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    One could interpret it that way, given how passionate the balcony kiss was. I mean they could’ve just kissed regulary, standing up but no, they had to kiss oh so passionately while swaying side to side. The body language said so much! Loved it! Anyway, yes the writer may be trying to tell us something, so I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that they did have sex that night unless we are told otherwise in the next episode. Or the ending image could also allude to the scene where JH was lying in the garden reciting that poem about the stars, and CSH could represent that one star staring down at him, coming down to the earth and giving him a kiss @dukesa1122 I kind of got the feeling that he wanted to kiss her again too in the movie theater and inside the car before he left. That’s why it was so satisfying to see him actually run back to her just to kiss her despite the freezing cold I can’t seem to move on from the kiss. Help? Lol
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    My obsession with side profiles is starting to worry me. Where can I find another Kim Jin Hyuk? cr : summergum_
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    Your analysis about JWS is not weird at all. I have always said that JWS doesn't love CSH but just her image as the nice and obedient woman she was in the past. This explains why he still keeps the one picture he has of her. Notice that this photo was taken as if she was applying for a job: the arranged marriage. This picture doesn't represent her true personality, she has to pose in order to fit the criteria. I even doubt that he knows what love is. The moment he realized that there was some competition, he started changing. Let us remember his actions and reactions: After the revelation of the "ramen date", JWS calls CSH in order to meet her. At the bar, first he compliments her for the "scandal". He describes the news as entertaining indicating that there is nothing deep behind it. I noticed that in that conversation, they are actually listening to each other and even JWS pays attention to her facial expression. He notices that she is scared. He even asks for the second request/question she had in her mind. That's when she asks him why he is still single. Initially, JWS has this impression that she finally shows interest in his love life so he is quite happy. But he is totally wrong. She would like him to be married so that their mothers would stop bothering her with the idea of getting back together. He comments that she is mad. As you can see, he is not deaf and blind here. They are actually communicating. However, CSH is getting more and more upset because he acts as if he knows her. JWS is hurt by her remark and replies that he didn't even know that she was such a goofy woman. I don't perceive this remark as a compliment rather as a critic, even CSH doesn't like his comment. And this was caught my attention: CSH reminds him to "watch his language". After watching the other episodes, I had noticed the poor expression skills of JWS. JWS needs google and his secretary in order to write a message in the cards. Therefore he might not criticize her for her bad taste but he chose the wrong words. However, his remark "a goofy woman" indicates that this doesn't correspond to the taste of someone living in his world. He only accepts her request (not the man to be fired) on one condition: JH has nothing to do with her implying that she doesn't start a relationship with him. In that scene, JWS is trying to portray himself as a good ex-husband who can listen to her but who is helpless in front of his mother. Indirectly, he is blaming his mother for the failure in his marriage. Then he really intervenes by confronting his mother: first, he doesn't want her to fire JH as it could backfire on them. Besides, he refuses that his mother meddles in his love life and marriage. Here he clearly reveals that he wants to be back with CSH but he wants her to choose him. This scene illustrates that JWS is able to speak in front of his mother, he can express his own opinion and desire. It shows that he follows what he wants but acts in front of CSH as if he was powerless. In my opinion, JWS had this idea, if he reminds CSH what kind of a mother chairman Kim is (an authoritarian mother), she might "pity" him and start loving him. But why did he choose to lie to her about the "affair" and the "love of his life"? Why did he ask for the divorce? I guess, he imagined that he had not the strength to change the situation: his mother abusing his wife and dictating what CSH should say, how she should smile, what she should do. Don't forget that later she described herself as a vegetable or being in a coma. JWS must have felt it: CSH was not a wife in his marriage but a "sleeping beauty". He knew that if he had confessed to her back then, this wouldn't have changed anything. CSH wouldn't have been moved by his love confession as she had no "heart". In the same episode, JWS decides to buy CSH a dress and in the episode 4, he visits her in Sokcho. So for him, the scandal was the signal that CSH is now living again. She has a heart and she can even smile. She is back to normal. That's why he waited for so long. As long as CSH showed no interest in a man, this meant that CSH's heart was not really beating and couldn't be moved. That's also the moment he starts looking into the hotel matter as well. In the episode 4, he is informed that there was a terrible comment about CSH. He asks his secretary to investigate the matter and erase the bad comments. Later, he invites director Choi and warns him. He even announces to him that he has no interest in the hotel but Downghwa Hotel is his ex-wife's work. This wouldn't be manly to take away the result of her hard work. And this shows that JWS only begged for the divorce and asked his wife to set the things into motion. On the other hand, he washed his hands off her with the divorce contract. He wasn't the one who took matter into his own hands. He let it happen and CSH had to bear the consequences: the constant meddling of her ex-mother-in-law. But JWS knows the content but showed no concern. Even after getting divorced, CSH is still "abused" due to that terrible clause. CSH knew that if she hadn't accepted this clause, the chairman Kim would have never allowed the divorce. the divorce is not just to set her free, it is about JWS who didn't take any responsibility in it. He allowed his wife to take the whole burden. Even in the episode 3, he wonders why she blames him for the divorce. In his eyes, she signed the divorce and his mother was responsible for the failure of his marriage. Now, CSH is the one who has to live with the stigma "divorced", while his "affair" is long forgotten. JWS is still considered as a good party. The more the relationship between JH and CSH progresses, the more stubborn, blind and deaf JWS becomes. Notice the contrast between the conversation in the episode 3 and in the episode 10. In the latter, JWS calls her in order to inform her that he is at the hotel waiting for her. CSH refuses to follow his demand and tells him that she won't come. JWS still thinks that she will obey and meet him that's why he waits for her for three hours. This indicates that he still believes that he can order her. At the end, he gets mad that she didn't appear. Let us not forget that he breaks up with Soo Ah, after CSH had announced that she had a some relationship with JH. So he gets aware that their relationship is deeper and represents a danger to him and his "dream". He even thought that since CSH hadn't stopped the transfer, he had some chance. That's why he visited her at her office and confessed to her so abruptly. After witnessing them kissing, he meets CSH in order to propose to her... he still believes that his status and wealth can impress her: the hotel, living abroad aso. To conclude, JWS is superficial and lacks knowledge. Moreover, he has always been passive and has never reflected why CSH couldn't love him at all. He thought that she was not loving him because of the abuse from his mother and she had no heart as she acted like a "vegetable". That's why he never tried to woo her before... he wasn't even sure if CSH's heart could be moved. Then he just started to oppose to his mother the moment he realized that CSH might be interested in another man. AND THIS INDICATES THAT JWS HAD THE POWER AND THE STRENGTH TO CONFRONT HIS MOTHER IN THE PAST BUT CHOSE NOT TO. Like I had mentioned it before, JWS has never thought himself, he has never reflected why CSH was behaving like that... as he didn't pay attention to her own thoughts and feelings. He never talked to her, he never listened to her pain because if he did, he would have realized what kind of man he was: weak and far from admirable. He was hurt to hear that when CSH thinks about their marriage, she remembers him as weak and responsible for her suffering. He thought, she would blame more his mother. In my opinion, JWS is a coward who ran away from any burden and responsibility and let the others (CSH, his mother) deal with his problems. From my point of view, JWS will show more and more interest in the hotel not in order to support CSH, quite the opposite as he realizes that he has no chance to woo her any longer. By "overtaking" the hotel, he believes that once he gets it, he can propose CSH this deal: marry me and you can have the hotel!! That's my prediction. @twtwb @Yongzura @xu_lyfe @dukesa1122@stroppyse @philosophie
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    I know subs are out, so I wasn't going to post any translations since the subs are pretty good. However, I just loved this scene and wasn't entirely happy with the netflix translation, so I'm posting another translation and a commentary for it anyway. HJ: (on phone) I’m leaving now. I didn’t realize the time had gotten so late. Just go ahead and go to sleep. I said I’ll be there shortly. Yes. JW: Is that home? (meaning who HJ was on the phone with) HJ: Yes. My grandmother. JW: It’s late, so you should probably go home immediately, shouldn’t you? Get in. HJ: I’ll just take a taxi home. You should just go. Taking me there and going back, it’s too far. It’s fine if I take a taxi. JW: You said I should be your boyfriend. Would it be suitable for a boyfriend to send you home in a taxi this late at night? Get in. (in the car) HJ: Please say something. Really. Why haven’t you said a thing from since back there? As if you were a person who had been dragged out against your will, making the person who is riding next to you feel sorry. HJ: I only said that before to make you come and eat. You can just forget about it. JW: About what? HJ: I’m saying that you don’t have to be my boyfriend. JW: Why are you just changing your mind as you please? Am I being dumped within an hour of starting to date? HJ: I didn’t mean it in that way… JW: I’m dumbfounded. You shouldn’t be like that. After causing my heart to waver. HJ: Who is wavering? You, CEO? JW: I’m not a CEO any more. The Koreans use a single gender-neutral word to indicate both boyfriend and girlfriend, so it makes the translations a bit misleading sometimes depending on the translator. It always requires more context to be translate into languages with gendered word equivalents. So, the translations out there, including the preview translations that has been done, mine included, mistranslated what HJ had said to JW about being a boyfriend/girlfriend. So, prior to the scene in the clip, when JW wakes up to find HJ still at his place, HJ says "If a birthday must be spent with a boyfriend, then you can just be my boyfriend. Is that so hard? To be honest, I'm too good for you. Isn't that so?" So, later in the car, HJ mentions that JW doesn't have to be her boyfriend any more. I'm mentioning this because I noticed that there is persistent confusion over the boyfriend/girlfriend thing in the translations, even on the Netflix version. Anyway, on this scene itself, I rather love that this is the scene where flirty JW is back a bit. Despite everything he's gone through, he's still very drawn to HJ, and he's still able to tease her a little. However, I do also think that he's pleased about being her "boyfriend" no matter how or why HJ had brought it up. And, her response in the car gives him a hint of her feelings which leads to the conversation and the kiss scene later on after JW's phone call with Park. Btw, I went back to my post on the kiss scene to add a translation of the conversation before the clip, and to modify the translation of the clip after watching the episode and having a better understanding of the context of what is being said. @Kasmic, I'm tagging you just because I think you would enjoy reading the edited translation of that kiss scene if you want to go back and read it.
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    A translation of the episode 12 preview. JW: Dress prettily and come outside. HJ: Why? JW: Because this is a date. HJ: If you come outside like this, will it be okay? JW: It’s not as if I don’t have a plan at all. HJ: You have a plan? JW: If, Professor, this is something that you’ve been planning for a year, then what would I be able to do? Prof: You say you don’t know how to step down. I’ll teach you. Prof: What brings you here? JW: I wanted to see you, Professor. That I am telling the truth, I can prove that here in this place. From now on, Professor, you are going to share my fate. We’ll go together until the end. Interesting. It's not as if Professor Cha is a separate character being entered into the game it seems, but linked in some way to Zinu? This will be interesting to see how JW does that. Also, JW and HJ have another date. Yay! But, I'm still hoping for HJ to have a more active role than as support and love interest. Though, thinking back to this writer's other works, the female character may not have been the most immersed in the action. Still, hoping is free. edit: Just realized that the Netflix episode is out already, which means subbed episodes are probably up everywhere. I may just stop translating anything for this drama since Netflix is so fast.
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    Guys, what do you think of that ring? Is it a promise ring? I dont think they will marry sometime soon so i dont think it’s a wedding ring. And before a wedding ring, there must be an engagement ring? Oh well, if he knocks her off in Cuba i suppose it can lead to an early wedding lol! Just my imagination
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    News Flash ... news on Seo death, Granada and loss of stock JW is at home drunk and had a hungover. He was thinking of Seo and the tears and concerns he had for him during the times he was in hospital and in the U.S. Cho is at JW place and lets HJ go to see him. His being very distant to her and JW goes to bed He wakes and shes still there ...shes so pretty they go out to eat - soup for him HJ is on her way home and JW insist to take her home. Park calls HJ and talk. Prof Cha and SJ is talking and he mentions something about YR. JW is talking to PArk alone while HJ is in the car. It rains and she comes out and they talk....KISSS di happen yeah!!
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    I think the ending animation is more about the star coming to him..rather than what we all want to think I triple checked on the balcony kissing and its definitely the clothes that were in the stills ( of them dancing and CSH leaning on KJH) ..so it should def come up in next episode..it better be..those images shouldnt be just for poster!! And since they have shown the full flown romance, am expecting Ep 12 to Ep 15 ( reserving Ep 11 for more Cuba scenes)to be the peak of all issues from Monster In law and Momster..legal issues and such..with little time for kisses or romance!! though am hoping thats not the case ..I guess the romance of the other characters will pbly develop in these episodes to keep up the momentum!!
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    I also really like how ML is playing "blind and deaf" all the while learning and knowing whats happening. Its telling that she's lying low. In the class with Momo, when Molan turned up and Rulan commented that concubine Lin prolly used some low tricks to get the daughter in there, it clearly shows that ML was listening, but she just turned her head and continues "sleeping". While her actions was "exposed" by Momo, ML has successfully fooled everyone else. Hence even when she has her own court and is now managing the finances of the house, both moms still think that she's merely a puppet for grandma! Which obviously lowers their guard against her. So while she's quiet, and playing "blind and deaf", the ones who are truly "blind and deaf" are those who are the loudest in the house.
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    It all boils down to the intention. LH's intention was to get rid of Sunny, whereas WB's intention was to save her and keep her away from the danger that was in the palace. WB never intended to kill her, whereas LH did. So...no, they aren't the same. In many ways, WB is not as scary as LH. WB tries to avoid getting others involved with his revenge. Although he was manipulating the princess, he also tried to prevent her from signing the document that her mother gave her (and would ultimately causes harm to her). He watched out for Sunny, even though he puts his plan at risk because of her. He's more "noble" in his mission...whereas LH doesn't care who he hurts as he continues his goal and disposed of others when they have served their use. He only treats two people differently: his first wife and his grandmother (his attempt to kill her was induced by his mother, but once he committed the act, and his grandmother accused him for it, he didn't kill her...and that was different from how he react to his opponent, even though he knew his grandmother would ultimately do something--audit--to harm him). As for Sunny...I am glad to see how much she has grown. Remember how she fell in love with LH? He caught her as she fell from the stage. The show mimics another situation like that because this time, she fell from the ladder, and WB was the one who caught her. LH didn't catch her this time because the first time he did, he didn't hold onto her and treasure her, so this time, he caught nothing...indicating he had let his opportunity slipped away. And this time, Sunny didn't immediately fall in love with WB because he saved her from the fall. As she said, when she replied back to LH about her simplicity, that she was simple enough to fall for his fake sympathy. She's more rational than in the past. Also, I can't see Sunny falling for WB as for now. She was worried about him because she felt guilty for what had happened to him, and she felt grateful for his help and care. For now, Sunny cared for him as a friend, a comrade, and a companion in the dangerous palace, and she is more worried about solving the mystery and correcting the wrongs she had committed (being used as a cover-up for the murder of WB's mom) and the wrongs that were committed against her. WB might subconsciously know he was starting to like Sunny (because WB was concerned he would developed real feelings for Sunny as he went through with the "seduction" plan), but his goal takes preceding and that's why he told Sunny she must make the emperor like her.
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    Ep 8 Young MD and Young KS are eating, and MD glances up to see his 4 best friends grinning at him at the door of the eatery. He pretends to stretch, and discreetly gives them the OK sign. KS: Oppa MD: Yes KS: Didn’t you say you had something to tell me? What is it? MD: What? Oh, that is… (puts down chopsticks) KS ah, honestly, towards you, Oppa… (interrupted when 3 men in sea captain uniforms walk into the eatery) KS (staring at the men): I’m falling in love… MD: What? KS: Those Oppa in uniform are so good-looking. MD: What? (turns to look at men) KS: Oppa, I’ve decided, I don’t want to marry CYR Oppa anymore. I want to marry a sea captain who wears a uniform like this. MD: What? Sea captain? MD pushes his friends, who are holding flowers and gifts, away from the eatery. MD: Let’s go! Today’s confession is cancelled, cancelled. All: What? What nonsense are you saying? Friend: I think you’re feeling too nervous. Oh my, since you’re a man, you should be more proactive. MD: It’s not what you all think. I just want to confess at a later time. Wait till I get into the Maritime University and become a sea captain. Friends: What? Sea captain? MD: Yeah. KS says that a sea captain in uniform is very cool. I’m going to be a sea captain and wear that uniform. Friend: Gosh are you crazy? Didn’t we all agree before that we will all join the Air Force, and be the “Five Flying Eagles” that rule the Air Force? MD: What’s the big deal about the “Five Flying Eagles”? Our KS says that a sea captain is better-looking. Friends: What? / My goodness. MD: So, all of you should go home first today. I have made up my mind. Once I become a sea captain, I will confess coolly. MD makes his way home in his sea captain uniform. KS: oh my, stop! Oppa, it’s really rude to treat my match-making partner like that. I’m going back. MD: You can’t! KS ah, it’s… it’s… it’s you. KS: What did you say? MD (takes out the ring, goes down on one knee and holds the ring out to KS) It’s you. KS is shocked, then starts laughing. KS: Oppa, look at yourself now. MD: Oh my oh my. Gosh, what was I doing? KS: Oh gosh, this is too funny! Oh my, I laughed until I’m about to cry. MD: KS ah, Oppa’s dream is to let you laugh happily, and create a lifetime of happy memories for our KS. Making you happy, is my dream. It looks like, all of my happy memories have you in them. (gives the ring to KS) To Oppa, you were my past, you are my present, and you are my dream. I don’t want to miss the chance to be by your side in the future. Can’t I do that? KS (at a loss of words for a moment): Oppa, this is too sudden. I don’t know what to say. Well, that… MD: Isn’t it? I understand that you are confused and at a loss, I felt like that too when I realised my own feelings. But, KS ah, let’s just think about it this way. Didn’t I always help you to measure your height? As you grow taller, my feelings for you also grew. Think about it properly. I will wait for you. Anyway, I’m too embarrassed today. I’m leaving first. (walks away) KS: Well, that… (looks at MD walking away) MD’s legs suddenly almost give way. He makes himself stand up straight. MD: I was too nervous. MD runs to the beach and stumbles and falls. He lies on the beach. MD: I’m crazy! I waited so long just to confess dressed like this? I’m an idiot! I should have gotten them to perform the air show in the sky. Where is the planned air show? KS house. YB and DM are eating corn. MD mum: Oh my! (runs up to Grandma) Seems like MD ruined KS’s match-making, and confessed to her directly! (YB almost drops his corn upon hearing that) Grandma: What did you say? MD confessed to KS? DC dad: Good news! Good news! DC mum: Thanks to KS and MD, we can eat celebratory noodles! Grandma: Really? DC dad: How should I put this? Previously, KS was the one who ruined MD’s match-making, and today it was MD’s turn to ruin KS’s match-making. What does this mean? It means that the two of them have a very close relationship. And today, MD just confessed directly. It’s all connected now. Connected! MD dad: Mother, what do you think of our MD becoming your grandson-in-law? Grandma: That would be wonderful! Actually I was embarrassed and hesitant to bring it up. MD dad: Gosh, you should have said it earlier. I was afraid that Mother would object, and have been feeling worried. DC dad: Good news, good news! Let’s get them married today, and ask them to live together! MD dad: You’re being too impatient now. Grandma: It’s a little too soon to get married now, but we can have a celebration. DC dad, gather everyone! Let’s have dinner at our house! Adults: That’s good. / I think it’s a good idea. MD mum: Then let’s go home and each cook up a good dish, then meet here later. Adults: Yes, yes, let’s go. MD dad: I must prepare some good wine later. We should all get drunk tonight! (YB breaks the corn cob in frustration) Grandma: Then what should I do? Should I really prepare celebratory noodles? (walks off to kitchen) YB: Why is it like that? Don’t these people care about what the main party thinks? (ducks his head in frustration) DM: Uncle Top Star, it is not the end until we have come to the end. Don’t be too disappointed. A soccer match also has two halves. In the second half, you may still have a chance at victory. (gives YB an encouraging pat) I’m on your side. You have to work hard! (DM walks away and YB watches him) KS is walking home and she looks at the ring. She starts to think about all the little things that she overlooked, but were clues to MD’s feelings for her: MD’s homecoming, MD talking about a man becoming cowardly in front of the woman he loves, MD asking what will happen if he marries his match-making partner, MD asking her how she would think of him if they had met as strangers, and MD asking her if he can confess with confidence. She continues walking, but when she sees YB blocking her path, she hides the ring box under her vest. YB: What is it that you’re hiding? KS: Ah, I didn’t. I didn’t hide anything. (She wants to walk away but YB keeps blocking her way) Seriously! YB: Did CMD-ssi really confess to you? KD: What? YB: Were you so touched that you cried? KS: Seriously! What has that got to do with you? Ah, seriously. Go away. (pushes past YB and walks off) YB chases KS to her house. YB: Do you really not know? Of course this has something to do with me. (spots Grandma) Grandma: KS you’re back? KS ah, I heard that MD confessed to you, is it true? KS: What? That… Grandma how did you know about that? Grandma: The news has already spread. Gosh, you child. If you like each other, then you should have gotten engaged earlier. KS: What? Grandma: I’ve actually always wanted MD to be my grandson-in-law. MD’s parents like you too, so let’s quickly set a wedding date. Alright? KS: What? Grandma: Gosh, I’m really so happy. I can finally leave in peace. KS: Gosh, Grandma. That… Grandma #1: Gosh, our beautiful bride is here too. Gosh, so pretty! Grandma #2: Really sweet and cute! We thought you were just brother and sister. (KS looks at YB) How can you be dating without a hint? KS: What? Grandma #1: Sister, we only brought over the pan-fried cakes. Grandma: Why did you bring food? I need to go in and prepare some too. KS, come on it. Grandma #2: There’s going to be a celebration! (KS follows all Grandmas to the kitchen and YB just looks flabbergasted.) YB: Seriously. Tr is thinking about his encounter with Doc the night before, and he thinks about how he has done the right thing for Doc, all the while holding his aching heart. MD’s mum comes looking for MD and both of them leave together for the celebration. Doc walks up and MD’s mum asks about her scarf, then Doc says how she lost it at the restricted area. Doc looks at Tr and pointedly says how it’s not important, so it’s ok to lose it, and how she will not pine for things that do not belong to her, and will delete them from her heart. As they make their way out, Doc reminds MS’s mum about the match-making. MD sneaks back home, worried that his mum might still be angry. His dad beckons him in, and he walks in in relief, only to be hit by his mum from behind. His mum praises him, and tells him to change out of her dress and go with them to KS’s house for the celebration. MD: Celebration? What’s that? MD dad: Well, aren’t you and KS together already? The whole village already knows about it. MD: What? Together? But KS has not agreed yet. MD dad: What? Did you get rejected after confessing to her? MD: Not exactly. I just have not heard KS’s reply. So how can we have a celebration? What is all this? MD dad: Then everything is alright. Marriage is like walking into a grave. Who would willingly walk into her own grave? If you give her time to think about the marriage, then she won’t be able to make a decision. So you must just walk towards the wedding altar, and then give birth to three kids, and then live your life like that. MD: But Dad, how can that do? MD dad: We will help you with this. So the two of you just get ready. We will help you walk towards the altar. Straight ahead! Ahead! (talking about the wine) Well, this is good. KS is alone in the kitchen preparing to bring food out on a tray, when YB walks in and closes the door behind him. KS tries to get around him but he blocks her way. KS: What do you want? YB: Why don’t you tell them the truth? Everyone thinks that you and CMD-ssi like each other. KS: This isn’t something that you should interfere in. YB: Are you really going to let this ridiculous marriage celebration feast go on? KS: Marriage celebration feast? It’s just a gathering for neighbours. What marriage celebration feast are you talking about? DC’s dad: Ah, the groom is here! KS looks shocked, and YB sighs in exasperation. DC dad: Enter the groom! (everyone starts singing the wedding march, and MD and KS look uncomfortable) MD: Gosh, what is it with everyone? DC mum: Gosh, the two of you, make such a nice picture sitting together like that. MD dad: Here, here, both the bride and groom are here. Everyone, fill your cups and let’s have a toast! Come! Let’s have a toast to the future of our MD and KS! Cheers! Everyone: Cheers! MD: KS, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it would end up like this. KS: It’s nothing. It’s not Oppa’s fault. Grandma: Our grandson-in-law loves to eat mixed vegetables right? Have some. Grandma #2: Oh my, Sister, oh my! How can you ask the groom to eat mixed vegetables? He must eat food that strengthens his virility! Like live octopus, things like these. He must have enough strength! Groom, MD ah, have one of this. (feeds MD) Gosh, you must work hard! MD: Please just leave the food there. I will help myself. YB downs a drink and KS steals a look at him. Grandma #1: KS ah, why don’t you give birth to 2 children before you get married? Twins. DC mum: Oh my, what are you saying? She must have at least 3! Everyone: Yes yes! KS: Gosh, about that… Grandma #2: The bride should eat one too. You must have strength too. Work hard. YB downs another soju. YB: OKS-ssi, are you really going to get married? (everyone stares at him) I heard that you have not replied to CMD-ssi’s confession yet. (KS starts to choke) Well, then doesn’t that mean that you have not agreed to marry him? OKS-ssi. (KS chokes and cannot speak) MD mum: What are you talking about? Are you telling me it’s not that they like each other, and MD is ina one-sided love? Is that it? Grandma: KS ah, then you don’t like MD? (KS stutters) Oh my gosh… (everyone looks sad and disappointed) KS: Well, that… It’s not that I dislike him… DC dad: Do not dislike means that you like him then! So this is equal to agreeing! Of course it’s agreeing! Everyone clap! Everyone: Clap clap clap! Grandma: Gosh, now I can rest assured. Villagers: She agreed! / Cheers! YB: OKS-ssi, since you’re getting married soon, let me offer you a congratulatory glass. (pours her some soju) MD: Gosh, really thank you very much. (picks up KS’s soju) I’ll drink this congratulatory wine on her behalf. Anyway, I’m not getting married by myself. (drinks) Let me offer you a thank-you drink. (pours a drink) YB: Don’t say that. It’s still too early to thank me. Who knows what will happen in the future? (drinks and pours MD one) MD: Alright. I’m a really capable sea captain who can deal with any emergency well. (drinks) KS (rolling her eyes): Oh my. (Picks up the bottle of soju and drinks directly from it) Everyone is half drunk and the three grandmas are dancing. YB and MD are still drinking, and KS looks at them in disgust. Grandma #2: What is up with our Sister? You’re starting to dance. (KS looks at her Grandma with a smile) Grandma: I can’t help wanting to dance. KS recalls things her Grandma said. Grandma: If I can’t find KS a good man to marry, I feel like I can’t leave in peace. Grandma: I have no more regrets now. KS smiles at her Grandma. Grandma: Can’t help but want to dance! Doc: So cold! My neck is so cold. MD dad: She can’t run away now. (talking about KS I think) DC mum: Well, that’s his charm. Tr (thinking to himself): At this moment, how I wish I could be the scarf around your neck. Grandma is still dancing, YB and MD are still drinking and KS finally stops drinking and stands up to leave. She walks out of her house but no one notices her. KS house. Everyone has left but YB and MD are still drinking. Grandma: MD ah, why isn’t KS back yet? MD: Yes, I will look for her, don’t worry. MD looks at YB drunkenly, then suddenly sobers up. YB also seems to have sobered up all of a sudden, and they try to out-run each other to find KS, stumbling and falling all the way. YB looks for her at the beach where they hugged, calling out her name, whereas MD walks among the houses. KS is sitting on an elevated little hut, leaning against the pillar. MD finds her and walks up to her. MD: KS ah, I’ve been looking for you for a while. KS: Oh, it’s MD Oppa. MD: Are you drunk? Who asked you to drink so much? KS: Oppa. My precious MD Oppa. Gosh, I’m really an idiot right? I couldn’t tell that you had feelings for me for so long. MD: Come on down, let’s go back quickly. YB arrives at KS’s minimart, still looking for her. He stops short when he sees MD carrying KS on his back. KS: Our precious MD Oppa. You have to be with me my whole life. Alright? YB looks crushed. MD turns to face YB and speaks to KS, but he really is talking to YB. MD: Alright, Oppa will be by your side your whole life. So just believe in me. Oppa will guard you and not let any flies disturb you. MD turns to bring KS into the secret hideout and YB runs over to stop him. YB: Hey, wait a moment. Didn’t you say you will guard her? Where are you going? MD: Our KS is drunk. I don’t want Grandma to worry, so I’m bringing her upstairs to sleep. YB: So, are the two of you going to spend the night alone? MD: She’s going to be my wife soon. If we want to speed things up, who is going to say anything? YB: That’s not what OKS-ssi wants. MD: Let’s just wait and see then. YB: Then I’m going too. YB: Careful, careful. Slowly, Slowly. MD: She eats quite a lot. YB: Gosh, be careful. Careful! (starts taking off his sweater) Gosh, it’s cold. Cold. MD (pushes YB away) What are you doing? YB: What? MD: There’s a blanket here. YB: Then I’ll help with the pillow. MD: Gosh, our KS is cold right. The room is really small, so you should go first. YB: Well, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can leave. MD: Then the both of us can guard her together, ok? YB: That will do. KS sits up suddenly and holds out her arms. KS: Love you, Oppa. (YB looks shocked) MD (looking at YB in triumph): Oppa loves you too. KS: YR Oppa. I said I love you. Love you, love you. (falls back down to sleep) YB: Head, head head. (points to CYR’s poster) She said she loves CYR Oppa. MD: YR Oppa The next morning in the hideout. KS turns over in her sleep, then opens her eyes to see YB sleeping beside her. She’s just staring at him. YB wakes up suddenly, and sees KS staring at him. They can’t tear their eyes from each other for a long while. YB: Chopsu. KS realises what she was doing, and scrambles up to escape. YB goes after her. KS: I’m really crazy! Really crazy. Crazy! (YB grabs her arm) Let go of me. YB: Don’t run away. I can see through your feelings. KS: What do you mean? YB: Aren’t you even clearer about that? (adjusts KS’s sweater) Don’t be led by your nose, and tell them you can’t get married. KS: I don’t want to, YB: Are you really going to get married? KS: Whether I get married or not, what has it got to do with you? YB: Because I still like you very much. KS: Didn’t you say that you don’t like me anymore? Didn’t you cancel your confession? YB: No, those were all lies. Actually, I came back to win you back. So don’t get married. KS: What are you trying to do to me? Do you think I’m to be bullied? Are you joking with me? YB: Do I look like I’m joking? I thought that previously I was pursuing you too relentlessly, so you didn’t have the time to confirm your feelings. So I pretended that I gave up. KS: Pretending? Gosh, what an amazing actor you are! You still pretend, and toy with other people’s feelings. Seriously! You are so unreasonable and incorrigible! (walks away) YB: OKS, I didn’t toy with your feelings! I’ve been feeling tormented too! Don’t you already know your own feelings? I already know everything. Why is this so hard? Ah! Seriously! KS sits alone at the hut and cries, looking conflicted. MD’s house. Grandma #2: MD mum! Where did she go? I brought her some kimchi. Oh my bladder is going to burst. Gosh. YB comes to use the phone to call NJ NJ: Oh, my friend YB. Sweet salty, sweet salty, how are you doing? YB: What? Sweet salty, sweet salty? Hey, because I did that, OKS is completely upset now. Everything is ruined now! What should I do? NJ: What to do? You just have to beg her now. YB: Are you crazy? I have to beg her humbly? NJ: Love itself is a crazy act. So what if you have to be humble? Isn’t it better than getting dumped and becoming pitiful? Anyway, I can’t make a dating idiot like you understand. YB: What? Dating idiot? Hey, everything is ruined because of you. I shouldn’t have taken your advice in the first place. Seriously! NJ: Gosh, since you’re so capable, then handle this yourself. Why do you asked me about dating? YB: Yes, I’m a dating idiot! (YB then replaces the word “idiot” with “castrated man” as a metaphor) Castrated man! Castrated man! Alright? (Grandma #2 hears YB saying “castrated man” and is shocked.) Grandma #2: Castrated man… (runs off home) NJ: Anyway you have to listen to me. You have to beg her. YB: I’m hanging up! Argh! NJ: Gosh, this dating idiot. (sees Arang coming out and approaches her) Arang, you’re here. Well, I… why didn’t you pick up my calls? AR: Oppa, must you be such a good-for-nothing? How can you call 200… 200 times? It’s really not like you. NJ: Then what should I do to be like me? Don’t tell me, you cheated on me with the palace guard Kim Joon? AR: What cheating? We broke up naturally. NJ: How can you be so indecent to our relationship? You didn’t say a word and just ended it. AR: Ended. NJ: You really… AR: Ended ended ended ended ended ended… Alright? Can’t you be more gracious? You’re such a dating idiot! (turns to leave) NJ: AR ah! AR! AR! How can I be a dating idiot? How can I be a dating idiot?! How can I be a... dating… idiot! Grandma #1 and #2 house. Grandma #2 comes rushing home to tell Grandma #1 the juicy news that YB is a castrated man, but before she can say it, she forgets it. LOL MD wakes up alone in the secret hideout. He recalls what KS said to him at the hut. MD: Come down and let’s go home quickly. KS: Oppa, you are a very precious person to me. Grandma, and all the adults say that I’m your other half. So it must be right. Right? MD: Yes KS: But Oppa, I’m always taking notice of that person. Everytime I see him, here (pats her heart) it feels like something is piercing me here. (keeps patting her heart) Painful. MD: It won’t do, KS ah. I cannot trust that gangster-like rascal. Even if it’s not me, I still cannot let you be with that rascal. (leaves the hideout) KS is feeding the goats and thinks about YB staring at her and saying “chopsu” in the secret hideout. She shakes herself out of it and walks away, only to encounter YB coming out of his room. They both stop short, and when KS starts to walk away, she trips on her shoelace and falls, hurting herself. KS: Oh my! Ah ah! (YB rushes over to help her up, face filled with worry) YB: Are you alright? (KS looks at him and just leaves without answering him, but he stops her and looks at her left wrist) Isn’t that an injury? Didn’t I ask you not to get hurt again? KS: Let go of me! YB (grabs her arm again): It’s painful right? Put some medicine on it. There’s medicine at home right? KS: I already said it’s ok. MD walks in and sees them. MD: KS ah. KS: Yeah? Oppa is here. MD: Yeah. When did you get back? Why didn’t you wake me up? KS: Oh, I woke up at dawn. I saw that you two were still asleep, so I came back. MD: Is your stomach ok? Do you still remember what happened yesterday? KS: No, I don’t remember. MD: Well, next time don’t drink anymore. KS: Yeah, I should do that. Seriously. Oppa, Grandma cooked some hangover soup. Have breakfast before you go. MD: Yes KS turns to leave, catches YB gazing at her, but walks away. At the breakfast table, all the three young people are picking at their food. Grandma: Why aren’t you all eating heartily? Is it not delicious? YB: It’s not like that. KS: It’s not like that. MD: It’s delicious. DC dad and mum: Auntie! DC mum: Last night, we almost finished all the food at Auntie’s house, it just so happened that an octopus went into our fishing net, so we brought it over. Grandma: Wow, so fresh! Why are you being so polite? We will enjoy it. Thank you. DC dad: But then, why is the atmosphere here so bad? Shouldn’t a house with the bride and groom be filled to the brim with love? DC mum: Ah, seriously. Maybe they feel awkward too. When we changed from brother and sister to a couple, we were awkward too. DC dad: If you feel awkward, there’s a way. Kiss! Just kiss! If you kissed, and you still feel awkward, then kiss again! Just keep kissing, and if you are still awkward, be like the suction cups on an octopus and stick your lips together. Like this, like this, and keep going. If you are still embarrassed, be like syrup, stick your lips together and stay like that for a day. DC mum: You are running off at your mouth again! What are you saying in front of Auntie? Grandma: Well, what’s wrong with kissing? They are getting married soon, so they should do the things they are allowed to do. MD: That’s it then. KS ah, let’s have a kiss. KS: Gosh, Oppa. YB: Is that so? I think after kissing, it will become more awkward. (looks at KS while saying that and KS is speechless) Reporter Han is writing his nasty story about YB. Headline: Top Star YB’s makjang family matters. Report: 1 hundred million won per drama episode, 3 hundred million won from commercials in a year. Lives in a 30 hundred million won high-class residence, and drives a few hundred million won car. Currently enjoying a luxurious holiday – Top Star YB. On the other hand, living in a 400 thousand won monthly rental rooftop house, and raking in the lowest hourly salary as a waitstaff at a BBQ restaurant – YB’s mum. What kind of secrets does this pair of mother and son have? Reporter Han’s junior comes to give him a drink, and sees his article. He asked what Reporter Han has against YB, and Reporter Han tells him how he overheard YB on the phone five years ago, and secretly recorded his conversation. YB saw him and broke his phone, warning him not to do it again, or else he will have to bear the consequences himself. Reporter Han has borne a grudge till now. The news appears all over Seoul, and most of the netizens are bashing YB. “YB you scum. Stop appearing on TV” “Don’t self-reflect and just leave the industry. YB is not human.” “Behaving like that and still appear on TV, such a scum. You will get punished by Heaven for repaying your parents in this manner” “Scum! I knew YB was such a person. Go to Hell!” “I don’t want to see him. Stop your self-reflection and leave the industry!” At the agency, CEO is busy putting out fires. DC asks if YB should know about this, and CEO says no because it will cause YB more stress and exhaustion. CEO says he will handle it, but DC is not confident that he can. CEO asks DC to shut up. YB goes into his room and wonders where KS is. YB: Where did OKS go the whole day? (sees his jar of sea urchins) What’s wrong, sea urchins? Why did your spikes all fall off? You can’t be dead, right? MD dad (on announcement system): Announcement: In order to let our seaweed grow well next year, today, for the last time, let’s clean the rocks together! So, everyone should participate. Come out quickly! YB has opened the jar to see if the sea urchins are dead, but when he hears the announcement he gets an idea. KS is sitting in her minimart, looking at the ring. MD comes by and cheers her up by pretending to walk up and down the stairs. KS finally laughs. MD: Gosh, our ugly girl finally smiled. KS: Oppa, what was that? MD: Because I thought that you were too awkward. (leans close to KS) Seriously, shall we kiss? (KS just looks at MD in shock until MD ruffles her hair) Gosh, why do you seem so afraid? Well, let’s just continue to be awkward. I’ve confessed, and it’s much better than being your real brother like before. KS: Oppa, I… MD: KS ah, when you are sailing, if you go against the wind, you may get lost or crash into rocks. If you follow the direction of the wind, then you can move forward successfully. I feel like with everyone and everything helping me, it’s following the direction of the wind. I’m just going to push forward, so don’t hesitate, believe in me and follow me. Oppa cannot wait anymore. (puts the ring on KS’s finger) Let’s get married, KS ah. KS: Oppa. MD: Close up the minimart at 3 o’clock and meet me at the pier. Let’s go on a date. (walks out) KS stares at the ring on her finger, at a loss. The villagers are cleaning the rocks and Tr is looking around looking for Doc. YB has come with MD’s dad to help out on behalf on Grandma, and wonders if this is everyone who is helping out. DC’s dad confirms it, adding that Doc won’t be coming. MD’s dad says that he didn’t include MD and KS because they are going on a date on a boat. DC’s dad comments on how after kissing, the two of them can speed things up. YB suddenly shouts “NO!” and scares everyone, and he covers up by saying that young people should come to help instead of leaving the elderly to do the chores. Everyone says that it’s alright since YB and Tr are here. Tr is asked to sing and YB starts cleaning angrily. KS goes to the pier and sees MD waiting for her. KS: Oppa! My gosh, what is all this? MD: You’re here. (gives her flowers) KS: Oppa (accepts them reluctantly) MD: OKS-ssi, do you want to embark on MD’s boat? Tr is still singing, and YB imagines MD putting the ring on KS’s finger, and then leaning close to kiss her. YB: Don’t kiss her! Tr: What? Top Star-ssi? YB: That song… I dislike it the most. Tr: Ah, this song, is sung by my favourite singer. (Starts to clean the rocks angrily) On the boat MD: This atmosphere is so good. Let’s go. (walks to start the boat but stops in surprise when he sees DM) KS: Oh my, DM ah, when did you get here? MD: Gosh, it’s the first date. DM ah, go off quickly. Your teacher is waiting for you. DM: KS Noona, can’t I go along too? KS: What? DM: I was too bored, so I came along. MD: Your teacher is looking for you urgently, so go off quickly. KS: Well, Oppa. MD: Sit down, sit down quickly. DM: Yes! This is so great! MD: Gosh, why did you bring that thing here? DM: It looks really cool. Doesn’t it, Noona? KS: What? (DM swings the ninja figurine around and places it in KS’s lap) DM: Arrived! MD: Darn it! Cool? The boat is in the middle of the sea and MD and KS are fishing. MD: KS ah, when I’m on the ship, I stopped over at Normandy in France. And I was at the seaside, I saw an elderly couple. They were on a small boat, and fishing with rods like this. Sitting together, saying nothing, and looking at the same direction. I thought they made such a nice picture. KS: Is that so? MD: So I have this thought, after I get married, I want to be… DM (running past playing with ninja figurine): Ninja Uncle! MD: I want to be a ninja. DM: Ninja Uncle! MD: Hey DM ah, can’t you throw away that ninja? DM: Oh my, how can I bear to throw away such a cool and good-looking character? In my opinion, this is a hundred, a thousand times better than Taekwando-V. MD: DM ah, have you always been so annoying? DM: KS Noona, don’t marry Uncle MD. Why don’t you marry Uncle Top Star instead? He’s so good-looking, and good at arm wrestling. MD: What are you talking about? You’re too young to be saying such horrible things. When I was arm-wrestling… DM (making a face at MD): I’m going off! MD: You rascal! Uncle is still talking to you! KS: Oh my. Oppa, don’t be angry. He is just a child. MD: Gosh, when did he become like that? Ah, seriously. DM (talking to ninja figurine): Uncle Top Star, you must thank me. Reporter Han walks to his car after work, and CEO is hiding, waiting for him. CEO covers his nose and mouth with a black cloth, then runs up to Reporter Han and destroys his camera. Reporter Han chases after him but is not able to catch him. MD house. YB is removing his boots after helping to clean the rocks. MD dad: You don’t do such chores in Seoul, do you? You worked hard today. YB: It’s alright. YB is tying his shoelaces when he recalls KS tripping over hers and getting hurt. He takes his leave. YB walks into KS’s house and places medication and band-aids beside him. He rubs his forehead like he’s having a headache and notices that KS’s shoelace is still untied. He ties it properly for her with a smile on his face. He places the shoes back on the ground and touches them gently. KS returns from her date carrying the flowers. YB looks over at her and sees the ring on her finger. KS acts nonchalant and hides the ring. YB walks over to confront her. YB: Did you put on the ring? Take it off right away. (KS ignores him and walks away but YB stops her) I asked you to remove the ring now. KS: If I say I can’t remove it, what would you do? YB: Then I will help you remove it. (grabs her hand and tries to remove the ring) KS: Don’t be like that! Are you crazy? Oh my! (YB finally removes the ring, but the amount of force he uses causes it to fly up and land on the roof) Oh my! I think you are really crazy! (runs to climb the ladder to retrieve the ring) YB: Don’t go up there. KS: Let go off me! I want to go up and find the ring. YB: It’s dangerous! Don’t go up! KS: I asked you to let go of me! YB: I got it! It’s dangerous to go up there! I will get it for you! YB climbs up to the roof and finds the ring. YB: I found it. Will this do now? (passes the ring to KS and KS turns to walk away) YB: OKS! I’m harassing you now. I feel so dejected and useless, and I’m going crazy soon. But even if I have to use such a method, I still want to keep your heart. KS: So what if you keep it? You and I, what can we do? YB: No matter what it is that you ask me to do, I will agree! If you are willing, I’m willing to give up everything over there, and come here to catch fish and abalone. So you have to marry me! KS: Please say things that make sense! YB: Why doesn’t this make sense? We can get married! KS just leaves. She hears YB falling from the roof and turns around in shock. YB is lying on the ground, obviously hurt and in pain. KS: Oh my! (runs over to YB) Hey, Top Star-ssi, are you alright? My goodness, what to do? Hey, that… Are you alright? YB: Look at you, you are obviously worried about me. You worry about me because you like me. KS (hits YB): You are really very bad. Previously when I said that you are a good person, I take it all back. (runs off) YB: OKS! OKS! KS (to herself) Crazy! Bad man! Reporter Han confronts CEO at the agency and asked if they met a while ago. He goes up to CEO and covers his nose and mouth with a hand, saying that he has seen CEO before. CEO does the same to Reporter Han and says that he has seen him before, recalling the same man who stole the cake. Reporter Han threatens CEO not to do anything as he will destroy YB, and CEO asks him what the reason is. CEO decides to tell Reporter Han YB’s story, hoping that he will feel sorry for YB, but Reporter Han doesn’t seem to be moved. He takes his leave. Just then, CEO receives a call from YB’s mum, and she wants to meet to discuss YB. MD’s house. YB comes in holding his back and looking very pale. MD: I heard you had a hard time cleaning the rocks today. If I didn’t go on a date, I could have helped. YB: Did someone call me? MD: Yes, yes. YB: Hello? NJ: YB ah, haven’t you heard? The news is saying that you disowned your family and everything is in a mess here! YB: What? What do you mean? Why so sudden? Tell me clearly. Yes. Yes. YB walks out of MD’s house, in pain, stressed and ill. He thinks about how he told his mum that she was as good as dead to him, and clutches his heart in pain. He leans against the lamp post, unable to breathe, and Doc sees him and runs up to him. Doc: YB-ssi, what’s wrong with you? YB: I’m alright. Doc: Just now when you were at the clinic, you should have told me. Are you hurt somewhere? Is it serious? I think you’re having a fever too. YB: I’m really alright. It’s just that I hurt my back just now. Doc: You hurt your back? How did that happen? Let’s go and get treatment. YB: It’s alright. (leaves) YB goes to KS’s secret hideout and lies down. KS is cleaning up at home, and sees her tied shoelaces, as well as the medication and band-aids. Grandma: KS ah, where did Top Star Young Man go without having dinner? KS: He will come back when he’s hungry. Doc: YB-ssi? Oh hello. Grandma: He’s not here. Why are you looking for him? Doc: Really? Where did he go? He looked really sick just now. Grandma: What? He’s unwell? Where? Doc: He hurt his back, and he’s also having a fever. He said he doesn’t want to go to the clinic, so I brought some medication over. Grandma: Oh dear, why is he sick again? Are people from Seoul so fragile? Doc: Maybe. When he comes back, give the medication to him. KS: OK Doc: Have a good rest. I will leave now. KS: Have a good rest too. KS waits for YB to come back, staring at all the medication. Meanwhile, YB is perspiring profusely and sleeping fitfully in the hideout. KS goes out to look for YB. YB is frowning in his sleep, and coughs a few times. When KS reaches the minimart, she sees MD’s dad looking for her. MD dad: KS ah, if you are not busy, let’s have a chat. KS: OK MD dad: KS ah, I started saving money from a long time ago, and wanted to give it to you when you get married. When you marry into our family, you don’t have to prepare anything. This is your personal money, so keep it well. After you get married, and when MD makes you unhappy, use this money to go on a trip, ok? KS: Ahjussi, I can’t accept this money. Ahjussi has been treating me so well. MD dad: Gosh, I’m not giving you this as your father-in-law. I’m giving you this on behalf of you father. Even if you don’t marry MD, I still want to give this to you. KS: Oh my. MD dad: If you don’t accept it, I will be upset. And, this was supposed to be a secret, actually, before you were born, your dad and I agreed that if you are a girl, we will let you and MD get married, and become in-laws. KS: My dad said so? MD dad: Yes. But I was afraid that you would feel burdened, so I never said anything. Gosh, JP must be feeling really pleased and comforted in Heaven. Your mother too. YB is still frowning and coughing in his sleep, looking very ill. KS pats him gently, and YB seems more at ease. KS: You’re such an idiot. KS reaches out to touch YB’s forehead, then starts to sponge him to bring down his fever. She lays the towel on his forehead, and is surprised when he suddenly removes it. YB opens his eyes and looks at KS> YB: OKS. KS: You told me not to get hurt anymore, but you refused to eat medication when you are so ill. YB: No, I don’t need it. I will be fine if OKS is by my side. KS: Well, the doctor prescribed some medicine for you. Quick eat it. (YB grabs KS’s hand) YB: Don’t go. Be by my side. KS (pushes YB’s hand away): I’m sorry. YB: For the first time in my life, I’m doing something I want to do. Ever since I met you, I can finally breathe. So, can you, just this once, do as your heart desires? KS (starts to cry): I cannot let down other people’s wishes in exchange for my own happiness. Get well quickly and leave. (runs off) YB starts crying as well. (Me too!) Ep 9 preview Grandma: You’re leaving already? YB: I’m leaving now. Grandma: He is leaving, and yet you wouldn’t come out to take a look. YB: I already bid farewell to OKS-ssi yesterday. KS: I need to send him off. If I live for myself for once, how would it be like? MD: What is it that you want to say to me? KS: I want to give you something. MD: Can you not give it to me? I don’t want to accept it. No matter what you give me, I don’t want to accept it. YB: OKS, you lied. I thought you said it was warm? But why does it feel so cold? YB: Hello? OKS. OKS. KS: What should I do? I’m going crazy. MD: If you feel pain, you can tell me so.
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    I really believed his reactions that time and It is hard for me to accept that everything was a red herring to make us think he was not Red Cry. But if it was a red herring, that was a good one. I salute the writer. I know I like a writer when he/ she uses skilfully the red herring in the writing, with subtle manipulation. Exactly. A good point. Maybe that`s why it is hard for me to acknowledged that Eun Ho is Red Cry. If he is, then I will believe it eventually but I still have my doubts. Eun Ho decided to kill his abuser and break the vicious circle, knowing well that he will die next. He helped and orchestrated the ruin of the center (and took down the director and head director) and then he was ready to die. It is just like the suicide of the doctor after he killed Park Ji Hye. He was just a part of the organization. I think they will continue. I am curious if Si Wan`s case will be next. We`ll see in the last four episodes. I am sure all our questions and doubts will be resolved. I`ve never been so curios about the resolution of a mystery drama. I want to know what happens next. Even if Eun Ho was indeed Red Cry and the mastermind of the organization, what is going to do next Woo Kyung? What is the mystery surrounding her family?
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    I actually felt already quite sympathetic towards his character now. . Would be nice if he survived and had a healing arc... But if he died...misguided as he was....it would still show that childhood abuse has far reaching consequences... Don't we all feel rage when we are bullied and helpless in that moment when we are unable to defend ourselves... Didn't we all want the dog butcher 6 six feet under... Imagine if you had someone broken from abuse and now grown up into someone strong enough to exact his revenge.....with that same child-like mentality... who until then had not received help and was still in that abuse cycle... Bullying behaviour is learned....
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    Not only that part, but also when JW is remembering him when he accompanied him in hospitals.... What a gentle person Seo was that he couldn't stop himself from crying seeing JW's condition... The last part when he told HJ about his family was also very sad, I thought. He never had proper family, but the people he felt like brothers died, the person he thought was a father wanted to take him out... he really has no one beside him anymore... I was wondering about the shut down server too... but I guess if the game can continue without him wearing lenses, it's not impossible for him to log back in... Or maybe Choi helped him set up a new server? Hm....
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    Hahaha. It didnt matter who slapped him. Someone needs to put JW back to his senses at that time. Or maybe he is jetlagged because its a 18-28hr flight from Granada to Korea. Hahaha Which returns to my earlier question. How on earth did he arrive in Korea in that short period of time hahaha
  18. 7 points
  19. 7 points
    So true. Imo, letting someone be free and herself is the deepest and most mature form of love.
  20. 7 points
  21. 6 points
    Completely agree with you. And I have to applaud the director, producer, and writer for striking that kind of balance. Using CWK and JH as the center of moral compass and the reflection of the audience, they serve to remind the audience that as much as we despise the child abusers, taking murder into your own hand is ultimately wrong. Just as how JH had questioned, "Where is Red Cry?" when he dealt with the dog butcher, many of us tempted to think like him, hoping the killer to kill the dog butcher and frustrated that the law could not touch the man. But yet the audience are reminded that kind of thinking was wrong when the dog butcher was murdered in such a brutal way. Just as people despised Bit Na's mom for abusing her daughter and some wanted her to be punished for her crime, we are reminded the trama and pain that are left on the child by taking matters into our own hand. And just as people sympathize with LEH's ordeal, his conversation with CWK shows the distortion of his perception. In many ways, we are like CWK. We have violent thoughts against some people, yet we don't put it into actions. We are frustrated with the limits of the law, but we doing break it and justify that the laws are flawed, so we can break it and take matter into our own hand. And as JH's leader said, the general public would probably side with Red Cry's deed when it was revealed he was killing child abusers. And I think the drama did a wonderful job to evoke enough sympathy (that we hoped LEH would recover and redeem himself), yet comprehend we can't allow Red Cry to exist and that no one has the right to be the judges of someone's deed outside the boundary of the law.
  22. 6 points
    Okay so I stayed quite for a few episodes now and just waited and observed lol but now... I am really loving where the show is going gotta say ... I am so happy that Jin-Woo didn’t give up and run away again. He is willing to let Hee Ju in to survive and I am just loving it
  23. 6 points
    I see...I thought there would be maybe some clues hidden in the names . Anyway thank you
  24. 6 points
    I don't blame people for expecting more plot twists, but I stand by what I said before that honestly, I think the plot twist to Red Cry is that the writer made it so obvious that we wouldn't believe it's Eunho. We've seen Eunho lie plenty of times before, like not seeing bit na, not knowing about hana's sibling, etc. pretending he didn't know the dead body was a woman could also be just a lie, bec even if he wasn't the real Red Cry, there was no way REd Cry would even have heard of Hana's case if Eunho did not tell him. Eunho was the only person who could have seen Hana and her mom at the center and would know that they were living in it. He was the only one who had seen them rammaging the garbage for food. If he wasn't the culprit, he would have been at least the person who posted it on the secret website. But he is the culprit. He could still be in touch with Kim Min Ki (another lie i suppose he told jiheon) or Dr. Park/someone else must have said the same thing Wookyung said before. But I really believe it was all Eunho. He wasn't alone being the mastermind. He was with Dr. Park and Min Ha Jung. But he definitely was the hooded person and the one behind the black chat. With th remaining three eps, I am hoping to tie some loose ends like if the accident of Seok Woo's mom was still part of it, Jiheon and Sooyoung's backstory, and of course the girl in the green dress. I'm still waiting for the reveal of Jiheon's ex, if she had a miscarriage or if Jiheon wanted her to get abortion, because that would definitely heighten the charavter development jiheon had throughout the drama. I am also re-thinking that Mr. Yoon's case was indeed in the judement room and Eunho purposely set it up for the Director to kill him, because now we know that he didn't just have issues about abuse but also abandonment. He maybe wasn't sure that the Director would have killed Mr. Yoon, but maybe he thought that if he did end up dying, he would deserve it for cancelling the adoption of his kid. I don't doubt that the pain he showed us when he was arrested was true, buuuut do note that he had been letting the director take loans and he knew of all the transactions which would eventually lead to the downfall of the center. Maybe he didn't have the guts to kill them directly so soon, but he had been planning to take his revenge way longer than we thought.
  25. 5 points
  26. 5 points
  27. 5 points
    After watching it with subs the kiss scene was perfect! Everything make sense! Loooovvveee ittttt
  28. 5 points
    [SKY Castle] Ep 14 spoilers Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Kim Bo Ra falls, did Kim Hye Yoon kill her after realizing her birth secret? 'shocked' 1. [+4591,-497] The ending is the best in history. Yum Jung Ah overhears Ye Seo's phone conversation and pushes her for her daughter's sake. In the future, will she find out that their daughters were switched... 2. [+3739,-48] I thought the ending was a little long, but I was shocked seeing her fall from death at the end. That was totally unpredictable. This drama is amazing. 3. [+3176,-36] The development is just insane. Am I the only one spacing out after watching the ending?... How am I supposed to wait till next episode? 4. [+3669,-914] Kim Hye Na did all sorts of illegal things but because she was placed 2nd this time, she claims that wasn't a fair competition? What's that? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+2700,-149] An ending that's the best in history. I've watched the epilogue too, and I'm having more lingering images. Hye Na's life is too sad. 6. [+1698,-37] She won't die, right? I thought that way, but I was speechless when I saw the ending.. The story is good too, but the directing is the best.. + By the way, the men who go to work, wear your clothes on your own. 7. [+1202,-27] The dead dragonfly may not mean suicide. But it was knocked into the glass wall that it couldn't see, which is why it died. I think it can be interpreted that way too.. It's to show that Hye Na who thinks she can fight against the world knocks into the 'wall of reality'.. 8. [+1135,-15] I think Hye Na was trying to collect evidence, that's why she took pictures of the workbook. The exam questions were probably leaked. That's why she said she can't accept that. She takes the evidence and puts it up on bulletin boards.. If you look closely, Ye Seo didn't even read the questions before answering them.. Ye Seo finds out about that and says that she's embarrassed in the bathroom over the phone, and she wants to kill her.. 9. [+1083,-20] The dragonfly didn't know that it was a glass window and knocked into it. It's a foreshadowing. Hye Na thinks that Prof Kang didn't forget her mother, and believes that he will welcome her when she shows her existence, but in the preview or the epilogue, Ye Seo brought it up while they were dining. Her blood-related father is the only one she could depend on, but he looks down on her existence, she felt hopeless and kills herself. In the end, she steps over the walls in the Sky Castle, that is like the glass window, and dies like the dragonfly. Is that what it is? 10. [+926,-19] The amazing thing about this drama is that every character has a fan and viewers fight over the characters. ㅋㅋㅋ You can see how well the actors expressed the characters in a 3-dimensional way. It's really interesting. Article: Naver 'SKY Castle' Yum Jung Ah splashes water at Kim Seo Hyung and fires her, "I'll rip off your lips" furious 1. [+3556,-13] That was a really unpredictable development... It's insane... They are masters of endings... Wow.. I can't wait till next week! I can't! 2. [+1816,-65] Today's highlight was the PPL. It distracts me from the story. 3. [+998,-13] No, did she die at the gathering? Hye Na? I was so surprised. 4. [+967,-182] I wanted to rip off Ye Seo's lips today. [t/n: Han Seo Jin's line that made Lee Soo Im realize she's Kwak Mi Hyang.] 5. [+474,-4] Seriously, every scene has its meaning.. Except for the massaging chair scene. 6. [+501,-33] I think Soo Im should worry about her son.. He likes a kid who is goosebumps-inducing and has a bad personality.. 7. [+428,-5] The dragonfly wasn't aware that it was a glass window and knocked into it. I think it's a foreshadowing.. It could mean that Hye Na knocks into a huge wall, the Sky Castle, and dies or gets severely injured from it.. How do I wait till next week.. cr
  29. 5 points
    Ep 13 - TEARS and a bit of a smile in between
  30. 5 points
    That's my issue with that part of the drama. From what I have read, it seemed that in the state of emergency, there are doctors that administered RH+ for patients if the hospital runs out of blood because the patient would not develop an immediate adverse effect (but there are, in some cases when the patient reacts adversely to the blood would immediate develop antibody to attack the wrong blood cell...but a crossmatch test would have been done to ensure that the unit of blood could be administered) until a few weeks later...and RH+ blood have been used on patients with RH- in a state of emergency. With AB-, that can get from A, B, and O, I can't believe that their two lives cannot be saved. If it is only because their blood type is AB-, then I find that harder to believe. Furthermore, in most cases, the hospital would resort to asking for immediate blood donation from immediate family members or relatives that are present. http://anesthesiology.pubs.asahq.org/article.aspx?articleid=2667567 However, if there are other condition such as Bombay blood...that is easier to believe. Edit: By no mean am I a doctor, so everything I said could be wrong. I just find the scene kind of unbelievable (but most of this drama is unbelievable as well...)
  31. 4 points
    JinJin and Mommy Cha are the coolest moms in the series. They should be protected!
  32. 4 points
    glad to see some ppl here still rooting for her, as we all know how savage is hyena but idrm, cause i really enjoy that type of character. and besides, i also wish to see her stay alive.
  33. 4 points
    1st of all thanks to all posts here 2nd I will talk about MOA in general ; ok it started with a usual game ended with coffins of dead people not known the type of death or the cause of death . It is a game or trap or dream I don't know but I prefer the two options it is a trap or dream after all we should be back to reality land and accept the logical facts ; the game will be as always entertaining unless the creator decide to be nightmare for the player. I have many issues with the writer you started brilliantly but with slow and many mysteries I find my self lost and questioning if you can start solving your mysteries bcz we are in 11th episode and you didn't solve but repeating the same scenario his freind and secretary so what is the new here it doesn't solve any thing before ??! Beside the jumping in places and time I got confused who is here and who should be there could be the time is the key or what!! I am with who are saying that the kiss isn't in the suitable time again we mention the "Time " ! HJ as a character I don't blame her to be misunderstood bcz she isn't complete for me something mysterious about her believing someone like JW with all his issues and date him in his state made me more confused . The writer made huge circle of mysteries and now will make the old man enter this circle but as the other victims or as one of keys that will solve this game . The problem in my opinion is the Time factor in this drama
  34. 4 points
  35. 4 points
    My Korean's not fluent or anything, but from what I understand, DR went out at night to see her dad and lied to WDR about where she went. He realized that she lied. At the end WDR says, "Where did you go at night that you had to lie to me? You're lying to me right now!" And looking at the preview again, Mr. Kang quit his job. And DY went to get a DNA test done, since she found out that Mr. Kang and DR are father and daughter at the end of the episode.
  36. 4 points
    Hold your horses sire. We must go in with a valid strategy. I don't think the translation will come in today so what should I do there? Is there an upvote? Or do you want me to comment (what kind of comments?). We do need some help in Korean. @selenette does not have sufficient knowledge in informal polite form so it will help if someone could help us amend the translated comments. I am more and more convinced that there is no way we could be KJH fans without learning Korean.
  37. 4 points
  38. 4 points
    https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4324820487575889 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4324814397172400 [SCREEN CAPS] ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK LEE JONG SUK & LEE NA YOUNG CHARACTER TEASERS
  39. 3 points
  40. 3 points
    if we refer to the chart relationship what exactly related to hyena-woo joo & yeseo? can anyone here enlighten me?
  41. 3 points
    Glad the ratings are climbing, I hope it will get higher, but I think Like a flowing river is too strong of a competition I cant wait for GTY to return from the army with glory and make everyone from his wretched family choke
  42. 3 points
    At this rate I feel like this show can go two routes. Either ‘what happened in bali’, where the female lead is the mistress of the chaebol, or ‘time’ where the female lead ends up marrying the chaebol. But in both cases neither is because of true love. It’s rooted in what the loan shark said correctly, vanity that both sisters have. Not that I blame HR though. If I was in her position I may have done the same or even worse. now we got a clue as to what happened to her sister. Luckily she is an ex flame of elder brother, not IJ or else I think that would have made things way more awkward. That said, it’s not far fetched if IJ is till involved. Pre-HR he seemed to be. Avery calculating businessman with no notion of love, so helping his father clean up one of his hyung’s flings probably was very easy for him to do without a thought. i was pLeasantly surprised by how SH handled her mom and Jenny. It makes me wonder if like others have said here, SH made the decisions she did in the past to protect her baby daddy and kid. It wasn’t out of selfishness. Of course, she’s turned into a monster now but blames HR for it (when she was already very vicious by how she would snap at her coworkers when she was an MC in the very beginning episodes). I do hate seeing HR and SH always going at each other’s throats, especially when IJ and baby daddy are so indifferent to each other. Do I seriously have to go through another melo where once again this be women are tearing each other down? I hope that in a twist of events, they will end up becoming allies.
  43. 3 points
  44. 3 points
    Prove that the higher men think of themselves, the more easily they are played by women. Learn a lesson guys, women' tears are the greatest weapon of all time.
  45. 3 points
  46. 3 points
  47. 3 points
    @yonaomi123 Being in relationship with CSH, KJH might have to learn sharing his thick and thin.
  48. 3 points
    Both of them remember, Ming Lan even use that memory to defend him to her friend Yanran and Yanran's grandma in ep 17/18. By the way, I've seen many people wonder why they seem like strangers. Truthfully, I find it weird that everyone seems to expect the two to be close just because he helped her once, but other than that, they are practically stranger, acquaintances at best. Sure, he helped her a big favor that she will remember for life, but (1) she's already thanked him, (2) they haven't met for years, and (3) man and woman in that period need to keep a safe distance from each other. Afaik, they haven't had any interactions after her mother died and before meeting again in Scholar Zhuang's class, so it makes sense that they are not close.
  49. 2 points
  50. 2 points
    Omo, the way they end ep 14! I want to know more! That evil female president. I hate her!
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