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    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! @abnoch @agnesselvira @Alice Mendoza @alleram95 @alindahaw @Ameera Ali @Anh Nguyen Roff @angiecrosby @angelangie @annura25 @Andrew Wiggin @aisling @africandramalover @Anna Tan @AlexandraReid @Ayame @aya02 @Ayoko xx @bairama @bebebisous33 @braunau @camichi @cafe99 @cenching @Cestbon @chdom @Cindy Tjioe @cikqueen @Coco_girl @ck1Oz @Delulu_jie2830 @delta777 @dvrels @dulcinea1 @dramaninja @dramaobsessed @dreaminsince1998 @docgippeum22 @enigmatic_zephy @eleine @Ellirain @eyo2eyo @evie7 @fatalflaw @Far^away @Feriz @fitzsimmons @fieza1871 @Fiona0754 @ForgottenSoulx @foreverempress @foxvanilla @gilaswan @guin89 @greezlybee @HeartKdrama @Heart_Kdrama @HeartKnows @Hey KFreakx @hell59 @Hilmaya Zara @Hueee @hulya.23_d801 @izzri @Jack James @jayana @Jonah Kyle @jeonghyang @joccu @JungRok @kongairui @Iam Fanning @imgkhanh @ilmare @imels @intrariver @katherine celle guerrero @katakwasabi @kangminjae @KimSunny @ktcjdrama @ladycaedus @Latte_Anyday @larus @LavelyShai @Lawyerh @lianee @Lj @lhynne @lynnys13 @lingkoo @lindear Ishak @Lisa David @Lmangla @lol23 @lolly84 @lotuzea @lu09 @LyraYoo @0ly40 @oatshin @marykarmelina @mathildafc @Meccao @mikhaella75 @midjohn33 @mimima @mirror56sakura @mslilith @moreenke @mouse007 @nateko @nenmem16 @nonski @nubianlegalmind @nize143 @michiyo90 @Mydzblue0421 @paolaadl @Pichiie @pichicouple @philosophie @plappi @platinumbeauty @Purnima Dixit @Rafael Pascual @Rakan Almutiri @raziela @reydevan @riiko1988 @rocat @rocher22 @roli @rosenyoma @sal2 @samecut123 @Sejabin @selen4ever @siddy09 @Sisca_TVXQ @shineem5 @Shalika Kunwar @Shraddha Kamble @SnowAngel92 @snowjewelz @salizer21 @stargazer187 @staygold @stroppyse @sweetseptember09 @sushilicious @sugarandspice @Tasia @tearsofthestar @thefungster @thehappiesthapa @thistle @triplem @turtlegirl @turtle0217 @USAFarmgirl @unhelpful @Visually-wandering @Vo Ki Trieu @wolfie26 @Winksteyk @xXMzSmilesXx @xyso @Yana Mujay @Yeojachingudeul @YenungJoa @Yongzura @zagigirl @Zazu2017
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    I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words. I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when he opened his door to find Soo Hyun standing outside. The overwhelming sense of joy, relief and love in that look was everything! It gave me such feels and brought me to tears. We all knew and I'm pretty sure they had a tacit understanding that she loved him back but in this episode she actually said the words out loud at a moment when he really needed to hear them and then she showed him just how deep that love was when she turned up at his home, reinforcing the message that she chooses him and he is what she values more than anything in the world. Jin Hyuk had been dropping hints all along that he was all in on this relationship but with this one gesture Soo Hyun showed that she is just as committed and it was wonderfully sweet how he reaffirmed it yet again with what he said. This couple uses their words and also backs them up with actions. They are absolutely end game! JinSoo may just have become my favorite Kdrama couple ever. Everything from their fateful meet cute to the lovely and natural progression of their relationship has been sublime. And for all the heart fluttering romantic moments, this is a relationship that is well grounded and solid because it is balanced and based on a foundation of mutual attraction, respect, consideration, understanding and friendship. This is the type of relationship that is built to last in both the drama world and the real world. This is a couple that actually communicates with one another and when facing hardship, each would rather suffer on their own than see the other one suffer. They just need to be better at recognizing that they are at their strongest when they are a united front. This is what a healthy and loving, adult relationship looks like. Take a good look JWS! I'm anxiously awaiting the next ep for the family dinner. I think/hope it would go well. The setup with JM blabbing about the event for the death anniversary of SH's ex FIL and her showing up to dinner at their house instead should speak volumes to them about her feelings and level of commitment to their son. Daddy Kim has already shown that he is willing to give JinSoo a chance by encouraging JH to invite SH over for dinner and having him on board should help convince Mommy Kim. She is a modest and simple lady but she is also kindhearted. She doesn't know SH and probably worries that because she is rich, she is "fancy" and accustomed to a certain lifestyle. And SH is anything but fancy or snobby despite her status. She happily rode in Dae Chan's truck and some of the places that SH and JH have gone to are far from high class (Subway!) and she has enjoyed them. Once Mommy Kim sees how down to earth she is, it should hopefully put her at ease. She is the type of mom SH wished for and never had so how sweet would it be for the two of them to bond. I don't know what the deal is with JWS at this point. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that there are actually altruistic intentions behind his actions but everything he does just comes across as self serving and deluded. He definitely doesn't have a clue about what love is and honestly dude needs to learn how to love himself before he can love anyone else. A good place to start would be by getting out from under Mommy's thumb because she is toxic. SHK and PBG are both killing it with such exquisitely compelling, multifaceted and emotionally resonant performances. They have truly brought SH and JH to life in the most beautiful way. Anyone who wants a master class in acting with your eyes needs to watch these two. How can there only be 4 more episodes? Never have I wished more for a drama to be longer and I hate long dramas. Surely there will be more angst but SH and JH better be getting a happily ever after or I swear I will fly over to Korea to track down the production team to demand a reshoot!
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    Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me... 1. It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic music at the end with a sunset backdrop. The plot already made a big deal about it was Samuel's garden for his beloved wife that he was picky not to be touched. The playground was their garden. Very true to the humble character of JH and his ordinariness despite extraordinariness. (That ending would have been classically great as well but feels rather Kdrama 2000s?) 2. It ends with a proposal on public stairs, not a white wedding down church/donghua hotel hall aisle. Less is more. Perfectly understated. No cheesy knee bend, candles lit with flower petals every where etc.. Although I can certainly appreciate a Nottinghill ending scene, with pregnant SH napping head resting on the lap of her husband reading a book in the park, but that would be rip off. Besides, the drama is called 'Boyfriend'. 3. Time jump. So it took him a whole year of 'proper dating' before asking her to marry... Or is it the nth time, judging by their reactions? (Kind of open to interpretation. The way they played it, she wasn't even surprised. It could have been a private joke the audience was not privy of? ) 4. Side Characters. Like the realistic and open ending for all the side Characters. Justice is served. The mothers may have been the biggest barriers, but the 2 mothers changed the most because of the love of their daughters/sons. The unrequited love story for the side characters remains delightfully open ended... 5. A love poem about love conquers all? Examination of love. How people use it, show it, abuse it, control it, unleash it. Ultimately how selfless love triumph and break through social conventions, class barriers, eventually conquers all. Those chose kindness and selflessness leads to a good ending. You choose love, or does love choose you? The villain chairwoman is the only one who did not choose to love selflessly (love that actress) and she paid the dearest price of all from beginning to end. Love is the theme motivate and permeate between all the decisions and emotions. Romantic, Friendship, Parents/Child, Siblings, Colleagues, Loyalty, Ex/Almost love etc.. Love is kind, Love is patience, Love also redeems, Love corrupts. The only one who remains self- absorbed, abuses is the Group Chairwoman, whose fate is certainly doomed since their 'encounter' in Cuba a year ago. If she had listened to her son, she wouldn't have ended up where she did in the end. Had the couple not met, she is likely to be still happily corrupt and rule the business world, and very likely to continues to emotionally abuse the ex-in laws and her own child. Their encounter really affects their social circle/family in a big way.
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    Just watched episode 14, and I have to say that I'm impressed with this drama right now. I think it takes the drama from being just another romance about two people figuring out they like each other, and takes it through an entire relationship arc in a thoughtful way. So, initially, it was about the JH and SH trying to figure out how they felt about each other, cocooning themselves in their relationship. Not because they were actively trying to keep it a secret, but because of their circumstances and their nature, they kept the relationship to themselves for the most part. Though people who were close to them slowly started finding out, as their relationship continued to flourish. Once they had established how they felt about each other, they had to face opposition from people who didn't really matter that much to them, e.g. WS, Director Choi, SH's mother, the public. These were all people who opposed them for their own reasons, and for whom neither SH or JH had any particular regard or feelings for. And, they were able to hold on against them because they were people who didn't really matter to the OTP. And, now they come across the last and hardest hurdle, the negative effect on and/or opprobrium from the people who are closest to them, whom JH and SH regard and love. So, it's JH's mother's opposition out of love and fear for her son, which SH had been expecting all along because she's the older divorcee who lives in a public fishbowl vs the sweet, young JH. It's JH's brother JM getting into fights over innuendos cast against JH. It's even SH's father who has decided to step down from his position. He phrases it as taking courage from SH's actions to do the right thing, but it's also a move designed to free SH from his ambition. If SH had stayed married to WS, then SH's father probably would have gone on to become the next president of Korea (as far as this drama is concerned). That is a momentous step to take any way one looks at it. JH is also becoming aware of how his decision is impacting his family, and I think that's an important step for him to recognize and deal with, which I think he's started doing. So, now JH and SH really, really have to look at it hard for themselves and into their own hearts. Is their love worth asking their loved ones to take the risk, with all of its potential pitfalls, along with them as well? I think I've written on this before, that relationships are about more than just two people, even though we like to frame it as if only the two people matter. In the real world, if your friends or your family don't like your chosen partner, it makes it incredibly difficult on anyone. So, you really have to inspect whether the relationship is worth it, or whether it would eventually end anyway, in which case, why have everyone you love suffer for its sake. So, JH and SH, having overcome all the previous hurdles are at the final one to overcome. I'm confident that they are going to overcome this hurdle as well. They are happiest and strongest when they are together. Also, they have a lot of people cheering them on now, including both fathers. And, JH was able to tell his mother how he felt about SH which may cause his mother to drink, but will also cause her to think. Now it's a question of how much does his mother trust JH to be his own man. I would hope that rather than going through with breaking up with JH, SH considers their love enough to ultimately fight for it, even if she has to to her knees in front of JH's mother every day until JH's mother relents. (Only because going to one's knees is such a big deal in kdramas. ) However, I could see that SH isn't confident that she's really a good enough person for JH, and thus carries through with the breakup. If that happens, both JH and SH will suffer greatly, and the people around them who care for them will notice. It may require SH breaking up with JH for JH's family's sake and then having to watch both JH and SH suffer being separated for JH's mother to relent and realize that they are serious in their love and care for each other as well as for those in their vicinity. I'm willing to wait to see how the drama decides to take it. However, I'm even more confident that JH and SH will win out over this last hurdle to be together, and having had to consider over and over again whether this relationship is the one that they both want. Btw, I have to admit that I really loved that the drama mentions that JH is SH's first love. SH may have gone through a marriage and a divorce already, but she never loved her husband. She was just doing her duty. So, JH is SH's first love, even as SH is JH's, as both JH and SH have both acknowledged now, even if not to each other. In that sense, it is a bit of an old-fashioned love story about love that is fated and thus can overcome all obstacles.
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    Finally ~ He SMILES ... there's a silver lining! We'll just have to brace ourselves ... The End is near to come... @Mydzblue0421 @lu09 @wolfie26 @mathildafc @triplem @tearsofthestar @cenching @sushilicious @stroppyse @ktcjdrama @Heart_Kdrama @alleram95 @Shraddha Kamble @Ameera Ali @nenmem16 @Alice Mendoza @sal2 @Zazu2017 @Shalika Kunwar @KimSunny @Cindy Tjioe @Yeojachingudeul @Yongzura @fitzsimmons @mimima @lhynne @lingkoo @Purnima Dixit @HeartKnows @Lawyerh @greezlybee @thehappiesthapa @USAFarmgirl @angelangie @paolaadl @intrariver @riiko1988 @Pichiie @attriste @snowjewelz @unhelpful @nubianlegalmind @shineem5 @Anh Nguyen Roff @avondale16 @lianee @Anna Tan @evie7 @o10orio @bebebisous33 @camichi @turtle0217 @rocat @Sejabin@bairama@Jack James @fatalflaw @Iam Fanning @dramaninja @0ly40 @braunau @joccu @africandramalover @icyphoenix @lolly84 @Yana Mujay @zagigirl @eyo2eyo @Winksteyk @angiecrosby @mikhaella75 @foxvanilla @Ellirain @lynnys13 @Cestbon @Far^away @anfluffy @plappi @mslilith @ck1Oz @LyraYoo @aisling @katakwasabi @midjohn33 @Fiona0754 @Feriz @guin89 @Meccao @nonski
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    “There’s no right or wrong when it comes to loving someone. No one considers whether or not someone is suitable to fall in with beforehand. Love begins way before one can even think that far...Jin Hyuk.
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    Enchanted 'Among a multitude of stars One stares down at me Among a multitude of people I stare up at one star [...] Where, when and as what will the two of us You, one so warm And me, one so tender Meet again?' (Kim Kwang Sup - “In the night”) Thank you @xu_lyfe :).
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    Cha Soo Hyun, Kim Jin Hyuk and The Little Prince (part one) Although this story, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, looks like a book for children due to the drawings and the style, in reality The little prince is classified as a philosophical tale. First, the author is criticizing through this story our modern society... don't forget that it was written during World War Two therefore he wanted people to question themselves and their values. The main points are the following: - the contrast between appearances and reality - the incapacity of communicating between adults and children - the importance of relationships among people and to take care of them - the sense of responsibility towards others - the loss of true values due to money and power (represented by different kind of adults: the king, the drunkard, the geographer as scientist, the businessman, the vain man and the streetlight igniter) In The Little Prince, the adults are portrayed in a pejorative way: their lives consist of dependencies (alcohol, the need of admiration, the greed to possess etc.), of loneliness and lack of feelings. After reading this short description, you can observe that CSH's world looks a lot like the world in this story. The two main protagonists in The Little Prince are the aviator and the Little Prince, yet they should be considered as representing the same person because the main point of this tale is to ask people to take care of their inner child. That's why you can read in The little Prince "All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” The little prince represents the child embodying all the positive aspects like innocence, creativity, imagination, purity and curiosity in opposite to the adults mentioned above, while the narrator and aviator is the adult. Meeting the prince in the desert means that the aviator is able to rediscover his inner child and rethink about his own life: True values like friendship and love become visible again hence the fox says that "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." At the end of the story, The Little Prince leaves the aviator behind (officially he goes back to his planet but since a snake bit him, we can wonder if he died), yet the narrator says that he is still looking for the little prince, even asking the readers if they saw him. Besides, when the aviator looks at the stars in the sky, he always thinks of him. As you can see, the aviator doesn't forget his "inner child". He is an grown-up after all, yet he shouldn't forget his inner child. In the beginning, the aviator explains an unforgettable event. When he was 6 years old, the adults couldn't understand his drawing hence he gave up to become an artist. From that moment, the aviator started living like a grown-up... and here we can see a parallel with CSH. It was around this age, where she was forced to give up her innocence and carefree life and become an adult at an young age. Meeting KJH is like meeting the little prince. She discovers what she has long forgotten: love, joy, carefree life aso. This also justifies why KJH has this playfulness and cheerfulness as he is still very innocent. He might be a grown-up on the surface, yet his personality reminds us of a "child". I can not forget how some viewers sometimes reacted to his huge smiles... they were somehow bothered by these smiles. But seeing these from this perspective, KJH is the little prince, the one who will awaken CSH's inner child. Thanks to him, CSH is able to perceive life with her heart and no longer with her eyes. JWS was too realistic and too grown-up to bring happiness into her life. On the other hand, CSH represents the adulthood because in the philosophical tale, the little prince starts changing as well: he discovers what friendship and love mean which becomes painful for him. He loses little by little his innocence as well. He left his planet because of the rose. The flower was so vain, contradictory but vulnerable, however she ended up hurting the little prince with her words. She loves him but she is well aware that she was the reason he misunderstood her. The rose symbolizes on the one hand femininity and on the other love. The little prince only realized how unique his rose was after meeting the fox: "It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.” We could say that KJH is resembling a lot to the little prince. He spent a lot of time with his rose, took great care of her but due to her words, he ended up leaving her behind. The rose could be perceived either as CSH (she broke up with him) or his mother (who hurt him by forcing CSH to break up with him). Moreover, moving closer to CSH who is the archetype of the adult means facing reality and the world of the grown-ups. He met the queen Chairman Kim, the greedy director Choi, the jealous CEO JWS... Each time, he got hurt but was able to overcome the suffering. He experienced a lot with CSH. He became little by little an adult. Yet his mother refused to see it. That's why CSH and KJH are both saying the same at the end: they make the other a better person. CSH can become more cheerful and playful again, KJH has become a real man. He is her fence and her protector. They complete each other. Striking is that CSH has a lot in common with the little prince as well. Both are lonely. He lived on his planet, she lived for her hotel. Secondly, both enjoy watching sunsets. The prince said he could watch 44 sunsets on his planet, when he felt sad. And we saw how the sunset in Cuba had such an impact on CSH. She could forget her sad life, this even marked the time of her awakening: trying to enjoy life differently. Then we have this. The little prince and the rose on his planet. Notice that the rose is protected by the glass, just like CSH's bouquet offered by KJH. @dukesa1122@lolipop86gorgeous@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    The mood in this thread since Cuba TVN’s response Thread TVN Thread TVN is shady and posts about a tired JH Thread TVN Thread We need some real closure about what happened in that hotel room at this point.
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    I am not sure I see this episode necessarily as being melancholy. Instead, I see this as an episode where CSH and KJH are in deep personal reflection in preparation for making probably the most crucial decision of their life. They both understand how high the stakes are and the potential impact it will have on them as a couple, their families, and the employees of Dongwha Hotel (their extended family). When I look at their faces during Episode 12, I see the weighing of options, the potential outcomes of these decisions, and the uncertainty of how this will play out. Our actors do such a great job of using their eyes to express feeling and making only very subtle facial expressions to let us in on their thoughts. By the end of this episode, we finally see that resolution register on CSH's face as she sits in front of the mirror. The power of the moment where KJH sees CSH at the gate is not lost on me. He is both ecstatic that CSH has demonstrated in her actions that she is all in staying together as a couple and facing whatever the future holds for them. At the same time, he is also unbelievably worried about CSH's safety and well being as how he will protect her. PD-nim is bringing us through the emotional wringer. In Episode 11, we are so exultant at seeing our OTP commit to each other romantically and experiencing such incredible feelings of love for each other. However, in Episode 12, we experience angst for CSH as she seems to be facing insurmountable odds in defending her hotel while feeling anxiety for KJH not knowing how he can protect CSH in facing so much power, money and ruthlessness from JWS. This is such an outstandingly done drama. One thing that struck me is that I believe it was Teacher Lee that suggested they invite CSH to her dinner. This will carry a lot of weight with her parents concerning accepting CSH. Teacher Lee is a close friend of KJH's parents and based upon what I am seeing of her; she seems to be regarded somewhat as the respected village elder. I think she is communicating her endorsement of their relationship to KJH's parents, which I think will go a long way toward their accepting them as a couple. Sorry for the overly long post. I just had to rave about this series.
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    His proposal, her smile and their happiness in the last scenes of “Encounter” "You should keep smiling like that, Soo Huyn" "I cannot smile without you, Jin Huyk. Let me stay by your side. I want to stay beside you and keep smiling like that" "I love you" "I love you".
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    Ten Things I hate about Encounter 1. The writer made Jin Hyuk so considerate and thoughtful to the people he loves that it would be hard to find any fault in him when he's too perfect.  2. Cha Soo Hyun almost broke up with JH just to protect him from experiencing the hardships she had gone through. You win hands down for your selfless love.  3. I hate that because I couldn't wait for the subbed version I started watching live stream and reading live recaps just to understand and make sense of what is happening. All this trouble just to watch JinSoo couple.  4. I hate that JH and SH's characters felt so relatable that when they cry, I did too. It didn't help that I was sitting in the bus on my way home and trying hard not to. 5. I hate that the mothers in this drama are shown mostly in a negative light. Chairwoman was overbearing, Mi Ok overly ambitious, while Yeon Ja crossed the line with her desire to protect her son. The only mom who was like a haven to JinSoo is Teacher Lee. It didn't hurt that Yeon Ja finally redeemed herself by admitting personally that she made a mistake, and not just apologized sincerely but with LOTS of yummy food as a peace offering. 6. I also hate that PBG and SHG's acting was so incredibly raw and heartfelt that I cried so many many tears in episode 14 and 15 that I used up a whole box of tissue. 7. I so hate break up scenes the most. Too much angst. Thankfully the playground scene made up for it. 8. I hate that this simple story managed not only to awaken my old love for reading books, appreciate poems, and most importantly to realize that to cherish what we have, no matter how simple, is what makes life special. 9. I hate that now whenever I passed by a bookstore I would always think of JinSoo. There really is no exit to Encounter. 10. And lastly, what I hate the most is that starting next week there would be no more new episodes to look forward to. Jin Hyuk-ah, Soo Hyun-ah I will miss you two very much. Your love story will always hold a special place in my heart❤ Thank you Encounter for being so meaningful and heartwarming. And thank you for this thread with everyone's lively discussion and analysis. Thank you for the live recaps. Thank you to each and everyone here. Good night.
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    It's a reasonably good closure for all the lead and supporting cast. Kudos to JH's mum for coming round and making her son happy again. He proves to his mum that CSH is a good person and is helping him to be a good person too. No Cuba hot kiss but a sweet makeup and beautiful, deep kiss with snowflakes falling on their faces which is meaningful. Their visuals are beautiful. It might not be the best ending for KJH and CSH - no marriage, but a proposal. Perhaps it's the time factor. Would have added to the beauty of this drama if there was a white wedding. But the closure is fine. At least it's not a dream nor a tragedy...they're there for each other and there to stay for a long time. KJH putting the ring back on CSH's finger is a wonderful moment. CSH receiving her Cuba shoes from him was overcome with their beautiful Cuba memories (which was KJH's intention) and couldn't hold her longing for him any longer, dashing out to find him. The scene of both walking towards each other in the snowfall is hauntingly beautiful. I'll remember this scene with their final kiss for a long time to come. Watching our OTP going through tough times and growing stronger in their relationship is the best message for me. It didn't break them...almost...but their love surpasses all hurdles. Take heart and believe in each other's love. Good times will come and have come for KJH and CSH. Boyfriend is a beautiful drama, despite the heartbreaking scenes which might not be easy to stomach but fact is - they love each other and are marrying each other. I shall continue with the drama by dreaming about their white wedding and tiny feet running...since PBG and SHK have amazing visuals and Screen chemistry that kill and our wish is not fulfilled..... Thanks for staying here for PBG and SHK. I'm really glad that we've united to support Boyfriend. It's been an enjoyable ride overall. It's been great making new friends too. Cheers! P/S : Kyo looks so sweet and adorable at the last scene when she ties up her hair.....and both are adorable when they posed at the murals too...told ya they have amazing visuals....
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    Episode 15 I have just watched Episode 15 with subs, and I have nothing but appreciation and respect for the whole crew and cast members. It is another well-thought-out, well-executed and well-acted episode. Despite a lot of challenges, the episode remains beautiful, sensitive, and thoughtful. While a lot of fans might be displeased as they understandably wished for a quicker movement of the sad scenes so that they could see more happy scenes of the main couple, I appreciate that the episode stays loyal and consistent with the pace of the drama and does not feel rushed. While many viewers might be understandably disappointed at Soo Huyn for deciding to break up with Jin Huyk, I feel the move to be totally realistic and expected. It is totally consistent with the plot development and the background, perspective, hesitation, struggle and fear that the character has gone through. While a lot of people might be understandably unhappy to witness Jin Huyk’s pain and sorrow, I appreciate that the episode takes time to describe his emotions (just like how episode 14 takes time to narrate Soo Huyn’s emotions), which in turn demonstrates the strength and the depth of his love, as well as his character and personality (look at how he treats his mother throughout the series and keeps everything in his own, even after he discovered what and how she did to the love of his life behind his back, it says so much about Jin Huyk’s personality and explains so much how Soo Huyn thought that she should not force herself into his family to make everyone suffer). As a result, the episode removes any doubts that one might have over Park Bo Gum’s acting ability (just like how episode 14 does a great job in showing Song Hye Kyo’s superb acting). And I’d just like to end this note by bringing us back to the very first teaser of the drama which indicates Jin Huyk’s as the source of bright and color for Soo Huyn’s grey world and reveals the couple’s smile facing each other after the biggest wave is gone. I am sure that will happen in the end.
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    @lolipop86gorgeous @philosophie Honestly, it took me a long time before watching the episode 13... because I knew what was going to happen. Even after watching the preview for the next episode, my heart is really aching. What caught my attention in the episode 13 is this Now, you are wondering why. JH's mother is using the tangerine syrup in order to lure CSH. And this contrasts to teacher Lee's gesture in the episode 6: Both pictures have something in common, the citrus fruit. Before analyzing the first scene mentioned above, we have to pay attention to teacher Lee's gesture. Lee gave the mandarine to show JH her support and comfort. Her gesture was very warm, even motherly because she had peeled the mandarin for him before. In that scene, we could see that Mrs. Lee was worried, yet she never said anything about it. She offered the fruit which made JH happy. Moreover, it seems to me that offering an orange can signify wishing him good luck because tangerine and chance have the same sound in Chinese. Lee's gesture indicated that she would support him no matter what. Now, observe the contrast with the tangerine syrup. First, the mother didn't offer this tangerine syrup directly, she had to use LDC and JMJ in order to reach CSH. Then she is not offering a tangerine as such, but a syrup. We all know that syrup is made of sugar and too much sugar can become poisonous. I connect the syrup to the love of JH's mother. The love of JH's mother for her son and her family is actually too much. This explains why she points out that she wants her family to be as they have been. She is refusing any change, especially when it comes to JH. The latter has always loved her so much... remember the smile he had, when he was talking to his mother over the phone and got caught by CSH. The latter thought, he was talking to his girlfriend. So for the mother, it has nothing to do with CSH as such. She uses her special status as an excuse. She acts like a jealous woman. So offering the tangerine syrup was a poison, CSH thought, she had been accepted. Imagine the pain, when she realized that it was the opposite. JH's mother heard her son saying to his father that he couldn't live without CSH but notice, she avoided to hear it from her son herself. By not hearing it herself, she can act behind his back excusing herself that she had no idea. Moreover, she can dismiss it, saying that JH will overcome it. To conclude, JH's mother loves JH too much, just like the syrup is symbolizing it. (love = sweet) That's why we offer chocolates to our loved ones (=sweets). She is actually trying to kill the love between JH and CSH with the tangerine syrup. The syrup fits the mother's personality: the sweetness of her manners and voice can not make us overlook that she is trying to destroy that wonderful love. Besides, the mother's request is too unrealistic: her family not to change is impossible... her sons will leave her at some point and start their own family. But let us not forget that in the episode 13, JH said that he could forgive the person who hurt him because everyone makes a mistake once. I hope, there is an argument between the mother and the son, as soon as JH realizes why CSH pushed him away. JH loved his mother too much... but he needs to be disappointed in order to put a boundary and make his mother realize how selfish she was. @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    @Jemrie Oh my....this gif from you renew my goosebumps again....why are KJH and CSH looking so sensuous here? I had thought their Cuba kissing scenes are so passionate and oh so intimate with biting and pulling....somehow, this is just a simple gentle pushing on the swing but the manner that KJH uses his palm to touch CSH's legs with that tender glance up at her face and his eye contact with hers is more than a simple push on the swing. Even this, our OTP is able to make us flush red-hot with their intimate gesture. It's heart-fluttering... KJH's face is full of love while CSH is basking in his love. PBG and SHK are really out to kill us with their chemistry! I'm gonna miss #Boyfriend really bad. Like PBG said at the press con, "Boyfriend" has lots of heart-fluttering moments and they more than fulfilled their promise. This drama will hold a special place in my heart forever because it's about true love and its sacrifices that make us cherish our other half so much. Beautiful take with a gorgeous couple.
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    I just finished watching the final two episodes finally. Real life got a little away from me, so late to the finale party. I actually enjoyed the final two episodes, though it may have been best to be able to watch the two episodes properly back to back so that my heart wouldn't hurt so much from JH's breakdowns. Though, watching JH's grief versus SH's grief was right for both of their characters. JH who is the more open with his emotions was able to cry not paying attention to where he was or who may be watching. He was heartbroken and he expressed it. SH's grief was just as intense, but contained within herself and by retreating both emotionally and physically, even from those who loved her and cared about her. Anyway, episode 15 when I finally watched it in its entirety didn't fill me with despair after all. Rather, it was an evolution to watch how JH processes what's going on, both to SH as well as between himself and SH. His concern for SH over how she is doing with her father's predicament is then compounded with disbelief and grief over her break up with him. He then deliberates and vacillates between sticking it out with her and letting her go as she had seemed to want, both options clearly painful for him. SH, in her turn keeps everything so closed up inside her that she becomes once again the controlled, unemotive person that she had been before she had met JH. However, she can't quite keep it all contained within her, and it comes out in little ways. The most prominent expression of her grief being her decision to go to Cuba until the hotel is complete, despite the fact that the Cuban hotel is actually doing well with the management they have on the ground there. SH is clearly wanting to return to a place where she had felt peace and love, even if she thinks she has to deny that peace and love for herself. He also finds out some details that he needed to know such as that his mother had objected to their union and expressed that objection to SH. JH then confronts SH again about his mother's objections only to have SH hold firm. The allegory she tells him about his mother's tangerine preserves shows him that it's more than just his mother that has SH deciding she can't be with him. Rather it's her fears over him, or rather her fear of destroying him and his family through the public scrutiny and messiness that is her life which then leads her to feeling guilty over dragging them into her mess. So, faced with knowing that SH's torment is her own fears and sense of guilt, JH decides to let SH go after all, and even to resign from the Donghwa Hotel. So episode 15 ends up with a cliffhanger, of sorts, with JH writing up his resignation, but then his memories of their times together, gives him new resolve. And, we find out that in episode 16 that his resolve is that SH is the only woman that JH will ever love and that he also loves his mother, so he's going to wait for both SH and his mother to come around. This arc is actually rather beautiful in terms of seeing how his thoughts and his emotions go from one to another as he tries to figure out what is best for the woman he loves, but also to understand himself a little better to see what he wants to do and can do. So, he is able to tell her to do what she feels she has to do, even if that is to break up with him, however, he has no intention of breaking up with her. He is going to be true to the person that he is, and so he is going to keep loving her and watching over her. And actually, SH's mood seems to lighten with this proclamation of JH's, even though she doesn't say anything about it to him. Episode 16 also provided more interactions between JH, SH and their friends and family members as each either offered support, encouragement, or were finally brought to some understanding. So, while when JH's father was scolding JH's mother about interfering in JH's life when JH had chosen the path that he wants to take, she stubbornly insisted that JH would get over it and live a better life for it. However, the conversation between JH and his mother where JH tells his mother that he loves SH as much as he loves his family seems to have driven the point home to his mother that this really isn't a flight of fancy for JH. He already thinks of SH as being part of his family, and is firmly resident in his heart, that steady, unwavering heart that his mother knew so well. His mother is also moved that her son is so steadfast in his love for her that rather than being angry or upset with her over her interference, he instead professes to love her and understand her. And, so her heart is moved because she knows how much she's hurt SH, and now she understands how much she is hurting her own son as well. But, episode 16 also gives us more insight into SH, and I really liked the conversation between SH and JH's mother. SH's point is that if it was only JH's mother's objections, that SH wouldn't have broken up with JH. Rather, SH would have gone to JH's mother every day to try to convince her to accept her. So, while JH's mother may have been the instigator, it's because JH's mother's fears so closely echoed the fears that SH herself had, that she had decided to break up with JH. And, so ultimately, it's SH's own fears that has to be allayed, and it's actually through her father's observation that while he had lived and worked diligently, that neither he, nor SH's mother, nor SH herself had had very much happiness from all that diligence combined with the pictures that JH gives to SH that show SH in her only moments of happiness and freedom that convinces SH to change her heart and give love and life with JH a chance. And thus, the happy ending that so many of us had wanted. The first snow kiss was lovely, even if it's an often used trope in kdramas, and I actually appreciated that the story finishes in Korea rather than going back to Cuba, because Korea is home for both JH and SH, the home that they will share together. I'm going to stop now because I realize that I've been going on and on about, and could probably write even more about the very emotional final episodes, because this entire drama is about the growth that both SH and JH go through, and the emotional arcs that aid in that growth. I'm not sure that it is either SHK or PBG's best work to date, but I have to say that I am very fond of SH and JH, and their simple yet not simple romance. Thanks to everyone on the thread. It was fun hanging out here even when things would get a bit noisy at times. Take care and hope to see everyone on other threads.
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    All I wanted was these two kissing under the beautiful falling snow And now, It’s over .... but it ended beautifully. cto
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    @nubianlegalmind @dukesa1122 Thanks a lot for the compliment! By the way, I wanted to remind that I had even described JWS's world as a buried coffin because of the dark colors (brown and black) and the liking for oblongs. And in the last episode, CSH is asked to attend a death anniversary from that family which actually is indeed associated to death and buried coffin. My interpretation of their world was point on. If she had gone there, she would have been asphyxiated again. From my point of view, JWS has no idea how his life and horizon are limited... he thinks that his superiority is a blessing, yet in the end he knows nothing about life, love and friendship. That's why he is always shown alone and why he is able to stalk CSH. Even in the last episode, his loneliness increased because we didn't see his secretary. So far, he has always been shown with his secretary who kind of helped him and almost acted like a friend. But since JWS got this new position, he is now on his own... stalking his ex-wife. As the opposite to JWS's home which I connect to a coffin, JH's home is represented as a tree. The latter means protection, comfort and also symbolizes life, unlike the coffin since it is usually made of dead wood. Remember that JH has always been linked to nature. While JWS keeps referring to JH as the wind, the writer gives us another symbol for JH: the tree. First, he asked her to meet CSH in that beautiful alley with huge trees, then he mentions the story about the love letter buried next to a tree, then in the episode 12 he offers a plant, which looks like a tree. He also tells her to consider the plant as himself, his head and hair. Now, we know why CSH, often represented by the bird, can only love JH more and more: the tree and the air/ wind are the elements where we can see birds. The bird flies in the air but when it will seek protection in a tree. Furthermore, CSH told JH that she would have been scared, if she hadn't JH by her side... so JWS's actions did instigate fear but she is able to overcome it because of her boyfriend. I was wondering who is in the car with Nam and JMJ? Or there is no one else? Maybe it is her father... he said that he would do anything to protect his daughter and this would be great. Or has she asked Nam and JMJ to lie that she got suddenly ill in the car? @celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    Ep12 thoughts WS is a jerk and a coward. I love JH for calling him out on it: hurting the person you allegedly love for personal gain is no love at all. This time it was clear that WS did not protect SH from the machinations of his mother after the divorce simply because it suited him. He gets to control her comings and goings and still see himself as the good guy. WS pays lips service to the she should not be forced to attend the family event position, but then happily sits and waits for her to show up. Hypocritical to the max. And the fact that he used JH's help in Cuba as an excuse to get his way makes him a snake of the lowest order. I wonder how he convinced his uncle to vote for him. I bet it was nonsense about him protecting her from his mother. Must have pulled a fancy act there. Still the truth remains: WS's world revolves around exactly one person - WS. ('SH is what I need' says it all). I was initially kind of mad at JH too, for doing stuff behind SH's back. But then I thought more about it and got to understand it a little. His way of protecting her is lowering her burden, as much as he can. Instead of forcing her to chose, he lowered the stakes. His job is to make sure that she takes care of herself, eats and sleeps well. Beyond that, he trusts her to sort out her own issues. And that is kind of cool. As usual, I love the reciprocity of their relationship - last episode he said I love you and made one huge step in committing to their relationship. Now she does the same. He may be working behind the scenes trying to protect her other love, but she steps center stage and choses him over everything else. No wonder the poor boy is a goner. Really looking forward to SH + Kim family fun. Once they got past the initial awkward phase I hope they get to see how adorable she is, and how happy the two of them are together. Looks like dad is already fully on board, but mum will need some more convincing. I hope she gets to see SH - the lonely kid deprived of motherly affection, and that it proves enough to trigger her caring instincts. But for now, give the poor girl some proper homemade food! And some soju since I doubt any being in existence can resist the adorability of drunk SH. PS: if last episode SH was scared to face the odds and JH was the one 100% certain of their ever after, the balance shifted this time 'round. As WS's meddling chipped at JH's confidence, she finally threw away her fears. Losing full control of the hotel did not matter quite as much as she thought it would. She is now brave enough to follow her dreams, and to redefine what those are. She set herself free all by herself. And that is awesome. PPS: Another thing that I love: at the beginning of the episode they are both feeling uneasy after meeting their respective 'wolves'. Solution: see each other. So often troubles pull couples apart. Here they only serve to bring them even closer together. PPPS: I love how JH calls her SHssi when she is in his good graces but switches back to 대표님 when he is grumpy. PPPPS: for the first time ever, i find couple rings unexplainably sexy. P^5S: Since I saw some fundamentally different takes on the can I spend the night at yours scene, I'll try to articulate my view here: they shared the same hotel room and were intimate in Cuba (the body language is very clear; when they are driving around in the car, for instance). They withdrew within more socially acceptable/ less obvious personal space boundaries when they got back to Kr, to avoid another scandal. He was a gentleman and went home after dropping her at her place drunk. The second time, he just missed her too badly and wanted to spend the night and the hell with caution. I never got the sense that it was the intimacy per se that she was objecting to but rather him being in her bed. As a woman who has been living alone for a long time I totally get that sentiment, the slight reluctance to give up one's personal space. Also, when JH imagines a future together: that future is one where he wakes up every day to the sight of her face - it's all about wanting them to live together. P^6S: I love how SH gets nervous about visiting future inlaws and that she asks her bf what to wear. Also Mrs. Lee for orchestrating the meet the parents so cleverly.
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    A beautiful drama In fact, it is one of the most beautiful dramas that I have ever seen (I started watching dramas since the 1980s so it has been 30 years). It is beautiful in every aspect - every single aspect. The story, message, acting, directing, pace, dialogues, visual, cinematography/Color music, arts, literature, arrangements, and a beautiful heart. Until when can we meet a warm, tender, thoughtful, heartfelt, sincere and beautiful drama like this one.
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    To me, the balcony kiss in the episode 11 was very intimate and hot because of this Look at her hand... she is touching his neck, her hands are so close to his face. Her gesture shows intimacy. She is caressing his throad and neck... This is totally new and outlines that she has put down all her walls. Since I have been focusing on the hands of our OTP, I can tell you the huge difference. The last time we saw her hands with JH, she was just hugging him and her hands were touching his back. This was in this scene Striking is that because of JH's behaviour in the last two episodes, people were starting doubting if they had even sex in Cuba. My conclusion is this: They did. First, we have this drawing and secondly it is because the balcony kiss takes place in her room. She allowed him to enter her room which marks a huge step for CSH. Remember that even JMJ only went to her room and had the door opened (episode 1) because CSH wasn't answering her phone. JMJ had left CSH before which showed that CSH is very distant, even with JMJ. Now, you wonder why JH said this in the episode 12: What does he mean with last time? In my opinion, he is referring to the bed scene where she was drunk. For the first time, JH entered her bedroom. Before, he only saw her living room. Even JWS was bothered whispering that he had stayed long enough in that place indicating that JH remained a certain time there. To conclude, for the first time, he could see her bed, the most intimate thing. JH actually wanted to spend the night there but knew that he shouldn't. Then why, if they already had sex in Cuba? Don't forget the location... they are back in Korea and JH knows that CSH behaves differently in her homeland as there are eyes on them. CSH could do that in Cuba because she felt free and no one would pay attention to her moves. In South Korea, this is different. Sure, they don't hide their date anymore, since JH's identity has been revealed, this is nothing new. The media are no longer interested: they are dating. Yet, spending the night there could create a commotion. Just like it took JH one evening to touch her hands in Cuba and it would take him a long time before he could do it again in South Korea (episode 6), JH knew that he would have to do the same with the bed. Don't forget: "his greed has no limit". Hence in the episode 12, he starts claiming the bed: "the bed has found his right owner". He is aware that he needs to express what he wants so that CSH can get used to the idea. But like always, he respects her therefore he is happy if he is able to embrace her in the bed. He wanted her to get used to the idea. Moreover, this scene implies something else: this is not just about sex, this is about sharing the same bed with her... sleeping by her side. JH is trying to conquer the last room. JH was right with his behavior, since CSH confirmed that JMJ wouldn't even be allowed to sleep next to her. To conclude, they did move to the next level but it was because they were in Cuba. However, JH is now determined to conquer her bed. He is asking her to allow him to spend the night with her, to share her bed with him. I doubt that this has ever happened with JWS. @lolipop86gorgeous @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora
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    I’m holding out for an ending where CSH and KJH live happily ever after, and I’m okey even if they live a ordinary life – a happy home, surrounded by people who love and care for them, no fame, no glory, no more hotel…because they have each other. #Encounter releases new still cuts: Naver
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    @rosiepeonie188 Thank you so much. Your post really inspired me to find out the timeline even more. Encounter's Timeline KJH&CSH existed in the Kdrama as same as the filming has begun in September 2018:::: (KJH with long hair has been filmed in Seoul with Parents, Friends, and Neighbors before going to Cuba which filmed both long hair and short hair KJH) EP.1 - September 2018: CSH announced Sokcho's opening plan - 29 Sepember 2018: CSH had press conference in Cuba and then she met KJH. KJH&CSH spent evening till night in Cuba together. The next day KJH and CSH went back to Seoul. One Month Later EP.2 - Around early November 2018: KJH was the new hired employee in Donghwa and met CSH again during Welcome New Hired Employee's speech by CEO CSH. - 27 November 2018: News about dating at the rest stop has been released. EP.4 - 1 December 2018: CSH's birthday, KJH gave her lipstick serum. KJH's colleague mentioned this year his birthday(and CSH's) was on Saturday. EP.5 - 11 December 2018: KJH and CSH was in pre-relationship. EP.7 - Around Mid December 2018: KJH and CSH confirmed their relationship as Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Then KJH has been relocated to Sokcho. EP.8 - 31 December 2018: First Kiss on the New Year in the party. EP.9 - January 2019: KJH's personal information has been revealed, CSH requested to take a break from their relationship. One month later EP.10 - Early February 2019: CSH went to see KJH and activated their relationship. KJH helped CSH solve problem in Cuba about the garden. KJH confessed his love to CSH. EP.11 - 11 February 2019: KJH has been relocated back from Sokcho to Seoul as the face of Donghwa Hotel - 16 February 2019: Matching Rings
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    Everytime he sees her And each time she's in his arms How can we not rooting for them?
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    A translation of the bed scene. SH: You should go now. I won’t be able to sleep even more. JH: Move to the side a bit. Quickly. Quickly. SH: Oh. Oh. Oh. (as she’s moving) JH: Whoa. Wow. The mattress is very nice. SH: Oh, I won’t be able to sleep even more! You bother me. JH: Oh, but I’m behaving so well here, so why would it bother you? That’s so unfair. SH: OH, just drink a cup of tea and then go. Get up. (JH leans her back down on the bed.) JH: We had even restrained our mouths before, but we're going to be drinking tea now? (I think this is referring to their pojangmacha meal where they had eaten, but not drunk.) SH: I was really tired today, but since Jin Hyuk-shi keeps acting like this, I keep becoming more awake. Oh, you’re heavy. Move over. (pushing him off) JH: (turning over as SH sits up again) The night is so cold, and I come all the way over here and she won’t even let me sleep over. I’ve even lost the title of the Human Sleeping Pill. (smirks a bit) But, this really is comfortable. It feels like my place. (meaning the side of the bed he’s lying in) SH: Even when Secretary Jang comes over, we don’t share the same bed. This bed has never slept two people, not even once. JH: It’s just that it’s finally met its owner. (meaning the space he’s claiming is his) Oh, it’s nice. I think I’ll sleep really well. I may fall asleep first. SH: Oh, before you fall asleep, hurry up and get up. Huh? Huh? Oh, hurry! Hurry up and go! (JH puts his arm around SH to lay her back down in his arms.) JH: Don’t get all thrilled, and just hurry and go to sleep. SH: Thri-? I have no words. Oh, really. (starts to get up in a huff, but JH pulls her back down) JH: Just stay like this for a little while. I’m in a very good mood right now. JH: If we could fall asleep like this every day, that would be so good. Someday, we will be able to do that, won’t we? (SH stays quiet) JH: What’s this? Why is there no response? SH: Because I’m imagining it, and I like it. This may not be all heavy on passion, but it is just too cute. Acting somewhere between being a new flirty couple and a comfortably established couple. I can't believe she really fell asleep. She must have been very, very tired.
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    There is me who likes you who likes paintings If I had met him and felt this feeling when we were young, we would have been so happy. But now, at my age, and the whole world knows that I am divorced, I’m so frustrated of the bad timing. Because I keep wanting to know more about him.
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    cr : as labeled @ahdrianaa @gumtaek No gifs yet but I hope these are good enough. For now..
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    Episode 12.... giving me cavities!! 1. Did y'all see the marriage proposal? CSH accepts!! 2. Mr DOP, with the portaits ... 3. This painting was intriguing to me. Sistas all ready to slay!! I wish they'd tell us more about the painters and the paintings in the drama!! 4. Why was this desktop wall paper from Windows 10 on display?? Is it because its a beach photo? They're taking this portrait thing too far!! 5. I haven't read Little Prince yet, but I would love to hear what you make of this shot. 6. I am not a fan of turtlenecks... they could quite possibly be a fashion travesty, but KJH is looking soooooooo amazing here!! OMONA!! Shiny tears!! 7. Product placement as it should be. Unintrusive! LOLLL!! KJH should have tested the springs/foam in the mattress!! CSH! Why would you kick your boyfriend out into the cold after he tucks you in? Let him sleep on your bed! You don't have to do anything! Just let the guy sleep comfortably, especially after he threw so many hints!! 8. The wolf reference.... 9. The storm clouds gathering on the horizon overwhelm CSH, distracting her from her work. She hesitates in signing a document, puts it away, goes to a corner of her office, and is so overwhelmed she folds down, almost into fetal position. I really felt the weight of her dilemma!! 10. When KJH is taking the food to Ms Lee, he listens to "One Leads to Another" by Robbie Nevil. The lyrics are very much the love story of KJH and CSH. 11. I know JWS is receiving justifiable hate for his behavior right now, but I think he's setting things up to redeem himself and help CSH completely cut off from Taegyeong. His meanspirited talk is like his request for a divorce, making himself look like the bad guy to save CSH. Being a weak man, his only strategy in life is passive aggressiveness and sneaky backdoor machinations. In my conjecture, I think that he will impale himself on his mother's sword and save CSH by possibly giving CSH the shares he's accumulated. She can end up as majority shareholder and have the hotel to herself. I do not want to walk away from her hotel empty handed in the name of love. She has paid for that hotel with blood, sweat and tears. She should keep it! 12. I like how the Secretary thinks she cannot ride in a delivery truck, but a wealthier CSH has no problem riding around in that truck!! Secretary needs to come off her high horse, considering that she doesn't even have a car of her own!! 13. The conversation in the office... KJH needs to keep reading what he's reading because I melted when he said, "I cherish you very much!". I would climb mountains for a man like KJH!! Cherish is such a beautifully loaded word! Cherish - protect and care for (someone) lovingly. adore, hold dear, love, care very much for, feel great affection for, dote on, be devoted to, revere, esteem, admire, appreciate; That statement is like the Spanish phrase, "Me Haces Falta" - I Need You. Loaded. Next week is going to be hell for our couple. Chairwoman will come down on CSH, KJH will be collateral damage, CSH's dad will have to confront Chairwoman and tell her to her face that he's not running for president, CSHs mum will throw a major fit at her husband and daughter, our couple will suffer for their love, but as far as I am concerned, we better get a happy ending!!! Not a sad ending, or worse still, an open ended one !!
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    Ok this might be an unpopular point of view but all the couple's kissing scenes pale in comparison with this episode's ending! Someone mentioned that by not attending her ex FIL's death anniversary, Cha Soo Hyun risks losing Donghwa Hotel which, as CHS has said to KJH, is everything to her. Here, Cha Soo Hyun is telling KHJ and all of us viewers that he, Kim Jin Hyuk, not Donghwa Hotel, is everything to her.
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    It was the most exciting beginning of a new year You are glad that I came here, aren't you? Why do you ask when you already know the answer? Because I want to hear you say it. It was the most exciting beginning of a new year ever.
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    Cha Soo Huyn's Struggles Many thanks @stroppyse for your post. I completely agree with everything you said. And I would like to quote your paragraph above to start my post about Cha Soo Huyn's struggles in her relationship with her boyfriend. There are many "external factors" that can affect a relationship. It can be about social prejudices, age, social status, marriage status, money or economic status. I have been in some relationships and I can say that these "external factors" matter. I have observed that, in some circumstances, the existence of only one factor among them can affect a relationship. Cha Soo Huyn has had to face all of these "external factors" in her relationship with Kim Jin Huyk, but she has never given up the relationship due to any of them. As we have witnessed, Cha Soo Huyn does not really care about how unrelated people look at her or how the press write about her. She is not swayed by the various attempts by her former mother in law and ex-husband to intervene (looking from some perspectives, it might be easier for her to come back to her ex-husband). She ignored the repeated and sincere warnings of her best friend. She does not let the fierce opposition/begging of her own mother affect her. She told her mother (in her face) that she would decide her own happiness. She is not even afraid of the potential damages and consequences that might happen to her hotels if she continues the relationship (and we all know how the hotels mean to her and her life). In effect, to me, Cha Soo Huyn has done extraordinarily to overcome numerous "external factors" to fight for her love (I call it "extraordinary" because I don't think normal people in normal circumstances would be able to do it - and I am among those "normal people"). People might dismiss Cha Soo Huyn' as not valuing Kim Jin Huyk enough to repeatedly request for break up from time to time due to external factors. But for me, Cha Soo Huyn's suggestion to slow things down in Episode 9 and her consideration to part ways in Episode 14 show that Kim Kim Huyk and his loved ones were in fact more precious to her than anything else in the world. Unlike the above "external factors" that she could easily ignore, they are even more than "internal", to the extent that she could even put them before her own self interests or her family's interests. When Cha Soo Huyn suggested (in episode 9) to "take some time to think it over", the only reason was her concern that her boyfriend might get hurt (and she was not wrong). As she explained to Kim Jin Huyk, "the closer I get to you, the more your life seems to shake. I'm scared that all the eyes on me will turn to you". When Cha Soo Huyn considered parting ways (in episode 14), the only reason was her concern that the ones that he loves and truly cares might get hurt (again, she was not wrong, we already saw what happened with his loved ones, i.e., his mother and his brother). As Cha Soo Huyn explained, when she and Kim Jin Huyk entered into their "some relationship/pre-relationship", she was not afraid of the implications that could have on her hotel (her own life) or her parents (we know how much she did for her parents), but she did think about his loved ones. More than anyone else, Cha Soo Huyn understands how Kim Jin Huyk treasures and values his family. More than anyone else, Cha Soo Huyn appreciates the happy and peaceful atmosphere that exists in his family. As Cha Soo Huyn loves Kim Jin Huyk so much, it is painful for her to see that the happy and peaceful atmosphere in his family is interrupted. As Cha Soo Huyn cares about Kim Jin Huyk so much, it is extremely painful that it is because of her and their relationship that his beloved ones are hurt. More than the approval/disapproval of his parents (she already expected not to be approved immediately, she simply asked his dad to watch them and she is not aware that his dad has decided to support them), it is the potential damages and chaos that she will bring to his loved ones, as confirmed by what his mother told her and what happened to his brother, that breaks her heart. People might wonder why she has not talked things over with him directly this time (she did explain to him directly when she suggested to slow things down in episode 9). As she explained, it was no longer Kim Jin Huyk per se, because "he already made a decision to be with me who a life where everything works outside of common sense". But "his family never signed up for this". And "if I talked to him, he would ask me not to worry about his family, but he would have to suffer on his own". Song Hye Kyo did such a good job in illustrating Cha Soo Huyn's struggle in Episode 9 when she suggested that the two of them "take some time to think it over" due to the concerns that he might get hurt (and she was not wrong). Again, she did an outstanding job in Episode 14 in showing how painful, difficult, conflicting and heartbreaking it was for her to even think of "parting ways" from the person who has brought her more happiness than anyone else in the world. Contrary to the view that Cha Soo Huyn is being "unreasonable", I therefore find her thoughts, acts, and considerations to totally realistic, reasonable and understandable. and I believe (I hope I will not be proved wrong) that Kim Jin Huyk would agree with me when he finds out and that he would come to love her even more instead of criticizing her.
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    The playground (part 2) After posting my first comment this morning, I realized due to JWS that this analysis was actually incomplete. First, we should focus on the different meanings of the playground. A playground is a place where children go to play in order to have fun. And this is no coincidence that JH cherishes this place. This is linked to JH's personality. JH's favourite word is "fun", he was always portrayed as a cheerful young man. Secondly, JH used the playground in order to spend time alone too. So this playground represents his secret place, where he can hide from others. Strangely, a playground is usually full with people therefore it is not really possible to hide. Yet, he goes there during the evening/night or if it is during the day, there is no one else there. Even if there was someone, I am sure, he had a book with him so that no one would approach him. Now, we can better understand why JH is using his smiles as a mask, he acts the same with the playground. This is his habit: hiding something in front of everyone. He doesn't seclude himself where no one can see him. It is in the open air, he has an opposite behavior compared to JWS who goes to his room. Behind doors, our second lead can dwell on his feelings and thoughts. Then if we pay attention to HI and JH's interactions in the playground, we can see why from the second episode on, her one-sided love was doomed. In this scene, HI is chasing after JH who teased her just before calling her ugly. Sorry if my picture is not so good, but I don't know how to make gifs. Here, you can see on the one hand the playful nature of JH, on the other hand HI's real position: HI has been waiting and chasing after JH but she was not able to catch his heart. So this scene symbolized their real position: HI will never be able to touch him and his heart. JH is not even aware of her feelings. He only has fun on his mind. Then later in the episode 3, both characters are sitting on the swing next to each other. Neither JH goes to HI's side, nor the latter approaches her friend. Both remain at the same distance which underlines once more that their relationship will never change. HI will never get closer to JH, but she will remain by his side. This is important because this illustrates that HI will never betray him. Then if we take a look again at the scene where JH sees his boss for the first time at his playground, the viewer sees how CSH jumps off the swing as soon as JH calls her. Striking is that CSH chose to sit there before JH's appearance. This outshines CSH's sleeping playfulness. This is not visible yet. Then both remain standing close to the swings. Their position and their gesture reveal the gab between them. However, we can see the contrast to the scene in the episode 11: Here, JH is kneeling in front of CSH. He left the swing and went to her side, touching her knee. This scene illustrates everything: CSH has accepted the playground as her treasure, she has already left the chaebol world. This metaphor comes true at the end of the episode 12. But JH's kneeling in front of CSH embodies their respective status in the couple: for him, CSH is his princess. He is kneeling like the boy (credit to @Jemrie) who is offering the shoe. They have here the same position. Striking is that although CSH was considered as a princess due to her marriage with JWS, she was never treated as such in that terrible family. Neither JWS nor his mother treated her like a princess: she was either a maid or a doll. That's why JWS bought her so many expensive gifts. He wanted to dress her up but the doll was always put in a certain place where people could admire her. Yet, it bothered him because the doll never reacted to his gifts. With JH, CSH's cheerfulness has resurfaced, she likes being at the playground, she likes it, when JH pushes her gently... he brings movement and joy into her life. Then now, you must wonder why I came to think about JWS, while analyzing the playground. In my opinion, only when JWS sees JH and CSH interacting at the playground, he will realize that he has never treated CSH like a princess, that he has never known the real CSH. Remember that JWS only saw JH bringing CSH home with her car or he saw her at the hotel (episode 3) with JH, our second lead never witnessed how CSH would be in a different surrounding. CSH was always seen in his world with JH but never in JH's surroudings. I think, we will see a scene where JWS sees that playground. @lolipop86gorgeous @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    Ep 14  "The players in the ring have it the hardest. It's nothing for the onlookers." Jh appaa! Thank you for understanding, thank you for confidently even suggesting the dinner with "JH's Ceo" later! We have great male examples in him, Driver Nam, and even SH' dad, I want more female mentor-ship, till now I've only noticed teacher Lee. "Soohyun-shi. Why do you like me?" JH must have been called ordinary so many times this series- by Woosuck, Sh's mom, Sec Jang and even by himself "it must be tough for you since I'm ordinary" - during the breakup call when their relationship got revealed in press or wondering whether the ring he got her was enough last episode. Whenever it has happened he has just taken it, but his face always showed his turmoil and this ep he finally sought out Sh. He really needed to hear it from her to absolve his doubts. "It'll happen to us one day right?""I had to control myself last time" - Chinguuus, they might not have parked at boom boom town but they were nearby. He was so sleepy at the airport too last ep. And SH's answer-"I pictured it in my head, and it seems nice." "He's a human stimulant" Give me the Weddddding."Soo hyun has always had guts. She's just finally being herself again." "The presidential election is important, but my child comes first." So good to see Driver Nam tell it straight! And also admirable is Sh's dad willing to part with the election race because like an actual parent he cares about his daughter and is trying to make a mends. Contrast: Mrs Bampodong calls her literally panicking and weeping to attend the funeral meet. To sell her dignity for them like always. That utter desperation - it disgusted me. SH's repeated yearnings for a mother figure and affection hit me even more than before."Deliberately hurting someone you love, is that right?" "My wealth or power doesn't match yours. I'm an average 30 Yr old man. I will protect her in my own way." Jin hyuk owns up, makes it clear love is being considerate about the other person, and the ex is in an unhealthy self servicing obsession. Also including the scene later with WS and his mom, I hope some parts of this convo with JH register in his head later. He seems terrified of his mother but he's also observing her ruthless bullying maybe finally with new eyes? Maybe he can finally realise how his actions looked to JH. Is it too much to hope for him to turn his back on Taegyong aswell? Him and SH were birds in the same cage, this is their chance to get free. This episode just made me hopeful for everyone. SH: "Your feelings for me are what heal me. If I didn't have you by my side, I would've been scared and lonely. You told me that I helped you become clear about what love is. But thanks to you, my thoughts on fear have become vague." JH: "I cherish you very much." . . . SH: "Saranghaeyo." I have to confess this scene is really special to me. I tried livestreaming the show for a bit the first time for this ep and this was the scene it opened on. Initially I was like- oh SH and JH are hugging it out and then slowly, so quietly, she said "saranghaeyo". I don't know a lick of Korean, so the depth of the scene based on the dialog was lost on me, until she said that word. Of course now actually seeing it translated, the moment is tender, intimate, and everything I had hoped for. This show really has a way of making the milestone moments quiet and hopeful. I loved the silence in her office. The focus on the clock with Havana time. Even the way she said it- I see her as a bit reticent, holding just a little back, because it holds a lot of meaning to her, a bit like me. So that quiet confession and what it meant for their relationship, especially JH's confidence- was perfect for me. "I'm in trouble. There's no exit now.I'll never be able to escape your charms. "Boy u were in trouble the moment your eyes met in Cuba! Coming back to the scene, I was already spoiled by reading the forums but still nothing could've prepared me for it. I've been destroyed by sheer decency- just two, honest people deciding to bank on their love and faith for each other. So much has been said already about this scene and I can only vigorously agree. Triumphant! These two episodes dealt with their inner doubts and uncertainty. But those are conquered, and now they face their challenges together. And I want to see nothing more than Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk's family enjoy a warm meal on that table. Really. Also, I've seen the truck of doom in many dramas. But this is first time I'm seeing the truck of love. Mijin pls get in, youre missing out. Chingus, it's so hard to restrict myself to just a few lines or pictures- 1 hour of viewing easily becomes 3 because there is so much detail to unpack in these episodes. I love this show so much, and love your posts as well.
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    It’s already spring for us Poet Rainer Maria Rilke once said, only the people who hold hands when they walk in a cold city are the ones who will get to see spring. It’s already spring for us. “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”. “That’s love. Two lonely persons keep each other safe and touch each other and talk to each other”. Rainer Maria Rilke
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    Hi chingus, im in here now.. @dukesa1122 @bubblechoco
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    cr. to @ahdrianaa @stardustvoid Now, I understand what the painting in her bedroom was representing. So this was the little prince. However, in the painting we never saw the fox which means that the little prince in the painting had no idea what love was. This underlined his loneliness. That's why I interpret the little prince in her bedroom as a representation of her childhood, trapped in the frame... and notice that CSH was always seen sitting next to him. She represents the adulthood and the boy in the painting her inner child that was trapped and long forgotten. The fox plays a huge part as he is the one who taught him what was friendship and love. Yet the painter didn't show him in his picture. @rosiepeonie188 I will still visit this thread for a while because first I love this drama so much and secondly there is still so much to analyze... so if you are interested...
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    I think Boyfriend has done good by PBG setting a high benchmark as the "National Boyfriend" in Korea. I'm not sure if it's possible to find a patient, loving, protective and caring boyfriend who doesn't accept sadness in his life and wants to protect the two women whom he loves most in his life - his mum and his beloved woman. I think KJH will do a great job balancing his love for these two women in his own gentle ways. SHK as CSH definitely has given those women in high positions dating younger guys from a humble/normal background, lots of hope to win over their MILs to be. Such mothers might also think twice about objecting to their sons' relationship, after seeing how CSH and KJH suffered and broke down. I think the message learnt is for the mothers to talk to their sons to ask "How much do you love her" and "What does she mean to you".....lol. And if the sons are smart after watching "Boyfriend", they surely will say "I love her a much as I love my mum, dad and brother/sister". Sure-win formula, thanks to this drama. I like that we can learn so much from this cliche love story - press on, don't give up. Love conquers all. From the party pics posted, I surmise that both PBG and SHK attract gals and guys like bees to honey...lol. It's obvious especially for SHK who is surrounded by lots of fanboys....can't you blame them? It's like seeing divine beauty right in front of you! All's well that ends well. Thanks to SHK and PBG for doing such a breathtaking drama together. P/S : Thanks for turning us into happy zombies too.
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    ********* What worked about this break up was how writer crafted the entire scenario. Soo Hyun was totally up front with Jin Hyeok about why she was ‘letting him go’. No, she didn’t tell him about his mother meeting her - but that wasn’t the crux of why she thought she needed to end it. Seeing his brother in the fight, everything Jin Hyeok had gone through because of her - it crashed down when Jin Hyeok’s mom begged her to break it off. It made sense that she wanted to protect him and his family. Her life had been a circus, she didn’t want that for Jin Hyeok. I thought Soo Hyun’s comment to Woo Seok about teaching her how to break up was going to end up with some typical KDrama shenanigans- she would pretend to get back together with her ex to separate herself from Jin Hyeok. Nope. She learned how to break up with honesty. So, when Jin Hyeok barged into her office begging her not to break up she was truthful with him. As a result, he actually wanted to honor her feelings despite being destroyed over losing her. It was beautifully written which made it even more heartbreaking. They both knew the reason she wanted to end it despite loving each other so damn much. In other shows, the stupid breakup makes me shake my fist because it’s conflict for no reason. Encounter (and My Strange Hero as well) is subverting this trope and while the break up was so, so sad, it didn’t make me angry like other shows. Spoilers below the cut The other aspect I adored is that Jin Hyeok didn’t give up. At first, he thought he was doing the right thing and was going to let her go - then he decided to stay by her side. And this happened immediately in the last episode. No protracted pining - he made up his mind he was not going to let her go and he stuck with it. He wasn’t angry, he was just sad that she still felt alone. Best of all - no freaking time jump! Soo Hyun figured out that she couldn’t live without him and then they were together again. Done. No drawing the break up out over years. The time jump happened after they were together. AFTER. Take note writers! We had to have conflict somewhere. There was too much about them being from different worlds that had to collide for Soo Hyun. But writer didn’t drag it on at all and, in the end, we got a beautiful conclusion to this beautiful show. full article https://thingskateknows.tumblr.com/post/182271897812/encounter-the-breakup-why-it-worked-final?is_related_post=1
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    The sea : CSH's true nature Nature plays a huge part in this drama. JH is actually a representative of nature, either in the form of the wind, the sun or the tree. Striking is that the sea is represented in two drawings: One might say that the sea is illustrated here because in these two episodes, JH and CSH were close to the sea: Cuba and Sokcho. Yet, this doesn't explain everything because in the episode 10, JH and CSH were in Cuba, yet the garden of Grandfather Samuel was the main topic of the drawing. As you can observe, the location as such doesn't explain the presence of the sea in the drawings. Moreover, in the second drawing the sea is here dangerous due to the waves, the latter are referring to the people trying to stop them from getting close to each other. Therefore we need to examine when the sea is shown in this drama. The first episode starts with CSH standing in front of a window looking at the sea. She is in Sokcho and the manager is briefing her about the reservations and the future opening. Interesting is although CSH's face is expressionless, the viewer can sense that for her, looking at the sea is relaxing. In the episode 6, she explains why this hotel was so built (view to the sea and the mountain in order to relax and get closer to nature). It becomes clear that she has been missing nature and especially the sea. Yet, in this scene the sea looks so far away and the window serves as a shield. It was as if CSH was forced to admire nature, here the ocean, from far away, behind the window . She looks like trapped in that hotel which reminds us of a prison, so in order to feel better, the big view gives her the impression that she is not dead. However, if you take a closer look at the window, you'll see the bars... so the form of the window reinforces the idea of a prison but in a bigger dimension. The sea appears again, when JH is listening to music and relaxing. The ocean has the same effect on him, nonetheless he is above the sea and doesn't touch it at all. He is not really looking at it, he is rather dreaming. Both are in a similar position in reality, yet CSH is further away from the sea than JH and CSH seems to be more longing. For our main progatonist, it is a matter of his own choice, he is not that interested. We saw him taking more pictures of the city and people than the sea at such. Arrived in Cuba, CSH seizes the opportunity to see the sunset at Malecon beach, however the manager recommends her to go to Morro Cabana because the view is more spectacular. So her decision shows that she is attracted to the sea and nature as such. Nonetheless, she has to climb that mountain in order to enjoy the spectacle. If we compare her position to the first scene, then we notice that she is still far away from the ocean. However, she has been able to escape from her prison. For the first time, she feels free. But her freedom is just temporal. I had described before that the view of the sunset at Malecon beach had a magical moment: this marks CSH's awakening. I couldn't help myself, while watching this scene, thinking about two stories. The first is the legend of Aphrodite's birth and the second is the sleeping beauty. The legend of Aphrodite says that blood coming from the sky (Uranus genitalia) fell into the sea, creating white foam... and the goddess of love and sex was born. The sleeping beauty is awakened by the prince's kiss. In both stories, we have something in common: birth and awakening which are quite similar. Since the sun often embodies JH, the sunset in the ocean can be seen as JH kissing CSH and bringing her back to life. The person is like reborn, she symbolizes love for JH who for the first time is attracted by a woman. I mean, she caught his attention earlier but her reaction at the sunset had a huge effect on him. Nevertheless, CSH is still far away from the ocean. For me, the sea embodies CSH's true personality. As the story progresses, we can observe how CSH and JH gets closer to each other and the sea is also getting closer to CSH as well. In the episode 3, we have three scenes where the ocean is in the background. First, due to the painting affair, CSH has to travel to Sokcho and for the first time, we see her wandering around the hotel, walking on docks looking at the sea. Striking is in the first picture, JH is taking pictures of the sea and CSH is walking downstairs. She is still above the sea. So JH's attitude towards the sea seems to have changed and their encounter has an effect on CSH. She didn't expect him there. What caught my attention is the closer they are to the water, the happier and the more relieved CSH feels. In the evening, she can even smile and play happily without any worries and shackles. Another observation is the effect of the sea on both of them: in the second picture above, JH confides to her and she listens. In the episode 4, CSH is confiding to him, while she thinks, he is sleeping. She shows more her true feelings and personality. She is revealing herself little by little. It looks like the sea helps them to open up. In this scene, JH was reading a book and this sentence about the sea attracted his attention: "If the sea's job is to make waves, mine is to think of you". When JH was living in Sokcho, separated from CSH, he visited the places they had been in order to seek comfort. He had the impression that CSH was close to him. Due to all these events, he had already linked the sea to CSH. Moreover, when CSH appears in this scene, JH is again reading and not looking at the ocean. I sense that it must be somehow painful for him to look at the sea after their last phone call ("no news, good news"). In this picture, we see the wind moving the book pages, however we see the waves in the background moved by the wind. We could interpret, JH as wind brings in CSH's heart emotions to life. He makes waves, something that CSH has no control over. This explains why in the first picture above, we see the sea and the waves... CSH as sea and JH as wind are visible there. However, the difference between the waves is huge... CSH is in the first picture of my post really back to life, while in the episode 9, she has finally admitted that she couldn't live without him. She is not entirely true to herself, she is definitely restraining herself. The climax is shown in the episode 11: CSH and JH have their feet in the ocean, they are enjoying the beach and the waves. There is no distance between CSH and the sea any longer, which means CSH has found back her real personality and she is enjoying her new found freedom. She is outside, running freely and there is no window or dock separating her from the sea. And if we look back at the drawing from the episode 6, the waves are here the enemies because JH has forced them to react. The presence of JH as wind created waves, since the wind is the cause of waves. @lolipop86gorgeous @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    Overwhelming number of women getting the SHK/CSH haircut, if you do a search on Instagram there is upwards of 2000 posts
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    Let's engage in the visual feast that was on display!! Such beautiful people! Such a beautiful shots ********
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    How much do I love the ending of ep 12. This is the naver clip with translation and commentary underneath. https://tv.naver.com/v/5017690/list/67096 (JH’s family are all at the dinner table waiting for Teacher Lee who is going to be their dinner guest when the doorbell rings.) MH: That’s Teacher Lee! JH: I’ll go outside. (goes outside to open the gate and let her in) JH: Teacher Lee, I’m - (seeing SH instead) (after a pause as JH just looks at SH in surprise, some consternation and overwhelming emotion) SH: Because my work event was cancelled. JH: I’m in trouble. SH: Why? JH: Because there is no way out. From you, there is no way to separate from you. This is SH's declaration of both independence from the person she had been as well as JH's importance to her. The power play that her ex-MIL instigated so that SH would be seen to still be obedient despite the divorce, and thereby reaffirming her position yet again, even in this issue, especially since Chairwoman Kim is planning on kicking SH to the curb afterward is just a mean and nasty ploy to belittle SH and her family. Of course, no one but Chairwoman Kim and WS fully appreciate that. And, though WS is aware of his mother's plans, especially since his mother specifically told him that while she would never accept SH as her DIL again, that she still wanted SH to be seeing bowing before her will, WS does nothing to try to protect SH. Rather, he's still hoping for the best that when he finally wins SH over again (can we say he is so delusional now?), that his mother will accept her again. Anyway, on SH's side, she is being encouraged to be conciliatory to her MIL this once, for the sake of the hotel, for the sake of her father's career. And, of course the memorial day for WS' father is on the same night as JH's family's invitation to come eat dinner with his family. JH who doesn't want to make it difficult for SH comes up with an excuse why SH shouldn't come to dinner (namely that Teacher Lee who is the other guest for dinner at the Kim Household wasn't going to be able to make it either). However, SH finds out that it was a ruse inadvertently from Secretary Jang, and realizes that JH knows about the obligation that SH is being put under and that he is attempting yet again to make it easier on SH. And, this episode has been about JH feeling bad that he is the reason that things are becoming even more difficult for SH, so I can see why he took that step as well. So, ultimately, it is up to SH. She was already conflicted as to whether she wanted to go to the ex-FIL's memorial at the command of her ex-MIL, but without any other facts, SH might have been convinced to attend, for the sake of her hotel and her father. However, knowing what JH has tried to do now, SH finds strength and resolve to not blow off Chairwoman Kim, because what she would rather do is be with JH and his family. JH is more important to her. And, JH understands when he sees her standing there that SH has blown off what she "should" do even amidst the pressures to do so in order to be with him instead. So, the conflicting emotions showing on his face along with the surprise to see her there at all. He's a little afraid for what SH may have to pay for her actions in order to be with him, but he's also moved and delighted to see her there. She's told him that she's loved him, but now she's shown him that not only is he important to her, but that he's the most important person to her. And, that makes it an incredibly romantic and moving scene for me.
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    ********** When “sarangheyo” becomes more than just a word
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