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    Ahhhh That kiss just become so much sweeter slow mo. You can see JH probe first, asking if its ok, waiting for CSH’s response. And then finally, she opened her mouth and they both dove in to that wonderful sensation of first kiss from the one you love. The feels. It brings back memories of how I felt with my first love
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    The preview for next episode just burning me out. Just share the most anticipating part for ep 10 . Make it a little bit slower to give me longer visual. I need to change my glasses.
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    I'm more into the storyline of JH & SH than SH & WS but I found it fascinating that there is an FMV for SH & WS. This is for those who support them (don't get your heart broken ladies cuz that relationship is bound to go nowhere ) I hope not. They have got enough drama already. Ramyeon shop, press conference, the director's exposing her among her employees. They deserve their privacy but I think someone will be watching. Whoever that person is, he/she needs to back off our OTP's backs.
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    @toninha @rhaps @angelangie @raziela @Snow Guardian @epinklyn @n3bula @greenwatch08 @babysiew @Cheng Chao @watchumlots @stella77 @lynne22 @pangia @ningsangcpp @Jackie1048 @carbonara 2018
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    Joining in late to the party! Here is my theory based on the latest episode. Se-ju and Marco plan to sell the game to Hyeon-Seok. HS travels to Granada with Marco after their meeting in Barcelona and they try out the game. At Level 3/4 the players get the option to either form or refuse an alliance with another player. To demo, HS forms alliance with SeJu [similar to secretary and JW] and refuses with Marco [similar to HS and JW]. During the gameplay, HS kills Marco [ his body is found near the woods in Granada] and NPC Marco is now the recurrent character after HS. Since he has formed an alliance with SeJu and has shared experience with him, NPC Marco is targeting both HS and SeJu. This is why SeJu thinks HS is the bad guy and is running away from NPC Marco [Same checks shirt(?) Episode 1]. HS was also heavily drinking before meeting JinWoo for their fight. He showed similar drinking habits to the present day JW. Probably he has spent the previous days fighting NPC Marco. When JW comes and tells him JOne has acquired the rights to the game, HS wants to take the ultimate revenge at JW and at the same time salvation from NPC Marco by provoking JW to kill him. It has been mentioned before, Emma is a "Healer" character in the game whereas HeeJu is a healer-like person in real life. The game character probably bestows special healing powers which has helped SeJu stay alive for the past one year in the game and will probably will play an important role once JW returns back to Granada [probably repair his leg?] . Its interesting seeing the two story-lines develop - both in the game and real life. But I am definitely more invested in the game line :P. SeJu and JW are finally going to communicate after one year! Cannot wait for the next episodes!!!
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    i love your analogy. i, on the other hand, was thinking.. maybe he just likes to write with his left and draw with his right hand? hahaah i hope that if this drama winds up disproving our theories thay it'll be something mind-boggling but wouldve made the most sense and we'd be left scratching our heads.. huh why didnt we think of that. but if it one of our theories wind uo correct .. well huzzah for our thread.
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    Wild theory day... girl in the green dress is cwk( since siwan and the bakery lady both think she is based on the resemblance) there is also a memory of her standing behind the birthday girl...so she existed at the same time... She is also not in the picture of the family of 4. My wild guess is that she is CWK and the unloved biological daughter of the supposed step mom... who might have have been the housekeeper to the family. So the sister in the vegetative state may have been coerced to keep mum ( bad pun unintended) about the situation Red cry does seem child like in that he /she eliminates the parent abuser with no redemption ... Think eunho is linked since he is also childlike in that respect..and his ominous words regatding hana and her current happiness....now wondering if the last boy he drew is siwan and siwan' s parents are the next in line... The prominently placed videocam in bitna's interview seems to be telling us a potential source of information for red cry to act on... Think red cry and the organisation seem to go into only established cases of abuse.... and hence may have been unaware of bitna's abuse...most likely acting once they had established access to the videos of counselling. Just unfortunate that they targeted CWK or she may have accidentally identified herself as a source of info when she joined the activist group. Victims so far: Park ji hye's case was known to all... The victim of cwk's accident was random until the mother identified herself. Hana's case would have been potentially known by eunho only..cos he looks after the place....that's why the dad is still alive..though CWK supernatural/subconscious link is currently unexplained. Sora's and Bitna's case timing is linked to video recording of their sessions... So siwan is now the unresolved case which is on redcry's radar... Lol...obviously not concentrating on RL
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    From today onwards, we should all use drama # for retweet nd share. We can also copy and paste from bogum testimonial tweets #. Since I got time, I noticed a few thing last night, after live stream, we just simply go to bed or do our own thing but other drama fans are working hard and like and share their dRama click from naver. That is the reason drama ranking drop and other drama ranking up. I will share more
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    I honestly thought SJ became an eagle too and felt like this: Thank goodness the eagle is just an eagle LOL. *been busy with the holidays so haven't had time to participate as much as i wanted. Once holidays are over, my analysis will be coming in more MERRY CHRISTMAS chingus!
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    I believe she asked a day to spend with him for her Christmas present. The episode ended with NJ seeing JA and SIU hugging and NJ confronting SIU asking him why he is screwing with JA when he is getting married soon.
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    @cynkdf I have to agree with you that I have to thank the person that recommended this show to me. So far I haven’t been disappointed by it and at the same time I find it extremely hilarious at times as well. Especially the scenes where he may get mistaken for pulling a Hong Kill Dong (the series) ie he forgets about his pride and is ready to become the class shuttle just to protect his nephew from suffering from all the humiliation that he was going through. While others just mistook him for being plain weird. Now on to the episodes itself. Well let’s see what happens next so keep posting as I look forward to reading all your thoughts and posts.
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    @stroppyse thank you so much for the translations! My heart hurts for both of them, especially after the previews. :(( I'm thinking it'll be Ma Dol who will bring Kang Soon back to Seoul and in Yoo Baek's arms, via that ship? Huhu I know he cares a lot for KS and maybe, because of that, he'd be noble enough to give up his love and let her be happy. (Which hurts bec they are cute and I started shipping them irl haha) Merry Christmas, everyone!! Happy holidays!
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    Happy new year chingus. Let's watch new dramas in the new year. there is a video of the last day of shooting in the above link, use the horizontal arrow to scroll the instagram photos Wishing Kang Ji Hwanssi to act in a new drama next year to fill our hearts with happiness
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    i might have drop this series out of frustration, however i still came here to sneak and peak hoping to catch glimpses of SN falls and also GY & JH back together & i want to wishes every a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR
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    +2 Listening to ballad song to fit the season haha.
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    My Theory if what is to come and what I pray happens Ha Neul- Mother should find someone new and never accept her son’s father family. The way HN’s grandmother kicked them out was outrageous disgusting. She is not human. Her son isn’t human and it seems both her children take after her. I am so happy she moved out but damn this woman has no pride and is very dumb and I swear if she goes back to that family, it will richard simmons me off the most. Another thing that is sad is that HN’s father reputation as a vicious lawyer. Funniest thing he is proud to have a labor like that. They go to him because he is a lawyer with no morals. I feel bad that HN’s has gather with no morals. Hn’s halmeoni never having any other grandchildren would be the best Karma the universe should serve her because she was cruel to the one she threw out because she didn’t want to ruin her son’s life. HN’s grandfather is another useless person for allowing his wife to treat people like dirt including her own grandson. Chi Yoo’s husband isn’t even the least bit guilty for cheating on wife. He is lazy and dumb. The man takes after his mom and I can’t wait for CY to kick him to the curb for the miserable life he made her live. He is also selfish and allowed his mom to mistreat his wife all these years. I bet you he is sterile and that is why CY never got pregnant.
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    Ep 36 Recap Part-1 (till 17:00) - DS recalls SU threatening him, and tells NJ that he can't tell who paid off JA's debt. "If I tell you, that man will not let me run thus cafe," looking really scared. Then he says, "no doubt that he is the one who sent that gangster woman to me" (haha; he is scared of SJ too). NJ: "You mean he sent gangsters to you too?". And YJ walks in, and NJ leaves, all concerned. DS continues to cry, saying he still loves JA, as YJ commiserates. - NJ talks to Ajussi, who guesses that JA must have taken some private loan. He things there's no doubt that it is some loan-sharks, especially after NJ tells him that he had even sent some gangster woman to scare DS. Must be some really scary loan thugs, he thinks. - JA meets SU at the usual bar, and asks wht it was that he said at the office earlier about looking into nullifying her marriage. She is worried that it will make DS' dad sue for the debt. He says he has settled the debt. Now JA gets it, and her expression changes - "So, you are marrying another woman and you will pay me off with money? Is that what you meant?". He says it's because JA is somebody he likes, and he hated her being bullied, that's all. She asks why he only thinks about himself and not how she would feel. She wants him to take back that money. SU gets a bit angry and asks if this is all she takes him for. "You think I was trying to win your heart with money?". He says she can pay him back when she is successful with her own fashion brand. SU: "I was careful all along, not to hurt your pride. But this isn't pride, but inferiority complex". Then he goes on with his own sob-story about being a hidden child, and about his determination to take on all and show his abilities to everybody who made it that way. He was running on that, wanting to protect his mom and take possession of HK. "But now there is another person I want to protect. That is you". He says he will never leave her aside. "My heart is true. That's all you need to trust". He hardly lets her say anything, and tells her that he wants to take her somewhere tomorrow. - Poor SJ is sitting alone, drinking and recalling NJ telling her of being unable to erase JA because that's like erasing all his past-life memories. Also all the sweet moments between them. (Nice background song!). She then takes comfort in what her dad once said, that it's enough if he alone in love, regardless of what the other party feels. - YS and DS are drunk and gets back to his place by taxi. He wants to drink some more. he has soju at his place. They go in, singing... (I think this is trouble!!) - NJ meets CS at his office, to request a $100K loan, as he has nobody else to ask. JA seems to have fallen in trouble, having borrowed money from a some loan-shark thugs. CS asks if JA is somebody NJ likes. He says yes, and CS agrees to remit the money to him. - YJ is woken up by a ringing phone and finds herself hugging DS and sleeping at his place. (So, at least they have not done the nasty or anything while drunk. He still has his pants on ). DS is worried about what to do if Mom hears that YJ is with him. Just don't tell her, says YJ. DS says he is unable to lie, and YJ just runs the heck out of there. (Haha! I like YJ. She is a really good actress too) - NJ finds SJ dispirited when she comes in for work, and asks her if she drank last night. But she asks him for her Christmas present. He is supposed to give them all gifts. NJ wants to take the team for lunch on him. They do that often anyway, says SJ. She wants him to grant a wish each from the team members. He agrees. Mr. Upright just wants a lunch cooked by YSJ. Ms. Kim wants a "sogetting" (blind date) set up for her. NJ says he knows nobody in Seoul, but SJ says she will set it up with a senior guy from where she worked before. Ms. Lee wants an extra day off or something. SJ wants NJ for something for a day (I'm not sure exactly what; and NJ seems unsure too).
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    There is no other guy with them. NQ friend depart very early. They was pick up initially by an abusive guy. NQ protect SS and they both killed that guy. This was not shown in the drama. Anyway, they were like sibling but also like old married couple. Since they both know that they are not sibling so the romantic feeling that slowly growing is not out of place at all. Infact it is very realistic.
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    This is one of the reasons why I so love this drama. We get to see our leads grow and change for each other. How they compliment each other is so heart warming. It’s amazing how they convey how they love each other without always kissing (which what we always see in the usual drama tropes these days)
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    Like Blue Dragon's shower of rain put out many fires, Episode 15 answers many many questions. This was a bit convoluted, but yes, all questions answered. Even so far as to why Fairy was so convinced Prof Jeong was her husband - because that is what is predicted by North Star, even the pain that Geum would suffer in his heart. I always did want these two to be together. Especially when he bonded with his daughter so well and his son recognized him immediately. I havke small peeves about Place deity Bong suddenly revealing she is South Star/North Star's little sister, and the sudden introduction in ep. 14 of the monk character who then has a key role revealed in ep 15. New things like that popping into the plot at the end without being developed disrupts the flow of events for me. I thought the 3 Stooges were quite funny when they started fussing over nonsense when the fairy pond /celestial door was being burnt down. I agree with @aoikarin that scene was much too dark. Previews - looks like fairy has to go to the celestial world for awhile but I think theywill be reunited. I guess any loose ends will be tied up in 16. Does Geum's mom marry Teacher Goo? (not that I care a whole lot, but that would be nice) She mentions difficulty of being as single mom raising Geum. Did we ever learn about what happened to Geum's father? Wondering about Pro Lee Ham Sook, if she will finally get some traction with Prof Jeong now that he has come to his senses. After all, she has been devoted to him, since she met him when they were in school.
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    @katakwasabi (And I want HJ to stop crying. I'll just assume she's crying because of SJ in ep 7-8. JW does not deserve her tears. But even in ep 9 preview, she is still crying. She's turning to be a human faucet. Huhu) sometime tears are important to be part of the stories. As far as I know, since ep 1, there is not much scenes of her crying till I started to wonder was that PSH? But, even she has to cry in every scene, I always love her cries. She’s never fell to make me sad and cry for her. @sanika I think HS could not kill Marco, cause Marco’s level has reached 92 when HS started the game (it happened a year ago). So, based on the theory that the gamers could only find the matched opponent if they level up ( that’s why JW played the game day and night to reach level 90), I believe it’s not HS but maybe SJ. Can you see SJ aka Master’s body laid outside the train in Granada that perhaps SJ still alive. But, Marco with bad wounds escaped himself to the forest before the train reached the station, where his body was found decomposed. I believe the bad man was Marco, and they fought to claim the game.
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    436 @Dhakra lols she does but she misses home too of course.....
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    Omo omoooo cant wait to watch!!! This time its a real kiss with real feeling!! BTS link: im squealing for kim’s hair on father daughter date night ink:
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    470 @stargazer187 No no I won't drop the show now. It just started getting exciting. Hehe. @stroppyse Give me a new quiz?
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    @stroppyse it's one of airing drama. Hmmm... I don't remember any dancing goats. Wait... maybe this @kokodus Of course!!! I even have rewatched it 3 times. LOL. I saw it! They'll soon show us the train scene flashback. Do they return to Granada together? I can't wait!!! Don't drop it!! +2
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    I am seriously looking forward to this part of the drama!! If the writers are as clever as I think they are, we will see massive growth from JH when dealing with this obstacle. Whoever thinks JH has not been manly will and should get a good display of manliness once this situation hits the fan !! I think it was episode 3 in the car when SH asked JH if he was a mummy's boy! I believe he denied it and said he just loves beef! However I think the audience are fully aware that he is a bit of a mama's boy and this will and should play a big part in their relationship! It's the perfect opportunity for JH to show some growth from his usual free spirit, smiley self to a more serious, will stop at nothing to be with his soul mate type of man! I really need to see this growth before the end of the series! As much as I love JH's character and I absolutely love PBG, I did find JH's character a tad too youthful in the first 2-3 episodes but as the episodes progressed, he is becoming more and more manly ! I loved when he got slightly jealous when he was asking SH about Oppa's heart! You can see that he can be serious! I loved when he told HI to back off in episode 4(I think). Again, he seemed strong like he can be in a mature relationship! I really want to see him angry! I need to see that growth in him!! (I keep saying growth... ) What I am trying to say is that I am sold on the free spirited personality of JH but no man or woman is one-dimensional so it is important that we also get to see the other side of him!
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    There are a lot SS's haters too in other website/forum, and some of them are novel readers . I can understand the point of views of either side. IMHO, regarding SS or MSS, I think it's just a mater of choice. From a novel POV (and the future story), it's better to choose SS. But if it was a real life, either choice is acceptable, with its own risks.
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    It's because many people have read the novel, so they know who is the supposed to be OTP (although I know that there are novel readers who are NQ-MSS). NQ-SS's relationship is very touching in the novel, perhaps because it uses beautiful words to describe their emotions in detail. Some non novel readers love CFY-SYR's chemistry from the first-half of the drama, so they become NQ-SS too. In my case, if I hadn''t read the novel, then I'd be confused about whom the OTP would be.
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    @stargazer187, congrats on getting the stepson quiz right! And, yes, I think I'm generating too many quizzes because of @kokodus, but she's too good. I'll slow down until you've caught up a little. @kokodus, basically, you're right on your guesses on the last couple I put up. I'll have to think of harder clues for the next quiz. 352
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    simple.....different people have a different feel..... XH & Empress was portray almost to be lover like however they were actually siblings....the longing and the commitment in between two are more than that....you may disagree too maybe to you that how siblings should act? NingSang from the beginning had never brought this feeling out for me at the very least....if i have felt that NingSang were more siblings like i would have object it from the start as well.....and i would have drop the series, when i first saw the poster for this series i wasnt really attracted as i couldnt fathom why they pick Song YiRen as SangSang however the moment i saw both of them on the screen for the first times i'm sold..... seems to be you are Mo ShanShan camp...she is really a pretty lady and gentle one with dignity....however she came too late in the picture....maybe if she knew NingQue from the start well before SangSang, there might be a line in between them as well however as the story unfold.....SangSang was and is the one who is tied to NingQue for life.....NingQue did return Mo ShanShan feeling to a certain degree however he need to make choices.....love is about sharing however it is also selfish in itself....i'm sure you are up to date with the series unless u decided to drop it out of frustration in wars and fights where things and life loses in between.....im sure they will be remembered in the heart however they wont be able to keep remembering and putting flash back into the drama...unless they do not have enough compact scene to begin with. overall like what you said....some of the details in the drama is badly executed which make some part of the drama turn out badly however i still love the series no less....
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    Todays episode is good..SN sell YB city to Kojie and now going to Swiss with him..JH told chairman jung about what SN did to YB city and as you expect he angry with SN...Emily was discharge to the hospital on christmas eve and stay in JH mom house for a while..JH mom saod she need to give to YS her gift but Emily told JH that he must bring th gift to YS..( i can see emily is changing now she is not jealous or angry with JH going to jaedong restaurant )..GY bring SN to her mother but SN refuse to accept her, she also told her mother about everthing she did ( attempted murder of her friend and the reason for DY death ).. SN,on the other hand while in the airport with SY watch the video where Kojie telling the media about him taking over YB city..and that it she already have in mind that shes been scam by kojie and rushed to where kojie staying where she see not only kojie but JH and JH mom.. The preview for tomorrow, SN told chairman jung that KH is tge scammer,,,KJW ask SN to go with her mother and SY in US and leave korea.. As for emily i know she will go back to the US maybe wed or thursday episode...in instagram post i saw a pic with her and GY in the airport and also her pic alone in thr airport so we must expect that she give up JH,and go back to US with her mother..
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    Btw, at the start of the preview, when JW receives the message from the falcon, the game caption reads "the secret quest that the master has sent from Grenada". That's why JW is convinced that SJ is in Grenada and why he is going back. I want HJ to know that as well, but I think JW is wise to take his time rather than dumping everything on HJ at a time when she is in such turmoil herself. Speaking of unexpected, I also had thought that JW was running away when he left without saying a word to HJ and left her on the train platform crying. In the scene, originally, I was totally feeling HJ's pain. However, now hearing that JW had not been running away, rather that he had been making haste to Barcelona in order to try to find SJ, and that in the moment, JW had been sure that he would return to HJ with SJ, I felt so bad for JW. If I wasn't so absorbed in this drama, I might have felt emotionally manipulated by the story. As it is, it served to make me more sympathetic to both HJ and JW, and how the same things looked from their respective sides.
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    I can't help but rewatch the kiss scene in episode 8 again and again Such great acting by PBG and SHK. The facial expression and eye gazes are perfect. How tears well up in SHK's eyes so beautifully. When she smiles thinking about the memories in Cuba, she looks so young, happy, lovely and elegant. I remember thinking to myself when I watched this scene the first time: Song Jong Ki, you are such a lucky man to have her - she is the whole package. I know that thought is not related to Encounter at all, but really, as a woman I truly admire SHK's beauty and acting at the same time. One of the key element to create chemistry is being able to step back and let the co-star be the focus of a scene instead of grabbing attention to oneself only - this is something I notice that SHK always does. No wonder why she has great chemistry with all of her co-stars. In this drama, I love all the scenes where PBG's face turns serious or deep in thought. Before the kiss, he looks at her both longingly and seriously, his eyes fixated firmly on her face. Because of his expression, his action and probably partly because of his new hairstyle, in that scene, for the first time I completely feel he is a man who is nearly 30 years old like in the drama description, so mature, manly and confident - it is like everything finally clicks perfectly for me. Like I said before, I forgot about the age difference The kiss is not exactly close-up. But what I care about most is the feeling it conveys. It is actually quite passionate from JH's side but not too hungry - exactly like how their first kiss should be. He initiates quite a long kiss and ends it with nice smooch. And PBG's face during the kiss is really daebak - you look at his face and you clearly see a man in love. Even the gestures are lovely. It is true JH pulls SH close to him and then leans in for a kiss but neither of his actions are done too abruptly or forcefully; it is without hesitation but giving SH enough space to response. This time, he holds her confidently and his hand strokes her hair too, even more affectionately than the last time in her apartment. Is it too much to ask if next time we have a more close-up kiss?
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    Since they are returning to Granada in ep 9-10, i cant wait to see more of this @bebebisous33 its totally possible that SB is one of the masterminds behind the game. SB's description (credits to dramamilk) 'He is a student learning how to make guitars with Hee-joo in Granada. He has finished all his studies so he can go back to Korea but He has lingering attachment to Hee-joo so he hesitates going back to Korea. But all of a sudden Jin-woo shows up in front of Hee-joo. Jin-woo bothered Sang-beom from the beginning so what he felt became true. He only has eyes for Hee-joo, though he pretends like he does not' If SB is the main villian that would be pretty awesome since not many are looking his way. He is also pretty close to HJ and her family. The amount of devestation and betrayal HJ will face would be huge if SB is involved in all of this. And SB even offered to follow HJ to Granada. I thought he offered because he cared for HJ so much, but after reading your theory, maybe he had something to hide and doesnt want HJ to find in Granada.
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    IMHO these are common things when it comes to siblings that grow up together without parents, especially when it involves an older brother and a younger sister. in addition to this there was another guy growing up with them, although i'm unsure/forget if they ever mentioned (in the drama) when he set off on his own.
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    @kokodus, no, not Jealousy. New clue: It's almost like a soap opera. One is a single mom. One has a husband who had a child outside of marriage. One has a husband who is a wife beater. Who is worse off? @stargazer187, yes, that's right. Congrats! So, did you want to try the quiz that @kokodus is working on? If so, first clue was: My friends and I like my stepson a lot more than my cretin of a husband. We'll still be friends after the divorce. The second clue is above the first clue. 376 Also, Merry Christmas everyone for those who celebrate Christmas!
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    Thanks for the info - right about time - NJ hairstyle is making me dizzy!!!
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    470 otw home from church how happy.. I’m so hungry
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    @stroppyse It's too hard hahaha +2 @angelangie I was watching the news this morning and found out that The reason why there isn't a pre-warning was because of the machine. They did not upgrade or fix the machine that detects an incoming tsunami. I am sadden and angered by the officials who did not do anything about the machine only up until now after hundreds of people died. changes only come when something massive hit them. If they had fix and upgrade the alarms, the deaths would be lessen.
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    Nooooo.... In real life JM/YHY would be a a bad match even if they look good together. Can't have 2 people with big egos in a relationship. But the sadistic part of me wants YHY to end up with LY's brother so that she can whip his richard simmons of when he does something idiotic. Besides, LY can never win against YHY . People like YHY has to be at the top. If YHY becomes Tang queen, even NQ/SS cannot escape her clutches! Muahahahahaaaaaa *evil laughter*
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    And I forget to tell this. I'm glad that HJ finally learned what really happened to her brother, he's going missing for a year. I feel how could she endure all this time after catching up on JW's lies through SJ's emails. And I feel sad for her. She even has to cry in secret, afraid of her family member would be worry too. She seems to trust JW again. I'm curious whether HJ will get the chance to join the game like City Hunter. I wish she could play it too. Hahaha.. suddenly I become so addicted i to this game. I didn't play it but it's so fun seeing them playing. Like SJH said it's kinda boring when you don't play and just wait. And talking about our OTP. I think they'll grow even closer next week. I feel it's wasted when JW can't carry HJ into her bedroom. LOL. I blame the writer for not recovering JW's leg soon. Other drama can make their heroes miraculously healed and walks swiftly fine even after one or two months. Guess that magic didn't happen here. P.S. @bebebisous33 I see you left your like up there. R you watching this too now? Yay! Let's discuss. Haha
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    I love this point. The way I see it: despite being a well-adjusted 29 year old with a lovely family and all, there's an undercurrent of loneliness in JH as well. Not sure how to put it exactly, like he is hiding behind the camera or in his books while watching other people live. A spectator rather than an actor... same with learning what love is by reading about it rather than experiencing it first hand... When the little girl asked him to dance his reaction was very similar to SH's later that evening. So when he drags her out to dance it's not only her world that is changing but his as well. PS: I think this is also the reason why he responds so strongly when seeing her walk by on the way to the ferry. When it comes to lonely hearts it takes one to know one.
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