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    Sadly, I have been trapped in meetings all day and missed the live run with you all. I least I can go through your posts and review the dialogue, Gifs, Screencaps, and most importantly your commentaries & reactions. I will enjoy reading them at my leisure this evening. Thank you all for doing this. I know it is a lot of work on your part but it really makes watching Encounter such an amazing group event. Last night my wife was making me crazy asking what happened. I told her she had to wait until we watched it together later that evening. Now she is texting me trying to find out what happened in today's episode. I told her our OTP took another break. I have not seen text cursing like that in a long, long time.
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    Chingus, what do you think about Woo Suk's uncle the former teacher and the hotel's director who convinced Soohyun's father for the wedding of WS and SH? He emphasized that he convinced SH' s father because he knew that WS is a different person than that of his mother and father. He is telling WS that the hotel is a No-NO for him since this hotel is loved by SH very much. I think he will be a great help in the next episodes when the battle begins about who will own the hotel. Coz I think this scene will not be probably given an emphasis if this won't have n connection to the remaining episodes. Another one is the scene of Congressman CJH making alliance to other party but not to TG favored party. And the start of secret investigation of Driver Nam. I think all these scenes will help to build the "SOS" for our couple. The conflict is getting tighter as we all see what the MIL and Ex-Hubby are doing but the writer is also building up the characters of those people that will be significant to them to win the future battle. What's important is there is a love, trust and confidence within the couple since they are the one that will be challenged until episodes 16. Like all of you hoping that it will be a happy ending and I think I'm a lot on the optimistic side that they will end up with each other. What else can I say like you I really been hit by this Encounter fever. Another week again will have to pass and sleepless night will befall onto me again. This is me when I'm hooked with Kdrama and American TV series, that's why I avoided watching too much but being a fan of SHK and PBG, I just couldn't avoid to watch it even there was an age gap issue. But seeing them now, who will say that this an issue before; their chemistry is just so explosive. Well, we only have 4 episodes left and it is getting sadder but for sure those 4 left episodes will be packed of mind blowing and heart rejoicing scenes. Peace and Love to everyone. Thank you for all of your profound analysis of every detail of the drama. PS. I have not watched yet the episode 12 since I am still waiting for _. Thank you again that I had a sneak previews of this episode.
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    Borrowing JH’s words, take me with you. @NongpeeP I really hate WS right now, borrowing and tweaking words from Ray Charles; hit the road JWS and don’t you come back no more, no more , no more. No joke, I am really hungry. I am going to go eat now.
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    LDC and Sec Jang are formally dating, he is complimenting her hair and looks. He says it reminds him of old days when mothers.... she cuts in and tells him to eat his food. kjh and sh are at the old widow’s place, she is going through all the side dishes that KJH got for her . Later in the car, SH says it looks like jh’s Mom is a really good cook. JH says she is an amazing cook, SH says she envies him bevauss her mom can’t cook. JH invites her to his place for a meal, she says she is angry because the old widow didn’t offer SH any of the side dishes and usually it’s the polite thing to offer food to others. JH teases her and says she is like a young school student. lagggggg
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    @nikir I started appreciating SHK's acting in Encounter. @ahdrianaa I love KJH&CSH's appreciation to each other. @ahdrianaa @rosiepeonie188 Did you guys mean these food scenes?
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    KJH visited CSH at her office, their hearts are heavy with the obstacles and pressure to each other which made them concern another. Do you know how much I hate this ex-husband who is the reason why KJH had this unhappy face and was in deep pain.
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    Kim Jin Hyuk crying is absolutely breaking my heart Please give them happy ending On the other hand, Darth Mother took Woo Suk to the dark side, but worry not, i believe our Jin Hyuk Jedi will rise to the occasion
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    I'm thinking about how JH's arm fell asleep under SH's head.....I've been posting typing one-handed because my two cats (one weighs 7 lbs, the other 14 lbs) are fast asleep on my left arm and they seem so happy that I do not want to disturb them. Can"t move my arm at all. The things we do for love!
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    They COMPLIMENT each other so well. The feels on this drama is soo relaxing. ========
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    Whoa! Cha Soo Hyun finally said I Love You to Kim Jin Hyuk!
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    @ahdrianaa In this episode, JH is already compared to a dog. These words caught my attention because in the same sentence, we have two animals: dog and chicken. Here the chicken could be perceived as a metaphor for CSH, another illustration that the bird embodies CSH. However, the word "dog" and "chicken" have a negative connotation here: they are considered as inferior and unsophisticated. Moreover, the dog chasing the chicken reinforces the idea that JH is a wild beast and the chicken is a victim. Yet like the painting you showed, the dog is also linked to positive associations: friendship, companionship, loyalty and protection. Here again, we see another illustration between the fight between the natur and the modern civilization (money means everything and allows to do what you want, even being rude)
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    Just to be on the safe side, I am taking her out to dinner and then we can watch the episode together. I only have a vague notion of what went on during this episode but I know that CSH and KJH won't let me down. I hope we see some progress in our 2nd and 3rd OTP's in this episode as well. Lastly, I am looking forward to finding out who the wolf is in the animation as well. That one has been a real puzzler for me.
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    In my opinion, he only looks at her face. Moreover, I doubt that he is paying to JH's fingers. He considers JH as a weak man based on his criteria.
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    Hello my Magicians! (i just came up with this name to give ourselves ) @Kasmic : I went through the previous pages to help you track the poll votes. But you are ahead of me and have been updating the poll list so i will just give you my vote so you can edit my name into it okay. It's easier that way since you can automatically edit it. Poll 1: No (after some hard thinking, I am going with this one. Because JW loves HJ too much to let her get involved or hurt) Poll 2: Emma (I believe her role has to be more than just playing guitar and healing ) Also, to answer some of the questions, if the answer is not revealed in the episodes then the voting reopens. For example, if we don't find out the answer to Poll 1 by this weekend, we don't have to change our avatar yet. But if we find out the answer, then winners will be grinners and losers will be zombies (it can be zombies from the drama itself or anywhere else). By next week, we will get our answers for the poll if not by this week. Then we have to leave our profile pics for a week. So, to be fair, a week even after finale. I am sure we will all still be here to discuss by then ** dang, if i lose the poll, I am going to miss my JW's biting lip smile
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    I lost my stream but seeing comments that she chose to go to JH home is daebakkkkk!
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    Naver articles are in Korean but sometimes it should automatically translate to English. Did it not work for you? Omo slow mo kiss. JW lips are no longer alone...taken Indeed finger curling but I still love it Love that jaw line...apart from his dimples that sucked in jaw line is IRRESISTIBLE cr. captainjoonki in tumblr GOSH!!! this is far tooo early in the morning. TGIF!!
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    And finally mine started... Continuing from yesterday...
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    CSH's b&w pics. Credit https://mobile.twitter.com/saanca__74
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    Fortunately none yet blame it on the absorbing game. we all hang out here and stare at them kissing in the rain, cane & umbrella cast aside
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    Hello everyone! Late comer here *wave* I was checking out the first episode just out of curiosity after realizing that Kim Sun Ah is doing this project. Gosh, I was hooked and ended up binge-watched the entire 14 episodes in 15 hours non-stop! Literally passed out after that! I can't back read from the first page, but I enjoyed reading some of the theories presented in the latter pages. After episode 14, I am more curious to what exactly had happened to CWK when she was young. Her real sister was indeed being replaced with the stepmom's daughter (current SK). But, even the current SK also being brainwashed that she and CWK are blood sisters huh? Was CWK's father a psychiatrist too? Now, I wonder what memory of CWK that EH knew about.. to the point he rather shoot her dead than having her remember the memory. If I am to deduce based on EH's belief and conviction about abused child, as well as his last words about WK would become like him if she remembers, then the one who did wrong was probably one of CWK's parent - real mom? father? stepmom? WK's seems to be tip-toeing around the stepmom and try hard to please and make her happy. This implies that she developed the habit to always please her mom since her early childhood to protect her sister from being beaten (I saw one of the forumer here mentioned about this and I do agree on the possibility). But I am more concerned that actually it was WK that caused the death of real SK, looking at how persistent her father brainwashed her memory as if as a defence mechanism to protect WK from that dreadful event. Her real mom probably have mental illness, which might passed down to WK. We can see in the early episodes they talked about how her ex-husband concerned about her mental state, she went into vegetative state despite not involved in the accident with SK (locking herself), and his stepmom concerns on her mental well-being fearing it would be to the point that might cause harm to Eun Seo. If this is the case, WK would break to million pieces when she recovers the locked memory I think, stepmom has already hated her daughter since the beginning because looking at her background, current SK probably an unwanted child either born from rape / prostitution or from the deceased husband who probably abusive and sold the stepmom to prostitute at illegal bar. Thus, she was hostile to SK since the beginning even before marrying WK's father. Then when current SK went into vegetative state, she just went all heart sank and apologetic for mistreating her own daughter. Just a guess One more thing commendable about this drama is how gutsy and no-richard simmons of Detective KJH. He has great intuition as a detective and go straight for it if he found any pit to dig into. He never steer away from his suspects until proven innocent. That's the kind of detective I want in Kdrama. Not the I-keep-losing-the-suspect-eventhough-I-bring-an-army-of-SWAT kind of detective like in another drama that I watched *cough cough* Pheww! Looking forward for tonight's episode and I hope the writer will wrap it up with excellent ending that leave us all in awe next week. This drama probably will be one of my top 5 favorite - depending on the ending. p/s: I wonder whether the stepmom knew where the real SK's grave is? Hmmmm
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    U r right .. i think there are 3 reasons, HB’s act not as sweet as his act toward SYJ 1. PSH is in a relationship (as an owner of an agency, he knows exactly how a rumour can kill one’s talent) 2. Chanyeol is a close friend of her bf 3. PSH is a friend of his ex (Kang So Ra) There’s a chance of them being in a love relationship... that is ‘fate’ ... ship may sank or may sail but the harbour should stand still
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    Why didn't I notice any CGI? My eyes must've been deceiving me. LOL About the terminal illness plot line, I personally think that it won't happen. Knowing our writer, it's not her style to make things happen so literally. It may prelude to something bad, but as we can see there's nothing that our leads can't conquer even though it will take some time. Just like how the girl petted the wolf.. might not kill the beast but having it subdued is good enough isn't it? Can't wait for todays episode! Fighting everyone! I salute her dad for doing something like this. HIs move might not be entirely for his daughter, but he definitely had her in his mind when he decided on this. and JWS... oh JWS. What can I say? You would only have my pity.
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    She loves him coz he is KJH, KJH is the only one person in the world
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    I don’t think it’s been a year. The last time she went was the MIL’s birthday
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    Yes free from all the problems n media as well
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    @Kasmic If i right one answer and get wrong one answer. What should I do ? Should i change half profile .haha.By the way hj will wear lens but she will not play.I am dead sure.
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    Lol at JSM's attempt to hide her whole getup in her thank you post to fans for their coffeetruck. She has Yoobaek's bracelet on, so I shall endeavour to deal with whatever weird scene this is as long as Kangsoon and Yoobaek are endgame
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    Plot twist : JWS is actually protecting CSH AND KJH by joining the company. There is still unanswered question why loyal directors to CSH give the Co-CEO idea a pass. Does JWS plan to give the hotel back to CSH without a full blown court case? He bought Director Choi's stocks. The only director known to support his mother. He can do whatever he wants with them, including giving it back to CSH. My guess is that JWS gave up awhile ago, looking at the couple's sincerity and plotting a way to settle the war once and for all. JWS is actually holding all the important cards : video of the conspiracy to bring down CSH through the Cuba deal, Choi's stock. And the uncle, he's very suspicious. He didn't say a word on the Board Meeting. Just my 2 cents
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    KJH pulled up the centralized transformer of the mansion.
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    I can feel JH happines when SH choose to visit Him at Home. Daebak encounter. I can’t wait Episode 13. Again thanks to all recaps
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    I can. Very PG rated ways since I'm can't go all too psycho here. MYR - shave her head bald. Put her on the island with only animals. See if she can charm her way through out of the island. ED - stop wasting breast milk on her and put her in a room with mirrors. She can either talk herself silly or watch herself grow old. @ktcjdrama actually. I thought that's stupid. Calling him NWS like that.... Is like asking LH and ED to kill them faster.
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    Sadly, I actually don't think WB will live. I mean he has a ticking time bomb in his brain for crying out loud! I think LH's downfall will be one where he actually feels guilt and is bashed by all the public. Since he lived off public's affection, it will be apt for him to go down with the public's scorn. Not sure how they want to bring down MYR though. The ED too. I honestly cannot think of a punishment befitting of them.
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    Ah. Haha. Go to sleep soon~ +2
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    Would love her to send her attorney instead.
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    I actually sleep early in the night for about 4 hours, then wake up around 1 am. However, it feels exhausting back after finished watching one-hour drama (this genre particularly). I think that JH shot him impulsively when EH pulled up the riffle back. That's why he seems shocked that he has not only shot him, but even the target made EH died so quickly. He feels guilty that he said that he played the scene so many times that he actually doubts that EH would actually shoot WK. I think it is either WK's testimony, or EH actually recorded the confession with WK's phone. Okay, time to sleep. Excited to watch the latest episodes in few hours.
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    EP (read: executive producer) Lee Jun Ho gave this flower bouquet to Kim Sun A as a gift for her MBC Drama Awards win. t/n: "Production company Kakao M (Mega Monster), thank you! Season 2 please"
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    tbh i really think pmy-psj relationship resembles lyj-kms...lyj actually proposed to her many times and openly showed his interest in pursuing her but she didnt really accept him until his brother came along.. she really took her time but after she confessed, she never look back and decided to love lyj with all her heart despite what other people said.. maybe that’s the case with psj-pmy.. we can see that psj is really into her but she is a bit cautious (hence the interview).. i think maybe she wanted to take her time to get to know her own feelings before jumping in a relationship with psj, which is totally a right thing to do.. if they are still in ‘some relationship’, i think its up to psj to really makes the effort (like vp did) lol.. if they are already in a relationship, i think pmy has already confirm her feelings for psj and she will never look back.. i know careers are important and what not, but my mom always said, you cant hug ur careers at night after a long and tiring day.. at the end of the day, we need to love and be loved by someone..
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    Good night~ @Dhakra @angelangie ahh you were a warrior too yeah I'm all agree with that.. I hope we can make change about that even just a little -2
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    Really? I kind of felt like GTY came to see him to do something like that. QH went awfully quite after GTY said something but he stayed silent till the end. He'll regret it for the rest of his life. And for GTY, I think he's making sure there's no accusations on him from QH later on of moving in on his girl in his absence. Had he accepted GTY's offer.....I'm sure GTY would've helped them. But QH has too much on his plate right now.....and so couldn't decide. Also I'm glad ML returned both the dolls.....clean break is the best in such situations. I was just very surprised that the princess had to explain to QH the trouble their family was in....
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    From our lovely DC friends. So KJS was there too. He is so fine Namjo was also filming today. Are Yoobaek and Namjo supposed to be filming a drama/movie together? Maybe Kangsoon goes there to check up on her man, lest he frolics around with actresses ala that scene she watched on Ninja Again I think that lady with KJS might be an actress Yoobaek acts with? Lol.
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    260 @sushiliciousBut you are still my baby sis, you cutie putie pie.
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    Welcome to the thread @ellelyana88. Didn't think you will like this honestly hence didn't tag you earlier when introducing this drama to fellow The Guest peers.. Lol I think I know which drama you are refering to *cough* less than evil *cough* You are doing great with your brain frying analysis. Sit on tight to this drama. You will be in for a wild wild ride. I wish we have some live recappers here!
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