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    LOL Jin Myung is that annoying little brother. Some of us have siblings like that that ruin moments. And him trying to Tattle tale to his parents about his hyung singing to his GF and JH bribing him. The funny faces he makes behind their father. It gave me a good laugh & brought back memories of my brother & I.
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    You might be onto something: JWS might propose her the shares as a bait, just like he did with the painting but CSH refuses in order to cut ties definitely with him. She doesn't want to be indebted towards him because she knows, he would use it to bind her to him forever. He would keep mentioning this so that CSH would be forced to do him a favor.
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    Me neither. The excuse that he has a terrible mother is not a real excuse. If so, why is CSH so different from him? CSH has also a difficult and controlling mother but she is not scheming like he is. Yesterday, I wrote as a joke that while JH was rumored to be a stalker, JWS behaved like a stalker. After giving some thought and researching about it, I really came to the conclusion that JWS indeed behaves like a stalker: Here we have: - seeking attention and it is unwanted - calling often, trying to meet often - sending letters and flowers and all these are unwanted - following -spying, monitoring And we saw JWS has been doing all this, since the beginning... moreover, the harassment is increasing. CSH is not feeling fear in front of him right now but she is definitely uncomfortable and pressured. She keeps pushing JWS away and the latter even forces her to meet him (see his conversation in the episode 12 at her office). Therefore I can not feel pity or even sorry for him at all. He can do what he wants, he was able to purchase a lot of shares without his mother knowing it. He has a lot of freedom but he tried to justify his past behavior saying that he had the same type of mother like CSH. However, I believe that that was just an excuse. He definitely had more freedom than CSH and his uncle did blame him too.
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    @charlieblue17 Your post written as my mind for KJH, CSH, Ex-husband. Ex-husband prioritized only his own benefits but KJH prioritized only CSH and how to make her less pain more happy. Over Wed - Fri, I was pretty busy but craved to join this forum, in addition to rerun Encounter. @rosiepeonie188 Your comment about the confessing time matched KJH&CSH's is very interesting and yes, they are. White day will be 14 March 2019 in Korea, could we hope anything special? @Far^away After watching Ep.10, I thought they might be as out of bracket. After watching Ep.11-12, I thought it might probable be as in your bracket. @roshzanna KJH's dad looked sensing things quites fast, we could notice from his facial expressions eg. Ramyeon at rest area news or door bell in ep.12 @bebebisous33 Totally agreed with your comments. Ex-Husband is three-faced: With CSH, he showed his "dog in the manger" when KJH appeared. With KJH, he looked down and throw all faults to KJH why CSH has to face cruel situation while actually this ex-husband is the root cause of CSH's pains. With Exhusband's mom, he pretended to sympatize CSH which made his mom act more cruel to CSH. @jl08 I totally agreed with your comments about KJH and CSH, they are like this. @mellinadear KJH's little brother is caring KJH when KJH was relocated to Sokcho. When KJM is with KJH, his teasing KJH made us see KJH in lively&funny side, true brother bonding here. @rosiepeonie188 Thank you for your inspiration to find timeline. @bebebisous33 Thank you so much for your analysis in this forum for days and weeks, they are very interesting to read and think. For this comment, the ex-husband could be abusive no matter body or mind. @stroppyse I guessed the reasons why some directors voted for the ex-husband because this ex-husband invested with majority shares which he can change director seats upon the shareholding he held, those directors who would not like to be removed might vote yes for ex-husband. In the board of directors, there were some objection from some directors but this group can not overcome. For making love discussion, it stills at odds. Could we run to ask our KJH&CSH about this because they both only knew what is correct.
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    Here you go @triplem. Translation to the preview. KS: I think that going too fast isn’t that good. Because I think we started with a kiss already. YB: Huh? KS: We should start again from the start. Slowly. Let’s take our time. Huh? KS: His lips are so lascivious. Lascivious. Why in the world did I say that we should start slowly from the beginning for anyway? I can’t even have a kiss now. KS: What do I do? Whenever I see you, I want to hug you and kiss you, and be like that! YB: What? KS: Without any conditions, I want to kiss you so much, I think I’m going to go crazy! I desperately want it!
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    That's right. How much involvement will HeeJo give into helping JW. Will HJ only come to see Emma and figure out the secret code from the cues Emma give to JinWoo? Or also fighting in the game? whoaaa... surprise surprise this saturday!! By the way, what's log in ID will HeeJoo use? Wonder Woman / Lara Croft / Do Bok Soon / Kim Bok Joo?? Papa Cha is only a Tester right? @Kasmic I'm on defensive mode right now hahaha, poll 1 question "a part of the game" means the need to log in to the game with ID right, (HJ not log in means HJ not involve in the game) ...deal ?
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    Translation of the YB-centric preview. Grandmother: You mean that you want to marry my Kkang Soon, right? YB: Of course! Get married and have many children as well. I want to live with a bustling family, so that Oh Kang Soon won’t be lonely. YB: But until when are you going to call me Top Star-shi? KS: Oh, but then, what should I call you? So glad to see that the angst is over, and only the cute is left.
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    That one time when Lee Se Young accidentally mentioned a spoiler their Amazing Saturday guesting... gif source LSY: *mentions a spoiler* YJG: That's a spoiler, a spoiler! *LSY gets flustered* YJG: Jungjeon... Caption: An angle of a married couple fighting
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    Ep 14  "The players in the ring have it the hardest. It's nothing for the onlookers." Jh appaa! Thank you for understanding, thank you for confidently even suggesting the dinner with "JH's Ceo" later! We have great male examples in him, Driver Nam, and even SH' dad, I want more female mentor-ship, till now I've only noticed teacher Lee. "Soohyun-shi. Why do you like me?" JH must have been called ordinary so many times this series- by Woosuck, Sh's mom, Sec Jang and even by himself "it must be tough for you since I'm ordinary" - during the breakup call when their relationship got revealed in press or wondering whether the ring he got her was enough last episode. Whenever it has happened he has just taken it, but his face always showed his turmoil and this ep he finally sought out Sh. He really needed to hear it from her to absolve his doubts. "It'll happen to us one day right?""I had to control myself last time" - Chinguuus, they might not have parked at boom boom town but they were nearby. He was so sleepy at the airport too last ep. And SH's answer-"I pictured it in my head, and it seems nice." "He's a human stimulant" Give me the Weddddding."Soo hyun has always had guts. She's just finally being herself again." "The presidential election is important, but my child comes first." So good to see Driver Nam tell it straight! And also admirable is Sh's dad willing to part with the election race because like an actual parent he cares about his daughter and is trying to make a mends. Contrast: Mrs Bampodong calls her literally panicking and weeping to attend the funeral meet. To sell her dignity for them like always. That utter desperation - it disgusted me. SH's repeated yearnings for a mother figure and affection hit me even more than before."Deliberately hurting someone you love, is that right?" "My wealth or power doesn't match yours. I'm an average 30 Yr old man. I will protect her in my own way." Jin hyuk owns up, makes it clear love is being considerate about the other person, and the ex is in an unhealthy self servicing obsession. Also including the scene later with WS and his mom, I hope some parts of this convo with JH register in his head later. He seems terrified of his mother but he's also observing her ruthless bullying maybe finally with new eyes? Maybe he can finally realise how his actions looked to JH. Is it too much to hope for him to turn his back on Taegyong aswell? Him and SH were birds in the same cage, this is their chance to get free. This episode just made me hopeful for everyone. SH: "Your feelings for me are what heal me. If I didn't have you by my side, I would've been scared and lonely. You told me that I helped you become clear about what love is. But thanks to you, my thoughts on fear have become vague." JH: "I cherish you very much." . . . SH: "Saranghaeyo." I have to confess this scene is really special to me. I tried livestreaming the show for a bit the first time for this ep and this was the scene it opened on. Initially I was like- oh SH and JH are hugging it out and then slowly, so quietly, she said "saranghaeyo". I don't know a lick of Korean, so the depth of the scene based on the dialog was lost on me, until she said that word. Of course now actually seeing it translated, the moment is tender, intimate, and everything I had hoped for. This show really has a way of making the milestone moments quiet and hopeful. I loved the silence in her office. The focus on the clock with Havana time. Even the way she said it- I see her as a bit reticent, holding just a little back, because it holds a lot of meaning to her, a bit like me. So that quiet confession and what it meant for their relationship, especially JH's confidence- was perfect for me. "I'm in trouble. There's no exit now.I'll never be able to escape your charms. "Boy u were in trouble the moment your eyes met in Cuba! Coming back to the scene, I was already spoiled by reading the forums but still nothing could've prepared me for it. I've been destroyed by sheer decency- just two, honest people deciding to bank on their love and faith for each other. So much has been said already about this scene and I can only vigorously agree. Triumphant! These two episodes dealt with their inner doubts and uncertainty. But those are conquered, and now they face their challenges together. And I want to see nothing more than Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk's family enjoy a warm meal on that table. Really. Also, I've seen the truck of doom in many dramas. But this is first time I'm seeing the truck of love. Mijin pls get in, youre missing out. Chingus, it's so hard to restrict myself to just a few lines or pictures- 1 hour of viewing easily becomes 3 because there is so much detail to unpack in these episodes. I love this show so much, and love your posts as well.
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    Hahaha Nice one, similar to Guitar Hero game @KymberleeD, My zombie avatar is ready tho ... PSY is in Hawaii?? Hawaii is part of USA right? - rumor said there's someone and someone vacationing in USA? All Hallyu stars vacationing in the USA hooray We, the viewers, need to visit Alhambra palace to see the magic.
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    I feel terrified for Jang Mi Jin, what a bad timing to sit at CEO seat..
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    I’m team YB all the way so I’m really happy that we had a resolution last night . No SLS from me what so ever They have been dragging this too Long this maybe a clearer kiss KJS’s agency update us with some BTS stills am looking forward to the BTS Vid Edit to add : The eps preview was way more detailed..can’t find a good vid ..best I can find
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    @triplem @ktcjdrama Oh no, don't get me wrong, I would love to see Lee Hyuk's character redeemed, like I really would and I want to hope he feels some sort of remorse, I want to believe he can and has but than his character does a 180 and I'm like, why??? I know a lot of his issues stem from manipulation by mommy dearest and MYR to an extent, but he also had a choice of whether to follow along with whatever MYR said or not. Again, if the writer is going for some sort of redemption, I would like it to be consistent in showing that. I just don't like being invested in a character's development only for the writer to never take it anywhere. I just hope the writer doesn't continue with the constant back and forth of will LH be redeemed or not, until the very last episode. If he's due to be reformed, now is the time to begin showing that and not drag it out until the end, otherwise it's going to be really hard for me to buy his redemption. (if one is planned) I'm just looking at it from the perspective of having low expectations, so if he doesn't get redeemed my hopes for a redemption arc aren't too high.
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    To be honest, when Grandmother was doing it to ED... I watched it with glee and was hoping for more. Geez. Grandmother should actually stop her supplies of anti aging products. That is then a punishment!!! Btw, there's no use in telling Sunny anything other than asking her to stop broadcasting her plan/moves/cards in ED's face.
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    Well said. GTY had nothing to lose and in a way free to do what he wants (to a certain limit) whereas as I mentioned in earlier posts, QH unfortunately live in golden cage. Every move he made will have an impact on his noble family. I feel sad and bad for him.
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    true... I just slept for several hours and wow some pages to back read. but not complaining here this is a good way to pass time before new ep ..which is tomorrow already
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    None of us can compare what we would do if we were PSJ or PMY because we're not them. My being a woman doesn't give me a greater insight into PMY's behavior or thought process, just like being a guy doesn't give any insight into PSJ. That's why we usually post our opinions first saying that it's only our own opinion, or long- term observations of either of PPC, our knowledge of Korean dating culture (some of us) or, at least in a few of our cases, our knowledge of, and experience in reading body language and tone. Personal comparisons are never accurate because different people act differently, and we don't have personal knowledge of PSJ or PMY and what choices they'd make in real life. We all KNOW this, and often chuckle at our own wishful thinking. So everyone's conjectures and theories are almost always taken in good humor and curiosity. :-) That keeps us a happy, friendly bunch.
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    The only closure I want for the cheating ex husband is to put fire ants in his pants and watch him scream. He cheated on his pregnant wife and when his wife needed him the most. @Eau de Jenny ^5. I do feel the same way as you with regards to point number 5. It does frustrates me sometimes when the REAL culprits get away with law due to many other things including money. My burning desire to see them get judged by Red Cry is pretty strong but I do agree that we shouldn't take laws in our own hands as we may have thought we are freeing the child.. but sometimes the child might turn out even worse if there's no closure. No redemption. No healing done.
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    Sorry I had to cut your post. This is just too hilarious! Because that was exactly what I was thinking when QH shows his affection for ML. Rich privileged boy, with poor (lower status) girl. If they get together, this will be like typical kdrama! Fought the odds, a bucket of tears, and then finally they get together. Or if they make it a bad ending, one of them ends up dying from some sickness, and the other mourn for his loved one ever after. And I was thinking so for once it's more realistic whereby they show the impossible, and why it's not practical, and the grow from the experience, and move on! So your post just hit the jackpot to me!
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    @Kasmic POLL: 1. Yes 2. Sejoo So funny how it’s always like this for the very few dramas I’ve followed on Soompi... fans thirsting over kiss scenes. Hehehehe
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    @ktcjdrama @gm4queen I can also answer since I've seen 5 dramas from this writer. Everything will definitely be wrapped up in 8 hrs because it's not as short of a time as we think. It's good that it's only 8 hrs left because there won't be a draggy moment right? We'll be at the edge of our seat at all times. If there's one thing I'm surprised about, it's the fact that it's only 24 episodes in total. Kim Soon Ok loves doing 50 episode dramas so what made her decide to keep TLE short? Also, extensions are always a thing with this writer so there could end up being a 1 or 2 episode extension just for the sake of the high ratings. But don't be surprised if Sunny ends up alone. The love lines usually get tossed to the side when we get closer to the end because this writer usually doesn't care enough to finish those. Let's hope she actually cares this time.
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    @imels HAHAHA! you changed your profile pic already..what happened to watching the ep first for the confirmation. Have you admit defeat ? Also I dont see HJ eyes light up blue. If HJ is participating in the game, I dont think she's playing - fighting to level up nor join allegiance with JW. To request allegiance they must have the lens on plus be within close range of each other. JW is smart to say that he will not see her for a while, because if theyre both in game mode that means they will need to join allegiance thus the NPCs and Cha will come and attack her. Im sure JW doesnt want HJ to see or experience what he does. Im assuming that in JW apartment, she like is experience her first encounter of Emma as what happened to JW first meeting with her. And as in the preview, HJ says something along the lines of she couldnt really talk to Emma. It's because she's not level 4 plus and Emma wont communicate with her. Bahaha! love the new game concept here. MJ fortnite dancing with the NPCs. But in answering your question - no deal. If HJ has logged in whether or not she fights she's still apart of the game. Like Prof Cha exerts his power and minus the slaps @siddy09 Thanks for your OST 5 lyrics analysis. Thats what I feared the most though I thought it might be JW whom we would loose. Like @vangsweetie637 said JW narration seems to foretell the past events in such a negative way... Nooooo to sad endings. Let's hope this new OST will indicate otherwise. It sounds cheery so theres hope there. It's SATURDAY... only a few more hours away. New stills...oh JW shows the key to HJ. Crap do I have to listen to Prof Cha now. I dont know the suspense is killing me. Woah! JW is now level 95 above SeJoo Read - https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003934968
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    @Golden Flower Yes I also agree with you on GTY. I see many people criticize him from being not "pure" enough for ML. I think that bc ML is the main lead, viewers are defending her too much. Remember that in a society based on status, ML is just a daughter of a concubine of a mid-rank official, while GTY is a legitimate son of a Marquis. Moreover, his eldest brother is seriously ill with no heir and he is bound to inherit the title. So in normal circumstances, there's no chance he would set eyes on ML and even if he did, things would just turn out like with QH. The author gave him a bad reputation and illegitimate children to lower his marriage potential, only then someone of ML's status could be fitting to him. He had to also cut ties with his family so that he could decide who to marry and not relying on his parents. His marriage with ML is not just a journey of love, but a result of many different elements combined together. All of his flaws are there for a reason and without them he could never be with ML. So to say when I read the book I only started to like him a little bit in later in the story. The first 1/3 he was kinda... not there. The second 2/3 he was so full of himself and annoying. The third he was rather okay, but that's it. I guess he's not my style.
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    Do correct me if I've misunderstood,...did u mean QH should die honorably just because he couldn't get ML? If that's not what you meant, my apologies in advance for misunderstanding. If that's what you meant... Then I think ML should have died first - born into unloved lowly concubine, mother and brother murdered, and she has to continue to live with the murderers! And GTY should die following - mom died from heartbreak, misunderstood by the world to cause the dad's death, the one he loved (MN) deceived him all these while, the stepmom he trusted turned out to be a demon. I'm not sure losing his first love (and servant) is much harder. So he doesn't get his first love. Forced to give it up and marry another. Life lesson 101: you don't get everything you want in life. I like how @hello210 puts it, it's opportunity, and choices. And if I may add, trade offs. You make a choice, you get something, you lose something else. Almost the law of equilibrium. He made a choice, (yes, under threat), to save the dad and potentially Sheng Family and ML to marry the princess, he loses ML. It may not seem like much of a choice, but it is. And he made it. GTY offered the other choice: Maybe stupid, probably very risky, definitely daring. The stakes are high, and if he loses, he could lose a lot! But fact is, he didn't choose the risky route (if he did, he would probably be the male lead). The choice he made is probably consistent with the character of QH, if I may add. If he made that choice, live with the consequences! He has his moral code, and that's partially to do with the fact that he had the luxury to have that. It's tumultuous times, and it's a dog eat dog world out there. His ideals would be crushed sooner or later. That world he lives in was a bubble the parents created for him. It's bound to burst. When things go south, he should learn to fight. Learn the way of life, it doesn't mean he has to manipulate everyone, but it does mean he's at least able to protect himself. Everyone is fighting hard to survive, and thrive. ML and GTY had always been on battlefields, fighting for themselves. About time for QH to do the same too. Death, after just losing your right to be with your loved one? That's just cowardice.
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    @mrsj3n He is definitely connected to Red Cry but don't forget that this is an organization.
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    yay finally I have time to visit @rori0711 thanks for this lovely effort hun it's been a long time since I love main couple in a drama very very very much like I love Jin Woo and Hee Joo. I'm an anti romance romance drama club, but I'm spellbound by their romance in MoA more than I realized. I love how their relationship is not easy from the start. it's so sweet, full of hints, feels, and have a lot of obstacles. it makes their story more natural and maybe can happened irl. it's slow but sure they find their way. I'm amazed by how they build trust towards each other, how Hee Joo support Jin Woo, how Jin Woo can see the sincerity in Hee Joo's soul, it's so beautiful and I guess it'll be long last. wise man said a love that so hard to get is the strongest one. I wish all the best for our magic couple in the next 4 eps. I pray so hard for the happy ending *finger crossed* pls SJJ pls don't break my heart. I can bear anything but not a sad ending, NO. I want to see their domestic marriage life in the end uwu amen to that god pls hear my pray
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    Count me in, she deserves accolades in her portrayal as Cha Soo-Hyun in Encounter Credit @RafranzDavis
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    Hi bluelilac, thanks for sharing the pictures + the clip. LJK had so much fun indeed during this Family Day event. Seeing is believing…
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    Naver articles are in Korean but sometimes it should automatically translate to English. Did it not work for you? Omo slow mo kiss. JW lips are no longer alone...taken Indeed finger curling but I still love it Love that jaw line...apart from his dimples that sucked in jaw line is IRRESISTIBLE cr. captainjoonki in tumblr GOSH!!! this is far tooo early in the morning. TGIF!!
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    They COMPLIMENT each other so well. The feels on this drama is soo relaxing. ========
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    @m0us3yI was just searching online about the Tang Dynasty, the one that preceded, the Song Dynasty, the dynasty where the picture of the princess embroidered by ML's mom and given to GTY, the princess general. http://www.womenofchina.cn/womenofchina/html1/people/history/7/7448-1.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Zetian#Early_reign Some excerpts: "Tang women had the chance to learn history, politics, and military skills. At the founding of this dynasty, Women of the royal family were not subject to marital restrictions or constraints either. From the reign of Emperor Gaozong to that of Emperor Suzong during the early and middle Tang Dynasty, there were altogether 98 princesses, of which 61 married, among whom 24 remarried, and four married three times. This trend shook the very foundations of traditional feudal ethics. Living within a relaxed social environment, and having an independent social status, the behavior of well-educated Tang women was obviously quite different from that of the women of former dynasties. They could drink wine to the limit of their capacity, and sing loudly in taverns; gallop through the suburbs with abandon; or even compete with men on the polo field. In the Tang Dynasty, women conducted social activities and carried on business independently. They even distinguished themselves within the political and military arena." "The ultimate Tang Dynasty woman was undoubtedly Wu Zetian. There were altogether 243 emperors during the 2,000 years from the beginning of the Qin Dynasty (221 BC) to the end of the Qing Dynasty (1911), and Wu Zetian was the only female monarch among them. Wu Zetian was the most legendary and controversial figure in Chinese history. She lived to be 82, and held power for 50 years. During Wu Zetian's reign, the achievements of her predecessors were carried forward and further developed, eventually bringing the Tang Dynasty to the peak of its Kaiyuan splendor. Within the Tang Dynasty's centuries-long prosperity, 50 years can be accredited to Wu Zetian. It was the Tang Dynasty that created Empress Wu Zetian, and this indomitable woman reciprocated by devoting her life and energies to her people." It seems basing on this drama based on the Song Dynasty, the role of women in society changed in the Song Dynasty as we see in the drama?
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    Will Sunny play along and say "I like you too"? For all I know, Sunny probably thinks he's only saying he likes her to put on an act in front of LH. Or maybe she'll just walk away because she won't know what to say.
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    @Lmangla thank you for organizing this event and looking forward to the next one! Thanks also to everyone who visited and participated! Always fun with you guys!
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    I think Mom and Son need Quality time to get to know each other like they never got in the past. At first just the three of them getting acquainted. She can visit the island with them and see if it’s for her. Not everyone heals the same way. Grandma has lived her whole life, her friends are there on that island and won’t want to uproot herself now. Even a trip to Seoul might be too much for her. They will to visit her I believe.
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    Omg. This drama is heartwrenching. Every character is flawed. Liver or Die was never on my radar. I tried watching ep 1 after seeing the ratings were ok-ish, and i read it has lee si young. But man...hwasang is awful. She's really a piece of work. Same goes to Jinsang, who is addicted to gambling. Poonsang is a pitiful bro who served his siblings for half his life. His wife tolerated all their antics but now she has had enough of it. I'm glad Wisang is kinda nice eventhough hot tempered, at least he is working and helping his bro not like Hwasang and Jinsang. I like Junsang who is matter of fact. I liked how she tried to comfort her friend, i thought it was true to her character. But then it was showed how flawed Junsang is too. I see how conflicted she is that she likes her married colleague. But Jiham is the one holding on and giving her hope. From their talk at Junsang's house, both of them seem to be nice people caught in a very very wrong mess. Its upsetting to watch, feels wrong and is wrong. I dont support infidelity. Imo both SJH and JHB acts their characters emotional conflict well. I feel bad for both of them together with his wife and child for being in this emotional mess. I wanted to take a break from drama watching but i unexpectedly got hooked with this . I want to see how Poonsang will deal with Hwasang and Jinsang and juggle his family too. And also for Junsang to sort her relationship out. P/s: oppa-yaaaaa! I didnt expect to see Song Jong Ho in this. I like him since Reply97. Too bad his character here is not as loyal as oppa-ya. Lol. Oppa's wife is a diehard TVXQ fan. (Creds to pic owners.)
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    @Dhakra The height difference though but she dances so well. Haha. ...I always thought that it was b***h naneun solo turns out is not? +2
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    watching the latest episode and laughing at helro's smackdown of the empress dowager -- "you old witch!" hahahah.... the mention of the word "old" really rattled her... perhaps, a good punishment is to somehow make ED super old? too bad there's no magic portion for that!
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    Yayyyy!!!! I finally watched the first two eps with subs. Loving the fluffy breezy tone of the drama, but the ending of ep 2 is nowhere near fluffy. Lol. I wonder what extraordinary power Ariel's character for her to be chased by practically everyone in this drama. She is some kind of holy woman? I love the whole Superman/Clark Kent situation going on here. It's really funny how she thinks Chen Yu is a playboy and a douchebag while Li Yian Ke as a hero when both are the same. LOL.
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    Just been confirmed. Lee Sang Woo will join Touch My Heart team, repalcing Shin Dong Wook. Look forward to watch Great team !
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    @rori0711Thank you for this shipping thread... @ash011; @segafanlady ... don’t be sad ... we can still pray hard for them to be a couple... For the meantime... let’s cheer up and support JW and HJ -don’t let zombie Cha haunt them-
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    This is the first time I am watching her as well . I love how elegant she is and the way she carries herself is very regal. To be honest female leads can make it or break it for me in any drama I follow. I decided to give this a go when watched the teasers of the two of them. Ahhh how pretty is this? This drama will likely break my heart but I am in for the ride too @nrllee Stills credit TVN FB page.
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    @selenette @jenappelle thanks for the trans, you guys sum up my message well and it’s ok to add my nationality haha. I think beside the Korean ver messages, we should add the eng ver. 1. It’s better for him to know there’s a lot of people from around the world recognize his talent, espcially via this drama. 2. Maybe he would consider more ways (twitter, IG, FB with eng language) to communicate with foreign fans (everything about KJH are mostly in Korean now ). ps: i’m now more active on twitter (with the mission of promoting KJH to international fans ). I’ve started with posting memes of FGTD . If you guys have time, let’s have fun together there also!
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    @lynne22 Of course they have to sit together. Eeeeeeee can't believe they have already started fanwars for this simple matter. LOL. AND please keep updating me, my Twitter is acting weird today, I don't have any other source to get the news. I'm heavily relying on you to give me all the juicy thing happening in that awards show right now. LOL. 116
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    just saw that teaser and it was awesome. seems like the production company will hit the jackpot this time.
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