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    "Yearning There are roads that I want to take When I am told not to There are people I want to see When we agreed not to There are things I want to do more When I am told not to That is life and yearning That is you" @stardustvoid While I understand what you said and I can see that it was devastating for both sides, I'm not sure if there was a "better" way to part ways in this circumstance :).
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    c as labeled *********** [Interview] "Encounter" Park Bo-gum, "Was there chemistry with Song Hye-kyo? 2019/01/28 Park Bo-gum from "Encounter" talked about working with Song Hye-kyo. He said, "It was amazing working with her and she displayed her character of Cha Soo-hyeon so well. Thanks to her I was able to focus on my role as Kim Jin-hyeok". He also added that close friend and Song Hye-kyo's husband Song Joong-ki didn't say much about the drama yet. Many worried about the chemistry between the two actors because of their age gap. Park Bo-gum said, "Despite our age difference, we didn't feel a distance. We were both aware of our characters so it wasn't hard to click. I would like to ask on the other hand, if there wasn't any chemistry between us?" "Encounter" is a romantic drama about a woman who's never lived a life of her choice before and a man who is free-spirited. The drama ended on the 24th with a viewing percentage of 8.7%. Park Bo-gum played Kim Jin-hyeok, a young man who was raised under loving parents. He falls in love with Cha Soo-hyeon (Song Hye-kyo) he meets in Cuba and overcomes a love that goes through many obstacles. Source : news.jtbc.joins.com/a.../Hancinema
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    I had forgotten for a moment that it’s really fun to spend my daily life with a friend. But I also know that it’s really painful to become distant with a friend that I like and to go back to the point when our relationship meant nothing. That’s why I tried to stop.
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    Oh please, we all know that the lighting director and the camera only did the bare minimum. Stop being so coy, PBG
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    Some dramas just end with a getting-back-together kiss, but we had a wonderful peek into their regular lives after that kiss! , They tried to have closure on all loose ends, loved the proposal by JH “can we go as newlyweds” and SH was smiling happily, unlike when JH asked her previously and she was hesitant and even changed the subject.The most romantic series EVER, hands down. Was hoping to see some beautiful babies, though! **********
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    ===== #ZhaoLiying's Sheng Minglan and #FengShaofeng's Gu Tingye have joined the wax figure collection at Madame Tussauds Shanghai!
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    The influence of The Little Prince in Encounter (The Little Prince part 2) The presence of this philosophical tale is only really revealed at the end of the episode 14, where CSH is reading the book next to KJH. However, it appeared much earlier with the painting in CSH's bedroom. This is the biggest painting on the right. I didn't know that there was a sculpture of The Little Prince with the fox in South Korea. As I had mentioned it before, the fox is not visible in the painting. The little boy is the main character which shows that CSH has always felt a certain closeness towards this extraordinary character. Another visible trace is the bouquet, it is protected just like the little prince protected his rose. To conclude, the writer and director used different visuals to create a connection between the philosophical tale and this drama (bouquet, painting, the book). But it goes far beyond that. The title of this drama has a lot in common with this French story. Encounter is what actually defines the work from François de Saint Exupéry. Because the aviator had a plane crash in the desert, he met casually the Little Prince. Then the little boy meets the fox as a coincidence as well. The appearance of his beloved rose is not something planned either. One day, she appeared on his planet and the little prince had no idea how it came to life. So far, he had been busy taking care of his planet (see the picture above): - cleaning the volcanoes, - taking out the roots of baobabs as they represent a thread to his planet Therefore when he saw for the first time this flower, he was clueless what she was and where she came from. As you can see, due to encounters, The little prince changes little by little, is forced to make decisions which leads him to leave his planet, to explore other planets and to meet new people. He leaves his planet because the rose due to her vanity, carelessness and arrogance took him for granted and thought, he would remain by her side despite her behavior. And this leads me to the third aspect, the brevity of the encounters. The Little Prince never stays very long on the different planets he visits. First, the adults he meets are very flawed hence not interesting. They are even more self-absorbed, which the main character realizes. Secondly, even after meeting the aviator and spending some time with him, The Little Prince decides to leave the desert and to go back to his planet. By announcing to the aviator (the narrator) his immanent departure, he forces his friend to leave the desert too. As you can see, even if their encounter was very meaningful because the Little prince became a meaningful person to the narrator, they don't stay together in the end. Their separation is indeed painful. He knows that the aviator can leave the desert with his plane hence he forces the narrator to do it by announcing his own departure. And here we have the difference between The Little Prince and Encounter. KJH wants to remain by CSH's side no matter what and he keeps telling her that in order to reassure her. CSH had a lot of encounters, but all of them were with the same person: KJH. For the Little Prince, it was different... he met different people which made him realize how adults were, what friendship and love was aso. On his journey, The Little Prince makes a lot of new experiences which changes him little by little... he becomes more mature and wise. At the end, he discovers in a painful way what love is. Here, I also perceive another similarity with CSH, our protagonist. Thanks to KJH, she discovers love, cart food, average dishes, sand game, the joy of the salsa dance, an open-air gallery aso... Thanks to KJH, her horizon is broadened and enriched. She can feel again, her heart can see things which she couldn't before. And it is the same for The Little Prince. Since I had already compared KJH and CSH to the Little Prince, my main focus will be elsewhere here in order to avoid any repetition. Another similarity between these two works are the characters. I have the impression that certain people from The Little Prince resemble a lot to the characters from Encounter, like for example Chairman Kim. She could be compared to the King. The latter lives alone on his planet but he needs to have subjects in order to act as a King. And here, the Chairman Kim acts and lives like a queen. For her, she is royalty and her subjects have to follow her orders. Once she no longer needs them, she can discard them. Yet, at the end she ends up alone because she had abused her position. She didn't realize that for her position, she had to act reasonably in order to keep subjects around her. And The King in TLP (The Little Prince) is well aware of that. He knows that his demands have to be reasonable, yet he tends to abuse his power anyway. The contradiction is visible in both stories. Their sense of superiority can only exist as long as there is someone besides them but they are not aware of that. Then we have the businessman who could be also linked to the Chairman Kim who wants to possess more and more. Her thrust for money is endless that's why at the end, she is caught for bribery. But the most important character from TLP resembling to a character from Encounter is the fox. You might wonder about his identity in Encounter.... In my opinion, teacher Lee acts a lot like the fox. The first connection is her title. She is a teacher and the fox is the one who teaches The Little Prince what friendship is and what love is. He listens to him and gives explanation without giving him real advice. He doesn't just explain what friendship is, he teaches him through experience. He asks the prince to tame him and as such to create ties between them. The fox is the wise teacher, the one who is there for him and who declares that the colour of the wheat fields will always remind him of The Little Prince. And teacher Lee has a similar behavior in Encounter. She doesn't interact much between CSH and KJH, she always listens to both and explains things without giving any advice. She never stopped CSH from breaking up with KJH. She felt sad and sorry but she said nothing. Then in the dark room, she is the one who reminded CSH to enjoy the present because death could occur anytime. She mentioned missing her husband after his death... Yet she never told CSH to visit KJH. She let CSH make her decision. And that's exactly what the fox did too. He always let the little prince come to his own conclusion. He only helped him by giving him valuable information. Finally, the last comparison is the place. KJH and CSH met in Cuba, a country where they were on their own. So for them, Cuba was like a desert as they only interacted with each other. For them, the others were like inexistant. Don't forget that CSH and KJH didn't pay attention to the dancers during the sunset, they were both focused on the beautiful scenery. CSH didn't see the couple dancing. Then later, they walked barefoot without paying attention to others again. So they acted as if they were alone all this time. And to me, the desert from The Little Prince resembles a lot to Cuba. Although it is a desert, The Little Prince is able to meet the narrator, the fox, the other roses and the snake. It is not an empty place, it is a place where it is difficult to live. And the evening spent together in Cuba was exactly like that. CSH had trouble to walk to the top of the hill, she had lost her cellphone and purse therefore later they hadn't much money, it was quite difficult to manage to eat and have a good evening. Her situation is really similar to the aviator's situation: his plane needs to be repared and he has nothing. Yet despite everything, CSH was able to survive and to enjoy the evening: experience new things. And this is exactly what happened to the aviator and the little Prince. Despite the loneliness, the harshness of the environment, they were able to survive, to overcome the loneliness as both became close, just like CSH and KJH. @dukesa1122(Did you like this comparison? I am asking as you were wishing to read it as soon as possible) @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @msbae81
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    Boyfriend/Encounter was one of the best K Rom-dramas I have watched. Except for the brief break-up, I have nothing but good feelings about this drama. The writing, directing, production and acting was all superb. This drama left me feeling good and a smile on my face. All the characters, except the mother-in-law redeemed themselves at the end. The characters had depth. I liked the fact that there wasn't any over-the-top characters hollering, hitting or throwing things. All of the characters had dignity and a graciousness about them. Although I may not have like their actions, the characters were not disagreeable to the point that I actually disliked them. The mother-in-law came the closest being disliked, and even she had dignity. I wish more K-dramas would look at the success of Encounter and take note. I enjoyed watching the drama with all of you. Your insights and analysis were thought provoking. I've had some ah-ha moments, laughs and a few difference of opinions; however, it made watching Encounter even more enjoyable. Each week, I could not wait to read the posts. I congratulate the actors, the writer, and crew for a beautiful love story. Thank you Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum for portraying your characters realistically. You should be proud of your achievements. If I want to introduce anyone to Korean dramas, this will be my first choice. I hope to see you all at another K-drama.
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    @dukesa1122 @NongpeeP @stardustvoid @roshzanna @shyguitar @thistle @xu_lyfe Thanks a lot for the encouraging words and the good appreciation. Honestly, I would stop writing here if no one thanked me or replied to my analysis. As for the break up, CSH was not different from JWS in the end. She did the same thing, the only difference between them is that she thought that if she used a different way to part from him, he would be less hurt. First, she didn't use the media like her husband. Due to the fake affair, she became scrutinized. Here, she uses the social media in order to show JH in a positive light. That's why she wasn't reluctant to be seen dating JH. Secondly, the break up is not revealed to the media. It is like a secret, while it was the opposite with JWS. The latter sacrificed his marriage because he "loved" her (but I doubt the deepness of his feelings), CSH is doing the same. She sacrificed her love in order to protect JH, she doesn't want to ruin his happy family. She copied JWS in a certain sense that's why I can not support her action. She was cruel as like JWS, she never took JH's feelings into consideration. It was decided by her and JH had no right to speak. She actually didn't explain the reason because she knew that if she did, JH would never accept the break up which did happen. He came back to her after hearing his parents' conversation. She had to say something more cruel to JH. It was cruel for my taste, no matter why and how.
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    The drama Boyfriend ranked 1ST in terms of the latest Content Power Index Ranking! https://m.entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=109&aid=0003944200&rankingType=sympathy&type=like&basisDate=20190129210000
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    ENCOUNTER IS A VERY SUCCESSFUL CABLE DRAMA IN TERMS OF RATINGS There are plenty of cable dramas which averages between 5% to 6% ratings and given reward trips by cable networks. Encounter average rating is 8.475. Although I could not imagine PBG and SHK going on reward trips, PBG is very busy with Asian Tour while SHK does not always participate in these kinds of activities.
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    @NongpeeP I really loved reading your analysis as well. Yes, you are so right. Both women treated KJH as a weak person, while in reality he was much stronger and more courageous than they were. Maybe CSH might have come to the false conclusion due to the words of KJH's mother. Yet I sense that she had other reasons to think like that. First her experience with her ex-husband could have influenced her as well. JWS was weak in front of his mother, he couldn't protect her. Besides, her father seemed to act like a weak person since he couldn't stop his wife from harassing his daughter.
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    GTY didn't take her from anyone. QH and her had no longer had any relation whatsoever after he married, I don't care if he had reasons or not, their relationship was over, period. In modern term, they had broken up and she's single, that's it, anyone could try to court her and QH had no say in it. Dr. He hadn't even officially proposed to ML yet, so he also had no claim on her. In modern term, they hadn't become an official couple yet, so again, she's still single, any could try to court her and sent proposal gifts to her house and Dr. He couldn't say anything. After his wife died, QH only INTENDED to go ask for her hand, but he didn't actually do it, he didn't even tell anyone of his intention, how could anyone suppose to know what he wanted? He couldn't just expect her to stand in one place waiting for him? Hadn't it occur to him that there can be other guys who like her too? He could at least ask around to see if there's anyone else, if he did, he would have known about Dr. He and he might had the chance to act faster. But he didn't do it. If GTY wasn't there, he would have still lost to Dr. He with his way of handling things. His tantrum right now towards GTY is just him unable to cope with his own incompetency, him looking for someone to blame on for his misery. The mature thing to do is to face your mistake, move on and let your wound to be healed. Both ML and GTY had met with as much pain and struggles as him, if not more; but they didn't sulk in a corner being bitter and blaming the world, they moved on, that's why they are able to be happy with each other now. QH not only refuses to let go, but he tries to drag others down with him just because he's unhappy is nothing less of an angry child and a sore loser. Until he's willing to admit that this is his own damn faults, he has no right to blame it on anyone. And GTY didn't rub salt in his wound, agitating QH do no one no good, why would he do such stupid things? He was just trying to tell QH what he did wrong, trying to get him to face his mistakes, not blaming on others; he told him point blank because he cared about QH and he wanted him to move on.
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    It's Wednesday again, but there are no more Encounter moments to look forward to. However, like everyone here, I love reading the analysis and comments regarding this enchanting drama. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts. And because this will drama will always stay in my heart, here I am, compiling Encounter's significant moments...
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    The confrontation scene between QH and ML was terrific. I was clapping hands like crazy when ML stomped out in anger but ran back to shake QH out of his dellusion. think her words summed up pretty much everything people have been discussing here. Rough translation: ML: You are the baby of Qi family but I'm just a lone soul. Luckily, he (my husband) is a considerate guy. Have you ever thought of what could have happened to me if he were a petty and vicious guy? My life could have been ruined because of your action. QH: But...but I just did what was good for you. ML: Then it has to be considered as good by me first! Good by your book doesn't count! (Later, ML to XT: The little Duke is such a big cry baby. He just does whatever he feels like.) I have never had a bit of sympathy towards QH, way before QTY proved himself a worthy contender for ML's husband because I'm a supporter of ML from the start. QH's actions, intentionally or not, have always caused harm to ML, from gifting her precious stationary to publicly expressing his affection to ML and making unrealistic promises. And I agree with the comment above that people of this kind are even worse than the villains, because we can't hate them but they're not exactly innocent either. Such an annoying character.
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    We got the map, we got the plan, now all we need is the actual scene! #BoyfriendSpecialEpisodeSpain *delulu*
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    @bebebisous33 Thank you for sharing. You know what, when I read your analysis, it took me a long time to reply because I have to rewatch the scenes you mentioned in order to explore my feeling related to your topic. Yesterday for "The Bride" topic, I took time before I wrote back late night because I think, rewatch, and think what I found from thouroughly rewatching again. For the"The Perfect Date as A farewell", I totally agreed with your analysis that break up no matter what way it hurts. In addition to the Perfect Date as A Farewell, I found out that two women whom KJH loves the most in the world made a decision for KJH that time can cure him. Both of them knows KJH's firmed being as KJH's father mentioned to his mom, KJH has not easily changed with time. For CSH, she assumed whatever way opposite to what she has been broken by her ex-husband is okay for break up; therefore, she selected the way of good memory and then giving the reason to protect KJH and his family. CSH might forget the fact what upset KJH the most in the previous asking for a break from relationship is that he considered himself too weak when CSH considered that he can not bear this unfavorable impact from being in relationship with CSH. CSH did it again with this break up. She gave the reason implicitly that she judged KJH was too weak to be vulnerable from this relationship so break up is the solution. Similarly, KJH's mom gave the reason to KJH's father which KJH heard by himself that KJH's mom wanna protect KJH from his future hurt and harm by stopping his relationship with CSH now, his mom also thought the same point as CSH that KJH was too weak to bear the coming pains from being in relationship with CSH. Both of them can indicate the reason why they chose this choice for KJH which upset him the most even both of them tried to convince that they loves him but they both did consider him too weak implicitly. In addition to consider KJH too weak, promptly after what both mom and CSH did to him, they both acted like nothing happen, - mom cooked KJH as usual and called him to have a breakfast; and - CSH lived her life in working and dealt with her father's matter. What would these two women leave the choice to let KJH act with this break up situation? With mom, he has to act okay. With CSH, after he tried to ask for her reconsidering a couple times, he has to find more ways with brains and hearts to try reconciling. Both of them loves KJH but they can hurt his pride to be too weak and also make him choose to be in their choice's way of life. It might not be obviously forceful as Ex-husband's mom and Ex-husband to CSH but it hurt KJH's inner very severely. In addition to KJH's mom and CSH, when I rewatched, CSH's father is very influencial to CSH whether she chose to break up or reconcile. - In ep9, after CSH met her father and he mentioned KJH might not bear abnormality from being in the strong limelight, that night, CSH asked KJH for a break from relationship. - In ep16, Deja Vu in the opposite way, when CSH's father mentioned CSH can not live by protecting significant other for the rest of her life, and when she saw her shoes that KJH kept with care for a long time, she was brave to go back to KJH. CSH's father might be the real guidance to KJH's relationship with CSH. Luckily, at the end of ep16, KJH himself has visited CSH's father ocassionally in order to let the father check and recheck how KJH is in CSH's dad's opinion and how happy CSH is with him. KJH should really be acquaint to CSH's father because of his substancial influence to CSH.
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    I was a bit confused by playboy Liang. I initially thought he was being sarcastic when he asked Molan if she schemed their meeting at the temple. I mean, she was sneaking around in a maid's uniform so how could he believe it was 'fate'? No wonder he still hasn't passed the exams...
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    Thanks @bebebisous33 Because of her coat , i became positive she won't break up with Jh, but still she did. Now i realized from your analysis, when Jh went to her office to say he won't break up, her face is not a cold face but of sadness because her love never changes and feels regretting what she did, its just she has to make some sacrifices. Rewatching episode 5, the map of the camino de santiago trail is on the wall of ms. Lee's tea house, On the side of the table .
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    Encounter: Post Drama Interview Day 2 _ 29 Jan 2019 by Park Bo Gum (Kim Jin Hyuk) (6 groups of News Reporters over 2 days with 6 clothes set) [5분 인터뷰] ‘남자친구’ 박보검 “키스장인? 쑥스러워요” Actor Park Bo-gum said he was ashamed of his nickname, "The KissJang". Park Bo-gum, who appeared in the cable TVN drama "My boyfriend," was interviewed at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Wednesday afternoon. The term "kissjang" which was naturally followed by the phrase "kissjang" was used to describe Park's feelings as "awkward." "Thank you for taking good care of me. "I think it was possible for the director to shoot with beautiful pictures," he said, expressing humility, and repeatedly said, "I'm grateful that you did a good job." In addition, in the scene where she shed tears after parting with Cha Soo-hyun on the street, she said, "The shooting schedule is not in the order of the drama so I took the scene where I cried first, and then I met her at a cafe." "When I saw Cha Soo Hyun, my emotions came first. Cha Soo-hyun, the most emotional one, said, 'Your mom made me tangerine. I don't want to break up your simple and pretty home and preciousness. [인터;뷰] ① '남자친구' 박보검 "'청포도'로 시작한 진혁, '배'처럼 단단해졌다 Jin-hyuk has become more serious and mature as he meets, deals with, loves, and recognizes Cha Soo-hyun. "I also wanted to show the growth of Jin-hyuk with my eyes, facial expressions and drunk behaviors." In response, Park asked him to compare Kim Jin-hyuk, who is nearing the end of his "boyfriend," with another fruit. Park, who had been agonizing over the question for a long time, picked Bae. "A pear reminds me of a good image for any food," he said. "I have the ability to cope with the situation with fluency and flexibility." "The shape of a large, solid ship looks like Jin-hyuk, who has grown stronger and bigger in his mind as he goes through various situations," he said. [인터;뷰] ② 박보검 “혹평도 감사…나의 중심은 흔들리지 않는다” "I was able to concentrate and immerse myself in Kim Jin-hyuk as I saw my senior acting like a real person," Park said in expressing his gratitude. "There are emotions that I can feel when I act with the eyes of people when I'm filming emotional scenes. "I've received enough emotion from the character (from Song Hye-kyo) and I think many viewers have liked it." During the interview, Park repeatedly said, "Thank viewers for their love for Jin-hyuk and Soo-hyun." "I'm very thankful that you loved us so much," he said. "I was especially encouraged when I saw that mothers and fathers slept and enjoyed "boyfriends." The response was not only supported by actors but also by the staff. "I think it's a quiet, warm, week-long drama," he said, expressing satisfaction. However, like all dramas, 'boyfriend' was also criticized in some ways. Regarding this, Park said, I think we should be able to listen to critical stories. That way, people can grow. "I'm grateful to those who objectively looked at me," he said. "But my core is not shaken." Park Bo-gum said, "boyfriend" had enough messages to deliver. "Although the standard of "Nyeongbeom" is unclear, I think there are a lot of things you will realize by seeing someone find happiness in their daily lives," he repeatedly showed affection for his work. http://kstarlive.com/Here-s-How-Song-Joongki-Reacted-to-Song-Hyekyo-s-Romance-in--Encounter-----According-to-Park-Bogum-6049616 Park Bogum revealed how Song Joongki reacted to his wife Song Hyekyo's romance in the drama. During the round-up interview of the drama, Park Bogum talked about how best friend-slash-senior Song Joongki responded to his romance with Song Hyekyo in the drama. Park Bogum explained, "I did not have a romantic relationship with my sister-in-law (Song Hyekyo) but with Cha Soohyun (Song Hyeyko's character in the drama)." Park Bogum continued, "I think Song Joongki is too busy with his own work, 'Asadal Chronicles,' so he did not give me any big feedback." Park Bogum even called Song Hyekyo as his sister-in-law, meaning that he feels that Song Joongki is his own older brother. Given so, there's low possibility that Song Joongki gets jealous of Park Bogum. Meanwhile, Song Joongki is currently working on his upcoming drama 'Asadal Chronicles,' in which he will play with Kim Jiwon.
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    LOL, I don't get why GTY should value and consider QH's emotion over his own? If QH was a close friend to GTY like CB (who still care for him when he was kicked out of the house, when his life was ruined) or all those people from Yuzhou (who been through life and death battles with him), then I agree that he should have talked to QH first. But they're not THAT close? They were like casual friends. Remember what QH was doing when GTY was kicked out? He was happily preparing the dumb birthday plan for his mom :)) Why should GTY sacrifice the love of his life for such casual friendship?? (I'm not saying that QH has to care for GTY when he was at his lowest, but the fact that he didn't implies that their friendship has never been that deep, hence GTY has never owned him anything, let alone sacrificing his love for QH) As far as he knows, QH had already married someone else and moved on from his relationship with ML. It's been several years since their relationship ended, he had married, she had moved on to talk about marriage with someone else. I don't get why GTY had to care about the feelings of some ex lover of her from years ago? QH didn't own ML, even after his wife died he didn't tell anyone about his intention to get back to ML, how should anyone knew if he still had feelings for ML or not? Why should GTY consider his feelings when QH himself obviously does not care about anyone else's feelings other than his own? He doesn't even care about ML's feelings!
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    The perfect date as a farewell CSH has already decided to break up with KJH, nevertheless the latter is unaware of her decision. Since she knows that a bad break up can be really painful due to her husband's fake affair, she decided to leave a good memory behind believing that this would lessen the pain. And we all know that no matter how you break up, the pain will never be lessened. Since KJH had proposed as a date to visit a book store together where they could read books together and exchange their favorite book, CSH thought, she needed to grant his wish. She knew that this would be his favorite date, the perfect date. Our heroine chose as book Alice in Wonderland and KJH The little Prince. Yet, the perfect date ended here. I chose this taking because it perfectly fits the situation. Their future separation is illustrated in this scene. The counter serves as border, just like the decoration with the books on the ceiling. Moreover, CSH is standing far away from KJH reinforcing this impression that CSH has returned to her own world. The distance between them in this taking illustrates the inner distance CSH created. Then you can distinguish an invisible frame in this picture, it really looks like there is a glass or a window between them. And this invisible frame corresponds to the invisible change in CSH. CSH has not just started to put a boundary between herself and KJH but also put a gap between them and KJH is unaware of it. She doesn't share her thoughts and feelings any longer. She is actually hiding behind her smile that's why KJH is so happy. He said once that seeing her smile would make his day. So he thinks, CSH is happy. Striking is that CSH has adopted KJH's mannerism. The latter did the same in the past. He never wanted people around him to worry and burden them hence he smiled a lot. The illusion is perfect: she smiles, they spent a good time together so for him, everything is perfect. Yet, she is about to hurt him terribly because he is not expecting it. Strangely, while KJH is waiting at the counter, he waves to her. His gesture means for him (Here I am, look at me!), however for CSH it means the opposite: waving goodbye. Remember that she wanted to break up at the end of this perfect date but she couldn't as KJH offered her a gift: the camera case with her name on it. That's why she had to postpone it and find the right time. She came to the conclusion that the timing is as important as the way of parting. yet, she is making a huge mistake because no matter how and when, breaking up is really painful. Yet, there is one thing that caught my attention: she is wearing a red coat. First red is her favorite color (see the dress in Cuba) but she is showing her love for KJH by wearing such a color. She is even catching people's attention with her coat. So loving KJH has definitely changed her. She might put an invisible distance and boundary between herself and her boyfriend, yet she is not giving up on her love. She has decided to love KJH but from a distance... so her love will remain despite the break up. As you can see, KJH's words and behavior have influenced her greatly, she is a changed woman, although there is still something that KJH couldn't change: her insecurities and fears, the last wall he couldn't tear apart. PS: Tomorrow, it will be about The Little Prince as wished. @dukesa1122@stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia
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    Episodes 51 and 52 Trouble at the Count's Mansion and Jealousy Crisis at the Marquis and Marchioness house ahhhhh, a basis for a hot debate At the family get together of the Sheng house, dearest and bravest Ming Lan finally called out his father in front of all the family. Grandmother who was rushing to assist Ming Lan did not have to because as Daddy Sheng was about to strike Ming Lan, in comes the Marquis, ML's husband to back her up. Big Madam Sheng is too funny. All of the family were tense and standing up around the table when Ting Ye comes in as Sheng was about to raise his hand to strike ML and Danniang says, oh, it is the right time come and sit, sit. I cracked up. Ting Ye supported his wife's assertions that a woman who murdered another should not have her memorial tablet entered into the monastery where the memorial tablet of the woman she murdered stands. Double BOOM. ML had stated earlier, over her dead body will Molan's mother's memorial be at the same place where her mother rests. I was clapping when 6th Liang son asked Molan if she set him up pretending to fall at the monastery steps to get his attention. Molan of course denied. But it was not all her fault either because he also was all over her. But then he said that he heard of concubine's jealous fights but murder? And Molan practiced her mother's skills of sulking and whining but 6th son of Liang is not Sheng Hong, her father. 6th son of Liang is a son of the Count of Wu, one of the wealthiest families in the capital, spoiled and a womanizer. Sheng Hong was in love with Molan's mother, while 6th Liang son is not. Molan denied her maid's request to be released as her family requested. 6th Liang son asked Molan's maid what happened to the women who were Molan's childhood maids and was told they were killed after they were found out to have helped Molan into illicit meetings with him and Molan's mother was the one who spread the gossip about those meetings. He also heard TY restate what ML said about Molan's mother and Ml statement that there was evidence against his wife's dead mother. What would the 6th Liang son do with those information? Molan has dark circles around her eyes as if she is not resting well and the maid she did not release will become the 6th concubine of her husband. Can't wait for the redress. Now the jealousy and non jealousy, the origin of heated and fiery debates over who of the loving couple behaved wrong or right. If we look at Ming Lan and Ting Ye's body language now, both of their body actions declare their deep love for the other. Married one year and the awkwardness of new living togetherness is lessening and replaced with comfort, trust and love especially for Ming Lan, who did not have the luxury as Ting Ye who had all the time to fall in love with Ming Lan when they had a talk at the seaport after he rescued her from the pirates. When they were first married it was TY who always initiated the intimacy and touching. In the carriage ML always scoots to the corner and TY had to slowly move over to be at her side. Now, at the carriage, they are side by side, they talk and he massages her neck and she is laughing loving it, clasping his hands and leaning into him for a hug or a touch. They hold and clasp hands, link arms, hug all the time and both naturally initiate the touching. Whenever TY's temper flares and makes a hasty decision that could result in damages to himself and the family, Ming Lan first soothes him with her touch as in the case of taking him away from Manniang as he was about to order torture. She first hugged him and dragged him away to a safe place where she could sit him down and without taking her hands away, she calmed him down then explained her reasons for an alternative plan. When TY was keening in grief over knowing that his son had "died", Minglan did not hesitate to hug and comfort him. During and after the concubine selection which was initiated by the wicked stepmother and played on by another dummy aunt, both TY and ML were not comfortable with the situation. Their actions that night of the concubine and TY's supposed "wedding night" were comical at the same time sad. TY kept Shitou at the doorstep and kept asking if the main house had called for him and ML on the other hand was awake with the excuse of soaking her feet or doing some other body treatment. However, when TY left the concubine's house without bedding her, in the early morning hours and went to bed with ML, they woke up entertwined bodily arms and legs. Their bodies consciously express what their reasoning do not. What they show from my perspective, is that, they have both feelings of insecurity about how the other feels about them but they don't talk about those feelings. He pouts and then shouts in anger without explaining the reason for his actions and she gets frightened and mopes without asking for a clarification. They are both right to think that their point of view is right and they are both wrong to think that the other's point of view is incorrect relative to theirs. ML grew up looking at Sheng Hong carry on the role of a father and a husband. He saw the partiality of his treatments with regards to his favorite concubine and children vs his legal wife and other concubines and their children. However, favorite or not her father's favor was not given that easily either. Linniang had to exert tremendous effort with crying, whining, wheedling and outright lying to get what she wants. When Sheng Hong got disappointed and hurt by Linniang he killed her, had all the servants who knew about or related to her crime either killed or sold at the slave market. Sheng's Big Madam was even frightened of him when she learned of Linniang's death. Then ML's first love, who said he will make her his first wife even if the society they lived in especially his parents, would not permit it, promised anyway but was unable to fulfill the promise. Neither was this first love able to protect her from the gossip circulated around the capital about her. The prospective husband her grandmother chose for her was a sweet and honorable man but was too soft of a man to defend her from his avaricious relatives. So there is a source of Ming Lan's reservation and unease, especially in a society where concubinage is expected for preservation of family ancestry. This man whom she married seems to madly adore her, but might one day fall in love with a concubine. From her frame of reference (her past) it is safer to convince herself to guard her heart and not fully give herself to this man even if she loves him already in her heart but not in her reasoning mind. TY on the other hand grew up beloved and dotted on when he was younger especially by his father but when his mother died, and his father married the third wife his stepmother, it all changed. His stepmother appeared to love and spoil him and defended him against his siblings yet his father beat him and believed the lies spread by his siblings and Gu relatives about him. His role model for a Big Madam and a wife was his stepmother who appeared kind and supportive towards him. She was good at pleading, tearing and imploring and that was what TY thought as the good woman or mother. He rebelled later went away to study somewhere with a known scholar, but frequented entertainment houses, fell in love with an opera singer, had 2 children with her, bought his own house away from his family and lived with his mistress and 2 children and his old Bai nanny. He is brash, cheeky, forthright, gutsy and intelligent at the same time stubborn and reckless. His mistress Manniang appeared for him to be loving, devoted and solicituos. Nanny, however, knew different and tried to warn him but he would not listen. When he first decided to get married to provide a secure home for his children and mistress he selected a prospective wife who was alike to his stepmother Madam Qin. Someone who implored for her right to a pin and cried and was able to get help. When Manniang stepped on his heart and deceived him and when he realized his stepmother had duped, used and double crossed him, his eyes was opened. He then found ML, to be different as she was trustworthy, level headed, brave, kindhearted, and brainy as well as beautiful and fell in love. However, from his perspective, because of his past and also knowing her history as she does his, he wants some assurance. Concubinage is an approved and expected family practice and business to secure future family extention especially via the sons. From what I have read in the forums the Big Madam of the house has the duty to approve or disapprove of a concubine following a set of guidelines and protocol as in there is something wrong with the prospective concubine, physically, mentally, status wise or even financially. ML can't just say I can't approve of the concubine because I want to be the only wife or I will be jealous. The family will descend on her head. She can't give the excuse that she has to wait for her husband to make the decision just like the day after her wedding night when the elders were trying to force a concubine on her because she has been married for a year without a son, is the Big Madam of the house and a Marchioness at that. It is expected that she makes the decision. Now, the aunt who is the sister of the late Marquiss is used by stepmother Qin just like she used the other aunts to get the aunt to present ML with a concubine. ML had no choice but to accept. She was fighting for her status as the wife of Marquiss Gu and the Big Madam of his house. I think that intelectually TY understands his wife's position and decision but emotionally unable to reconcile with it since it seemed that it was so easy for his wife to let him bed another woman. He did not see the forced smile on ML's face. On the other hand, ML assumed that TY understands her reasoning and her fears. None of the two are purposely hurting or disrespecting the other. All they need to do is sit down and talk. BTW, TY never really reassured ML verbally as in saying I love you instead of I love you because you are blah, blah. I think he needs to do that. Sorry for the long post. It is just many people are angry and calling Ml names which is unfair if both are understood from their respective views.
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    Let's face it. Every character in the show is flawed, one way or another. Makes them human. Makes them more relatable. GTY is far from a saint. Or a gentleman. In fact, when ML called him evil, a ruffian and a scoundrel, he didn't even rebuke her. Because he knows its not untrue. He schemed his way into marrying her. Man to man, bro to bro, I wouldn't disagree that he let QH down. Pretentious, playing dumb with him. But it's calculated move. He seems to be fully aware that QH will be angry, and it seems that he made a choice, and take the risk of losing his friendship with QH for ML. Whether or not he truly will help QH when he made the offer to him previously becomes irrelevant, because fact is, QH didn't choose that, we would never know. It will always be a what-if zone. Maybe he will. Maybe he won't. One thing I do like about GTY. He takes responsibility when he sees his mistakes. He admits his mistakes, and try to mend his ways, and make up for it. He does that with his children. He doesn't see his action as a mistake. It was a conscious choice. One difference between GTY and QH. GTY has never said he does anything for ML. When he schemed his way through to marry her, he said "to get you". "Determined to get you, the trouble I went to get this marriage." When he truly does something for her, protecting her, no one needs to know, no rewards required. While QH claimed to do things for ML, it was never for her benefit, and she has never benefited from it. All he has done is caused her harm, and yet in his head, he believes it's for her. At the end of the day, It comes down to choices that each makes. And those choices are driven by priorities. Sometimes, there are no bad person, but all victims nonetheless. QH was a victim of his circumstances, and of his naivete. He has his priorities. He made his choice to let ML go. Arguably, his circumstances left him with little choice, but sometimes, until we try it, we will never know how the path will end... GTY made his choice, to fight for her. He made her his priority over his friendship with QH. Whether the choices they made was good or bad, it depends on which and whose pov we take.
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    Really who cares if he knew QH still like her?Thats irrelevant since he threw away that change with her and marry someone else she was not going to go though any of that with him again. She is not some consolation prize thats always going to be there waiting.GTY knew what an amazing women she was so he went to extraordinary lengths to marry her. She was happy/angry at what he did because no one has ever went that far for her.She knew he someone like her that she can count on and make plans with. But what is most importantly she can be herself and he really loves that side of her.He treats her as an equal.
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    Im afraid i wont be able to catch his exhibition, im in between schedules But i managed to go to the bookstore and bought these: The two books featured in Encounter is in Best of Best rack.
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    Encounter Ep15-16 Behind the Scene with Eng Subtitle: credit "bogum_carpedium" IG 1/3 2/3 3/3 Encounter’s OST. SHK’s IG (Pictures from Cuba, Encounter...View and KJH’s note to CSH)
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    ML is killing me lol she so pure an innocent that I cant never hate her GTY brooding for months
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    I remember that in the scene where the emperor was yelling at GTY, Prince Huan told him that many officials criticized GTY because of the MN's matter, too, but as soon as GTY showed them his wound resulted from MN's attack, all of them just stopped. That's why no one brought it up during court, only QH did it, why is that? At least the other officials went to ask GTY first, QH didn't, he was just trying to find fault and grabbed it first chance he could, didn't even bother to investigate at all. Why would QH want to make life easier for GTY, you ask? Cause he's the one who claimed over and over again that he "only wished for ML's happiness", so attacking her husband is his way of making her happy? Hypocrisy at his finest. I don't need him to help them or whatever, just leave them alone ffs, why is that so hard for him to just let go and live his own life? Honestly, the guys can be political rivals and fight each other to death all they want, if the fight is purely about politics. But as QH, while crying prettily , unconvincingly convinced himself that it's not personal, I'm just not convinced in the slightest. I can't help but finding his motives and actions petty and pathetic. I, for one, do not find him compelling or interesting at all, I'm just so tired of seeing his face on my screen, I guess I'm probably the only one who is indifferent towards ZYL and his performance
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    Yes, they are both selfish in their own ways. I can sympathize with QH to a point. Yes, his feelings were hurt. However, QH and GTY are really the distant relative you see once in a while. They did not grow up together because GTY has always been in and out of the Gu household. And judging from some of the little snippets of conversation between QH’s parents, they would have avoided any relationship with GTY, if they could. Also, in small circles like that, marrying someone who someone you know liked years ago, is common, especially in those days where most marriages were arranged. Only difference is QH can’t seem to fully move on and he would be the same if ML was married to Dr. He except there would be no way for QH to act out on his frustrations since Dr He is not a prestigious person with personal faults except the cousin concubine thing. My issue with QH is that he is letting it all cloud his judgement and abilities. He’s supposed to be smart but did not investigate things thoroughly with the rumors. His credibility for me as a professional who was only doing his job went out the window at that point. I get it, for him ML was the love of his life, however, if everyone obsessed over a lost childhood sweetheart, the world would be in chaos. For me, this is where the writers went wrong. They failed to establish the foundation for depth of QH’s love for ML which is why I have a hard time believing that it is love. From how their relationship was before to how his behavior is now, it’s seems more of an obsession.
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    So much this. Well said. I couldn’t believe when this guy actually brought up NM’s accusations against GTY in the court without knowing anything. It came across as self serving and presumptuous to me that I just had to laugh. Fortunately because of everything GTY has been through whether through true or false accusations, he has thick skin. He knows how to weather the storm. However, him going to that guy’s manor to offer him the olive branch that was firmly repudiated clearly showed me just how petty that QH’s actions were. He needs to grow up and move on and should start by taking responsibility for his actions. How dare he entertain marriage prospects with ML anyway after unintendedly sullying her reputation and exposing her and her family to public derision.
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    KJH was holding her shoes. It’s right under his bag:
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    Hmm...I'm not sure I feel the same about QH honestly. I'm more with @Suzzy San and @sava2sava Call me cold, but I don't have much sympathy for him left.. When he first promised ML everything, and asked his mom for permission at the worst possible time, it was arguable that he was young, and naive. But when the mom dropped the bomb and made them siblings, he continued to promise her that he will change the mom's mind. The grand plan? Goes on hunger strike. The last straw was BuWei does everything to help him andq got found out by the mom, and was beaten to death, what did he do? Nothing. Even the not-so-bright Rulan knew to protect her servant. When push comes to shove, he bailed. No explanation. He disappeared. When he found out that GTY is marrying her, his first response was to get him to break it off.. But has it ever occured to him to even ask her if she's willing party before trying to break them off? Sure, he would probably not be able to see her, but it didn't change the fact that his first reaction was to go to GTY to break off, and humiliate her again... Now, arguably he is doing the right thing because he believes GTY is not a man of integrity. But it's later confirmed that it's more personal grudge than professional. On one hand he prayed for her happiness, and on the other hand, he goes on to destroy her husband's career. That's saying a lot about wishing her happiness. Regardless if ML married GTY for love, she married him. If GTY goes down, she does too. If GTY goes to jail, she becomes a convicts wife. If GTY dies, she becomes a widow. Never occurred to him?
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    My dear @bebebisous33 thank you for the analysis. Your thoughts, as well as those of my other cyber chingus here, has sustained me as I try to get out of my post Encounter funk. This might be an unpopular opinion here but I think it was a bit cruel of CSH to give him the perfect date then to break up with him shortly after. As someone who has been in failed relationships before, that hit close to home and was just too cruel. I can totally relate to JH's devastation. The incessant phone calls with no answer, the begging and pleading. Good lawd, I've been there. That's why I can never rewatch episode 15. Anyway the drama is over now and we know that they're now living happily in an alternative universe called drama land. LOL @gumtaek those are beautiful pictures of Cuba and JH (of course) but I can't help but feel sad because that's all we got to see of beautiful Havana and Cuban JH! Thanks for sharing, as usual
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    Ditto chingu @jl08 @roshzanna Let me share what SHK said in an old interview: Ctto ”A good drama is a good drama. Even if they’re not watching it now... someday they will” - Song Hye Kyo
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    I haven't been as active here as before and I see so many newbies every time I lurk around. ¡Hola! you guys. Welcome to this bumpy ride. I see that things went quickly overnight and I can't stop myself from dropping my 2 cents so here it goes. I'm not going to say anything about their current behavior and vacation patterns, because I do not know for sure what their current status and circumstances are. All I know is that when I hopped on this ship I knew that PPC is not your typical celebrity couple and that it will be a very bumpy ride. About that pap photo, I'm going to make it brief -- I can say that I am more skeptic rather than affected. A famous male celeb going out in broad daylight + with an undisguised woman + and being sweet together + in a cafe + in Korea = really doesn't add up as something PSJ would actually do. If proven true, however, then I'd move on and still be thankful for the wonderful times I had because of PPC. Like I said last night before this supposed PSJ pap photos came out, we are mere spectators in this ship. At this very moment we can all hang on to what PSJ said from before -- only time can tell. Whether or not they are together now / used to be together / in a "some" relationship / in a serious relationship, only time (and them) can tell where this ship is sailing to. As far as my shipping heart is concerned, I try not to be forgetful of the things that made me believe in them. Permit me to refresh your memories: -The fact that someone in a forum mentioned about them dating waaay before the WWWSK casting was announced -PSJ holding a screening for WWWSK at a hotel, them sitting too close together -Viki videos where they (more of PMY) were invading each others' personal bubble: aka what really made me jump into this ship -WWWSK BTS: the scene where Mi So smells Young Joon's neck -WWWSK BTS: all kiss scenes - how they make me feel like I'm watching a private moment every single time, how flustered PSJ looks during BTS instead of his usual chill -Their interviews after the dating rumor came out -Phuket and the absence of photos with the both of them in it -Numerous cast get togethers with the WWWSK cast -China: Their closeness off stage and awkwardness onstage -The closeness of their stylist teams -How she remains to be the only woman in his ig feed: WWWSK is long over and he purged his ig after WWWSK and the dating rumors. If he purges his ig again and the triple park photo is gone, then people can argue that it was only for promo. But right now it's still there and I'm just trying to appreciate it because if there's anything I have learned about shipping it is to be happy about small victories/moments -- because you would never know how long it's going to last.
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    @bebebisous33 excellent analysis as usual. If I may just add, the Little Prince was a lover of sunsets just like CSH in episode one. That’s what drew her to Moro Cabana in the first place What is your take on the lamplighter tho? As this was the only other adult that the Prince seemed to love. Now that the drama is over, doesn’t he resemble CSH’s father a bit? Bound to duty etc.
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    Sorry to cut your post @cherubstomato. I used to detest CL and Molan too, until GTY stepmom comes along and raises the bar of what's detestable. I can't stand her pretentious behaviour. She speaks so softly, to the extent it feels like she's mumbling. Is that supposed to be virtuous? All the while plotting and pushing everyone around her to be the bad cop while she plays the innocent, gentle mom. I really can't wait for GTY-ML pair to get their hands on her and shut her up for once and for all. No more whispers, mumble, speaking softly.
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    As in, ZYL is a great actor, but for me the person that owns this film and has surprised a lot is FSF like people are just seeing QH as ZYL and are supporting the second lead but for me QH is a character that's meant to be criticised, so they should start seeing that his facade of playing the weak, hurt and innocent is just so stupid, and outrightly wrong no matter the reason, at least GTY owns up to his deeds, and we all know he isn't anyway a pure character and he accepts it, so why should we pity QH that is being delusional to his reality.. If people blames GTY for betraying QH which doesn't even makes sense, and are criticizing him, then QH should be criticised too for trying to destroy him just for a stupid and baseless personal grudge.. It's very simple. We are just supporting someone who is hurt and trying to be weak to gain attention, and trying to ignore the feelings of someone who is more hurt but is trying to be strong and live his live well.. Like how ML said that if someone acts weak, we should just do whatever they want for them and not care for the others that's not weak, during the Dr. He and his cousin issue... So I think that's what we are doing for QH now, because he feels hurt, so he can go destroying other's life and as long as he gets cured, all his mistakes should be forgiven.. Am I the only one that finds this so unfair to GTY too, because his own efforts and hard work and strength and dedication are not being admired at all
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    @gumtaekCongratulations to our Encounter and Casts&Crews. 'Boyfriend' even though the end, Top 1 of the topic.. Park Bo Sook x Song Hye-kyo ♥ ♥ Papogo TranslateEven after the end of Boyfriend, Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo's "boyfriend" has been very strong. According to the CPI, a consumer behavior-based content impact measurement model co-developed by CJ ENM and Nielsen Korea, TVN 'boyfriend' topped the list of the popular programs. Last week, it was the 3rd, but it became No. 1 again.The meeting between Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo drew a lot of attention even before the beginning. The 16th episode ended on July 24, and a beautiful love story made by Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo still leaves a strong aftertaste. ================================ Park Bo Gum Reveals He’s Never Done This In His Life But He Acts It Out Perfectly https://www.koreaboo.com/news/park-bo-gum-never-drinks-alcohol/ But him acting it out on “Encounter” was spot on! Park Bo Gum recently held an interview to reflect on the ending of his drama Encounter. During the interview, he confessed that he was supposed to act out a scene that he’s never experience in real life! To many’s surprise, Park Bo Gum was referring to the legendary scene where his character, Jin Hyuk, gets drunk and has the cutest interaction with Song Hye Kyo’s character, Soo Hyun! He revealed that he never got drunk. He doesn’t know what it feels like to be drunk! “I’ve never got drunk by alcohol before so I had to act by the script.”
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    The Sheng shenanigans are problems within families, even if something bad happened, the whole family would just solve it inside the house, to outsider they still have to act like one harmonious family, not airing their dirty laundry for everyone else to see or going around killing each other. Plus, they don't have ED and other officials waiting to find faults on them. I still don't understand what you want him to learn from the Shengs? In Molan's case was just her and her mother were at fault, and they still ended up giving Molan what she wants to save everyone's dignity, they could only keep her kneeling for a few days and then that's it. Concubine Lin was merely a servant, she is technically a slave under SH and Big Madam's hand, they can beat her to death and no one would care, no one could criticize them. In Concubine Wei's case, only a few servants were punished, ML didn't speak up because her father wouldn't listen. He let the murderer roamed free for years, what should GTY learn from that? Unlike the concubine, MN is a free civilian, his stepmother is a high born noble, a main wife with good reputation, his uncles and aunts are all nobles and his elders. He can't force them to kneel or beat them all to death like Concubine Lin and other servants? Even though his family is trash, to outsiders and enemies, they still have to keep up appearances as a family, if the family is not at peace, it only implicates GTY even more.
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    Saw this on my Twitter feed... Oh wow! A testimonial from a multi-awarded (both internationally and nationally) Filipina actress and singer, Lea Salonga. Putting under spoiler her credentials. Very impressive. She knows her craft. Here is her tweet about Encounter
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    Up to Ep 54 w/Eng subs: Aye yi yi - If I lived during this era, would be an expert in POISONS and use that to solve those pesky relative and household problems! Maybe brew up a huge pot of oleander tea for that pesky in-law? And the x-lover. And any uppity concubines. I'm just sayin'
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    As I was saying, QH was affected because he himself is hurt, he's looking for someone to bear the blame for his misery. He can't be angry at the stranger like Dr.He, of course it's easier to blame someone he knows. They didn't grow up together, they know each other growing up, there's a difference. GTY was going to risk himself for ML's future happiness too, not just for QH. If it wasn't for ML, I doubt he would go to talk to QH the minute he heard about his engagement. QH doesn't have to ask for her hand right away, but he could at least let his intention known. No one was obligated to go and ask for his permission to propose to his ex girlfriend, years after he'd already married someone else. Yes QH doesn't care about anyone's feelings other than himself. He didn't care about ML's feelings when he ignore all of her warnings and rejections. He didn't care about her feelings when he decided ALL ON HIS OWN that he should marry her after his wife died. He didn't care about his parents' feelings when he pull the birthday stunt on his mother or starve himself. Did you see how he was treating his 2nd wife? He obviously didn't care about her feelings either. I would say that he didn't care for GTY's feelings, but you would just say that GTY doesn't deserve it, so don't bother. I mean honestly, have you seen him talking about anything other than his own feelings, his own issues? And please don't say that QH had it "unfair", everyone in the world has some sort of hardship. QH was born rich, handsome and talented, with parents completely devoted to him. Right now his career is going along greatly, he can have a nice marriage too if he's willing to work on it. Life is not unfair to him, he's bleeping blessed. He's the only one doesn't appreciate it. I'm honestly so done with his whiny, entitled richard simmons throwing tantrums and blaming others when things doesn't get his way. So what if GTY wanted to put his own need first? He doesn't own QH anything, he has already tried to help QH the best way he knows how, he doesn't have to curate his life to please some random guy who's only his friend when he need him and nowhere to be seen when his life is hard. That's how I see it, GTY did nothing wrong to QH and QH needs to stop acting like a spoiled child.
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    I was initially worried if TCC might get cancelled for next week due to the Chinese New Year since people were talking about it earlier at the TCC naver talk page, but apparently, there will be no cancellation! So yay! Plus, they are planning to air all Ep 1-9 next week instead for CNY. tvN: Cancellation? What cancellation? Watch all episodes back to back instead!!! Source: https://theqoo.net/index.php?mid=dyb&group_srl=915078384&document_srl=994069292 Well, not sure how accurate that is... but if that's going to be the case.. awesome!!!
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    OH MY.... So did they teach them how to yawn in drama classes or any ACTING degree? Is there a SPECIFIC stereotype way that one has to open his mouth at certain angles or degree and widen from there...lol. Gosh. Don't we all yawn as we like? What's with Korea and its entertainment industry or are they the fans looking for something to sow discord with the drama..... I think the drama is so successful that some are not too pleased with it. The ending is much to be envied of course...compared to some. The lead couple is visually off the chart, their chemistry is superb and the drama is magical. I've not seen such a beautiful romance in a slow-burn manner for a long time. It ignites lots of precious memories...of the reason for loving the person and standing by him/her throughout thick and thin. I think BOYFRIEND has achieved lots that other dramas have not. Hence, its cast should be super proud of themselves, totally.
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