposite; the students and their parents complain a lot, the government is asking more from the teachers. If their children have bad grades, then the teacher is the responsible one in the parents' eyes. We (teachers in Europe) seldom get compliments, rather harsh critics (like lazy, easy job, aso). Don't get me wrong: I still love my job. Like I had mentioned it before, as long as people reply and encourage me, I won't stop. Furthermore, I like analyzing and writing hence I don't feel burdened. @dahae2006 @lolipop86gorgeous Thanks a lot for the kind words and encouragement. The next topic will be "CSH's eyes" and this was brought up by @roshzanna
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    From a multi awarded singer and Broadway actress
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    Some historical facts (for anyone interested): TSoML takes place in the Song dynasty, during the transition period from Emperor Renzhong to Emperor Yingzhong. It's a real historical period so there are a few historical events embedded in the story. One such is the court debate in episode 56-57 which was based on a real event. From wiki: Emperor Yingzong was the 13th son of Zhao Yunrang (趙允讓; 969–1059), who was a first cousin of Emperor Renzong and was posthumously known as "Prince Anyi of Pu" (濮安懿王). Emperor Yingzong's grandfather, Zhao Yuanfen (趙元份; 966–1005), was a younger brother of Emperor Renzong's father, Emperor Zhenzong, and was posthumously known as "Prince Gongjing of Shang" (商恭靖王). Emperor Yingzong's mother, whose maiden family name was Ren (任), was the concubine of Zhao Yunrang. In 1055, Emperor Yingzong's predecessor, Emperor Renzong, became critically ill and started to worry about having no successor because his sons all died prematurely. Acting on the advice of his ministers, Emperor Renzong agreed to bring two of his younger male relatives into his palace. One of them was the future Emperor Yingzong, who was eventually chosen and designated as the Crown Prince. Yingzong had his name changed to "Zhao Shu" in 1062 when he was officially designated as the Crown Prince. This name became his official name when he ascended the throne in the following year after his adoptive father Emperor Renzong died in 1063. Emperor Yingzong's empress consort was Empress Gao, a niece of Empress Dowager Cao who was the widow of Emperor Renzong. As Emperor Yingzong was severely sickly shortly after his coronation, Empress Dowager Cao served as his regent. However, Empress Dowager Cao held onto power even when Yingzong recovered until the Prime Minister Han Qi removed the screen from the audience hall making it impossible for Empress Dowager Cao to attend. She was forced to give power back to Yingzong. Emperor Yingzong's reign is known for controversy over the correct rituals to be performed by the emperor for his father. Emperor Yingzong had been adopted by Emperor Renzong, so Emperor Renzong was nominally Emperor Yingzong's father. However, biologically, Zhao Yunrang was Emperor Yingzong's father. Some officials suggested that Emperor Yingzong honour his biological father with the title "Imperial Uncle", but the emperor agreed with Ouyang Xiu and others and decided to honour his biological father as his parent. This was not only an early sign of more conflict during Emperor Xiaozong's reign but also the Great Rites Controversy of the Ming dynasty. In this case, Emperor Yingzhong had a valid goal: to take back power from the ED. However, he used an underhanded method. Emperor Yingzhong could only inherit the throne bc he was named Emperor Renzhong's son. His birth father could not have the same status as Emperor Renzhong. His move was an act of ingratitude and against the law. As an Emperor, we was supposed to be the model image of his people, thus this is something he shouldn't have done. He knew the reason was not on his side and he couldn't win the debate so he just simply exiled all Yu shis who opposed him. Back then, Yu shis were considered a moral compass of the Emperor, and the act of exiling Yu shis was considered dishonorable of the Emperor. This event tainted his reputation and remained a scandal til this day. In ancient times what an Emperor fear most is leaving a black mark in history. Thus, however malicious an Emperor is behind curtains, they always had to think of a way to justify their action to have a good name. Emperor Yingzhong should have thought of a cleverer way to achieve his goal, instead of openly breaking the law and straighforwardly exiling whoever opposed him. This event also acts as a premise for a similar situation happen in the Ming dynasty, resulted in many people dead, imprisoned or banished. His action was very much criticized by scholars in feudal times. However from a modern POV, this was not such a big deal.
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    There’s a lovely, thoughtful review of the last few episodes of Encounter on Tumblr: http://tinytrashqueen.tumblr.com/post/182405609516/boyfriend-13-16 What I like most in the review is this quote - This show was about two people falling in love, and it was also about family, and women in positions of power, and dealing with traumas. But most importantly, it was about a woman learning that she deserves the love of her life. It was such an important message that Soo Hyun learned it twice.
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    I'm very happy that this thread is very much lively although the drama already ended n to read all your comments remind me of how this drama made me want to joined this forum n I never regret it even a bit.. This drama itself is a master piece on its own,first it against all of odds with its genre;classic melodrama, second PBG n SHK tandem, which is for me will be one of legendary couple,third beautiful cinematography..me as viewer what else can I ask?I'm being pampered a lot by Encounter (except for lovey dovey scene,I want more)
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    As I have posted before the reporters' question of being disappointed with the ratings was made in reference to his 2 previous hit dramas. The drama had successful or very high ratings and articles have referred to it as a "hit" drama or a "critical success". I did a bit of research regarding tvN Wednesday-Thursday Dramas so that we can better appreciate what Encounter has achieved. Encounter holds the record as the tvN Wednesday-Thursday Drama with the 1) Highest Average Ratings for All the Episodes and 2) the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama with the highest episode rating for the Seoul Metropolitan Area: 12.868% (Source: Wikipedia) Don't forget that the drama holds the record as fastest cable TV drama to attain a double-digit rating. While it's true that it was not able to sustain it, the drama was able to maintain very high cable TV ratings.
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    With all due respect, I beg to differ with you on this. QH is certainly a clown in this case. A man man that understand the value and honour of being a gentlemen will certainly not allow himself to raise above the ranks through the blatant favourtism of the Empress Dowager. He accepted the rank even without the approval of the emperor. Why would someone with honor does that. The empress dowager had insisted on hearing the matters of the court and had overstayed her welcome. The new emperor is neither a lousy Nor weak one in addition to him Saving the lives of the former emperor and the emperor dowager. The emperor had wanted reforms to improve the lives of the people especially when it is highlighted that the former emperor benevolent policies had brought on sufferings to the people. The ED had insisted on continuation of the existing policies, how is she a capable person politically. There is no reason and it is not right for the ED to be in court at that period. Where’s QH doing his job. No; he kept quiet because he had allied himself with the ED. Where’s the value and honor of a gentlemen there where they are supposed to be loyal to the emperor and the country. Besides QH had criticised the emperor disregarding the law. The ED also disregarded the law by holding on to the seal previously until GTY hatched the plan to get it back. Where’s QH in that case. Why practice blatant double standards towards the ED and the emperor. QH is certainly no gentlemen. All I see is a double standard clown who needs his Father in law to rescue his career, and whose Daughter he had disregarded by telling ML he missed her day and night. I am not trying to be harsh here. QH has his merits but being a gentlemen, I can’t convince myself to think he’s one.
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    Btw, @bubblechoco and @stardustvoid The missing scene between CSH and JWS was Probably suppose to be after CSH visited her mom, based on the same outfit CSH wore. Uhhh i need that closure scene for JWS.. why didn't it make the cut
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    Let’s just say you seem like a boyfriend Today is my first day. I’m no longer the Cha Soo Huyn that got sold off to Taegyeong. I’m no longer the Cha Soo Huyn that was crazy about the hotel. And I’m no longer the Cha Soo Huyn that lets the person she likes gets criticized for no reason. For the first time in my life, I feel so unburdened. It’s lightening. It feels like I threw a punch.
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    Stepmom was so elated to hearGTY had a fight with ML and was sleeping seperately.All she could think was he needed a pretty concubine to ride over the issue. Poor stepmom is in for several shocks because she has no clue about how GTY operates. He finally got his wife to fuss over him and display a range of emotions over his condition.The price of 20 whippings was nothing. He is as formidable as ML maybe even more if he can keep his temper in check. Previously ML was irritated with QH but now she must be whopping mad for getting her precious husband punished. He better not meet ML again.Chopsticks, sword,bamboo stick anything can greet him.
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    I miss jinsoo so much! Their side profile is really something They're talking about encounter, something in cuba
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    I want to see the deleted scenes too. Especially their selfies and the scene where Jh kissed Sh's forehead , their kissing scene at year end masquerade. Saw this at the bts. As i rewatched ep 14 Jh bought the book The end of the world, girlfriend, for Sh. And now after the drama, Sh has the time to read. (I mean, Shk, in her ig story)
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    It would be soooo useful if there was an English translation of the screenplay. (Wonder if these publications are of the actual shooting script.) Due to the glaring scarcity of skinship between eps 12-15, there are certain scenes where I would like to know if there were originally directions for more ..er.. intimate touches... #forscience of course. I would love any deleted scenes to be included in the Director’s Cut, although I doubt there are many due to the tight filming schedule. Apologies for lowering the tone a tad, but I’m a byeontae ahjumma. Mianhamnida.
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    P1: ml jealous.. Gty happy. Ml:'i' m not virtuous'. P2: Gty was sleeping. Ml sat beside him and staring at him, then softly touch gty's forehead.. It's love. P3: ml pregnant. Gty is too happy and treat her carefully. Asking her to rest and the food that she likes to eat.. Gty is on mother hen mood.
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    I need all the deleted scenes in the DVD, @rosiepeonie188 If there is a DVD, I’m assuming they might release it come April/May?
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    And media kept asking Bo Gum about Song Joong Ki's reaction. It's understandable why Kyo would not want to be interviewed. Some media people are more into creating intrigues. About the ratings, its really quite good. It started and ended with almost the same ratings at 8.6. If we look one by one on the Genres of other cable drama ahead of Encounter, all of it are of Different Genre. No pure Romance Melodrama. Encounter is the top cable drama on its classification. Reruns are on top of its timeslots also. Really hoping Encounter will reap Awards soon to complete its successful run. Actress in PH who has 10.8M twitter followers is now a certified JinSoo shipper lol. She thinks she and her husband are like KJH and CSH.
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    Hmmm... with this kind of questions, i doubt that SHK ever wanted a post drama interview.. although a magazine spreads still a possibility The journalists didn't bother to mention about this drama successfully received by international fans, sold to 100 countries, commercially success, the poets and books in drama becoming bestseller, when not many people know about these novels or poetry book before. And Cuba becoming one of the most searched destination. Nope, they just want to pick on this drama. So proud that PBG handle it with manners and humble. But let's just focus on the happiness this drama brought us.. The love began here.. And completed here..
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    @bebebisous33 I had to respond right away, and took a break from work to reply to this. I think out of all the analyses you posted, this is my favorite. I have always been a fan of how a person's eyes can describe the way they are feeling. And it amazes me that the people behind this drama actually gave importance on how they act through their eyes. This is a detail that is mostly overlooked because either it is hard to act through the eyes or it's just overlooked. The comment from Chairman Kim about CSH eyes was a eureka moment for me. Although I hate her character, by just hearing her say it, shows how she knows how to assess people by looking at their eyes. It must have been really frustrating for her that she can't read CSH. Thank you so much for all this. Your posts are one of the things I look forward to each time I open this thread!
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    @rosiepeonie188 *sigh* typical media trying to nitpick everything. For its genre and timeslot, Encounter is a highly successful drama. I can go on and on about how I feel about the negative press questions that were thrown at PBG but this is not the avenue for that. ETA: does anybody know if there’s a scheduled interview with the writer and director? I would love to hear their take as well
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    @avondale16 Thanks a lot for the encouragement and compliment. I like your parallel with the relationship between teacher and students. Yes, it is really important that the teacher and the student's eyes meet because that way, a good relationship can be developed and nurtured. A teacher should never hide behind his desk and books, just like the students. This explains why the teacher's eyes are important as they reveal a lot how they perceive their students. It is important for the students despite their grades to feel acknowledged and accepted. A good balance between reward and critic/yelling is required and it is not simple. But you know, there is another reason why I am spending time here. Since I am not teaching French for high school students nowadays, only History bilingual (French), I am not able to teach French literature which I am missing a lot. For example, the idea of the mirror and the eyes are not my idea. I was inspired by Sartre from his work "Le huis-clos" (No exit). Jean-Paul Sartre was a French philosopher: he is the author of the existentialism. And I applied his ideas in Encounter... however, I had to analyzed it myself.
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    It's coming to the end... I remember about 15 years ago, Kdrama used to last for about 50-100 episodes Nowadays, most are shorten to 16-20 ep only. I dont want the show to drag on too much with unnecessary cliffhangers but I just wanna see a more developed and satisfied storyline for SolKyul...20 might be a good enough number I feel disappointed about the rating of CWPN. Even though it is not from big TV station, we still love it, the acting skills, the script (90% of it) and the staffs who worked hard to produce this. I m a fan of Yoo Jung first and was so into the series Moonlight Draw by Clouds. It was very excited to watch all the interviews, fansign event and year end award ceremonies...I started to watch CWPN because of Yoo Jung but shortly after, i couldnt help but ship SolKyul / KyunYoo soooo hard Their chemistry and acting are incredible to the point I join a forum for the very first time. I just wish to see them going to many interviews and events together. It's hard for KS and YJ to work together again in a different project. Even if that miracle happen, i doubt it would have the same interaction and kissing moments like CWPN Honestly, this drama and couple set a new higher standard for other upcoming dramas. From now on, I dont wanna watch any other open-eye-dead-fish kind of kiss. #kiss_with_passion_for_now
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    OMG. Coming from a TONY AWARD WINNER Broadway legend, that says a lot! Who cannot help but be bewitched by this drama? No one, no one I tell you! Well except for the other ones, ykwim @jl08 @dukesa1122 you girls took the words right out of my mouth! Excellent points Oh, and will it air in a US network? Or is it only thru Viki? I think it’s high time a Kdrama becomes big in the US!!
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    i hv to add one more thing..please dont take this the wrong way.. somehow talking to this ig friend really changes my view on ppc.. this friend said at first she felt uneasy about psj-pmy dating scandal coz she's not a fan of pmy (shocking!).. she was afraid psj will receive hate bcoz of pmy. .she said she even went to pmy's event after wwwsk (jewellery event something in mall) to see her upclose and personal..she said she can understand why actors dont look at regular ppl coz actresses are too beautiful (i think she meant to say pmy is really beautiful lol).. as a fan, she is willing to accept if psj and pmy are really dating under condition they do it in secret (again i dont understand her)..she said for psj sake, pmy should deny dating rumor to the end coz actors will lose a lot of fans compared to actresses (hardcore fangirls can turn into haters in second).. actor's popularity really depends on their korean fans. she added again that this year many famous actors will be discharged from army and psj will hv more competition and if he is exposed in scandal, he will lose his cfs.. she said she often lurks on this thread and she hopes shippers can be more responsible in shipping and think from psj and pmy's perspectives. she said please dont wish for actors to be caught by dispatch or go public with relationship for our own happiness.. they works really hard to build their careers and works even harder to maintain their images.. . i admit at first i really wanted psj and pmy to just admit it for once and all.. the truth is i want them to admit dating for my sake, so i can happily ship them.. i never think from their view sobs.. now i can understand y ppc denied dating scandal and remain nonchalant about this issue. sorry for this long serious rambling..just wanna share this with you guys..
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    A translation of the preview. LH: Have you awoken? LH: Don’t you think it’s become cold? LH: Do you want oppa to feed you? DR: How long do you think that the Emperor is going to be able to protect you? SN: I will protect myself. LH: Is the person you want to kill me? WB: Your re-coronation, I will be preparing for that day. SN: Right now, you’re the one I need. We who most want revenge against the monarchy, it’s not bad for us to be on the same side. LY: This is my girlfriend. HL: Anyway, I’ll be your daughter-in-law. SN: I am certain that Seo Kang Hee had something to do with Empress So Hyeon’s death. LH: If I say it wasn’t me, will you believe me? SN: That it wasn’t something that you did, I know. Truthfully, this drama has been making me feel rather queasy for awhile now. I don't like where the drama seems to be going with making WS terminal within 3 months, and now making a tragi-comic figure out of LH who had been a raving psychopath with no controls to his emotions or his temper. And the preview seems to show a softening of SN's antipathy towards LH. I really, really dislike the changes being written into the drama now. It's kind of gone beyond makjang for me into the ridiculous and not even a sublime one at that. However, I'm still reading the thread and probably will to the end of this drama which I'm hoping will be soon, though not sure what the episode count is supposed to be since I think someone mentioned an extension. I do appreciate that the power of the monarchy is now with LY, and that AR has come to her senses about knowing who the person who really loves her is, though I'm worried about how the revelation that the nanny is her birth mother is going to affect her. Truthfully, I had thought that AR had already suspected as much but rejected it, but she seemed really surprised to hear it in the latest episode. Anyway, I have to admit that this drama does rather like to twist, turn, and shock.
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    People say "Opposites attract", which I think explains why QH and ML were attracted to each other. But in long run, it's the similarities and commonality in beliefs and principles that bring 2 people together. That's the case with ML - GTY. Previously, ML told GTY that he should plan ahead for Rong'er. As a result, he admired and was attracted to her. Later, GTY told ML "with all things, always look forward", and ML picked herself up from her fall and soldier on. Before anything else, they learn and grow from each other. ML's maturity and wisdom is rather impressive. The way she spoke to Mdm Zhang to take her out of her rut... Fate played its role, and now it's up to her to make the most out of it. That things aren't always clear now, but walk on, and whether it's a happy or sad path, time will tell. It also takes a lot of maturity, and a level of empathy to acknowledge the pain of others, and acknowledged that she will never understand the unimaginable situation of the granny's nanny environment when she was growing up. It gives them room to actually step into another person's shoes and see things from their perspectives. ML was able to emphatise with GTY and Rong'er, despite what his reputation says. She did that with Madam Zhang, and she did the same with QH's wife. From previews, she also emphatize with the woman that Aunt Kang pushed to her house for GTY. GTY has always been able to emphatise and understand ML as well. In an era where everyone is labelled, and judged based not on what a person has done or achieved but purely by their privileged status or the lack of, they both have the ability to independently judge a person and his/her character, free from bias, from labels, from reputation, from what others say. That makes them admirable as a person, and to each other.
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    This is only the beginning. It will get worse once Her Private Life will air. In all KDrama couples I shipped, I have never seen intense shippers as this except SongSong shippers. But at least there, they got married first before working again separate new projects. With all the uncertainties of PPC real life and them having intense shippers, I pity PMY since she will have a new drama soon more fanwars happen PPC SHIPPERS PLEASE GET A LIFE AND DO NOT BE TOO INVESTED ON PSJ AND PMY. IF THEY WILL END UP TOGETHER OR NOT, IT WILL BE FATE. LET US PRAY IT HAPPENS BUT FOR NOW WE SHOULD RESPECT THEM INDIVIDUALLY AND SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS.
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    In the novel, ml still serve gty even during her pregnancy and gty remarked that ml's bulging stomach was cute..
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    @bebebisous33 as always love your post @jl08always love your post I wonder if Pd-nim can include all extended scene in director's cut including hottest bed scene we know there is bed scene in EC don't be stingy pd-nim I definitely buy it just for JINSOO AND EC
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    I think the reason GTY keeps bringing it up is because he himself is the kind of person who would give it all in his efforts to get the girl he likes. Or even in anything else he wants to achieve in life. For him QH not willing to take a risk for his love is proof that QH will most likely never prioritize ML over others. And just to be clear GTY is not dumb enough to actually kidnap a girl from the family of soon-to-be-crown prince. His suggestion was outrageous, no doubt, but I'll give him enough credit to think that if QH had agreed he'd have come up with a proper plan. Easiest solution.....go to the emperor and reveal everything. At least the threat on Qi papa would be gone.
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    I think if QH agree to GTY crazy idea of kidnapping the princess & goes against her Prince father, there wud be one out of 2 endings... 1) If their plan succeeded with QH marrying ML, her family wud doomed afterwards. If the prince people can kidnapped & raped the present (at the time) King's concubine's sister, they sure have no problem doing so to lower rank officer & his family. And that is if cautious ML even agree to GTY's plan which she never wud. I think QH understand ML enuf to know this. 2) If their crazy plan failed, they wud risk ML's life & future. Like what the princess mother told QH, if he refuse to marry the princess, she will have people kidnap & rape ML too. I think QH was so afraid what & if it happen to ML too. So for this I respect QH's decision. It's not an easy one, it's not a happy marriage for him. He lives like a walking corpse but he did so not just to save his father but to ensure ML safety & doesn't go thru what the concubine's sister went thru. But I agree with GTY, why the h3II didn't he go running back to ML after his wife died when he got his mom's agreement to let him marry ML if he pass his exams. At least ML wud have some idea of his intentions. Like everyone said ML is not going to mop around waiting for him forever. For me, both men have their value & weakness & both have a place in ML's heart. One just passing by, the other plan to stay for good. QH with no doubt was ML's 1st love. It's proven when she was almost drowned she didn't let go of the doll. But she is a practical person, as what she told granny, as long as QH fight for her, she will hold on to him but once he let go, she will too & that's what happened. Tho it's hard for her to let go of QH, she understands his difficulties & never blame him, which is why she was never bitter, thus healed her broken heart faster. As for GTY, he barged into ML's life like a bull but his sincerity & tenderness slowly wins her heart. Tho ML bickers a lot with GTY in their younger days, one thing for sure she admire him a lot & really look up to him. I think she was a bit hurt when she finds out he proposed to RL, & was really upset when her parents proposed her as RL's substitute. Once she realized everything was GTY's plan & his target was her from the beginning, tho angry at first, she was truly happy he choose her. My 2 cents, there are 3 men in ML's life, QH, her 1st love, a passerby who touch her young heart for a little while. Then Dr He whom she like & respect but doesnt get the chance to be in her heart since she close her heart & just agree with granny to make her happy. And lastly comes GTY who just bulldoze everything, slowly enter her heart & is ML's true love Anyway let just say GTY is fated for ML... If ML marries QH then her story will be different
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    ED was not supporting the rebels....she was supporting Prince Yong...the people who were holding QH's dad hostage to force him to agree to the marriage with the princess. Thats why she wouldn't let QH's mom meet the emperor. The rebellion was led by Prince Yan who was supported by another concubine who wanted to take revenge for her sister who committed suicide after getting kidnapped and raped by Prince Yong's people. Old Emperor had already planned to make Prince Yong his heir but before he could announce it the other prince rebelled. Prince Yong and his family were killed by the rebels and Prince Yan and his rebels were all killed by GTY and Prince Huan. QH's mom and dad are looking scared because QH is going against the emperor by supporting the ED. Everyone knows ED would have to eventually give up and back out.....but giving her support will cause unrest in the court which will make the new emperor become angry at people causing the unrest. As we saw QH is now on emperor's sh*tlist.
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    I miss waiting every wed and thu for the livestream, then wait again for the eng sub, reading tweets and rewatching videos from ig and soompi about encounter... miss those days even i dont have enough sleep and definitely miss Jinsoo couple so much... I cant even start watching a new kdrama... thanks for all the wonderful insights here and gifs from our Jinsoo couple...
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    Oh nooooooo, so many problems. The emperor's favourite concubine is also one of the ED's puppet breathing bad words about GTY and talking him into looking at QH positively. Seems like all of the emperor's close trusted people are being targetted and framed. ED has her net spread out wide indeed. I hope she and all those puppets will get their comeuppance soon. Then not to mention that wicked evil stepmom and Auntie Kang. Getting Chao mama (GTY old nanny) to come look after ML was a great move. She managed to insult and cursed Auntie Kang and indirectly stepmom LOL I kept playing th epart when she fall flat on her face.......EPIC! I hope Madame Zhang survive the birth. General Shen's ex in-laws are so evil. Why would they want to keep the doctor from assisting the birth? Would General Shen still respect them if they caused the death of his wife in childbirth? It would cause political unrest with Duke Ying. These people have no brain at all. And it was nice to see ML holding a sword. She was like a tiger mum protecting her cub.
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    what @mn0096 had mentioned before about SA on the trending page in malaysia: Wow! How amazing that SA's first time being paired together in a couple race (from start to end) they make this much of an impact! Haters & SBS take note.
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    This is why Encounter's OST. can not be sung by PBG. (During Encounter /Boyfriend, there was a rumor to potentially have) Acting as drunken scene in Encounter/ Boyfriend: A News Reporter asked whether drinking alcohol in real life should be done to help this acting (Smoking also)
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    Her Weibo update : "The drink I chose today is a large cup and a concentrated ice vanilla latte" ~ ( want to see more exciting content, check the web link )
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    Questions that we keep asking 1. Woo Bin has a bullet in his head. Will he die? A. No, he will get a head transplant. 2. I love Lee Hyuk. Will he die? A. No. He serves prison and comes out and becomes Manny to replace Nanny. 3. What happens to Nanny? A. She becomes the Prime Minister. 4. What????? A. She marries the Prime Minister and kills him after a week of marriage and takes over his position. 5. What happens to Min Yura? A. She goes to the cement mixer and coats herself with cement so that she can walk around undetected. 6. What happens to Sunny? A. She goes on a vacation to Cuba and meets a new young guy. 7. You're getting your dramas mixed up. A. She goes on a vacation to Granada and meets a new rich guy? That preview makes me feel like Lee Hyuk and Sunny are going to end up together. He's spending time with her as an ordinary guy, not as emperor. And she seems to be getting closer to him now as he tells her the truth....that last scene, he had tears in his eyes. Ah, it breaks my heart when he cries, like in the latest episode.
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